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Bell ringer: 8:23-8:26

(3 minutes)
Warmup: 8:26-8:34
(8 minutes)

Sight Reading/theory: 8:348:38
Short 3-4 minutes
Lesson: 8:38-9:04ish
First section-7-8 minutes
Second section-10 minutes
Third section- 4 minutes
State standard: Middle school
vocal intermediate.
MCI. 4 Applying dynamic
markings (pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff,
crescendo, decrescendo);
applying phrasing techniques;
responding to a wide range of
conducting patterns and
interpretative gestures; and 6.
consistently using facial and
physical expressions that
reflect the mood and style of
the music

Pack up activity: 9:04-9:08
Review work with triplets
with this game, end
rehearsal on a happy note.

Purev A.
Kilmer MS advanced Men’s choir
Total Class time: 8:23-9:08 (45 mins.)
Students enter room, look at the whiteboard for the daily agenda
 Workbook Pg 26
Stretches: Stretch arms, rolling shoulders, shake off legs
Breathing-make students do hand motions with you-but crescendo and
 In for 4 out on 8 hiss
 In for 4 out on 8 Vvv
 In for 4 out on 8 lip buzz
 In for 4 out on 8 rolled r
-Speak in head voice, have men mimic
-From there, starting at D4 sing Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo descending
SFMRD from A4 down to D4. Switch to Naw Naw Naw as you get lower.
Move chromatically down to A4 to cover the break, making sure men
sing in headvoice all the way.
-Nee Nay Naw No Noo noo noo noo noo singing SLFSMFRMDDDDD
going up from A4, thinking head voice.
-Diction is done with the tip of the tongue and the teeth (for triplet
practice) on F, then add harmony
Play varying scales and see if students can identify if major, and if not,
what is different about the scale(challenge for students who take
piano). Reviewing major scale steps.
Ev’ry night when the sun goes down-d shawn berry
Mm 22-24
Pre lesson-write up rhythm to measures 22-24 bass line on board.
-Have all students step to the quarter note, then clap the first measure
of bass line, then second measure. Change where the steady beat is
held and rhythm is done. Teach notes by rote.
Mm 26-33
Students split into circle parts and figure out solfege on their own, go
around and check it out. Then have come up with a movement to
demonstrate a crescendo over 4 beats and decrescendo over 4 beats.
Sing on solfege
Sing from Mm22-33 once done in their part circles
Poison pattern while they pack up. Focus on triplets.