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ht' J<'di Exploration Corps. or ExplorCor ps for
i:.hort. \~as foundt"d rarly on durine the Jedi Or·
der'~ r4."'latk>ns.hip wtth ttic Galactic Republic. Orga·
r.i.zed under the auw1cl"'i> of :he Jedi Scr\'1Ce Corps.
and ofhoalfy desienated the Jsc·s ArchatOIQiical and
R<'!.C.:lrch Division. ExplorCo~ps \'11.:IS instrumental 1n
thl'.' d1"Kovcry of many of l he galaxy's ancient , foreotten sl"<rcts_ \Vhile its members were Jedi in namr.
and many were pO'.\('rful in the Force. they existed
outs.1dC' or the normJ! JC'd1 Order chain of command.
The~ ti.;id no headquJrters or temple- to call home
and \"lerc spread t.Jr Jnd wide throughout the galaxy_
This ntJde them hard to ht into the increasingly rigid
class and rank system within the Jed• Order. a sWtc
of affairs that suitr-d them 1us.t fine.
Th.Jnk!> to the nature of its missk>n. E~plorCorps "'as
compo!>td primanl~· of Seekers. \'llith a ft\.. \t\'arriors..
Consul.:irs, and Sentinels mixed in. As members· missions often took them i11to the wild parts of the flJlaxy
and C"xposed them to tremendous d.lnecr on a rceu·
lar basis. they had a reputat:on as the t-ardiest. most
couraecous. anc most cattle-hardened members
of the Jedi Scno'iCe Corps.. This reputation attracted
tnose Jedi from across the order who had a tilstC for
adventure or who desired to hone their ~kill s in combat and survival.
Jn~aecld of a md1n headquarters on CoruSi::ant.
ExpjorCorps operated from a disparatf' fleet of scout.
sun.·ey, and transport ships spread across the galax).
From the~e vessels, it organized m.:iny s~,stcm and
planC':tJry mapping effort~. archeo1oeical expeditions.
and other mis~ons of discovery. AbO<lrd the larger


timt. Uicir rcrrut grew tintif



pncon1p.1..,~t~ t1u1nerous exploration c1nd ~urvcy related
mission ~ Seeker~ roamed the e,alax\· dtf'A~ng uµ anc1cnl

setrets. rJ1~)covenug worlds. rnappinr. !W'l£>1ns. !>ludying
stcllai pl)f"!'\Omena. JnU c.atcgoriz.iug and ort~·-trlt7J!lg th<"
c.11.1xv·s sp.1Cetanes. Durine lhi< orre they also OCgan '.I er
t'(luc.auon n11~S.IO!'l. usin.r, the11 rtl)ri<ld Skils ~nd Force ao11Uc!>
lo iJCl1vr:ly 1rnprove rhr Ii~~ of galacnc: c1L1Lens V..'hr! her
d11ectly !t'IVOlvcd In lh<' C1ffa1r~ ol co1nrnon pcop!t!, or oll
measu1111g 1nountam~on;) narne essplCJt1CI In the OulerR1m
Seekc! i. ~1ovl' •o vnproi.·~ lh<'mset-.-esand tlu• f:?.iiaxy at larf'!('

T,., f1'pOrdt1or· Corps' e-eat titldcrtak• krslC\J unti. tht
exec1111on "' Order 66 Jnd the fall of rno J.,d, Order Of 01
the Jedi. Seekers were lhr. best s1tuacf\i1 to \veathc£ thr
purge::. of Darth Sidious dlld lhc nsc or lht:- rn1plre, <.ISrndny
were awtly <.>n missions 1n the uuter rcachc-> of thfl p.alaxy, fa,
trom r<:Mng bands of ._itlt-t clonl"!>OOd urncoai. Jedi See!
rcll.1r0Nt oniy lo be SL'"a.Jt11lt'fed...\'floty unJ)'.;Jr e of the- t.i ol
their Ofl.lCr \Vord sprt"iJll throughout the C~l:'IXy. lhO\J.ft.1, ;vtd
tales ~prc<-1<1 of Fore~ u'\<'~ who l'<elll to ~round to escanr
thr. Jedi pu1~c. The~ St•ckr1s relied 011 their survival skillc;,
thPis natufc)I gift~. and their b1oad ncnvork ol c.:<.>ntacts to eke
out a vine'" then 0<d<'r cn.rnbjed and
bnpire rose
to promincf)(e


vessels in the ExplorCorps tlttl. Jedi reseJrcllcrs
pored ovrr the- !:>eeminely endless str~am of cl.Jt<i.
records. and artifacts broueht to them by the-11 *,1r·
flung c~~')i,ues. It \\3S these dt'dica:C'd re~.J1~hC'tS
\•,ho interprrtro historical dJta. translated anc1c1t
texts. and studied mysterious artifacts 1n an anc-mpt to
111ake sense o f both Jedi and galJctic history at laree.
In addition to its reY.:-arch tie-et_ the Explor(orps
mainta ~neO a fleet of praxeum sh1ps-spe-cial vc~se r s
outfitted <lS sp.Jce-going Jedi Temples ar.d trJm:ng
academies. These ships not only sen.·ed ttic need'>
of the ExplorCorps itself, but also provided services
to Jedi of o l hcr branches such as additional tr.11ning.
meditation euidance. and medic.11 care. These vC"sscts
\..ere indispen~blc to the Je-di. and in fact. many of
the'Tl helPNl Jedi escape rnto the Ou:cr Rim .Jnd L n
kncwn Regions during the fall ot the order
Todily. the ExplorCorps, like most of the Jedi Order
and the Jedi themselves. is a d1s~n t and mythical
memory_ Despitt a decentralized structure Jnd the
fact that the ma10<ity of its n1e-rr.brrship lived out on
the frinet'i of society. the ma,or1ty of Explor(?rps·
membership and assets .,,.ere d~stroyed durine the
time of Order 66 and the >'C~rs following the rise
or the Galzictic Empire. It is rumored . thoue:h. that
at least one of ExplorCorps· laree research vcs<;cls
surv:vcd the puree and is anchored in an unnam<"d
system in the L.:nknQ\\r. Reg10n~. fJr beyond the Empire's feach. If this is tru.,.., the sh1p·s mcmor-,, t:Jnks
,ind cre•N. if Jny survived. could be powerful J\\et~ to
both the Alliance and those Forcr users search1np, for
ans\•iers in the ,,oid.

Arnone UlC r.a:l"~xys oµLimi!:.tS.. o~ wt'.ich ~tiert: d'I! sti'I

SCM'PfisSlgly man-.· cor:.SKk.'1 f'g 1'1c cu111~'lt tr0t1clle) ptagu1r.g
there t~ 1 btl cf that t11c ..XI~ of E'\'e'"l on' <1r.d1cated
1n<l1vidua! <:rt'.l'C powerlt..I i.iQ~l1\tc cr.ange on a
scalc. l\.1any to the dcstn1cl 101 o r ~he f:rnp1re·s tr.rri l~1i ng
~ao1 StJr mob!lc battle s1;i1 Ion Jl Ydvi1 ;i.~ a ca~e in point.
Run10r ha'> 1t 1131 Ule ac:ions ol .ts. nt;lc ttJlr-n1cd i.Wrhghtcr
IOI Ces!JO)'t'<I ·he Death Sr;v ·•·Id ,..vro <ounUC>' ·~'CS
One ndMdliu tn tnc righ~ pl !Cf' .11 :he pghl ttmt' w.U1 the
11Ch\: s;•.-11s, rt1J11g1,;'<.l l"isr.ory, and .,, :inv in tnt! gJl~xy believe
lllat evpry c:<~n1 ent ocing h11s tht! potcntia' to I.Jc J similar


tu at the
torcc for rhanf~r· l t1at is. a chfttcu1l to hve
tx>st of t1r1e~ .ind one t"lc.t :,CC'l'l"IS n:1 ve rn th1~
J€C ot \\'3~1. ·:1 '\Pall', opPfe!>~ lOd tear

noose raro. c1fll'd Force adepts who follow the Pllhol lhe
Seeker slnvc to hvt! by PliS k1flJI CVC!)' da)• or tt'ciir lives.
Seekers sec potcnt1<.1l for chnnf~tl 111 their actions t.111tl \•Jords.
,n their skill::. \JncJ f--orcc g1\·en 1hil1lies. and thry net to create ·h:S chant~P b)• \•oorking due<1 ly wilt tre c1U/C'OS cf the
&.J axv For wn ~- Ul.dl ,-.ark L.l"'e--.. ttwio •orm cl se~­
The~e selftM.\ Uldl'VKJU.:JIS trCJVC U~t:' d st-ant fnr"c worlds 07

the p,aloxy. rendering aid to lh<>>e 111 "ccd. Th1$ aid e<in ui<e
thr form of providinr, medica or veLermetry LreotmCOl. eath
enng and d stribut nP. IOOd. leach np. survr\•al Sk•lll>. or ~1111ply dig 3 new v--el 'or :"tn isolat~ v1!lare. Seek~rs vie-iv
tr.e care of the.r fellO\v gal.lCtlC' r1ti1t"-rs ;ts a rir,t-.leous a.nd
mponant re<ponsibll Ly. one they pursue with P.reat ,.,al

Seekeis al~ SC!\e tlte nN'<l< ol the &-'llac!JC c10.rerry n
ess obv ous. but no IC>$ 1mPQf'.ant roles P:illlf.ndcrs pluni•
:o the "' derness to study ttc land and t~<' llorn. fauna.
a'lC peep e hho roo..c ftt.>tr homes thCfC N:.tvig..1tors aboard
5'Jl\'!!Y '~s P<O.•I ti., edi<'> of Kno.•n Sp.lee lool< "i for
new «ar<. new worlds. oild """' homes lor people Oosplaccd
~ war. po•bol uphc.w1 , and n.11u<a' Oiwste~ Uiro.;etioul
g;ilaxy Huntecs cull ~~ rcmG'.<' c1.1necn>us m\'3SM!
sceocs. a'ld tend to the tealtn Jnd "-el ·bcirc ol a wot1d's


en-. ronmcnt. In ttiCSC\.,ays Sce~r~ work to .mpro-.e the
IOI ol the <Werag<> f.Jl.xtic citizen stead ,1y Jtld with
100g IJ$t1nc $UstJ111Jble re... ts that can supp0tt
a oooulJtion ~or iCnC"J'.ion~. rilth<!' provtdc
a Cp.J1ci.. solution LO c1111nul1l.'OiJtC P'Otilcm

There arc: other See,.er:io \•1hr.> ore n1or1: 1<J1o)yn
":faHC and difticulr ~o r11n do~.. n. ev~·n tor ~ket). and
o ttead a path dnnecrously clo<r to the dark •ide.
T·ese Seekers are lorers. ~Chws. Md hlrrd killer;, .ind
~resent two d1stinc:t s des of a Je<h'S nt11urc Sw1rt and
,..i'1tCOUS Ataru Striker~ \.He lO Sl~fl or f\nd ;in ;'l"fltJ·
-nt \./ith n lights:.ibcr and thc.r ~trone bcl cf in the For<r
-""d Executioners rr:u1!(..11c rhrcnu; \v1th 11.:U1JI µ1ecis1on.
ne their Force abilities to l'ie1 thC' r.111.ixy of the enemies
• peace one target at a time. The 11clp these Seekers

- • r is more immed1ilte than wll~l rnieht be rendered
.vn others. but i1 Is more turbu1cnt a::, wc1I Thc!>c
often the lone, wand('nnr. warr ors wt10 Qppcar 1n
!\.Jckwoter :;cttlcmcni on1y to becoll'e ~111bro: l <..'d 1n a
•• ..P.,tc beo..ccn rlr.h1 ::tnd wronp, thaL t-n<J~ 1n hie. llial>l·
and blood. Toey MP '"r ki Irr; to "horn
desperate turn when no on~ C"lst will
, _ They arc folk heroes and 1eeendS

.. to use vi0 cncc co solve a prob
but often disreRarded by Jhc very
~they helped once t~c da"iC' has
;::sseo Even 1f they arc heralded. most
"'stay fOI IOf·.g once tl·m ('(l(''ll~ arc
=-,is/led: tliey a !.appear into the ho
en search ol """ toe> to OPPoSC
~ ~eatS to QJe•


fi1p o• t~Ml! blood
heroes are tile reclusM
These fOlce adell(S lllan-



b.'Tl•Y an<I fnends to 1.-e '"
posed cxie on the In~
arillation. Some are ru~~ne.
are fnghtencO. but many s mph
~ by rcmovtne Jllem•e~'l!S tram sot.'>ey are p<otccMg 11. Those 'oU"" the

t ways ol the Jedi have a ••JY ol atuact ne the
Of. lite Empire. Wl1en lm~en~I aljents t~<e ar interest
"""eooe. especially someone SJSPCCt<!d or be ng a Jedi
those aiien!S turn r1·e1r attention to everyooe and

everything around that individual. typically with disar.r:rous
results... Force adepts wtlo live alone in the midd l~ of r'I rrarklcss desert or in the depths of a steaming. recund swamp
arc a threat lo no one. for cx.1mplc. and tlle1r presence puts
no one else at nsk. While some might argue that tn1s 1s a
selhsh. perhaps act. Hermits have a firm belief 1n
the• righteousness and 11 often takes an exceptional C\-Cnt
to bnn& them back to civiil.ation.

I ('1<>kinr.. .1t th<· fore w,uld!; lro111 th(' u11ts1dl:. IL 'SCCnlS U1.:Jl
tnPr~ I(, httlf' wu11i.. 1111 ~HI 1nd1v1du.1I w.1tktn~~ th(• pillh ol Lt1c
Sppk4•r Th<''<' \'i:Orld" .1r(' old ,111cl w1•ll lfCHl tht'n p1..>0pl<:''> J1u.J
h1~1or1t-" e..;h,111...,11~·1~· •,11Jtllt'd ,1111J ft-\otdi'(J. ;:-tnd U•eu slclr
kir p1.l'\1\H)t1.., (,l>t rln""'n 1n rhc• r,.1!:-1< 11< rt'1 ord n1dlenm.1 ago.
1\ncicnt. well esW1>h~1j_•d hyp<'r'\p.1rr. ro..ucc;; ~t1!(h tt·e..,e
vanou"'I worlds toec.·tht•r u1 .J t1r,ht nPt ot tt.\"d 11<1 u;irte.
.u1d lht~rt• ac tC'W" ~'irpnscs to be had or ''~ chy11,(W"f'S

lo Uc: fvurtd amonr, rhcw ttvoneine n~sc~. ti addlion. t~~
C.:ou.• ) the.: hon1c- of the \.a,irt1c Empire. Y.ld st?ott... ng LOO
n1Jth c."\lriusrty 1Wul Of nle<C"\11n tt:l!.1c11c htS!.OfYor OJ .trf"
d•J><S the eye." ol lrtpcr•1I .ll'.Cnts ...,.,. qutekly OtJ. .ously.
th~ ute1~ioro of lmpcrloll J&<.11~.,.. 10 bo ;J'.'Oidcd ;i: all
<O'JS bv 11><& nho lolow ire "JV> of the Fo<cc. so,, """""
•tiJt I tic Cor<• tS d d.lnt"~ous. um..1."lconlC' plJc:-:.• foe St.."C.u·I"\
Ttiro; <Oula not he furth<•r lron1 1he lfulll. ·~\t.'\'t."1 Tl1t·rc rs
\tJll tn1tfh to do 1or fotrr- &'f"i 1n 1 ,. Cort-.
lo! S<.-c~1 ~


So111t- wouk:l 5..)Y ~w;'('i,.1"\ lex Scx_-•-l-r'
The wc:1tds of Ox.•


Cou• a11 hOmc to lhe Okit''>I

and lon{!CSl 1.l!;t1ne tM1L.tl1on.., 1n lhP r,11axy They have~
hl ·c·n tt'rc• s11<"S 01 nun11..·rou-:. Lfll1<..1lly 1mport:1nt r..11;ucy .11
lei 1nr.. c'.·,·n1~ 1hrour;:hout hl!itory. t\1.ln)' ol lhPm, ~(1Pri.1 I\•
wodo~ hkl' (.,h,:11'>L'I)' pupuL11r~d Coruscant. arr bl,tll ori the
holll'~ ol C\'t'!l 1nu1(.• Ull<.ll'!ll nv1h1.1t1on~ Th~ :inc1cnl ~<.1
elie•, 10~. µe~1kcd . .;.111<J ICU wcll l>L·fuH· 'h<" G.1!,1clic Republic
~'tiJS loruu~j 'o(l!llP ('\'Pll !)(•fore Liu.• 1.J.ct!UlrUrlg~
thC (1111;ic
llf rrrord lht·H~ ,111• wo1hh 111 lhl' Coil' wh<.'ll' ocu• c.1noot
t111 n O\·c1 ,, \huvc~l ul dirl or k1c·k ovc.>r a p1h.' or ~lone~ will1out
thc;covf·li1lf1, 1h<' 11·1n.m"' of ~.un11· .:innt•11L pl~oµlc lllL'~L' dis
<.0VP1i('-\ <11<' 11111r1hhlY i111por1;1111 lo thf· people ol the gcd
axy, whelher they know 1t n1 uot


rvk1-;1 ol thr 1in1r. lh<'S<' h1:.tor1t s11e..:. 11) thP Cot1' ronr.:tin
111u11(l.11u• .iH h.i(·c1lur.1(Jt ilcnis. 1h1ng~ hkt.• s1111pl~ tool<. 1nrt
1<:<.v1tJ) uf J 1ivih1.111n11·,. 1.1w-; nnc1 d;iy to day hft' \'V!l1le
lhcy lll!+Jt1l l>1.' lllh'H'"lllllH or 1•d11r.11!on.1I, suc;h ttcrns a1t• of
I ltlt! 1111µ<Jfl~11H.1,: tu tlw 4~1l,1\V .~1 1.1rrp Sometimes, how
rvt·r. I hes.t• IO(.i1l1011) offc1 uµ pri< t'h''i.'> < ic hf•-: nf r~chnol
Ot~v. lo1i.v, lo\t ~ids.. wo11d1ou';i Jrt1L11.t~. or olhL'f 1mpon:1nr
lrar,mrn!t,, of e,;11,11111.: h1\lory. fhP"iC hntlm~ Jtc pJK(:IC~>.
for I hey c.111 ront.11n dllSl'ft''' lO 1011{! .1~!-;t•d QUl"5.l1on~. pru
v1dt: Un." 1-.ey~ to -;011(111 .1fU'1 nu~l cri~ inrl0v;-1tiof'l'\ or ~er\·t'
as C.ltJl-r....ts for r\C'\'f lt'<tino~:11 m.1r\'1•k
Ttit· d.Jl 1 Qfll:l .Jtt1t.1Ct"i discovered Uwoughoot the CNt'
•I~ fCJ oo-iv l}Wdc<t hV tile tmpirc e>p<."Ca!y 11 ttiey .YP
ol JC'U1 ur1e;.n Of ulhct't'tt.Y. c:ontradia the Empire's ofhcJal

h•"-OfY ot lhc g.1IJ'Y .irl\I ts pl.Jee ..>1run 1 Tho E1T1>11c. too.
ha'S llS "'"' \'ef~IOfl'S ol tht.- JfKK.'fll Jt."Ui: f,pl(lrf.orps· l~'l'O

m1 1.iry tJUUJ>5. known ....,. UlC· ln~·nal t';>kxJ~f Cotµs
llfQ 110<1 lh<' lm11eri.11 Surwy fDJ>< (IS<l. both ll<•nclx.,,
d U t> fn1P<'f1.ll Nwy nu:h 011~(· d.1la and many ol
lhe as:.eli l•ll l,•hnd """" I xrlOrCOIP"""" po.ur,.'Q dur ng
Ordcr 66. \lte'if.• oc&tir11.rahon~ u.:wrt atlOui uie Gal ;rtic
f.f.fC SCOUI n& kx

µbnet.xy '>ys.:ems ;o exnlo t • II


l! d rC'SOl.rC<'S, sr.ocuung .s1thJt."UIOf:KJ '.>It~ stippres:c;1rr.
hntY),, ;10<1 c,cnrr.illv mak1nr. sure th-.t lhi=
l:r11p 1e·~ \1,.•r:i,101! or t \lQfy. both J0Cl'O! ;ind ,1nricnt, IS the

l)!Jly \•~!',IOf1 IJt•l!I!~1,JU£hl


In lh~ir ro!~s <ls scoilts. surveyor::,. unc.I worr:or". tnosn
St'Cl'iL'r> <>fJC!'Jt1ne 1n the Core hhht '1 con~ttll'l. ofleu 10.,1n11
OOLUc ag~ 1 11'.)l IEC .;1nd ISC pc~onnrl <ind their !".UIJDle:.~1or~
;ind rr11s1r.lo11nat1on <:flort>. Tho::·.;(.! Se~·kr.r; \•1ork tir~ cssly to
beat the lrnpcua, cx:.>lorcr~ <.$l thl·11 o'Nn ~1••1mr. di<iCi<'ml'1.'lt:ne
•nformJt1on before U•c lr1:.>C.:r1Jl"i cJ'l <;.1Jpnrc-;s 1~ ~nd ~1 bo
lar,ing ISC d gs. arid ~l>rvey •.t·ar1., lv I mtlt.!!" thr.1-- opcr~1t on
It i\ d;:~r,f'rt>tl"i work lt'al. ·fl t·w ~t·o·t tc11r. t!(J111s th(I Sr<'k
;iU1~ no rf'CO{!nit1on or It h ·wwt'\'C'
tugh.y oe<ess.1ri,· Th(• t,\'O""~ Scc~t'fS Oo .n t·w tore l.Jr">(:ovtr

!:'l"i i:nn rnr1r

ng ;:;nd p~Olt"'l!in.~ tt'P '11<;()(\' ot UU"· c.1l;1:-:~· I\ ('II( i.J! to Vtt•
C\'t!r.twl ove1t1u0\o'• of th~ fn:">trc l~ 1 'M'll r!'<JIK;lled y.,-e

prcp.-:;rcc ct·reruy rs w >


111 to ron:ml

.Aso.da.."ld'o"tel uave ."'fi~tht r..lll'lt\' '!',., 1001-..r; !J I much 1n
Yt .a be dscovered_ Theu:• .:ue \?111ro1nUc·!l\ slflf~ oct o 1t11·
~,·!kl P .ices Ul3t arc only cntC'lt.'C.I 1110 lht f.l 3r:t1c r 11.110£ a.-.



of nuMbcrs a'lO COOfclnat~ I t")' a•t- Jp(_Ofdt1'1 )t
... 11\JQt.1.C c..;c-h ol ;:h<!s(• nonctcscr pt s.w1s 1" a c lot.d t•I r'·lfl•
ct.,, n:oon'>. ~">lc~olds. .111d ;"Is.soncd s:clb• pht-11vr111•111 th.l\
·111gt1t be ho111c lo (a lonr, loo:;.1 rMi11.at1c nor 'lvld ll 1_. k~v to
lJnlock.1ng sort1L' <.Jfl""l''"><ll sec r<'I U'.'lknv.-,·1 and and l·I •< h·ut
t><l svs.te1ns a1c l<:g.ion 111 .he O;h.:r Rim an'11hr. L11know11
R<•r.ions. and 1 is 1r I he-s.e µIJlL'~ tl1Jl li1u~1 W"IO rollow tl'IC'
wavs 01 1nc Srrke.- llnd 1he1· tol ll'i;:.

I lie ope11 ~paces .:ind low pop11l.i~1011 <H·r\ily ol U1t- 4/)IJt
tic fr;nge rnake 11 :he fJE' fP< t 001n<' fnr n1os1 t;•'<'11.t•1s 111 !ht•
Outer R1111 end the Unkoown Rer,ions. <11-N ra11·rl Sc:t·k~1~ <dll
rolla.\l tl'ici:- callings w1lh .il l e lo nn inf Prlrr<''lrr 1101 11 1 11·,11•~11.11
.:i-t.~n l s .1nd their qu1sl·ng a1he~ <.11110•1e tll 1~ v.1nn11t. pl.1nr.~.1 1 y
gQVL'l l!l'YICnts. T'1c~ is~ r.rr.;i· dral of need on U i: fnnr.l''\ 01
f:oldct ( >O<Jcly lh<.il eve·, U•l O'r't, llUI'& COIO~U(.'~ 1t:qlHH'
suppo1l .;nd re:;upµ!y. \ll·w h)•per•,p.1..-r. lnnt<i nred plou.11c.
;tnd (le-.•1 star S\'Slerns req1.11re )u1vcy lt1 <iC'tf'rm1nr- it thr.v .ire\


Sul;H>lf! lar ~enlie-inl hie. l he VJ. OU'.) IJ\.'Ul)IC')
1 1 !(~ ffhlf.C""\
fl~<'d "IC":p in ;l IhOtl\;tfld dille1~·1t \'\'JVS.. l'llKh Of 1: Ol·l ()(I '1(~ I
r(·i1C"l, ano ~k·~,~~ 1rt· oltt>I' pt'rlettly s1luJlL'Ll lu pruv (.!~ 1:


Throu-eh a <implr fC'n<'ro 1s .1r1 <'\'C'11 ;1 s111{'.~t> Se-~i.....r t t11
vent lfle s~ow d~a~h of 3 <OI0'1V or C:."l'llY' T~•· :iv<"" ol <·u1.nth·~'
{!,~lactic citLrens. l:i lhe)e .<:1rti<J'> c;t>f'h<'"> h ;i;r Ill'\\ 11.1il,, •~x
p!ort" n(!\\· l't'Orlds. provide k'IOd and ~t·eltt'r tn rno<ri rn rrr.11
.u11tl ever. deff'oc1 rht~ li\.i.'l{! and av-c1gc :tie Ut! 1J 1r ,,,)ed br. ·
Alorg w1U1 l'IC aKl UIC)' l<11rit: l() l~!it.: WC1~ 1nc1 ON'dy ,"\( tnc

rnrgt:S of society. Seek€rs provK!c .J't0th1·1 '4.'"'r'KC direct op
PQ<i.ion lo tte lrnpe•ia\ l:xp:uralJOf C.Ofµ<; 4.lrtJ t~c frr.pcri.:ll
Sltt"...ry Corps. £h~ br.1'Kl'K seek OU! 'K.'\o\' µLJ·tet~ lo('>.
ploi.: Sot' t~ Empire'<di•NI
I\_ \\1·ntie1 '4:0Ulrt'f: IUI \'IUfkt')
11d1ITTores3ttd ct:emicats ro h">f'd lhc- l~ua \\'Ir n.ach ~
or :dc!ltfyutg :>eie.-Jt,""Ut'1l"<J p0p 1t.-1·1on."> rix tor oPP'l'~>1~
and~ Inc l~C and tsC pa-.-e tli.- ""il'i IOI' lmpcifLll op
pces'Sion Pbnc.;.ary ~r!'lmcnts :31t'fy l\3Yt' t µ r~.f~1~
<.11 \\l I to rt"Sis1 aen tbr- smancs:. knix.11al 11~!.SJOrl, nl3t'I';
PlKt"> dlC t.iro
in:o l"le l,,pcn.11 lold 11.J\'llf;: offt"ft°d no
1es1~c ,;t .JU .Jnd lhcir al 1cs arc nstn~iwnt.11 1
<;tymtt>;rie tt ~ nuss.iors.. It L)' o.1rt· U'l1Qllciy tn ...rril\C"




;n)(j o:her hrJJC' JI 1t"SO-~·lll">. -,.1 ...11rr
arc1 Gr~.IJoyinf: U e11 J'>::,l'~ 111 ;,.11 1..'.ffu'1 ,v
p1otert ci·11PT¥, ;ind c1rnv tht"if l:>l'\ 1111J<-h rct-dt-d s.uµoor



1nr, tt't"'if f)f'!WnriC":

<;ppl,.(?...,; \•;ho ~·,c1li.

I lhl w1lj tP\tCCS

e pPrt ar;s.. as {l;;.~a or

Ot l"IC ealaxy lodJy


.n 'SDtrlt and rr1 !.ion to t'leir
e hr penal tCJ cbc3rs zt:s ;i.r\· C•Jnrd1.1n, \V rr er or Sc·1 ri
1nesc hard'. na1v1d.J~ s tmbod., he ' c.h1n~ of ·t,1•
rn Sec)(tfl ~id 11e o~ acrunct E<D or(o1p~ tiy ll1~1
p < e ... SI.toe~ T1 fl 1 !.alJJt>IC ci..u ·.1h. tt•e 1 drf\·e to
J'\r'e o:hers t ~ 10,..._ Jna1e. tlf')d ti t:'lr ah tv 10 sui. ~ n
-en ~ mc:"st h0sl1 ,· ~,. ronrr.C'f':tS tiarken b3:"k ,.o $.Orre
Ille COie be els t"C Jedi OrOC< 01 rt L'<r& th!!I' • Is.
.,. l. and tJlC' deep cOf'nc"<t .on to '·1 f-orce t~~ ri
r:cl;i;,s 5"tl< oo· :t<>se 11 tk'e<l ard re.1<1er "t
Id ll'>c)'
t0< nle or no rewam S.-.Cnfice <>erv~ znd .,,,,.:;,,·
lnce '"'' e 8'110tl& the blldd>orce tC'ICa o' ll"<! Jed Oruet

'll<l<lorr. Scci<Crs err.bodt these trbU al!fm l)Cffect!y

. IO ~· e I I'\)'·~ d.1·-.c.")l

tiCMJr, the pajl of the- $(1iP.k~r
attr.1... t1ve O'l ... to (''\ wti11c ft';rre atl~pt~ r..1.1"1y 1nd1

as···· rr a ronrirc·1on ·o ·ne H:.rrP ~01 0~·1 tt·c le<.j..,_b1r.i;~
c Scc·...rr~ w,rhotH f"llt'!'l k11:'\w1n& t ll1~y arc drr\lcn to
ann 10 f'>.p'orc. \'l'lel'1er l·11..>y undcntJnd th<" ".OtJrrt' ol
:e uft!t!S or 1·ol. und tr1cy seek out WJV'.l 10 Ind JIC<' hoU1
!l.Cs I t"1c .g'1 ilXY 1,; :ilw,i'fl 1n need of 1ndiv1duiJls wi! 111g
able to lend a hJnd Th~SI" TlC:w S1•tli.c.1 1~ JI~ 111ort: th<.1'1
>dy to i.1ke t·n the month o' 1heir Jc"I fo1cbe "' .rnd h•'P

•clWn IO LI (' ht;lll

Se<',C"I'!> arc r.Jrr.blcrs. ut ht'arL 1 fiL· open ro~d. t It- pru1n
of J n1:1'r'I~· OJSCO\cred h;cpcrspalP arf". :1n or.portur lly


to m(..'Ct new pe0-p'e and rendef aid to Llic,~ 11 .,,..Cd af
lt:i<.t des.11e~ that drf\e the~t> i'ni,.i:tt>rale w.,rmcrcrs fl.iar llr d

a ho<rP Jmone 1'11ldc21· fit'ighr opr!Jtion~ 01 ~m~ 1r1 1cr•
31)' i""Ql.IPS OPC'far ng in the Outer Rm Othef~. ~pecj,]jl;:
'hose\\! th a knac .. for n.av:gallOn and expklrJton. t'lrd ,?()r).
oboard :s.ur.>ey ships o: Ion;: hau. ::ranspons c:urtne eoo<J
to and f•crn far Q,.,g rurpon. More mania! Scc1<ers ra"'I
th: =s 1ookm;; !or wrongs to r~l :nd yrnnts to '.O::p e.
dange;oosJy 05" ID 1t>c ~ppcry Slope tllal
leads ID t.'>e d.lf', Side


No 'fta'ter T.~t their motJValJ0.'1 or WI ~C:. sec ers ,..~
• for e '<if Cood m tne e;i.a,} The>• ""'Jrt•'f• r.o "na1 "'
,..,., smaft ,; • threa· 10 •he e<;tabl!Sl'.ed on:!er ~the E:-r.p.rc
Their wanderlust.anon~ cunosi:ty. conbtr.ed '..'Ylttl 1
deep c;pafeo neect to serve others makes tne-rr. f''f cmt~
rungerous lO an Emprre tha: relics on 'cir ma~rp 1.a K.>n.
dnd ~norancc to control cs a;i-zcrr).. lt.e tr"c t'chang•.? of
l<lcas and tree mcr.-cment that Scc;..,cr°!) rrprc~t..~~ a c l 1Jth

ema to the Empire. U an~·one
topple e.;i~.achc



do or.c $1i11p f4 lhtl'l{! lo

a St-eker car



he nOuen(C nf thr rorcr c.1n br tell across I.he r,aldxy,
(rOr'l1 leem1nr, (.Orf\ Vv'ortrl CH~ 10 ltlC mo5t remote ()uler
Hnn n1Jd bdlh. Whf"r(•vf'r thrrr.1~ hf('\ rvcn 1n rtw n1osL unlike'y
"'hostile plJte$. lhe Force 1s rnem al11> Seriu'l'I arr c1chned
by their Jndcrsmnd1na of Lhl~ trulh. even 1r 1L 1S not ~omert11nc
they f<!<!l the need ro arnculatc themselves.

ol soacc. lhcrc dfC s.c<rcls ;ind lessons are undu.~;.>n1t!O
ol 'Nllhm the oounds of e.:Jl,Jc:tic c1vi!i.mtion The "''' or :tl~·
~orce does uot thrfcrcnlii!LC bct'A'ccn near and far convt"·
merit and 1nacce~~1blc, or ul:icr suc1 ro..,ccpts ll'lc clo:a.e
minded wo:..ild ctng to. ard so successful ~c~cr; lc.1rn to
set aside such distinclions as ~..... 1.

Seekers wn come from J~ k1nrt ot culture or wond. bu:
Mel thcm-,dvc~ drav.n 10 Int? pllCr.s a'.ld
J>Jlh~ W'.'1ese olher) do nol lld>rt:l. to ~Jr<.h for '"(' hK'Jdcn
v.;sdom thi1t CAn ontv be kx.nJ lf1 tht.~ uru.:.<plou..-d Fmm

By abanoon nu uiese rcl".r1;itoons II theY ever per;:;t')~d
them 1a the fitst plaee-Sef'~<"'S ~~1vc open to
the guidance oC Ute Fotce fof "hO(,('" ,.,hO tolow U:1'!. path. 10
seek is to flr.d. Seekers are <l'l.. lV'I\ rra<fy k>r ·~ ~ Ch.J'
C%CS that the ga.axy tung; Ule!f wa;·

they 1!lt!Y1labl)'

~irsh d~rt \oln<t\ dnd froreo UJnd1d to U1c f.J!lit<...,l rcacheS

chardci.t-1) ~k&fuurt<J ,., wn1<·th1riP. !he pla\lf'r and GM
,.hot Id wo1 k on toeclhcr. ~:. 1t 00'<.·1~ insight in10 w.1ys ro
nlay 1ht> ct.Jrd< tPt Jnd the <.hJr<.1tlcr·., role HJ the tJmp.Jign. A
rh.irnrtrr'~ C\l"K'C"1C'\1S oh Pr\ a cnucal p<ttl ol background dcvcl
oprn~nt. IOll<M('(l by homeworlcl lhe •P•c.c>s <md pllil'Clary
culture can creatP an 1nrrr<'slinP. path tow.ffd df'Veloprng d

ad.apt qlJiC:kly. Ttey m1~1 be' corst.1nuv on the 1un '101n :tic
past ~hey 1eft behinO. dodcirr. bounty h11rlt'"r~ hr1>1•nv :... o~
even their e»'m fa:ni y and former 1ricnds. Allt-rn;,l 1\·ely, 111t!S<!
ch~r.:;c:tcrs migh: snnply be cul o'f from what w1c;o1lCe lh~1r
home. unable to rcturr bcca1;,se of lhe events t'l:Jt n1rr1r11

fully rc.:.thLed See1"1Pr 110\v('V(lr, !or cllaranl'rs hkC' 1hcse wllo
arc defined by lhtHr mOV(!mf\n1 l'>ryono 5onrry·s houndar
ics.. such dctail:t 1111.1ke up only a c:mnll farrt of their full s1ory.
Ev-en amon.g a f'/Oup of Seeker!t all rrom thci c:;unr ~r.-rics r1nd
plilncl. '' i~ likely th::n the chara(;lt:rs' vanous JO urney~ h;ivc
sli~P•'<l thcin d1ffcr<'nt1v

Ail.hough "nosl exile~ lor g foi l hcir pvst Ii!<: 10 some de
r.ree, Lhls longm.g 1s r-.ire,y 11101c lhan billCriWC'rt Bv cav1re
lhe past behhd. Lhey twvc ·rcc<.l l ht1nsclvcs !rpm once
wa<; and have plunged into a crucible or new .;)dvrPltJr('.'5
chat call \\'ith an inl (~nsil y Ihe it old 11<~ 1Jn~ly offc1c<.l. A11y
one m1ghl tvav~ to rel11rrt1ntly le;,\•C '.h<'u hoine. bul the b<~~l
Seeker~ cu:~ those who leavr an<t never look b;I(~


lnnurll(lrJlJ!c f.»Jlhs Ice.HJ to lhi: hinecs Jnd hirlclr.n places a
S~'<'kt~r laVOr:), ~ln<S cl;•c;tl ~houllJ 1nr1ucnlt- how that ch(
behaves in 1111 $Oi l~ ol Clt(;Ulll!i\i.lflCCS A SCIOll or Core World

nohihtv undrl"fl'Qine ,1 t-Pll 1mpo'i<>d rx1le would ~J p pro.:tth a
'.li1tu.i11on m1J('h dill<'rC'nlly th;in n lonrr who ha'i spent rn;.iny
ye.i~ owelhnr. amo~r. the 1rcc' or K;"hyyyk. whelher that
~itu:1 l1on 1\ ri h.'.1111<' with An lmpe-ri:il lnq111<:t1or. lhr exploration of a rmnt.:d Jedi Ternple. or f\ n£1r,t>t1;1t1on with unrricndiy
loc.11'.li \r\Jhat tol!ows are a noml>et ol bae:kemun<1 po<:'i!bili
be~ ~n<J :;u~suon~ tor how those backgrourtd':i rn1ghr hP
ln(CrPQrJlf..'U 1n the COO'S(f"UCtion of .1 S~k~r charactc:.
lltev balkif"Otlnd~ dtC by no OICJfl~ rnt'.'anl as tl'lc onf\,•
chCMce-. ploJ)e~ c Jn ti.Ike. but urc ratht.'f J ~"..J-fllfle poin1 from

wtuch pl.1-.n' ,irtd G.1rnt: M.1ster~ can t:oTit"ll11o·L"ty coostruct
SJK'C he b.x~ound'l un,que to U.,.• r characters. Pl.J)'t.'"'~ can
Oesh Olil lhe.' Cfi/Jr'lCICf'<° baCl.CfCUICh lutthef Wilt! compl~
mt'lltary "1\c;K;,tlll~ :1nd ~lo.t1V:.JIC)nc; The-st' 1nrcc clemenlS
shou'ld work toCCthcr to pant a pKlure that 1'S ~'tS unique or
~r<h<·t'll'J 1"'dr.sircd >nd many cllaractef'> are ~k~ly ro hi'
• IJol of bolh.


many Seekers choose their P3lhs.. some ar<" ~1 upon

them bv e..·c--n1~ b(~·ond theu conllol Whc.htr LtlCy arc c.ast
~nil by thr will or lhr. r--or<e or 9L1st cruel chance rs d. fficuh
10 ':.Wdy. hul 1h1·sc nrw c1rcumst;'ln<rs demand that Seekers


toted Lh:ir dcpan.urc.

Ch.1rac:tcrs exiled from lhen holllfl n'l1<1 th<' ptlfh of ,hf:
Atatu Striker 1n.1y havr. been forct'd lo JeJve Jrl er somP vi<>lent act 01 t;Orlllic.t rnadc thr.n1 urwclccmc or eve~ ft!:•rt!d hy
those cno1..nd tht1n AJthou('.h /\t11ru Stri'<crs ,Jndcr:;tJfltl U1~l
dec1s1ve action is often nctC'J'JJry. tho.,\' nround them Coln be
l~ss ac:ceptin~. es~c:wlly 1r cv1dcncc of thci~ H>rcr u:i:r r..1mc
to lieht ir the con'I ct. Altern<.1l1vc.y. U1cy n11y hive h.11"1 ro
fee from Imperial (orce~ ~hO\o\'lflg too u1u1..h U~Ctl lf.1•r
~ iri Jed recriniQt..i'S and 1;r,htsaber lorr11'-

Executioners are most ke y to ht' <'Xlk's 'or onr of h~o
having itilied target~ ¥1l1om ot~rc; did r}Ot v-.1<;."' 10
<;Cf!"d~c. or ir pursui~ of :ongel~ ¥1t'O'll t'lelf c~1nnot rolN"atC' to
l~l!'. In trlC •armer case, Excc:uocne1!> mf.Chl ha\~ nro rf'fn~1

tioo or me ·each of t~c law o- :hey m gl11 h""' q1.1etly telt
oefore lhetr ttandl'ouk <..OnM! to ll{tll In lhc .dftcr lnst.lnCC.
tr.e:r t.areets coukt oe anyore fron ar liuSM! pc-r;on.; nNn
e'>S :o a thrc2t lO the hoo1" they lell bchrrld
Hermits in exite t<A'.1' not felt lhctr pa\l ll'\t!S bch1·d ?.O
much a~ ll3Ced them out lor :ievt ones.. 1 he1• pa:J. orcu•1•
stances 'SlJ11 shape the r 'J1 Jre hut rC"\'Y rclt.f.C"!i ofler lhf1"1
a sanr.wary rr.ost oL'ler ex1e 13lk. Ne'\o't'rlhrlcss. thcv mav
'Still need to matn~.1in ;1 'ow prohlc o~ to avo d not1re lrom
those tht.•y once kne'N The r.ccd to he lov.· m1~t I a...~ ..-..en
led lo lhe fo·oy l\lO 1hC \Vllrlcmcss that 111\tdc Lhern
who they are no·.v

NOl .').I Seekers dVOid Che centc~ Of ealacuc a\l!\'ltV beca u~

they ore pursuinr. particular goolt; or llCed lo b<' on lilt!' run.

For son1e. dwell1np, on the tnnf,<''> oi the r,.a1;1xy '" al' Lhcy
h."r.'C t.'\'Cf !Qlown ThP.' paths m.1y (•vcntual!y lead them .n:o
cc.· .Jct wilh w1~f SOC;ety, but thc.-y bear the indehb!e im
pr111l ol their onr.ins as outsiders. fhese Sf'rkers 1nay llilvl'

co1ne lrom a society lilrf!ely u1u.hscovercd by other species..
or U1ey may hove !ttmpfy been born inro a tt:rr1occ arc<1 lhJl
rec-c~iVC"S rew Vr.illOf'S In rare ca-..t~ they ntiet'\t possibly be
,he descendants of Olhcr force u'<'rs •'<ho fled the hnpeual
purr.e or even c.1r11c1 (alarn1Lic5. i'lnd ha\.'c grm"n up de11be1
titt'ly c.ul otf front tho outside \'(()rid
FJr from the !>1.'<;Unly or th~ Core Worlds. dJneer lhrivcs lo
Ille remore rce.ons ol thc e;.>!Jxy. self dcicnse can be a ""'I'
of t1~e At.aru Str'ik~ts h<r\~ ntcm.1liled the danr.c-rs that
surround U1e111. readyine themsrlvcs lO leap 1n10 ilfllOn or J.
heln for lheir Ii~,,, ;l ll1omcnt ·~ nol1ce. Some J\tt1ru Suikcrs
o\1~hl even havr tr~incd with .,1n Jt.:tual lip,htcw.1b~r or learn€'d
to master lief\l!i. lb4 •r forms in UtCtr solitude. ,,....~ trom
E:rflf) re·s v.·~trhfu l eyes


Across many un~imcd wo1 Ids and rcn1ott> backw.iters. hfc
1, (heap. The ~orrr may be pre•rnt In all living bolnes. but 11

they cannot dcfctid tllemselvc$ <l£3inst thC" d.Jnt;crs arour:d
tnem. iney \'iOn't be I ix'lnr."> lor Jone Tiie ru'>hness d
:hc."SC c:•nvironn)(..onts. usualy rne\*OS livine by J ')ll'flpl~ coct<"
kill or be killed. Seekers born to <urh a life alien hrxom~
Executioners. adapting their pro"'~~s w1lh lhP I orcc co Lh~
l1fc'\tylc- I.heir upbrinRtng taugtlt chcnt. They rnir,ht u<:e their
slolls to protect orlM!r<. lrying IO end the need ror t'1en cor.
tiou<.-d l"ter.<en1K)I'\ by s1ayu~ on<.e and for a.I tr e threat~
druve Lhem to 1.1ke up their µJlh How("l,f'r. !>11th altruism
nutthl not corne easily to U1c.:111. 1hey co11!d ~cltlc for s11l1

ply bclnc the d ttJdli~t being around, d;:inng Jnyon<' els<.: lo
<ti. ~lenge lllem.
\V"lde all Hermits 1ne fam 11ar with remote ICJcnes of "hr
wil<.ferncss. sonic l.i-1ke it furth~r lhan othc-r!> kn I hose \vho
dwell In the mo:,l sc<:ludcd r~c1ons. the distant w!IUs ;ire th('1r
lrUC home., and tile busy hutJbub of gald<.l.JC C"ivi!i1;it1on IS
thr cruc mysie<y 1: is pernaps for this reason 11'~1 <uel\ He<
rn1t~ might eventu~lty leave the ·r \0!1tude a~ ,01n socety at
IDSt. They mipJll ~i... Lo soivr. the 1nystery of thP unfamiliilr
.011d lrade their know!c:dg~ for olher secrets. n1uch .:is Seek
<.:t) lrom more populated worlds m1p,h:: travel beyond their
hon1es in ch(>tr own quests fOf un<J~ · ~"lndq.•
~• cY.-Ot

galactJC c1t1:-~ns llVC' II\~ that are ~e11r.rC"d rrorn the
tliJ1'\htr aspeclS of natu1e. whatC"Vrr their othc1 µ1obterns
trwy be. They rJrC'ly deal \Vith c;avage bcasl!>. lhc lull hrunt
of <le.adfy storm). or lhe need to find a safe h.tven 1n J'1 un
lo<il"'lli landswpc for rl>OsP brought uµ"' 1,,.s orwlOped
cond1tions. lx."Comu C Hunters IS .i natufal proercss.100. as
lhcy are simply wor1<ing w1lh the skill> tney have• heeo hon
1ne all lhetr hv<~t;. This longtime c:xpcr ltse f..,111 <"On1pensatr
tor a lack ot ram11i.1nty with more JdVdf!Ccd tP<hruqur.:s ;u'k..1
lcdicologies. or 1t can complcrnent such looJs tor tho~

Hunters who rake It'<! tune to adju,l IO them.


