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Everyone knows that recruiting for a position can be extremely labor intensive and it is often
hard to find the right pool of candidates. Managers are frustrated because they do not have the
time to continue interviewing mediocre or sub-standard applications and the recruiter is
frustrated because she does not understand why the applications (s)he is referring are not
considered “quality” by managers. In comes the job analysis (JA). There are many people in the
HR field that do not understand or know what a job analysis is supposed to accomplish, or the
value of the job analysis.
Job analysis is the foundation for all assessment and selection decisions. To identify the best
person for the job, it is crucial to fully understand the nature of that job. Job analysis provides a
way to develop this understanding by examining the tasks performed in a job, the competencies
required to perform those tasks, and the connection between the tasks and competencies.
You are required to do some original research and write an essay to deal with the following
human resources issues relating Job Analysis.
What do you mean by job analysis and why is it important?
Explain the process of job analysis with the help of a diagram.
Critically examine the various methods of collecting information for job analysis and show their
strengths and weaknesses.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) denotes that human resource managers are responsible of planning. hence act as a mediate between the organization’s management and its personnel.. The most common aftermath of workplace violence faced are contagious emotional distresses towards the morale. and coordinating administrative functions of an organization. violence is accounted for 17 percent of 4. These ultimately contribute the organization economic loss from timely recovery support that decreases productivity with additional financial obligations towards medical payments. Department of Justice: Workplace Violence Report. skill gaps and high turnover are reported to be the core issue plaguing UK industries with brand inconsistency and loss of competitiveness in the market (People 1st. proficiency and productivity internationally.C. This report aims to create an automated system from job analysis to recruitment in the selection process of a human resource manager. Hiring an unfit employee makes organizations vulnerable to workplace violence such as embezzlement. 2003) In the 2013 report of Bureau of Labour Statistics U. sexual assault and wrongful death.383 fatal work injuries in 2012. .. theft. actively advises top management on organizational strategic planning. Effective human resourcing management place an important role for every organization to overcome this issue hence providing first-class service which establishes the organization’s reputation. However. (Andler E. p. 2010.S. They supervise recruitment and selection of new staffs.Introduction There is a very close interrelation with job analysis and job description. State of the Nation Report.S. directing. 35). The below shows the steps in Job analysis that every manager would need to take note for successful recruitment. 7). p. the information compiled in every position through job analysis is subsequently coordinated and gathered in a job description. and trust among employees. (U. 2007) Importance of Job Analysis High reliance of human resources is undeniable with an average of 33% labour expenditure from organization revenue (Deloitte. However. employee compensation and liability for possible lawsuits. sense of safety. 2013.

Meany B. Task. Rapid advancement in technology today enables recruiters to extend their sought for the best talent globally. . Provide an example where you have assess and insist on your way to prove an aspect you believe in which is perceived crucial to you. Situation. (2011) reviews senior leaders should absolutely have the knowledge of global market as well as attributions of wide geographic experience for success of an international business. Action and Result (STAR) model is used as a guideline to formulate the questionnaire. Section 1 (Situation) 1. sourcing top-levels from an international pool will enable the organization to gain a competitive edge.In order to compete globally in the dynamic phenomenon of an organization. The report formulates the process of creating standard details to be used by the organization’s virtual recruitment and selection platform. Job Analysis and Job Application Questionnaire The following questionnaire aims to identify behaviour patterns relating to supervisory and leadership assessment tailored to assist hire decisions for senior managers. 2. Based on your experience.

(R2) Reference checking allows you to ensure that you are finding the most qualified person who is also a good match for the position. abilities (KSAs) as indicators to attract the right applicants followed by selection process to filter and determine the best fit candidate to be hired for the position.Give an example of when you had to put your foot down to assert a point that meant a great deal to you. This can be carried out by contacting a candidate’s previous superior. (US Department of Veterans Affairs. It will also ensure that you are finding the most qualified person who is also a good match for the position. By conducting reference checks. In the same meaning. The reason for reference check is because people who seem perfectly stable on paper and interview might not act the way on the job. Those chosen referees must be able to provide information about applicant’s work performance. It will slowly destroy the whole baskets of apples and all good apples will become rotten and has to be thrown away. the employer can be held accountable for lost salary or damages. If it becomes necessary to discharge an employee. which can impact your guests or clients and damage your image or reputation. So. Job Analysis and Selection Process Necessary prerequisite of a job is formulated with knowledge. personalities. This happens if the employee files chargers or a suit for what is claimed as wrongful firing. in the beginning. References from former employers are likely to be more valuable than personal references and can avoid negligent hiring claims. there are five stages in selection process which is from screening applications and resumes. employer or even close friends. checking references and background hence lastly making a selection. an employer can be held responsible for any criminal acts committed by an employee. . skills. we cannot and should not put a rotten apple inside a basket together with other good and healthy apples. you can avoid costs associated with failed probation periods and poor performance. Information from a job applicant’s references can be extremely valuable. interviewing candidates. 2009) Traditionally. When something goes bad. a bad employee can influence other good employees in damaging the good image and reputation of a company. good behaviors and characteristics. testing and reviewing work samples.

