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Koh Integrated Development

Programme (KIDP), Chitral



Address: Regional Programme Office near District Jail, Booni Road, Danin Chitral KPK,
Pakistan. Phone/Fax #+92-943-413306 E-Mail: or


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 ABBRIVIATIONS AKCSP AKDN AKRSP BoD CAMP CCSP CIADP CIDA CSO EC GAD GB GoP HF JSC KIDP KPK LAPH LSO MIED NGO NRM PRC RSPN SPO UC VO WATSAN WO Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan Aga Khan Development Network Aga Khan Rural Support Programme Board of Directors Community Appraisal & Motivation Project Chitral Child Survival Programme Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme Canadian International Development Agency Civil Society Organization European Commission Gender and Development General Body Government of Pakistan Hashoo Foundation Joint Stock Companies Koh Integrated Development Programme Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Legal Awareness Programme for Human Rights Local Support Organization Mountain Institute for Education Development Non Governmental Organization Natural Resource Management Poverty Reduction Committee Rural Support Programme Network Strengthening Participatory Organization Union Council Village Organization Water Supply & Sanitation Women Organization 3 .

4 .

The Board of Directors (BoD) consists of 09 male 04 female members elected by the 89 General Body (GB) members each having the representation of 51 Village Organization (Vos) 26 Women Organizations (Wos). Donors.12 CSOs.KOH INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (KIDP). In 28 February 2007 it was registered with JSC NWFP after fulfillments of all the legal requirements vide registration No: 700/4/27 and become a legal entity. infrastructure development. environment protection. At present the major areas of our concern are education. It was informally established in June 2004 with the name of Snaf Conservation and Development Organization (SCADO) Chitral which was replaced by the Present name in 2006 to ensure its regional identity.965. healthcare and capacity building of human. All the developmental activities and policymaking are carried out in direct coordination and support of these member organizations. 5 . CHITRAL Date of Formation 28/02/2007 Background: Koh Integrated Development Programme (KIDP) is a registered Local Support Organization (LSO) under section 5 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 with the Joint Stock Companies (JSC) KPK Pakistan. poverty reduction. with a membership of 2232 individuals and a household coverage of (75%) having a total savings of 8. organizations and institutions. 74. Vision: Strengthened communities having abilities to develop themselves permanently. The area covered by the LSO is District Chitral generally and particularly two UCs (UC Koh & UC Danin). natural resource management. NGOs and other Private Sector Organizations. Mission: The mandate of the Organization is service delivery through greater involvement of grass roots level organization and institutions with emphasis on issues of poverty reduction and sustainable social development by creating an effective partnership between KIDP and Government of Pakistan (GoP). so far registered with or formed by KIDP.

Objectives:      Organization of the communities Poverty alleviation and reduction To ensure peace & social harmony Social service delivery Gender equity and equality Strategy and Approach: KIDP endeavors to establish a roster among the relevant V/Wos and other grass root level organizations in its database. Member Organization receiving funds/grants from KIDP are regularly supervised and monitored. It organizes workshops and conferences for the sake of community awareness. AREA OF OPERATION GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION Location: Chitral Distance from Center Household Union Council: Koh & Half of UC Danin 0 Km Population 2950 KIDP covered Household in the UC Men : 12487 Women : 11998 2232 MEMBER ORGANIZATION Total No. It procures funds from GOP. of VWOs & CSOs in KIDP (Number) Membership of V/WOs (Number) VOs WOs CSOs Total VOs W0s Total 51 26 12 89 1530 702 2232 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 6 . Local /National/International donor agencies engaged in poverty alleviation and social sector development. KIDP organizes training for human resource development and capacity building of gross root level organizations and institutions and upgrade their record keeping system and other abilities and skills. Member organizations are provided with both financial and technical support to carry out their project activities in the region.

Mobiliser /Supervisor Total Number of Staff Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female 01 - 01 - 02 01 05 02 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE DIAGRAM CHAIRMAN ACCOUNTABILITY MAJOR INTERVENTIONS 7 Engineers/ Supervisors Total 07 .# Type of Institution General Body 1 Village Organizations 51 2 Women Organizations 26 3 Civil Society Organizations 12 Frequency of General Body Meetings Yearly BOARD OF DIRECTORS S.GENERAL BODY S.# BOD Type of Institution 1 Village Organizations 07 2 Women Organizations 05 3 Civil Society Organizations 01 Frequency of BOD Meetings Quarterly NUMBER OF STAFF Manager/M&E Officer Male Female 01 01 Engineer Accountant S.

