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In a host of emerging markets (e.g., India, Brazil, Thailand), 50 + percent of the population is
under 25 years old. One marketer observes: “Teenagers are teenagers everywhere and they tend
to emulate U.S. teenagers” (Advertising Age International, October 17, 1994, p, 1-15) Is there a
global teenager segment? Do teenagers in, say, Beijing really tend to emulate L.A teenagers?
Based on the above assertion featured in the above publication, you are required to do some
original research and write an essay to examine the concept of global market segmentation in
relation specifically to the teenage market. The essay title is “Global Teenage Market

Businesses today strives to gain competitive advantage going global, operating in more
than one country. New markets and resources could be obtained in different geographical areas in
the world pertaining to desires of the particular multinational business. Rapid change of global
environment drives businesses to constantly change and restructure their business strategies and
operations to sustain in the market. The concern towards global warming has arisen many
business leaders in the world to research, develop and structure their business operation towards
a greener footprint. Obligations towards corporate social responsibility bring businesses towards
higher brand reputation, consumer confidence and stakeholders trust. The following assessment
intends to investigate the global market of teen market segmentation. Development of
technological innovation enables virtual communication beyond geographical boundaries,
accelerates the flows of goods and services between nations, hence how it attracts towards global
teen market.

Business globalization has intrigued global market segmentation to become a vital factor
to develop, position, and to market product across the globe. Global segmentation is denoted as

creating a buzz relative to a product. . This assessment intends to examine the concept of global market segmentation in relation specifically to the teenage market globally. the population of American teenagers alone is more than 32 million. According to D’Souza (2010). there would be approximately 8 million Hispanic teenagers by the year 2020. not talking down to teenagers. (Kaynak and Hassan. The existence of global customer segments that are measurable and reachable must be considered as a prerequisite for the successful execution of any global marketing strategy. On another hand. 2013) Meanwhile.3 billion (Keegan and Green. the global population of teenagers is 1. offerings of cool products. technology. Teenage market has gradually become one of the prominent customers in the global markets. 2013) Global marketing segmentation is and interesting topic for three factors which are: 1) The consideration of product life cycle in its different stages at any given time. community activities. honesty. high feasibility of products and engagement with teenage consumers. teenagers values art. joining sports. and watching television. shopping.S. Hispanic teenagers growth rate is three times more compared to the non-Hispanic teens. fashion. simple and short marketing message. The age group from fifteen years old to nineteen years old is has more ethnic diversity compared to other generation in U. According to Carter (2011).the process of identify specific segments.S teenagers growth rate were approximately 17%. circulation of product information becomes increasingly fast and in variable proportions across different countries. 2) With the emergence of internet as a global network. The fundamental guidelines to market products or services for teenagers have common characteristics of authenticity. For the past 10 years. whether they are country groups. teenagers share similar habits such as spending their leisure time in a range of activities such as surfing in social media. (Kotler and Keller.S overall population. where one third of Hispanics are less than eighteen years old in comparison of one fifth of non-Hispanics. in which ethnicity of African American. Generally. or individual consumer group of potential customers with homogeneous attributions who are likely to exhibit similar purchasing behavior. environmental and cultural efforts. with is twice the growth rate of U. 2011) According to Cohen (2009). Hispanic and Caucasian. listening to music online. 3) The ultimate objective of global management segmentation is to categorize the global market to enable a product or service into various groups of consumers or countries to create a marketing mix hence penetrate the global market. U.

it is known that the teen community are have a strong desire to be successful. The study also determines that aspirations of teenagers are close to being exactly alike. They become highly influenced by brand names. It is because the teen community spends more time surfing the internet. high media consumption. the teen community finds social acceptance through appearance and material things. Mazze and Greco (2003). 2007) According to D’Souza (2010). In the study of Michman. and trendy products. this makes teenagers to be trend followers. and fantasies.Goodstein. need. The study shows that teen community shares a universal wants. desires. The below show some of the general characteristics in teenagers life that bring significance to them. novelty. it is said that teenagers has a realistic behavior hence are capable of quickly adapting to new trends with a statistic that the expenditure of male and female teenagers on clothes is the same. Chaer’s study (2012) have found out that Hispanic teenagers resemble various characteristics of the general teenager community. they are expressive. . social networking and playing video games. role models. Thus. internet usage and so on. Generally. influential hence have high level of knowledge about technology compared to the previous generations. On another hand. the aspects are pop culture. 2007. entertainment.(Schiff.

Not only that. and trying to emulate other cultures to reach self-satisfaction and an increase in self-confidence. Eastern cultures are considered to be mimicking the more developed Western countries. Global teenager girls would spend most of their money on apparel. cosmetics. due to the fact that teenagers consider shopping as an experience. entertainment. thus they become increasingly influential in household purchases. . Teenagers are known to be constantly rebelling against cultural norms. The below shows a breakdown of teenagers expenditure from Malaysia Business Insider (2014). The studies of Michman. dating. Mazze and Greco (2003) have also stated that global teenager segment is a generalization of the stereotype of teens who share similar interests in fashion music and lifestyles. clothing and cars.Generally. jewelry and fragrances while global teenage boys spend most of their money on movies.

