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Strategic Planning Process

When a company engages in a planning process, the first step is to identify what
is the reason to provide a service or product then where the company stands in the
industry type which the company will do business. Performing such a task can be
difficult when a company has no vision of what they want to accomplish hence no
foundation upon which strategies can be built
Ineffective initial analysis can affect the company’s strategy plan and reduce its
chances of success. The assessment process has to answer some key questions like:

What are the needs the chosen company plans to satisfy?

Who needs the services provided?

What is value of providing services?

What strategies the company will implement to achieve the objectives and

Answers to those questions will provide the framework to develop strategies
based on the company’s mission, goals and values
No doubt exist that a clear mission and goals are fundamental to initiate the company’s
strategic process but vision plays an even more important role. Without vision any effort
will be useless since there is no point of reference of what the company tries to
accomplish or the ideal position that the company want to be in the future.

* Planning Process Framework



Mission and Values









* Model created by Toftoy and Chatterjee. (2005)
I. Mission Vision and Values
Every company has a careful designed business plan. One part that needs special
attention is the creation of the company’s mission statement that will reflect the
organizations’ purpose and reasons to compete in the business world. A clear vision will
provide a “picture” of the future and strategies will be created to achieve that vision.
Since the planning process is about creating strategies and the fist one is to develop a
written document will ensure everyone involved in the planning process will work
together to achieve the goals and objectives based on the company’s mission and vision,

Mission and vision statements are the blueprints that describe in detail aspirations,
objectives and the philosophy that will dictate the company’s pathway to success. “The
nature of a business vision and mission can represent either a competitive advantage or
disadvantage for the firm. An organization achieves a heightened sense of purpose when
managers and employees develop and communicate a clear business vision and mission.”
a) Mission Statement
“A mission statement describes an organization’s purpose, customers, products or
services, market niche, area of operations, business philosophy and basic operative
mechanisms. A mission statement should be the most visible and widely publicized part
of a strategic management process.” (Toftoy, Chatterjee, 2002) This statement also
shows the company’s commitment to engage in a responsible action and its main purpose is
to protect the company’s values. Management usually implements the mission statement.

Beauty Salon’s Mission Statement
“To Provide Professional Beauty Services and Products that will Help
Customers Reach that Unique Look at Competitive Prices”

Provide professional, innovative beauty services and products based on personality and
particular needs to enhance individual uniqueness.

b) Vision Statement
A vision usually describes the company’s ideal position in the future. The only
way to achieve that vision is with the successful implementation of a business or strategic

plan. and win people's commitment  Plausible chance of success – something people can realistically believe to be possible and. A vision statement describes the desired future. short layers. a value creation premise that people can actually picture as existing  Sense of noble purpose – something that is really worth doing. shaggy styles) - Permanents and Wave body creation - Hair coloring and Highlighting - Color Reparation and/or extraction - Hair Straighten (Japanese Technique) - Shampoos and recondition treatments will be offered at new customers free of charge. bobs. Retail (Variety of hair products available). at least plausible to strive for” (Albrecht. . make the world a better place in some way. make a contribution. something that can create value. 2006) II. if not perfectly attainable. For a vision statement to be valuable and useful it needs to have  “Focused concept – something beyond platitudes. it has to inspire others to work since it will become the driving force that will move the organization. Services - Haircuts (long layers. The vision should describe what the company desires to create and not the way to obtain it. One way to differentiate the company’s vision and mission is to recognize that a mission statement describes the current company’s state while a vision statement is the ideal future.

- Promote annually training to update hair color and cutting techniques. Competitive edge can be achieved by - Using positioning as strategic marketing tool for business image. - Provide special attention to young and difficult customers. a) Strategies to create competitive edge: Getting the attention of consumers is the first step in promoting personalized services but the main factor in building successful and positive results is to provide the right tone for a unique buying experience for the client. and other styling aids. One important aspect to be considered is the correct personal selection. combs. - Provide the same quality hair styling to female segment at affordable prices. - Target each segment separately to provide a personalized service. Employees are the most important element within the service industry particularly the case in the hair . Management goal is to give the beauty salon an edge in the highly competitive beauty area by creating high-value planning process to capitalize sales through every aspect of hair service delivery and focusing on service excellence to meet every customer’s beauty needs. - Safety inspection on regular basis. - Building long-standing relationships with clients.- Shampoos for any type of hair - Conditioners and scalp treatments - Reconstructions and deep oil treatments - Brushes. - Develop a code of conduct and practices inside the beauty salon. - Offer unique personalized consultations that will differentiate our services against competition.