Some will go for sports to release the stress and some might chill-out with colleagues or friends after working hours or during weekends to wind down. background check is important to ensure a particular person really fits into the job. 2009) . Technology in Selection Process Rapid advance in technology has created a borderless platform for human resource management to recruit qualified talent according to the needs of their organization. we must do a detailed background check on that particular candidate. Because of this. If not treated. H. if a person applies for a job at a children daycare center. The society needs to be more open because it would help if employers and employees could openly talk about these issues.. managing director of WCN Plc. however the return of investment is very fast. some might not know how to release stress. However. A person needs to know how to handle stress well. therefore employers are ‘spending to save’ for long-term improvement in time-saving and quality administration in recruitment. For example. What if he or she has a history of child abuse? This can create serious problem to the company as it might receive complaints from parents of the children. this can create mental disorder due to high level of stress. A person might look smart on paper and seem fine in an interview. KSAs criterion placed in software systems enables automated preliminary screening of applications followed by online assessment test tailored according to the position in which identifies and ranks job fit scores hence progress successful candidates in further assessments. For this error in selection needs to be minimized as it can be costly if the wrong person is chosen for the job. (Williams. Although adopting e-recruitment technology may be costly. which then turns out to be a total disaster to a company. reviewed by Charles Hipps. (R3) Nowadays. many people are living a hectic lifestyle and are suffering an extreme level of stress due to unbalanced working lifestyle and also more and more demanding job expectations. They will just keep everything to themselves and after a long period of time. The last thing that the center wishes to receive is a letter from a law firm regarding child abuse by one of the employees.It is very important to find the right person for the right job and this can take up a lot of time. this can affect that person’s personal and working lifestyles. Another reason for reference check is to identify whether a potential candidate has any mental illness.

reference checks and on-boarding processes at the same time. The features of the platform even allow recruiters to record interview questions. the department is also taken account for the costly expenditure of flying candidates in for interviews to realize they are an awful fit for the position. (Shown in Figure 1) Figure 1 . while handling background. Besides that. broadcasting vacancy online drives unrestricted amount of qualified people to apply. inevitably this also increases time consumption for recruiters to filter the unqualified ones. and shortlist candidates before the official phone or video interview. review. To eliminate redundant hassle to screen these candidates.Screening for Organizational Fit Candidates Effectively Meanwhile. Suzanne Lucas reported in CBS news (2013) that recruiters in large organization face an average of 65 open positions at one time. HaQen Voice Advantage provides human resource department a customized virtual interview platform that enables recruiters set and standardize interview questions.

It is crucial to conduct a thorough background search on the human resource manager’s candidate because the position encompasses accessibility to highly confidential employee (Accessed: 1 February 2014). Available at: https://voiceadvantage. Background checks may include employment and education history. Figure 2 illustrates some of the factors for reference background checks retrieved from SHRM survey (2010). recruiters generally conduct reference and background check to verify authenticity of the candidates provided information to protect stakeholders of the organization. Figure 2 .Source: Voice Advantage. driving record drug testing and more. criminal record history. Validity and Reliability References and Background Check When candidates are determined as the finalist for the position.

work arrangement and so on. Phone conversation is more effective than face-to-face communication when gathering these data as people are more comfortable when communicating with a stranger. Much information can be revealed throughout the whole conversation. This process mainly concerns of negotiations between candidates and the employer regarding employment expectation of areas such as compensation. Available at: http://www. When both parties meets consensus. Information on a resume sometimes might sound too good to be true. Conclusion A company can have the most advanced technology in the world but it also needs someone that is skilled enough to run it. From this. basic salary and nature of tasks . A lot of steps need to be gone through in the selection process to make sure only the best employees work for us to ensure the continuous growth and success. From using Job analysis. Preparation must be done such as questions to be asked and Information asked must be relevant to work related such as key achievements in previous company. fringe benefits. Communication of Job Offer An invitation of job offer is communicated to the candidate deemed best fit the ks.aspx (Accessed: 1 February 2014). we are able to find out a lot of information about a potential candidate. (2010) Background Checking: Conducting Reference Background Checks SHRM Poll. 2013) The report of Employment Screening Practices and Trends (2013) reviews that 52% of employers’ responded higher tendency of hiring self-disclosed criminal convicts prior to background check. we can determine the truth and authentically of the information provided.Source: Society for Human Resource Management. the employer provides a final employment agreement welcoming the new hire on-board with further inductions and training programmes. (Employee SelectionIQ. Integrity and Legal Practices in Selection Processes It is important not to reject candidates for reasons of having criminal records or distorting information with the new Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance providing conscientious grounds for candidates by practices of requesting candidates to selfdisclose criminal records and other timely issues. job analysis is very important and essential.shrm. Due to that.

It is good enough to have a few good employees to run the show rather than a bunch of people that cannot even do a single thing right. All information given by a potential candidate must be verified and clarified with the referees as stated in the resume. A good employee will improve the productivity of a company. . This is to ensure we only get the right person to do the right job.performed. Screening Practices & Trends: The Era of Heighten Care and Diligence.personneltoday.pdf Personnel Today (2009) Testing and selection: The pros and cons of online assessment. New York: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) Human Resource Managers: Occupational Outlook Available at: http://www. Available at: http://therobinreport. P. Gerhart. The Robin Report: Management without Borders.. R. Hollenback.asp Williams.pdf (Accessed: 1 February 2014). and Wright. M.R. Noe. B.A. (2013) Nothing personal: Why recruiters don't get back to you. Deloitte (2010) Hospitality 2015 Game Changes or Spectators. 5th edn. Available at: http://www. J.. People 1st (2013) State of the Nation %20Reports%20-%20Hospitality%202015. (2014) Fundamentals of Human Resource Available at: %20Nation/2013/SOTN_2013_final.. Meany.pdf Employee ScreenIQ (2013) Survey Report 2013. (2011) How to Make a Job Lucas. (2009) E-recruitment: Rethinking recruitment. B. Available at: https://www.. Available at: http://www. M. H. US Department of Veterans Affairs (2009) What are KSAs? Available at: .