Navigators ::>e afclllPS between ~ .nro reg10ns or
1-..01kis and morP populcus one.·~. \Vitti their l(_nack (or !Pi>S
Lcring dfrtirull planetary roulc~ or hyperlano passages, Nav1
f.?Jlors h;iVC" the po!cnti(ll to Lranslorrn liWI<; (or ct:c bcttt r.
dell\•ennr. nrPded s:up:>lic•, or assisting in ('0·1versation lJC
l\\-een row., who might oth1.'fwise r:e\-cr trade or contrru


3~ l\avigato~ i..ake to this role


11\~ ncJtrJ ·

1ty or al1ru1!:i1n th<11 nligh: be hoped for, t1owc:vr.r. Son1c us~
their knowlcdP.C" of ex<:lu!>IVt~ routes lo srnur,nlc ilhc1t good<:
or f'ven cxton h et' fees troM rhme seekin.v, ro u!>c ll1t!St! pa~
Qges to m.'ltntJncontacl ~'tltt the ..\idcr pp1a11.y

\.\fhitc s.on~ Seekers -nay l:J1l trom d1!>Wfll .Jnd un<t:ilrt~d
rrp,ions of tl~P r.alaxy, 1f they h.ivl" lltt: skill!) ol Pathfinders.
thOSC e!IC<J'.i ,')(t' not COlflt! tO bC (()U:,1dert\d ltO(JiSroverCd
for long. PJt'"llinc1('"S horn rcrr.otc.: f(;t!JOO"> tal-.C"- thP h.:irdt
,,t~!i.o'!ld gu·tlPliOn that L~··· upb,u·gng lf'l"0'.11~ n ·ne~ and
use t~ern 10 rs.r~b,1sh !lCV\' tr.') 1~ dcr~s ol:inC't.a')• ~ur'acr.~
J lld 1n1er;1cll'lr neoulac olllc:1s would con~ic1~r 1rnpassibl('
\iVtir.thcr they open up thCll llorne~>\'()rlrl'\ lO lhc \V'idcr eal·
.-1xv or de!•:c (.••vcr. forthc· into t'1e. u11knowr1 they arc surt: to
m...1..e- an Imp-JC" \\iU1 t.te1r ld t·n·~

The lives al SC'C'i....c ·s can be• (1hout (norc tt>i,1n jusl e~Wbli-sh
11•g their O\'lfl wtf! Soffif' SM·...e1s. find :llNn')l..+ri!S di,.ecttv 1r
lhc pa1hs of ottt·rs. ,...nPtht'I caug:it .Jp .n t:Jiactic ::U"mo I,
hunted by <Jc.tdly prcdalors or a\,..ays l>l.)IOf', rn lhC' wro11e
pince at lhe wron~ ti-n~- f or tl ~l":.c rtrcpid "iOlllS. their path
1'.'> JooL1l w11.1ng <"JP()'th:rg th<' e:i'axy c~Jtl :h,.ow the1 way
JOO r-mu1r. ~"' 1fd 1n sp•·c ol it
thcsr n.ltt.ral S:Jl'\i\'OfS r1 t;I t \'.ew ti'1:ir<.clvcs .o>s •Jn1'J<.k)•,
or th~y 1n1e,hl be [OO stul.lbur 11 lo <tdmit ~Hl y ultcrn.Jti\•C 1out<~.
A f.:\re l~v ~ 11 '>l'ek oul hu:rp;isingly dllfiCllll Chall~u~:c·i
1hrough ,.,.hic.h r<'> p1ove lh~rn<;('lvf'~ \i\~i.atcvcr l •1c •edst111 lor
fMr mals th« pJme~· lonv!lrd k>fges tt n1 n!.o 'SiC>ffil' <ii
toughest .)Od l"IOSI ClCtrfmtf"led 1nd".'ldu.Jh II l 1~ fl'j)laxv

Ataru Striker's {lf(>rft strilnp,rn> to ton Ihe I nod Sl• uwc.
bu' ~01 ne hf!hl tougher bnttirs tho:ri ·nos· \+Vhetht-1 too
he lCstron; to 'fitcH> and pick tt'cir f~hL,... or 100 delernincd
to gr.:e u:> 1e;) rw~ tout;h Odo~. u.ese \-.;irno<<:o a1e us.rd lo
tx.~nf. undrrooes and used lo 11nd,np,?. way Lo win i'lr:·~JY
tven SO, ihey rJfC\1 !():,~ IOllH 1r: !he Ct113Xy withQLot ICorn ·nr.
rrstraint. even II they never HHlStPr the Jrt of ronc<.:ss•on, nt
lc:ic;t not ""':h rhr Erno1re ~~<·:)ing an f!'J'C OU! rlX such lrf:urr<;
l ke al srn c:flt.s.. Force 1N><~ can h.1\"f' C-Klll'tre re.1ct10T~
to life and dc~:n ~lruCf'?lf"S Sornc li1dC". 'i.On1c l .ee. a'ld <;nrre
tonfron1 lhc l111eat hcad·On. Sc~kcrs w!lo berornc alt:U!i
corned to ta~tJ<Jlnr. the last 01111csc pa1J1s ~ometin1es uikr .::i
more prooc1 -.·r :ipproach )• Execut ioners adOpting a kt
01 be+'\ll'ed ~n tOOe l.O\"iol.rd the Uirea1s 1ht11 o:nc their '"'"'f·
T'1ese See""~ 'l'lt.::st be CJn..·lul nol to m1c.i11ttge a 01
lhey risk ta11111c to thr! d ...r k ~1oe 1hroueh l11<J1scr.m1nau..• v10·
lence Those who wis"l to ~t;1 y on tie rit;t1l ~idr,- or l he hnc
bcrwflefl ~.....c11r~r :ind rrurderc' m!h--: lc~rr disc. µhne clfld

a:one mth tt:eir rror1

rie:hal sk~I~

· was~ as there ha! been cM41a:..ion. t.'lCrt• t1d'.<e beN"t
ti >se \'oihO hJvc s.cornt.'<J 11 as decadent and soft. fhe wi!c1
paces of hJr!ah planets C:iln make those \'lhO st1rvive th('n1
\ •• >r g. ever a~ :hey winr.ow rot those lOO \'\t'.j~ or feJrlu!
remain_ Mdny Hermits \'e by some.• \rdJ13liof' 01 lf'lr:. phi
'ioOPhY. l"I ell er one as ruthless a~ Ule environme:us thry
.ek to n1a~Lt!f, or;) more noble asc(!tic discinlinfl Lhat seek~
t)ui'd true u1rcr screntlh.

-necrafl of Hunt ers can .ak.e them into cont u:r -,,•1U·1 0011 •t'
·~1e most d...if1gcrous I fc: lorrns in the gala>:y, So1net11nr~
., ,s by rhot<:c. as they seek. evcr-{'fPatcr ch.1! i.:1'r;cs to ucr.r
· ..<fe(tn~ thetr s.~11~. In other CJ~ Hunte·~

ic.e I~

··•ll'S be<."31,..-sr thty 111t.'t protect thc•r horr,l~ 01 •r.enocr. on
,,'llCUlarly dCOUly \'l"Olld~ And or co1;rsc. ::,tJJHe I lunters JU~(
•ea kn<:1ck for flu~hiri(l. out troub!<.: Whatever the rc<Json
·1v>i1 tonfror.tarions.. t~cse Hv·1tC''S st.arc a cornmon CA
•"nc.C ol tes:1rr. tne1n!>Ctve<i .r <Jto(ldly conf 11r1 <.>1-;arpcning
f skills to rna n:ain the edge thJt they havf! !camccf !~
•ssary lor :;u .viv.;il


rrovb"~'<l l!"leS oten fnd 1'1:.ll tt-e troci
'S of tht!1~ own 1ldk 11g. \fl,,~1h the1~ talent ro1 t.hscovennr.


oesL rou1c bcLwc:e11 11ny f'N(J paints. son1et1mes 1ney
rherrsf'lve1;. rush np t1r1dlong into P'l'\' OJ"ly unknm·.n
_rs \\"ht-'.nc' they h;we a hab11 of s11ain1nr. lhcir hyp<.'f
~ \•,1:h vn:c.-s.Led 1umps. or pus~lne ;ust a hn!r> too far
a hostile berore ttirnine. back, 1J1(\tte Nav1ga
must bt!<'o~tf' 5,p'f.rel an: in ordcf to t'nd r!\e way bark
ott} ·ro1n aL ma1 Ol.'1 of ciroJm~nce Thc'Ke \\ho Cal'not
to help th<'rr~el~ in C':Xttcnuty<>ly la)l .on« e:nou«.11
~a~e a h:ihir or gcttinp, into such s~rapes..

().:- -.r.g r o the !Jnkn°'..." spaces on pki.xli ') IT\-.>j.>S an.
..narts ,:. a d;inec·uu!:i. prao;ce, arid so 1t .-houfd bC' no
se Uwt rnnny Pathfinder'$ reeul~r1\' <.our l IJ.:inp,cr ;ind
J(t. To ~n1c cxle·1L ,-,11 Path"indcr'.'i muf)l l.J~ !:i.urv;Y0"5. d5
re-."er knO\'f ,._hat they miW.t enco11ntcr \vt1iif" they 60ti(:

Td ~to unrna1cd temlory. fic>l'\( \Otr'I(\ antorre
are lC:,tc:d 1norC' rC{?Jl3rJy lhan Olher>. jj~ 1hny seek ou1
lfflblc upon OC'r\' and unknown dangers. r.1cn umc they
1: such a1 E'(l(Ountcr. the next t>ecomes t.~ fcarsorr.:
_">.and 1tey grow 10 mastei tr.cir pa11l

='i ,s.c•f1 !ways abOul findlP-g. Sometimes. ,., Scc41.ei \
1s more about lhc 1oumey th~n l he dr.sur1auon. I hr

e o' thr. ror:.c

arid their


inhr.rctll wanderluo;t

StckCtS ewr onwan:t. not .n search of 3n~· p.1r·

toal. bet to g.Jtl'er v-iSdOl'r and exPt,.·ncntf'"

noi lo say lllese evr.r jou111ey1t1i~ souls ore

or 1,te• pJrposc Rnther. Scekc~ of U11• <Ort simply
:o b\. pnr1ed d°'vr They eel the need to qay 1n rno
b"lo'•. na tre trow or 'he k>rcc li rough !ho r,'13xy. T~cy
uop to !earn from J wise nlcntor or llr,ht :'I neccs~ary
rut alttrw•rd. they arc always ready to move on


No m..11tcr\--otit:'fe SC'f"kers

eo 1n the galaxy. there·~ never a

short.1r.o or bullre•. rot<chs. or villains. Because of this. Seek·
crs who twvel tho CJlaxy often develop the skills ol Ataru
Strikers whether to defend themselves agam1 'llOK \',ho
see 11l-"WC ncrs ~ c:isy meat 01 10 bnne JU!:i.ticc and protec·
Lion to each ne.v lor<llc they visit Even Lhough lhtty don't
rernain In one plJ(t r-or lonr.. Ill<' rnemory of llit!ir dreds
tends to &10£er in thl· rrunds Of those whO ~'C Alaru S:nkPrs
in ilctlOn. shaping the galaxy f<>r good or 1 years altN they
hrwe n1oved on
Some Executioners are troubled by th"'r 1alent for kill·
1r.g. ¥.h'tt'.cr 001 OC 01 Lor simpt) becauSC' they dcxf'. hcPJe
the pJl•c11te lor th~ aftormath I hey may tr3vel the 8'liaxy
in hoµP~ ol evacfin8 iJny unfo1t:c.;een cons.cqucnccs ol their
.acl1on\, o< ro Sli;ty JhC'ad of lheir consoencc Unforluritttr.l't'.
•~et ..a.. Is h3\e "'·l'i'- of trld1ne uses. and theor wlli across
the r,ali'l:-:y rnay rapuJly becomC' a Lrail or bo<.11c.~ Whrrher
1he dC'.1(1.:lte JUstly slt.11n or s.impry victims vi:irics from SC'Pker
to Srrk4•r, but mauy such journeys end up lead nP to the
dark We
I ho lives of Hennits are typically ttloup)lr of as lx!1ng scd·
enr-<1ry. but lhat isn't ncccsS\lrily the casr 'Nhde m.1ny Her·
mits rnJkt~ a resi~nte ot.n in the wtildcrness. other$ abo'ldon
the OOlK>O of a tt1rqula.r homt· allogct.ter Some such 1r.d1vfd
ul!!~ tJke thi~ <"'>-:trJ step 10 further 1our.h~11 thc1-nsclvcs. see
ing ev~n r1c;rude hut or cave a<i enouch !Ii.helter to be a ttir,n
ol v.-eali.nMS. or cxC<-S!i- Othefo.; ""'""" lhe1r an1lude as a S"!ep
toward ('fl(1gjltcnmcnt. reganling the \'itiolC of tile g;ila><y as
1hc1r horn~ mstc.:id ol hr'nitinr. lht!rnsclvc~ lO a single ~ystern.
world. rli!Uon. or sclllerncnt. Sornc Hcrrn1L<; rnighr not even
consider the iss.ue. be111e, too prcoco.11)'(..'(I "-'1th rbe mystcr
>e:, of the r-0rce aod philosopl11c.11 quaod.>l.f'> to spend time
wo11y1nr. vboul such mundane mauers..
Some Hunt ers fPel an urec to move across the g.l!.:ax.y as
as lhf' m.gratory 1nstar.cts ot U~ beasts or olf;~f
t<lrgt:t!t lhey pursue. Othm )1mp1y rr..ason that tht.·y can'1
practice their crart by staying tn one pll;it.:C when thcu l<ir·
gels <ire .n motion Whclher drivrn by some spir1tuiJI bo.'1d
\..-ith th('tr targctS.. OC' by the need to outmanctM::r ot OUt\"i t
1hem. ltt,.1nters often find themselves on the prowl for riew
prct ;i(',ll1nst which llley prove thcmsclvc::..

ft isn't tklrd for Navigators to ive their Wes on the 010\~

In fact. lo• many ol r.em it lllJY be that >1<11·1ne in one place
for lonn •S the issue Bet1veen rht'ir natural affinity for travel
and the uiterest thC'1r skills com1nand. Navlcators may have
difficulty setttinr. down. even ror a lrttle wh11<> Some ~e this
lS a "rQblem, or .H least an 1nconvenicnce. while others em·
bt.;;icc J roolless hfestyle. tied to nothing but a ship, caravan.
or 0U1cr rncan~ of c;onvcyant.:c.

Pathfinders art: masters ot l •con lhc move. but not ar1 of
them "hOOSt! to u•r tlll"lr skills (Onstantly. Some Patn~noe~
pretr.r to work only as necc-stWiry, ond !'.t.,y at home-or at
!cast in the sarr1c ccneral ar(-'<">-whcn the s1cuation d~n't
dcmalld travel. Those who Slil) more m00tle arr .Jl)je to
hOrie their skiff:. to the utrno:.t. until eventually they can be
as comlortable bunk1ne cfo,.. n on rocky c:f1lfs or ice caverns as
Lh-cy 'vould be upon ~hPets ct Corcll1an nano~ilk,

Emotional Strength
Bnvery: \V!'M?:·1 t<.1

Emotional Weakness

:-n 1s. ~~. tncn• ~no t.t."!wti!C.ll,lfl

desp le lhe cargc1~ Tt.c c.11i1<)tlc.'" pu5 c)t,1(jf t'OY

o: oa

f<';:its h(''ore tJCl ;"i· whCiller nov1 £at1~ 41 :.nip rhrou~
t"·azardiJIJ., routes C' cneagi1g tr



n:inp llVt'• (JI uu·rr'> Ar Ofl('O l:i..• 1fl ~reafl\ .11d.-. th(' K
wrcr 11:rt·"a(:ir.g \\1Lt1 Olf)t1~
wn kJIJ



---- ----

'.I b:ll"'IC'S,.

1 14

--~---1 Caution: ltif' ch..i:rJ( 1c1 e,.\-e_5 c.1tt1 R:id anenuon to
ever} <.I ·\ Oll.1Y4.1t":~al .t~•.lS c! a Situ •· n bcb
uncle~...., ng.aft'( at~ Sy ~n.nkngaht-~ tr..e ?C



~< errf"..a•F :~bl.




afld e'\Cr
ne.Jrb~'. e..·en wh(:n {hey 01t

ICclf> :he emolio11s ol lllOse
guird ng :heir tfut> l l"ehn~ how lh('ir a<:llOn\
.-tlfect ~r~ lie c~ ~t-11.ter s cart•tut tot •,'\? OfJ';

·~ O

'1.ti"!>,J ·~Jindd..,.ty.


Assertiveness: Ir .lit u ttlp,'). O··<' <hc)r:K"tcr •!> qmtc
deter"' •d a'ld \'f'.tri'.Js.:.. No ni.atler rhe tt.1:iol1. t

l~usy: U-JV\' c.:111;;;;:: th'l~pec•ally

~('fl~~shtn£: :>Ill- :Jt ;)11)' fJ~·f(cf\'e_d..'-"'-'-'"---~

c•nblOAt°d ---~ rf1:w.xtc1 t'> ell•\·)~ Cipt-r' tr b.JAofll•t!
lM\' v1<-,1·. ltlee:irr: 11• w !X'oµlc, 1i11d atrrm1>!ir r.
i1'>h.:-X !("ii !ht PC 111 ~SOUL Oii (!()Oll!llllrl.j.!

Empathy: Thr: t.1wra<.. ~e:~ eaJ.1~


l-.hen lN 1p pJrt:v IJ<X=~ not f('d ii k pro~ rI
rei oi Jted lhP '1 t l"'("l'l"l"W-... ~tac <nd

"''11} poor ;;wlcomci..

EnthuJ...,<;,m; Lie 1"'lt:




LO\•e: rt·(, ch;~"" it•r 1~ oµcu :o love and r.i11 ctu.:u:<.h th(•

Reckl~ess: \\t: le Ot~ry 11 admi '11b!¢_ r¢lusil"~ J

to prupt>rl~· analy/C" 5'rut}tlon be-fote ,Jr.tir1g 1s
n<tl rMt' chara<tcl" often leapt. 10 act l~l'lcn it16rc
t""" <1 1P<td to «t ·r Mere prude~!

F-eat; 1:,.'((es:;ive c.111l/QTI CJrl e.1sdy become los:. lo

te.u lht' PC bCCOmK Corm.rncd rril:t. tho:- pt)::(~'h ..
~ou:o;. ootcomcs of dNls.M>r:'l 300 1< h\'(."'I~· sec~-\
~'01d~Cti~t:(:O~tlll}'k l1d

Disarray: •n .a n1•.h ol cn.O

~ :l<J.C aw•fJ?V. th<.'!C
lU. .111c:mpt ·o 1ruti,• 3PPfc . ·11.e Of m.~"' ;;~
one 11Pm Thi:: 111.Jr.:Kter 1\ p,1o;1Jv d1h:1h·d whcn~wr


a uf.'W .111r.J( lion Jpp1!ars. ofrl"n IP<1vine W~k~
inc.omril•te or thtPlf<; unrc .olvtld
VcngeMce: ca.ima oi."ef1~ 101 others. P"pec1a!fy
\'Ktlrn~ um tead the i har.:ictc!r 10 <1e5'rc r~eng.c
aga1fttot thOS(- who made th..m 'IUfJer On y \-.l'rCf'!
~ • &el'i. arc tr•- l!:('(f c:lo'o'
11'\Ci brOUi "' """.'1
t*-f'C's.:r !d
o bstJnacy: firm 1o;ict1011·, <1Jn mask an

C."U "~""./\'Ct) ~ubbofn n."lhYf" UlJt ixNies ~ .1ny
PC~.~1K1t-~t:.C k'flM'<",Ofi..: ·*~'"~hcrt
hfsi,\t .,Jboul1M,t"!lec"'J00uponadc.Slrcd~
acion, 1n·•fir~ • .-clion
I ~1PPCsmuldnf'\'l'fc:t\.Jnp,l~OOcccomrn1tlt."t:,<.-Wn
1 111 1

r-:::' •

Curiosity:. fhe-gJ ~"\ --: "'I ed w1(h WOt»cr .1-.Q ~
60ol· 01 rt\. SCl"l t•r-1 ~'lOU~ tx· 10 e•>fl' 1100 l".'-Pdnd
undcr..t~rreing ol C'\"t'!Ylili ~R 1t pt('\Cf:lls. Tile c.haractcr
is a1·11.JV'i iJ"tcrcS(ell in learn·na rrw thrng..... ul.J \l\S1W'lQ.
f\e'I, kl'\ ,1tl00t.,


Pride; Th< c ,a"lr l "I 1~ rir.h:Ju Iv p·nud c;f l1J1d c<;1 nl"ll
oio.blw•. ,111d a<:(OlhJ11l<:.hrncr:.b f\~d ll)' yc,"Jl"'i hJW(> likely
b!•f'"l <.rl(;ll. !Tl lr;Ar+•r.. 'itudv. ~n<.l ttK:Ui!" ion: fC<tt (.11'1

Wi :he


enc f.'



Obsc5sion: tvt
•"'er:~ .1bl u. ~ ~ ~
le.od' 1 nicns.c t..amma11on of a !.mttl~ uoicc: or
item. Th~ <:hriracl1~r oflen turn!. ,1n intot"~' into an
ob::.t.'\.\ion to 1h4> ""('lusion <11 Jll el-;c, ttn<J rt-t~ oblC< l
Of ob' .smn ¢"l'••tJ lrl>"' PC$. bl~,
D i sd;tin: PrttfL• in ooe·!i splf lU! 11~ dark, ·ind t h~
char;i('fpr v.icw!. ul hL'fs. with 1111,•r conlcrnpl and
None <l'f' W~11lhy of
P(·st.'(]'l'IP.,1 l~' ll~y
1 ..SlUH
~ t
"\1Sl n • ·-:tnd n1l ,. '~)'.



-:-Arrogtlnce. A IJft•l1rrie or 1l1C;;;;-denl
.atho-n breed~ <l ~mug and t'?Ol1'5tica! ovl!ook ttl '
refu~1nt; J the ct 1r ;,11 ter n1..... t: oi.;nts OI" oihe"'i 1\0. t'
the rti:) Ni
.:B'e as Dt." \'i :he PC. ar4 ~
""n a·
,. n t>c ~kllfmC1] o n"Y.\al)'
o.~confidencc c.<
t"asi y td to c.a::.i61t~.

"""'"Independence: 5>c·l·rthancc lhf' walchl\'(.lfd. for
, cr~pcnd1ng 011others1s il Sif.fl of'\'i Ofleo

A n it

l thori an


he {Jillaxy·~ siM ;nd S<Of)C delics the comp1cliension of


mosl uu1onal beJnes On :;ornr hP~v1ly popuklted planets

ltmt lie on key hypcrr-out1,."). ~ncounlenng sµ~c:ies one has

never seen brfore 1). a daily occ:11rwnce. Colntinas and cares on
such worlds hu~tle wuh unique species oi .111 ::.or ts. rvery spc
r.1c~ 1c~ardlos~ of its lnlie1en1 prochVltics. produces 1ndMdu
als "ho achieve GJ'tallless and s1gniffcanUy alfcct the events
ol lhe wider galaxy. 1he lollow1ng arc tll1ee add111onal opllOns
for J')la~iers and CMs to use when creaung PJayer Cha1<Jcters
and 1mpon,'m NPCs in their camp•1£r1'.

Thr reptih.')t'I Anx ot Cr{lV1ex M('(f loom CNer rnosr other sen.
fll'fll 'P«ie>. 01'<!> te their mtu1al hunched POS(u1e. Qven
ttu togrthc'f w•th their deq). rumbling VOite< Jod tile COIO<·
ch.1nene cr~ts mop lhct< heads. tilere 1s no 1nstalong an
Anx anywhere on the e;ik'>xy
"'1y5ioloey: Ar1x arc ndlNC to a f'ltlh eJiMt)· world: ther
dense m<1scutanrre. ~ postu"'. and heavy baLlncc ol
tneir taols al rcfle<;t this to l'\'en a casu•t obscrwr Ho\>cve1.
the spec,es can often mach lour meter.; in height, dcsptte
the<;e rcstnct1on~ Their llfeat hc1eht allowed the Anx to easi
ly harvest the bounty ol thclf Mmewortd's cl111iox tr..,. when
they emerged from their subterranean hJb1tot


Because the Anx evolved willlill lhe CilVC >Ystem~ of ltlclr
hornet/\'Or1d. tlleir voicL>s have a natural low-frequrncy echo
that \Vhile useful fo1· cornmunrcatmg ac10>> vas! d1rttancc~
underground, tends to 1nakc other species <H~C'Oly uncom
fortablc The Anx in turn arc freq ucnlly d1scomhted by how
olher species ~.ave learned co rc•d lhe color charP.('s or the
lare,e crest atop Lheir head as an 1ndic;uor of the r n1ood.
a Quirk of their communal live~ m th('1r nauvc hCfd·bas.ed
social structu-re.
Society: Arne society began as an r-"leJlSJon or their nawral
herd strucwre. ai'<J even mooern Anx tend tO be herccty Oe·
voted to Lfleir :amihes and dans Ttle1r internal clan ~ructurc
is rooted;,, a llllx or extended family bonds and PO~tJCal ~I


lraoces. and can be ddhcul· IO< ou<siocts to doopher
compleoc ~es are ea~y grasped by tie Anx 1hem~s. as
their soae:y d<M!loped '·s compleoc1~es long b('(ore CflCoun·
tering «her species.

The AflX ~oped space tr.r.icl IMependcntly
galactic society They ha'<e had a ione and P<OUO



of incerste!T'ar cxp.!orarton and cok>r.1i.a!1on. vSane bolh the
ancic"t C""avfex launc.h"•Orks ana more modern h)'P<'fdrwe
cr"tgtnes. The species is sometimes viewed as excessively
ciinous, but this might also S(em from their confidence that
they can hand:c most thines theg~laxy 1s capable or throw111e
at them. Bcn·ieen their massrvc stature anc1 screneth :'Ind a

u~ou-s ability to .rr.u1c rhe -.veak spots In the an.1romy oc
Olhe• species. the Anx ha1Je tustonc.iilly dealt w11h r:vcry
<hallengc they have (0C<'C1 With relatrv-C C:(IS<:.

he ancient Launch~11.'0rk s that dot Cr<ivlcx Med
are not spaceports in the sense that most \'llOuld
cons•d<"r the word. Instead._ tney Jre installations
of massr\e. h igh-velocity cannoris that v.:e~e on::p
cal1brat~ to fire spaceships ori pr~1s.e trajectories
tO\.. ard other olanets. After the An\ learned of hy·
perdnve t~hnology (and so no loneer needed the
Launchworks for space travel), they adapted the
Launchworks into garbage dispcs.JI facilities, tiring
the waste the1r society p roduced into the heart of
the-ir syslem's sun


Unfortunately, 11'r.rnt werts have finally contronlcd the

Anx witli a threat thc.·y r:innol easiiy defeat AflC-r the rise
v' the Empire. Jmi:->£'f1al a.;thonues sei.?CO I.he l.atA)(.ll1vork.s
1r1 order to s:udy tne tec.hro:og; fo:r po:er::ial li\t-.JJJ011~ .ap
plicatons. The lript•raal> h...,c polluted ttiP pl,1n.i with the
a.rardous refu\'.,P of ttlt· 1 eXocfimcffiSand ~;we pf,j, ed gJrr1
JOOS Without re{:an1 I() \ht tcrr1tori~1I Claims Of l"l.r ArlX tlJll~
~1any Anx h<Jvc begun mir,ratir g offwor!d, fe:uru1 Ol 11th,Jt 01e
•mperia l~

rnight do to their world ne;<l

The Anx'':i rcpul~tlon (or courage a11d bo1d ~('flOn IS be·
"tcs1ed as lt'c Ernpirc ll~hleris its erip. Anx SO(';('tv latk.s
ie resources to ctw!lcnr.e the Empire on its owr1. t ·:.;:o1:"C"1ii}'
w: :n ltllperial ii'tenuon alrc..x!} upor. 11s horr.e..ilOfkJ It m.1y
I>< ·nat tl:e tor.r. lef.aCY of the Aruc cou'd !M'<.om~ lra<1••e<I

Imperial re~archers tra\'eled to Cruvlex tv1ed to
study thr cannons in the Launc~~.. orks for potential
combat uses The ancient technolo.e;. yielded l i ttl~
of m J1tar) value. though. Ra!tier than <idmit tne)·
hJd come .)way empty·h..:Hidc-d. the resc<irch teams
rccomniended. the Empire eoxpand the role of the
cannon~ as waste-disposal facthtiC's. Soon. garbage
scmvs and transports. full of hazardous waste bcean
arri11ing at the planet in huge numb~rs. depositing
their reh.ose for processing and eventual disposa! at
tht'!' Launchworks. Ho-.•.-ever. the fJcilrt ies v.-erc r.ot
built to proc~s so much cargo. or to cor.ta1n tl'le
cor.tamination such materials orought \'oith them.
The Jrcas around the Launch~·.orks ha\'e since
transformed into rapidly expanding wJstclands of
toxic spills and deadly bioiop,ical deents.

a:i e'<Odus from Gr,J\fl<.:x. f\led in con1,nr. r1meo;. or l""'-'CA
the species' proud lr<Kfll 1ons disappe3r f"'r.t1rt?ly SO:nc
Ali;\ nave turned lO rhe Rebel 1\1\i(loc:c ir. the hone 01rever~·
" thc·r planet's d(_)Cllnr. wll1ie others look 10 l heir .ancienl
•aclJccs of colon1t..at1on ;,~ insp11aL1on ror a new !.l~rt among

, ~ars.
Homeworld: l 'ie ho&f"• &'<!\· ty •'°'10 of Cravtex M<.'<l. louod
n ttc Oute1 R nt ')'(\terr. ol lhe s.imc r..vne. has .1n ex
~•e ~ syste'l1 throt•ftoJt tl~ cru<l the <.lrt.'l•n .\; home
Ult! Arix specie~ SQn c Anx still di»e I n rhe cttves l>cne.1th
surface. although n1Jny h<Jve rnoveO to <it1e:, Jbove
11od, such as ih~ir C'ap1td or 01lyn Cox.

Tt-e olaocl's tcn iJin i~ mo1..nt1:11nous. the wide

t e~rhr~


the t<)1r.cs hous11·c v<ls: sava'lnahs lf'rm,ne w11h ch.ii
•ees and 01l'ler VCi\.-Wl ()n_ HcrA'e\'ef, con1;vn nauon from
-;ie<ial occupori0n ol tnc pla10rs lat;t• h..orksha'. r.11d ·ne ec<>k>gj(.Jt b.1.:aoc.e of tnc savarr.dt~ :.ind n?U<.h of
=l: ive l'o~ d'ld fdtJrtJ havt: b4>f,1.>n to die out



Liloguage: (v~n wt1en Anx c1~c nilo;lc the l o~-. rum
u: the·r voir~ can CJUSC unpleasant C-.flO~i!tlon~ tlC\!I) in
bOnes of othrr ~pt-tits. When rhc nal1vc Anx l::tnguaec
ke:i a fe3L 11l'IPO~'ilre for any othc1 S.J)<'C'1~~ ouls1d·
~to expc11e'l(f' inten!loe d·sc:orr'ifort. and~ lt'e Anx
,:1e ~ rarc'y spoken outstde ol Gr.;Mex \.ied in the rigttt
~ns. l-'lC An\. cnn m.1ke lhernsctves t:catd tmm kik>rl a-.~il)'. \'thCthcr .vross a oelwor" of CJV\."S C'rf in the
an of L'lC ~iv~nn lhc.
Pwception of the Force: Force rensilMly I) uol r<ipcc!JJly
rnon cJmoog nu;1 Anx, but neilher i~ 1t unheurU or In the
~ vr the Rrpu'ultf. A•1'< were known to h;ive ...crvclJ in tl1c
Order, s,om<' ro~e tv or resp~cted M.1<;1rr~. It ,c.•u &r~l':.p
r.itwtnY maoe Aox J4.-"4J1 rapa~e as hOth t'>l::tltr-s .;11d du
r.n e 1neir du1abfc trarrcs and 'e;ir~... Jtl--ltAh..."$ ww
t\lii.n.g to in1er.~nc Iii c;lang-crOliS pLxcs to put tt:csc
:o good uw. 1tie prO\-.css ot Am. Jedi p111.pu~ trc~t
----.- verging on ,i\-.C. v-.t·er they took to th('I nrld .n the
War~ Unfortunotoly, those days hnvc paw·o S,nce
or the .Jcai, For(~·<iCO<>lllVe Anx hc1V<! !CJrned to be
us about rcvcallr·P. tnc1r talents.'llly l~ vPn the
.e lmperi,11 inlc1e)l !O t~eir SOE!'CtCS' hold n£~

Wound Threshold: 1.1 1 Brawn

Strain Threshold: IO + Wiiipower

• Starting Expe,tcnce: 85 XP
Spedal Abilities:;\rlX bc"n the eame with one tank in
u~ K I wrth Kllldl>e$ l<JlenL

Anatomical KnO\-.'ledge: l\t'IX h.:tve an ton.ate grasp Of
how b<J<J1es arc put together and .:1re able to intlut tt·c
an.1tom1c:~I vulnerabiht1es or almost any species. Anx
g•ul OM rnnk of l he Lethnl Ulows t<ilcnt.

Mood Indicator: If an An)('c; hc~d·c1est ts not cove((~d.
lilt! ttl(jratlcr upgrade~ the dlfhcuUy of Dr.cepuon




Somc11mr.\ referred 10 bv th<: nickn;tmr. · u:unnlerheads"
(il thO!l{!h not bv rho1cr.J. 11tiori;ins arc easily
th.::tnkCi ro 1hr.1r unu-lilJ•11 h<'<l<I stnJCh.1rc ~1 n d voca1 apparai;us.

l:hori(lns are ourn Cirrn :J$ th<' carrtakcr'i of the g:i l~xy. bolh
\ov1l h1n U~1r own cu1t11r~ 1nc1 by othfl" who '<'Cognire rr.c
ded1cJllun lhal 1thori.J•1~ ~ow toward p<es~rv ng a I forms
of life and &rowth

PhysioloC)': fttw1~ns arc We<: by rtu> <1100.ird< of 1n.1ny
>P<'CI.,. l)l,>tl.Jfl)' rJ<ll!ln& from f 8 to 13 lllC{~., heigh<.
dlthoUiJI they JIC US IJI) fe,111 ol bo<ly. loOlb~ and digits.
lhcrr nc<.k
he.d contnbute cons-derJbly 1cwsJ01 their
sue. emere riefrom th<: top ol thc tor'>O m a<.or.toruooscurwi
that en<b \irlth a pt'OtrUS.!On not un•ke the head of a purr.1l.1Yc
h.1mmcr hence the 111c.kname Tl·e11 eyes are on oppo51te
•<lrscl :heir head. aM mo1ll11' arr simhrly placed oo each


JO"' w11h the torso There dual
mo:1ths arP atl.lehPd to 'our lhrotat' the lthorians

S><)c ol tnc r neck. nt'ar the
1,; r-

que \IOC;il ta f!'fllS .1nr1 ("\'t n 1h<' c.lp;)C' ry ro rrcau~ f>O\VCf ·

fu >0n>C "be lows.·

Society: lthonan society revolves around the con
CCPl or · ri.·101hcr Jungle,· the ~olntual rcprcscn
Wloon 3rd 1dc.JI of the lthorlan homrwortd of
ILhor In order to keep their nat1\~ plaoel 3'S
c.ose to 1111:, 1de(jl it:, PO))lblt'. U1c llhon
ans dedlC<Jte va~L f!llort to prolt'<llllg •nd
presetvinr. llhor's natu1al ~Lal<:. Ra1her
lhan dwellinH on I.he !turrac(\ ol 1hf1r
wortd. the l1horlans hvt' on ma»l\/C
r(l11111c;orhf1 t111t'i, known 11s "h('rd

;h1µs." whith


thPm LO k<'<'J)

tile Jungle free of tile dec11tus of
everyday life. while stlll hovine ac
<.e"..s to the br.nuty ~nd ~plcndor
of thf'lr world

Tni; .ipproat ll lO life extend'
IJr beyond ILhor rL>clf lthoriun
colon es tlnd extrcJpl.inetary 'SOC1JI
if'Otlp ngs tH(' OftJnlJt'd 1ntO ex
rcooerl tamoly groupine<. or herds.
that &te l~d by Fotcfl:·'~nsitive p'1e--;t~
n·no lt!..iC.h lhe doc\t1ne or preservauon
and reverence tor Mother Junete The
spccocs has tl'm lac m~naged to keep
11non.1ri culture f'ltflr.t dcsp1tr. t~
Ernpue·~ puree o( Fof<c ~t....S. ll\'
y.c ll• e lo Cl<lOllron lor l! 3d
YJfCl'd agr.c&.JlUfJI ll'ChntqUCS.


tvlany herds fear whal the E:.rnpue 1ngnl do whc1 lrnpc
rial sc:hol<H"'; have leanled their hll c l lt1·0 ~1an tcc1uuq uc!>.
but rhcrc is llttle t'ocy can do wil hou·_destroy1'1R lh ~ t ullure
clley wish :-o prcscr\•C. lihoria1c; withi1 lt'eir nal1vf socu:Ly
are- almost univrrv1ny pacifists.•i nd 1t·e !cw n-1<•r1oers of
lhP: species inchncd i:ow;ira viol~nt s.olution~ to prOhle rr.c;
are typ;catly exHea f"om ~hc1 r homes Practici1e, !'tOr leth.11
self defense 1s not u1ce>~ nrt 1on (usually b~· meanc; of ttic c;pc..
c.cs· sonic bellc'.VS:. tr.Jt ltt:o·1ans prefer first 3r d fort'rroc;: to
prevent conflias from occu'Ting at all• .at.t11t.-vu11 ~h.s, t•1rovtt
cl(.-e<>t1ation ()( C01lpromisc fv1cmbcrs or otter spcc·cs wtK>
d-..> OOl o·cet tiler first 10·"..- i,.111 by 0r.1ling v.1P• an 1I ·cm
perec tJ(•Je t.h.J<.J~Y entoJnte' l~rian!. when they arc 3Cll"i
d> neutral P"'1 es 5'le!ling to aile"iatc ccolog;ca d3m3!!C or
~eal ""'-00> broueJll about by th<: war.> ol ot~<r cui:u:cs



Ult! Force 1~ so cloc;cly bound to hfc 1\•,cll llhOl'\ans

conmcr Force- St·1 ;i.1LN1ty ,., wond<ous gift and a s.ign or CWPncss with Mornr.r Junglt· The IU'K>nan ideJls of pac1tr..m,
self·Sll<rlficc. and p reservt.1tion of 11re mean thal do~ s1tle
Force U>ef'i are 'rtuaUy unheard ol 1n the species. although
.1ny<:t-sens t1vc~ amonr. them who are ex:lcd usK l<Jr-ng
exccptlonally quickly 11 th~y do not Imm La ndapt to their
net\' c1rcums1..anccc;:


1olencr is anathrm11to1tt1orian_ socicty._Jnd Jny
lthondn ~.. t-.o shCM~ too rnuch mter~st 1n \\'C'.:lp-

ons or tiehtine is shunned by others of the spc<ics_
Those who actually ;1ttac~ another bC'i11p, outside of
~elf-defense. o~. \\Or\~ yet. kill someone. are ex1lc.-d
for tl1cir violation of the of l\.1ott1cr Jungle.


ti.·1Jny lthori(Jn exile~ keep wnl(.' of the teac.hine\ of
i\1cthcr Junete in tti~ir heart. but rr.~ln}· mot<' be·
come embittered by bcinr, C.:lc;t out or the only life
they have k.nO\•in. b<"'rctt o f friends and f(.lmily. They
b{'{ome (l'Sp("{latl)· resentful if they acted for \\hat
thc>y sa\" as a good rcJson. !:>u<h as to prote<t an-

othrr or to '->LOP a \'<orsc act from beine comm1t1<'d .
Th;s bitt~rness can f~'!>ter and make t'"·vcn normally
pl~as.ant lthorians into trur~ unsa\·ory character~.
Sorne turn to spicP, \>;hil e oth<'r!'. dccidl'" to continue
with the .;ic_ts ot violc-nce that led to tht-ir Pxile

Wound Threshold: 9 + Br<'.lwn

Strain Threshold: I? .. Wlllµowcr

• Starting Experience: 90 XP

In the rare inst.Jnces in which lthonan Forcescnsitivcs <Kt violently. thP)' are not civcn spenal
treatment or dispen'.)c]tion bt>cause of their statu",,1f .-inything. the)· arc held to a hieher and more
'i.l ringent standard. As such. they r ..lpidly move
from beine revered pillJ:rs of the communil~' to
detc-stea exilt?s. Forcc·5Cns1t1vc exile-; who cannot
make sense of whill has happened to ttlem risk
letting th<"ir confusion turn to <1ngcr and hate. and
•aning to the influence of the li<Jrk s1dt

Special Abllities: lthonans hr{!ln lhc g<.1mc w1lh one
rank 1n Survtval. They ">WI cnay not train SuMvaJ abovf'
rank 2 dunn.p chara<.tcr c;rcauon

lthorian Bellow: V..rilh two mouths anc1 tour ltHOilts,
IUKX.ans ha\~ a unique natutal we-apOfl tt:ey can ca J
upon whC<I threatent<t {Res111cncc: Oarnir.c 6; Cnt.C<l'
4; R;nec [Short!; Bl•~t i. Concu"'"" l. Slow ~mng 2.
Stun ()a1nacr1 lath •ime they u-,c this abiltry, they sur-

frr :S w-arn


Hon1ewo,ld: 'I lie ush. tropical world ol llhor is c:on~ir.lcred
one of the m !il •IUl t"l()rk'l.c; in the ~ixy. anti u: re
rrain!i. so due r<> :he carrtuf rendrnr, o~ the rldl·VCS. Pollution
ond hll C"r are i'l'tirc'y unk11own 011 1thor, thanks l<> the limitirtg of r.cany . II hab t.al10C1 to fl0<.tung c ties 1n tlX' P'anet's

sky ltr1uriilrs rr1dy insie.vd ct'!oosc to d,·.c I o,, the wortcrs
sur1;1cc. 1Jcc.omr1g hrrm .~s •Nho ill.tend to the j ungic·~ n~cd!i
.ard b111dine 1))('1r Jv~ ('\·en rnoic r.lose!y with the·1 IJl:loved

Mornt·r Jung!<
Laneuage: I he 1thorian l;,neuafte 1::, a 01.:irve\ of <"01nplcx.
sterM~oplc IOl,..nds a'r1oq imPo~:a.1b:C to rtprot1.J{e ""lh
Olll U1c spectt mlllLpk: throats. f;>,'1,;(I \\1Uiout fl'(OfH't; In

the b1olof,lca1 fJ nicu111c:.; In r.::produc1ne the lanc11;"1f',e.


tonal \·aratior!\ and inl rlc;,c1es m:>ke 1L O'IC of the moq d1I·
r C'Jli ~o eam n he galdl'.Y

Perception of the Force: Nlost Fo"cc r.ens1t1V(; II hon<;,nS
servi.• .Js pric• '" ol \AoLPt.:1 June c. lerJdinr. and L"C1ucat1ne
tt'.eu ncn:!.s, or wor~ tv .;.Ed .1 mo<e sc1ior pc'ic...a SomP
servcc.I \IS Jed 11l the I 1r11l.~ of •he Hepl.ih!ic, but 111any more
rernainco witt' I.heir own people ro fufll'l£>r t"le r culLiral 1de
al< 1uvw1a1· JC<! 1..ere htgNy •cg3r0r.d lo. ttor e<-.'OlJOn :o
pea<c. anl.I m;')ny<" e:<C:CIJltonally ~k1 lr.o <:1p u1nats
and hralers

The Ou~rmian species is .ln offshoot or lhc Xcxto. pmOuced
throt>P.1' f.eneL1c: t.;Jmpcnne long> by 1-\rk.in13n scientists.

Thoogn ~1'f.'!' l~dfl thctr Xexto c"°"ns. Out1'1!11ars rerd ro
be le" phy$ic;illy Jdcpr; they rarely make full use of their
crc;it hcicht or !he l!Xtcndr.d reach ol theu four am1~ l\~ost
rely lfKtcad on tt.e extci >rvc ment:l OOl\'Ct oflerc~d by their du:il brains. which u1~y u~ to 01.ncr ~IJ!'­
c1es fo1 1heir O\'<fl hcnehL.
Physiok>cf The Ouermia,,.. arc a 1a11. y spec;l~ ,1.-r:h
s!C?ndf'r torws ~urrouode<t by ~1x limbs 1nch1c1u1g two µ~1rs
of arms-~rid r.x1cnded nrck~ nea1ly :is len.gth\' ;is the trunks
frl')ffl \\t th the): nse. Thl'lr \~n tenth t~\-ard ;a pale. ashen
huP ttnd ·~ frcqurntly \vn<hdcd with ~I Rl"'.t folfj'( Their fiJCCS
have only s.ir100lll ~kin wtler~ the noS<.: i~ found on many oth·
er sper ""' mst•a<I. o/lactory orp;ins or· their ~.nos P«101m
lhc tunct1on oi d~cc:ti~ scents.

L1kr the Xexto, Ouenni()ns have two bram~ o ne 1n their
ICcld and-Of'!P> in ltlf"n ctx."'>l Unlike ltlrir cou~ !"k). who dMd~
<.hffc ..cnt fur1crion"> bel\~n the two hr.1ms;. Q.l\:·mk1ns each
have nvo fully rJr:vc!loped 1Jr<1ins. In some Ou~rmians, each
of me ·wo brait'K l"'VCn de\'dops 1ts <n.. n scpilratc pcrcoonaJ
1ty. Jn

Oucrm1an') \\ho art" contrOll<!d by a Hllhed mind. tt.c

'\CcondJry brain oper::itcs 1n l.3ndcm w1tll thf'l hrst. pro<.Css
1nr. input w1lh fl level of drt;1il and 1n<. gilt that seem ur
Crl!'lrJ\' u- r1 ..;ny other spP(.e.. In parucu!ar. th•· dual btd'rS
of the 0\.1t!1mi<1n\ allO\v thrm to rrJd othcnv1~e und,·lt!Cl·
\jble ~1t:na!s 1n lhr body l:>nr.uage or an~, species Ouerrri·
"'~s ~times c-.:ploit lh1 inderstandng ro c.-ommunit.ate



s~c1es in the galaxy are as thoroughly
misunderstood as the Oue-rm1ans, ~.. ho find
that a quirk of their dual-brained biology leads the
ienorant to assume that many or e·vcn alt of them are
Force-sensitiv~- The C'duc3tcd ,..,,de!~· ridicul~d this
assumption dunne the days of the Republic. ~-when the
Jedi were widely knO\-.n In cur rent times, hO\•i-ever.
I mperial misinformation campaiens have taken ~1,ihat
wJs already a dlAcult reputation to li..,·e with and
made it nl'arty unt·earab!e.

their natural insight occurs on a lC'\el as bac;1c to them
ac; \'1S1on or any oth~r sense. Tht?se Ouerm1ans who
ignore their insight s still have mixed SUCCf''>'S avoidinP,
the stiem<> that hac; come to surround the species.
as they ar(' olte1 ~rce1\ed as d1straacd. •n3ttenti\t>
or even shifty. Ouermians who m.:inagc to convince
business partners or traveline companions of their
normality are matched in r.umbf'r by those •,11ho find
rhe!'i'selv('c; pegged as conni\'1ne or eerie C'\.-tn as t.,(')
try to ;1yo1d demonstrating any otf-putt1ne talents _

\li.i'hen inter<Jctine \'·dth other species, Ouermi.:ins are
now raced with an unenviable choice They can make
u~ of tr.e1r natural talents. intuiting the crvx of any
conversation and resolvrng their business ~asily, o r
they ca n try to ig nore their insights a nd behave as
.~ they do not knoo...: as much as they truly do Some
Oue-rmians ;•,ho choos.e the latter path comparr 1t to
walkine around a corner with thr.1r eyes shut. as

Perhaps the o nly benefit in alt of this is that trui~
Force-s<'nslt1ve Qucrmians are hclrder to di5.eern fr.::im
their P'<"rs if they do not us.covert Fore~ Powers. On
wor1ds where the lmpcnal authorities have p,rown sick
o f responding to false- alarms. careful ForcC'·sensitives
migh~ be Jble to p.J~') off their talents JS 1ust more
inherent oddities of the species


s:tenUy [hrougt\ minute stufts in posture. atto.~1ng tni..•ni to ac'

tn concert "'1thoot 1ny words bt.'111g ~rh.11"1£ed. Tttt.• k.'\el ol
1n~1t;ht and commun1Cal1on QuermMns ar~ known to
h<Js nlvcn thern a strange reputation among other species.
who sornetimes ~uspect tth,:n1 of po~c;e~ng furlh., (.itts. 01
ever. n .r:.narc- Foe-cc SCO'i:ltlMlY

Society: OuerrnlJn society is l(lreely fo(u~t-d inwilrrl. with il
s1111ple. commun'7tl lifC!)tyle allows md1V1du.als to concentrat£'
on thetrownnecd~ By lhe<L11K!ardsof most advan- <dsoci
eties. the Ot.erm1an~ tonsufl"'l{l very little. l\1any mt'1nbcrs or
the ~nc<1es spend rnuch ot their rime un u11(1ng10lc pursoil's
such ::is philosophy or the produc1Jo11 ol art hterarurc-. and
m.1\1C. The nJture of OueuraJn Mltu1t1on .'\nd comrrurucatJDn
is such that mt>fnbr-rs of the'-1r wctely who \Vant fvr basir
ne<:csslti~f) <1rt! eflsy to idcnt1ry. dnd sw1f1 aid is rypr1.:ullv rcn·
dercd to tllt..-se individuals. rvcn lhe mn~t scltish Out:rmians
can rarefy stom;.-ft readmg the pa10 ol the.r lclk»"' lor long,

v.rncn in the <.ompany ol sentients outside their ~pecics
Oucrmians ollcn opcr.te VC'ry d1ffcrrnily, l Ability to
read 01.her species 1s nol a~ Sharp ilS their undersLJndine.
ol ead\ other HO\\.,...,, 11 ooes offer Ux.,,, M e<IC:C 1n most
soci:ll ma~c-uvcrng. giving them ~01Hclh111p, Qf a JCJ')IJlcll!on
as 1n3111pulator~ or hucksler$ Cert..::unly, c;ome Ouc11n1ans
rrwl in thc-ir dlJiluy to so e"slly discern hit'tden motives and
desires_ ,11dlough mmiy Sl:llply use tlle ~11Mt to <M>d beinP.