IV.  Provide services to people of different background will expand the market segment and to promote social acceptance and reduce discrimination  Expand marketing reach with excellent customer service that will ensure brand –mouth marketing. Principles and Values . colorists and supporting staff and represents the strength of the beauty salon business. III.  Create expertise in every single aspect of the salon services (colorist will do only color and hair stylist will work on haircuts)  Become a leading force in the community by providing support to community programs  Increase revenue by implementing strategies created to achieve the vision  Increase mouth. Beauty Salon Goals  Excellent customer relationship & service  Create a professional.  Develop a plan to create name recognition and community social presence. friendly and productive working team  Culture of cooperation to achieve the company goals  Grow and maintain a referral network of customers & prospect.and beauty sectors. The company success depends on the skills and knowledge of hairdressers.

Depending on the type of services provided. organizations have tremendous social obligations but several issues can arise when the company’s mission or vision has no social value and feels no obligation to do any more for society than is legally required. Create strategies to engage in social issues that will work with the company’s values to enhance the salon image. social and ethical elements should be addressed in the mission statement.Since any organization has some effect in the lives of those who use their services. Strategic planning process needs to analyze social problems to prevent any potential costs related issue. any company must be able to make enough profit to exist. To stay competitive and make a positive impact in society. The company’s social awareness and values will provide a guideline of how every member should conduct themselves inside and outside the beauty salon as well. the company will stop and no other social benefit will be achieved.  Act with respect  Perform services confidently  Work hard to achieve common goals  Focus on customer satisfaction  Remain attentive and courteous  Take responsibility  Commit to self-improvement . if this is not achieved.

Product Diversification With a broad spectrum of product offerings. Furthermore. Seek knowledge to improve techniques  Maintain a positive attitude  Display Honor and Integrity Strengths Research and Development Deere's efforts to provide cutting edge technology for their products has helped them to develop their technical competence into a strategic strength. The implementation of a complex enterprise-wide information system will be one of the large expenses that Deere will have to incur. some of its competitors are focusing on mergers and acquisitions to reposition themselves in the industry and prove more of a threat to Deere. which smaller. Deere is able to compete in numerous market divisions and can thus offset slower periods in one division with another. Information  Technology As Deere continues to expand the requirements of their IT infrastructure and network become more complex and with expansion into other countries the need for an efficient and high-speed network grows. Deere’s extensive network will also necessitate a loss of flexibility. which in addition to helping out customers. A point in case is the recent merger of Case and New Holland. also cater to the needs of Deere's own employees. Weaknesses International  Expansion While concentrating on international emerging markets can be an opportunity. the company attracts positive attention from public newsgroups. By servicing the needs of their employees effectively. Consolidations One of the greatest threats to Deere is the current trend of consolidation. While Deere tries to concentrate on penetrating new markets. their diversified operations also present them with a number of opportunities to enter new markets. local competitors might enjoy. Deere continues to be an excellent firm to work for and is able to keep their employees highly motivated and keep employee turnover low. it can also be a weakness because it involves substantial capital investment in each new market with the setting up of new assembly lines and plants. the result of the merger is a firm that matches Deere in most respects and in fact has an asset base that is larger than Deere's. Distribution . which further enhance its image in the market. By improving their products and ensuring that they are environmentally sound. While each firm individually was sizably smaller than Deere. 70 Employee Benefits Deere is comprised of not only their manufacturing divisions but also their health care and credit divisions.

