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Capacitors are electronic components that are used to store electrical charges
and consists of two conductors separated by an insulator (dielectric) each
conductor called chip, Capacitors also called condensers are devices
(components) of electricity made in such a way so as to store an electric charge
for a while.

1. Symbol and Types of capasitor

Symbol of capasitor
Symbols Capacitors generally have two horizontal straight line that
has equal status symbolizing the electric charges, which are separated by
two vertical parallel lines symbolize the dielectric components, on a
horizontal line to the left has a positive charge, while the right side is the
negative charge

Types of capasitor
Capacitor Type simpler can be divided into 3 category, that is
electrochemical capacitors, electrolytic and electrostatic
a. electrochemical capacitors

Including capacitors of this type are battery and accu In fact, battery and
capacitor batteries are good capasitor, because it has a large capacitance and
leakage current is very small.

Battery charger
b. Electrolytic capacitors
This capacitor consists of capacitors dielectric materials using metal-oxide layers
Generally capacitor including this group is a polar capacitor with the + and
- in the body (elco and tantalum). Because economical and practical
reasons general metal material used is aluminum and tantalum. Most
materials are plentiful and cheap is aluminum (elco). While the type
Tantalum Capacitors relatively expensive because it has a very small
leakage current, Besides that all the solid tantalum, then their work time
(lifetime) to be more durable.

Elco and tantulum

c. Electrostatic capacitors

This is electrostatic capacitors is constitute capacitors group made

with a dielectric material of ceramic, film and mica. available from
mulberry pF to several F, which is usually for a series of applications
relating to high frequency. Using ceramic materials and mica because
cheap and easy to make capacitors small capacitance value. Including a

group of film dielectrics are construction materials such as polyester (Mylar).

In general, Electrostatic capacitors are nonpolar. The capacitors with
film dielectrics commonly known under the trademark Mylar, MKM, MKT
and so forth.

Kondensator Keramik, Polyester (mylar), Mika

2. Material capasitor
3. Function an characteristic capasitor
Function of capasitors
stepping prevent electric sparks in the circuit containing the coil,
when suddenly disconnected and the electric current is turned on
storing a charge of electrical energy in the circuit in electronic
select the wavelength of the radio receiver
as a filter in the power supply (power supply)
characteristic of capasitor

Capacitors on the dc voltage is a very big obstacle

Capacitors to the ac voltage will cause a phase shift the which
precedes the current 900 voltage.
The ac voltage capacitor has a resistance that varies according to
the working frequency.
4. Application of capasitor

Capacitor has function to store electrical charge or electrical energy, capacitor

also has functions as a filter in power supply circuit, passing alternating current (AC),

blocking direct current (DC), and can be used as a frequency generator in the
oscillator circuit.

Power supply is an electronic circuit that serves to convert alternating current into
direct current. Power supply has four main parts in order to produce a stable DC current.
The fourth part of them is Transformers, Rectifiers, Filters and Voltage Regulator. In the
power supply circuit, the filter is used to smooth out the current signal from the rectifier
or in other words filter serves to flatten the DC voltage ripple. Filter capacitors used in
power supply circuit normally the type of electrolyte capacitors and ceramic capacitors.