Ho m~vorld: Thti anccslors of modern Qucrn1i.1nc; were
narr1cd lorOUerrn'-1. theYt01kion whteh tnc Arkani;)O(.Sfttlcd
tne1n. Aflcr the anc.:cot Arj(,;I01<lns IDO\'l<d on. the Oucrm: ;ins
dt!velopPd their society. <.entr.rOO un ~1 1.arcety peace·
ful communal lifestyle and Lile contemplation of phllo<0phy,
nc long peace or Ouem-.n society <"'1 at least pan•i!y be
a·:nbute<l to th<: c•se w th Vltildl the >fl"<tt'.'< rs able to tom

mumcaLc and sh,:1re its feehnft..~ and concrrns.


Of cour Ouemu..l • history 1!> not cnt · ~Y pe.l(l;(u ll
though stnre uSl.ia!ly nas ca!l'">e from outs(ie 1nttur.ncc roll r·r
than intcrna, strueelcs. D1.1r111g ltu~ Clone w .1rs. Ou!!rrn1a
w.:ic; isol.:Jled from U'c Rcpubl c in ~Ppa,.atist spJce. and 1t
~uffCJcd t't•ch-ity under :)n extem. .. ~ Ok>QQdC W1lh lh~ fall
of the Sep.iraust cause, the hlOCK3dc was I fled, bur In pc
rt<JI ru'c i~ nol usua ly cons1de1ed a ~ut.n~Wrll ial improvr
u1t•nt Jmonc the gcrcr'-!llY pcactful OJc:-1ri1.ins Cive11 th~
Ern;>trt•s propagar;dJ camp.c:rf;.n against the Jif"di and Its
ptJrges of Force usc1). some Q;;erm,;irs even lrar thal tnr-1r
lrequently mi<unde1stood tale:1ts rrieJll lead 1he Empire lO
l:tkP dra~uc meas.ore~ (l'!3·nst thC'nl
Languagl!! Ille 0 wrmar ~I!<' v.tid- goes by tt~
:.amc nitn1c .:as 1he spi:cic!i. is \;nown mostl}' for .ts 1relodious
~un<f How<Nr.r, ir is l!lso .1IJ:ngu.J~e 1N1th a gr<'.1l deaf ol Sf><'·
cl.Jlt1cd voc~bu,ary. dc-.e'o;>cd owr th<! speor<' 'o•ig n '"''"
ol plli0>01)hoca mtro'PC<bon, AlthO<rgjl mo>t Ouermoan>
illSO spe<i~ fluent 8.15 I., Lhey t.a~e great prioe 10 ttlPir OW!l
k1nguaer. en;oymg 1L ror i1s sound ~5 •Nell o~ ror 1h" ease '"·Ith
wh·ch j· c.1n expr~!.CO.'Op·cx a~mc· cor 1c~pto;.

Perception of the Force: Atro Je'' t~e Oll<'Miia:is do not
po~ess a more 1nherrot affir.1r1 for u--e rorro than do 1uost
orher SPf'CIC~. they h<lve long bccu ;1<isoci,1ted w!ch ils 1nys
cenes.. M\lriy prorr:.inent Jc<:f hJ\•tJ been 0Jcrm1an. 1rKIL1d
1ng ~..t1::.l4..,. ''arael R:>ot. \vhO ~t <in rhe Jed ~tigl'l Co.1nr11
umil hi~ d-.ath, shoruy ocfore LhP. Clone-~~"- Furt~ermore,
their oc1tur;il 1n~1ght htl'i 11.>d many outsid ers to assurnc- chat
,..,II O:.rern1 :\!'IS are Force-sensitiw In lhC! current s•ate o! the
e;ikocy under Empcro1 Pa'patone. this ai.;umpuon caJSM
many problems ror Oucrmian~ abroad acrOS!; t.tle g.11.1xy.
who ric;k being tun1t!d in or huntC"cl as J-orcC" u~rs.. cvcu 11


art> no·




ucrmiJns have an innate understandine of body

laneuaee. even extending to other species.

Members oi this species a:in communicate basic
concepts (no more complicated thnn "this place

Wound Threshold: 10 1 Brawn

is dangetous" or ~ that being is untrustworthy1 to
each other nonverbally using subtle cues from body

Strain Threshold: I 0 + Willpower

language. Depending on the si tuation. Game Mas·

• Starting Experience: 8~ XP

ters can also add • to checks Ouermians make to
determine the intent of a living being whose form

they can clearly observe.

Special Abilities: Oucnnians bcein Lhe ~~a rne wlLh one

rank In Perception. They still may not train Perception
above rank 2 during character creaL1on.

• Additional Limbs: Oucrmitins h.Jvc six limbs: tth'O legs
and four arms As a result, Lhcy gain an additional rree
oianeuver per tum. a1mough they still may not perform
1nore Lha11 l\vo maneuvefS per cum



he existing specializalions For Seekers in th<? FoRcE AND
Dts11NV Core Rulebook illuminate the career's rh~n1cs of
exploration, and ~elf-reliance. often in \'tild('rncs..~ or
rcmot~ territories. The three spec1ahaH1ons 111 SAvACE SP1R·
ns offer ntm• means to 1ndcpendenlly purSu!! tt:ese eoals.
whclhcr lhroue,h pcrtonning ~ctha l climinauons. ernbraoog
Secl ud~ hfC'SlylCS. Of d SC0\1Cring Cffr.<:ti\IC ~thWilyS. rhesc
nc!\v spec:1aluat1011s: can also enhance any <<lrccr should a
pla)•cr cnoose to lap 111to one as a non·carcci svccii1li1al1on

The Cxecuuoner ls a O'li;tsLer al efhc1ent and ncccssa1·l kill
ir.ft usinp, an~rLhing lronl precision sniper weapons to vicious
blades. and bnngs tcthal cornbat skills to the Set?ker t:arcc1
Tile Henn·t offers abili~ics dr.sicned to exp.1nd his knowh:!dge
of the Force as well as to help the ch.::Jrartcr avoid outside in
tcrtcrcnce; this spec1ahL.Cllion a11ows Seekers to better hone
their wilderness and anirna1 handhr.g skills_ The Nav13ator
excels at finding illc bcs1 routes across lond and spa<e. an<!
can be Jn csscntlill part of any group voyaging through uncharted j~nG,!cs or searching for lost \<\'Orlds.

All Seekers. regardles' or thci1 speclal1aition. have six core
e<Jteer 5'1lls: Knowledge (Xenologyl. P1lot1ne (Planetary),
Piloling (Space), Hanged (Heavyl, Survival. an<l Vigilance. skills represenl the core are;.; of competency Lhal <ii
Scckrrs Jrc likely to possess or develop. Seeker characters
automririt...11ly r..iin one rank each in any three ol these skills
of their choice without spending stanjnR experience. ctnd
they receive a d1scouo1 \vhen t11ey spend. expenence to pur·
ch;ise ranks in any ot {hesc skills.

E.1ch speciali7.J;tion also has its own list of four addillorwl
C(lrccr skills. from which pl.1yc1s select two for their ctiarat
lei. This may ilflO\'I plily~rs to select J skill twice ilt creation.
ltw~ beginning with two rilnks in thal skill No chQractcr may
Slart the game w ith n101e than t!/\'O ranks in <1n>f skill, how
ever, regardless of h<»v inany opportunitJcs UH~ playct may
hrivc h~d to scle<:t il (such as by comb1rno.g a f1ee rank fro1ll
<, species with one from the career hsl and one lr-0rr1 lhe
spcciali1ation fist)

I:Ii:~ =<@!DlfD@~~[;l
vr 6 vr ·1t:JJ,10U\ vr7


cckcrs of1e>n focus on survival in hO\lile. M!ttuigs whert
the~r n1ust rcty st>iely on the r own .Jb11i11e~ Such ~If

reliance c-i:tn dlso

~ rc~lccted

rn the r combat abl Jlll""Jr.. as

co<h s'Xlt Cit stnke mJS: end a battle as S>'iiltly as poss> <'
~lcrc y \'l'OUnou\g or O.._'>Uading a toe rs nor wfflcieflt ·n tf'~

C.;05es. as o~en only one µ.~.11ty lecivc uie encountPr il1r11('
Executioneo; crnllOdy lh" focus on proclsc 1cu1a!i1y Many
b~orne feared nrros:t syslern~ fo1 lhC'lr ~ffcctive rneao'. ol
c1irf11flat1n1! any lh1eat rcqu1r(I~
remove.I Detcrm1n·nc )\'f1teh Lh1ccsl~

deserve ~'lei: dP>d 1 and persooal
\ll:cr.:ior.. thc>ugn. an rn.1~e


complex Juutenient


Such decision!. etnd
1hc mclhods by whk:h

lht!y rendct th~m can
'' so ead Exccutloo<rs
down the oolh to
lhe dark SlCe

lxi,;'(utiofl~ arr pe11·aps. the cm00<11n eni. or u1c Sef'k<'"
career as a~x fY~iltor. a-10 they ex:"'cf at 1.he art of dcJtrl
While other Ci-JfC«~""; <lnd spec:1a!.f1ll 1l'lllfi can produce eUc.•i.:
live fighters, Ext•<.ulloncrs arc more C()O(flrnc-d wiU1 ·r1ax1
m11in.g Ille dan1Jc1· ti .ry i1flict to e11st1rf'.) Quick. definit \'(.'
rnd 10 then confhc 1-, G·\·cn thc-ir emerr 1 P. con~ec:Lion lo !I 1C

Force. he·e a..e fl,.~ ,-.ho can matct:
ltitl ~ to ac?Ut!\·~
~~ .

hi~ ~·ti..1 ct-aractCf~·

t:.xec.utiorl'r'. rctrr"~ Discipline. Mclee, Perception and
Ranged (Heavy) ns ~ddillonal carc<:f ~kir~. rcflccllng thPlr
rl~adl y and eU1c1c-nr :lpplicaHon ol v1ulc11cr. CharacLcrs wtlO
\('lf"Ct this as Lfleir ~1<1rting spcoal1tallu1· fllt>Y <-hoosc two of
t.hcsc skffs and g<jnl ()nC' !rec rank 11 eath w1ll•out spcndint'

swrting_ exoencm.t•

ngt':t \'ICYI

t:xccJtlOOPf'fj ,,...


•;ilers, 00


i'i a ~1 rr1pl1sli<. v.r-•'' K1 h11g ts oflf'n th<' tJutton1e of co1•1b 11.
but Cxecut1oncrs n1ieh· at:cmpt i.o :1vo1<1 cor Jlic:: alogethc1.
as th.eir ai:n is ouly ror (1 faial end fo1 lhrir 1;1;-ect. Th;s c:oul<J

ever n:C'.ar a 1~1·~el •!. clu11in()tco

by lone tance tirr or a de
Cl'· ..~ li(lh:s.:twr !l.1t1 ...e be-lofC C\ff bcco~r11ne JwarP 01 any
C4Jitt1' \'\~n e r'I n.i:1rg OfX! Sil\'{"S ~t1ndrcds o' ott"1"\ or

frl-n er.-~re \'tlt.1.~ 'r(Jm suff~ ne m;"lry E.xccJtl()~r"' ~
their )'•0'" a.c; pC"rh.10~ distasteful, tJ-1t <rrta1n,y neces-xi·y
[XC<'.Utioncr~ a~e not .:llW()YS

rrrr1. dl~PJ::t~IOll-OlC ;J55aSSIOS,

though many :ire d11vt!r hy inrC'll1"<'1 1.1lher lhan emotion
Some r'lay ((11' vir"'N Lhci-- c:a!hnc .o:i~ a rir.hH~ous one. cC'lcbtJI
Jni! each ltlrt•al lnt'y remove bt!fore rl ran h.rrr- oUle~- OU
Cr\ mig!l'. set: e.:t<.h Jt1h.1I act as a \.lf'p •O\\:Jtd rede'Tip~on
IOI' past s;r1~. ,n1c.l nR dca:h shoukJ rf'Vf'r be an easy ac.t.
ho'/\'€\'er l ho~c ~ho trivi<1.izc 1t or ~o'Tlc too e'TI0~1on·
ally ,1uvc.hctJ lo their go.1·~ i.llt! at nsk of bC(Qn1

mg cl'lhrall0d by the <Wk <id0
o' U 1· r<>rcc whic:h 'SOftlP
f.X<.'<.UliOl"C'l"S mig,'lt I Ol
re st ,; IJ.I ii far too ate


SEEKER: Executioner




~ r,mk,




Career Skill$: Knowledge IXenelogyl, Pilotlng lP~aMUryJ, Piloting lSpaeel, lffeawvl. S1niVal, Vigifa111;e
A1lhfitioaal Cartt:r Slil1s: Disci11ilat, MtJ•e. PerceptioD, A~Dfed lfftaql


ol Ouirl\

hol~tl"r .1 wc·.:,uno or xrf'<;
•..t.i:l' l"' .1:. .in inridt>f'!l,;JI

,it~] rist <:Jl\'!l"'l".11.1t11.11.1• nnt

·on l'f


11">' .....



•n.: ~· ii

~nin ,,


Onr<" IJL'I rourn:J. draw 01

~lnkt" to 1hc<k-.




Survival chedt t f!Jl!!..J..:
!/tr' Ahiil¥ of lll .111,111-.\

IJQ'•\t'I fOltl!lj'


0. vri,

. '""•-'' "HMd f++t!

t to fl,_'\ "'
\U he. \Vil


'"'• h



I.JI'' vi ~- .n. Rn'f> Kt
()1h. ,I

Ir! irY



l 1t.11\h•Hlfipoinent5

rn.1d!' :tP,1lll',I " WI\,'< t .JI

long rang(' unrn 1h1· 1•11cl c:I
0'<- thJIJ!..lC(:, 111'.ltl 11•11



11!..: l..'\.',:ich•1 \uJds 1 10
µct ·-lnk. <•I I rrh:il Ulv.·.'> t.cJ

Su;fer 2 str,Jii1 h fw>ffnrm

t.ll'f'j CJ'



11 ln11irv mils







Onn: pct h'>.M¥J. ffl<l'r' nt•r
fonu Pr\-'U:A'. Aim m,mf'u
\'tf Su~·,- " r:t:JCtlt« 1-./
11'.~ dt.:.lAll' th.:., I . . .
•" r.:- At mw. tl'drn

1:a- rank of (Juli),
~II lo.<• lo COl1"tl<.;t (h:'k."
it llffit lVi)"'K It\
l'o\.' fl.l

lft.:f~ IU'..-"t.'(• .:tt~ fijL<-~

<1t'f<1N' l'r\' 1h:11 nunlh"r

TIIP r*\1 ...... 11'!

I\' 'A'llU

D<":i1.1r:~· "111ll ro t :..,,: l.N:•


(>rt.:.t.· ;A't IC.- J 1111 lll"f·
fonn Pree r.c Arm nunr>u

Tf'rr1fv1r·~. 1\11! 111(.jllCtM'r .11
l~ iflGlp.u 1.1· r~. 01 1111iir\

""_.' Su!ft.•1 " 11u111hc•1 of
!lbJiu no r:m;llPf rt1.11· r.ln~"
!!1 i'h:~' Aim. 1111·111t"'1UCf

r;.: 1l1f ...ii

~ f{)Pf<;; ...

110 GH.! I 'I

u1y Rull 0

F1 't'P rat


lt'l1'tl\oCV.. t..


I f,lfi.''-.'\J


·~ .. 11.i)IA d )
I -.LI.Al -.i m "h.v:lC.~­
w1.t.11 "l "-· "1 ".Y~

I c du1
rx"' r:ml 11• h.11 Hl•xr.. to

.my {)11i1 ,11

1111.•v ~011s




~ .;: Cl "-k'.CY.~ r JI
.1u..i.. t w1l!1 .. r:o11 ~1.w. 11

vetl"h' '""1pnn. lhP rh:ir.1•
lei 111.1y i.JX'll!! one Destny

OremJ1nscon1mill11i hn

1'l111 1t In 'tdot r1.1rrn,l)"'<.~lllJ•

• ~ Uic. Llk':r11 .ir,
ll' '' • .l' lY.CfL-jl h°i)1



h, \V 1·11;o.•>er to Ofl{' h


iLJP.XLted ..

1· itjiJl1.@iii!i •


l.iM. :1~ ti.1<?1i..ed tor Ol"''h
fll,1!lNl\'(Y, (~fllllltll\,!
/\ild {'.) \') kl i UJllh°ll





' ~

V..-1 •• .U.):~ f;C(l',,JIJI:'

i('rlo:.!.1 Thi' r-anr.01 hot¥: .1

'XI Cf<'J;iC1 lh.m hi• R1rr!'
.\l!!'lfl lO 011.: t ht'.I'- fht•

cl'lar.ictt.1' 11\oJ\ '>rn1d Cl 1,
J<>.l \'J u I ) t) J I>
·r.-r ~ d


c .e•rk

lhl' I hJ.fJdl'I 111,J'r' .idd 0

tr. t


1.hJhJl.IJ.:'f .Iii .-:hQ'.'t'6


Wn e

most See<c~ are often SOiitary and se~·rcliant by
nature. some go beyond this simple tendency toward
recluSIOll and desi~ to operate 11\d~pendenUy A 11re isolaU:d
'rom the rmpoSJtions and ur1tati0ns of ou~ is instead the
eoal for lhem. so that they can develop illelr ab1litic-. and con

nectt0ns to '.he Force '" relo~>e calm. Free lrom ootslde d.s
tractions.. lhe'Sc Hermits can lunhcr ttlemsctves ,n v.~ys prf?\-1
ousJy unimaelO()bJe LO them. fhosc who can be convinced to
rejo.n ~iety can be ol grcal v.ilue. not ooly"' their ""'o/ the
Force but also 1n dcnl




surviVJl and deadly


For Hermits. sohtudc i5 not necesscJr11y a rC$JI. of abhor·
rtoe social interact.Jons or lacking <.1ny ~klll':i 'N llll Lhem Some
Hc:-mits net:t have cvr.n sought remolr life to escape f'rorr.
outside entanglements They mJy hov~ hod Ct\Jshing debts.
11;,d bounties placed on U':eir heads. or even deseMd from
the lmpcr1a' m111t.ary. Hcrmns •Nho ~re secfus-orr a'te< dis
covering thctr nr>~rt:nL Force ab1hties rnuy U!'.C lhcir isolation
to roore fufty concentrate on :nc.O\er1r'i :he °'.etr
mysLenous nei.\ powers Mea1wcon can nor only t':ctp them
become n1orc Jn tune \"1lh rhc Forcr. but nlliO !>trcnp,thcn
thetr conncctio!"I w th n.ature and tile 'it1"TOuf1d1ne. 'AikU1fc.

Hermi1s are no1 only S<'>litary dnd se1r.rcliarit. Out al$O seek

co rnaint-1 n tt'etr 1solabon agaanst :n:rudcrs and others "no
would <l1sturb their reclusive \:Xistenco. Some even hone
l~Cir al>l~y to'""> d othe~ to eicat ex:ent lhc bellcr to es
c..ipc unwanted attention, To rcprC"SCnt this. ~iermits rccen.-e
Dl>Kipline. Knowledge (Xenology). Stealth. :md Survival
as 3ddit.ona1 career sl< lls. allow ng l/'.cm to b<>tter dM:lop
their connections not only \•lith the Fort:.;<.:, but also local with
Uora and tauna Owaclcrs wno sclec1 this as thc'.r stai Lng
spec1ahr.itt0n may ct':~ t\ro ot tnesc ~u~ i:lfl<! g;un one
l't"C•e rank in each w1Lhoul spcnd1og srart111e, expenen<t~

Despite their previously isoL>ted ways o• life. ltlOO!il'.
Hcnn1ts are powcrfu\ aacHtions lo groups \l\•ticn p;;irl1es arc
stranded in har~ CtMrOnment). whcttier s~..~lter ng Jung1es
or b~ rr en ice ""a)lc'ands. Hcrmu~ likely reel they arc rctum1ne. to their home~ Many find suc.;h loc3tions rnorc rclilxiog
'""n me ot1tcnse ind•Slry and lr•ntlC pace o• typocaf CibeS.
e!.pcciiJ.lly in Cote systems.. Their sl<.ills 1n deanng with these
WlldCHlCU 1egions makC:S th~m 1n\ra Uclblc for C1S!Jr11(? fnc
?t1rty's surviva when the characters vert1,.;re into the "'Ids
I lermn.~ skills In unciv1hzOO 3reas ,,,~o comes into play
when tac1ni dane,erous ar1rr,ats Of untamed creatt...tcs lfl:e

group desires to use as steeds Living 1n lhe wild.. Hermits
onen d-lop cio'IC bclnds w th it.Sr fellow crcatur~ and
CDn form companionships that might lase 1iletnres. Mary
or these $eek.el~ lJSC Lhelr ro(CC Dbillt1eS. POSMbly uncoll·
>e;10<JS1y. lo Strenctnen cstabl~ connccoons '"lh animals
as wen as to fonn new ones.
Despite h.,,~e :r.'t'd '" iso ation f0< lor.g periods. Her
m1ts are not unprepared for conflict tvlost l".avc maintained
L~mset\ies. ,..e1J. simoly in order to survive in \)r'I un!ore,v;:ng
\••1idemes.s where wealhPr and <:\'ell IOCal pl.J~t fife can be
as hostile as any ~enti~nt encrny. De:lling w1lh daneerous
crcatJrcs dod h0<1ing thcmsel\'CS to 3\<0id such •ttacks can

wrn Hermits 1mo equally danecrous combawnts. Overall.
I.his sotttuck car~ build po"1Crfu1 ndividuals. ab•e r1ot only to
tnr1vc tn the h.ari;nest ot cnvtronr.lents but afso to a-d others
unprcparc."d ror life outside advanced urban settrngs..





SEEKER: Hermit
~rttr Skins: K11owt1tlge tXe•tl111yJ.• Piloting (Pla1etaryJ, Piloti119 IS,aul, Ranted tffeavyl,
A••it11111f Career S•ills: Oi1cipti111. Kllowletlge IX1110JogyJ, Stealth, Survival


Rt'lll'.M' JO 10 • •




d11!•t:~ (-0







\\1'1E'n in 1hr l\-.dc1l'lt'<.\ 1he


nf .in c11lMter

Q: ;er f'le:tl 111.)1 n,.rf-<M
oi:•'IAA.CdSif• .,. •• ,kitt"J,e



<~lorn ~..._1.U

°' th1:



Rrt'f•::o.l:. µt.1
of Con
J1t1t.rt'd l~orn Arhlelit\ dlld
!Ponliri.Jlion 1hrrk<: Re
Jt:f> fhP. d.1m.~· 11'11'..i \lrnm
~ r.w1k d C.lll I'll~ ftP"!1


t..1"" 1 I for'< r· rJtriP,


Cur·1w1 <hf"<
.11• 111·-t che ch.1r.1( 1c1

sul'cru-J 11-.iul f.'llhnr. by 1
l'('f' nnkol C:1:wid1tion~ I




-· -

.,,, '10 c -e.1 .t

t. 11J1.>1.'(1 ;;fli

~ '-' ct'.Y'.ll 'f ~·.:'!If S4J
ft•r 1 ... ~·J:fl{t 1,:CltuU'I-

.;nim.JI"') ucxl rhl'<'k,

Ch.'t1JCtt.'t nuy llt.\11 his
JI.Ill f:lftnr. :«-. t1PIN! eQl.IJI


Wht.·nM'Pr 1hl· <.h"r.:icter's
honcled anim;1I 111..iM.'!> J
.u<.tl'~h.11 romn 11 CF\ed\
'.! cl tJterf .' !'!\J)
t L't mflK.til'W,<h~~i'to
lll'lr.f,1d1• tile d1!11C ully cl
th11 larger:. Ol')(I dtt.>tk

<•''"'" mc;tead


()-(1! !IC! :.C~'.!1111. !Tl..:l;' !C

••·l:tnv I Rl... ,"'lf·po1Su1



Once IX'f :.c:.:w\,111. \Vhfrl
111.1k111r. :i sir~:k· <he'ck. the

. ,,.._., .....lllliliiiiil
•'Ill. • j1..
'r\'hL·o ~j'>Pf11l1111: ,l mi.Jneu

Oc\'('ic)f) IOng tefm honlt
v.1th "AWC' animal c.f <-dhfiu·
Cltl' l."'J.lli to half f O"Qo f,Jl
"'C ~ do.'in

v ...._ll .xlO'i> • tu ren

<"tlo\.iS. Rt_.-

<luo~ >--..·d.1m..i,.,. .1111.f~Jll

t·iliiiM'' 'm. •

(nr-my wilh111 ~h1,>1 t r.ior,P

Hccn:A'C' • fX't n11h. of Crin·


rrr."t)'rr!o)~a ~

1-) SuMval ch«k ,.
~lt:JCJ ut l1,.cipfim · <Y ~
!O lt~t'".\'Y\'CrSUain ;11 tt~ Cf10

~k, II ~U"l.hd, !hi
L..v~ rrrrM'I" •Jfi'rn eQ:J;:il



• .,,.......- .c++i

kir\lt"!I Wire h d·.


0.vr po' eo(Cf.111n w!ll1l
11J11e J t• : ri·itorm

t:hxJ,~ to lw'lli kit.IC.. i\J




\\lhcu Ui:! rh'1ra< If·1 per

form'> ,, Sul\<1"-al or K:...,...i
edf?l•P'u otig.') Q..111 d&'("

tW',...,.,. ru1 0 no f'1<.JCu
chJn hr, klrt.c (.)nl'lr, toe.•
Cl'IJ.f<K'tl'lr nlayspeno {) 10
<1dd ~ (I( ti IU\l".Y1ri1\
dk.Jllt•) to the 1a.uh

Thr rh.J• ;.tt.tcr mJv .perIt!
I Desl ny Pou1. tu m:lkl!
h1111'4'lf undetcllable via
fof((' POl'tt'f!> <ind rn.lkP
hi'> QM} ~ Co


Lct'<l f& I~ tem.J ri..:c:rol
.1n t.'111,.QOOT£'r

CA::( Y 1~J,Q 7

ce~r.:. arc often Jl the rorcfro~\t of exp1ocat1on (Jt1-1ih1n&
bdc>. the OORM of U1~ unknown across planet> Jn~ 'Y'

rr.ore 1rnportu1l than the plotting needed to unctrn.ak~ 1l, ar1<.I
dCtcrmioinr. 11.s bc~l method i1nd route unhnport;,nt when
compCl.rcd lo \"hat <1w<.111s .,, lhc dcstinauon. OrMr;, thour.h.
see thes<' as pi:11ia1J1.t iJl icas.1 as impon.anL. and r1·r1:1111ly
mo~e otrwnauy •M'Ql'd 11g. N.w!€,1tors rcptc~l those Sfoo(·,

Nav1{l.:1:ors 1re ollf"I lhrv\:11 to hnd si..:cn routes on lht1r
own. ar.d mi{?'lt he-comt• Ufll(,lli..:d wnr.n inferior p.1<;S.:1(!<'S itrt:
tt!;cd. Not resrin(! uo1 it 1t·~ best µJth is diSCO\'cred a!'ld fol·
lowed. they soon b('(Omr oored wht!ll ~uCCC!\!\ is achieved.
d:;, lherc 1s no ch.:il!e1lCJl 111 lollow1ng e111 cslJbl~Sh('d route.
k>i wmc NavigJtors. 1r11~ 1~ :i nl'VPr end rlg qt..L'Sl, <1'10 they
iJ'C a!wo}~ !\cc<irg 10 s~11ve ,11i;.t onC' !ifVil y-ea1 fror11 ci nypcr
space lane. or ar hou~ 'ro1n a r1~v ·Sit.>r K!l'1 nr. rh:u

r~ hype"l!).-.ce p.~ or

can al\~ happen as they bt">fomr- more protx:K·nt ~·1lh rhc
J-01ce_ Jt.e for(t' (.)n a.ISO J CM them to OHef gutd3!1lC u( 3


lems throughout thl"' r,nlaxy. Most Vi()w thl' rnic;~1on lltjClf d~

""".v'><> ocwir 111t-ms..•.,,. Icily to tnesc aspect> from cM11

pkitt 1.g Cl''efl.11-.d rout"'- No mat·
;er the em11ont'N'.'flt non~ can match l\i.;nlg.1totS when ltlf'Y
sc> .aoout d~K111lg .1 c()Ul'Se_ When Navigators U<";t? the k>u.tthe1r abilittcs m1eht fl't'rn appear more reh<.1nt on f1nr.1s11c lud
than ski!! t<> tnc ur11111lldled


icss tactical and n Ole \ptn:Ul nalute a~ rmcs as. 'A'ttl, sornc
t.1'nr. t~at can .J ~ .-. 41 ltt~ PCs n the r 30\'t'r:tt.iies..

f\.a\.rf..ato~ arr oflcn t~xC'ellcnt

pilors a~ Y.e I, Dul Ux sc Sct."kcrs
a<e~?y mar" 1nterest('<j n
the best \v;;y tor lht: r \Chrck: to
arrne <;af~'Y af1<1 cxpedrt1ou>ly
L'lan 1n it~ rirrpowcr or rn.ancu
verability_ Somrol tl1t~e111d1v1du4
~!$ rnay have ~pPnr their cnlirt! lr\'e~

iu space, moving frorn ship to ship or
~o\'01ki 11e, onr spcc1hc a1~a fllled wiltl h<U·
ardous i.l~lcroids or ncst.s of black holes. Mosl
travel exlc11~1vc-ly, fC'gardle~~ of their orir.ins.
a ways seeking oul ni'W. uncharted reg.ions in
need ci tre•I lJ M <C>

'<3'11!a•ors re ...., Astroeation Kn<M1edge
(Outer Rim) ~r<eption and Survival J'
addll!Or'! I care<. -.k.~ls. reprr~ntlng their skills Jl
.ocat111g """ mappulj; out palhw•yS both planct:Jry
4nQ srcl!ar Cttarattrrs who select th1~ a~ their 5t..'.)rune
spcc1aliwtion may chaOS<' rwo or these skllls Jnd ~'" onr

free Tank In CJCh without sµendinc stan1n4~ ~xpt:ncr1<.t: The
addition or ;\s!rof_."ltion allows Navii;ar,0rs to truly cx~cl In

outer space. whcrr lhCy ciln help ensure 1he troup .u111vt:-;,
speedily and ..x:c.v~lrly 10 distant s.tar systr.-m'i

Na-, eztor> 31c also cxcclcnt on planets. <harttnt: 1001<.,,
°'"'sea. la'ld. ao<f ai1, as .....ii a!.<~-cn O<b1L1; ""la&e> lhN
skiJ:s are ~wlv cntica1 on unchart<.'d 'l\Orkf~ but they .J!I!
a:SO vaLiabfe 1n urb."lr't sctUl'lf,S. \\tuch can be.• n unf01thoni

e1ltte a.. ar.y dcnst> 1urteJ~ or rndless steppe. \Vhl'r1 th<' PCs
nc<!d to fine the fa"St.e'lt. ').ifc">t. or least conspit·uou~ wiy 10
'Cach lhcir dc.. unat1un. Novigato<s are whom they lum 10.
Invaluable tn c;J1nsc4i. whether Lhe PCs arr I ry1nri to run l.Jown
their quarry or c~JPO pursuit, NaVtgators can r,ivc• n grouµ
it needs U~' locating rhc most erfictt?nt rou1r





SEEKER: Navigator




RemC'te • per 1ank. ol Ex·

'.Vhm• 111akic+~a Sll c:~lw1:.l:
or Survi\'al :~LI rhP.t k. lo

flr'l<J>:.-; or rr;Jdo: lJrg_ers.

rank.s n Shorl<:Ul to .:irf)•

tu !..!<Xk J

rh('rk<t. m'lrlfl Ill rarm or

l.tJrgl:I hV IMlf.


IX'! 1 o l


Gu111 l l :.l.rJtn llm.::J!ol:J.

c--scape an cppooent


Ou1inf. a dMst:. lh•! d1a1.K
ff'r .¥Irk 0 flr!ll.11 10 his.

pl'!l ltJlio.'f l!Olll (ilCLkS to



&areer Skitl.s: Knowledge tXepo1ogy), Piloting tPl.anetaryl, Piloting ISpacel1 Ri nged tHeawyJ, Survival, Vigilance
Additional Career Skills: A.strogation, Knowledge lOttter RimJ, Perception, Survival



G;,11.:ixv M<1pp1:1 lro111 ;'°'",

\":hen c:11~11\g 1t1 J lt~

Remove • pr1 tank ul
Pl.lTlC't MJrper frooi Slrf'f'I

lrOP,;lf1on rh...rk<: A-<',lr<>r,1
uon C'le<~ wke hJlf r'liir·

u r 1,1n>, nkl)' :.ultcf 7 9.f.110
lo ~>l ld ~ Ct"M~l to t<l!i~ Ill
Short!'llt in thP rtiE"<'.k.

l\'ISC or SuM\'al ctle<h.s fur 1w~.Jtt0n (11l a

fio'l.frd f'tl("m\' .'t'> <in our of


turn irr:::identill

Rt>llltM' •

mJI lune

M:>)' ~)P.lfll I [):~tiny Point
l o di::.t>tlP.<!fl.C lum1 cu

Such <:hcO:S .w:i

1.:1kc lt<Jtl !'lcxnul l1111c.



j•11111J,!l!ltffiMi• ,.._,..



equ:1! to hii.

ranks in Shorlc-Jt to



Md0 ~r of tJncan
'IV Senses to .111 f\>r<.'e!l"

D111iue •~ ch:t.>t~ U'.:C 1.:h•.:.i.;x.

IC'r :irid·~

;;in ·~·

11vn <.llc:<ks.

LiK.'(k.S m;;ia,_~ 10 1\;t...-h or
C!".CJpC ,)fl OPf'Ollen·

Reme>.-e •




C;;itJx•; M:ipp~r 1rom A.".

1roe.1oon checks A.s.trop,a·


,.... ,....._. h,1lf t'.<ll'

rn<.il hUll!.

Rr.1n:M! • p1:1 r.1t'1k ol
rt-mi~I M:1ppP.r fmcn Sltl'l:I·

Vvhen mlk.!f·~ <t11 1-\'.tlOLJ>
rinn ".kill rhffk. !hP rt1ara«

wN· 1x Suf1<wat cn:x.ks
u~rt lnr n<i.,'i(r,llion on ~
world Sv::h c:hP.11\s a!-t)

ter ITIQl{ "J)!.•rx1nnr:;r
~m l ! In f<'f!'A'o\'f' $ _r'K to
rr·m~'c (§) eqUJI to l'fS

1.11«• h;llf rwll"m111im1•

1unk-.. 111 Pt:1LCl>IK•O

Oatc µc1



1,111•, 11tc11 ;11·1fom1 Onr·

l,.\'ilh Thr. l !1! '.'(~™~ ,t<:Licn;
m, i«' Aver.>€• (.


t r oeatio11 check. If \Ut
r("l<;f111 • •1&10 10 ,1!1 R)rre
p.'11\t;r r hcrk'> in r<:xl en
ro1111+ff II <u:TE''i.'1111 wilh

V~ performil'\g Jn


{_};1!t011 1.X KJ'IOrdclJi;.~ (Outc.'f
Rim) ~J.;m die: k. lhr Lh.1f,I(
IN flM\' 1011 Q110 ~JC(llC'f hi-: ForcP r:ninc Thi>
rt\'c:ifl r:1 n'l<Yy' \f:<:ud ( ) to
add ';:): l1r t) (charac:I c1 \
rhoirC') In !tu: f<~Jltt


one<' PC" iound. lhC' <h<i(
,1c ll:t 111.iy :-.ulU:t 1 :.t1Jt11 lo
dP<TP.'l"R U!E> di!IX:u!ty C.ll
hi<; ~l .i..str()ff11ion <hc!di

1,.,. on". 10

E.lsy !+l


CJir1 • I lo J -:inr.lfl rh1r.r
teostic. This cannot bring a
J~dLlCI !~ .Jb:J\I(• (-i.

minirnum (1f

® . .:td:J e inste,11;

<f\1 n'/\OV TD/\111"1 >"D<



he following pages describe each new ta'enl introduced
1n SAvACl 5'>olRtT'S . Every entry 1nclu<1cs the inforrrwtion re
quired for r...-1meplay. See p.1gc 135 or lhC' FOR« ANO OES'llNV
Core Rulebook for more 1nfomwlon 011 talents.

Activation: Pas.slve
Ranked: No
Trees: Hetm1t
Foret! tal(!(lt When SPending a maneuver lo direct a bondctl
animol. 1hc characicr may suffer I stro1n Lo add D to the

animal's next check.

Activation: Pass.ive
Ranked: No

Trees: Exccuuoner
After mak111.g a successful atwck ~vht-n UsW\f; a non-Sl31";hipveh1clc wtapon. th-e charactf't' mJy !.P<.'fld. one Dest1nv Pcuru
to add damage equal to the charnctc1·~ Willpower to on!" hil
ol Lhe ~u"e<<lul attack

Activation: Passive
Ranked: No
Trees: l:xi..'<.uttOOCf
Forre fOJ "' Y.'hen ma..ire a combat check lhar does ""'
in\'Oi'wf" either u"i.lng the Cunnrry c;\in ot opcr(.lling a non ~ 1< ·
~nip wr.1pior· the character may '1dd Ono grca\cr thar~ htS
Force ratln£ lo the check. The chnmctcr may spend() ro add
(:t. or ()()() to add <$\ (chor;icter's cho1rc). lo the result O
gained 1n lhis way CC1nnot b~ used lO rP<:ovcr strain.

Activation: Pa:ssrvc
Ranked: No
Trees: I ~rm1t
Force lnk'nt When the character ptrforms a Survi\•J! or

KnowlcdQe (XMologyt skill check. he ruJy roll a number or
Ono qrcilter lhan his Force ratine, The ch;iracLer m;iy ~pend
() lO add :P. 01 (:t {character" <.hoicc) 10 the result

Activation: Atuve (lncident.aQ
Ranked: No

Trees: llr.rmrt
\'\'herlcvcr the characte(s bonded Jt11n,a1 makes a suCCC'\.1il1
combat check. the character may choo~c lo h.:wc the anark
deal no dumagc If so. the targor upr,rades lhc difficulty or
L'ne ncxl rhecli: on<..e. This can ~t.1rk should mulliplc cr~:i
tures pcrlorrn U-11~ ac1Jon on the ~Jrn~ tarr,ct

Activation : Acllve ih'lCidcntJIJ
Ranked: No
Trees: N<lvigiltor
I om• lalenL When making an A."1cgaton sklll check. the
(.hi\racter may spend one Destiny Point to rC'~ @. ur 'O

rern<M:?: @ equal to his ranks rn Percepoon.

Activation: Acti\'C (Act onl
Ranked: No
li"ccs: Executioner
lhP chr>racter inay take the Hun~cr's (}uarry ~c11on .-igainsl
•n opponent within lonr, r;ingc, making a Hard
viva I c:heck. 11 Lhe check c;ucceeos. tJPRfade lhc dt>il l ~,of all
anac:ks made a?,a1rist t~c t~1~cL by ooe 1JnlJ the ccd ol j)e
ch.iracter"s next • ni.


Activation: Passive
Ranked: No
Trees: Executioner
The character 1:an c:hoo~c lo s•.1ffcr 2 Slrtiin to perfo1m tllc
Hun:cr's Oua ..ry 1('1ion11:, d n1Dncuve1 1r.sti?ad

Activation: Pas.<A-e
Ranked' M
Trees: Novigator
F<Jrce tafcnt. When prrlormm~ -0n As:rogation or Knowledge
(Outer Rim) skill check. lh~ tharJCler may roll 11 n11mher of
Ono greater than h1~ rorcc r-ati11g. n1c cha racL~r may sncnd
() to add 'l!F- or O (c.harnr.crr's cho1cc} to t~c rcs1JI\

Activation: Passr;e
Ranked: 't<:s
Trees; Executioner
Tht: c'laracter add~ 1 1() prr rank of let~al Blow~ lo ony
Cril1cal lnJury rolls innlclcd on opponent:s.

Activation: A.clJ\'C (Ma11euverJ
Ranked: No
Trees: [Xea;tJOOC(
Forrr tOieflL 1he cMrlacr may lai<C the Mark<'() tor Death
mane011cr. selectr°' one tar&"l an<! :ommolt•"C 0 The

character add< auto'.nOlic O O lo <hcc<s agJ1'1St

u· (It t.1rgel while O remJ1n::i <:omrnitted, but cannot u:se l~lc

MJrkcd for Death u11c:nt .:'(?;un uolil the ct1<;1racler uncorrunil :s

0. the onginal tarcet is 1ncapac1L<rtcd. or the sPss1on ends.
O gained in this way cnrnot be u::;cd lo rr.-cove1 sLra1n


Act1"1ltlon: Atl.lvc (lncodcntan
Ranked: No
Trees: Nav1gJlor
Once r>rr round, Lhe character rnay surrcr i'l'ltO strain to dcue~se inc dllhrnlty ol his ne.xt Astrogollon check by onr., to
a mm11num or E•sy l+ l

Activation: Pttss1vtRanked :~~

Trees: Nnvir.ator
Dunne a rM<r. 1hr character adds D equal to his ranks in
Shortcut loony chrcks madr. to catch or escape on opponent.

Activation: A<lf\'C iManeuvet;

Activation: ?a~~1\'C'
Ranked: NO

Ranked: M
Trc= Hcmut

Trees: 11.3\ i'Jtor
When cn...eona 111 a chase or race. the cMract<r may sutler

Once per ro1Jnd on the chararrM"o;. rum, the chdractef may
spend il milrcuvcr to aLo·,..-any su tlbty tnrc;ltcn ng creature
linked throur,h t"" Animal Bond talent and or Silhouette 2 or
grl!alcr to pcrrorm tr c Menace maneuver v.hen the creature

two strain co ttdd l) equa1torankS1n ShOrtcut co r~ check


1s at stiorl range w1Lh an enemy. The enemy guins • on his
next \.omb:iL check against lt1c charott('r in Lhc encounter.

Enemy charar:Lers who are 11nnH11tc to the effects of rear are
a so 1mm11nr. to :h s ability rt1e GM <JISO has final detcrm1
natton as to 11 a creatJre can threaten on Lrcrny. based on
1etalJve $11C'S ard natures.
Acti"1ltlon: Actrve (Incidental. Out ol Turn!
Ranked: No
Trees: Ex1!tul1oner
The Cl'lilrilClt!r may spend one Dc~tiny Point to recover strain

cquol to his \.V1tlpo·Ner racine
Activation: Pa.,ive
Ranked: No
Trees: Hcrm~
\VhCf'I in the wilderness. tne charat!("I' m.lY maKe a Simple
(- ) Survival check ( r.s-.ead of 0&.plrre ot Coo to~­
str.> n at tht Cild ol an crcoun:cr (see paee 227 or the foffc£
..,o O<snNY Core RJlcbookJ

Activation: PiJssivc
Ranked: Y~i:.

Tr'ees: N.:1v1ca101
The? <"h"rnc1t•r removes • p~r r<ln.r. of Pl<>n<:I f\1apper frorn
his SrrcCf\\l'SC or Suiv1val used lO r'l;')Vif})tc on a world.
In ,')dd1t1on. such ctiecks take !:>O°b less clmr (1h1s docs not
CNre3SC Vtilh !3f'lfi.S or PIJ'lCI \1.'l??Cr1

Activation: Active iM.all!"'J\'CrJ
Ranked: lb
Trees: fxccutiorer
OnrC" prr rourd on lhe chat'dcter's turn. the character may

perform ,, Precise Aim maneuver before aucmptine .1 com
b11t r.hO(k ;ind sutter a numbe1 of staun The n1.1mb~r of
Slraln rannot cxrecd his ranks 111 Prec.1so A111l. I le lhcn de
c:rea\P\ I he t.irr,r.fs dcfcn!"..e (ranged and me Ice) by one per
strain ~urrered for that combat c~eck,

Activation: Acuve (Ac~onl
Ranked: No
Trees: Hermit
Once per encounter when ridine ~ beast. t.hc ch3racter may

perlorm ct Sooth•ne Tone action. attempt.inf. nn Averaee

+>Knowlcdcc (XenolOi)f) check


If <ucce<sl\JI, the beast

thC' character is riding reco...ers s.lra1n cqucl! to -# on the

c~k (or hr.. 1s ltdl number or >-.ounds rf 11 docs not h.-.e a
strain thresll~d)

A~ivation: Pilssiye

Ranked: No
Trees: N.WiR>rOr
When 1n3k1ni a Stre-ctw1sc or Survival check to navigate on
"world the cl1aracter may use Intellect lnsiead ol Curtnmg.