Community Mobilization: The LSO under its Community Mobilization Strategy has beside the formation of Grass Root Level Institutions as mentioned under the head Institutional Development in the following lines has mobilized the community to act as unity in the Identification. Social Activists. On different matters all the stake holders of the area have been taken on board during consultations. The brief details are given as under: - S No 01 02 03 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Name of Training Gender & Sensitization Fruit Processing Bee Keeping Record/Book Keeping Basic Sewing Social Mobilization Resource Mobilization Good Governance Human Rights Health & Hygiene First Aid Dispenser Livestock Management Honey Bee Training Total Partner AKRSP AKRSP/CIADP AKRSP AKRSP AKRSP AKRSP AKRSP SPO SPO CIADP CIADP CIADP CIADP Male 30 40 40 38 30 30 22 40 270 Institutional Development: A total of 24 VOs and 23 WOs were formed. An Advisory Council consisting of all the influential personalities like Local Political Leadership. Notables and others to discuss the Issues of the area. Planning and solution of Common issues of the area. devise workable strategies and jointly undertake actions for proper implementation of the plan has also been formed. The overall membership of these organizations is 2232 with household coverage of 2232 and a 8 Outreach Female 15 115 20 17 60 10 10 08 30 544 22 40 60 951 Total 45 115 20 57 60 50 48 38 60 544 44 80 60 1221 . Capacity Building/Skill Development: KIDP has arranged different training for the capacity building of the member organizations and individuals. 27 VOs and 03 WOs and 12 CSOs were reactivated and registered with KIDP as General Body (GB).

Training in Livestock Management j. This shows that the women and poor of the area have an equal say in the decision making at the LSO level. cultural. Whereas there are 38% women in Board the KIDP. Training in basic Sewing h.965. Training on Fruit Processing f. These Organizations also called the Grassroots Level Institutions are the owner of the KIDP. Seminar on Convention on Discrimination against Women Elimination of c. Gender and Development: In this sector keeping in view the disparity between women & men and rich & poor in the process of development and the negligible role played by the women in the socio-economic development of the area due to social. Gender. 33% and 25% representation in the General Body are women and poor respectively. 9 . Training in First Aid Dispenser k. Training in Social & Resource Mobilization 2. 74. Training in Good Governance l. To bridge the gap KIDP had strived hard and undertaken the following interventions : 1. Training in Honey Bee Keeping g. Awareness Raising & Skill Dev: To increase the role of women and enhance their status in the society as equal partner in the process of development through the creation of awareness regarding fundamental Human Rights.8. Training on Health & Hygiene i. Human Rights Workshop b. Women Rights and skill development different workshops and trainings have been arranged and delivered. Participation in the Organization: To ensure the participation of Women and Poor in the KIDP special focus has been saving of Rs. Workshop on women linkage development d. religious constraints. These include the followings: a. Gender & Sensitization Training e.

provision of Agricultural Inputs (Certified seed and Fertilizer) 950 poor Households.3. Fodder Seed to 120 Poor Households and 24 Plastic Tunnels for Women for Apricot Drying/Processing and marketing with the necessary training so that the livelihood and income of the marginalized section of communities could be secured. Education Sector Services:  Scholarships to 09 Male and 04 Female Students  Educations to 45 Orphans through their admission in the Faiz ul Islam Rawalpindi Pakistan  Establishment of additional class rooms and toilets provision of Furniture. These include the development of 2 kanals of land for 69 poor Households. Economic & Entrepreneurial Support: Special economic and entrepreneurial support has been provided to the poor and women of the area under European Commission Funded Food Facility Pilot Project in partnership with AKRSP. Health Sector Services:  Establishment of Community Health Dispensary in village Istoor Golen Valley  Arrangements of Free Medical Camps 10 . Books and Teaching Kits to Government Primary Schools 2. Social Sector Services: In this sector too keeping in view non access of the marginalized section of the community to education and health safety net services due to lack of the services in the area KIDP had undertaken the following interventions : 1.

