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Social network analysis is a strategy for investigating social structures through the use
of network and graph theories. It has been recently employed as a source of
information for event detection, with particular reference to road traffic congestion and
car accidents. In my project, I Present a real-time monitoring system for traffic event
detection from Twitter stream analysis. The system fetches tweets from Twitter
according to several search criteria; processes tweets, by applying text mining
techniques; and finally performs the classification of tweets. Objective of my project is
to assign the appropriate class label to each tweet, as related to a traffic event or not.
The traffic detection system was employed for real-time monitoring of several areas of
the twitter, allowing for detection of traffic events almost in real time, often before
online traffic news web sites. In my project I used the link analysis algorithm ,it is
based on graph theory. Link analysis used to identifying authoritative sources of
information on my www by analyzing page links. It can be performed to extract the
tweets in the twitter. I have tried to build a meaningful set of traffic events, related to
some particular posts in twitter. The best classification model has been employed for
real time monitoring of several areas of the online news websites. In order to achieve
solving a traffic versus non-traffic tweets in an Italian road network by using binary
classification problem.





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