Activation: Atlivt llnodcntal)
Ranked: No
Trees: Hcrmtt
Ferre lft/•n1 Once per"""'°"· when" <>11llk' check
ttc cha'"aetr.r may treat his force ratne as Of>tft£ cq1.1af to his

rarr',s 1n Surviv.11
Activation: Active (f\.1aneoverJ
Ranked: No
Trees: Exc<:t.Hioncr
tarce r111e111 The thuractcr may spend one D<!s~ny po,nt to
perform a Ternryirtf! Kill m;,ncuvcr immediately after conducunga l>U<.c.1.·f>s.fut \\'here the target 1s incapac.1tated
or sulf"'> a C11t>t<1I '"~(the character must stlll be able to
perform mane<M.'tl>. and may not perform more than t,...,
mane'""'" rn a turn) The character tolsO no grc;itcr than
h's Fore~ ratrne. and may spend () to 1nn"'1 I WJ n on an\·
otl1er charactrr> Wothrn short range ol th•t t•r~l (d'ld may
do so mutttp!(' rime~) A ch.araaer who tlas put,hJ!K!d this
talent au1omat1cally f,Jrns I Conflict at the beg111n1ng or •

game session




otwcttiow. are :'H'I PS.<.Jlt'lhal pan of ch.1'3Ctc1 cu.::alU'.
lhe) clfN pla\e" <HOO& roleplaying tool> lo• <l<.'tc<n•n
Int! how lhetr ch.:ir:W-l(•f'S t.houtd act. cspC'CiaRy 10 fljfl.111\t"

situations. Thry f,11'1 .)ISO be used tD trCcltc ~iei11i1<.1J'U f"\~~l"J?~
in lhrir (h;ir.irtt-n.' pa~L~ as '1Vf'll .1ShO"tv charocl~rs look 10 !hf"
futurr t\•1ollvat1on!> should nlwJys UC a suong par1 of S<'<"krr'\'
m<lkeup. duvint: whni m;;idc l hl.'M! olten- sohl.ary (h."tr.iru:·rs
dPcide lo journey ~rro"is l hC galaxy with othrro; <"trl<I 10 <.:on
i.'nue to do so dt~phc '.tCl l.JdCks or conllict5

1- 2



Core.- Rwebook Pf"C$l'fifS tt:ree pu
ol Mou.auon- •.>,mbition. C u>e. JnO
Fa1lt: coch of V\I c. l con1a1ns exampl<'S for plJycr!.. to uw

in rolrplayini their t har;,c:Jf't"'\ In .:u:rrht1on to these. SAvA<;t<
SP'!R•TS offer!> the nt-w l\1ot1vation of Pur~u1t, \'lhi(h rnrh.u.Jc:~
c>«i mp!c:, lhf.ll ~t·t•k(~1 <ht1r;trrers should tind .1pplk~11Jlc.
Charactc1::. or olht)i rafrrrs .ire .also welcomr. to <hov::i.I.' J
Pursuit. ol c:o1ir~!. 11 one tits pt1tt1cularty welt

See>\ers arc otlflfl dnven 1nd1v1duars. and their f\.fol1v.1t1on..,
lhe1r dc5'rcs and CQtJI~ The5.e C1:>.1l\ ro11k1
be as common a~ Wc:.hh or I iapp!OC".>~; more \PN•he. ~ Y"ti
as ~qance; Ot Qn€0tnC Of'.(,"\ such as b:pk>r:ition P11r<.11 ~
0l hep Seekers to 1111~ thc.-mset\-es a'i ~'ri"tl, tlf'<om:n.,.
migh~ dominate

f u lh



maiy c.:>tcgon<'<

An l T1on



Roi one,. on tacrt of ~n:y l\"IOGaft~r1e:s

bct'e< c deatne cJe.11n 0< to ;he f<>rec Pldyeis
car. use P1.Jr5u11s to c,;.udP ana ':il!Cne:f1cn [t.c narralr.1: e-:,s1rt•
pla:y lor 1.heir SN'~M c11a1Jcters

Dt.nrie <.:har<Jc:cr cx-.it1on. µIJYL'J?:J cC1r: choose 1hr' t>.·1ot111J·
non Lhal fi~s their r.h•lta1.tcr. or Lhey can roll

rardo1n y ror

oo~. To choose r.inrJou 1y lru111 the expar:ded li<;t. th~y ftr~l

roll on Table 1-2: Rondom Seeker M otivations inSlt'~ld
nf u~utg the corrcspomJ111& Table 2- 3: Random M otlva·
tion from pJgc I 05 of the FoRa ANO 0 £S'l'tNY Cort! Ruic
book. Players "ho ro1 11,1f" 11 :h<'ri rol: on Table 1- 3:
Specifi( Pursuits lo dr1rrrr1ru_.. ~11ch PutslJ t to use ;is th<
f..lotffiJUOr:. Other\\'\ u- pl:l~~ ~'\Ot..ld :O."lSJlt the appropn
.ate tat>:e ,,, ltit' FofKt AJ110 D ESTINY Core Ralcooo~ fu1 lt ~·

c.;1tcgory r('lk>d




0 1 10


rtwrr arf' tQO many lllMJnt·c·, ol \\fU~S not nghcct1 an(:! the Mroni :ihuslr.r, th~ wuiJ~ rm.• er-aracter Is

1r1QtM1tccJ to eod these v«>ere!·1.-er they .'.l'C ro\IOU, JOO rl'llp,ht C\'Cn '"eel lf'Jt rhe f m:llYI' ,,. t .,r lirst rareet for u JC1u ·.tl<'~.

_ J

Weatth: Ued1ts .ir<' rhc 11t1t' flrYe\""r th.')t m.11\t, th<· l!.t1<l.xy turn iJr.d. the ch.1r.1<11· 1 i..r:w,1•"; th'lt 'lO matter how 111.1ny
1 q.11t·li, n101<' .Jre needed. (.;c1';' 1'flcou1~1,., k 1 f)<XSlblc SOUrc:c ut "lt'W ·1t.vmie t:~ 1· lt!r,atJy or _a~caUy .Jf'.'Quirca.

11 70


Knowjcdec: \Vith a ptaA)' hil c.f so mil'l) sec tPI\. ttie c.".aracte. \\.'M:M."S U'ld tnc pumJll or ~ne ca,"l ~r be
n<kd Tufo rmre that otntrs try to suc:>Qrf'SS rr«mrlOf'l~the ~.<3tcr •tic t•nns to ~nco-.~ ._


Oeadllncss; \~ilc dcJU1 :. nrl! lhC <.h..i:r.Kttr'S C'J.)I.

11. <.:tnnol ~ a-.'Ofdc<j Jtt!J w n- .1-J hf' Nxled .o an .l't. ,....,1·1
n& JO ()f)pelftun:tv to or.xtJcc ~w1.>rdplitlf .tnl1 am. tJle PC.\ C-.\'\ , ..,,hf mh;\I lS J ll.'itl ul IJCr~mal lt:lholil)'


H:ipp1ness: Tht> character a!WJY!> 1YOfk~ to ln<.h?~e personal comro~ no m.n~cr t."C SJL:JJ!IOt\ ~ nd 5t.ri\•es lo mall.c
lhC bc:.l of lli1n1:5 WhCRC\~I PD'i" blC Al CllaRL(h !Of happiness s<'lou'a ~ er~snl'd ~hen!'<e' rnev • re pr0!,t•11c~.
this (l\11J ht~· c:ou1d work to reduce th<' l<'l'N1or1t: w1thm , eroup or to pus.h fer c.ecklne out l u x ur1~s lO E>xp oit


ExplOl'Jtion: I lw'r i~ nt:\'Cr ~.1•1t with t hf> ~ lrrt'nt lo<13UOll oJfltf ( (Jrl\WrlUy looks bcyO"ld 1n1' t·un1nn
Somrt1rrH•... 1h1~ mrJns C'\A'll lld1b<:1,1tc;1y lurn Jway from comfonohlf' p;1t!·w3r·s Jn I uv1llA•ri ~•rcw; to ven~u ·e
o,;l'r\'Jfd. to see what i'> lhf're to be d1S<.ov1•11·d


The Forte: Sin e fiodine,a connecbOn to lt1C fotte, ttie cria."K..ct' ~ SOUiflt to ICatR mo•t- abol..t tfl s rtl)'St~IOU\
'L~ I 111 The purst.11 of such Force drste\C'~ <.Otld oegi;., todr~ ihe char.atu··~ «l«i.S !"'"-O"t' aoo 1n<>rl!.



Se:ff..Retillnce: 5t s a d.1~011\ c:tl."XV With p'l-rn:h1~11-.. 00~ ~Uir<MY1.1"M1 •.,1 H· p:.:v-~--: hf' ~<k'!>~~'-1\f Na
m.'Ktet "1 ·1c. lhr chatacte1 a+.~aY\ '~°''ti• ·~~rf 'tflV ncco for llclp. for lt-c_·rr ,.,, I a ways be lime<. 1\1&'fl prthf<r ~
one- f i....- 1\ pr.,..;mr or alJ!c: lotltfc-1

Efflck:ncy: l i f~ is a pre<.t0us. r(! ..001cc. <1nd lr.t ch~riiCtM' to 'A'JSte as htllt1,1 ~ r>u~s. ble Not orlv are tht
t'tJliJCtCr'S 01vn a<tiOn5 exa. mplcs 01 cco110mo<,1, oltccLl'.'e perfecdon. bUI 11\f' Ch3FOCICr JISO alway$ $0Ck> :o
Hrnlarlv improve other S(!Otllf'nls. t~f'hnoloRJt$. !ll1d c."VCn nai urc 1vhere poss bl<' ti} ille\e ->t.1nd.'Hds




91 JOO


Vengc;ince: rhe d1JfaClCf ~·ck<:. lf'\:Pf'lr,1" .lf,J ''~l tho:.c IC'SpOnsib!C lo• sorrc r('fr I)!(· ill lion, nf'o'eJ" res:1ng Ufltil
11· mpur ·11'\' rh-0ugh. a$ lhuc. ~ ,1 w 1y~' neo" uir~e: aw.a1Il''lf'! c1lte11tiOt1


vrnr.~Jn<.c •~ ....111~1100 SdU~!acbOfl •<'i <1n!y




r. <iddilio1 o tht... \f'lt"f al r.tt1011.s ;t\•,111,tb!~ w1!h 1 l/•1.:rl td·
r~r. ;t rt'...1r.1rtc' :11-.o ~;is " <t"\!. 1) I h ti ( ar t*t"f !.. "t.i1)1iitl..J t"

ant ltM. T~


OfJy pcr.,,~ble lltr<JU&"l .,, I. rd :tt• 1)1 (';'•n('d <M'f ,') Jnne,.1nd
socccssful C.J!"Cef

&_·'ore purchas. ng a SJgt"Mture abihty or any of Its upgrades.
ll'C': th.1rac:ier musi "';,ttcldl~ that ahiiry - o the honom ot 00<"

i1h!) TM"'\ :uc SP£'(1.3f, rl It' lillC!l\\ for only l''
petM:-1'\<.e<l fh,,J'.3(ff"l"S Of tt'f" ~ t1rd t~'UC"'rf l'ht"'-\• aw .('.)' S

A sr.r.alLre abd1ty 1'\ cornpo~ ol ttree clerJ1tnt~
rt'P r-od~ l1rkinr. •t r.:i :i r.1lcnt lrt-C. the .1t>t ty\

b.'.b ( forrn. lnd;) se

1(''S of t•P(!".1'1r.s rn1t l llf;IT'.cn ~

U e al!f!1l1

Far h c; r.n;irurt" .1nil ty ·1.1.-; to1.1r nOOC'::i. I ried
uo a cros~ it~ IOIJ ThC<i<' r,iur n o(1f~ rr.i trh
up \\ltil t·1c four 1ak11l><Jll th<· bottort1row
ol a went t ·C:t>. t:J<..I 11<>tl<: 1.un 1 •1t~1c1;...,e, ~t·owrnK J br: Kk~ t IJt.1ng l.µ'o\IJ.rU.
01 111act1v~. rerrarnrng l.i ·.:>nk. ro l.1< 1 ~ 1 blc
~o i11;Kh a sir.n;11urr ;1l>1IHY to a 1rt'1.:1•
·he rh;ir.1r1r r nl .1..1 nwn al of 1hr 1i11f~11 1 i.
alone 1he bnnon1 row of thr dc'.1it-r1,irlon

ur ttx.· t.h~..ra<tcr·s current in <:4rcer talent l!'"ce5. Once a sag

o\J<ilV has bc<:n auache<l to a ttcc. no othct s·esia~
tUJe ah•1t niar be auact·ed lo that tree. an<J 01e attact·l'd

ability car:noc. te remcwed or S)\lldled to a d1ll~er.t t· tt A
ch.1racter can only acq.Me:a signature ablit)' from h·s c,1ree
and can onl}' arr.ach tnai abiity ro in-c,'lt'("("f ·ak'n1 nccs
ro at:.ach a signa:ure abl:Scy to one of hl.s talent
rrces. t:1e charaacr must mvn all ot the talents
along the bonom rm·; of the dcsoro:ion t.1
ent tree th<it m(ltCh up with thr i crrv'C
flodCS Oil t he Si.gt111JfC ;thi
1ty Thc r"i. onct d sigtl.JlJrc
ab1hty has been attdched to
a tatenl tree. t.he character
ma~' purcha.<;f" uic ability·-;

form ;ind its upgrac1~~
Px periPnrP. 1uc;r ,1c; 1f
they wefe t.ateots.


The Secker career ltas ac

ta!t:11l lft>tt Hkil ll1(ltd 1up w11 n lhC" :Jt'.'llVC

ccss to two sien;1n1rf' 11h1hrrr5;
Uncxpc(I <XI Dcmo:;c ond Un

~odes 0 11 th~ ~1g.rl::i l u r e

matched Pursuit


To <.K(11.i·1· <l <. {'fl•) ' '''<' 1h!llty .1 r.har.1c:~r-r
rr ... sl fust µ.ucn,,,•. 1•)1• li.:i~il 'o'Tl1 ol 1hp
at>1 l 1:~1• fo1s w a:.~ 1.i.µ tht• u 1
t rt: f1r,l 1 0.·~y or the
s g1a:u1e ability l' l'l• u1 cJ I) i 1l.1d ~·.i..•d ,., .I
expe-nenre po1 111 ~. Jht> t>'<Df"Jlt'tlCP ros.t ol earn
~r.rt17Urt' ibitr\· 6 l s.tC"d I IL\ OOx

A<..t'l..1f,)(IC"f 1\tiot\(Kf)l.trh;t<,,t>d t)(· J .. l.~m
of the '§&CnalUfP ltll 1ty, (al\ • .lf11l£'1 C" ~

the • btlty .,.,. PJ'ctmlne u~ u~
ITlJCl t<e

iaJcnts. are purctu~ with f~

ence ponrs. >1'1 o.lCh uoeoidc mo·, only be
p.1•m"""1 1! t cornerts to tile b.l'.llC lorm cl
rt':r t:biit}· or :o 1 prr\io:.nly purd'\ased .10
grade. The C\ r>ef'tf'f'tfr- cCY.J ot t~r:h JPif3de
1.S ;fstCC i'l ilS bo\



Seeker Signature Ability Tree: Unexpected Demise

On• ( l·U '1l''o'.t11n ai.. Jn ,I( l11w1. lh(><"!lJrJLh'l ll!.1)' <,J)t.'00 ')Dr.Zin\ ~l!!ll:i.J!MJ II\,~•• J H;)r'd ct t tl Pc(t <:ption cheek 11 "·" n-....o...'ul lu' u .:.· 111.'Xl ') lt)\.l'~J:. tllf'
chJT,);t•Y llHV ..l'Ntt.I I n~111c:-.l\t1 tOJt1d I .111tom.1r,, <ti to tw. 11••\l (ofnt.1.11 chf>(·I,. m... k 111U);J111111 Ill ;10dit1on. for• , '"'"l 1rourn1..,•1iht·n U:('<'.hanrt•"f 1ul!
J <..111. I In •.,. ur14 r1 1! Nf'r. mt· t.J(~'-• .1111111r-i!1.Jtd\ 11 1r·•· 111101111 lb: '.Jlf1t• i,·..i· .J'i.d l'f1 oo"" ••.t: ~7· .\• 1111 rtTl' FoAa' A..O OunhvGln• Ri.4t'L u t






• ,,,


,, led°"



.io: 11,;11t•

t l>




f\ ..


Un1_.,,,., lt'(f l>c•
l.h.;J ...:lt'I

s;xnJ I




the.' ch~u~'t•f



wu Dostiny Putrtl' md mi•e J Hord ft t t JP,,rception
check If :>uctf','ilul, fnr tht! next 1wo 1ounc1!. thl" ClliJractrr
mJy '>µc:nd out~ n1.1neu\•er ro .1dU one <tu10111.1tu: © to h1:.
rr;.;l combJt ctw<I\ nlJdc in U at turn. Jo .li'l<t1Uon kx U1t
n..:;..t two fOt;.nctr,. \\hen tM 1hJ1,.ctr1 10~· (\'>a Cr1tK .._,,.JI'
()1 .1 re\<;"?l \.JPf.. tlu.· t.1rr.r-t ~ 1r11n11"fh;1t("IV 1a(3p;vr1.1tcd 1n Ult'
~.ir1u· 'Nil)' a-:. o.t 1n1mon NPC '"0111<1 ht> ($ee pt>r.l' 400 of 1111'
FOACE ANO OtSTINV C:111c..• ~ulehotlk)



on.11 'llllO i.._.y [) •


111 '" \'Of!"" UtW\Pl'I IP I ~

1111 "



in '""



n.1t1on. thesr rh.11.i<.lcrs st.111-..':> tht·u prey ro t>n'ltJrc lhdt few
w1 I wati.. a<;'l:ty <HK<' thC'\ lx.'t.0·1r their tJ:rt,'"
whethl'f w
the miet~ 01 a lha1 fl( bott.e ur 11 1h~ S&ghts ol , J'('
t"'l·ll'.tcr nfle.


1+•1 ,,..,,,,; Hard It+ t l


t.iclore iho...,<• ltucats ('!urn<· lhc.:n1. I hrruit:.11 exhaustivP µ1Jcltcc .ind '\.uctul <'Xa1111

d!. .tn


n-<t' 9-rllc h1'\ -.-t.-,r"'~ 1u .1o 1t•. 11e
I ~H.ll'-: . .I Denlx


C'l11n111~-tlc thr~ah

per ~n

,,..._,...._ lt,





It's :t a.·1"''*>'t"fOU\, nd hostile g.J ;ucy, Jnd only lhC flKr.i.t dc.>.1
ty ")l.J"1\1!' to v{•
11ner d:n. ~ .,,.._.,.s who ltlls hont·

001 t'

l'Tlf'lll ·~

Uuexp1'1 rn·1().•m1...r• l..J:.l:. lo :r




111-11 fi~ 1111! ~__.., ('111



I ' f'

b .lll'1l.J&.Q".tt1t'

Un~'\p'r 14' I l>P1rn~ l..rJ'. lrn




).._ •~It ITT• 1

l .I



" "'


lJn£>xprnprl Ot'm1sc hu~ ~l.-vt~1.ll 11pf;r3dc::. ~h.11co:in11rp1ovc
il<i rtff'(l'> Jnd m:ikc.: 1l easit:1 ro 11<.e. Any unr.r\tdc.:s tb11l •)f>·
pr;ir i~ Urcl<Pi't"L<:c.l Dcn11\t•~ rrPfl r'"1Jlt1p'<' 1in1c-s h3\'t' l'l~'''
rflt¥ts sr~r
Change Skill Upgrade:: lu acrl\·,1lC: l;r:cx.p1'<l!'<1 De1ll1!.C. lhr
ch.1r.iclt:r tdrt u .... . D1c.riph11c 1lnt;1r•,1u o! PerC'c'pHon a-, ·1onn.1I)
10 r<'.1dy the 1111nrt ;ind <"'<1lmlv pc1fonn tht! p1•1 1rrt SU.kc
Destiny UPCrade: lo .xtrvJt<: Unex:>Nrf'IJ Dcr:l.·$C UL
c;.l·1:1rader ~ 1r ,eec..~ to ~"Od I Dr'St1n> r\J11t .r'Sl.t.:ad ol

u r norm.:.1 ')
Dur at ion Uper ade: Uncxp< 1<t cd D cn~i<;,(~ L1sl s for I ,1fl(:i
1101).:.;J co.:.inrl l>L'r Duration L'pt11.:idc.
r.'(" ~..1ffic:11hy to
De·u1}C 1~ A"-erage
iristt>ad c/
TM Garr IC' M.1Slc1 ·nay st ti Md 01 • ,)5

Reduce Oifflculty Upt.tade: The- s.\..11


Ln 1..•xpt~t1e!1

ft . t l

<+ t l


Ille s1tuat1on w.1rrJnts..
Reduce Setback Ui>erade: Wtwn MJl\ng ~ <OC>ual LI .., k
rt1 i'Ufle>.pccN10t.'1Pt5e
1((1\.'P lhech.Jr.XtC. fC~'l"S .

Seeker Signature Ability Tree: Unmatched Pursuit








111 i<:.:mni;·u!IUf


11cr .1:w.:

1llt 1•~-fl'O!~l"i"fllltl\-'(h•Jfh Of\t>tWl"'Wi1h1nl'fl!'d,
.rll11.:"J... )l'll
1 1-.f."'flf'lo,
I ·ti~ lll1ll.,,l)_1.

iv ....,1•1~vp P'



1rnn.11ch1•1 I r\w_yl ~1, lut rvlll!lllK"Ourn

u •


~ -~



~ 11'.1:.1• l11t• 111 t\nnum r.Jl"O'
.1· \\ti.: h .1 .1tCl'I ( ,;n 11': !of
( 11•1l I(• l11n1: 1,1111:1·



!hi' Wi


ll~. 1\t' I 1lllHldlf'fl Piii



•,1111 Ill•' • l\"lr:vter on1\•
U1·t·1b lu _411•.'ll!J I\·
r\..r1I ill',h',Jif OI tf¥'00mt..1! 2

~('(~1 p ..K.t' w1l11 lht' l:lff),"f I))•

1 (10 .• 1rn111ir111m of OJ Pf'f

I odi.1.1111 (' Upt!l..>'..h.'

l\:•,ln1~· l\111





lo.. ,,,


.fll'lll: •I
11•.1'1' 1111'


1111'11\l'f t1
1.!rl r•f111m




,,, l

Ptll'J. -


I .

I ,t.J 1 1111111m11r11 1•1 \JI IX.'f

.f• 11111(1



~J f" .•Ut Lr..b lo
f• 1 ·lprrOur.1
111111 llf~ J1


·1 ;Jfric :.1.•_,:.,;.111

l nd111.111o P l.fll'r.J:U-

h,u.1~ l<'I ll•tl/ 1111mMi

1\• P<"h"m ,,

'• 1



ti\~• .1;, ••11 l>IJl ~·I h•ll' "''
~·111 .t ln 1 lrr.i· !Ill' <11<;.'il!l'''-"
h h\,1'111111'111

~1·1•!-.l •rc;


c;Jl!t'd on 1101 lo ju"t I r.1rk down or lliJVI
{:\1.1.• lo.> ..-,r<'dh< location, hut 111~ll'dd hu11l. 1 OllJ\' ng t.1rgct
11!1~-; f'.f.ih1t1, .ihility ;, low<, St>t•l-.(•r•, to IK:llc1 <.l)rllu'IJl' thC'
th.1'.11, t-.•.•~ (l('!'O<;S ~fCi'f"n OIOl.l!IJlll. 'htO,l(!h .J')tc·ro'd fields,
or Jnc1P.'11f'.1lh c;.pr;n•,I ni! ut1Ps 11.·I fSlt· ""l:f Pl•I ~wtc; <;"Jr dor,
gcdly tl.JY (Ill Ihf' trai ol L'\CO ti ~ JtlOSI. 111'1 h\.' .,.r.d h"'llt::-( 1-,·
foes. t1·WJ1hug e-.-e<y rnrA Jr: ti ht• ••\.ftatr...tecJ l.31~-t r, rt•!l
IV&• ound and ~JP{UI ed

Urvn.1tc c

P H~uf n.~ SC"\'C'f~ upcr,ldt


CJI :rl(>r:)l.·f"


t•llt•ct:o Jnd n1.1 ..f! 1t f'l'~1SIN roll'><' Any ll\:t rt1•-, Ur Jl tlU
p<".ir 111 1<..111 ,J Pt1r\11·r·~ trr-1• nrnlltpl•• lllnt'., 11vc 1 1•1-:; r

1·1 -;1.11:,;.

Destiny Uperade: To .1ct1v.1tc Unrn~l<. ht•1l f 1ur<.,u11, lhr r har

.11h·1 11111v llt'l'd tu ·)rH·nrJ I Dr-s11ny Po1111 111\.lt-1·10 ol tn<'
110111 .ii 'J
Du1'1tion Up.erade: L11111<:.1l<..he!J P•ir~ltlt 1.:c.t~ kn 1 .Jdd1tio!t-1M

1' PiHJhO!I UPefddc

Endurance Upgrade: Red e u .. ._trdm cost to k.f'1.'Jl Jl<l(f'
le- '!)f)nq iOcl.l<le tht· charaa.1..'f by t (tu.,.


On<i• p('r






o' 11ur 111ndttnl.1f. tit•

<.J.u\11,.h·r r1av spend 2 llt.>..,Lwy Pc>lnf( ,1no dcsif:n;itt> ont••111-•111\• thcUaL\('r Oi \rc'hlClC' \'lllh.11ITK'<lltllll1.tnr.P f<.:ithC'r P<~I
~l1·1,d 01 p lJnct<lry S< (l!r) .1c, 111~ qu11rry. t-01 U1e l\f;':<I 7> ro1111ds.
1f 1lw dt'':>ll;lli:::lle<.: L<1 1 g<.~l wo11'11 ~u<C'<'~c;tuny elude tu'> p 1rr..111,
1h1 1 rf1.J1Mlt-=1 rndy \·uluut~ r I~· ..ur 1c1 7 '•llJ111 to kt>cµ p;J(P
f)rC'\'f'n~ I\£ tl·e large: 1u1·1 t"S«.Jµ11 e, I iii



1 ()

p<;"r Enu.1rJn<f"' lif("".tdc

Frequency Upgrade: UnrnJlthed P1 ,.~,11 r r.1~1 hf' U"i<'d tw re
p\·1 r,.1n1r ~s....1on instead o one.~

Increase Ranee Upgrade: lncrc:i~c the 111J>1.11nun1 1'lOfi<' at
wh1< 11 a l·lft('I <.dll be selected to lonf~ r.Jnr.c
Maneuver Upgrade: ShoulU ll!I' t.11r.«1 ot Unrn.atchcd
P11rcou11 p1·od ·1 nl;1neuver lo IX1l.'d'->C' thl• LJJc,c·f"> distance
~< n- 1t1 <
11 U1P ,-hard<1t'J may aruHK'fJ"-'ll) p<·rform

a ~twe IT\3f1Pl.M'l'r 1-; .1n out of turn lflCKh•oLal lu tlo::..l• 1tc
dtStanc.t• bt.'l~\ll"en them lhas rN'Sl.lblistl1...,. lhP •clJI vc !lt'µcl
rauon bctm:eo U1e rhat?.crcr and tnc ldrr.t-1


t'rout;h U1<'1r ..uon~ <.unncct1on to rhr k>rcc. wmr 1-ortP·
srn~1tiVl') c."ln ..u~1ch llif'\tt' norrn.-"11 \' o;.11111 ~cn~s be·
•;ou<J w~.".lt v.uu!d 0Ult'rw1sc UC pos~1hle Whe,1 tht.·y u'>C' thtS.
Jbll•ly. I Ulr CHI be k<'pl lron1 tht1rS1P,hl. f \'t"n ir1 time~ oruucr
d.Jfkr~t.~'.\o Of ot»curinr. ...,nokc. lhey c.1n st>t' 1-; wt.41,Js 1r ll \\'f'rc
a dear lld) In cooil>Jt. 11 l><'Conlf.~ ,,
.Jn~ f:>glltc•""l<
s·o!f, as !iUCh cti.:ncteri. r:.n <Jnlr..e lhcir oppon~n[<; trom out of
~'Whl"e an.J ).1.11 often rem-1in undctc.'(lcrl



For t~ wtlU h.M? ~ lhf':lf' ~l. c\lhN throui;,*l 1np.1r~.


Of ce'llCliit:S. thl'S poM-r I'\ e"Spt'CIJlly

bcn~ .~ -\

Foret- u~' cJn bencht lrocn fdf~.ght. ~1·. ~ ~'lS

far greater ,.,~....,bon th·'" ml!le ~'! '"Uie d~-S. T"le
~--~r can .,JIS() p1<Ntdc' CX<'CPllOl'l3 vtsuat ~u1ty ,1nd t.WO
a~°'°' u~r..: 10 <C\,("(' throueh irncrven1nr. ob\ldelc.~ \\'"lth U·e
1'1>1<.C a:s the I &utt1r. l.hey C.:Jn ptClUle ~"t!'l)'lh1ng lfO(r'I rrain
ing cJroid'> to l!xtl:tuu !)()lb. \l'I(' c:bnly ;}Jk)i.vulf! ll1l'111 lo bet
ter ~..._-i.. out tht- r k><."\ .t·1d Jtd 1nc-1r 111t>f\f1~

In 115 1-nosl bJSI( IOrlll. r:ir'\ir,hl ii!IOWS 1hC' f-or< P u<;C'f lo sec 10
s1tua1ion~ 111 wl\1(h no11'nal dclc(tlon 1A<0ull1he1n1po~

~1blr. <;.U(l1 .;:> 111 IO!ill d.irhnr-~r.. 01 ll~Jvily ot>sc.ur1nr, srnokl'
U~ulr, far;1ghl. ll

i<; t.VCn l)OC>Ci1hlr IOI lhO<;r.

WILllOUt f'VCS 01

hi.IV\! lost I Ht!" '>•6hl t<'> sec w11t1 pr1 ~f~ct v1~ion

• I he u~1

n1,1y )S)L'rll'1 ll to ~~c oul 10 nu.'dium rJnC(I'
tor lh() r<'1n,)11\dc1 of th<~ 1ounl1 (cu on<• 1111nt1H! 111
n.1rra\ivr- 1il'fH!), anl.l <:u' )Ct> (VV<'r~·1 tung 1Ho<>t

0 11 tl w<:ll Ill da~, l h1~ lunl
ltuns even 1( I hC' u\er 1101 n1.'llly can'I <;('('due

.,c·nticn\) r.:>n "I('('

lo l.Jurknr.~;!; or hhndue:->:..

Control Upgrade: \ rrak1n.P, a V1-t!,
lance or Percept10'' chcch.. ttir user
<nay roll a rarsig·1l pcr.vcr <~P<k
a'S part of rhc pool. Tt1c J:SCr rn:iv
>!JCfl<I r) to gain ~ or t>
te--'s ctiotcc) on ~rf' rna51.


Control Upgrade: Tne user r.lo;l7

ct see tnrOUi:h
oDed. at r:K?diurn 1"3ftP.C:



1ttot!ft; tl ""...;<c transparent.


ISe'" Ota)' (Kl:J'wte

ms. m. t.tipJe t.Jrnes.
incre.)Sjflf tne nuin
De< of ohjW.s by
one eMn time

Force Power Tree: Farsight

Force Al>1llty

Prtrt:111•isitt1: force Rati•o 1 +

ThP F11m' 11',1•1 (".\l\Ji'x.l:.r.01111.JI visual "'-"~ lhtOI

1' ,, ((111111•t

011 to tht? F<lrr~


I 111.• v1 "'·1Y -.Of'lln\) 111 ~!'l'lff' tht> t:'frno; ••I cl.irk/ .) ur Ltin
and see normally .lt 1111to1111•d111m r.lnf)" for till· 1t.'f11Jt11dc.Y ol 1h111oi1n'J (01
Thr. ,,,,, ~·. u U:.t'I to'•"'-''.': C!'.\'l")'lr<"np, lllO'_;t 'SI ·1111·nh ( :!llld lli'fm.1'!1y bf> :;Ne f(I ~~ ..111.1 "''"bl d1~


~~1HJ ,

$pt:'fld<t r11 '11'1' lllltTO•,.Clf'lir
t:. ,JI:. .JI .1 ·.111i;lr Ot•lt'cl


l\'llm1Cft1ilf~1'<i ~-·

lhff)l~ ~

lo .a


·u ") l• 1 m,.~.t. out t)(.'
on ,, r;il'\CI<' o11wtt


Spt· id • ro 1fl( ft'aw du~
111111 t1y numbl"I ul rounl!s (Of

rrw ... JI llll IJ(1',IC

1n1nuh •.,, f'<.111;JI to Our.ition


"~'di) •

t:nf •••


('I ..





""' ,,.... "'




ft:~f ..~


\\ht•f m;, ..

<ii l:Jlftl'i fol



cf!1·1 Cor
0 .1-rl"r '>lK
(d:Sh•1 "' • ~ [!lf fJ(


.ll'..nt." '1.w.l

ft. . .l~ f\p.Li



lk... bt r.


UJJ.:i.111(~ llllllhased





ril 1. ,

l mc·O'U"1
.J'- I 'Ol.·~h !l \\'f·IC
•j "I""



one- minu'.l~l.


II>. ,,



Sj:X:fld l) () ~' V'<' S\ ('\\.'f)'
Un:t on m• I _lfltOtJSIV ""n
li •ir. .ind rtt- "fW U1


"' '


' n




""" rr





.J iOt"nd(t


~ \:I '"ll'N•'t.11..



l) k


' one

IJOl'ld "'<r





S; 111

1< t


.e. •

( t Thit


now can <.rr? .h Uo:Jllti;h hum .1 ~11 w11hir dose


Control Upgrade: Sµe:1u () to mJl\I' nut r111c dew Is on ont>
oh,N"I wHll1n r 1ed1urn ~Jnr,c. Tl·r u~r nl<.Jy d<.l1v..~le this multi
(>IP lifne~. 1· 1crcasin~ tl't' Olunbc: of ob,l"t t!> hy oar. c•;Jch tirnr-

Duration Uperade: I he fflJ~' !>pt.'fll.i 1u increase 1he
rtur..ittno I 1y \.i number of round:, (01 n1111ulf'(j 1n n;1rr;itive

Control Upgrade: Sµ..:rn:J() lo ~l"t! r111t:rO\i\Oplc drt.':lilc:. o f 0 11e
ob1ect \•.rhin c:nt~J{;Ctl rdr·gc:. f t1~ l•\t>t 111.i·v il1 11v.1rP ·hie:, rnu t1

Mastery UpgmdC! The user rnay spf'n<1() i..) Thfl use1 11ow !iCC :i-r, 1houp,h rrorn a spot w1lhin closr r.1n11~ (pbnet.Jry
sc~!c) of 1h1~ .1\l'r\ booy· i' the user is on th•' SlnfJcc at a
word, ttl~ dr~tance Cdl be a \'Ntical altitude an the a r il:<>
\\~U a~ dk)ne U1e sur1:ice; :•in sp.l(f) th~ ti.In be in '1f"I). din•.'(
t10f I hr. ~f rctJ\d\' ma.-es llle ch<tracter's perS(Hlcll po.-.t of
v~' '
ry trom rhfl loc:auoo of the u~·\ body. aikl\>r·og
.s \' t>wpo1n1 ,,~ 1C.f>nHoH1ng a rcmot<' \ 1<·w111g 111t..'lhdnrsm.

p!r rimc"l, n( 'l'J~1ng Ul~ nu·pher ol ohj('fr(j hv Mfl Pl< h t:me

Control Upgrade:

n.:s pcw;cr f.1 tl< lhe oneoing c'lcc Com

"' O 111• hl<cc u.<crs rark "'111<' l'l.«cpl<>n w
Ill IXI!

ft ~

by I [lo <1

C.,) Prl<f'I time lhr,, I\ pcr,crmt"'d

Control Uperade: The ;iscr ITOV spcod ' <.) to see " everv
d1•l'<'l 10n l\1~u 1;jneov:>ly, notc11g Jnd ol1">1.·1v1r1c u1rgs111 a full
.'$60 C1t•r.rrj'\ 1«' Tb~ u~er n:;;,iy rot J<1•V<)\l' U11:, n1u Lpt-e t1~r1es.

iinlt;)l c4uul 10 Dur.1tion uµe1adcs purcltJ'it!d

Ranee Upgrildc: The user may Sf)(;llti \.t Lo 1ncrea~e I.he

rnnr,p b~· one- range b()n(.f CQU(.11 lQ R\lnf:t>


purch;i~. The user may ac.tivdtc Uu:> 1n11ll1p1<~ umcs, in·
cr~.ii)irl~ U1c rJnf!" hy lhis riun1ber e.•ch t1m<'



111 hr. skill anrt H:t1na1ir, 1n lJK· &Jl.lX\' counl?. fnr \'t:'ry htt.-e

"tit'fl o:ie r.i. MR£ ~ lJ)· .in angry bi->.~ oc tacing
coor1 .in knpena Jnt111~tor\tnlh r!Q m-.1pon a~ h;11't t\f,OOd
blJ~l<.:t .•1 reliable ~l111;thrmver. or ~• 'Jturdy b!adt' n1akt!

1111th<'1..hf!crcnc:c in J ~rviv;ll :-oiL11;1t1on Th~ nk fuU)•, lh('rc (lre
C'nour.h ~'rl:;.1pons m:inura<nircrs 1n lhc CdlJX)' to cn::.u1e thal
no .ic~· t"Ye' rK.."l'd Co unarmed


<.(")mpoSt'.e fu..,,1turt- and J hTJ, po·s~ff'<l< al s1g.hl. 11

.alA tcalurt>' -.n inter.rated r11frRY dam;-:wr 1"-.11


~ Jpon to :l<(Uralcl~ ~tt T.1r"i•' !.. .;a;_ td!lfC>S ',v<.•111.>")<'0nd ·1c"·
m11 :>la:i-l("' ufl~ rant;e. T"P ('lo.._1J'l5'1dc lh:u tt:e "'-eapnn
produres an 111ur<lmJtc arnounr nf heat. ''•hKI· If rnJSt offsr·r

Wlrh ,1 low r~ l<.: or f1rc.
Pr-rhaps Ult..' (..f.t 8\ mos.t u111Q1.r- .1s~>ec. 1~ ,,., t r.1rispo!t~h1

Encre:~ v.t'.lpon!>..

p.1rt-..:ulartv blas1t>r'). irf' lht- r,.11 tK.. star.
dtird In pt!rson:al p1olt!cl1or1 Jncl wl1f1ctirinr. toc1h lh<.·..ip,
ubiq1 1trou~. and r~h.1hlt'. enc1e.y wcJpon technolof~Y l'i ,, vc1y
n1..ilurc one. <tn(I h;\c:; lwt'n ncally p<"1tcx:tcd bv C()tpor.1l1on~
tliL' BL"KTcch and Sori,Suub.

·1hi! M 500 is one of Rla-;Tcch's rn~l f>Oplll<lr c1v1h:1n hlasl
err ·it-s N Lkn(jmcd Lile "H1,nt1r'tg l:Jla?.Lt'1: 1h1s Wt•Jpon is
o~ne<J to ftlCC! the neects. ot ')(•rous tl:.KJlM"'> :vld other;
\'fhO n1Jke then l1V1t1c; in the wlid~rnt"S$. Suit to ~1ttatJn(f
the r1r.ors ol oa<>wuntry life. lhP M 100 " h{llllw~1~t and
ru~(·rl ll has a rc1nforccrt. wca1t\(11.!'l'i.llcd. poly(.J1hona:c
iran·p th.i~ castly !>lall<JS up to heavy 1mp.1rts.. t•xhc111cs of
heat Jnd <o!d, and hJl.o.lfcioos Cf'I\' • >nments Mii 1 :~l\; effect
on pcrform.:iorr- A \flll''C.kJlly c:fMlV,neU prN"ision l .1ucl pro
vi<ll'S the f\:i·300 \•ulh \HIP<l(311ClC'd :ltt:urJ<:y 111<11,Jn~e ror 3
weapon ol Its clas<; l11.;JdcJilJ011, thl" t\•1 500's g;\lvl'n n1cu1try
ancJ ~'> XC1tcr !>}'\tr·m riroduce J n1orC' inten~P. ("Oh<•renl
b' 1~t..,. 1.>c.·.1m. ''ilict I'"~ theY\-eJP<>f1 t·1K.iogh pur· h 10 drop
NPf, U,t. lOt.~cst bt· 1'\t The ~i ~00 dlso (OmM. l."t upped
wilh d sluie ()rid 1n1cer<.tl. non-ren1ovJb~c lclt"Sropic oph(a
sir.hl to enhDOCf' ii~; p(;l1formanrt• ;111d c.J~c of u~r..

R4"<11;r.• lhe d1Hiu.ilty or <.:omb~n <hecks rnadL' w:1h t111s
h\ one ar. ·~ lJrgcts at
o' c.-xtrem • 1.,1'f0'-'


<' o'lle<!(lllf 1). ()(."Si~ lO bP hroken dcovrl into Its CO.l>

1ty.·tp0ftie'1t<; q.1~ "- ~ ....-rtO f'.i"Uy \\ th ;.r.;: a ~ n v:nents: 01
wori\. U1f' C:R-R 1.111 lie d.~os~mblt!<l 1rto twf· \t•pJrJlC <om
pu11r.nts: 0.11,<'I. ~;1 otk. rctcwl~r. sigh!. ,1nd <:111~ 1 cy iJJnl pr-r
0 ...1<'0.sibly, 11l1<; l(•,uu1e wa~ Jddr-d to tne wcV!pon to ....~..,i ..1
11 c 1rrying otrd ~·or1rr:. L ~ ~n added !>IC•- llrf I 1·0/o'L"'\fl'I.
trtl (dl\ccio".'l'"'I r.. lfllfC MJ".,_t'~ lJ 4;..,. ""Capon f'~~rNnely C<.r.t)"

10 IHdc .ind vcr)' .1·rr.1c:rvt> 101 µ1 ;.>fcs~ro.,,1 ;,. l!C'rs. A CR:8

nt•;J1ly unp1;5s1blc to hod •Nht>n .uth.l<:n, 1hn11ks 10 thr.
ctown h:iilur<' ,1r.d r.~ u1iQ1.r I 11 ...h

w• en a CR 8

The- CR 8 1s 3 htCh· pc•1 lormantc hl-1'itcr ufl~ dKi~!J'lt>d !01
CorSec sn p1•r; .1nd seot.1 u.~rs. Bt.ull 10 f'>t.lctifi.S
SPl" .1fll.itt0ns b~ C0tf't/1.1n Atm"t. th\; CR 8 L~ a !Of~ ctcad
:y loo\<,111~ weapon de'->1r.ncd for pu\P<.)11\l accurJcy .11 i..·<'r'Y
!onr. r,;ugc~. Ju<;T 5hy or lWO rn<'IC't~ lfl lcrtglh. the CR·8 is
tqu1pped w1U1 u rrl"'C1sion barr<'I, l1f;htwe1glll, m.1ttc fn1iStl
tht' by



1 a~e·

1c; proper1., troierl·dc~v11 Jnd cooc;e311-d.

J~ti J• • to a tf i.;1r.1c:~cr·s l\>t~ 1~p1 .on Cle<..lo.. > m.1dc to (il'W1 1·
on a prrc;on\ ouUy

The "lt.C"i.~!t r\ o Odtr ':'I
~ .1" '"" >l.'Cfl .ir.
orP,.1mzat1on i:.t·ro11dt"<J ·n !>L'ltt'l\'. ~1n orgrln l:li1(H1 ol \\<Jrnor
J~:W'>'Sins dcu1L.ltrrl to the c..t~11k -;ictc. Their <ihi\1ian'.'> haV<.'
IH~·u ~did to prJ<.t1cc map,rks ·,lfJ!lf.C to Liii_) J!?r.i a1d e·vc11
~ 1 e S1tn. and 111 ·,· .,..,;sMo~ .1·~ 111(r,i.t f<"?r.'IOL:i, rnr w;r.lrf 1 ,
1n eq.J.:t :. 111•, .trd·~ .m dt.,.,Jly \VI· .·
lhtn orde· ,., r .imorcd to h.1\•1 · bl't>n cJt~l'<J}'t·tl Jl lht!' erli

\,,.,,pons thJ'. .1rr.


1h1• CloPe Vi.'cl1., hy tho~e ft!W wh11 t!Vt!r k.ncw <1r 1t:. cx1!>l P1H'.C'.
•lrt11arts oJ Lht•h c:11lt11rc rcrnain

·\rr.onc ·~,...... s the cncreir oow. ,,.ni<h




to ;aorl<t' ,, (Jeadfy ~l ut plasrna: tn.1t c .11 penctrJl<'
Jll hi.JI the tt"lck<'<.I ;1rrnor wi~h p1npo1n. :-icr.1r.1<v lhe blt'I\'
~l1111c feeds 11tlo ;1 that p1otc<ots tht' u1.,rr'<i hands 110111
H11· <.•Jckrne plJ;mn. thouv.n 11 is >!ill a uca<.h1·1nus we11po-1
"the: har1ds ot .l·1 ·1'"lp..reci<.r \t·.~· ~"''th a ttet· .....~~r. ~1 •N·1
1~.1 ~tel~ U f_• rorcl' gt.fd? <'<1cn OOl t<1r. be C.'<lr"'-''du~;,rity
1r1n" with tt,1'> h0\•1. land1nr. rn1r;1·-ulou~ ;,·lot~ :trd b( nr.•nt~
11own largt)l!> w1tr1 tilmost unmnic:lied ease.



r I <Jsh. r~ Wf'lpon·s fOr'lf. S).-.tem li!iol~ l
'>Ui>rrcharged .1< r1i:1tor. u~1(Jd1.d XCiler. and •1 tu.Ph-ou{J.a.t
pruprictary bb\l<'r P,<J'i. These 1nodit"catton'i 1n(r<~<Jse po~vc-1
,1nd 1cdoc<' bCJ'll rrtracf.oo ;11 d dre,radaL1011. ,1llo1•1:ng the
p<">r. ar.J m I.









All hough 1no::il prori:ssior.als consid~r ~lur.1h,..owcrs outual ed
cur 0~1lics, lhe1c 1:, sli\I a m;irkct for lh~!>eOld. rrltrih!c we.;1p·
.1'.>r'ICi. 1nd f"JC"H older arnis. such .1r. l)O'IVS, wh1c:l1<:an still prove
effec11V<' or th<' '1i1nl.



\\ :rt a rt•tu1t.:1Lon k>t' ~'d>'· re 1;Jhlr no.