Infrastructure Development: Partner/Donor/ Funding Source ECFF/AKRSP Project Types Description Project Year Infrastructure Construction of 01 Market 2010-11 Development Access Road 11 Total Budget PKR (M) 0. Facilitation in the Chitral Child Survival Programme (CCSP)  Establishment of Volunteer Medical Corps in First Aid Provision and Emergency Response.87 . resource management rules and trainings in resource management were formed and resulted in the resolutions of communal conflicts and reduction in pressure on the pastures and forests. 2. Peace Building: In this sector having regard to the importance of peace and social harmony in the development of the area the organization had undertaken the following interventions:1. Advocacy Campaign for Telecom Services:  Conduction of Dialogue between all the relevant stake holders on the issue of non availability of telecommunication services in the koh area at district level and installation of Wireless Loop Tower in the area through systematic. Social Harmony Dialogue:  Two dialogues for reducing the misunderstandings among the religious and moderate segment of society were carried with the result of the creation of trust and confidence and harmony among the society. 3. Formation of Rangeland Management Committee:  To reduce the conflicts on the pasture land and overgrazing of the pastures and cutting of forests among the communities the subject committee with the formulations of the proper Laws. peaceful and democratic process with committee formation and constant follow up of its activities and struggles.

38 Infrastructure 05 Drinking Water Supply 2010-11 Development Schemes 11.80 Assessment WATSAN.80 Infrastructure Construction of Additional Class Rooms and Wash Development Rooms 2014 7.05 MIED/PPAF AKRSP/EELY Business Support to 250 2013-16 HH through asset Grant Total 52.AKRSP/PPAF CIADP Infrastructure 01Pipe Irrigation Development Rehabilitation 2010-11 0.650 Books of GPS Library Books 2013 0. File Racks & Office Almirah 2013 1.16 Work Shop Carrere Counseling for College Students 2015 0. Tables.15 Infrastructure 69 Land Leveling and Development Terracing 2010-11 2. Student’s Chairs.40 Infrastructure Construction of 5 Model Development Animal Shed 2010-11 1. Irrigation Channels & Flood Protection 2010-11 0.20 Furniture’s Provision Student’s Desks.12 Provision of Teaching Kits Teaching Kits were Provided to 06 GPS 2013 0.10 Work Shop Disable youth 2015 0.50 2010-14 16.00 Provision of 5.50 Asset Transfer Infrastructure 09 Irrigation Channels Development Lining.20 Resource Centre Globel College 2915 0.5 Training Enterprise development 2015 0. Up gradation 12.50 Infrastructure 04 Pipe Irrigations Development Rehabilitation Project 2010-11 1.52 12 . Teaching Chairs.20 Speech Competition GHS Koghozi 2016 0.

000 Pipe Irrigation 02 54 1. NRM. Economic Development .000 Sanitation schemes 03 178 1.500 Protective Work 01 98 305.700 Projects LINKAGES DEVELOPMENT So far KIDP has successfully linked and formally been engaged with these organizations for the fulfillment of its vision with a future plan of optimal local resource mobilization to reduce dependency on the foreign funding and aid as much as possible.# Name of Organization Activity 1 Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) PPAF Infrastructure Projects.435. PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS S. Capacity Building & Asset transfer 2 Chitral Integrated Area Infrastructure.800 Bridges 01 34 223.875.350. BHH Budget (Rs) Irrigation Channels 11 792 6.734.400 Total 20 1296 119.No. NRM & Capacity Building 13 .000 Link Roads 02 140 1.23.

The mother is an also illiterate house woman. three brothers and one sister in her family. Before her receiving the said training and starting the job of tailoring the family was facing enough hurdles to run the kitchen smoothly and bear the other day to day expenses. The other brother stopped going to school after class 7 whereas her younger brother Aurang Zeb is studying in class 3 and has been admitted in Faizul ul Islam Orphan House Rawalpindi by KIDP for studies. Surya Shahab daughter of Aleem Khan Mohalla Kalabandeh Village Koghuzi. Her father. books.. She has a mother. Books & Teaching Kits) 11 Forest Department Plantation (Provision of Forest Plants) SUCCESS STORIES Case Study of Suraya Shahab Ms. But the family has to strive for food especially in the months of April to June when the new crops yet to be ripped and harvested. is of 18 years and had dropped education after failing in the SSC Exam.e. and Livestock. Thus the family is being provided by the neighbors with Zakat and other donations. teaching kits & additional class rooms and Toilets 5 Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) Capacity Building (Workshops & Trainings) 6 Community Appraisal & Motivation Capacity Building Project (CAMP) 7 Hashoo Foundation Child Education Support 8 Faizul Islam Orphan House Rawalpindi Free Education for Orphans 9 Legal Awareness Programme for Human Rights (LAPH) Human Rights Awareness Campaign 10 Mountain Institute for Education Development School Improvement (Provision of Furniture. being a member of Women Organization Kalabandeh Koghuzi was given Advance Sewing Training by Koh integrated Devlopment Programme (KIDP) with the financial support of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in 2007. The family was provided with one sewing machine by the District Zakat Department Chitral but due to lack of skills and necessary expertise to use it for Household and Commercial purposes no proper use of it was possible and probable. who died of Thyroid Cancer in November 2007. Tehsil & District Chitral. Her family is very poor. cow and hens. 14 . The family was dependant for sewing clothes on the other tailors. i.Development Program (CIADP) 3 Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan (AKCSP) Cultural Mapping of KIDP Jurisdiction 4 Mountain Institute for Education Development (MIED) Provision of furniture. was a seasonal labor and the only source of income for the family. Jahangeer. The elder brother M. who suffers from Epilepsy. She herself stopped studying after Middle Class while her younger sister reads in class 9 in the Government Girls High School Koghuzi. The main sources of livelihood are the one canal cultivable land whose production of 250-300 kg wheat and 300-400 kg maize is hardly enough for 7 to 8 month requirements of the year.

