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Which one of the following statements concerning volcanic blocks
and bombs is true?
Blocks are ejected as solid fragments; bombs are ejected as magma
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What fate befell the “Lost City of Atlantis” mentioned in Plato's
It disappeared as part of caldera collapse following a major,
explosive, volcanic eruption.
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Which one of the following statements concerning cinder cones
is false?
Cinders and other pyroclastic particles can be consolidated into
welded tuff.
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What two gases are the most abundant gases emitted during
basaltic volcanism?
Water and carbon dioxide

see more 6. Which ocean basin is rimmed by the most subduction zones? CORRECT ANSWER: Pacific see more 9. To what is the geologically recent volcanic activity in Yellowstone National Park usually attributed? CORRECT ANSWER: Yellowstone volcanism is usually attributed to intraplate (meaning “within the plate”). Why would a plume of solid silicate rock rising slowly from deep in the mantle begin melting as it neared the base of the lithosphere? CORRECT ANSWER: Melting temperatures drop because the pressure is lowered. with a gently sloping mound composed mainly of lava flows? CORRECT ANSWER: Shield see more 8. hot spot volcanism. Which region has the greatest concentration of currently active volcanoes? CORRECT ANSWER: The circum-Pacific area or "Ring of Fire" see more 7.see more 5. see more . Which volcanoes are sometimes very large.

What volcanic events formed Crater Lake. see more 12. Oregon? When did they take place? CORRECT ANSWER: Caldera collapse followed by major ash and pyroclastic-flow eruptions. What is the most common volatile constituent in both magmas and volcanic gases? CORRECT ANSWER: Water see more . Which type of basaltic lava flow has a fairly smooth. unfragmented. Of the following choices. 7000 years ago. What type of magma is the most abundant at oceanic-spreading centers? CORRECT ANSWER: Basaltic see more 13. St. which best describes Mt. Helens? CORRECT ANSWER: An explosive stratovolcano see more 11.10. ropy surface? CORRECT ANSWER: Pahoehoe see more 14.

St. In 1980. Helens see more 17. Lassen. in 1915-16. What type of magma typically comprises stratovolcanoes? CORRECT ANSWER: Andesitic see more 16. Mars see more 20. see more 19. How do volcanic bombs originate? . CORRECT ANSWER: Mt. California. Which one of the following best describes volcanism of the Cascade Range in the northwestern United States? CORRECT ANSWER: The volcanism is related to plate subduction. Which of the following statements best describes the Hawaiian volcanoes? CORRECT ANSWER: The Hawaiian volcanoes are situated in the interior of a Pacific plate above a hot spot deep in the mantle. __________ was the first Cascade Range volcano to erupt since Mt. see more 18. What is the largest known volcano in the solar system? CORRECT ANSWER: Olympus Mons.15.

Martinique in 1902. Which kind of volcanism is typical of mid-oceanic ridge systems? CORRECT ANSWER: Submarine. angular blocks and rubble? CORRECT ANSWER: A'a see more 24. What type of volcanoes are Kilauea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii? CORRECT ANSWER: Basaltic shield volcanoes see more 25. basalt see more 22. andesite. __________ destroyed the city of St. Which one of the following shows the correct order from left to right of decreasing magmatic viscosity? CORRECT ANSWER: Rhyolite. CORRECT ANSWER: Nueé ardente . basaltic lava flows see more 23. Which type of basaltic lava flow has its surface covered with sharpedged.CORRECT ANSWER: As erupted magma blobs that partly congeal before falling to the ground see more 21. Pierre.

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