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Arabel Joie G.

Anthro 1 - WFW

October 22, 2014

Pop culture meets physical anthropology

“Even tiny drops of water, over time, can change the rock forever. And
it will never change back.” (Roth, 146)
This is one of the lines that I liked in my favorite book trilogy,
Divergent. It clearly defines what mutation is, which is after all the shocking*
revelation of the whole book it was taken from. It was a symbolism in the
book, a huge slab of stone with a crack running along its middle and drops of
water coming out of it. It shows how small things such as a droplet of water
cause a crack that can never be stitched back together. The same goes for
mutation. Once a gene of an organism has been altered, it can never be
brought back to its original form.
Today, people’s perception on mutation is mostly influenced by movies
and books that mainstream. Sometimes, they don’t even realize that they’re
already reading or watching about mutants! This is why people usually think
of mutation as something that would give them superpowers to do inhumane
things or some exaggerated form of a mutated human being. Mutation
doesn’t work like that, at least not for most cases. It only happens on a low
level, affecting only portions of the human body bit by bit. Our eye colors,
skin colors and resistance to certain diseases are some examples of
mutation. As you can see, it is focused on some biological aspects, not on
the stereotypical human powers or unearthly life forms.
Although changes in the genetic sequence that result in a superpower
are rare, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. There are some people who
possess inhumane qualities which are considered as disorders but are of a
great advantage to them. Alongside these traits are limitations that inhibit
them from doing something that a normal people do and requirements that
they must fulfill in exchange for their advantageous genes. For examples,
Marilu Henner, an actress from a 1970 sitcom, has this rare condition called
hyperthymesia which is the ability to recall even the tiniest details of the
past. She is able to recall any day of her life up to the smallest details. While
acquiring such trait would be incredible, people with these conditions are
found to have difficulty in memorizing things as they easily get lost in

people in the book were divided according to the aptitude they were good at. At age 65. the intelligent and the peaceful. The heavy metal singer himself didn’t know why he was still alive considering the amount of booze and drugs in his system. Ozzy Osbourne is still “alive and kickin’” even though he likes to party. Scientists said that this gene increases his susceptibility to alcohol and drugs. People get envious whenever we hear about red heads. People’s reaction to things that are unfamiliar to them only falls into two: either they get fascinated or they get repelled. Mutation is just a process of cloning. people get repelled by other mutants too.remembering or focusing on things that are in the present or future because they’re more used to recalling things in the past. This resulted not in peace but war since it turns out that the altered genes were damaged ones. People who have a black complexion or those with Down syndrome tend to get looked at twice. people with sharp photographic memory. And usually. the honest. On the other hand. the selfless. Mutation and genetics are the main causes of diversity among organisms. to further explain how mutation causes diversion among people. A term closely related to mutation is cloning. We are all equal until mutation chips in and these genes get passed down to our offspring. people have an indifferent* view on cloning. Most of the times. It might be influenced by their cultural and religious beliefs that anything artificial is bad. It is because people like them are so rare that they stand out when put in a crowd of regular people. people who can eat literally everything or people who are incredibly flexible. The media might also be a factor of how people conceptualize things. the third book in Divergent trilogy. They usually think of cloning as something bad and that should be discontinued. These are genetic mutants who have rare disorders that are caused by a change in the genetic sequence. Let’s use Allegiant. Turns out he has a sequence of gene sequences that scientists “have never seen before” and has been dubbed as the Ozzy Genome. But both terms actually differ. and admittedly took a number of illegal drugs. Although they may choose freely. the brave. Ironically. they use the terms mutation and cloning interchangeably. . It was so because their genes had been manipulated a thousand years ago in an attempt to make the people better since they found out that their genes contribute to violent tendencies of people. drink booze. making caffeine his weak point. his genes suggest that he would be more affected by coffee.

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