The dialogue was arranged to be conducted on 29 July. before that Magnet Public Call Offices (PCOs) were available for the communication purpose when Chitral used to be a part of British India. representatives of V/WOs and other stakeholders of Koh area participated in the dialogue. DCO Chitral. Ex UC Nazim Koh and President PPP Chitral attended as panelist. The people of the area had taken up the issue with every government and nongovernmental organizations but the efforts did not get fruitful until July 2009 when this was selected to be debated upon under 3 D projects by Koh Integrated Development Programme (KIDP). Due to community`s strong demand for the presence of all the stakeholders and high authorities the dialogue was rescheduled.000 rupees that helped support in the livelihood of her family.000/. she secured 4. She was elected manager of the Kalabandeh Women Organization Koghuzi last year that changed her status and role in the society and her say is respected both at the organization and family level. In 2009. Case Study Advocacy Campaign Koh area. While. MNA Chitral and MPA Chitral-I (Minister for Population Welfare) did not attend the dialogue instead of their assurance and commitment to attend it. About the use of the said income she told that she expended some of it on construction of toilet in the house as it was one of the urgent needs of the hour and some of it went on buying cereal and other necessary edibles to fulfill the food requirements of the family while rest of the money she spent on the dress. According to her the said training on advance sewing and its practical application earned her respect not only in the family the village but also in her husband family. according to her. she said. DRO Chitral. SDO PTCL Chitral. 2009 but the SDO PTCL District Chitral. During 2008 she earned some Rs. President PML (Q) Chitral. comes at the time of Eid Festivals and when there is wedding in the village. ACO Chitral. and arranged one-day dialogue/debate session. “In the first year of my job I earned some 2000 rupees and expended the said amount in buying edibles for my family”. The issue of no availability of telecommunication system was existed in the area from the Independence of Pakistan. Tehsil Nazim Chitral.After receiving the said training she started tailoring and securing some income to support her family. located just in the North East of Chitral town consisting of 2806 household with a population of 22. District Nazim Chitral. 10. Saleem Ahmed. before her marriage some two months back. uniform and books and stationeries of the school going brother and sister. Minister for Population Welfare Khyber Pakhutunkhawa. 2009 the debate session held in the presence of Mr. record their opinion and severity of issue through video clips. The participants debated on their previous endeavors and 15 . To properly tackle the issue KIDP brought the people into a single platform. The people especially the women were going to Chitral by traveling many kilometers for minutes of communication to their loved ones in the down country or abroad. the both female and male social activists. a registered Local Support Organization (LSO) of the area. The most of the income.of which she keeps no proper records. She is now very eager to continue her job in her husband house and support her paternal family until her brothers and the sister is able to take the role and responsibility and for which she has received sanction from her husband. The people of the area were facing great problems due to unavailability of this facility. On August 3.214 and spread over an area of almost 960-Squre km.