. Caterpillar. one of Deere's closest competitors in the construction industry has a superior setup and can guarantee that any replacement part will be delivered to the customer within 48 hours. Deere will have to invest considerable resources into their own distribution channels.One of Deere's weaknesses as of now is its inferior distribution network. With assertions like that to compete against.

export. horizontal? Niche target markets? Geographical. distribution. vertical. presence and reach? Financials? Own known vulnerabilities? Timescales deadlines and pressures? Reliability of data. awareness? Innovative aspects? Location and geographical? Individual staff Specialist offering complementary services Unique products (Product Diversification) Unique haircutting techniques Location Spacious parking lot Beauty Products Support Business Hours Employee Benefits Opportunities Market developments? Competitors' vulnerabilities? Industry or lifestyle trends? Technology development and innovation? Global influences? New markets. knowledge. commitment. ideas? . leadership? Environmental effects? IT developments? Competitor intentions various? Market demand? New technologies. services. People? Experience. plan predictability? Moral. data? reach.Strengths Advantages of proposition? Capabilities? Competitive advantages? USP's (unique selling points)? Resources. Assets. import? Expansion Good Reputation Introduction of innovate services and products Community changes Weaknesses Individual personalities Lack of experience Non-licensed employees Un skilled employees Bad quality products Bad location No sufficient staff Threats Competitors Employee’s relocation Recession Vandalism Lack of competitive strength? Reputation.

By doing this the company can reduce the chances of consumer and media backlash. They should also develop user. This can in turn increase John Deere’s response time to customer complaints and quicker solutions to worldwide offices. is the quality of service rendered by John Deere. Pertaining to John Deere it can hurt their reputation. Option # 8 The possibilities the Internet offers can also be exploited and used by John Deere. 73 Option # 7 John Deere has a vast scope of operations all over the world.friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) software to minimize training expenses of their employees. Option # 6 John Deere should follow the trend of consolidation in the capital goods industry to diversify their product line. thereby diversifying their overall risk. Option # 3 John Deere needs to take extra care in regards to its international labor policies and its human rights monitoring. through learning from other companies past experiences John Deere does not have to go through the entire learning curve. which can be improved upon with the use of the Internet. Another area. value and reliability. Option # 2 John Deere should acquire other similar companies to increase their relative size to the competition in order to achieve greater leverage in their marketing efforts and gain economies of scale. . The reason for this is that they have been in this business for a long period and their name is associated with quality. therefore. can receive added service and product value. They should shift their focus from the agricultural sector to other parts of their business. sales and consequently. through online questionnaires. lose their grip on the consumer base.Strategic Options Option #1 John Deere should be able to use their brand recognition to enter new international markets with less difficulty than their competitors. which could lead to loss of sales and hurt their reputation. By taking advantage from the lessons learnt from pervious consolidations in the industry. The customer. they need a highly efficient intranet. The options range from ordering replacement parts through the Internet and used for customer service and monitoring such as having a customer suggestions for product improvements. society expresses its concerns over any adverse environmental affects of company’s actions in any part of the globe. Because of the globalization phenomenon and increased perception of a global community. Therefore. Option # 4 John Deere needs to decrease their dependence on the agricultural equipment segment of their business. So they can communicate and exchange files easily across international lines in no time. Option # 5 John Deere needs to maintain their level of environmental awareness on a worldwide basis. John Deere should be able to consolidate more efficiently.