'k>•·~se produrtc;.' Arms has produced stuethro"~"

lo· :he civih;n

arid n11hlJry n;i1\ct for rn1Uenr11J Tt·1c rv1odr.I 5/ known
..01 o<:;u1~l.y as lnP ·Hornesteacit": 1-:, one ur (Jcrk.1 Arms·
·Ler,,,icy Ar·11~· s.eri@s s11.r,throwf'1 11'lc:,. Bu ll ~\lith the

s.coi.1t. arld survi vah~t in n1 ncL lhe Hon1cSlC(ldcr is
cir'!! or lhc finest slugthrowi'l(! hun1 in~ 111e~ on the n1arkct
lhe \1odc! 57 has a Lou~h. c;rmi ;u.tomatic fet!d sy~tL·1n
oe!)1ti·1cd LO 1-.ithstand the H{:.'OfS of l'l:irc1 11"1.e in a -.ranet~· of
u~h <:11vuorrlc1ts and can ·na11t:l r. itor; (>C'r1ormartce e-.~n
a!' H" l)t- 1 lJJrk.-d in sax O:' subcY•&t-"11 """ ltf!r •cc extended
ptnod.."i \4Jt,de t 1s heatolCf thJn mos1 Wl."J~ of :s c.;6.'\
OWtr.g 10 sturdv conSlruC"JOfl lr'\d n.iaur.i wood stocks. lhP
Homt.>~le ld.rr rcn-:ainspopuf..J1 Uut• 'u it~ rr.1i.1bility. accuta<).
ll'l<l eenerou"i f~1rrcry serv.ce pk111s


Tradi11onal. how weapon~ a•c a raritY
' 1J 1c e~!Jxy. They are con<.idf"rN'I f"Vr.11 n1ore archaic and
t:lhl 1c11l !.11()n slugthr0\·;e1~ l:r>d 1re r:'trt"ly seen oul's1de
of rnu)l·u1'1'> or ttc coHcctt011~ ()f p.1~siC>11."ltr enthus.asb
[\-en ttc \'dJlllcd OOt.\'C.OlS'tcr lbl>(f hy \\'()Ot.. ~ is an ere1gy
tre"dp<;n. c:~1tc its antiqua:cd appt:_-Jran<<" Tncre ate li'neS.
~·-er. "'"ten the- srrn::>fieity porubll ty. Jnci rer 1bility of a
bow-no1 to mention its ricdr c;:Hrncr. of aperat ion and bro.-1d
lt)c1.n1 ot ammumL0:1 tyµc<; ;ir~ c~ct,y what a ci~n
il~ul o"l rr:qu'rrs
The ~S 19 by Field S;>orLS

"011c ul

the IJcucr bows sold

throufo{hout the t!3 ~xy Rouehly hall .:15 lone ai., d {'.rown hu
T ,111 1<; IJll, the rS19 ,JSi'S a S\'~tt'fTI Of l)~Jlll.:')~ dfld (i)mS to
crc;)\C' ;1n a"Chcr'~ leveraar ;ind Mrenc1n. thttcforc pro
ducln?, J no-re powerful ;.ind l'f4C'1C':"lt '"~apo'l m a :i.rnJll
e.asv·to~,"'C. lhe bCM1 u~1 ·s m, II ltt.'f:l1 ;>kssa.•-c-1
rtinlort•-d µol)~.arbonatcs. whllh CM' 1t inaedole strength.
and ll•e st· ing"' a fo<fiber nybn•""1 m?aw <lesij!..C to m•11·

..,... tia·e·c!l dttd sag_


arnrr1,.n1t1or U'>l.'<.i \\Ith 1hc FS 19 t5 F1e!d Sporrs'

or <.J n1eter·l<>nf.
Pl•<teel <h•lt with a snarp. !Jlade<I po1n1 ot one end and syn' nel1c, spin st;ibil.1ing I tetch1np, <Jn 1hc other. rhcse arrO\or.:;
Jrc cr1e..1p lo repl~1cr:; the Gtvl who w1~hcs lo set a price could
h;,rgr. I c11..>d:l per an·o·N In add1t101· l-1<.:ll.I Sport.s produces
1n~ ol othe-r a:ro..vs for 11-;f' 1.,·il Ii ti 1e 1-S 1U Ulal intrc.ase
~ \\'• Jpo11·s vcrsa"Jh~y Table 2 - 1: Raneect We.apons. on
oa£(" 4,. ~n the uase p..ntik' IOf lhl" ~1c.indo1d drQVi;s
that come Y.1t11 tte- weapon. as \wi as the r)f"o ~tor the
'lOI> ~laodord .,.,,..,. for tM bol•
~1 ... IV 'Broadhead · dHO\". whir.h consists


tu hol:>byiMS and hunters. a1f rifles are

ht:lltwPiCht pracllcal we~pons used for wgct >h0ol1n~ and
hunt1nc. ln~ltnct o I ,1 crude lead slug u< boll ot energy. air
rit!~s u~c c;ompreSS<!d c~isses to lire :i,111aU ijlfOy pel cts or
spin o;111h1ll1cd darl~ O\'er mP.dium 10 10111~ d!s~>rl<:cs They
,:i1c typi<.llly silent and hiaflly ac(ur;itl'. wtlith ri1Jk.c~ Uttm
populdl Jinonn both hunters and hir(ld kill<':!'\ Wt111e ostens1·
bly non k.•lll()I, most ilir nUes can chaml'M'r ~p~iali1ed d(uts

th;tl tan t>c rtUcd ,.,. th \'anous chemtcats or rox1r:s de51g1-.ed
t,., incapJat.atc oc kil fT!OSi. crcawrcs. Nevent.r.lcss. air ril1es

alt' ivpocallv ca;,,,,.11.a as tOj'S. sporl' cqwprnent. 0< tros bv
pl.'.l!li't.1ry f?OYC«1mer1ts. lh:s rnakc<> t"°'o '"""llO'" e:Y..y to
.Jcquire Jnd lrp,,! ro <arry on nearly <:very c1v1ll1ed •¥O:id in
rnc g.::ilaxy.
Thi" Model 11 by field Sports is onr 01 1h~ ruo:>l popolzu·
au 11 rl~<- nn thr galacttl 1narkct Ir i:; ;, 11c111wc1ghl. tone
ba11ctcr.J wci>pon sim1lilr in design tn fh<' ~por1 ing blasters

•old by SoroSuub ond BlasTcch. lml!311y m~rkNod as a non·
lc-1 hit I Wt:PDOn ror animal rontrol and law C'ntorrrmcnl use.
:h<' Model I I 1> CUt»l<VClc<I of hard wcanne poly< .mon.ltcs
t(lir.'orccd with a hbeufl(.~h ~t" Lt chamb4!rs a ~
ca t~r. too lo\\ bodied dalt tJpped with o b.1rb«I hypodermic
needlt.l The~ nf'Nflcs can penetrdlc lhc thckcst hide or
chitin and can PVPn pierce lighl atn1or )uch ,,, rak ~sts or
p.iddOO Jtn1or Ss;ind~1rd Model 11 dJrl) JH.: loaded with
il fi1St \ICtlrlt!,. eener.:tl·pllrpose lr~inqtllh/i,,'f d~iencrj to

qui<kly induce unlonsciousnc!\s in a 1.11 gel. I hey can .Jlso
be loaded with Held Sports• powortul ·sm,lfl hanq· adaptf\'C
trdnquihL<.:1 . .)~well as with oth~r lYJ)P!; ot 1ox1n or chern1ca1
lhe o;1lUcJt1t.>ll ICQUlrCS..

rr,\•tT•ano ~·.as designed ~n ccoperJt1o:i with
CorChemCo to provide a •ocrsatlle tranQu1iizing
aecnt for use in air rifles. Potent and h1£hly adapti\1C, S1nartTranq beg'ns mutatine 1n1mcd1.:itely upon
entcrine a tareet's body. As it sp read~ through the
b loodsttcan1, the chemical chan&t''> and rcconfig·
ure!:. it!:.e-1r uritil it finds the quickest. most efficient
W.1y to o·•erwhelm the target's natural dcfrr~scs


Upon a successful ht ;-.t::n a SriartTtJ"IQ dar1. the
t.aret"t must 1mmediatel1 m<1kC' an Average((> (>l

Resilience check_ On failure. th(' tar ect SJffers 5
strain pl;;s 2 additicnai strain ~r :g; generated on
the che<k. The Garre :\·taster r.ia) sperid ~t from
the check to cause ti1e target to repe>Jt the check
JeJ i n~t the tranquilizer with the difficulty 1ncrcJscd
once ;.1t the bceinnine of the following round.
Equippine a "'tode l 77 \•iith Sm<lrtTrJnq darts costs
!:,QQ credits: this modification has a r;:inry of 1
This doe~ not change the weap:in s prohle-it sin1·
ply add~ the effects dctz.Hed Jbove to the cx·s~'ne
\'>Capon If •t E'\·er ru"IS out cf at:imo tt-;~ J'X.'t ,..,.,liSt
purchas.e an .aCdrr:onal rcioJd ar 500 c~t'O,ts /Jlit}
1) to use the Smart:Tranq

Dam Crit Range

Encum HP Price

Rarity Special

Energy Weapons







Accurate 1.
OJmbcrsome 2,
Pierce 2. Stun Da ma~~

Taked&110 Rifle






(RI 3.250


AGGorate 2. Prepare 2.
PJcrce 2, SlO',\' Finng I



E.nerv.y Bow







(RJ 2,800









Accurate 1.
Cumbersome J








Cu.mber!omc 3.
Umi:ed Amrno I ,
Pierce I , Vi~lous 2








Bl~Jst 4.
Limited Ammo 1






















Limited Ammc;> 1,
Stun Oama{?e








Pier<.<' 4, St un Damage








Sta~Teth ~·I .SOO
Huntint: Bl3ster

Corellian Amis CR-8

C.terl«t Aun~ Ml'.>del
57 "HomesteJder'
Huntinp, Rifle
Ficl~ SportS FS19
C6mpotin<l sew

(Broadhead Arro~v~







TippP.d An()N


fncendmry Arrzy.-,




Stun ArroN


Field Spor~
Model 77 Air Rifle
P(1Jaridrbc>\OJ 4
",A:ane~~ Net Cun


Model 77s have a well deserve<;l reputation for accuracy.
reliability. and ~ersatility Their ability to deliver non-lethal
payloads silently at respect<lble <Jostances has made them
~vi!dly popular wilh senuents IA'Ofkine on both s1d(!S of the law.

The A014 'Arane<i' is one of Palandrix Personal Protcc1ion

Gear's more popular non le1hal 1-.iapon systems. Classifie<:l
offlc1ally as a grenade launcher. the AO 14 is a squat. bulky,
breech-loading weapon wilh a short. rifled barrel that fires
spin·slabiliJ.ed munitions to enLangle 1.argets. The sht!llS are

packed wilh a weighted, nne mesh net made or CorOlem·
Co's syntlletic ArachSilk ntier<, which are lietitwei@t and
possess the strength and tesilience of dufasteel. When fired.
the ·otating shells burst open al a preset range to release lhe
net; the rotation causes the net to unfurl. while the integral
weights spread the nel to iLS maxirnum width. The rleL's high
ter:silc strength and its tendency to entangle and tighten

P1C:H:C 4 , Unw.Cld;; s.

Vic·ous 2

6vrn 2,

limited Arnrn.o 1
Eos."13re 2,

Ensnate S,
Um' ted Ammo I

zerka produces a number of speciCllt~, an1munit ions for use with its orecision rifle lines, one
of the n1ost popular of l'\'hich are the Detonator
rounds. ProducP.d in a vari~ty of calibers. these
plasteel·jacketed rounds contain a shaped charge
bullet that explodes on contact with a target. \,\!hen
loaded in its Model 5 7 ·Homesteader~ rifle. these
rounds have the following effect on the weapon's


profile: Add the Blast (4) and Knockd°'"" item
qualities. Detonelror rounds cost 450 credits per
box and have a tarity of 7. If lhe weapon ever r 1
out of ammo. a new box of rounds n1ust be ;>ur·
chased to load it.

around a t<lrgct quickly as it struggles make the AO 14 an
exc:ellenL tool for capturwg targets alrve.


Ammo 1

In the w;lder ports of the r,;i1..1xy,


v,OOd bladt! al one·~ r,idc


every bit iJS important as <l hl ;i~t<'t. PerhJp~ rnore so. as
a bl;)dC r.1n double as a LOOI as well :le; a wr;ipon and, ar·gu·

thrOUl';tl undc(i:JO"ith. smal trees. and !'\'('ti 11""1 and !lone
~'f1th rctJUVC ~~SC- In tf:e right hand'>. thf" Tr;, !breaker tc; an
extrccncly pe>tcnt. versatile toot. and 1t) pOpulJnty rncrr;isrs.
Willi t'Vtlly ~IC

The lr;.11lbl1'.'/t!r poleaxe requires two h:)nd~ to use.

hJs more utility in untamed wildernc<s rrr.ion'


"e.1rty a!> llbtQU1tous as oomtxu kniVt~S.. cxpiorc"" -s kn \"e"S 3(e
ndispensab"' tools ro• profcs~ loicstors. t.'lade bj< 3
v.l~y or weapon a."'le tool rr~nufactvrcrs. cxraorer"s mvcs
typocally ~ave a long. serrated. cl1p-;io nt blade mounted in
::a ~turd}'. rc1nr0<ce<l plastPCI hil1 and arc sold \¥Ith a S'ynlhetic
ny1,1m(':'lih sheath. Contained \'11rh1n rhr knife's sheath and
hollow. watertight t:andle are tile c"O'll~nt~ of a miniature
crncrecncy survival klt While th~ c01llAOI\ vary by manu·
f3cturcr. they typi~Uy include a r1rc ~lJrlCr. h'l'cc1crs, small
;ha1p blade. macnctic compa». h•hln~ hooks and lino,
monow11e saw. needle and thrro~. length of h gh-tens11e
!iynLhclic co1d. srla I w~ctst~<'. :ind other bits of sma I
fi;1J"\i1v.1 tear. \.\'?11 e an exµkncr'!. t..n fe 10:,. noL necessarily a!.
wf"ll ~tock.rd as a Juli survr'o·al kt. l docs ,'tQf'k \'Cf'Y \\'ell. as
Jft emercencv backup or ~ a wpp (.'f1'H:nl to <l more ~Dy
stocked kit-aoo. of cou~. 1L Ka POt~1l weap0n to boot
Ari r.xplorer's


grants D


,, I $tuv1v.11 checks

The St~1tker 1::. Ml·H·Sonn Munitions' ansi~r to L.1.scrHone·s
'"rpro<cnP.fy popular Huntsman Vilrospe.,r Like its
compo111or. tile Stalker 1Sa long. sttMdy -.b<o$pcar nearly as
ta I 3S a erown
and is desllllled 101 hull(Jne large.
parucul.;irly daneerous '"ild game tt has a ~uong. flexJble.
rcinforr.rd ptasll'el liafl over two meters long, capped by a
1c.1r 'Mprcl blade capable of p1e1c1ne lhP mup,hcst hide or


lhttkc:.l Jm1or Beneath the blade are two -,hon tt..1rbs that

extc11d ro1 a few ccnUmetcrs pcrpcndicul~r from the h~ft.
I liesc ba11>l. arc dcsicnco to stop wounded creatures from
rhaq~ nr. up Lhe weapon's haft <iltcr they arc stabbed. and
thus atlltek111g U1~ u~1 while in their drt'll h [hrocs.
Wh>r •tis ligtiter and decidedly che3pt< than Lascr1 lonc's
""3'>00· tnc St.11t<or SIJ!lers from a h:w d1~~ tn <>O
ettort 10 ktep we.gilt and "'" down. Merr Sonn used the
st"nd.ird model Y>brofield generator found in Jll or theo
vibro we;apons t:1nd equipped the ~rilkf'r with only lhe

::.1rnplrc;t noise reduction systt!m. This

UISC1Hone's Tra lbre;ikcr is <J vcrSJUlc piece of equipmr.n1
desiuned ro1 exploralion . c-.r.nrch and rc!.C:u1:, and •Nil<iPr·
nC"~!' :c;urvival. l:ach corsi!)l!> or a lone 1hln, lotv profile axe
bl~dr 1noonted Lo a sturo~( fibcrrtC"Sh re n'orccd plasteel

"h.if1 rouenty ll\O meters 1~ k:ngth It


popu1.;t among scouts
Mk:! t"Cplorers ""tlo appreciate.> 1l!. ~t1•ty both as a roo; and
as a weapon Tho Trailbrea<e<'s "~h acid sturdy build
make 1t bot~ a ft""•inr. stall in<! "" exLcllcnt tool lor
pryint. prepping, and le-.-ennr. l;itr,o Ob1!'Ct• rhe heod or the
(})((\ '.";port ng a fu;ely honed. monomolr.-cular edge. <:an cut


rhat while the

viUrorirld P,t'ncrat.or's sound output IS ere:itly 11'ChJ("('(1, it still
nia~c::. cnouch noise to alcn most crealures to the osc(s
pieSetllC. whith m•kcs hunting with the w<:Jpon a challen(te.

De<1>1te 1111s. the Slillkcr's popularity ronlJnucs LO g1ow. and
1t 1~ "c-rn .1~ an aflordable alle-rnativc lO its heavier. more


The S1illkl>r "br.; requires two hands tu u~ The GM
mai sl)t'f1d @ @ from any combat check w.lh tn1S ""400tl
to llJYI! ~ produce o lood noise. spoo1<•nR neatlly a,.mafs.
a!cn1ng foe~. and adding • • ro t~ u~r'~ next S;..u\1Y'dl

check 1n 1h1s 3rc• to hunt or track prcv













t..terr So,.,n

Mo<id 14

Mon CJldmJr
l-- 11<·1~1..lnte

MS\\ 12






Dam [rit Range





., '



Encum HP Price
7 I





Rarity Special





I Of'Pllcd




- 1










Pier'e 2. Y~IOUS'
Cum berse>mc 'S


(di<\mounlrd). Pierce 3


P+Mte 5. V1uo~ 1



Oefen)1vc I •




Pic>tC<' '. llnnol'ldy 7





Ot.'f~\.' I ,










Pwercc I • Sunder. \· ICIOOS I

r-r 11 n r-..., ..,.. ,,.. ~,. , .,,...,,


1cl<Jcd by th~ Nloo;unjlfl Knir)l1c-. d11rinr, rhr C.lonC'
\'\1ti1S. t~11~1+~v I.Jut~' ~1r~· t1•~~1r.ncd to h<' u<;C'cl from ;irop a

n1ount ls\ent1:1!1y lnrrt' p1k1•s l'qmpfl<'<I w1rh ('!N"'{rnmnr..·
nt!UC puh~ ~~~n~riJtor,, lht:V tJfe pnm:ir1l~1 uirr-n<1('d for u"P
C.1r,;Ji11sl dtoid-. ,u1d vt'harW<; OMe>ir~ !hie; <;ppr1.11h1:irio11, fh(ly

arc c.1p1h r. ot 1t1ll1rr1nc r,r~'C'>11<; C1.1m.~ on orgame tar.gets..
Foun~r n1ernl>ets of the f\.tOl'I C.'.JIJrn.1n Kn gt:~....r1U <Jrry
thcu lances with them. tit!d <~"r. \~:apon" h.l\t sp-1cad to

\\lhilP many argue t"lat Jdvances m weap()rs tt.><:hnolOC'
hav~ made person3i ~rn1or l-i:;11ge!y i11~Uecl1Vti. 1no~t ocoplc
\••tlo ·ive- on rl":e fri1.ges or lt'lt! ~J!Jxy wear ~ou1e )01L of pro
tPCti-...'(l garments_ This IS t!Specially lrue Of 11·1dtVldU31S Wt"iO
Ive and 1NO(\_ l!l tne \'J~ slrelc'1es or w1lde ..1<.'S.S \'1hcrc the
threats to IJc a:td imb l""lOrc o!':~n "Ste,, trorr thC' c1vi"'On
men: rn.m from giJnfirr

other \-.Orkio; ¥:ficrc mountt.<j warnor. fif!ht ~1n::.t ~iything
trorr: ramp3f.'11.R bc.1 ...r~ to tnctry ground
A f\lourn«t wiekJ(f ol 4n<!ncrl)' L1~c mJv lht:' her steeo·s
Bt"Cl•"" r.1tir'.( to dcleflTllrlC the da~ of th s ~apofl in
~CJt.J or her 01'fn Srd\\
Wthew1i1:· df·r r. not mnontro.
0-t" \\-eJpon ~1~ the Cur1hc'i'•.om ~ qu.1 '


Aootnr:-r ti.lS\\'·SC'f'IM mono-rrn:,Jf'j ul3r b!Jde orre11ng by xana
r XOHC Arms. It'if' ~•S\\f-1:) N.Jno()J£&t.1' IS J l3JCC'f. dcadli
r1 >rrsl()n <>f lhP MSW 9 Molew1.11 SLifollo Rcscml>hng a
rorr~n co1r h<tl or ullhly blade. !he NanoDar.ecr's blac~ 1s
111.)dl! of :J synthcllc c1~tall nc matrix cmbcddC'd with ~upC'r
dense iJlloy~ thilt ttsi~t wc:tr <h1r>p1nr.. t>!un1 u1g, Jntl l.ncc..1k
ilr,r. It h:'I\ ,., mono molcculJ1 t!<.ICL' lhJt <.J11 ~htc through
c;omc or the tOUetlC)t n1(.llCll!)I!>, ,,.Hid ll (.JU C~UJSe VICIOUS,

'lv-.v l 1t\1lmt: 'Nt.>vud~ vu ruo~t 1Jc1ng!> lfl Lhc gala>:t. De<op1Lr.
il"> n:h1fur<.c111c11l. ht..L' Jll 111ono·n1olec.u1~11 blade!\ nrodurrd
tiy Xtina. Uic NJnot>Jf!&\'r'~ l>la<.lc hJs Jn alt.lrm mg tendency
to IJ1cJk ur1<Jc:1 <.Clld1n c;ond1uons
fhrGM n1i1y l-iP<~nd {§) C~> @) or ¥ from any combat dlti<.k
rnridf' wil h thi<; wC":lJ'loOO 10 ht1v~ II t}tl(om~ rlJ1naet>d one step
(frnn1 1rnd;inl:iC<'d t<"> uunor. nu1101 lo rnodcratc. modcr.1tr.
to m.:JJOr. ~l e) J'J df.l'>n 1bc<J on page I UU ol the Fo~£ AND
D<snNv Cu<• Rulebook.

1-'rodurrd hy m.1n11f.:lcll1rl"r$ or v1Uro tool) ilnd weapons such
I .J'M!1l lu1u..• ynll "-1t.•n Sunn. the v1bro-n1acht-le is one of
U1c rr1u)l <..uuunou v1l.110-au~n1t.•n1ed bl.ides on thr r,alttelic
rn;;ukc' Ocs1tr1t•d ~irtd sokJ p11n1•Hily .1, ilfl 1gricult ira! tool.
eJ< h h:t~ a lonr... ., 11£11• C<.1P.f"tl ck' JVC'r-hkc ht 1df'I beO".een
.-JO .:inrt 4~, cr.ntimrtrl"S lonr.. The wttgtir ;1r"K1 b3 :-Jnte or the
bl.I le COIT'blned \\Ith the long (U[ttnC Mee ma~e ll perfe<lly
s 1•tN1 k>r C'Je.'Ull'lf. ur-.:lprgrO\vtn 1n d~ alien forests .Jnd


JOO.C!es.. hutctennc bfce anll'nJ~S.

and countless other 1-;ll

detnot"'io~ ta~s. Jhc V'bro machete :-i!SO m..1~ for l'l ('.;Cd

'rot \\-C.JJX,)n. thr. hc:r.y bllde ;>net \1bro fiekJ l'tr•llc1 n1J'\Jl'+g
\I-tort \"'1fk or U'lprot.c<tcd ..ind t&g11Uy df(OOfed cppone11·s.

111 1111m:z

~. 37

I ghl. ,1!)0 ea~y ton d·r·win••nc An P1o·)(!f·'lO:. k.i)l;u"d
. bi~
armor by \'CTl'Ch strr~l~ a gooo bala'Ke behwer protection
a~d practca 1l)·- Some¥at:al s:milar to light J n10" .-.a.its "<>fn
by many al the gaaxy·s taoY enlort:e:'llenl olhcen. 11 l"S m..1~
lrom lhK:k a\'ers ot synlhetir tbe""S rc_,nlo,.ced \\11h kY\eth.s

,1,.monyeavc Thi\ m:t1<'..ial 1s b.10..00
th.n oo!'r-cart>onatr- pl.ltC'\ ~1· "·r:itrr.te w~1· t>fl"S on an

of er.ecr.y absorb-N?
'\ th

.1"lima1·" nP<S... c;f'K)c,!(klo~ b;xk_ a·1<J l~t> Thank~ to·~~
ces.1!?f'l 4nd iQ!'ltweigtll co1:~lJvctron. An1Pro a11•1u1 oocsn·t
~'~iCfl 3n ar:1mal do·.0;11 01 tt>strrc~ 1L!. ~1..-d or ranee 01
motion. making it easy to wear lor cxtc1ded lengths ot umc

Ar!iPro beast armor r..1n on:~r br. ~\'Qm by r1dinr, or \VOrl<. nc
animals. In addi:ion 10 providwg µrote<..llor tv J n1ol.t1t. l'11!>

allows .;i <..hdrdlll.'r

to r·dt! the (;tfl 111.; w1P1<.>ul su1·c• 1n.:

the bareback 11<.lmt; penalties uew1 ed on pat.:~


Mosl 1•1d1v1duals seek111v,a I Ult! t!xtr;t pro1rc:1ion a1~;11ns1 1t1 r
danp,ers ol lhc f~a l;Jxy tum to one of tho 1n.inv m;)SS pr('l
c1urr.d <1f010f suits t>Ullt hy ro1np:lflit!'> lii<.t> cr ~sh.Jhlyau. Can
dorthr~I . .lOd Salus. There 3re o.ihvay~ U·os<.' who tJo no1 pur
<ha<:ae .:inno1 off Utt! ra<.k. how<'ver. \vhcthcr by choice or out
or neces~1ty. Petlw p~ Lhcy h.ivc Jni cr.uc~ body proportion~.

or tttey simpty do not tt.ivc tl~c cT"Cdits 10 purch.1-;r l"Vrn 11
simple llak vest \.Vh.:itcvcr th<? rc<J5on, whC'n in need ll Cl>t'
individuat<"i oft<!'l (Q11slfull thci1 U'"' (.1111101 uul uf wt vl1..'\·cr
rl"k1tcriJls :nay l>C: at hd:ud. 011c ol Lhc •11o~L <.0·11111011 lypei\
oft Ofl!ClflddC p !'"Olt!Cll"1't! wear IS hide a~rror
Popular among outdoor cnth.1<:;iac;rs, ~J'v1v.1;14\t ~ h4'rm1"<;,
and some c.1tirc socicjcs. {){'ac;r-h ck: ,1rrrio"' s con~truc;('Q
from rt-e c;!l;·ns ard oelts or various arimals T~pica.I)' take!1
from robust. ttlK"i..~Y.1•11red <..reat<.ires like riet'~ or dc.·wt>ackS.
the are cured Lt~rOUioil as.sorted mcJnS ar:d ottcn
00~ n ol. to t:ardc:i t:acm lor more protection One~ 1.1
kY.ed to tit :nc \•.carer. tK:lc armor is a:c;-,J;i' y rorforc('d Jl
suatc.g;c porns inrlodrie c'~..s. klil"\.~ .lrd shouklc:•~ \\Ith
c•lfa 'a)·Cfs o£ t)tJc, lhm
ol ulJ>tecl bore pate""'
any o°'er tiaro ·r.atena that C.-Yt ti.m a bL"lOf" or 1011 N'. .1
blow or bad fall.


~"'"" ol ·hprrnor l)pcaf1· hve on lt~ In~,.; or soc
etv. 'vnc-re ttr -;·mp!<' ~irt of ,,~;vir.a:-:; trt:. CilrmP11 fl\.1t.:....s .)
strOOP. ~t;i'.'"~l'lt :-01.•....:.rcs its '"-ea·ef ~ hunllf'C pr~~- lie
suit is often emoelh!.f:ed Wtth fur.;. bones. ari;na 1oc:h. anrt
claws. and dyed in vanous cyr c,11c:hnr. colors.

Dvc to bt·as. hice: 0111l0r'!> av1l1t)• to n1Jkl' a !>La!lll1g !irsl
in po:1tc society• .t c~o1ac:er ,..~.,~ ng <J ~u l f1l 1hi~
<in!lor gains o.r1 autornalc t> on her Coernon c1·ec""~ i111d ,,n





.-\ttPto 14} "'


B<... .,""


Bcost H Uc:A1-:x11


11vv:•l•;1 Arm<"r

Encumbrance Hard Points Rarity






(-.1Ulo111ul I<. ~~ ()II h(~f Chafm rhC'cks, The Can1~ iVlastcr 1riav
detcrnln·c• 1h::11 1~ ornvic!~s furt!lE.•1 b<..•r1clits or dr.1\'t'h,1rks.
dr-pC'MdiOC, On J CIVel' ')!lU;Jl!Orl.















G .I

thmn .1rmor 1s usually 1nade by hand lrom fhl"' nu~i.. o'
v lriou') t:,1<.1nt msecl species lolrnd throu~ool lhc ~!Jxy. ts
w11t1~lly d poor person·s c:ompoc;ire armor. c.J1 uu .irn1or I-;
1n 1<.k• Uy workin.r, 1nsc-ct carap.-1(pc, into prOlt.'\l!Vt! pl.i~cs ~r.d
en .1t.:h11ie U1ern to a flexible: t'>.lrking. Th') 1~ typ1c~1 y sr1n.
cJ,lfd cloth, but OCC;"KJon;tly mote adv-Joccd O'\JIM'i"I s IL.•
11')1 lmcsh or me balrstic tloth used Ml arnlDrcd bod!!'~ll') ~

f :'lfh SO l O( Chlbn armor is tlnlQUC Dc;pend11·r, on lht'

m.i1crlf1ils U"-t.l'd. a ch an Slit can be any tuk>f. cul. ur '!tlY e
ura()nJb e lhc crC'atures ~•hose hrdt~ dll! Ut..t-<J an tt~ con
:i.t1 uctK>n of :t s.uil of c-h1tin a111~1 1rntht also ofler p1ofN"i1v~
qua ur."i "iufh .1s the cl:.>1l1ty lo ~Iler derlerl bla\l<'r I 1ol1s or
blrnt1 Into c;,pc(.1fl(. envnon1nents.

C111tu1 dtrnor 1nJkes <J s1 ronr, st;itPmPnt Jhoul the 'A'C\Jrcr.
•1110 thc ·~c ~u1ts 1rnd to hilVC' a st:irthne t'ffe<.:t un pco1,1e 111
~ 1v1htt>d soclcly A ch;iracter wearin~ a suit ol <"hllln .11·mor
~1tfd!t au101natir .\."J to her Coerdo11 checks and .iulOlll~H K
CV on hrr Charm chet.:ks lhc Gamr. M(l5tcr mtly dt•tcr1111r1e
1h.11 lhfl .:1onor provides further Qcucfit) 0' UrJwbat.:k).
df"~llf,.hng on chc situ.1tio11


Crc: ~at f\TlC' lnrltl'\l

·~ ~s kOO\m lJUOUf! IOlll II_. f ''" IS .1
pu~ of /ll)C}y n1aoc \'.'Otk-vg clothes lor hun·M ~6-11~
1rdothctS\\hO IM> 1n frontJesetllnCS It o•~ ..r-;m1lt 11 t •1 t."'..
of llutt 1111 aod dfmor in a number of propri~l.>fy c;ofors Jnd
i.:"ruoofldft' paucro!\, as ~'l'C'-li .:K c.ampinc ancJ lumt11te .:c::ir
lvt tt11: d1')(t'fninr. buitcr On<' of rhP <on1p;.Jny':, nCV\'C'r ol!r-r
111~·~ 1\ !tit• ~urv1valist In<' of pPrsonal .J11nor. S1m1 J.r 1n CC)n
)l111{tion 10 [he ut>iqu•lOus p.:i<..tded armor tound in µolicc
lorn•\ ;int1 organuauons throughou1 1hc fl.llaxy,
llH" Surv1v.1hc;l hnl" 1s I ightwc1ght and hard w1,:t.trine. ~nd per·
torm~ \V(lll 1n llcarly c1,,.rcry cnviromncnl.

A stilt ot SurvivilliSl armor prov1d(~~ whole bouy prof<'<"·
t1on. with rr1ntor<c-rncnt patches at the elbow-;, knc-r-~. ,in<1
ShOUld('r(, r11lll ~Hl fci:ltureS an 111tef~ril1Cd IOarl·(1fr'ylr'l(!

syi;tcm lh:11 conrl>lf!C'S a col!eclion of pouch(~') of v.1no11-,
w th c.1tt~~:Juucnts for e.xternal b;lf.S. b.1ri..ri.1 lo.S, J l<J
<\'rems to atd "'lh its load-carr\'1ng cap.-1ht.1t1P<.


\\\: ire a \lJlt ol Sumv;;1i:S: armof 1r1(.u!·~ lhc \W::arer'c;
"'1CUll brancc t1Y'C9'<>kl by L

C:0FAl1f'M IN ri 4N TH!l' \.VU l'l

C<'kefs rely erc:itly on ll'IC1r person<1I al.>ihtlcs, bul ll'l~ also
commonly cnrry a '"'de vnnc~ty of iLOnl~ dcsig(l~d to aug·
men1 !heir slulb. vnd allow thrm 10 survive for long periods
at"3y from cMf141tton




Every profeSS1on has its speoftc tools. and wildcrnt.~ wr
IS no exception. The loll<.>wme itenis rndrk their u~er as
;i sc\jsoncd cxperl and ri valuJble rc~ourte when .iv1Jy rro1n
ttc romfons of c1V1ll.l3tion

Bea!i>t c.11'.s Jmong lhc.> ~mplcst. mc'Kt cllect1vc tools
used to hunt at'ICI trap an1mJfs. Relal1\'efy low 1ect1 <ltld
easy lo \ISC. bca~l calls tire l1tllc more thJn at.idio ptJyt>ack
device~ encased it'I sturdy, t~nv11onmcntally se.alrd, hnµ.;icl
resrstar•l polyca.rbunarc- shell!. The audio cJeviCPS conldir'cd
insiOe combine ~udoo-sif.n.11 modlf~ ol the l.<1'1 typo::~•~
used in d101d vo1c:c boxes. with c:omprcttr.ns1ve dat.ibases
Lllal contain ncdrly every known scret.'(.h, howl. honk. and
sonQ made by bcaMS throughout the ~.raxy Along woth tile
preprnm1mmed tJns. tJ>esc de-•CC$ can"'"° record >0.m<IS.
allowing, hunrers lo build lhc11 0\'10 libr;uy ol n<.:w r:.1us



the drvlce.


The M*" Ill modJI.a· b..k.kpac'I( 1n<..reascs a \'fC~tt'f's
.. cncurr·
br.1ncc thr('~hold by 1.. plu~ an add1t1ona\ 1 po 111• of cncu111·
brnncc threc;:hold lor each accc!.sorv oouch di.ldcd to ll e
bdckp..1ck no a 1r.a,emum .oc.reasc or Gj

~signed by Piccatecti Ltd , the l'ann er S}"'5lc11 "dcslgn•d
lu ril as rnuch r..1q~o 011 ..i b~ast ;t~ 1t r;in carry 1n an err
c1cnt and ~urc m;tnn1.·1 Its bitSC 1!. a spec Jlly de~1v.ncd
k>ao·bc.1nr.e ha mes.~ '"flu·pi..x'd with QU C<·tr f• l'le hdH..h\'Jrc.
r rorn th~ tl:Jrness. ;i t1t·a~t twlld rr oc ;.earmtt'"' can n...1nr. .l
vJrieLy or ~ccure. lti11 ti ~ided c..(lf{?O conu:unc~ M<.1oc rrom
c•i1 t'er µlt.1su··e1 or 1~.n'orc:ed hbcm•rave. the <"iH.go c:onl;11n
·rs are bu It na va11ety 01 shape~M s_zes to sul indivuJuJ
users.. r;ee(i) The conw1~rs are <.oq1.11pj)Cd "·1th .11l envJrunOlent..;lly ~PJlcd loc:kine 11<1 that s~c:utc:, C()rgo and j)fOiC'Ch 1l
from di1 I, w...tcr. and 01 1~r <-onuur11tlJ11ls.

Thie ?.l"lnle"' Mod1,.1f.,r Care<> U;arv rng Sy<:Jf'n'I COf'Oe'S w tl1
t\'•O c(jfCO ronta rer~ <>nd can or:ly bt 'rvocn t.Jy r1a1ng or work
ing.1ninial~ ot sil'iouettc ')or larger. Ir in crease~ the crcatur(l s
cricumbrauc..e th!'cshold by 6. plus :~1 r'?dciL1on\ll 3 ooinllio (.Jf
errtunoranctt tt:rcshOld kJ1 eiKh add1t10!'l<t cargo conm tK."f
ddd1..~ \O the system (10 a n1.aximum 111{.r'e,~;;c ol 12).

choose the- beasl Liley wish to

attt.1a trom ~hP rt.Ra~. ~1 thebeas1raJI11 a conwnienl
pl.a<t.' and acbvarc iL The device th~n pl.Jys the t.:hoscn
bea~t 1,;all ar varytnr. pitches. volumes. and intcrvttlt; t111l1 the
des11t."IJ t:rca1urc I~ attracted or the device is tumcd oH So
rca. ~it OfC thr sounds brO<Jdc~t by a beast c-all 1hat most
crc.atYr~ w1th1n earshot come runrnne 1mmcd!3tety ro lfl\e
t1ea1r 1ht! apparent ne\'f rival or n1ate 1n lhcir territory

Us ra a


ldll docs out r'CQUire a


ch.c-ck. l.Jol the

+ +J

beast be ng targ.:t<-d must mJk• an A""rage
Discipline cheek ro rt•>ost the lure O[ the d<'Vlte. Rcco<d1ng a new
call to Lhe merh~nlsnfs memory requirM ,111 Averaac

Computers check


Cre..., dyne lndustr•es· Mk. Ill Modulor l:lackpark is a c1
~tk_ rv mi•t.:1ry reconnaManec

..,;r;Jn w~~'°" ot 1u. popul.-)1'

pack. like lll<' Mk IV. th~ Mk. Ill MB IS ,, la:ge. Slllrdy. Jn·
Lem.illy supponcd backpack consuu<tc'IJ or hard wearing.
wcalt,c--rprool le>tl1lcs It has a !>lne,IC larr.e interior SP3<.e and
r...o sr1.Jlk?r e'(tetOJI pcxkM:s tt\al arc c;ealed ag<1-risr ttie ~
vironmenl with il "t1lenl lCJlr .1way texnh'\ i;.eallng !.}''.>trm. TiteMk Ill is al~o cqui1>ped wilh i) system of llooks ;Jnd f.:>Stcncr~
thal ::illO't\·s up to $1\ smaller pouche?. lO t>r- au.ached lo bet
ter t.l O"" the b:lt'kp.1ck to th. wearer'~ n~'f'ds

~l.NGlffnl£ Wlt.D


Mk. Ill Modular 8ack$1a<k


Riding Tack

Riding tark is a c<1tchall term ror thr as.sortod bits of eq..ip
mcfll needed to ride! or control u IJ-Oast. Produced by compa
nics hke Piccatech I td and VeTcdl. 1ack comes 1n a variety
of styles l3ilored to the physlolowy of nearly every known domcsticablc beast in tne calaxv IM ng Lack 1nciudes a sturdy.
comforwn1c saddle designed for a specific bca>t """ riding
style. stirrups, hcade.ear (bfldle. haller. bit. rein;. ~tel. and
a breosLplaLc t1c:\... made for work1rn ;')n1ma1s feplaC(."S the
sadd'.~ with d heav~1 duty hii1nes!> lh:ar :illow~ tJ crealorc l<.>
pull car.go $leds or imrilrmcnts SJtl as plowc;
Tack t;ln only be V\Orn by riding or lh'Orkine Jn1m:ilc; Using
tack allows a character to rode the bcas: w ti out svttcrinv,
the bareoack rid ng Jl<'Mlt es deld1lc'd on P<'ICC' 13

Made by pur\'eyOl'S ol aMna hano n& iC"" such as \'eTe<h
and PicC<l!fih. sadcleb.le' •re tnd .pensablc pieces ol
eqirpmcm for !hose ..110 tna<C tnc• IN1ne> no 1i or ''°"''"i
¥-Ith beasts. ConSU1JC!cd (tom ht~ Or fCIRIOtted synthetic
textJles. sadd cbags iyp1callycomprom1"' a r>a• ol ta•ec (on
tainer; with sea cd flap '""'"- connected by a broad t>clt or
a n•mllef ol cables Saddlcbai) a•e O•-<i&ncd to be Po•Wbk:
They can be Ull'own QJie• y over J beJSU haunche> ••d. 1f
JUst a< qu ckly 10 l)e carried o.e< the
sho<Jlctcr by l!le beast'' rider 5.'ldd eb;Jes M cou"tlcss nd1ng



and can be custom11cd tunctton;illy ~nd cosmeu·
cally to meet an ind1v1duars part1cu1;ir t.lstes Jf'ld needs

Sadd'ebags can only be worn by ricime an mJ:s fhey ncrcasc an ao1mars encumbrance threshold by 4.

SEl's FlashF1re Is a compact, lighLwe1ght, all on one camp
stove designed for individuals who need to travel light
lhrOu€h the wilderness. The stove consists of a high-Output
rnul~rvcl burner. a fuel cell. and an integrated canister thal
ac:ts as pot. pan. kettle, and cat distillation system. Tho
flashl-ue 1s ea5y to use. windproof. and stands up well to
the neors or field use. A1though the multi·use canister i(j in·
tcf.rated into the device. it be removed with some basic
lools and a re-.v mmutcs of work to allow the fu~I cell and
burner to be used w1Lh OUlC-1 tOOk\vare.

The Sumvalo>l by SEJ is one of the most popular compact
mess l<i!S 10 the galaxy. Designed for the ~·&ht·conscious
solo tra\e!er, the Sufm'allSl contains a number or Pots and
pans. a lllate. an tnSUlaled cup. and eating ute!ISllS. aa in one
compatt Ufllt Al ol lhe coo!:ware is rugged and coaced "'th
~ non.tic• coo•ine saxface to aid tn bo!h cooking and clean·
'""'The poeces af, m together""° nest inside the dC<pcs~
Pot ma<1ne the ki< easy to carry and stow ~!any m~1tary
and p.;rami1tal)' croups rnroughoul the galaxy buy '"""' n
bulk to issue to !heir personnel as part of their swoon! ko:

Waler punhtH'S :ire m.1dc.1 by rounllcss w ldt-rnll<;~ supply
arid outhtt1nr. coo1pan11 " throur.Oout chic g.:1 .1xv lhry ~

a null'.t>cr of n1Uerr:nt tL•rhnolot.;1cs to .JChi<'W the ~1ne
goal· t,;.th~. uncontamintilcU drink111e w.11cr So1nC' arc si1nplc
po!yr. irbonatc- <ontalnet~ tnat use pump:> or ('J:1v1l) to Pb!'•
v.•atc1 lhfOl.if:tl J !liter le.> c f•rto it ot m-troo1r;Jnisn1s Otht·r~
use th<'rnic;i!~. lonilation. or ult1<.1v!olct J1f~11 rn kill m11,;1oor
e:arul>111s. deadly viru~ flnrl loXJn.r; In ten fT'rnutcs. ..1tvptcal

"·ater puri"ier c.111 uea1 rnough \\Jll'f to h•n o~ St·ot1ent"s
need<~<1 for onr c.IJy of nr.orous ;u.tlvlly.

_ __



.. \4oou11_•_ca_rg<>
S~·~t('m _ _






iFll'C Cdn1p ~~

SuM\·a! £qw~n1e_n_1_1n-,-~·r[ ·surv1\''"1s( ,..tti~'i Kil






li\le on the ~..inttl~ ot <.OliCIV. \ thl>it1rt I)'/ choice
<.>r by 1.11u1msrantc. rrnLI lo bi'' more hir<ly a11d c;k:llru1tl':::11


Jntl ~ell

rrh~.nt. tt·c:se

~~Jt l);'ptl 1\ly C..1<"f'1t'd by t"«m::s.. h\il ~e!S. SC \lltS. ~1r11J .fl)
ore e1SC"' 1•;110 m.ikc) 1heir l1nr.g Ill ~f1(• w1IC'lr-rncss. RoJj''lly
l~quiv.1lrnt to a 001 t.tblc hP 1IHIR kit J 11f!afrr\ 1<.1t is s1r11;>ly a
tol'ernon ot lo.c.:dl n.uural n1cdici1a::i. .._~p- tote'.~~ lll o C:"ll',P



If poul!l Of'pt-n<S1nf! on the lb<!'r~ "Jnct o·e cnv11on11c11t· n
wh1rh U·~ live. 11 r111r,tll cort 'lin pla.111ott1k a'lci l<.:Jves. inoss
1•o;, w.H1ou~ herbs. •l"ld oth<'r 11Jtural ,.,, d'ng W,(•11L<> rou1'11n


IM er~.r~nc!nl






r-;,..,,.11 tqu10.;enr In< I 60

(Jntv for cth'rl~ vt·~ but k>r tht.'11 ori1m corrp.1r11or:s as t'te·t

do1'y S-UIVIV3L A ~c.... 'er's ki1 IS O!IC Su<.h oir<r o( htlndu1Jde


Pan H ~tocf.,1.Jf S~em
U.u• C..<go COrii. ncr


the 11·p1t:.1I r.::ila<.IJC r.titcn


Mk. I.I
BtK'-.NCk bdrJ Pouch

olter on :nc r <J''-T< ro ong peoods. mP If rg
c.Jn lJk.e r.uf" of any dnesscs 01 ot~ci 1nedical tir.c:r r,C"ndcs 1h. 1l aric;r S1.1i:Ji.Jll· suoport cear 1~. ct~ent1al 110:
Sce~s lft

and ... ti.a 1k often IM: Cays o· e\'Cf'l ,., · o\S lrnm ctvili;.;;~uJn,
ind nluM rP!y on \~hat I hry can tini,I or\fl: by h~!IO lt11


' " Jll










Rarhr.1 lh(Jn h<" 1ne p1ir<.hJ:..ed. a <.htirartc1 n1.1 ~t f.;i~ti1on
her ow1 1.:onk1·n"1 and L'Q 1lp rhe erT'Pli' l).-;l( I.. i~1Ul n:u1vc
me<ft I
rfn!. tf1(1t'GI' a Hard C
+ • + l Survival checi<.

A hedlr,\ kif al,ow~ l~~ (h,11actr.r lu u~P rh~ 'v1oait111e
o;~1ll lo t1r.11 hcn::dr or olhPr 1•1div11bJ!s w1rhout pcnJlty,
.1', de'il.fiht>d o:i : tge 17 7 • >f tht'. Fottcc ANO Ot:sTINY (.ore
Rulebook Tt:c GM ruay spr1.d "@on., Mf'dinnt- chcck whf~n
J char.1rrPr is usillt! a 11ca1er s Kii lo 1•1d1ciltP lh;st sou1e or ~II
01 the n \"d1cirl.J 1t~rrl$ :"l.;M; bi'l.'f• exh.1 K~ed 1n llll.' ot'f'fl'\fll.
lu <.>~Ct'! a <:tSC. 11• healer'~ kil c;;nnot oe U5l'l.I again unt I
1h~ c-ha1:l(lc1 sp(~nrt ~ som1 tune





Average<+ + J Survival check.

- -+------<f<---



<1 < . . SI .lf




Jµon Ma111tPn.1oc(' Kil






The XV 20 rS oro<h;cca U) \t-n:'.)o.-et. a bio~ti:t<i I rm bascd 011
Com111c1tor kn0\';11 for IL> d(~t111 er pr1-, JnO' r('\S()ec~cd lint!
ot VClL'I111 1ry equipment. Or~ ·gne-d f(l1 nd1viGua1s in o Jl u•
th< "ay pl.lees ·,vno 11"\ahl• 1tiec 'i\irep \•,.th !")i·J~ Sl.K.h •s
Stouts ~urveyors. Jlld hr1<1ers. l"lt' 'IN JO OfU\'ldC-!> JI lh<'
111edic.J lools <Jnd supplies nC!CdL-U to kt'<'P a c:rr,1lure har>11y
ctnd he.;.t"v P.d:.:kt·\1 ·o a sm1H s.'li 1 -.·rwoot 1uytnt: c.")W'_
U1f' \..1. con11m e:l0t1f')l dr.,t~'>. :iolJpp!tM, vctct'IOJry mcvl11 ·11






0 1 h~r lo trt-.11 i;1cl\ or w<Jundf'rJ nm

rn.1ls 111 th<'" f elJ Jn Jdd.tior1 LO !h(' rnedicJI )Uppli<"\_ lhc
X\!-20 a"'° cont.i "fi a SIT\\)ll d<tlaoon i\:itt ;i ~. lt'r-n;i(y (...1rc
d;.U..ah.1si: lor mosl of the ~?.tlt1xy'!> com1no11 < rr:1tlHC!i .ind
J fllHH'ocr of rutor JIS. LO c1sc:1sr untr.i11.i:d 1'1d1v ll.1Jls in the
r.nll.'rgt!f'I' rreatn•r\l ol an n t"s..