failures and the future strategy to solve the issue. Case Study Noor Jahan Bibi Miss Noor Jahan BiBi wife of Mr. Her family has migrated to the settlement in 1989 from the upper Chitral. a joint resolution was unanimously passed asking the government to immediately address the issue and a committee under the chair of Tehsil Nazim was constituted to solve it in the collaboration of MNA and Minister for Population Welfare Khyber Pakhutunkhawa (MPA Chitral-I) in the shortest possible time. The telecom services now available in the area with some technical problems that are being removed and the up gradation of the capacity of the tower are underway with a sanction of another Tower in the village Barines to further augment and improve the services in the area. the community themselves transported and installed the tower on self help basis at Mori Lasht UC Koh. Zar Ayub Khan.000/. 2010 at Mori Lasht UC Koh. Non implementation of the Government Policy of provision of telecom facility to underserved areas on priority basis and the nonintegrated.from all the Schools of the area was collected by KIDP. PTCL installed Wireless Loop Tower on January 24. At the end of the dialogue. The residents had approached every Government and non-Governmental Organizations for the establishment of the drinking water supply scheme to the settlement but the issue cannot be solved till 2010 sometimes due to lack of funding and the other time due to dispute over the ownership of the source of the water. Although her settlement exists in the town but due to sloppy and high elevated physiographic position the facility/availability of pure and safe drinking water has always remained the most chronic issue of the residents. Chitral. a mother of five Children. In 2010 an Assessment of WATSAN schemes of three settlements of UC Danin including Shadok settlement was carried out in June 2010 through Koh Integrated Development 16 . is a resident of Shadok settlement UC Danin Chitral Town. She and all the other women of the settlements were facing too many hardships with an extra work load in fetching water for drinking and household consumption purposes from a distant spring. To bear the expenses of the struggle a contribution of PKR 40. transported equipment from Peshawar to the site and erected the WWL tower and the necessary infrastructure in a record period of five days. individual and un sustained efforts by the community were termed as the major causes of this issue. After continues follow up and efforts of committee. In January 24. KIDP BoD and Management staffs. Shadok settlement consists currently of 48 households almost all of them have migrated to the settlement from the upper Chitral. When the PTCL announced the provision of V Wireless Loop Tower. The community donated land for tower building. 2010 a grand thankful ceremony to acknowledge the endeavors and contribution of all the contributors in the struggle was organized by KIDP at village Barines UC Koh Chitral.

“This had also saved my precious time of 4-5 hours each day which I now using in doing rest and other domestic chores. “It took 3-4 hours a day in all while doing the job”. According to her their difficulties used to increase two folds in the winter when the land was freezed and they used to slip most often while ascending the slope with the pitcher full of water in their heads. While responding to query regarding the project she told. Responding to the query of any accident while doing the job she reminded that twice in the winter seasons. Responding to the questions she told that since her abode in the settlement in 1989. On the basis of the Assessment a Drinking Water Supply Project was approved THRIVE/CIADP in July. she was used to fetch water on her head with other neighbor women twice in a day one at 10:00 O’clock in the morning and second at 5:00 O’clock in afternoon from a spring that exists about one and half kilometers in a descent from her house. Miss Noor Jahan BiBi was interviewed by the Female Social Organizer in February 2011 about the impact of the Project on her life. a Local Support Organization (LSO) of the area.” But now as the project has been completed and since January we have water available in our home and this winter I am fully relieved as this had not only reduced the workload on me but had also finished away the hardships of the job. particularly in this season.” she explained. that is. winter. when she was only 24 years of age then. 2010 and an agreement for the Implementation of the Project was signed with KIDP. she felled while carrying water back home and got pain in her chest for which she was later hospitalized and still suffers from the pain during winters. Responding to the question of any recommendation she said that she want to see the dissemination of the project and any other settlement where such an issue exists for women should be addressed by THRIVE/CIADP. “I was pleased when I heard about the water supply project but at the same time I was a little bit suspicious about its implementation as in the past we heard and talk each other and found nothing at the end. the exact year she can’t recollect. “It was a very difficult job. by THRIVE under Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme (CIADP).Programme (KIDP). She also disclosed that many of the women of the settlement are suffering from headache due to carrying the water pitchers on their heads. she explained.” she still remembers. The Supply of Drinking water to the settlement fulfilled the long lasting demand of the residents and the women including Miss Noor Jahan BiBi are very pleased and feel very ease and satisfaction in their living as the facility has not only reduced the work load and hardships of fetching of drinking water but also valuable time which was then wasted during the activity. The work on the project was completed in December 2009 with a Cost of Rs. a Norwegian and the Netherland Governments funded programme for the Chitral District. 1. 17 .5 millions.