Though the positives of this plan are John Deere can improve the financial stability of the company and increase their cash flows in the near future. vision and values. The . The reason for this is that Asian markets are modernizing.Option #9 John Deere should work to improve their distribution channels domestically and internationally in order to meet the potential future demand. where Deere’s competitors are not equally established. John Deere should also concentrate its efforts on the Internet market. The agriculture equipment sector is a heavily capital intensive industry that usually lags the general level of the economy. They can achieve this by focusing on customer needs and applying Six-Sigma precepts when analyzing the distribution chain. expanding their infrastructure and production capacities. the Asian economies will require modern and efficient products. Option #10 The capital goods industry is very cyclical. management needs to develop some strategies to achieve expected goal and it can be done using a balanced scorecard. In the strategic planning process. This plan will not be easy to accomplish because it will undertake a lot of financial reorganization. Accurately adjusting employment levels within the company and controlling overhead costs will give John Deere a competitive edge in the international arena. This will in turn increase demand for agriculture equipment and increase the presence of John Deere in these developing markets. so it can benefit the company in the coming years. The uses of this capital can be used to maintain its hold on the agriculture market by increased spending in product development and process innovations. 74 Recommendations Short-term John Deere should start reducing its short-term debt so that the company will have more capital in order to stay competitive in the markets of the future. Balanced Scorecard The process of developing the scorecard can help management to take a closer look at the company’s mission. Long-term John Deere should try to establish a strong base in the Asian markets. The ways that John Deere can decrease their short-term debt is by issuing more stocks and using the proceeds. To accommodate these tasks. in order to precedent in the industry and offer increased availability to its customers. After all every company is expected to operate under some philosophy that will produce a social image of the products or services they offer. The ability to which John Deere is able to react to sudden changes in the economic outlook will determine the level of success the company will have in the future.

Finance How to appear to Stockholders to Obtain the Successful Finance? Internal Process Customers How We Should Appear to Our customers? Vision & Strategy Learning and Growing How to keep the ability of changing and improving? Framework of the Balanced Scorecard (Source: Kaplan & Norton. 1999) Satisfy customers and stockholders.idea behind the use of scorecards was to use a measurement method that can be linked to the company's strategic plan. The information needs to be relevant to the internal process so managers can agree on the measures to watch. The strategic plan will provide the information that will be used by management in the creation of the strategies. Which process should be remarkable? .

- Retail marketing should be in alignment with the quality of the products and services - Reduce color and product supply waste. highly trained and ethical hairstyling team and personalized consultation A place of preference for those who seek excellent hair and customer service A highly recommended hair salon with a reputation that no other salon can match Table 1 Core Elements of the Beauty Salon I. Mission Value Position Goal Provide the best service to meet our customers beauty needs at competitive prices Professional. but it will not dictate the company’s direction of strategy. vision and values are an essential part of this process and will be included in the creation of the balanced scorecard (Table 1). The beauty salon mission. Financial “Increase Hair Color Services. The balanced scorecard will only provide the information required to formulate most effective strategy based on the measures Company Philosophy: Educate.Strategies formulated for the beauty salon business will be to create objective strategies based on the SWOT analysis. improve your technique then prepare yourself to work hard and achieve success. . Retail and Reduce Cost” Strategies - Increase the quality of the services offered and the quality the customer feels they received.

- Incorporate an effective inventory control. . III. II. This area has to be accessible to customers checking in or paying for service. Create written policies and rules that will contribute and produce a winning team. Learning and Growing “Continuous Education and Hair Techniques update workshops every year” Strategies - Update seminars and continuous education will motivate employees and will provide a strong desire to succeed. - Management needs to maintain good personnel relation. Management will get layout advice from beauty salon design specialists that can provide better the best value in cooperation with equipment dealers. Providing the inviting atmosphere that management try to - obtain will be the result of comfortable customer accommodations. - Adequate customer seating and a centrally located receptionist's desk. - Focus on employees with a demonstrated ability to lead with a record of success in whatever they are doing. Customer “Customer Convenience and Comfort”. Strategies - The reception area gives customers their initial impression of the salon's service.

Internal Process Priorities: Security. - The willingness to follow a proven system IV. - High traffic areas need to be free of obstacles - Accommodate styling stations and hair dryers in a strategic place to avoid any uncomfortable situation - Maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Effectiveness and Innovation Strategies - Security is important to avoid any potential accidents and financial loses.- Personal integrity and strong interpersonal skills. - Efficient service results can be achieved by providing sufficient supplies and adequate working stations to employees. - Develop an image of quality that can effectively differentiate the products and services to improve clients’ perspective. Strategic Maps (Goal and Projects) Perspective Finance Strategy goal Goals Projects Increase quality in hair services Increasing Hair Color Services Increasing hair color product profit Increase Retail Have a latest product exhibition each month Sell maintenance color products Educate customers to use the correct product that will fit their lifestyle Improve male retail Invite manufacturers to show new products each month for males only Promote the latest male hair styles that need specific hair products Promote “Get you favorite Star Hair color” day .