The 'JN ?O opc-rJ les 111a1n.1n1i'r ~Hr11IJr to :1 hcdl·
mg kit (~~c- pog{• 18r, ol 1hr Fo1tC11 AND OtST1Nv Cu1c t(Jle·
book; .n that 1~ J Jo1V\ an lnt11vic1u31 l<.> ~rC'i11 ,1 wou,1C'L'd or 1l
creaturl' will o.JI pc-n:ilry Add L1on\lllV. ·h(· kit i;rJ!IL~ O to
aH A1l'd1one. S.Jrv1val, anu Kr.O\..,lr.c'!Ct"' f\e•1olot:>'I ~.;.ii: rh<Yh.s
1nade 10 d1ar.n~ 01 heat sucl" 1ir1irw !>

Ille tool< SN>,e., 1ng111 use '·'"C<' from h~~" soph~1cated

to ne1'1y pr m .IVt." but all CM tJe 111valu.1b C' \\1".(~ Sl"t..okef'S
are tr.l\1'Lnf: xross lhc GJ'a~r er 1-,, 'lC m v.11df•rn-.~!o scclu
sio.1, rht>- quJJ ty omct cfh<.K:ncy of U c.-sc 11r~ ollcn dctr.r
mi"le' hOt.\ succcco~ful lt• y ~•'t' or ti~ um<;."'•


\hcro.1x1..1. LLC i"l .1 re , ttvt•ly sir.ill Lt·ChrOlo .'1 1rrr~ trom 11.c
Core \.Vor.ds rrr..0.-1 t 11Jt ~pPrl.1h1t•s In n~YK<>rr.purcro; cJfl<J
OJ'.'1gal1onal ;ids \'\'hll-e 11 1-, known fH1nuri y JS,, prQlJutt.:r
of st.Jrtip;'11c· 11dv1<.:on1p1J1f'r!'-\, <;.urn ~1'l l'IC PO'Nrrfu LlJ:-Vl-!>49
t..!'-\C'd on Lhc A 'h;1•1f"r's n win('. hc<.1vy ,1•t:1ri... fit;h:er:,. 11 ;.t!-.o
prodLKcs a 1111mnrr or· <>rt .f.'r 11Jv1~:i11orl rt-l..1lctl orodt•Ct~ \'11·
t.IOJxrnl\ produrrc:; ri.1ve a 1cr.>ut.111on J) 1UtU:f'd, it: id brr inrl
ca~y Lo rn.1irt.1in .•1 reputJt!On thP < ur)1µ.;ny \'•Orks vrrv h.1rd
:o n;ainta1n thr<lu{!h t.lxccllr.nt nl,1nur'-'<.lu1111etJ11d !i<"rvire
Thr Starr11<Jppr.r i<: I) ~P1~111. dt•di<"11r.<1-u!>e <J.:lti1p.1d
d~c:ien~d lo ass~s1 . 1 \l~U~h1p·~ 1111vlr.:nor n µlolling course~
and pcrfonninv, the l 11<.ky 'llill h <>I h\fp(.lr,J,>i.ICC navl{'.Jll ·on
\.\!it11n tt5 pro<1ie1011s rnfmory, lhf' 5l:111napprr contt1ms
tlypcr.;p<ic(' drld H!lJ!o.,p;K<• m:iroe: or every kno'"" 1c.·G1on of
the f,alaxy I he~ 1nap~ ilrl"" .1nrl(ll\)l<:d ,')ncl w1.:ll ort!dlll/t!<i
.1llowing" user to find .1 r,iveil r11Jp or ~1.11 (.h,11 l 11dn1nstiJnt
Th1out;h 11s pPrrn.1nl""n· con1cction ro ttu.: t,;ala<.11< Ho!oNrt.
tl"t' Swrrnap;:>rr COl"'>L111lly UPt:f'i'.ldCs it~ in..ip., .J'ld <h,1r1i:.
<1s chdnp,e~ ar<' rr.1lJe l>~· the lfl1J1<"1,,..1 Surwy Corvi:. 1m1 r>y
va1101..1s rrr.ion."'ll 3·1d pl.1'l<'1,1ry ~IJt'\lt'Y t.>111c.1:1~ Ii .10d1: 1.>n.
a Starm.ipper u~er can 1nJlo.c 1,.h,J11p1•\ lo an rx i:.tmc c.hait
a'ld upload trios.r chanc1.·!i. lO i.l r H11lo\Jr·1, lrC'>l'T'I 1vhic:h othrr
U'>P"S C.J1 ICtr°f'\'t' ll1C-lf1 Jnd l h,ifltP "hc'.r rn.lllS accordin&ty
T"lrs e~sJrcs 1h;i1 Starriappef USl1"~ ah..~~ ha\'C t~r. lJ:t(.•:i.l
~ gauonal d.11t:1 t\''JI ab c to tn~m

i~l;ixy Vlhile ruost surveyor':>, especi.alf~r those with ycjrs of
e>:Jl(!rirn(e. <.:IJim thcv ncc-o hllle more than a ruler. rom
p.1""· ands.tout of lha1n LO do thPir job, lttc plan<"!l<.1ry
SOl\<!y held JS full ol ,pccial11ed tools ar>d equipment A i:o<>d
ktt ol surveyo1 ·s tools indudC'<: a va11cty of SC'fl~rs. h;uld
loo's. ,1nd nlCasunng and nvordmg devices lex pjotl1ng out
and 1Tulµ1.nng p!i:Vleta.rv surfaces.. Bas.le kits are otten I :-tlf
mo1<..' lhdn a chaan, it cornpass. and tOOI I ke a sext.1n1 for
'<.."tCfd1rg the pa~.:JOC and JTKM?ment 0( stars. but ,1<1\'anc.00
.o;:rls used ~ protes~onal stHVi'"Yot'.> car• fil one or r.w large
cart¥onr. cases or ~tho bed ol a smal spocd<Y llU<k

A 'I'! ol 1.mic sur.·cyo<'~ tool> addsO ro act\Jr.lctt'I'$ F\.•
r~ptlOn theck.s wl1cn plomng spc<ili< IO<Jloons on • pl;~t ·,

.urfacc. mcasuriug distances.


cre.ating dc:aih..-d m<.t~

w·gcr kits"'"' add DD" tile Game \laster's Ol'i<rel""

ProUut.:cd by e\'ery ma1or galactic ..1rn-l~ n1anufacturr.r, .1n<1
by Uk.HI} general tool and 1ns~rumcnt rt1Ji\ers, weapon m1 n
tc11Jnce kns) ~ire es!.ential for kt.-ep1ng poflahlc weapons
operattnr. under held conditions Typically dPc:;ieried for .i
spenflr rra~s of wc.1pon-b!asters, slur,thro~...-ers. d1sruptors.
~tun l'ft'clpons. vibro wC'aPons. tlir nflc5. etc wc;:ipon 1na10·
ten<Jri<.:c kits include eve1ything an ind1v1dual n<'cds to keep
a weapon in 10µ OJ.>l'fallng condition For cx.1mplc. d k1l lor
U1Jstcr5 mieht conunn a srnall, hasi<: precision 1oolk1l. a cir
cu1L tester. «<'lvcn pauern repair 11g, fusion sotdc1, deaninr,
~.olutions. exlJa lenses. and Spare cylinder of T1banna p,;ic;
Thcs..: lools are usually <arned 111 il small foll or case to kfXI!)
lhcu1 toge! her and organucd.
Wh<'n purchasing one or these k1L<;.. 111r. r;it;ay('1 1t1us1spec

ily I hr kit type (blaster, •lugthrower. err I each prov1d~s 0
D to any Mcch.1nics tllcck.4> rnad<' to r~pair. maint.11n, 01
n1octlfy a, bul only for l hat !\~ifir c:lass ol 1~capo11

Us ng ,, Sl.J·1rapp.t.1 tiandt4'id NaV1comp.11cr er~·ll) d

A-""'P.""'" c!lecks C.1rr('"'' ""1

ch.'!R.Cl<1 DO lO all
rcdU<c !JI,,; 10 0 or~ m natc

tte bani.~ atot:cJJe• II 'Ix'
character t.sine, the SW1noappcr h.~ been OU: of lk>lot\<·:

(.;;f~ lof dO f!X((VM'h~ ~ OCl ot ll'n

~Ven rl a f;.l'ilXV .l~ <.kcJ Jnd \\".... (r,IV(.''t.'tt a~ 0·1· f\l'\\: \\0'1~
a"e sri r~e 1l.3f,y d1scai,,~rc!d \'\'h(.'tht:· ound o-.· Sht"er ac
cidrr·~ O< during a ~;ponwa.'\J e\;:ilori1t1on m1ss101 •• r:c'"'"'
di<i<:O·.·~rei.l world~ rrcd to b<.• Stl'V't~i,·f'<1 1nd <JW!Qi\Jcd
n1.:ik1ng planct.1",' '\l.1n·cy0f~ n h1rJl drmand Uirouf;hout the

Wt-;:,pon Mainteoan<t Kit


Modityinr, weapons in tile field to improve their performance
and usability is a time-honored tradition. While most mit1Lary
and poli(e forces Frown on members who linker \vith their
v1capons, there are no meddling quartermasters out on ltie
rnnges of society.

The varied and often ha1.ardous environments round

throuehout the eataxy have a !C!ldency lo hi11de1 and harrn
even the sturdiest rno:st well-built pieces of equ1prnenL
Raneed weapons. especially energy weapons like blasters.
are particularly suscepublc to environmental damage. Dirt.
dust and sand can scratch or fog lenses. reducinP,. a blaster
beam·s cohesion and therefore its rang_e and (j';1m()ec PO·
tenlial. f\.toisture can collect in barrels and receivers. corrod·
ine galven circuitry or rusting bolts and strikers. r...1ore exotic
environments can wear away at weapons willl heal. caushc:
;iases. or damaging ionization.

Designed to increase rariae and accurac~'. a hurtling barrel
can Lurn any blaster rifle into a dedicated hunting weapon.
This two-meL~ r-long replacemenl barrel is constructed
or lighlweighl rnatenals and packed \vith upgraded pu!se
adaptors and denser, more aggrcssi·...·c ~alvcn cir( uitry. Thr.incrcascd accuracy and range comes ;it the cost oi the

base weapon's wcieJlt and site, however. The QXtra-long barrel makes the weapon a•·1kward to handle ai1d fire without
proper suµpon. as well as rnak1ng tl a!n1osL unposs1ble lO
conceal. A hunting OOrrel can only be used on a blaster rifle.
Models Include: C7.erka tv1od('!! 2 ·Huntsman· Precision
Barrel, SoroSuub YV060 "Sure-shoC B<lrrel, Arakyd 3100

·oeadeye- a.)rrcl.
Base Modifiers: lnc:rcascs \'/Capon's rannc by one r.incc
band. Adds Cumbersome f+ 2) quality to the weapon. and
increases encumbfance by + 1.

Modification Options: 2 llern Quality (Aecurate 1 I) Mods.
I Innate Talent [Lethal Blows) Mod.
Hard Points Required: 3.

Price: fRI 1,200 credits.

To comb3L these dangers. rnost weapon and weapon ac
cessory rnanufacturers produce Environmcnt..11 ad<lpt.ation
kJts. Primanly just collections of seals and protective cov


ers. these kits grant a weapon an added layer of protection
aeainst the wear and tear of r~gular use 1n hosule environ+

This sophisticated de"1.:1ce incorporates a full suitt= of on·
board seosots and computers to track and predict Lile rno-

1ncnts. VV'hlle sorne ate

fo1 general use. most of these kiLS

a1e designed for specific environments: dusty. cold, caustic:,
etc. Environmental adaptation kiL-; can be attached to any
ranged weapon.
Models Include: Various mode.I!> and manofacturen;.
Base Modifiers: Prevents a \~capon from breaking dO'lvn as

a result or a specific type of environment.

or use of the Guarded Stance 1nancuvcc
Modification Options: I Innate Talent (Precise Aim) Mod.
Hard PQ;nts Requ;red: 2.
Price: 1.000 credits.



IV1oucn '{rti(,kc:r

Multo·OP«C Sot:hl

Siwstflrowe< Supprei;sor



Hun tir~ Bancl

attachment e<in be appl ed to any Ranged (Heavy) weapon.
Models Include: CryonCorp Xv3 MSurefire* Molion Predic
tor. Industrial Automaton A·3 Tracking Computer.
Base M odifiers: Remove • due r.o thr. rargr.t's movement

Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: t.
Price: 100 credits.

Environffle.ritbl A(iapV.1tion Kii

llon ol a l.(lrget then feed Lhat data back tc tile user through
a variety ol means. including a helrnel. HUD, a hard\•1ired feed
jacked directly into the brain. or other methods. The system
might involve motive.actuators within the wc-0pon to subtly
adjust aim, or it might interface with motori1ed eiovesMThis

(Rj 1.200








Encumbrance HP Required















• I






'f ,




I Ile multi-opt c s1cht is a marvel ol scn'l<lr tcch.iology
MMkctc~ primarly to ptofessional sold rrs. t~is pov.crful
d<>v•Ce has g;ilOCd pcpulaniy a:nong SCot;lS. ~"n:eJs. and
~arpsnootcrs \\110 Ol)Cf'alc in dark fou."51..s. Of ha..rarCous
environments 11 CO'hrS.ts. of a bulky vn ,...eapon opt C

An~· we l·cralled -.011. ot armor from ~ ractory can be im
proved thrOOl')l ""'i· thOugl\t-out f1eld modlhtaoons. ard any
""' ot 1nnor :rut is poorly constructed c:ir at le.1st be made


equ.ppcd 1Nith il nun1t>c1 ol soph,sllcaled !;Cnsors Typically.


di4~ t..'ll

as well as vidr(') capture. orJ.r1ou~
and physic.;ll op:1cal enh.Jrlcerncnts.
Tt11t oo····eapon u.,1· is CM"N?Cled to <.t pa r ol &<>tw.:C'\
by a sturd\' t:bcr·O~C <3ble that. tranS'"'T\l!S L'le ,;~1
\•nh:inr.cnc!'lic; dtrf•Ct y to the user 1'1 rci>l 1 me. This S~'!>tc1l1
and baSi<

.1!l<Wts 1ic;ers to see uu~u targets ttrough smoke and !o.g. sool
and ash, heavy glare, or dr.cp dar'i<ncss. Clever oper;;tors c<.in
l.)\/CU use the device to )CC around corne1~ or over cover. A
m11i~1 op:ic sight car be filled to any r<:1'1tCd v•eapon

Models Include: WlaC!K. Auns ~1ulli S~)ectral Ar·
r.r.i. Mcrr Son11 480
"Beholder" "lull ()pcir Si<'n:. Alld>

Corp MULTI °''°"S•ei'L

Base Modifiers: Rerno~-es \JP t.o •• du~ to smoke. tt~rk
,1cs.s. or olher environmcntill conditions lhal <)ffcct vision on
J'IY checks made to u~e the weapon
M odiftcation Options: 2 Ski.I (PcrccpllMI Moos
H ~ rd Points Required: I
Price: 2.000 c:c<hts

Suppfessors ilfC u>e<J Uy <i~d!'iSll'~ <tHd sh;irpshootcrs t<">
m.ikr their weapon~ qJ1eler and Morr. dlfhrulr iO rlete<l
v.ticr f:nrg. Sumi.Jr 10 e~rP.Y· darr:pers u4iftt1 to silence bl.::t".>~
crs.. suppresSCK~ ct p or sc:rC\-.: tnP. er:d or a weaporfs
b.J· 't:'. red: rec.ting J04.rwt and escJptRC ~to rccucc lM
1101!.e ard mw11r t a~I" a slugthrower proouccs wnen llrr.d
\iVhi!r they cton'I 1n.1kt! d we.i;lpon completely 4:h~nt. 1hcy tfu
rtr;un(ltira!ly redu<.~ 1l~ 1c porL, rn.:i.;;ing ;i <:hooter more d1r
tl("1ilt to de~ecL The 1no.11or do,•insidc of u~ine, J supp•cs~o1 1:,
t~1t 1r reducing the V\'C."lpon's report 1t ii ISO 'o•NCrs. the~
JL _..·tKh a rot,;nd 1r,Y...\:!S. dirr.inish·n,g U't: \',t>Jpon's aal!\af.("
.n the process Soo1>1e>><>1s Gin
~ be
on Ranr.«1
(llr,ht) and Ra1ec<J tHcavvJ slugtlirower "V('opor'.<



Models Include: Cti..·rk.J ti.1k.. I Supp1!!~S.Or SoroSuub -\.Vhi4:·
pc1rlitc" S!u(lll11owt'1 S1 IPrK~r.
. .
Base Modifiers: Adds • • to any Pcrrrp!1nn or Vre1k1rKt!
dlC<.ks made to ·oc Jte ;i cd shOOler firing the s1
k'-•Kt:"d S~O'~Cr

Modification Options: "one_

Hard Points Required: 1
:Rl HlO c'Od11~



t Passiv"_'.'.'l.oge Sull

Rcclama1.1cn Sys?l'"'I

Optical camouflar,c Sy:,ttms aJe popular amone scouts.
huntNS and other':) who need to ~tay hk!den in tne
wll)Crness- A \\ondet' o. modem src:itth tech, these use
pt.,,,.:d anay O!>lK'.<1 pro1ectors. sound b<lrftone. and lherrnal
\Jlld r.:;01dt10n '.::oh1t"l<S111f? 10 rcnOer \twearcr~ nearly invistblP.
10 1he naked c•yr Tho optical pro1cc1ors allow wearers
10 blend into theif sur(our1d1ngs by mimicking lhe1n. 111 ~
m.1nnPr similar to tirumals \'lith ~ctivc (;i)CT'louflagl' ab1hlie.s.
Tn~ vanous rad1aoon Sh•clds hide the wearers· body heat
ac. ,~It as eiectr~c radiation from atrt carrei

or COlTTilUn OC.111()nS ecar AJlhoUeh vety effect;...,.
Opt ca' Camoullar.o Systems can be fmicl<y and fragile and

1s not nxomrncnOctJ ro1 combat u~e. ihf:. attachment can
be applied to •llY tYP'- of armor. bul is largely useless on
IJ111111ate and heavy biittlc armor su1lS which are typically
1w bulky and loud 10 m•sk properly.
Models Include: A:'>< Co<p "Smoke,;crccn· Stealth Sys1em.
\leu·Scm MS90 Opt1c~t Stealth Sune
Base Modifiers: t,r'flrades the aboloty 01 an Stealth check>
1w1rr while \VC~nne Uu~ arrnor.
M odifica tion Options: Innate Talent (Master of Shadows)
Mod. I Skill IStcaltltl Mod
Hard Points Requi red: 2

Prke: 5.500 credit~

Fu1 lhosc 0J,Jtt1.;.1t111e 1n the \'fild$. somrt1mPs lhe sut1ple!tl

t.:J1nouflc:ge 1nelhods arc the best. Given this. il's. not surpr-1s
111.g that hunle1~ Jrld Olhcr individuals who spend a tot of
t1n1e 1n tile wildero<'S~ often use pa'SoSlvc fol1.1gc suits. Thcsc
s.1i1< "'""' pate~ of synlhettc W""""1Y ~cd to
n:u;1ral !k>ra Clusters of open tic 1incs 31SO alkn-v \.<tearers
10 ea(\ I~· attach lex.JI tohagc to the $\.Ill, allowing tttem to
.1.ror their camovflJgc when the surrounciines change This

.1ttach1ne11L can be :ipplicd to any iJrmor ~hal could logically
integrate l11e neccss.:ary p..1tches and ltC·hnes.
Models Include: V~rious types.
Base Modifiers: Aads • to any ~n:eplion or Voeilaoce
ch<'Cks made 10 clet~..:1 a characte< "' .1ppropna1e enwon·
P)Cfll'S wno 1s wc,.n nR lh1s armor.
Modifitation Options: None.
Hard Poin ts Reqvlr-ed: I .
Price: 75 cred•ts.





this s1e,hl includes low lip,ht. t:iermnl. 111!rt1c;ound. t;tnd

).ll roe





HP Required





\cV;:iter reclamation systems are popu!<Jr with scouls <.ind
hermits, especially those living or working on arid wortds..

Producr.o hy a variety ot wilderness outtirtcr-:.. like Surviv<ll
F.quipmcn1 In<:. and C<ln<forthr.11 Atmosph~rics. t.hcsc sys

tcm; <olle<t ~ body's w<1ste moisture <1nd distill it for <!rink
ing. Typically, they consi't of a tight bodysuit worn under<>

su1l or arn\or, lhat cuve1s a


lo lhc 111•.'Ck. \.,.1,~t~. <JHLI

ankles, along 1v1th a rnatctung µair of gloves and a hlleruiosk
th<:tt covers the mouth .and nose.

M;ide from layers of syntllcti\ tihcrmcsh. the suit wicks
sweai av;ay from thP skin and purifies it hy mcanc; of in;c.
.grated fill.ration media. It also rollects waste mo1stur(' from

the mouth and nose by means of the tiltermaSk. The water
is then collected in pouches spread across the suil and can
either hr. dr.r..inrcd into a laq~cr cont<>incr or drunk straighl
from the suit by means of ri long, flt".xiblc tube c:onncx:tcd
to Lli<.: ~uit 's l>ack. Ad dine a Viiater Rccl(lmJtion System to n
soil of arrno1 <:il!ows an indwiduill lo opcrolc much in
dcsolalc cnvironrncrits w1thou1 icar of ruoni1lf3 oul of wil!~r.
l t11s atLOch1nent <:an be aµphcd tu <.1ny annor lhal Lou!d l<>ei
Gilly ml.egrate the nect!ssary pouthe~ and tubing.
Models Include: Surviv.:11 l:.qu1prnenL Inc. WdSte 01sllllallon
Systcrn. Gan<1orthr~1 Atmospheric.'i ~vapor.Jtor II" WRS.
Base Modifier's: Upr,radcs the ability of any Rcsli()ncc anc1

Su!VlWJI the<ks made in dry or hot cnVtronmr.nts due to sc;ir
city of water twice.
Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: 2.
Price: LlOO credits.

The very hcan of lights.1hcrs. cryst:ils provides fhcsc elegant
weapons with nomrrou<:> fc,J!urc~ ;,ind .1<1van1.1~s like .111
li;ihtS<Jbc1 c1ystals. each or the followinr, is<> form or Kybcr
<.rystal wilhout whith a fiehts.nbcr could not fun<..lion

Nisha!oriic stones


found on worlds wil h p.11Urularly

stronCT magnetic fields Usually dMk w<>Y or bltJ<>-bl~ck 1n
color. and po~SS!ng powerf\JI rnagnenc prope<11e.s. these

stooes are ofLeo used in electronics and magnetic navicauon
equ1p111ent. Once properly deaned and ref1ntid. they also
make for cxcc!tcnt light.saber crystals, as discovered generJ
lions .1go by ;:c w.1nd~ring .Jedi Secker.

(RI 12.500

Varpehnc Crystal

(RI 14.000


11g11t>atier'' ba'c damaec to 7 and us <ril cal rming to 3. In
Jddttlon. the hgt1lsaOer gains the Breach I and Sunder ilcm
qunhllt.>s. Addiuonally. a to1ce·scn:>ttivc t 11d1aclc1 with thi5
lip)Usaber in hef possession ;Jdds <JUtonwtu: Q to any or
her checks made: to locate her posil!on. navigate tt>rrain, or
find pol••Pr sourcrs or .:l(tivc \r('nnoioe~' If ihc c:rys~;il is ever
ren1ovPd. thf' l ·~h(Stlb<?r loses fflC'<:>C qtJalitics tlnc:I rcv·cr1:.<:; to
•lS base damae,e- ~nd critir:il ratrnr,
Modification Options: 1 lnnarp. latent (Planr.1 t>.,lapocrl

Mod. 2 lte111 Quality (Disorient 1 I) Mods. 1 ItCM Ounlicy
!Vicious 1 11 Mod.
Hard Points Required: '1.

Price: (R) I J .500 ne<1its

Varpcl nc ttYStals Cl"C htird. super dens!} n1incr.1ls found on
U1e Oute1 Run w'01ld of ~"1can:llis ti. Rangine in co or fron1
white to a rich gold, they are sc:al Lered lhroug,t1out rv1car(lh~
Ir~ extensive mountain r<H•r,t!S. When p·operly workt'tl. V(.11·
pclinr. c:ryst;JI<; ran be i.sed to slice through nearly ar)y ~ub·
stance known ,n the Ral<ixy \.Vhi'e 1hey are typically useQ 1n
il'loustnal curtinr. 1n~rhinery or prru-ision f;1hric..i1.ion lnsl ru
1nents. these stones are occasionally used to crcat clfrct a'i
ltghtsober crystals..
\.\fhen installed in a li{;hts.ibcr. chis crystal produces a
Ula.Jc that cmils a .shor1 . sh.;~ ringing tone when it :.L'ikcs
on object A hghtsabcr equipped with a\1?.irperne c:ry~t.-11 r.J'll
oHen cul th1ough the Lhickcst c:i1 R)o1 01 lOuthcsl n1a lcri<l~.S.
nnd havt! a d isturbing ten<jency 10 d1sn1er11bcr hvwg La1gt't~.
Base Modifiers: Installing a varpehne crys:al changes. i.:! hghl·
::..1ber's base d?.nln~~ lo 8 a1d 11.s c:nLlc:al rallng lo :-:.. In iidd1~
tion, inc !ip,htsat>cr {'11111-s the Breiic;h I. \f:ciol:s I, <lnd Sunder
item qualities \•\'hen spcndi1C ~ to 1nflirl a Crit.r.<11 lniu'~'·

tile charaoer may spend an aad11iona @. If she ~oes so. she
autom::.tica11y inillcts thl' l\1aim!!o CriLcal Injury on her l<.t1eeL
lnstc.1d ot thr. Critic;al l.njury ~hr. \'10'.Jld h.ivc inflicted.
Modification Options: ? llco1 0l)al:ty (Vicious 1 l) Mods,
I Damage + I Moo
Hard Poi nts Required: 2.

Price: (RI I 'o.000 c1cdit>_


Nish~lontc Ston<!


When 1nstal!ed in a lighlsaber. Lllis stone cre3tes a dense.
crackling blade with a subdued color thaL inten$iHes in U-1(!
dirccnon of a plane~·s magnetic non~. It -:or: de~ecl natural
.1nd artificially gc1cra1cd magrctic fields, such as those pro
duccd by eencr-0tors or powerful electronic: systems.
Base Modifier's: lnsuiltine, a N ishti!oritc stone changes <i

HP Required

' Rarity

telht" a ~r a "'"'~· c< otter rnod<? ot ''<ll'1PO•


"~ ~ 1 ancrcd~10 u~



bul for those \vho oµcratc pnmarily on thP ~urfate: they 3rr.

t.a:K>r., ,.,


a·Kl' rot?,td \i!hidc ss .11-.a)~ 'votlh •s
l\.-1·10eri!'1P. Secker


.in.• Jfl 1nd1spe1•.,;ib!c 1001 10 S('Ouls .:.tnd si..rv1v,11
1sts. Tile ulJ hty to pack 11p and ~;ik(:! 10 the a;1 at iJ mornC'nt'l>
notice ~~n l>P lhP dlllc'H'rr<' hPtweetl hfc and d c~ l h oul 1n
the wd(j:; Ol 1l'P HiJlrtXV

The ....t~lral<. by t\Mpi!'\ ~to·o~ is .;t sma.I. iast fo1,;r pCtSOi
JrSl>el'~"< ''""r.noo
Ne~·<lltitude obsro1:invn Jl'J 1cconrurs'S3nte \~1th :lf: c "'CJnl J rframc. oowcdvi dftf!rburrune


t011-turtx>r.-.a ~nPS.. di~ a soptis:i:atcd scoo: recoonais
saner :;rnsor p;i<"'1gc. ll'c Br549 is popula• both mth m •·
· ary :tnd p.Jl.J!T:lbt.11')• oreJ.11ldhOOS and 1-.i:n c:vJirl:'l
ilrwi c...u1vcy coMP<ll it"'J.. ll hJs d tight bt.t co:nfon,1h 1e coc.k.p t
w1P1 IOOW 101 10111 ll(.",\' pilot a.nd CO·PllO-t C.1tl1ng t.:.n
de:n facmc t~')n0;.1·d ...111;J t1 ·t• sensor opcraro~ e.ill111t: tandem
riJc1rg Jll Jll(.i J snul; airounl ol careo. lypi<ally SUIViVi'll
gCJJ" iJOd pt;I wrtJI \'itliJ()()()C:

The lle:11 I OI thC" f,1c;Tr,1lo:. t~ ils powcrr1JI f-J IJ11lCCll An;
AOS.::, ruolh 1olr. rnrtiral observation ilvionic:> µatkage. lt't>
IOA p.tck.,1f't in(I 1d~~ a nurr1bc~ c l scDnncrs arid '>t>n\Ot\
thJ. providr tiich qu.:.i 11t~'. three dimcns1or'ld re·1dennr.s ot
lhC' ;,tr ~l':t, l1rHJ, \.!'Id ncil"'" orbit ~:>ace n aie \1!1iclr'5 '1nr
of sir,"11 II .1l!i0 contains conl·ink si.:onnefS ~nd dccrypio~.
romfl'l'l ard scan~r f>lmnl1ne sy~erns. ano var1ou' othe1
sens.ors that :ii O\v 1hr- <fl'\V to 1rt~rcep1 comirs ilnd data
lr1Jff1c. tol:'ll;.n11'\\,!Qns. urte ~·ally (a:n a c 1.eJt \ll'"•'f of
a large arc:l \\Ith C.Jse

ll'n•< U._y "'" lypic.1lty

.1~ I>) pbCletaty g<-.mmcnt>

fo1 rccunnJ ~~uic<\ mar\• of th~ speeders ha\-'C fot.1.J UM.' 1

way rnto .ht> h.lnns o' s:mal ~r..oey out:tits. Th<:·u ~n)(.111 s·t~.
:,µt•t."<.f. uud ca\C" 01 m:1i1ten3nce a !O\\' t:'lcm 10 ~l'• \'C <JS ex·
teilent \111\l~V vrh1rlM.

Ci>ocJ. 1c.'llab!c vr-hielcs dfC dn ohen overlooked ner.:css1lie~.

c;scr.Uol ports foi daily hie.

TIH..• h l O·AvA 1);111 is a civilian version or ;\ralcf.Jfs () 14 AvA
1ri11it.~1ry spc<:drr bike. a predecessor of the IJ1t1ou~ / 4 Y
hv rho lmp~rial Army. Lighn~iehtand relJlivt'ly ~porty,
th<' Thlir'l<ft"rt>Olt 1s an oldcrdcsi.g,1 cortlrnonly fouod ot1 b.1ck.
w:itrr f'll:'tnet~ 1n the OUtcr Rim It features a high ou~pur ton


C'f'l0nP JOd

s.pon cunf.(f

COnttOf ~urfaces. whKh

en:e II


<pe<Ulole weed and agiity. The coolrol ~"""' "s.mpl<! and
el<.'g:int. 1•..m""''Ylhll\g sa..<e Ille pedalscon1a1ned ma ""f.'r
Jc1odynonvc poc mounted of tile ptlot. 1hr Dorn
tntKl !eaturc is iES <Ol!aps;bfc frame ra.ts. ''h ch
.1ll~.. the '°'"'drd controt ~urfa(~ aad control POd to rctfd<I
.J n1~t cnl trf'l\' into thP \'Ph1c1e·s. body lor r.1sc of storaGP
to1laps1nP, or C''<f)ilnd1ng the D<irt spccdc1 bikl! 1e<JU1r<"S .l
ni:J11e11vr1 \1\lhrn collapsed. the \'Chicle 1!> :,!lhou~tlt: 1 "nc1
rannol hr 11~Pd

1Ti114ll])tt1. I -.! 1$=! j


( z m~


Vehlde Type/Model: Speeder llilm610-AvA 'Dart·
M3nur3cturer: >\ratectl RepulSOf Compony.
M3ximum A ltitude: 10 mcrC'rc;
Sensor Range: Oo<C

Crew: 011


Encumbrance capacity: 9
Pa5$4!nger capacity: I
Price1Rarity! 1. 400 c1cdus 6.
Custom1z.ltion Hard Points: 4.
Weapons: Nnri~

F"""!t-All_ _. ,


Price/Rarity: J!-.000 CTC<ht<.6

The Sw1l1 S 15 o l.1't, rugged. versallle repulsorsled llluuc by
Alatcct1 Rr.pu1so1 C<>nlpany. Built morP like 3 or1c pc~Cln
lnndspcedf'r than d true speeder hik<'. •l 1~ esscntii111y 1hc
honr pJrr or o >µCeder bike ff<)ltc(f to J IJrgc G'lrgo l)O(J
IJO\"o'Cf<'d by f\rJttctl's LMO I high.output ion turbine cnt111"1..'.
1t ·~ r~n1Jrlwuly la~t and a~ile for such a bu l ~y look1ne.
v<•llic.I<: Oc'!Wgned 1niti.1Uy ro as.sist 1.)w cnforccm~nt (.){!.1.:11c1cs
111 co111b.albrlf. trie riSC' of 'i,\VOOp g.;n.g violmcc thrQUt!holl:
tt.c eat.1xv. the s~Ylrt 3 k e<;tnppcd mth a numbl"f or uruqu<'
so.,·"Stt>ms.. The rl"'.ar <om~tment can be c<Jnhgurtd to hau:'I
cargo. p,:1'i,~..t\fN"S or suspects. or on board cMYTts or

Customization Hard Points! 1
We.aPQns: "'I• ifll•


Vehicle Type/M odel: 1\1rr.;p<'cdc1tBr.b(19 FaslrJk
Manufacturer: li<.'spin Vlotor~

Maximum Altitude: 150 h1lorrete1s.
Sensor Ranee: Lon~
Crew: 01<' p.kl(. o·., co·p k>f tv•o SC'nsor <:>perato~

Encumbrance Ca~city:
P~sseneer Capacity: o


su1 ..1.. 11.1nrt M)l1.pment. An auto-bl.l~C1 1~


from tl'!e:

:in<ft'tf<J1·1age. and a magrx.1.tC g,rapuf"t ttul"IC'lir-r 1s
mo JntP.<1 1<'ln..:!1d of the pilor in the vehtere·s I<> nng



in11IJr t o t he elf.'clromaenetic h.Jrpoon l<:Juncher
found on lncon1 ~ T-4 7 air'::.pccd<'' . the 5,.,1ft 3·s
mae,nct tc eraone l l"unct'e-r ( ~1CL J is a n on -IC'th.a!

tool used to


and ensn.Jrt> targets Part of

the s~<J 1 ft\ ant1·S\'•OOP ar mament. the MCL is a sim·

pie dur.l-.tee! rod c.:ipped with .J '>mall electron1ag·
net connected to a re-... dczcn me ters cf hi£h tensi le
cable_\\:tlen f-red _:ne e!ectrorn 3enenc heao sticks
f.Jst to Jn~, metalhc. t.Jrr,l"t. allow1ne the Sw1tt"<.> pilot
to cJpl urC' and detain troubleson1t- swoop riders.
The ~tCL can also b c used to knock do-."n unruly
personn('! or droids rnove or t CM obsrac!cs. or ensnare lJree beasts

Usine the rvlGL l o contra! or tow a piloted \'ehicte

re<;u"°' a Hard

10 0 Ol

Piloting (Planetary)

check Ttie exact outcome of tti~ .-.k1 ;1
to th<' Game \1dst<'r"S di~ret ion

ch~ k

is left

The Swift ~ also lcawrcs a relalivcly sophist1CJled com
muntcationS and sensor suite. alkwo ·'f? the p»o." to lrsten io
on or ;am Other \te-htCJCS' comms S'f\1E."ms as lh"Cll JS an on
board computer with i) c.omprellcns1ve vehicle 1dcnt1hcat.Jon
datab;,isc. While they are built primanly tor law entorcr.menl
a.nd the m1htary. these vehicles aft :ilso vv-<.ttlable in 11m•ted
numbers on t11C c;-,1..,, matl<eL Boch the lmpenal Army and

Ano1t·er 01Trast Heavy Transoorts excC'licot speeder trud<s.
the A·'\8 Ba<~Counuy s a purpose bu l :rek~ng \'eh!Cle
marketed to e)(pJorcr.:;, '>COuls, and ~urve;•ors. llaS>Cd on
T1asJ's popular A·AS model. the A AB comes cquipµcd with
J nurnber of systems cfc~1Wled to k<'C'P a group or sentients
,,~.,, a.-.o co.Norta:ile in the"· d for lonq periods oC ume.
l 1ke the A AS. the B><kC01mlI}' ha< ~ 1ela:1vely 'Jl0Ciou'
crew comP'Jfl1ncnt thal scat!> the pilot and one p;ic;sen.gcr.
lrstead of l'J-V1ng a bed or cargo box. the AA8 1c; eQu1ppcd
--.·Tttl a moduld' sleep.or. <ab1n ma: can hOk:I i;p to ~>t Ul ..cia
tr..~ com'o1t Both th<' crPW comparlrr <.1' t and the > ecping
cabin .1rn cnvuonmcntally ~a lcd illld c.ontro,lr.O to protect
the irihab1UJ11ts from adverse or hostile f'nvi:onmcnts. The
c;ibi1 tdn be ordered from the factory. or mod tied by the
rnd user. n ;i d 1.1)'1ng ~rray of conhr.,nat 01s to ht ncarl)•
:Joy need \,Vh11e the op~1ons a·e 'learly enoless. A AS::, are
vsuolly equipped with fol<.f·<.fown bunks. a small p;illc•y: one
01 Lwo 1ol<'ling lables; <J ,rJn1ped. vrrv basic refresher; and
copious amounts of st


A c.ha1actcr ,..iih dtces' 1 0 ;, fu I)• ~aor-d A·A~ Jdd D to
her Survival checks,

Imperial N1JV)l's M1l1tary Police brancties use Sw1f1 3s as pa
rrol and pursuit vehicles ro great effect


Vehitle Type/Model: Speeder Truek'A A8 BackCountry
Manufactul"Cf: Trac.I Heavy Tran~fb.

Maximum Altitude: !> mr.1crs.
Sensor R01nee: Close

Crew: o.1r pilot
Vehitle Type/ Model; Rcpulsorsled'Sw1ft 3.
Manufatturer: Aratech Rcpulsor Comp•ny.
Maximum Altitude: '5 meters.
Sensor Ranee: CJosc.
Cre•q; On~ pilot.
Encumbrance capacity: 20.

Encumbrance capacity: 40. capacity: !,
Price/Rarity: l!.500 c1ed11,;,1ti
Customitatlon Hard Points: 6
weapons: ri,one.


Price/Rarity: 8,000 Cl'f'ditsn .
Custom i~tion Hard Points: 4.
Weapons: Forward mounted auto blJsler (fire Ale t-orward.

Darmgc 3. Cnbcal 5 ; Range ICloscD. A11Jofire)
Fon.void mounted magnctJc g1CJpnel launcher (fire Arc
Forward: Oam;ige - . Cntlcal -: Rang~ IOoseJ: Kno<kdown.
Um;ted Ammo t . Tractor 3)

lhc T85 Juben is a sportJng and cut·1 ~1 si;isl'."s speeder b ·ke
p<OOU(Cd by the ZetJWoo o.ii. Speeoer CorpofatJOn, a small
~peedcr mantJf()CtJ\:Jnng cornpary toc111ro :fl the Ot.1cr Rnn.
Solidly bu1ll ind reilablr.. t.'"IC T·8b is <~i>!ly co ndc and S'rnple
to 1nom1;un The bike (OnUHns few ;idvanced syslcn1s ar.d
ti as no V.'C 1p()r'ls. rclyineu1)tead on ~netd. comfort arid sty~
10 atuac tiuycrs. A cru >er .iy c s~r b-<e. Uie Job<'n has
t1ir.h·rise handlcba''S and lon.,ard foot conlrols. pu:t1nn the
pifot 1n a more r~laxerl 1'id111e position l han on .a more ag
r,ressivc h:kc hke a /4-V or a S\VOOP lls drive syStern. an
.or. engine hcensed from Aratcch t;.11'H?<J mO<C: 'or endurance
tha'l sp<..'Cd. prO\oides a.,,p c pc:>w'C1 but is more s~1tcd to
1ong.d1sltlr1<:e. opcn-counlry nn:ne lhtln 10 city travel ,


••••d~44iii~4--~;;::( ~...~
Vehicle Type/Model: Speeder 811\e Joben 1-85
Manufacturer: Z.Cbulon Oak Spccdcr CorporJllon.
Maximum Altitude: 25 meters.
Sensor Ran ge: Close
Crew: One pilot
Encumbrance capacity: 5.
Passenger capacity: I.
Price/Rarity: 1.~00 crcd.ts/4
Customization Hord Points: 5
Weapons: None.


Sensor Rance: Lone,
Crew: One pik~- one co-p•OI. l..O sensor Ol)erators

Encumbranc.e Capacity: 5!>
Passenger capacity: 2.
Price/ Rarity: 1
cred1lsl /,
Customiiotlon Hard Points: '}.
Weapons: None


Vehicle Type/ Model: Lards~'·t\100i B~
Manufacturer: Sot'oSu:.ib Cot"OO«a on
Maximum Altitude: 10 rneters.



Walkers. when used properly and bJcked b~· proper support
and m..i:ntCOd!'Ke. make exce lent vehicles tor tr...vcrSinf. the
¥.:•Id. Surefoou..-d aod n1mbie. :'t r,ood watkt"r CJn ICJ{h p1:iccs e-.-en tnc bCSt 1,1ndspeede' canno1

A ~rna IPr \.-;iriant o( Roth<>na HcaV}' Enr.,1f'\i" ~one"• Al-E:.ST
E.xploralion and S1Jrvey \\1cslkcr. the All f)l(plor.1L1on
Tr;insporl IAT~ET) l't'alker ls ::,t11\ bC"1ng used lO tr~\'C"l"\C' ne-."
worlds throuehou1 I.he galaxy More corntnonty known as
t~r. "Stnde1: it fcaLures a tcntr.11 ch01s~1s !>urrounrlrd by
~1x powcrlul nlult•·JOinted legs tc1nlin(ltinA111 w1<.fe. p;ui lik~
feel llS 1~€,-<> <i!so reaturr. CXlend1ng SC£mf'OIS thal allow thr
veludo LO ford deep rivers. 5now\.>J!lk$, m.i~hcs. ttn<1
Other U!rrd!OS in which Other walker~ tm&tll (ounrlC"r or !:>ll'lk.
lls chassis t!> l<.1rgcly open. with only lhe hvir1e and !ttowage
flre:i rn the rcaf enclosed 1:1 a toueh. r.-nv1ronn1cnw ly r.t\1lcd
f.ihri< to ward orf the c!cments Thr. rorw.1rd hull (l'Jturr.-!> an
Op<!fl cockpit and passenger area. erantlllf. ~tctk:nt vL~ib­
~y (Md fields ol fuc "hen needed!

fhe StnOCr is an excelcnt COOKC rue Sh0rt·dur<1t10n vt.'fl

area<; ""1ere U1c lt.'ffcllfl ~ lO be h.11t1rdol.i!>
(ar is sur.ply unknown). Le' a comb.11 '1.oillCle 1nan a llRfll
U<A1Spon .t can carry fovr J>3!>SL"'1ll;!t'fS 3S wel .1~ a and
11JVii'1tOr.'commun,carionc.; operdto1. In a prnrh. uwucn. 1·"lC
Plol run a>Sume navlcomms dul1e' to allow tor ~n ,1ctl11· passenger. Many tales havl~ t.:ic1.;n told 01 th1!> tour.h
\•eh c 1c slo\'ily carry1nc trn or mo1e Jth.J1lion."'ll passeneerc.
1n en1c1e~ncic'l. using makcc.;hifl hantU1<.>ld~ Jnd !>1dcboards
mounled 011 the hull.
UJCS ltllO

11 1~ this tevel of cu~tomi1ation that miikrs lilt' Ar·ET so
'ler!>at1'(' ;ind beloved 111 the rou~hcr ret:,1nns nl 1hr ~~.1k1xy. ll~
ch'J~s1s h.\1<: been endte~:)ly modihcd lU (\ln·v morr powerlu•
~nsors. tinrr passenger <J<lommodataon.... \lronr.~r ·"n1or
jirtd even ~mugg!:ng co1nµ<:irlmcnts. I tuouch .1dct1nr. h'.11 n\OJnted we3por1S. owners CJO \ll'SO rurn the Strw:Jer into ;m
cl(C<tNC t~Ol\g \'ehicle. the better lOW~h<t>nd perok gr~11
ef ttw< thOSC of~ terr,l'ro-suc.fl \Ii<: mal cxplofer;

W141%- ~~ 14 1 ~


Vehicle Typel Model: Walkcr!AT ET
M anufacturer: Rotht1.1\il Heavy l:nginernnr,
Sensor Range: l\1ed1urn.

Crew: Oue pi:ot. one nav1galionfcornms open.nor
Encu1nbr ance Capacity: ?~.
Passenger Capacity: '•
Price/ Rarity: 5.000 creoits/4

Customizat ion Hard Points: 6
Weapons: None.