land. i. We draw strengths from and add value to links with AKDN (AKRSP). Community Ownership. The technical capacities of both the leadership (BoD) and management (Staff) requires improvement and further development to meet the standards of the modern era. Our collaboration with the Government line departments is fruitful and will undoubtedly grow as our capability becomes even more apparent.A BRIEF ANALYSIS OF KIDP`S STRENGTHS. particularly in our district and province (KPK). so we can be able to deliver fully and efficiently. Additionally steady progress in the ownership of the organizations needs more attention to be given in the future. The high inflation rate observed during the last couple of years has become a major obstacle in the way of the community saving capacities. Koh. KIDP Weaknesses are demonstrated in this profile. 18 . tourist resorts like Golen and Phasti valleys where apart natural lakes and beautiful landscapes and picnic places some renowned international trekking routes are found and also medicinal herbs. 000/. Social Capital. We are struggling to improve of our financial sustainability. First. CIADP and SPO where the developing symbiotic relationship will flourish to mutual advantage. The endowment fund of Rs. as evident. Finally we have enough natural resources like soap & lime stone mines. The major Threats to our work relate largely to the security and economic crisis facing our country and intensity of disaster incidence due climate changes. Currently we are reliant on Donors funding. CIADP and SPO Pakistan. WEAKNESSES. As we develop professional management necessary to drive the agenda forward. wildlife.e. Organizational Focus and Clarity of Purpose. so our overhead cost increase.120. Despite all these apparently major difficulties we have many Opportunities to fulfill our mission and to make our vision a reality. All these available resources will not only improve the livelihood of the communities we serve but also contribute to our financial sustainability if properly explored and managed by the participation and involvement of the not enough to be invested in income generative activities. geographical and financial accessibility for the communities we serve and support and guidance of AKRSP. is an area of about 25000 people where no effective and credible service provision is always available and we have all the necessary expertise of low cost and quality service provision.. there are huge opportunities to enhance our services. Leadership and Involvement in shaping the organization’s work. OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS The major Strengths of the Organization as is obvious from the profile are the Mobilized Community (V/WOs & CSOs).

2009 19 . is the commitment of the LSO leadership.VISITOR`S REMARKS Many of our distinguished visitors who visited the KIDP office during 2008 and 2009 and were given presentation about the organization and its programmes write down their remarks in the Visitors` Book. Wishing you all the success in the future”. however. Izhar Hunzai GM. “Extremely pleased to see so much in such a short period of time. Few of the remarks which they have written are given as under. AKRSP 30. I am also impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of LSO Manager.08. The most important element. The breadth of the activities are impressive so are the lengthy list of linkages.

Keep it………. We hope to collaborate in the future. It is one of potential LSO which need more focused to support institutionally”. Ijaz Qasim Regional Director SPO Peshawar Pakistan 10/10/2008 20 . IVAN G. Wish you”. SOMLAI PESHAWAR & CANADA CSSD 14/10/2008 “I visit the LSO on the request of Chairman LSO.“Thank you for your excellent introduction to your programmes.

02 0.02 18000 32600 29400 0 42112 0 122112 0.00 2243087 21 .25 29.51 0 195 384595 0 2542 895892 0 2410 748860 38470 1554 1435684 0 6412 12924227 0 9553 7405542 38470 22666 23794800 0.EXPENSES S # 1 2 Expense Head Project Expense Official Expense Total (B) 2007 2008 2009 158600 301240 351910 170843 521082 386361 329443 822322 738271 Surplus/Profit (A-B) 2010 606763 345088 951851 11263838 6296793 18979144 88.20 1.94 11829693 6880133 21551713 100.16 0.RESOURCES 2007 – 2013 A.INCOME S # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Source of Income 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Total % Registration Fee Grant from AKRSP Grant from Hashoo Grant from AKCSP Grant from CIADP Grant from SPO Grant from LAPH Administrative Charges General Contribution Sundry Total (A) 34400 332000 0 0 0 0 0 16000 820000 24750 0 0 0 0 4000 670800 42250 0 0 0 0 3000 1121425 46300 117455 62480 40000 5000 0 2888207 66300 0 9921196 0 0 2000 1114604 62400 0 6216985 0 0 59400 6947036 242000 117455 16200661 40000 5000 0.49 68.10 100 2011 2012 Total % B.06 565855 583340 2572569 11.08 0.17 0.

# 0943-413306 E-mail Fax Name of Chairman Contact Number (Ph) E-mail 03449701426 - Abdul Ghafar 0943-412210 Contact Number (cell) Fax - Website - Name of Manager Abdul Bari Contact Number (Ph) 0943-413306 Contact Number (Cell) E-mail Fax 22 03469133768 - .kidp@gmail.CONTACT US LSO Address Programme Office near District Jail Booni main Road Danin PO Chitral Tehsil & District Chitral Ph.kidp@ gmail.