Cost Reduction Follow the manufacturer instruction on the Reduce consumption and waste preparation or color formulas of supply and color products Recycle and reuse color left in tubes Reduce inventory by 3% less that the market level Stocks Inventory Control First in First out technique Price at competitive price Customers values High Quality Excellent customer service Keep a records of high requested services to create an effective pricing system Develop a survey to obtain information of competition products price and customers’ expected value Reduce hair complain rate less than 2% Get a California Hair Color Institute Certification Recommend consumers only the right services and needed products in an ethical manner Be attentive of customer needs while getting a hair service Customers Provide scholarship to produce highly trained employees Increasing serving quality Provide a monthly recognition award to members who had the best improve rates on customer satisfaction Customers relationship Strategic alliance with other local business Perspective Strategy goal Goals Promote packages in coordination with other business like wedding shops and floral decoration stores Sponsor some community events to increase presence with the community Projects Promote the month’s best sellers R&D of new products Increasing R&D Learning and Growing Special Packages of some less popular product every 2 months Promote new product sets Discount coupons to loyal customers Arrange special time for customers Booked special events ahead of time High Skilled employees Employee continue education and knowledge Hire Licensed Hairdressers (issued state board) gaining Promote Scholarships .

Provide the cut. Enhance hair condition by recommending products according to personal needs Birthday Special day . new products Positioning and Clients expect the technical and creative skills we differentiation marketing offer fit the price point strategies Operations management processes Obtain new customers Customer management processes Keep old customers satisfy Internal process They expect the professional helping them to deliver a quality of service that matches or exceed what they are paying for. Framework: Beauty Salon Balanced Scorecard Mission Strategy Finance Increasing profit Increasing Hair Color Services Marketing Customers Values to Customers Competitive Prices Quality Product diversity Excellent Service Increase Retail Reducing Cost Promote hair products in an ethical manner Provide product samples Reduce Hair color Waste Effective inventory control Customer Relations Increase quality in services Strategic alliance with other company to cross promotion Customer Appreciation Increase customer satisfaction. color. service by accounting that a $12 chain salon haircut client has the same demand as the $500 celebrity haircut client. Integrate latest hair appliances Innovation Processes Product management system Social processes Community service The investment of the stylist is constant and continuing improvement of their service.Improve Haircutting Techniques Employee workshops Haircolor Events and Training Courses Perspective Strategic Goal Goals Projects Set schedule to promote .

— Questioning. and . — Giving feedback. These skills also can be understood and interpreted at different levels.Internal process Operation management process Timing of selling new products Positioning and differentiation Learning and growing Increasing R&D R&D of new products Provide the latest on hair products Customer management process Increase loyalty from old customers and acquire new ones Innovation process Invite manufactures to promote their new products provide the latest hair techniques to staff Strategic customer database Discount Coupons and Special Events Effective address book and record system Online appointments available Rules and Regulations License require Follow state board rules Environment Clean facilities Better capability of employees Upgrade hair skills (Once a year) Continuous Education Beauty Show Attendance (mandatory) Workshop to improve Ethics and Communication Skills Communication There are three purposes of communication : i) Ensuring that the message conveyed has been fully understood. Communication includes grasping. — Writing. — Listening. — Receiving feedback. and iii) Ensuring that the receiver of the message has got motivated to act for doing what he has accepted to do. A few of the important communication skills are : — Speaking. — Paraphrasing. — Asserting. processing and articulating thoughts and ideas to convey and use information in a meaningful manner. ii) Ensuring that the conveyed message has been accepted by the receiver.