. 10


Ku.Jt Dnvc Ya:d; All Trrram R~orira1~\.1'\C'.C rranspnrt (AT
R[) 1., i) -;rr:an. lightly armed. Of:(' pc:wn I/talker oo tt fo"
scoutl.~ ;ird force re<ornl \..ancc dul~ O"Ke a mamtav
ol lhc Grard Ami)• ol tnc Rrp.1tihc. the ATRT was ;xodt.ced
b\' U1c l0ooS.1ndS <lU!' l1(l tho Clone \\arS JOd used to ere.;:
cl!ect by tnc Advanced Re<on rac .. bKh , )US. CNcr t~ree
meters tdll. '"'th a basn: form .lnd f"fl r,L-01nct1y s rnilar 10
l~O<O of ,~. lmpClk) Arriy"s ATST or !ht• old AT P7s from
~othan.1 Heavy lrg1'lccnn~ The Or \f•r c:.i1s expo~cd n an
open coc.l..pil behind <ifl Jnnorcd f3 1 111'1~. ;1nd oper;:1tl'~ u·e
velncle v"itn hand and rovl t onLrols sirn.lnr to 1t-iose lound on
mQSl speeder bikes. While 1l'lr. open·CO<'kPit tonh~ur.:1·~ion
makes the pilot vulnerJOlc to in(om1nc flrt\ 11 provide~ an
unp;ira!.e!ed fle!d ol Vie\'' <n1tS kccpc; rhc vcltcle'c; v.>eight and
~cnsor signature low, I hus 1ri1;>rov1l'IP. ovcr.,tll s,1rviv;ihili1y
Ourine the Cto1l~ \\.~1ro;, 1t·p A H.I w.')<: typically piloted
bV SPl"C1aLy trained rPro'l r 1onic lrOUi)l·rs ~nd dep nvN:I
w;,i~ ll~ m.J:n y as a
t.1111 duty lS .1 fk!thflrder
a"\ weU as a 1.uc~· kx IJ ~'t¥ 1rmor1~ co umns or forW3~d
oa<es. Allhou&il not o 'ror UM combat Jllll. the> AT RI
parKS" resoec'.abc punch l•orr a hr.:r.' repcJl~ bl-;s:cr
moun~OO in the \i..-.wc:Je·s nose For .,-'('~oats.sane<.• dt.ny. ii
can be cqoipped ,.,th f)O'l~JI n1la 1·<trum senso1~ and
a heavily en(rypled co,11 n(, Jort c1.:t1iJ up 1nt.. • .;!lc,\liOfi sett;Je
transmissions bc:ween ~GU~ rnr:mbcrs: i.if':d 'A'tlh lon._·ard
operating bac:rs



of Ftvc to ten

Vt'h C' (''.'\

scout or raiding vcnacie. oo


All.hough lhe AT-RT v.1~n1 out


prnd1;c11on more :han

nwnty years ago. m.iny .1r~ l'.tl1I 111 1,.;~t~ 11,roughout th c> f_al
axy. Both the lmpenal Arrny ,1nd ln1µcf1JI Nnvy us.e them
10 small number.; tor their rt"'r011n.1lct~ 111 1,.c un.1s. ;ind rnany
planetary n11hlJf'1CS and luw tinforr~m1•nt a~crKi<.:~ use thern.
(lc;pccially ~n th<.: 0Jtcr Ri1'1 A ft>w t11vr 1011nd their w;iy into
c1v1h~n t'ands. r11ostly o'dcr. dt;1rn1hTari1~'.ct sutph.•'.:I fnorlcls
rroir. thr Clone \'\1Jr '· .1nd they II IVE! r,.·unf•d d repul(ltiOri ;15
reltablc. s.,.,·r1. and sur<: fooled vct"ttlP th:u <are easy to Crive

aoo ma1rna' n

Vehicle Type/M odel : WJll\tl 'Al Rl
M anufacturer: Kuat l>11w V1r~!t
Sensor Ranee: lv1r,
Crew: One ptlol.
Encumbrance Capacity: 7,
Passeneer Capacity: 0.
Price/Rarity: B.000 c:redob IR)18.
Customization Hard Points: 2
Weapons: 1-on...:ird-mo1.J.,tt!d •1c{.lvy rrpca!1ng blaster-this
weapon's entire prof!(' 1i~t-~ pc·'3un::il ~c:i.e. not pianc:ary
scale (Fi:"c Arc Fol'\·• irrl Q;1·r1,1g~ l ~. Cr11 ell 2: RanP,e [l.on{',I;
Aulcrfire. Cumber>01"1<> '>. P "" <· 1. V«.iOu~ I)



"'.'k<'l"I llt'

p<>r~\°'Cll~· su1led lo a wanl.l<.·rrn~~ h1t•sly!C' It.JU of

~( ·rv1u-• .uuJ 01o;cover~'· lhcrr.forc. llu: 1.;ho1u-• ol st,1!"$h1p lo
lr;111,pcu1 Jh('m ho111 plac:c to platc-clncl \01t1('tim~ lo serve

a:, rh<'h h1v11c is an inlooru.1111 une 11 ,flf!f•cl ror lho~c whose
r.:i!11n:~ lte') amonr.1·1c ~t<.11s. luc.:~11v rhr1/l .1 1c~ n1}''flad st.irr;.~iv!)
r() c J•utJ<it' ,._0.,1

l\l1at Ofl\<\: )~r!J::,' AHC 400 IS nnP or u~c tlllt>t1ne, llC1Ut!!i ol
thC' Clo111• Wv1. liall by KDY lO ve an C!\('O!I ht 1lllcr lo~ the
\'t'rll"o.Jblc Al~( 1 /0, lh<' ARC-'10b 1s a ll;::hlwl·1.,:hl sl.Jrl f.lltr'r
:ihwLJl<'IV r>.Ukt'd
Wt'4pon ~l'St('"ll'. JI u ~;ophisl C'il!M


aVKX¥l!>.. f-cs'i.I .1rd n M!>le. the 40h IS() lllll'C f)()!i.(ltOn Mtd;
tole ll(!i ,11" i'I' ·t ..l'l a!ilror.le<h SO<.kt:I Armed to the lectn
,., ..h f.1..,,y c:·u r oris Jrd ordr ar (<! t;_.uKhit'f~ t~~ nK.'OIUm
lil''lr~" wl~ <Jl'Slf11NJ lo fi.g111 Its •'hl)' rno f'flt'tny tcmtory
co1r••, 1oaw, .:ind thc·1fight1.s wa.,· n.irJ.. rob•* "'hi!c mo~l
of 1flt'<A' old ll.ghH·1') Y\'t:re de~troye<: t1 1r11lt! the tlonf' \V(.lrS.
nr wt·rc~ brok.<•n up ror ~cr<JP by lhf' hnpPrril NJvy, 5on1c ~l1'I
1t1111J111 w II\(: 111 l 'K' ()uttH Rirn. whrrt- Ht<."1 sp~~d. Sl<.1rm11a.
and rcr,pct l·JOlc loado1,t rr;ik<! rh1?rt1t11eillv ;1111,J<.ll\•C lo rner
Cf'lli"llY .)0(1



~1,111~[1(~1~jii.~I:"i itJlt A




Hull T)'p<!!Class: S:arfr,l'.kr·ARC·4Ub
Manufacturer : Kuat Drl\ot' 'tdrd\
Hyperdrlve: Prirr .1ry Cl<iSS 2. H;1c!l.,1.p·. !'1.-,..,..,_ 8
Navicomputcr: No11e-o~: rorne<h dro1n 'IOlkct
Sensor Rolnec: f\·1t.::l.11u1n.
Ship's Co1nplernent: ()nc pilot. oni: to p1lot.·srnsor oµc 1a·
tor. one {?.JllllLI.
Encumbnince CapJcity: 10.
Passenger C3pacity: l\1<1ne
Consumables: lwo rnoo.hs.
PricelRarity: lh. '.\00 ued.ts· /.
Customization Hard Points: )
Weapons.: 1.~1 Joc•1v3rd mounll"tl I gt·t l.1~r rMrt0r'S tFrre
Arc f()rw:ird. O,,)fn.Jgc 5; Cri•itol S; J~arr.t' (Clo;.rl, I 1nl\ed 11.
lv.o ron... 1rd n'ountcd conti..~on ·ni\\llt~ 1.111nrht>rs 1rirc

A1c I orwi·o. llJ111ogo fi: (.'licol


Ra·1c<' ISMnl Blast 4

Brc:irh 1, C1.1.ldl.'d :S, Un1itci.l 1\n11no 11, I J!IJ...(•rl I, Slow ~iring I).
Aft. luircl 1nountcd lw111 Ugt'l blaslcr r.1r1~01 1s lh1C' 1-\rr Aft
Port, ~t.arboil1d: r>J11KJge 4~ Cri1ir...1J '•. R:)rlC~ :Clo!.c-J; I _1nkcLI I J.

Slups ftO!l'I I 01onar's r.1r • Rt•.:Jch line ot ~out !>hips Z!IC
tln)O/l{! lhc rno~t populJ1 shorl 1anf,(' scoutilcconn.,1s.wnte
\'@S')els in 1111" r,1l.-,1xy t\rio\vn !or c;h fl<j lhJt Jf'C\ lout'J1. easy
o flv. ar:d C\1\\ 111 ;1vn1Lai11, thr f.~1 ·Reach l1nl' '~ \\•t'll rt:a
'SJ.>t't·too in ho111 civil and CQVC>mitlt"fll c1rd1~ Slit~htly larg
l'f tr.:ll" S war ~k-cl Srslcms· S"pray· lhMt• Vl"SOCI> have •
k>r.f_. obkuig l1uff with short. truncated WV\tJ nK>Un; t-d Jmkf.
o;h:~. YI •·1 ~1hill:1ne l'fings at1. .:1nd a p.1u 01 hp,h 011•put
l.8·8!J0.<1 Ion drr\·f>\ 1nountcd (}ft anti lultv f'nrf()<:f'lrl w1t11n
Ute tui I A l:irrfJ wnsor domr oon11nat1np rh/' florwl ~1dc or
~ht" ship 1<; p.11 kt.'d with soµluslu.:ated ohw1V:ll1011, tommu
nu:at1onc;, .1n<J 1111J(lu1r. ~~·~lcir1s lh;1t eivf' chp \tuµ the Jbilil y
to Sf'!' .1nd 1Cl'Ord thr ~n1r.1llast tarect from 11t-•urly J s~tcr11
;iw.1~1. \•Vllllc th<'V r.1rr~· hlUe Ill I.he lYilV or .arrn3mtnl (ouly;;
fatto1y luted hi:l1t<:r cunet). thcc;e ::.I ups arf' 1)11U Jg!le
euough ro I"\', J1.· Jll ltul Ul'C.' most dedicatOO r>t..n!i-tll'I:.

1:.;1,~J(Jt 2 I - I -I bl:L)

Hull Type/ Class: i>J~rol BooUrtlf" Rec1i'./1cla<;.'
Manufacturer: I oron.:ir Cori1orat1on.
Hyperdrlvc: P111nary: Cl~ss 2. Backup- Class I?
Navicomputer: Yc5.
Sensor Range: rxtrCllK'.
Ship's Complement: One pilot. one co pito1, one t'flQ1r,~er.
lhrce SCll" ,, OP(.'13l0f~.

Encumbrance Caipacity: 65

Passenger Capadty: )
Consumables: S. r 1nrhs
Price/Rarity: oO [Y.)I) free ts. I
Customiz.ation Hard Points: 3
Weapons: 00~11 turret mounted twin ltWH l1~r c.innons.
f~11e Arc All, D.1111aec ~- Cnl1ca 3; R.inr.e IC:n<ol. I inked I I

lulrodun"Ct lturina t~e CJor.c \i\~rs. \I· 9 rorr~rll\ ~1,11 <.fie
J!>I! 1n tht• Oi.tC'f R111 among local pfafle-lary £0\fn'lrTlt»nls.
lar&-e corpor;n110ns., het> traders. a.nd piratrS- Aat~Ueh Ull'Y
" " ' " 0< f,ln>ly produced >'1lhout ll)'P"rdm1'S_ latet models
v•crc N'l•l Jipcd with them and \Vt..alty au ~.1rty nlOdcis \\C'f"C
rrrrofl1ted to m.1k<? lh<.'n1 hyperspace f.lP.,.:'lbll' f.asr tlnd OlJnC'u\Vlf,!Jbl~. with d~( 1•nt armor and good lnePo1A'Cr, lhrrt.:nt~
nrl' still re~pcct,iblt! stJrf1ghters dcspitt> their age 11.nd IJ1.I-.. of
dPf!e<..lor sh1cldi;. The V· I 9s' dist inc rive tno ot tolrJ1nc ,,u foils
con1b1ncd wll h puwe1 hd repulsoriift engines n):.kc thcn1 ex·
ccllcnt .1r vrrt1C(.IJ takr ofl and laf!01ng, thour)1 th1,.•y <.'JI\ ,,,~
makr- t1·L·~t· st1tp!<. ~mr-what tempcramcnwl to handle ior
illC-11.Dtlll'!\[t:'d pdot!<.

As is lhe caSt! with rnost \•csscls ot their i'lgc and cyp<?,

precious few Al1dadc class vessels rcmiJin 1n sp.1c<:. Time

Hull rype/Class: Sl.'lrf1enter v 19 Torrent
Manufacturer: SIJYll & 1Wrp1I
Hyperdrive: P"mary Class I, Backup None
Navicomputer: Ye<.
sensor R<ln&c: Short
Ship's Complement Oroc ptk>l.
E.ncumbran<e CaPDcity: 6
Pas~ncer Capacity: o.
Consumabltt: Or"' """k
Price/Rarity: l!>.000 cred11~4
Customization Hard Poinu: I
We.aPonS.:. 11-.0 :Of\\.iUd·tnounrPd L.lf;.M' caoooo~ tFne Arc
ron..ud 0.1m.wr 6. Cr1t1C ~ 3. R.ino:· (Oo,,.,I. Lmked 11.
,.<>n·,;aro-mountPd concussaon tfllsslfe launcher lhrc
Ate Forv.ard. Damage 6, Cntocal 5: Range JShonJ: Blast L
Brea<lo 4. Cuo~c'd 5. Limllcd Ammo 11, Slow Firnr. II.


JntJ llJfl!Jf.X.>rl!J are pe1haps IJ1e most versat.tlr.
10 the grJl.m<v ta~rly 11andled by a small crrw, rhc

stuJ)s nth•!) ~~li on r,"'1f!P lrom w1ldc-a11 inr, lif.hl trrir.htPr'> to
survey ship\ Ideal for (•xplor1np, nrw syst('m'>

Onc.;c a 1,;011uuo11 sight 1r1 lhe 0111 ol the \Wty pl;:1ccs ol the
gdlaxy. ll1t: Afl(fo<lt: das"\ I on,~ l~anr.r. Sur\!r.y Ship.'\ "11'f ' fll'\t
bccon1l11c" rar11~1 in 1oday'f.. ~p;Krlancc; Orsigncd hy Srenar
Stup\, •• Ion{! d~funC'I r1vdi,'ll"l suhc;idlarv of <;1enar FleeL Sys

has been their most d;ingcroos enemy tvl.ony su<.:cunibcd
to f,1tigu~ or (rirca! rnalh.<n<.lion 111 'd··ofr by:iolcnt) ~u<.1 were
then <>imply aba11donctl by ll1c1r </CW, loo ult.I Jr1<J ex,)cr.)IVe
fO fix Q1.hc1., fctl f)ft')' lo p rJlC). :iolcl1Ur p 1 1c110n1C~J. Of
one cf 1.1c countll"!>'J Ol'lt:r threat~ n 11ca.'f1l 111 exp ormg the
eaLJ'<y·s wild ~p.aCC'J_ T~IQ~ lt!Jl rcrnJir Ul U!iC J'C ov1ngly
tended lo Uy lhe1· ctt>\'o'S. a'ld J U111v11~ owr~r-.t·1i> Cl•llure
has sprung up around tt-ern An Al d .r.e u1 Jl(irl tth'f.lV$

auraas former o""icr.;,

r.c.'Yt'r con:)tdCred l.1\t, Uley

"o<:·c comfortable. tough,

,..., I-equipped v~<els I.Ml
cou<J take ~small crew
p IOls and «.<W)
tne t.r'l)(f)(Y. •n lfe
d!Ae safety


nm or rvr.n






Hull Type!Class: Su"'CY \b;cl AlodWt <"">
Manufacturer: S'<.'lld! 5t1p::..
HyperdrNe: P1;i·1a·y Cos~ S, l:)ac;;.up: C..IJ'-S 14
Navicomputer: 'r~s
Sensor Range: Extrerne.
Ship's Complement: One p;lo1 one ro Dilol. 1wo c'nr.rnrrr;,
lour sen<>o-r operalors
Encumbrance: capacity: ?'>0
Passenger Capacity: !i.
Consumables: Two years.
Price/Rarity: 150.000 creditSi'U
Customizat ion Hard Points: 5.
Weapons: rorward mountr.d hvin med um l~scr C()l'lnons
(Fire Ar< For.vard: D~mJec 6: Critit•I 3: Ru11~c ,Clo>~I.
linked I)
Dorsal turret·ruournec.l h••1n hght Ion c:tJnnons (hft Art AU,
Damage b : Cnl1c(ll 4: R1:;1nge !Clos.el: Ion, Unkt!d I)

Leins. 1h~~v wrtC"' H~1 produ('l'd cc-ntunes before the Clone
\1\1(1r.. lnili.'lllv c1M1r,nC1c1 ti$ long-ranee survey vessels. they
V.'1t•ld fly to the vpry ~dee> of the known galo.w to ch;irt dis
tJnt. unknown '"'"and plot nrw hyprl"lp.1cc lanes. To that
cr>d. t11cy were outhrtcd with robusr life ~uppon '~~ems to ~t(t.~~~:;
keep the crew and .1ny pJs~neer> nea1111y, l1Jppy, and

mcnt:illy st1rruli)tcll
cn0f1th~ or l>Ven ~·ears
Jl w-1<.c Wt111c these ~hips were



t\1lh tono mcrrori<"S ot ·~r r11r1p c;,?Pnt ilho.lrd ore Current
0tNncrs. ;arc ofter bomo;trct.>d -.vitt· u(fer\ lu buy lh~u :J1 p, to
h-. .,. pa-s o: tnPlf <>.11p. or \1mp;y to ,rnn lht> 1twnp ny t>•1lh
r -<p..rei~ed aficionados of ll .~ o d. reLab e ~ ..



f;ist, a~il<', P,rac ~_,..11. .~ s iJ 'i.l"llt'l-n .11t· .ht.• I .11 !IJ1ks ot .ht'
;..,.,...,,..Iii." d1ss I Chl flt·11,1'.L'f ll1t• ~·lo:: 11100 1<L 01111.- K.J:t>l1~

IJ1J11l ~pee_- 1c.allv 10 compf·!C' with Cor(;>lliclrl [11ginl"e'r111g Cor
po::t! 1011\ lf\VK sc-rirs tre>if.hie~. l\·andcr cfass freighters
h...1vr t•fi'·n rtv•nr. ih<" .:,patelanes ~nee the Oonc \\r'ars. Sm.1\1
1nr1<;1llP qu rf.... \\c11idc1 clas>:. 5.t11ps have a reput.1Hon, lkc
JI ~ki11 CJlan.a11 Shipyards ff\.\CS) \-CS.Sl'k, fo1 heitle bt."'au
t fJ • practx:.JI and .1::ord:ihlt~ Dt.':>t11oc"tJ l.Jy n1011y W,JCt'•S
:J'i ·1 llf•rtyt\1'>C (fU7's.<.·1 tl&dt go(. sfuunk."' U·a n(/;TdJ'iiS
f1eid""1tf'·, h,J\'C the ~110<>th tint.-s and cy.r,aruc 'lhapes typical
:f \K'S ~iiµs. ALout the ~l(> we as U.i" H\\K wrK"'l ')_"lip~

COlj){ll.Jl on, u \ti 111. iJlr'll.11 oJS. l!..lCIC

lly ~I·

rl lr\~'<I ..hp

}'dtd 11 ll.t.' l\d~hol 'W'Ctor ti t• KrJ,, .,.,;., d 1~ & .J won'1r lftl
e:...lttp}e ol t'lt' c;h' ~! r.1
ffd11 Kall? I~ Cnrp $.i j tM t 10
J'..140\ ·de sm11 r1rr.o hrf!l\ 'l'~h ,1 •p l <t..}.lor1·tt"<f' ,,_~~i tli.Jt
Wl~ \lef'S.1~ le ano US-eft;I titj1t I) f l'IC ~li>S. Wllhotn O("('(j !or


l()(':r~ry l"ld 1».:p(>f~1.>t.' JllrunarM.t 11".0d1hcM1c.rG. l~l: IOf•
of.1~ r .. p.111\.
ho·n µ U\1Ct.'1~ ?.toe 1 JS t-.lhfl"c<h. I~ Sim.
C.ifOd'fOP and r~XJ.:Jh K ~r lllC s.h1P'VJ&t,1\t!. .u t\.;1Jcl

p1otfuu'll J n·u!UIUJlOSI' l<"!J4 lh II COIJl.I ol't'll OUlfl\. out
c.1"1). :1od currun 1ryth1ng HI It~<~">"> 14.i~ 1h~·<
l'f~ c•·~t•<."'J UlC.· rw l<,\,1. 1;.r,t rnonU~ ht-lort> lf·l" uu txe 1~ ol

v. ,,,

the UortP
10 ... ,.,, f;v, 1·e. h 11 po he 1. 1ptl(';r.'ai 1r1 rnr
t\JthOI '\),.li!-W con1b:rt-i1 t\tl•1 wnc 1ri 1or1t.n.; .... h1~r ~
d-t"r..·on'-io l:\'· 1e.111cr\hlp <."nd(,1 roe r pr<.t0,.ct1on
run allt·r onl'V .1 h'\\' <.~tJft .,., ••1r~.
1i1<1j~, rt1P 1,,;o,..i.'lN·- ti 1:.s 1~ ll rct:,l'ltr 1s a v,1r1~t'ln.g.V r.1rc
r.,1c11t "9LHI}'' ':ilJ1~ti1p c11tt111\1.1\t~ an1rnr ·~ llmllfid pro J H

lion. becau ..e 1: 1s. pcrh.1p'4i <Tc·'·' tht"' !,1vcl ~ l <;.hp ll·JS~-$
ever consrn•..:r<'<1 Tt'1· -;'111 ..,,"h .1 ! tu! '>'1 IPl'cl hl<.l' oJ
h.11f 110l1!l, Wl{I' 1t~ (OflVl'\ rd{;<• tk'ill!'I{~ U·~·, 1U, Ilk'°• lht> Vt>ll

l'1able 'fl'l<..·11t·'> f1c.·1ghl:•r\ lllC' to11v.1rd ll1ctr d~d' t~w1·1v.~·<i
i:ldCt'hJllV lfn·u the rn.l:f' hull, <HHI IH111' ilhO\'(' or ht•lnv•. fn<'
Vt!ssel 1e\t'1r1hlf''> <1 l.uf~<· t11•d n u1 fl fhr,ht Thi" 1ntr·nort.. .Jff'
well appo~ntt•cl, .incl !hr •;hip'(j syo;r('1n~ "'Ir<' l "H<I n111 u: .111111
It-' lir.<>nl. c'ihY h1 .1rrl'~~ m.inl"'l<'r Thi' nold "n1utlul:11. with
sJidnc h1 il k h<':i<1~ ;ion df'<k'> rh 11 .11tnw it to llto t.'011hgu1 cd
10 c<111 ~' nl"'1r1v .1ny '.1rr~n Tt111 tlu,1,11~i<J<'~. ~·';i de l101n thr
'lC:11rily o' p\1~ t-s .:.i11U Lell·n1c;.1I ll'lll1111nL101· ar<' Ii'\ c;111J Pvl
weapor sy:;tcn1s <1nrl llgh~ 'ihi<''d ~ In .1:1, :houHh. l :~ .. 111l'l\
eel cnt. sohd1y huilt cl.1'\', thJ' nit.·t n•, 1·11tl 1.. 1 tuo ~011.

l ;.,ll;Jlsml'


1 .



·~ro1l_ 3 ~


Hull Type/Cl3ss: 1r,ht I t~irJ11c·r '4.a:,•:,,.. r
Manufacrurer: t\..11t I 1i. cc.rrw:>r .1111.1


15 -


Hype<drive: Pri'.'n:-tl C:J,1c;o; '), 1\1: ~.1p ( :I.SS 12
Navicomputer. \K
Se.nsor Ranee: ~f, 11111m
Ship's Complement: Oneµ ut. ont.• co pilol
Encumbrance capacity: IUU
Passenger capacity: 4
Consumables: Thr1'f" Montt>i•
Price/Rarity: 70,0u ut 1J ~r
Customization Hard Points: l
Weapons: Di .1 tullt'l r-,
1u'tl quact L1-..· f.1·111on (fut·
l\t, A.II. 1>.10 -11;• 1 ( tt. 11
' ~:t• IOo-*' All'11a'.t> 1

Ln,,'d ~I

these frc&gtllC'r'J. \\'l"C dt.>s,•gne-.S lO ca~ry h,?lt. S("OS;.;i\1'.' Cilfr,O
·•·Kl\ 1.. 11uoe'~ JIC <ale.\ O\@I lollf. d1Sl111(1", Thfl\11\J.<>
't'rn 1·~t>1v t<rt"D .1npo1t1tcd<;e-I'.fP< hetlns .:l~ J 5.rnJJL
!i<rnrc antcmolly "'"'kl<.•d cargo llokJ \\1th shdar.g bu: khe:l<l';< ln ho'1.1 si...:µrrs.arlgamour.: of carr,o_
l\ar 1...·r cbss f'rc!gnter; p<CMX! ,..,.tkJI) µoµuli" ,.,t:e1: hfllt
released. but thci: sr;1r \a>On f,11,.k.-tl .J'> UH.j' cnlt'tl'd ser¥1tt:>
and 01.a;:·cr~ pilot<;. arld crt'\'r.l <<.11l1t..' fdtC' to fdce \'I th U.r
hi IO')YO< r l")i('<.,
t..1vn CdldT?lJf I dC! Uo<.e their 1·1rr,er ,...,!CS
COll':illlS. H11ndcr-<:r.;i-s.s vessels t1ave \'ef)I' lilllf' <ommon:ll rv
f101r1 :)hip to ':J11p. lJth one is esscnti.1lly ti1nfim.-1<1f' rrom


al hand. ilnd twnP<ich their ore,.lrtc
hulls is fl hodP,Ppo<ir,e or PJrl'S ;,ind cornponcnts
trorn fl(',1rlv <'\·'<'r~( ~1pp!1er 1n lite galaxy. I his makes workirlP.
no l hPm 1 rn~~hl111;.11e. iiS there 1s no sr<1nd.1rd11.111on or
p.ntc.. ur <:.y':ite111~ Lillie exists in the l'V<IY of oftiri.1t technic.JI
dotu1ne11wtio11. and trac:king_ p;ins down fCQuircs. cqudl
111cJ~urc~ ot dctccLivc work and lu<k Dc~p1lL' llli-s. lhc.:y d l l.'
~I.Ill popular ~nour,h . th<1nks lo their look:>. then pc1lorma11cf',
iJOd I he repulation of f\.ICS w.,:)cls a:) excellent st11ps.
wli. r.....,·cr

~1t:11ls ,tr~



l; 114 1~ -~

Hull TypeJaass: I 1r,ht fr<'ir,h1cr t\·hnrl<'1-rl.-tc....
Manufacturer: f\.1on C.1lamari Sl't1pyard-s.
Hyperdrive: Pnm,;.iry OJs~ 2. Backup: C'!ass 10.
N;!Vicomputer, \o,.

Sensor Range: to.lcd!um
Ship's Complement: One pilot, one tO pilot, ortt• cngi1x.·cr
Encumbrance capacity: 50

Passenger capacity: I
Consumables: Thret.· months
Pricc!Rarity: 65.• 10 ued"'-6
Custom~tion Hard Points: t.
WeapQns: h ·,.... 1rd·rr 'f:ted !.ghl JOO ca:t1n0n If"" Arc f-ot·
"ai 0. r~~ ~: G t1>-;;l 4: Range [Cl<K.el, Ion)

Each Seeker !>peu...ilit...tion hJS :ipc.·1,; (1c. l"trt<>~ that JTldY
dove t~c Sr.eker Lo JO n .Jn advr·rrurr.g PiHly Thr~ t;1c1ors
are c:.Jos.ely nr<1 to ti.I-'" ~'<.1...lltalio1 ·~theme. '01n 11 r: situ.a
rions th;j. 3fi? le~C'i ikrly to apply to 1no1t<-r spcx1d 1tJ:t1on
These co'1C.JllOOS M;f!~t al'° •pµly lo or ll<' >dopt<-d for.
Otl'Cf Q"CCJ'S.

ALJift.. SUi<.CfS (lfC 3fJtl'C'!)i~\'t" m:'IC.I ~r: ~ f't"!'I~ lht.-y ~f -..·e
:o <hctpc·~··\.'"t their oppor.cnl\. \\1tn n .. w ·oout tt> µ. \.'\'t11tc
Aiaru SU-ikr·~ 1T11gtll prefer to opc1Jte on th<'irown 1n 1~'10le

are.K not ei-rry enc1ny 1!> Cl<i(Y ow:rcUI~ or <P.nlv out·
maneuve"Ni A:aru St11J..Cf~ n•l'/ f(Jln .1n .ldvcnlu' r.g p;irty


"-hen tf:e1r lr..!lCW.n
ant c p,1tc.'<I QO~lt on IS rnore tha,..
rt'c~· can tt:Jnd e. T~ m r,t>t be ~np y bl· outnJmbcu..'<I or
up a ~1r.,'11'l(1nt1.,· rn01e po~·,\'rful fut' Tne1r con11JVI·
sion ~o protect ~hf'lf(; often .t>.uh Ataru Stri~r~ .nto ~lru&

glcs lhJr rC!Cu1re ~k1!1s br~·or.d comWJt uritJ oc.:rwn.11 drtcnsc

An auvt·1uu11nt~ p.iny ·111ch. 'if>f"k out .Jn A!,-Jt\J Striker
ro prov di" Jdd1tion,11 r:omb.1t µrowe~s .1nrl mu\cle for the
r,roop, especially 1r tlu·, <har.1ctcr 1s kno•.vll'd{!r.ibl<' Jboul
ttieir ( .1rrcn1 en~nuc':. A p,1rty mif!ht al)O 1('rr11il :in Ataru
St~1ke1 .1::; ;i l1Ch1S1.the1 cxp<.:fl. iu the hope~ l hf' rh:irac
ter can rr.11n rhr rn ill!d 1111p1ovC' tnrir own llghl~ber IN"h
niqucs.. In far1. thC' A11H11 Sl11kc1 1.:ould provide co1nbnt ~nd
personal defenSfl l r.11n ne in ~~e11l~rt1l, 1..'VC1l thOuRh tho~ ~kills
arc not un1qul' to 11,..., ~pccia,i1;111on
Unexpected Daneer. Unexpected Help: ihc AtiJru
SH.ker Louk~ helve a dtrcc.t <.onnr<"tion wilh tht pt>rty thul IS
complelt-!~r 111 ~inC' wi1h the ~µl.•CiahrH1on·~ Iheme. Pei haps
the .-\Lc1ru S.a1kc1 <.J1)(;0v~rr> one of ltu,.\ othrr Pl~ver Ctn.uat:·
ti?r~ 1-; n unrn1ne(1L d.:irr.rr hut n1ity •1ot k!'l<>w it l he olh~r
PC m1r.h: t>e la1r,etcd ~y ln'porial O&Cllb • .i.,lked by bounly
hurrPr\. or !>OUP,ht by 1..1 powrrfu d;uk ~ tJt! rorc<: US(!f. Tl'e
AL.a·o Stfl«'r could \le;:> l11JI 1hr- most opportl)nP. time lo
defend :h~ cn;ir;;< 11•r 111 he 1111c.Jt i~ r.rr.1t t11()ue.n. the A1?.1v
Str.kcr decirtr- to ~llC'i<. a 1olPJd to s.cri.-·r.- t'!S a se;.rl of
µcrsor:al booyg:v~u1 C'lr to bt· rt-1 HI\.'\: tl(!.lll' lht threat lO

clim1na1e n c1llr<..-y

b.e<..t.i!tOJK"t"S are cthaenl ... 1 ~r. ni.11 htt"\.


n1uc'l W '".h.1:

tf:etr motM:S Jl'e ot:cn calk.-d 1n10 Q1JC1>1.on. llff!Y C.J'1 casftv
sttay lo t'>C dark• do. and Jmo<.I r•m 1ty tlo riol >ub><.• be
to the nooor: that~ .rses t~ forcP only lor del~r~ rnc1r

in:crm dr~ to "4... thr.~ rreht (often 1hr~ de.J:JIY tr1ethock} can "Soend C.'l' doo11 a, p.ltfl, t."l/t->fl 1f they
~~c t!lE" ends ,1••~1ry rt',f• mc.i:is.

to QJ.1aJ1-ir1 or A:cu11 Stnke·s. E:..xccvt1onPrs

tor lt~O':ie v.ho ri!Mul. l,n 11'c tno~ soec:ml1.r.>tion~.



Exccut.01ers pn'f<'r co go lcr th<.• c.u1i: i.. kill. Tt'cy rn1ght
trv to s1Jrpc'~E!' t~.r. rr.cmy with ar. uricxprctcd ~ttJtk
fror:) the shado~.,~. an a'llb 1-;ti, <>r other -S1toa~1 ons
1n ''•h1<:1" opponents are un.1w::irc o U·e1t prescnc~
l::.xe< m.glit <;Pl'*. ;'I r,:rour>\ t"f~lp wtit.."1
outnofr.bercd O' oulrn,1trh(ld, or wht>fl perwncl~

lOC-to lo tip,tiung 1s required AlrcrnaLively. wrute Executioner
di c good .11 quickly deahflC a p,rcat deal ol oarnDgc. they
nughl hDvc trouble cscap1ne the (\ituatlons they gel into
Beconung 1x.11t of a .group might make rhr.-ir JOb e4S.1e1 at
timf'!-i. or at ieas.l provide ;)lites to get them oul of troub e
In tart, CxecutJoner"S may be seeking a \'Y3'Y to <.h:-ikr oil or
rr>1ntmi7<' the~ darke1 natures and past mt!:t.deeds. and ~
the µ<1rty <l'" way to keep them from ~'PP'llil too la< to rre
darl. Side ol 1he rorce

As ""h AL1ru Sud<etS. a ~Pol PCs l!llghl recruit fJcrcu


UO<><:<\ as '1il>t<n lt.e llfOOP m;wir be drawn .., by talcs
ectrwt: .._,.)" combat pn)\\(!S,$., not realt11flg u·:cr. tr.JC
""'" lor c-akulatcd assassnaoon tacli<" Ti... gioop n ay


or may not in1ually kne)'h' thcu pole!"!t~tv nal tre.
Dor the.r p<t•se<lCe and cllo<ts dehmlety Com!' 11 a cos! ol
expos.rig the party lo he1~cncd dangers ol ll!e <lark' lie
PCs who are already shady charal.tCf'; or lean """ard [h{>
dark Side U'P~ tind,.. thneallie<>in Exccullone-rs.
Conflicted Companions: Giving Connitl points ta


<.1s.wctc1tmg with an Executioner is one v-.ay tht' C'i might
en1phasi7f! the danger~ the- (h~racter hnn~ lO the group.

Such Co110icl woutd he g,ranted v.he11 t1 PC
witnesses a troublesome hght or de-ath causnd by Lhe ExecJ
tioncr and doe~ noth1ne lo alter the outcomt> Ptannng ;iL
tac:k" with an l::.xecul1oncr micht <Jlso rcsull 1n Conflict po1nt"i
1( a PC r.ocs along w1lh an Executioner's cxcepti6MllV dirk
1< or questionable methods. Not r.vcry hght s.houlrJ rr511!L
m Conflict points. though. unless the [xccuuoner 1s. regutarly
overly violent or indiscriminate 1n lclhahty Thr. Excclll1011er
should .ilso in Conflict peints as usual.


Hermit arr. not \111µu~1nuly, lh" lr.i.i;t}' or Sflflk<'r<> 10
)VOik \•11lh r.ro11n\ ol -.1nv k111d \'\'li<•th<'r by nature or pprc;ona
thoKt!. HPrm ts dt•vre sohtu<Jt• lo purti111' their owr) 1nrflr<'c;ts
or inve~l-t}lt1onc; into tht• Foict:. Ttu:refnrr. it take~ pO-.-;f'rtUI
rr.Json~ for H~rm1r\ ro 1ou1 torrt'°' w1lh othc~

Some mot1VJt10fl~ for pn1nf? ,J f'JOllP spru1g from pr.1Cli
tJ. n(.'t.(,.'")"'!1<"'•. such a') tlt-rm1rs tor<:t~d from rc~<l11..·rKee. .1nd
need help rcc~11mane U1ern. nt. d.tnr.~r\. or hrd t1?..
s~itab·e OC\\ homa Rc.:iwn\ for <tPp.JrturC" 1rt· typKJI 1 th(>
s.;1rne •.ts thOSc of other~~ ckJ 11\j w1rt' Forced Change
{sec P."\0" 621. Poor hr.~tn. scnous w •f ,,.. <1 c;i:-;1~s.. ~
po1~11~ c1re di I ...efy 10 propct Hern•t~ t rnct tv-:p



and c'tr't'.mcty re<.u~ Hcrm~

rruent t~ tT"IOW'd 10 act.on when ch.i~" cncounttt~ pl.¥!'
tM:~ U"ldcr 1hew care lnU \ d~r1.s wtlo rt.rl n~o
ser10Us trouble n<>ar the cMtiti~ ot Ht.:11111ts m.1y appeal
to Ux·.r compass.K>n lit> Sid~ for aSS6tJoct.•_ fu·u may mcJ.•1
t1JVC rr, r.rcat d1!1tances <>r lialll nf. purSl.llng forces. or


Wlh Such Hcrm1l\ m1dl1 tinrl Uu•m'-t'M:-~ dr..iwn 1n10 then
tho1ec~· pmblclll). PQ'S-SJbly rnd,1nr.runr. 1hcir own Vi«i\'S ot
1le. f 111~ "' r,hl r.ncou1~1ce tt·rm 10 wort.. albt!'1t 1c t.K tJntly
w lh one u1 r11orc C()mpan1un~ for .ln rx1rndrd lime

llcrmil\ often "Jiil n·pot:ntons fo1 be1nc mv<;ltoous.
dJnr.cmus. unusudlly w1~. d ff'inill 10 t1110. 01 .3 co1nb1r..1·
t1011lhf:\rcol 1h~~· rruthl l>c kuowlr.rtr.ciibtc m ~1e-c1crt di<>ci
phnes <)f l h(' I Olt:t'. ta~ privy lo ">C'C<rt hl~IOrlC~ or StlffOllnCS
1113 a1t>ij\, know tht' In\• ol the lo<.,JI 1.1nd!> hkc no olllf'f, or be
hidi11~ f1<.un a d•ltkull or 1111\'/J11tc<.l pDSt<- TI1c\' rr11ght know
lhc hiStOll(!~ Of d,'\nr,l"rOu-. 01 IOl(~fC~lllll;! 1ntJiVidu,1!!'-.. Hcrrnl1~
111icht <Jlso be lJ\Pnlrr:I ;n avoi<lu1g nouu:. Any of thf'5~ <Hcas


uf ~nowlr<lr,c could b~ u<rt11t w" p;llly ot
TI10 l\roup
nught Uy lO p<:r!iuadc Herr111tt; TO loin in lht-ir cu1rc 11t q11~t.
ltetfllll!-i Ul!Chl ff\('I tompcl!ed tO jOUl 10 Of<fer lO llghl 035r
wron~ 01 WJl<.h <W<!r the PCs. eu1d1nr. an(! protecting thc1n
lron1 d.intcr Hc1n11t~ miP,ht CJlsu pt.•y lhC' p.1rt of sage. men
tor. or tuto1 111lhc w;1vo; nt rhc L1v1n~ R>rre
E.xpcrience and Wisdom: Some thoue,ht into the
00<.~roond ol ,1 lle1n11t Pt >l1uuhJ 1n4ip!rc the player in
<iC'lcct1n~ \kill<- :tr whiih tht~ Hern11t excels A Hermit
r1orm.1:1y tia~ e.1i;1enc;,1vr li.nowlied~ 1n arcd'l ttt..·u

brrn resi1·1rcht-d or explored
f t'c <.h.i.11\JC t~r m1gtlt h;r.·~ lt"'( hn1r.11 or h1:<;,tor1ca1


know1cdee from a pa~ fife. but it mi&tlt be
som1.'Wh.Jt out ot d.ltc df• on hcJ,.,
loog 1"" H<.11m1 h.>< been ""hided trorn
thr rest of thl" &Jb'Y vt11h hmncd access
to nf'¥>'S .ind 1nfounatt00 A llcmt11 is
lkely .itil..J 11 OUldocx ~~
and ~tatnCd wddt-Jl"IC'S~ SUf\'i\'ll
tcclY\oque>. tt-.ione ldenlotyine and
deiilng \'V1th natM' ~:o<:t .ilnd f.tuna.


II l11c H<.:··mil ~5 C".Xpcctc<l to play thP rJ.C-Jrl of ~u tic or (,,,,{:ic
wllhrn U1c gruuµ, the p'..1ycr ~huJk! ronsirlt->f .H1VJllClll~r1,1nkr,
1n rt·_e <;"!1ff.!ltc ~•. .dl':I tile charactc1 1s. t>XPC'C"t<~d :o hi-ro,·~ .1111Jjo1
itc1Villll<1~e in. l'VCn 1f t (l,iVCS the C~\..'.lr,1(1C:r <;"lOrlC'.O'lllfl~ U
othcs areas. A Hcrrn l \v sc n the L,...
f-orc <' rrn~hl h..1vt,:
cr+"ttt cornrol O\<e: <.e1kl ri Force pow~r<- r1'1<1 1.ilt-nts. tr•.1t
1r:.1crn be ;i poor Tu:Jrk.:>1r ar .1'ld !lcvt> PVen h.w1, "''t>n ..i
I gt:tSJhf'r T'i<> characu~r tou,d k'l0\•1 a lot\J .Jrr1 n I 1nt11\l1<
dc1a11. but n;tvc only scant ·r furn·1:1~ion of gal.1ct1t ro 11\ \
O" cfs:tant dar.r.('~ 'A'he1 a 1-'crrmf\ <;.."lortco·1111ij:S t>CC'Ofrt•
.1pparcr::. ot·1e• par.y rne:rbers can \l<'P to the 'ore .1'ld


!J'l(l'.Y Ofr ~l'le'.1 0'0'(,') S..,1( C'\ ~~1d ctbsillJt~

Huntcr:i. JtC occ o~ tne nu.· 1~c4y 5t'ekc1s tu µ..Jin Yt1th
olhe·~ ~o get a joD done. lt te. 'K:
. n lhto shofl ~t.110 ~
c.r.aracte~ C-X(\:is a: tract. ''-e dO\\fi sr,...-cil c th1cJtS. .1"'1d
·nerc CE"'ta1nty ,~ ·lO snor.age of oonr,c'f0trs c•evlurt.~ Jlld
W'kli\.id:u.1 s n Ute ga1axy ol ,,,j('n arC' enormCJtr.> m
SJle. Of ;\()(};. '" tc111fj·tr1c'~ b~ (if t'ff.< 11)" CJOl·PS- \\1 le
<-k'k'd l'41Jnters have •:.:J'" arou"lct sonl~ C"ll ttl"-\r• problt'n~.
f·~lp 1s oltcn requ rL-0. Tircr' 'C"ams i11rh1 <Ol'Sli! ol 1-.t"\'t!f~
other"rs. but a!!K> t;·µ1r illly need~ :>UPllOrt Pl 1s,011r1e



pi:ots. med ca· s:df'". t;r.d rvcr.



n~got'ato1~ w'len wn,.,,..irr. 10 poJJul..ilcd .ircas. 0th~! Pl.1~·1'r
Characters (311 ru1f:ll rr;in\· of lhL~ role~

Hu•1t<.:r<> 1yp· woe~ in 1so1.i·.ed 'r\'1IOCtrl(:.,·, , bul
~11 1f v\·orking a one. ttiey c;~ill needc; ton·n:>. <.>l•IJ1(>!-t4. .:.11d
othe1 uvi1i.£cd areas to ;c~uonlv. hca1 i..p. a11d e;.~1.l· t r •fllo•
rnallon. Hunters C<ln use arf\;'IS a~ QiJS.e-~ of over
which puts them In contact with ott·,rrs 011 J 1P.e, llh 1'1<-~IS.
Frirnds. neighoors. 01 local encmK•s rl gl'I crrh•1 H1 11 ,~1\ into
othPr rtdvcntures outside of their typ1<. 1. 1lt·~1 .,.1"


M\'1·rl(urcr~ Jrt· r.1\tly d';iwn to t'lC ~orm1daote skli.s or
••1·1tcr!. Th!JUi1t H1;r ·ers c..1n act as comba!.ar.t~ they arc

l)lJK,:<tlty lt.1irlt-d n ~xific: Wl';}por.ry .1seft..I ~o lhcar puryiil~
llley tll<lueh k'I<>.• tN• gamJl of m~irary hard\',Jre
A p.1rtv mi(!ht $l't.""k OUl Ht.n~ers for ;.nr.r Joca v.1idttr <.-:.~
kr:owlf"d~ O' cc.>\J1cd1ntornanon

.1noot ;>a1ti(J...ia1


rrcy h<1d e1:t.:our:tc1cd n 1hr. oost. 1lur ~t·r~ rl05.t ob\.100."
serve a~ gJ1dcs or iooi..outs in IOLcK.1ons and environmr.nts
1•.-ith w~ich 1hry J1r. fiJn1111ur. Scn~rs rn1ght identity whcrf' 11
creaturr IS. hut 1lunlcr:s n11etu underst.and whai th<' 1arr.el 1 ~
doing. where 1t 11·1uht t:O 'ICXl. and how it is to re~pond
l.O lhl'C<J l ~

Extended Stay: l~<'1"1.i1 nu1r. true to Lile Huntc(s. (htlriJctcr
c:ontep: ;v1d <!Xp<!(t<'<1 .1dv3nceir·ent can ~ c:hJllen~ng lo
'iOrnC' "tnrylinf'c;. \•1IH:n H1<! Hur.ter stic<s <lrot..nd aftc1 the n11s·
c;ion is owr. S1<.lc .:ievcntu"~s .1r~ useful ror L1lf1!hri.g this need
A srdc adventure p·uvidc u b·cok from the ror
e'.'erybody or ,,i{:hl fCKuCio or J rc-.v interested PCs Y.~"K'!n ~h ~
1s.n't an OptK>r'l ct K'!: •o tiirl' l0'1:,.tro rtsor Lack ol 1t1tcf~· the
GM can uc;c PC Cown:11·1c bct\'it:t:11 ~lures to ;it°"" lht
Hu~tcr to t.J'\C on 91~ er SI~ 90bs. rnEs is csncci~lly u!aeful
for fl.M'l u' tht•·n d n 1SSK>ns or purs.uit.s that mt&f'lt othcrv.1sc
lx.."ton1~ ~t"fwlrt1\1•0f 100 "4-.SV Si!W Jobs 3~ IOC'CP the Hunt
t!• O'l 1J·t"" .ookou1 ror rt~ nP.><l oppoitun.ty, and ma) lrod tu
a f1t."1\l ·ldvc•n:u.." 'nr 11"1• e-t:tlfe party

f<>r ;iny croup of PC:i tha1 hr-nvi!y rely on space trav~I· ·:ind
PS(J~tk1 Uy those trilv<:I nP, lhf' frirecs of kno~·vn sp.1ccN..i\•1catun.. t\Jrl t'>r Kry to Xlrc. successful. and rapid transit
G1oups lntr.~1 (')P C><ploration b(•rtef1t greatly from 1h~1r c;kllls
lo~ t".J\'C'li'lC to wor 'd !i. w1tl unreh~Jble or even un<n~vn hy
pc:--sp.:1c,;c •1J\11CJt1or-.~I cJ;Jt.i Lven on the wo11nd. Nav.~ators
C..<Hl ~hor:c11 t1,1vt· l1r1e~ .and o;pccd pursuits. Navigators arc
I k.t·ly to 1·nd ''•<;rk with 01lrros· ;iny btic;;ress. corporaco~.
1n1l;lary r ~.


:'lavir,•i~or.i, m;\V f).• a

deep space scoots or other cxplort'f

IYfl"". ohm ope1a1 rie alore !hey may contract 1'1<JMdua
·npc; nr Simply "''Ofk lrceLYK:f"" hopi~ to !>(.'Ii .nlounalJon lo
f!O\'l"r·uf'.t.'Otsor OltN citcnts Ndv\g,cJto'> are al~ I kety i~tc:r­
~tt-'d 11:.. or d~awn 10, ,)re<6 ~tOJ g n U"e ro~ce or rumofM
to have connccuon~ to ihr Jedi, S1lh, or anot~er l·orcc tr.1'111·
L1or Advcn1urinP, r.roups 1nay l>e auracled by Lho~ o;.kill"'
and knowl~·dcs:, Jiii.i w...11t to hue N3vig<uors or othr·rw1C.t'
convince HlC}C Sc<:ktr~ to 101r them.
Howt))/PI. lor N;w:Hfll OPi TO sr;iy 1ntere-s.Led for extended
1«;1vl•I anr1 plotrinr. routt?c. for travel arc importunt
111 cldlJ1Uo11 to lh <~ir ;1:;rror,;1tio1 skill:;. Navigators c.Jn J<:l
(J'.j Wlt>nlt-!d 4~11 ·dr.c; .ihl('l ro help ott:ers traverse diffKJll ur
c:.>11 1 u~r1r 1t·rr!'J 11 Thf\',' m,)y I.Kl<.. the intimate knowlcUt;c ot
sorre d.1nr.r~ it1 ~hP v.11derne~~ t.nat Hun:-crs rni.g!1t ht.1vt•. out
Navi{!a~nrs "-"O-.v t·ow to get Jround .1!1d Pk>l l't<: best roule
for 1 (,Urcessful JCJUrr1cy
pcn od~.