In another example. It is proven from Golijian survey (2012) Apple is one of a successful example who has composed various attractive teenager focused campaigns hence became the favorite brand of teenagers. It is said that marketers need to focus on the interest of global teenagers in order to attract their attention to purchase the product or services. For example. “Look Up” commercials emphasize an innovative idea related to the lifestyle of teenagers. etc. catchy music and trending items to advertise. Countries such as China. Swatch. Besides. to focus on Thai teenagers that focused on inspiring youth to actively “Go for it”. Benetton and other organizations are pursuing the global teenage segment. Some of the crucial areas that marketers should look at are: to identify the influential people around the teenagers (friends. where there is a high level of popularity of teenagers using iPhone (40%) and iPad (31%). However. Coca-cola has launched a new TV campaign. there are various marketing methods a marketer can reach out to the global teenage market segmentation. healthy and free of pain. Sony. Trending items can be items such as “Pokemon Go” the current virtual game craze throughout the global teenage market segmentation in which is a successful business model to penetrate the global teenage market. The emergence of global telecommunication is also a vital force that drives global teenage segmentation. which place the countries on the top list for almost all global organization. The below is Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions of both U. it is a universal understanding that all individuals desire to be beautiful or handsome. Coca-cola. Organizations such as Diesel Jeans.S and Asian Teenagers. “Look Up”. parents. The similar characteristics being held by global teenagers made this segment active and selected by a considerable number of global firms. some would debate concerning matters that U. India and Brazil are emerging markets that have more than 50% of their population age under 25. .Besides.) and to enlist the product or services in social media where teenagers are actively using social media as a communicator. These place significance for the Global teen segmentation hence enable “look up” commercial to be successful.S teenagers may differ towards Asian Teenagers. and also encourage them to believe in themselves and their abilities to overcome difficulties and obstacle when following their dreams. Campbell (2012) have stated that the emergence of technology enables Apple its expansion in the global teenagers’ segmentation. such as using comedy.

marketers can design their products in accordance to suit the needs of both U. There are many ways that teenagers would seem to own similar desires. Marketers need to emphasis on studying more regarding teenagers. Generally. marketers need to also keep the marketing message simple.S. from their demographical characteristics. In order to achieve successful global teenager market segmentation. .With these analyses. Both male and female teenagers like to spend a lot of time surfing online malls and shop virtually. interests and consumer pattern. and Asian teenager. However. They are also known to be highly influenced by their family. both genders will surf and analyze what they feel is in trend online before physically going to the mall. behavioral and also influential factors that may drive teenagers’ attitude. Male teenagers tend to buy for brand while female teenagers have higher tendency to buy for style. The level of understanding these characteristics will enable marketers to comprehend unfulfilled needs and initiate brands that will be appealing to the global teenage market. check the availability and prices virtually. The convenience of online information enables these teenagers to review the collection of items. there is one significant difference found between male and female teenagers buying behavior. friends and celebrity. Buzz marketing is one of the effective simple marketing strategies to penetrate the global teenager market.

Consistent is in the same color can create brand image for a particular organization. Thus. Conclusion The business reality of today towards sustainability in the global environment with raging innovation is to participate in it. et. experimentation and innovation is included as the fundamental of everything the organization does. Multinationals like Apple. Zara are examples of prominent organizations using this approach that have successfully attract teenagers to repetitively purchase their products and services. Overall. recognition and resemblance of items in a marketing strategy. yellow while males likes bright colors. For a business to survive today. Al. Organizations with this business model have shown a consistent capability to adapt with changing global environment and to continuously improve their own businesses with innovation. This is because the diversity of ethnicity. it is said that female would prefer softer colors like pink. (2002) Color attracts attention.Color is also one of the strong influencing factors that contribute to purchasing decisions of global teenagers. Yet. cultural and gender perspectives contributes to comprehending meanings of colors differently. it must strive to find new ways to satisfy its customers by adding value to its products or services through continuous innovation. a successful marketer needs to analyze these factors to suit the needs of the global teenage market. global teenage market has a certain similar characteristics that marketers can hike on to gain market share. These organizations have shifted the concept of the bottom line and the basic objective of the business so that the entire organization prioritizes on delivering more value to its customers through innovation. It can provoke positive or even negative expression about a product or services. However.. Instead of viewing business strategies and exclusive knowledge as a determinant to identify methods to defeat one’s known rivals and gain advantage in the global market. Blue have one of a universal understanding which is calm and soothing color for both genders. the preferable colors differ in accordance to the product offered. . Thus. According to Witchmann. Amazon. Experimentation and innovation becomes the fundamental element of everything the organization does as well as gaining flexibility in the ever-changing global environment to target the global teen market segmentation.

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