— Empathising. Questions. An action plan is prepared indicating the activities. In this approach. These steps have been enumerated as follows. interviews. Feedback Action research is a collaborative process and therefore emphasises deep involvement of the employees likely to be involved. The success depends on the internal resource persons or facilitates who would work in tandem with the change agent / consultant. Planning for the Change The objective of this stage is to plan for effecting the desired changes for achieving the vision. Create action plan Our experience is that there are four high level questions that need to be addressed under this aspect. Analysis At this stage. patterns of behaviours etc. concerns and the expected changes from the employees of the organization. The change agent or consultant draws inferences and identify the primary concerns. Extensive communication is required and high orders of leadership skills especially persuading skills are required. secondary records and a variety of techniques are used for collection of data. data is gathered about the problems. counting huge measures and required resources. problem areas and expectations. Therefore. meetings. They are also great at promoting your staff ’s technical abilities and creative skills. The involved persons are to be educated and convinced about the gains. the highlights of the analysis in terms of concerns and problem areas are shared with the employees specially those cross sections from where data had been collected. The action plan has to be implemented. Implementation This is the most crucial stage. responsibilities. Diagnosis Under the guidance of a change agent / consultant. skills and delivery methods we will use? Do we have a contingency plan if things go wrong? Is the communication accessible to our target audiences? campaign. data is collected to diagnose the problem and action steps are identified on the basis of the analysis of the data. 3) Action Research A change process based on systematic collection and analysis of data is called action research. perceptions. It is difficult to get successful implementation without Project Management skills. It is a fivestep process. A number of presentations. . Salon and day spa newsletters are a wonderful way to educate your clients and your community on all of your special salon and spa services. time frame. analysis of the data collected in the previous step is carried out to identify the problems. Planning and method of delivery Resourcing delivery Risk and crises management Accessibility Have we planned how this communication will reach our target audience? Have we put in place the resources. workshops are to be held.

 Bridal and Maternity Packages. This list of potential newsletter article topics may help you get started:  New Seasonal Haircuts and Hairstyles.  Massage Therapies. Donations and Community  Service Programs. while also introducing you to many new people in your area.They help you increase sales of professional services. Awards. Tell what makes your hair.  Question and Answer Section — Salon and  Spa Beauty Care  Letters From the Salon Owner.  Hair color Trends.  Body and Cellulite Treatments. It’s what’s inside that counts. nail and spa services unique. Your salon newsletter should take an educationally oriented approach with an assortment of articles covering your various salon and spa service departments.  Charitable Work. while sharing the benefits of each of your various specialty services. especially anything that hidden behind the closed doors of your salon.  Annual Salon and Spa Membership  Packages. gift certificates and products to your existing clientele.  Makeup Artistry.  New Staff Introductions.  Total Makeover Artistry — With Before and After Photos.  Customized or Signature Facials and Masks.  Mesotherapy.  Seasonal and Holiday Specials. PR  Honors and Staff Achievements.  Educational Updates.  Botox and Collagen Treatments. Certifications and  Honors.  New Skincare and Aesthetic Services.  Seasonal Gift Certificate and Gift Card  Promotions. Explain your special hair care and beauty care services. skin.  Laser Treatments.  .  Professional Retail Products.

Key Factors for Communication Success Clarity Concern Communication Marketing Communication Internal Communication Clear position of the organization Position of products and services Information to staff is Vision is defined clear Maintain Networks for Distribution and sales Reinforces Environment Oriented the organization commitment and reputation supports strategy implementation Consistency Responsiveness Effectiveness and Efficiency Adapted from Shackleton. research and development Human Resources Organizational Communication Embedded in the company Common starting points Monitoring and action Monitoring and action based on based on research. encourages internal responsiveness Assets company's image and cost efficient method Audits Product and service image Quality. management issues customer needs and complains Contribute to internal Feedback views and external changes. time and management . C (2007) Coherent with other functions Marketing mix.

.Conclusion: The beauty salon belongs to an industry were services and products are closely related to the image and treatment that hairstylist give to the customers. The balance card will provide the information to produce strategies to obtain high customer satisfactions will increase revenue and give the company in the ideal position that was created by the company’s mission and vision statements. Customers enjoy high quality services that only a highly trained and disciplined employee can provide. Individuals who act and are perceived as a professional with ethical values develop the trust of their customers. The best way to develop a successful beauty salon is to careful selection of staff that will be motivated to get a continuous education to improve hair cutting techniques and customer service positioning and improving the salon reputation as a result of high level of customer’s satisfaction.


