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Level: Elementary – Pre-intermediate
DATE ________________
AGE __________
Manual recomandat _______________


Raspundeti la urmatoarele intrebari folosind cuvintele din paranteza unde este necesar:


How are you?_________________________________________________________

What’s your mother’s name?
Where does Johann come from?
What are you going to do on Sunday?
Can you cook? Can your friend cook?
Is she writing a letter?
Did you study English in school?

2. Alegeti varianta corecta:
1. I ________________ from France.


2. This is my friend. _____________
name is Peter.



3. Mike is ______________.
a) my sister’s friend
a) friend my sister

I _________________ the film last night.b) friend from my sister c) my sister friend’s. a) didn't be b) weren’t c) wasn’t d) isn’t 9. driving a) ‘m driving b) drives c) drive 8. __________________ a piece of cake? No. a) like b) likes c) liking d) liked 10. a) This is b) There is c) They are d) There are 6. There aren’t ________________ buses late in the evening. She ____________________ meat. thank you. a) likes not b) don’t like c) doesn’t like d) isn’t likes 7. I can’t talk. a) Do you like b) Would you like c) Want you d) Are you like 11. a) some b) any c) no d) a 15. My brother is ______________ artist. a) the b) an c) a d)  5. _______________ 20 desks in the classroom. The car park is _________________ to the restaurant. Paul ________________ romantic films. She _________________ at school last week. a) sometimes eats b) never eats c) often eats d) usually eats 14. 4. Jane is a vegetarian. ________________________________________________________________________ . a) more big b) more bigger c) biggest d) bigger 12. Sorry. ________________________________________________________________________ b) Peter work with he’s father. a) opposite b) next c) behind d) in front 3. We’re going ____________________ a new car soon. The living room is ___________________ than the bedroom. Corectati aceste enunturi (pot exista mai multe greseli in fiecare enunt): a) He are my cousin neighbour. a) to buy b) buying c) to will buy d) buy 13. I _____________ right now. The car is very old.

We drive always at the supermarket Always we drive to the supermarket. Yesterday we (go)_________________to Buckingham Palace. There (be) ___________ hundreds of rooms! England (be) __________nice. I do. We always drive to the supermarket. but we (not see) ____________________the Royal family. I studied history at the university. Alegeti raspunsul corect pentru a completa enunturile de mai jos: We all live in a submarine yellow yellow submarine a yellow submarine. ________________________________________________________________________ i) He have got two cars and a house big. 4. ________________________________________________________________________ h) He cans playing the guitar. I studyed history at university. ________________________________________________________________________ d) Where you going tonight? ________________________________________________________________________ e) Is a book on the table. Tomorrow morning I . It (rain) ______________________.c) We not like walking in the park. ________________________________________________________________________ f) There wasn’t some mushrooms at the supermarket ________________________________________________________________________ g) He play chess very well. The hotel (be) ______________very big. I studyied history at the university. but we (not like) _________________the food. 5. Aunt Mary is the sister of my mother my mother’s sister my sister’s mother Has you got a car? Have you got a car? Do you have a car? Yes. Completati scrisoarea cu forma corecta a verbelor din paranteza: Dear James. We (stay) ____________________in a hotel near the center. I (sit)______________________in a café and I (write) ___________________to you this card.

See you soon. _______________________________________________________________________ . Kathy 6. _______________________________________________________________________ 5) You were at work yesterday. _______________________________________________________________________ 2) We like fish. _______________________________________________________________________ 3) I drank milk for breakfast this morning. Scrieti forma negativa a enunturilor de mai jos: 1) She sleeps in the morning. Love. Rearanjati cuvintele pentru a forma propozitii corecte: 1) television I’m watching not __________________________________________________________________________________ 2) do should think what I you do? __________________________________________________________________________________ 3) the don’t to they to cinema want go __________________________________________________________________________________ 4) there computer office is the a in __________________________________________________________________________________ 5) in students house do this any live? __________________________________________________________________________________ 7.(buy)___________________________some presents in Oxford Street and in the evening we (see)________________________________ “Cats” at the theatre. _______________________________________________________________________ 4) She watched TV last night.

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