Communication Goal/Audience Prioritization Figure 5 .

2. Suggested method of feedback: What alternative methods of feedback would you suggest? 1. Current method of feedback: What methods do you currently use to provide feedback to ASA(ALT) headquarters? 1. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2. Priorities: What are the top issues your organization is currently facing? 1. 3. 2. 2.Balanced Scorecard 26 Communication Audience Profile Template Audience: Sub Audience(s): │ Main Point of Contact: Communication Goal(s): Environment: What are the environmental factors affecting your organization? 1. . Timeline: What are the major calendar milestones for the year? 1. Current vehicle: What are your organization’s current communication vehicles? 1. Suggested vehicles: What alternative communication vehicles would you suggest? 1. Requirements: What are the communication requirements for your organization? 1.

and technology Employees HR Employees Functional Management/ Employees PR/Functional Management Industry product and service innovations Processes and procedures Quarterly HR Director Collaborative environment Employee teamwork Morale and team building exercises HR Pending CEO Online services Customer website Key customer services available Customer mail out IT Manager/Custo . improved customer service.Communication Activity Plan Balanced Scorecard 27 Date Spokesperson Activity Objective Content Audience Accountability Monthly Functional Management Customer service standards Customer service excellence Services and expectations Customers Functional Management Employees Policies and practices Monthly Quarterly PR/Functional Management Business growth/customer loyalty Customer retention HR Director/Divisiona l Heads Human capital development Employee training Customer loyalty program Customers Encourage stakeholders to be enthusiastic about change. new processes. innovative products.

and optimize potential Employees Functional Management/ HR Benefits Recognition and Awards Monthly Divisional Heads Project focus meeting Focus employee actions Ensure uniformity Build awareness and understanding of project Employees Divisional Heads Employees Divisional Heads Encourage stakeholders to get involved Clientele management New business Monthly Divisional Heads Meetings with workgroups Activity awareness Upcoming projects . grow.Balanced Scorecard 28 online Private and secure Print ads mer Service Manager Annually CEO Goals and objectives Budget and strategic plan development The steps of development for the future Staff CEO/Divisional Heads Annually CEO Clarify responsibilities of each function Build responsibility matrix Clear function specific tasks Staff CEO Bi-Annually CEO SWOTT Analysis Risk planning Identify current and potential issues Staff CEO/Divisional Heads Bi-Annually HR Director Business Potential/Compet itive Advantage Human capital retention Develop.

Balanced Scorecard 29 Potential issues Leadership directives Monthly Quarterly HR/PR CEO Newsletter Management meeting Information dissemination Upcoming events Customers HR/PR New staff/staff recognition Employees Table overview Upcoming activities Divisional Heads CEO/Divisional Heads Divisional Heads CEO/Project management Staff HR Explain rationale and benefits Reinforce management’s role Brief financial review Bi-Annually CEO/Project management Project kick off presentation To show local stakeholders how the plan the plan direction and how the different strategies will work. The impact it will have in the internal process of the company Annually Contracted service provider Ethics Workshop Increase and enhance personal ethics engagement & involvement Strategic planning design Operational and safety practices Strategy implementation and action plan alignment Corruption in management Awareness of consequences .

To inform customers about the new service or products provided to improve and meet their needs Position the agency as an efficient. vision.Balanced Scorecard 30 Ethics and customer service Firm’s Code of Ethics and ethics guidelines Bi-Annually CEO/Divisional Heads Presentation to outline deployment processes To inform. effective world class form with the general public Customers PR Promotions New products and services Customer loyalty rewards Newsletter Open house Community activities Senior citizen outreach program Strategic cross promotion partnerships Divisional Heads . and timing Plans and strategies to align operational actions with mission. and values Staff Divisional Heads/Function al Management As needed PR Director Media release to announce when the planning implementation process is started/complete. practice implementation process.

Balanced Scorecard 31 Media Profile Template References: Robert S. 1999. Norton. Kaplan & David P. The balanced scorecard: translating strategy into action .

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