Cuidc the Way: :\ Navigator runs th~ •1'Sk of becom1na

tot> fo ..U"JC.'ll on d"'.)(tog-dtion, v.ith iust a :e-."' P' or :cch
wµtXHl dut•t>"'.. However. this character alw has an exp.'lfld
g1ooi.l·t<t~ <1<;1 sc: Iha! enhances uselt~nc>s to lhe


team.•1.:. "''fil i~anv personal scouting or expto<oe)t1on etfo1ts.
A Na ...1r.-11or r.1n bef'leftt from chances to lead the way both
n ·~·Xe and µlanetsidc. Beyond guiding tne party ph)"<>1callv
ttirouc.h an cnvironmcnL. iln altCfll<;jlJve Navigalor approarh
1111c:ht be lor the SC'rkcr lo bcco1ne n1ore or ;t sp1n1 ual r,u de.
PcrhJps thr N;ivietnor relics on past exploration rxpe-rH~nc
c!i uslnc I hr r:orcc Lo SC<! the luture. or to mentor the oLhcr
PC~co il'- they v1s1l forte·1etated dr.stint1tions. Thi:, dmri>cter
r;,n J l!i.O CXll'I at d1~:overine rorrc4Plaled \.-t1 L1fac:ts or loci)
lion~. lurUwr 1ncreasinr, the PC's usefulness <>s <> nu1dc.
P:irhf1ndPl"'i ;:are very likcly to nave their own drllfrldl o- crea
t11rr: ((')f'tlp:Jn1on to hetp and pcrhiJps hclµ gu1dt' lhiPm from
d~1 tn-OOy These Scck<>.rs' conncct<OOS to the
bOth enJbles ond 11e sucnglhcned th<~ lhCJr lnk< fx
lendrnc these <onncct~ dunng travel aids P.ithhnder,. '"
lt.1\'t'fSll\C v.;ldt111css areas or unknown world~ P~rlleubrty
sool.lry m nded l'"Jlhhnders mlr,ht be content seeking thei<
~""Y w1lh JU~t animal companions for company Howcvc1.
Pall f1r1<Jt•1\ 3rt~ amonr. me more likely of Scekcfl: 10 rc-eu
l..i1ly JO n croups on their a<tventure~.


\.VhilC" po!;"ihlfl in s.orne SJtuauons, most al.lvc11lurl11~ par
11<"«: .irf! not hkely to seek 0111 Pillhfindccs ror lhPlr anln1a1
<'omp.ln1u11s and the crf!.1t.ures· abtlillcs lo help group::, rnC'!<'I
their e,<Xtls. Parties ilr<! more likely lo ritted Pa1hlindc~ ror
the.Hr skills, .JS scouts or to establish new routes throu(!h lhc
w1ldcrncc:c;, In url.lJn c11v1ronrnenls. or even arro5S the ~wrs.
Tl'l~1r n.11ur(JI (.lb1hty with anim.1ls tl!so m.lkfK them likely to
ndc n1ount~ ur1cJ help guide inexpcricnred ncler~. Advcntur
c~ .1nlK.1wl1t11! Ion, trips. u.-c-Jne livinf. mount~ ni.eht l'llrc or
re .1u1' ?\Jthhnders for the passaee

A Way with Creatures, A plaY"f oltcn select' tht· f>•lhhndt."f .,fl'N" .~i1anon as pan of hnding crcatM:? '""VS to u\P.
:en :\n1m:11 rompanK>n at different ~nt~ 111 I.he adveoturr
The (feJture rrught be a careful couSldcrouoo dUOOP. P'3y,
wilt' fr1-quenl mon toling of its kXauon and health. lntcr.1el1{)ns between the pany and Lhc creature a1e likely 10 t'>~
\'.,JJrc,;•d. Sornc play<'rs or PCs m1t:,tn 1gnore Lhe crcatutt' eom
plctcJy, while 01hr.I"; could be faSClnated-or irnt.citcd-by 1t,
\!\lt11lr.1t 1!\ pr·rfcc.lly okay 1r the creaLure bccomrs tJ s~mrpres
l"'nt <:11tily <Ju11ne 1nost encounLers.. P,1thfi11der's councc
lion lo Lhc {{.:..11i1r. st1outd benefit if the cr~.atu rc bcc:om<"~ ill
lc.i.1sl µ~rt ol Liie iJC:tion At times. othe1 characters m(1y be
t:411<.:d upon to rnonitor. hc~I. Of otherwise w.itch over lhc
~:rcJLure lhe interaction bet\veen the Pathhndcr. thf\ Crt.'a
lure. dnd the parLy is importanl to keeping thr.- PJttlhntJci
IV th lh<• PfO<IP



i!derness settincs not only atto~d the c.;M ;in cxre!le•U
opporlun1ty lo spoth1lfll the Wide vanew of environ
n1cnts 1n the Stai l\·b1:'> «31axy. but also allow for adventurflS
in1possiblc in the more cJViltzed and techno!O@cally ad'Yaoced
ar<!;,is f,1mi!i;ir r.o n10st of the characters. Vlildernes!> setl1nes



Craft a small knife. staff, Of spear from rough ma·
terials such as stone. '"-ood. Of bone. This functions
<JS an irnprov1sed \•1eapon of the appropriate Sile (see
paec ) 18 or Ille FORCE ANO DESTINY Coi e Rulebook) but
d~ not ;1111.ornatically eenerale {§L I he prun1ll\'t: and
handmridc appearance illso adris. Lo any checks: rl'l<Jdc
Uy o:hers lo realize the itcn1 is no1 or a
walking aid and car be used as a danr.erol.s v<eaPOn

Harvc-st toxic plants or anin1aJs. 'Nhen 3pp1ied to a
suit-<l?>lc f\·1clee, Brawl. or projccl!le weapon (such as a1'I
arrow) lhat possesses a Critical Ratme. ch~rrical s from
l OXK plants or animals 3dd rile D1soncnt 2 quality. The
Gr-.1 1nay .,pend @ on lhe Surviva. chcc.{ to have the
character suffe1 one wound rro·l1 n1i~h;ir:d!ing the toxin
Th~ Gtv1 rnay <fso spend@ when a character uses the
treated \•1eapon LO have l he lOXlfl V\'t'<ll off an<J ~0 llC:Cd
to be reapplied.

Set snares and alar ms around the camp. I h-s adosO

charactc-rs outside of their comfort zones. but

lhoy allow 0U1crs especially Seekers 10 really shine. Most
irnportantly they can ~rvc lo m.akc jl1Sl about any pl.inned
enc:ou11ter eve11rnore1:1le1~l1ngo11<l rf....,va1d1ne

Harsh ellvirorunents turn 0U1t:!n'llse uneventrul travel n!lo
(hallcnr,ine sUUf'J~es in which snnp!e survival <:an be a~

nluch a part of an adventure ;1s fac;ing down enerny NPCs.
Con1b~'llS in SU('h areas can be espcc:ially memorable, as Lhe
environment forcB the players to think carf!'fully t>cforc each
action lest they ft.ill 1nto t>ubbhr\e lava or become mired in
quic:ksilnd. Such settings can ~dd i.i!l 1nanr1er of €i.irl"l~ effects.
(J~ described on page 219 of lhe FORCE AND Di:sr1NY Core
Rulebook, and GMs arc c ncouroeed LO <.:r~ale new ones
when i11l environment drives their imagination.
Gl\:ts can nllrudut<.: <.:x<1ung environments through any
number ol circumstan<.:es. the rno~t tornrnon µcrhaps
being a crash landing on a planet or an unscheduled :,top
11cc:essitatcd by <Jifinf~ vehicle. 1n1erest1ng environments CcHI
rilso result when the PCs rnust llavel th1ough \Vllderness to
s1irprisc ~ foe or when the>' r(~ach ;i destlnalion tucked away
rar from thf> cornforts of civili7.1fion. The !~1 Ler especially is
applicable for Force osc<S S<!rkinr. out lost holoc:rons ;ind
other Jedi relit!-.. which mieht OP found on battlefields
or in the rcrnnants of 1u111ed t~rnp lE'S

The section th.:.H folio\,...; offers GMs and players additional
fo1 i1u.:orpor<Jtinr, wildr.rne~s and other remote
settings. IL <.1lso 111dud<.:s lll!W ways lo uw the SurvJ\lj)! ~kill
and "~"\'fay!-. l<> l>pcn<.I 1c~ulls fronl checks made 1n thr:~C"
settings, so Lhat cncou11lc1s m U1c1n ntet}' <.;On l>ccomc even
more mf!morat>!e 1n the u;rnµa1gn.

TrJditional use of Survival Skill lielps rl'lake Seeke-rs adept al
lif<' in rhc wilderness. but they and others can use lhis
skill in oc•"' .;nd novel ways. Page 128 or the FoRct AND Des·
nNv Core Rulebook outlines some of The 'N.Jys this skin is
r.on1n1only e1nµ!oycd. and t.he following arc altematiVc uses
Lhal players can adopt as well. A> a oose level. UlCS(; 'kill
ch<>rks shoul<l he Average (.
bill lhe GM should ad1u>l
this as needed b(lSCd on the specilic setting. ava1!ab1hty ol
ra~v 1nateria1s. and rim<! dcvo1cct to the cflort


Fashion a small musical i nstrument such as a flute:,
chime:, bullroarer, or drum. The ch3f'3Cler may spend
O to indirA1tr. the item is well crarted ..~ me Gtvrs dis·
t.rction. it adds D to th~ u~r's Ch<Jrm checks. as well as
lo Survival thctks involvine animals (sec page 128 of
the foRcc AND DESTINY Core Rulebook}.


to checks to catch s.nml1 fauna (Ind adds• to any checks
foes rr1oke lo sr'ieak up on the PCs at this !octltion,

Craft camouflage garb or disguise c.l othing. VJear·
ine. earb covcr~d with lo::JI !caves, colored p!;.int sap. or
<J11hnal hides add5 D ~o Srr.alth chcc:<s rnade wtnle in
this aovi1onn1cnt or similar one~.

The follo\vine is an outlioc of sorr~e of Lhe rnore cornrnon w ~I ·
<lerness settings that playe:'S mir,hl cnco1l nter. due perhaps
to a crdsh li.l1;d1ng. a desper;itP c~capc from a nas1y pre
dicament. 01even an 3bandonrnent after a deal eoflr. v\'rone
Came h1astc.•rs can u~e Lhese selling overvte\•IS to create !oc:ations that truly tcsl ~he PC~' at>ilily to endi.ue nature ar
its most <:hrtllcnging E.1c:h <Jlso cornes w1lh uni<;ue narrative
sug.gest1ons ror spcndine ~ and @ on Survival chec.'\s, to
<tugment Lhose on page 128 of the FORCE ANO O£Sr1....-v Core
Rulebook. Using these. Gl\.ts can fa1shion 1ncn1orab'c events
and launcll nevi encounters. GMs can also use- Table 3- 1:
Spending t)-, <t}, {§~. and @ in Wilderness Se-ttingS. 0·1
67. for ideas on using Surv·v-dl arid rclalcd ch~<k.
results 1n (\U<.h scttines in v.:;ays that are tiol ued to a specific.
lype of wilderness environment


A.ncicnt Ruins: This rcrra:n is littered w:th llroken morolilhs
drld gigantic stone stairw<lys lc.1ding t..-> collapsed tcrnp!es,
all ICVC.:lhng the grcatne~~ or 3 j)i.1St dvili7ation nO\'/ lost.
@ here could 1ndic:.alc lht PCs lrieeer a barely funccioning
(,\arm within 01e ruin, or even 1.heit I.hey have disturbed tt'e
harb<iric desc:endants. 01 an ancient sµ~c1cs that still dwclis
in the ruins wil hin underwound P<JSsageways.. @ might indi
cate rhat 1tie PCs instead find long· forgotten re.its Lhat c:oulQ
aid 1.hen1 on their quest. or rhat the dc~ ~endan ts <ire 1ns1.ead
benef1cenl and wllhng to help th~ PCs

, Effect
Favof1tbfe Pl ~ n ning: The PC.accura~oly pr(!'(f1us tt'c wcatht!r rar lh~ remainder O( the <ia~" rnaRin~Q
!C$S $trcssh.1., Th& ll~l lim?, ::.i rnember o' t-he ,grouo wou ld~ffcr 1 or more strain whf!~ mtht$ sct\1
Character suffer 2 less s.trai1. to a m1111mumof 1.

Q Of*

SuccessfuJ Foraeing: The char.3cLer q,1kkly hti(js. ~ome laSi~' ~uSt¢r'l3(1ce- Each ~harat;Q' 11'1
mmeQ1ately r~v~rs




No Surprises: The PCs' -shel;er is 'l\'ell hidden from dclccuo11, or they {Over U\1:if 11<1<'.kS perfecUy. NJ
Perception checks to discern their presence r,cre

t)Q O' ~

Field R3tioos: Tile chJ1J<.tcr 111:.lOYf:rSM'lll!Ct~ or lotx.I idC<:ll Jor IOnti·lerm preservation J!ld tr(I05.l)OI1 EJc.Jl PC
ma~1 add O tu the ne:x1Re~Hience check the cl"iaracter make!; dunne lhJ!". ~~ion.

F<"lit'.hful Companion: An atternpr to Wnend local fauna goes we!\, ao<;j tlle creature JeadS lJ)e PC to 3 reHabje
t.roil. tJ place of shcltc". ~rcvcn tha taf"':PSU~ Qt the ~nemy the ,P3rtV •ttas tracklng,
Stockpile: The P!<J~·c; Cl't-aracter escabhsr-.cs a c.actie 01preserved food. potable w.1tcc. .a:OOt:ither supplies
$ho\•ld tiie pan:,• return to this location. lh~ ch~ctictel'S may use it to recover S 5'rain ei.lC::h


or @


Comfortable Setting: lhc <.:h(lr'1cler uncovers a region that appears te> be 1>e111an and v111huut ltueat5. The PCs
~-1in D or' checks to rcco•:cr st1.w1 J:l th<~ c11d 01c11cdu11tr.ts 1n Uli$ !oration and on checks to establtsh bonds

with na:i\•c animals.


Reliable Supplies: n:c: PC cstetb!ishcs a dependable soutce or potob!e water and edible Horn, enoueh to last
I 'lf> p.uty for Wti'f>r::I d:l>"S. DO'l\'OglildC lite d1t:Kully ot JI! RcSlh<!fl<:e Ch!!cks the res make Wh\le- in thls JreJ oocc.




Cozy Shelter: .tJ.ny sttelte<the PG cre;ites is mH $Wl¢(1 for !Qng..term use. \~ite stayin&; Within. when
r12m0>te I ar m« c str-~1t1. t.r.ey rcmO\'Cthal amoutH plus 2 iristead

Native Me.ctidne: '"'tic PC nnd~ IOU! pl.;1n's i\jeal for !JoOSi:ine healine aod aiding the wounaed. Tl'11$ 1Jpgr~dCS ~IC
-Obi' iry of the ne>:t tvlc<f cine che<."' lhe PCs make o"'e:. •1nd .also co,unts as crcaun~ a healer's ' (see paee 48).
Poor Pa.ssage: I he lo:.;.alion chosen for this cJmp or (he path fOf this uatJ is not w~e. the cround hicfes shifting
pebbles. thJck mud. or s11ppcty rud<..c:. V..ttt<:'' m:1kir'e Brawn· 01 1\eility·based checks in thi5 location, .><Id
.au1ornatic: ® 10 lhe PC's rf>'>ults.

@ or'@:


Noisy Foobvork: I he <.h(1rt1ctcr leads the group a!ong () path filled: with tumbling r(l(.k!'.>. cracking twigs. or even
<:moo creatures thJl arc loutl!y 1nd!{i11<mt when ::.h~f>1>ed upon. The f>Cs add • to 31! Stealth checkS mactc along
this path.


Infestation: The st1e1ter tr·e PC constructed it f..d'dlcd with IJny insccc:s or pa&asitt!S. sortte~1ng.not noticed until
later Until they Iind a bener resting place:. vlhli?ne\;qr the P('.s would r~move 1 or l1lQrP, r;train, they remcwc I ICSS
t hail that t.ln.'10Unt lt1~1<U\d {10 a muii!Ylt,;r'r'I Of 0),

<~' <9) <.>r @

He3vens Erupt: T~'s for~cas;ting io; ina(';CUr:.tte. ieadinR to violent •rreathar tor which. the ~5::'oupjs,qyitc
l,i!lP!Ci:)att-<.i For the tema:nder of the day. when making Brawn. or >\gllity·ha!ie<i ~~1;ks i11 th~ ootdoors. upgrade
the difkult)' of tt:e PCs' t he{x.!i oncp_ Effort: loc PC tlolc:h1 :~ .'ln attempt (It the wilderness acl ivity. and ruins Joy 1mp!cme:ms usc:d 3.\ p;,trl
ol lhe e''ori ;_i~ well. This might Jlso include Jttcmpt!> to stJrt f1r<:s that wulCJ u;l 1£niune cf.Olhing and supplies. or
to feed .;n mals lh.1t result 10 mildly pe)1.\oninc 1tmm

:~:@~ @ or~


' -


Worked Too Well: The PC's so;:rcs IJ1I td c.npturc ;u~y ~n;lll tulunHJ::;, Instead. Ltley draw the anention of a large
(and hunc:y!) prcda101;u lf><)~I I Mlhout>tte r/eJtct thJn the l.Qrf,Cst member of the pa<ty.

Signs: 111e (harqctet suecesstul!y ~,.:tt"1tis tlie qu;ury. but iaits to notice that Ulc targct lt?h 1011 ~tslO
d~teCl any othe!'S 'ottcw;~g Jlon.g lhis patri. Th~ PC~ adcJ. • to !heir next Cool or Vtr,« t"h~i<s to determine 1r1c next f1mc they encovntc( tt')1s roe.
@" (suc.cesslu!


Unwantitd Attention: rnc ch~rittter's effcrts. fla>,-e succeeded. but jn a noticeat>lc inan1l~r. Snmke rrorn tires.
ttie::i. ot s.ain $nil'!'1a)$. 0( disturbed foli<:1b-e all lead foes to tne pa!ty's lotaLtOo Add dD t'o Perception or
\•igilance checks to no11ce or find Ult! PC:;.
Stroctur..:JJI)' Unsound: m; s."lett¢r che ?<:: c.:'Cat;C$ llOld-S tog¢tht;r IOr the ni&ht, but turns out to ti3'.'C beeil n\Gte!t~

rrom rctten umbt!t, -tra<,:k<NJ ice. or crumbing stone~ 11t olla:>Ses the {o)lmviog ctay. and all rnose¢ suller 2
-str.:-iin a5 ttie-y mad';' dash to safety outsice '•1hile debf1:J. falls ali aroona them
Painful f..:Jilure; No~ only did lhe PCs J tt<:fflpl fdtl, bu! •l hauns lhc PC ()s, wcfl r'Of example. an animal the
character is lead ng bcltks ;ind biles. '1 shi>llf!rl\',111.-ol!::lp<>eo; on the PC. or the PC falts into an urldeccc:1crt f)il
alont: lhc l r<1I The PC suHers I Critical fn;uiy. subtracting 50 from the roll on Table 6- 10: Cr itical Injury
Result from page 225 of tile FORCE AN'o DEST1Nv Core Rulebook fto a frnnirnum of 1).

Enemy Predator: The character's cffon to l)(d1iPnd or !reat a rreature f.OCS hornbly wrong. l h(~ <in1ma1c~r.apc~
c1;11<1 now hw.s ()nl~· 1n<.>ss and attack that character. The Gt\1 can use this ctca1.ure ai". t;11ecorring nemesis for
the party while they rcmJ1n 111 this cn...·lr-0;111tt:11t, <lf cv1:rl uMy ha\'n ii become the animat companion to one c l
!he PCs f'ncnucs.



.lnd o:hcf character~ wtt~ access to th<.' 1\11m.J
Bond :..1lcn• can Joern cmpalhtr 1111(.\ tvth :ti ~sol d11
tctcnt crcJt:1rcs_ These- COM:>:lnJO"IS bc<omc- v.1llC'd #nmd!>
and .lll.cs ol ttc". ll·fY accOMp.irtV. i1bk> to Wp out
in ;"t!'J\." fl'.1mhl'f ol 11n~11 1-.: ·1'{".. 110\\l"\rt f>el\\een 1hl:· \.lrled



c.:::µ..1:.>11l l~ ul JrfJ(.'ff..'flt dfllll h. car1cJ


UK.° COf trot UM..· ,,~UtaJ


Bond LI t>fll f}ar('
II P. hont:!•'lf
ltll'~ .1n 11"!:ll Qll'TI
p;:n-nrl"> 't'tl.Jlt' \Olllt• <1t.~;c)f1 l11',.Ytl11t: how lht-v betlao{"
and •ht·-ir ·fi1t :w .-.t·ip "· ., tt·
·nit nl ro \'t'fk>fTI ·~ti.WC"
hon..1.-...1 Ttte I~ 1)\\1·~ ~ f c i tlo • r,. i
or tr.. r--r. l"ltm l KH ~ •v:lt·r1


FO'ICr ANO OmlNY , l-_l•r1tu·t•

l 1nsurpno;1~r.I~·. ,1n m.1.<. lrorn l'lfl w1111rrr1~<.s t•Hl<1 lo t1P c~p.1
o' ~)JflOh11c Ult· d 'r1 ~ulllt''J uf ltl~I( ll;)lh'l" ~fl\llf()f,fllt:lll!;.


lh:.iraclcr~ v.a111 D when ri;l..,11·r. Surv ....;ll rt1ctk!", n Ille n:1t1\('

eri.<ro:ln~1-rt uf ll'l-if tun p.1nio11 At ht• GIVf~ di•,(n~
tio1 th~ lx.>11u'l <.u1 1ld he l'Kll' 1:>e<,11( l!IC l.J~I\ •~ p.llli<.ul..Hly
~Ull('O lo the \l<lf!L'l~· o l llllutJI !I' {~UC'i\IOH, ';!Ut.h ,l';i hu11ow·

Cl!> ltcl,omr. to (l(.•.J'.L' ~l·l'ltCI hOlll ll't,; .t,.'lllClll \\'l'Jll'LI A11.n1..1l
1.:011:p<Jmu11~ ~Ht.' ..ilM> a~s11111<·cJ 10 h1~ ,1111~ lo h1t~l1 :l1t•r11~lw~
Wllhoul ISSUP Ill lllf.lf nat1vt• t'llVllOllrlWlll. i)rl<I CfJlll 0 to
chC'cks 101 hif'od1~· rn:H;lC l 1·~ 10 n;11hr11 ..,11pph1·~ l!ow(1v1•1
white .1n .-n;i.s .1rf" fJ .117C· r1p.1l1lr 11 rhr1r nativf' h:iti1t1t~.
ti'~)' t)'I • • .1Uy havP d H1( t.lty 1d:1pli'1C In h•Ou.~.11)' d1ffetE.>nl
ones At lhc GIVfs c.1sc.1ct1011. Jt:<.vnurodJ.ll'•e J111111JI <.:Orn
P.J'llOOS m Oill ucu1::11 l y 1!13pprop1 !Jtc hJIJ WlS l'l'Gl'l il'll)O~e
• to Sttn·,va! chcc:..;.~ ·.1uc tons spcc1l1< 11w~~ I hcsc might
inc:h;d~ hndin~ •N.1n·1:h L>r l old hlu<x1('d r..-c-.·1rurps 1n lhC" 1c:y
ti..ndr.1 and kttp1n1~ Q:nlph h1;inc.; wdl w,11t 1cd 11' '.hC' d('r..rn

As dl."'J(;ut.>c..'d on pace • $8 ol t•


""'° ocsn,-v to·l·

Rtlebook. <.tarac.r'S lhillJC 1•1 Ar 11 di 8
W 't'f
*:'.Id . i n1,u1et.\~· 10 t111~ t ll t11 ,111u1 ~ •tlrnp.Jr'llO aur
s.iruc1 arc~ enro.1tnt·f~ In n·~t ~hL1: 0·1s. this clfcctrvetv
r.r.1nt~c-~.. rainf: PC:\ a V'f(')nd .ic~

on M)d tnane\M:"r-..1 hLJgc

.1rt.. 1ru~... <"SPC'f· 11 , W't u~ rt.Kl\ or comb.a.: fk';'Clnd
~mpt-.,· h1vinr. inn:nrr 1UfK!I. 1~uon .1· t~ir dircrhor.

r,,' .ltSO .1'k>r.'i

'°' nf"\.,

<rrlf<'QM ~c" as u'\nf!

to lit.• up .'.I 1nt·K>r r\'r'llO"t £1'0 1p

and lc~vc tt·c t>Cs ~L"'C to lcxus or1 a rnou.~
d.Jn.gcrous rhrc1r s.....,ncted crc:l!dfM coUld
also b€' scn1 on ~n{•:lk\' fl.1nl<. nf. .1u.1: k~
~f:l'\'t~ ,1c., loud l11c.;•.r, h th)t1\, pr<11C!t t wn11nd\ ·11
('1ar.1<l<·1"' 'rorn ·,1rlhr1 111.1\ il.(j, or r~p1dly
(..tJ11)' 1111·1 ~ ll',t',lf'l'J I( (i)"~'

d!IO\\I fo r &rt'.JlCf lJt.lrl.dl



/\Hlr.\ 10

Anrnal coiriPan100sdon·1 con:-ribuic tow;vd an rnc0t •.,~er
1n r.::u"lds in wtirt rt!C"'f .1rl' undirected. Ohst'rviOf,. lhC' acuon
but othc-rw!se not h.'lm~ ,myorr flc'",.14-t'tling
on naH1re of UlC" con~l 'S4wt1on and ~I e dllll!ld !...
tho 1e,tt. wn1(• r.1iE,'hl .JC.t on t • en O:."m ti.~ •Nniah. donl
fl"JCt W\.il to t1'<lstcr firC'. llanng lighlx.ber duct\. or rr~;p;.'ior.t>
lllocd\hed. lor ex.ct~.e.. and ~ c <t prO\"Ole lhc:·m 1rro
spont.1!1eous ..xtion Herbi".'Orcs and ~rc1 ;mim11s Cl!'\ ~
p.1nir""'1 by Ille rfl.los aoo datJee<. 1"'1 le predators mient
heromP O\·~~·o;i.:1ted. hunt?J). or teirrtor~. As o;uc~. ~n1rnal
<.on·pJntQrlS without d1t>cllon u1 ~c~By violent CO."'Jtb.Jt
!>1tuJl1ons could pos.slbl.}' flee or h1dC' 11 lhcy arc not
preoatOfs. or attempt to 1nt1m1datcwtkltthcyStto1S mtrudcrs <Jnd challenger:; oth<!ri., ise ror
thC''iC reason.">. at 1hc discrcuon.
cin;mal fOmpJ,tliOnS mi~hl be .JblL'
to 1110 ..·1: ur tdkt: <:over during
th1\ prot~ but ttus oHersno
other 1nech-anical effects




re S;debar on page 415 of tne Foetct 4'"0 DBnNv
Core Rulebook details opt1or(j, for Jn1m.JI
co'Tlp.anio:is from a JU'•Cnilc- staP.<' of lit~ This oHcrs
me<han1ca! oenefits b; a1:a.-.1nr. char~ter\ to bond
'"1t!l larger and Potential!) niorf" PO't"<'rful animals
rnan tllcy ·.-.ould other.·.1s.e be able :o car!) on 1nvec;t
1ne 111 the bond early 1n preparation for .J h;f!'lPT ~orce
ratinc. Ho\•,-ever. this also prc-sents .i ~·cri1flcant r.arr dti•'e consideration_Juvenilf' crcatur("5 tend to be very
dem.Jnding. requiring J r,rC'af deal or aaenUon and
training in order to kerp thcn1 under control It can
be Jppropriatc for the Gt>.~ to mak.c a 1uvenrle crea·
turc more difficult to handle than an Jdutt men1bt"'r of
its c;pecies, although the creature <i.tloutd c;t1ll not bc:rnore of a burden than a boon

Additionally. the G"i.·t o;;hould lonc,1dcr t.1 c ra:e cf :he
creature's grO\\·~h 011f'r the c.:imp.J1en It rnigr,: Sffr:'
implausible if .:i pc·., an1mt1I comp.Jn.en s•JCder!:.
doub!es in size just b«au!>e the char.Jeter
a Force ratine up.grade. w U1e G\1 ~nou · o .... cri<. rre
maturation or the comparron into de\(r1pt1ors ou:r
time. loeally. the G~1 c,ho~ld coord1r.atc w1:h the
PC whc controls the an1ma; to dcvC>lop a plar for
increasing the anima1·s silhouc>t!e for around the
time the PC's Force rJtinr. will increase. or

and keeping the narrat•\'C'

Ari mi! companions can pc-rtorm most ot U1e Rl. oevvers
li!iled oo J01-J09 ol the Foo« """ O<St1"" Core
R.1lell00l. ~. they caMOt
e< dismeunt otl1€< an1rna '- and they t) l)IC.llfy do ""' drop
prone Anur.als bo<lded to a character CNI pcrlorm the A!>Sl>l



marev..-er to grant DO to their m.Jc;.lc(s next (f ('(k 1ns.tead
of the normal bonus from 1he ctw..'(j(.. d:~ lvr g J~ they .:tre
w1Lhin sl1on range o' CilCh other In ddd1l1on. tharariris c.1r
have animal con1panions of a: f11ehtc11 ne ur Jlar1n1ng n;Hure
pcrtorm the Mcn<lce mancuvc1 a~ <Jc:l.c:11bcd on pac,~ ~1

l\1111nJI co111panions can perform c:om~'lt rh('ICl\l:i, or any iJllio11
~!liHn ng to a skill Lhey possrs.~ {inc:lud1ne skdl~ J1sLcd as
·c;roup Only.. ff Lhc animal (Ompaniol'I 1$ J nuruon). Otticn'Visc.
their ~iclions arc limited (lt thP Gf>wl's d1~rt:l1on In ;idd rion,
c:h ra<tef"i m:iv use ChP nPW 1--1.atJ~s and ~1cn.xC!' ~rent'> (!=;N'
iltld 31} to have their an1m.11 companion-,
threaten foes. This 1s pnmanly alJPl'olllc for .inmab used
lo figt1bng n packs. incU!ng aeereww herd dnllll<11s .1nd
<e<tarn pred.'.l:crs. to r.Jrry rather lhan harm """""""

lncluc.1ng .animal companions in a F0ttci: AND Ocsr1NV game
involves consideration of n1ore than JUSt UK•lf mcch.1ni cilt
0flcc:ts. Animal rompan1ons can and should 1nflucncc the
narr.111ve (hrough Lheir 111l eractions with the PC bor~dcc.J to
them. il!> well as other chilrac:rcrs. bOlh PC an<J NPC Having
~pecirnens of rare spcc:i~s ~round nugtlt rnakc 1t ea(j,1er 10
seL the attention of a xe11ob1ol~::.l or )(;hOIJr. tor exan1ple.
w~l!c fncndly lookifl.€ pets 1n1ght endear lhc Pldytr Chat;ic
tcrs to tile soCthe<lrted. Jn rnany war.-. Jn mJI comp;Y.l on-;
arc simply add1lxll1al membel'I of the NPC r.1st In ceoerat.
the1• stiou'<I be at feast as bcnchcial lo the PCs M CM con
trol di ~PC alrcs wouki be. f.t\"en ll'le 1n...~mcnt Of cxpcn
e•1ce poin:s 1t t.ikcs ro bond ,-.1th an..nats. t:.vcn ti lhr. CM ti.~



e>.'en later- Jftcr Jll, JUSI bf'' .l!JSt" ttie PC could. no1•,
control an adult mC'mber of I he <;pecies. there is nc
reason for the creature to suddC'nly reach adulthood.
The CM should stnvc to hnd .Jrl .:icc~ptaole b<ll.Jncc
between offering a reward ror 1nVC''>lrnent in talents

arum.-1• rompJnions c:iu~ lroub!c for the PCs. 1t sho.J!d be in
a \';Cly tna ernltu.~ Ute tw ere It ntt ne-.1,1 encour:ters
and cha lcrgc":>. rctl.her th.1'1 ~npl'.y t!t.1.i;1rr. t~ings more diff.l\Jlt_ Sr111 arty. t~e C\.i should conshk"• wav\ II\ wtt!(n an.mat
co1!1paraors can ope'l ~doors or crr.:nt' npportuni1·ies fo'
tile party tn10t;r)1 the r llf~CC-'h<'Y mogllt "'"" oe L'le
\\"ZfYS a GM can rrtrod11rc- new pk>I poants .n ad\•eJ u.aes.

01 course. ariunal (OinPJnons shOtJ'd nor on Pt.ff('ly bcn
('>fiC1al all the ll~e- !hey t.Jkc direr1J(')n 'rom 1he1r 11i.;::.lcr~.
but afso have thelf ow~ bch,1vior; a'ld 1ntc·res-t~. C\'tn if U1ey
are rarely as compl catcd <l'i tor >COlk~o1-,. An1ir1c.1 c:o1rpan1on!> m ight wJnt to please their r1..is1crf> Jild 1cspo'1d to the
influence o' their bond thruut;h ltlc.: Force. but lhey h~wc
O<llu,al iostinlt::i that 1ni:.lru<.I t1·<-:1rn 10 t>rh•h•(' in c;en;iio \\•a)'S
ExiicUy how 011nnal rornpH11iun\ hrl ·av" OUf(jirlP of c;uucturcd encounters is up to the (itv1 l\"i ~·111h fOO'll thin~ 1n
volvmg these a'lirn;ils, con~1rlrr1nr, 1hP1f cvpec; 1s the Ue~t way
to looking for idr.1s. Oor111' <re-lt .1res rr11ct·t r<.J~cly cause
troub'e. bul the\ ·ni.P,ht ~nook Pl~rly 1n d ·elat1ve.y sate situ
a~ioo-or pLa(tdly sr l'\C J'ourcJ 1n a darecrous or.c T~rrito
nat comP3ntcu-:s 011i,'tll w~ ottcnoe;r. <lf orhN ctiarac:c.'l'S who
get too dose. arid prcd;itory ~ m.J 'S onetn dppca1 to s Le
1.4> ne-" aCGliillnLlnc:es. ·lS po1.t.:1 hd 1ncJ1~ lechnok>gy can
also at.:sc c·f.icultcs. ., th arnn di COC'1pa1•uos. \'ho
:rv -on~ ir1 the Qtec> bJy of a stupor ~t:11t1t· .ii 1he soJnrl
of a µo.-..crfol ::.v.oop bike '!,.J>t'ed1'1r. pa~I
ti~ PC.t'\ OCC"d ;o
lr<Jvc! bet:.-1-een s:v-ste1n~. -sc11n• 1J1011ch1 should be' give1 ·o
accornn1odaL'0~1s 101 ,J11:~11t! c 01np.1n1on~ 1l'nt c10 Keep 1t1e1n
occupied wh1:e cooped up on 1 c:.f,)f"(.h1J"I
If th~ Pla}re1 Char3<.:l~1~ :uc no! properly <lppr~da(vc
ot thP. loyalty d1-,µlayed by 1hr:lr il •~lm<11 <:"ompanions. jt
should be noted that whil~ the Sll'Crleth of .he Forc:c honci
is considcrabl~. ii i<'t not ..,1):,olu~c. M 1 ~lrcJtcd or ne~!ected
animal comoonions. coulcJ bc.:~1ri 10 rr<i1SL or resrnt their

m.-1srcl'<'i . .;ind ar.y bdl.l bcllav1or:i. thf'y Pft·v:oJsly r.x"lib;tcd
.1n~ :lo.c!~· to irKrC<'.hc. rtl :i. C<>Uld bt· 1·1<': c:ase e•ten 1" the
mistreatment~ u.r11nter', il tt10.1r.~ the· CM 1'h0t1!d f)VP.
the PCs a- chance to make 1~ n;,tt If .11'111\.'\1 compa.'lions
are mtstrea·ed k.OQ\·.inev. ttw~ ~he Force bond.
then the bo<lde<I PCs shoe.HI ,..(fer ConfhCl to• thetr '1Cti0ns
Jporoonate to the ~nty ot their tr:tn~.-..orr;,

Tr.Jinirie Jn Jnin1J ro accept a rider b(' .1
rewdrd!ne yel 11m~consumir:e effort Each SDN•f'""io
prC-'>C'nls its own unique challenees wht'n bl"1ng
trained. ancs '>Om~ .idapt to the task mort' e.Jsil')' thdn
others. Olten. ncierc; look to indigenous. f.Jun.l that
are already naturally adapted to their surroundings
when scck1nr. out new mounts in that environment
Fortunately, ttiere .:ire .:ils.o m any species aero~~ the
galaxy that hJvc been domesticated and bred tor
many r.e~erat1ons to sC'r.·p as mounts.
tr.J1n1nc d crea!ure for rid1nf. tJkf..)
four 1\eeks of \\1Cr!<in£ with thE> ~1nimJI
In :n{' co1text of the g.Jme. t'lis usually haJ)Pf'n"!> durine
dO'l-.r1t•-nr Tt1C' PC ,1rtine as the trainer makes a Hard
(\) ·:) ·)) Survival check for the process. up.erad.1ne
the drHicult\• of 011~ check a nunber of times <"" to
the beao,,t\ \,V1llpo\'.'('t'".


A succC'ssful check indicates thJt the <.inimal is ready
to accept a s~)ddle .Jnd r id er b y the end o f the dO'i\111·
time>. and adds Tr.lined f\11ount I to the mounfs ,1bili ·
tics [see :he H.:indling section on th1~ pJge) Every
O \J ger·eratcd rPduces the time by a \\eek. while
e·.. e··y ~§: ~§: ""tr1d') tl"ie time oy trie s.amc amount. In
additior _ l H'dt::dtec, oarticu;.;:irly succe>sc;ful tr.,:1inine.
\\:th t'lt· '110-..n~ ccnsioerec tc be Trainee \1ount 2

On the other hand. \:' ma~ indicate that the tratnt>r
sustains a Critical lniury durin£ the process. and 1f thf'
check is unsuccessful. the mount in question is s1rr~)lf
not trainable_
A mount may be trained further to in1prove rte, Trainect
Mount ability. The process i<-. ! tie "Wmc as abO\'e, but
the trainer m ust invest l wicL" a'> much d owntime as
lhe previous tr.Jinine c•ffort.

Riding an Untrained Animal : Even an animal from
species that are commonly dome.;;ticatcd as mount'>
must be trainect befor~ rt can oe ndden. Attempt1ne
to do so without c,pend1ne th<' time to trair. the beast
t'> .,:1 dangerous pr-:>sf)('ct Simply 3ttempting to mount
an untrained animal is an Average
check. as described on par.e 208 of the Fom:[ "''o
0 £ST1"'V Core Rulebook Be)'ond this. trying to rid<> vn
untrained anin1al uperJdes the difficulty of an~· che<k
a number or times equal to the b east's Cunnine. in
addition to the ::J th.-it .:ir<' .idded to th e pool for the
beast's Vl/illpower. Fallur~ rl."'>Ull'5 in the rid er falling
off the mount w;th a combined '5"! resulting in the
beast making .1 free atW<k on the dismounted ndcr
A successful check that includes ~ could mean the
rider successful!~ st.ayed on the bcast"s tack. out tha~
the creature charees off 1n a random dir?<tion

£0 01

One or r.hc µc 1n1.;ry 1casons for usinc, a mount 1~ lhe speed
adv(JOl<Jgc 1l wve~ 11 1id«r ovci variable lei 1;::.un_ A !il('l~cl I~ or
ten tCIPclblc ol 1ravt1llng in lor.1t1ons 3nd environmr.nt ~ whKh
unassisted st'ntir1HI\ ,1n(I unprepared machines 1..Jnnol. A
rriount's rnax1mutn ii;prP'1 1') equal to half itc-, ~!lily )(Ore.
rounded up For (':'t.:1mplt, a tauntaun with .111 Agility ~<)l'c oC
5 \\'OUld h.1Yt' a <peed o( 1

\>Vlli"c a Uce1~t :-. trl!at1~d ,,s .1

\•rn1cle for lhe pJrposr.11 or

111ovu1g a--ound thc> htlf'll"fl(\ld 11ld being co"lfmllcd b>' ~
character. lhP. rcm;iinrt<'r 0 1 1t!i profile st.ays the x 111L' It'<~
beast keep<; its wo.1nd .Jl"ld str:i:r rhr<'st"olrJs. il'l ·11clcc .1ucl
r.tnr,cd dcfrnc-,p.s. 3111J 1l•; '>OJk vi!t1c · du<.~ 1 ol. l1o'A't!'Ver,
r.a1n a 1'11.11 tr.aurtd u·rc$h0ld 0" ,"'): 9,·sttr1 'lllcllJI ttire,t·o J
;\Ir,..Y.'-:S agansl U·c bcaSl :ir~ rc-:;otvt.-c d'S t.~"' n Pt"rw"l 1

«a e combat
As mentJOncd cartl(>r, rid1ug d beast is nol like lly1nc ~r au
speeder or ~n driv111" a walker. \1\lhil~ many p1lob oflcn
t<Jlk aboot lhdr ~htp!>' havlnr, a p.arHcular ten1~1arncnt. 1

riding bca>L 1cally cto<:sl In actdition. a beast's 1\ftlhtv .ind
size nlso play '' ~10nlflrilnt rolr in how rnancuvcrabl~ 1t i., J~
a 1nou11L lod~terrr1inc 1hc handline char..ictcnc-,ti<' or .1 «ivcr1
1nuu'lt. start with tl'l<' b('<l'i:r'S Ag1ltly. subtractinr, bolh l>llllou·
ette and Wi!:powcr The finJf result 1s rhc h<Jnd 1ne vJluc
A beast that has bc<!n spccilican~ lla<Jed to "" rpt ~oo

wOC1< -.1th a nocr proo.'ldes a bonus to a I Sur.1'; sl<il c~ecl.s
used lor nd~ acllorr, In lhe beast"s mtry. the Tr~n.'d
Mount abi11<y 1~ fulowed by a number. whtct'l lf"lthcatcs the
r:umbr-I of O JIJ<Jcd to Lile dice pool TheSP ant in addn 10n
ro D or • 1nd1<.Jtt.'d hy I he handrnr. rharacle11;t1c. ti llnv


If C\'« cd to .,ufh•.1 S)"Sl~m s1ra:c So< any reason. !he:·
mo.Jn! svfiC"rs '.hdl an1oun1 01 ~t rai~

A ncJturc <:ap<.>l>le ol llit?h' mlr,ht rpach a~lonishi ng spc<:cfr.
111 the an. but ollt!n 1~ phy~iOIO[!tCallv 111-adaptcd tor w:illi..
mg 011 Lhe grour1d To rc·l!crr ~·' s. ary rr1oun: w:th lie fly111t;,
Jb lily 11as a maxrTiuM fl ~t l !iµt!CO cq~ial :o .cs At:il ly. bJl
a speed ol l wl'1iPtl on l~ erour.d Irr .i(frftior Jnk.-ss stat~
oc.hcft.-Y:sc. a n>'"li :-11ou•u ts not able to hO\'t.>f~ and ~tie·e ort•
mist ard d 1:s speed < rcdJ<cd to 0.

Ricing a beac;1 ;'!I'd JJ lolln& il \~!'llC l' n FORCt ANO Om 1Nv
a1e lunctionillly the sa~. but ""1tf1 't"N rrif)Of'1.1'1t tJ ffcr
e~ces Tt"p, fi"';)L 1s lh.1t ·tx· 5t.r\ •... \.kid ts 1 N:i 1 pl3cc ol
P1k>111g 10< au •clcv.irt '-'<•l chtKk~ All<""< 1'S that ti'<' ride<
ma~ assu~ ihat tt c beit<\~ 1s cqt; PJ>i d w th thr. m111it1 ..,rn
appropnate t:uk nCC<lL'CS to nck- 1see P\j£C 47 k>f 1tcJ11't?
PQJl;JClC!l!~ If noL U11.'0 t "C~<IC'<'<I ba•CD.'lck nGI C•od
au°'" d mcull1· of !>k I ch.cks rrw1e wh lo nd111c .>re wti•ad·
ec oocc. ·111<.~ 11w c•ealUrr or rid~r 11.lw! ~occral rul•s thal
st•:rC' othef'.'tl!!.e

Ur pc;s II i~ <.1;>Jblc ot I yinp o· '•'• nur1•ff. .-~ mnunl opcr
ates likt' A \'•.l kcr and IS CdOJblt• ol lr.~ne lcua1n ro1th

sirril..1' restr.ct CY.K Table 7- 8 : Navieation Hazard Setback Dice. on P-l?.<' '46 of th~ Foaa ANO 0 t:$1tNYCorr. Ruic
hook 1rcudes f;l.idcli•1t) rur ho·,,. C1tft"t•n1 type~ or tr.rr.:;i n
('.:lrl lll'lpJCt

a ndc.-·~ d


pool I .k(l .1 Vctu<.lc, ~ r~ nc nlQUflt

does rot h.1vc its owr 1'Hl1 111vc ~Inc, l1nlc~~ d11nric t•1c course
of action r is rcndf'rt>d ndrrlM.~ 1n which c.1~<' il rt."Y'C'tls back
to 1rs pc~on:il uro~i'P an11 tur1<l•<Jn~ as nr NPC

\.Vllen 11 comf"~ co niancuvrrit 1nl.l J<.l!<)nl), :1 rid('lr m.Jy
perlorm ;1ny vPhdc monr1.vt'r O' '1<:11011 !151rd on JXliCS
2.58 11, 1 o' the FoRcr ANO 01:s11Hv toh~ l~tJ:rh<>O.,:. a~ 11th.Jt
ct1ar~1c:rPr were~

Angle Det!r.rlor Sh1<,1 '(.J~

Addifionil! Shio and V<~h!C'I(' A(l .OHS

n1mals can become spooked by loud noi'X'S or
scary situations. and one of the most dane:erous situations a rider can face is a startled mount.
These rules assume that a rider is \vell aware of thto
daneers. and is tra,ned to wor-k \\ ith the mount to
anticipate situations thar migllr spook it Eve-n so.
there may be circumstances 1.. here a mount might
be surprised or frightened . .ana tile rtder must
make a skill check re keep the beast unde~ control
Us~ the fear e-uide!ines en pages 326-328 of the
Dc:snNY Core Rulebook. but insi::ead of
usinf. a Discipline or Coor check on the p.J..~ of
t'lc beast. the rider must make a Survival check
depending en the severity of fear to maintain con·
~rel. A successful check indicates that the r ider ha~
maraeec to calm the beast. and ma~ spend tJ to
reduce the rider's strain. Any@! gcnerate-d 1nd1catcs the number of C to be added to the next
Survival check the rider needs to make. Failure 1n·
dic.;ates that the animal flees. <lnd the rider needs
to make further Survival checks to bring the stee>d
under control. A 1s'/ might indicate that the mount
throv.-s the rider. whether or not the animal flees


Rider O nly: Yes

Thc~c dre vehicle~ Sj)<'l(iflC f'l1-.i11cuvrri; 11fld J<.ltCJ11~ that <10
11ot dpply to ric1inn 1 beJst t-,Jnhrr. r>JnlJl!P Co11trol i~ hao
died dificrcnuy, 'N•lh the MOO l 11c 01 Su1v.w1I skill u~rd Hl
p lace of f\.fl'C!Vll'IK!> to s1n1ul,1ll' lhl' .1µpl t.i!IOn of 'ti 1mpvt.k!>.
A r~rtcr Olii;• employ Per 1011 •1 d CPr11h;11 C"l':rrk ~'t1U1 Vet'1rlr.


\"lc.1().l')n') .JCtlOr U~ ne ~ht• !tJltHdl W(\Jij')Or.ry
the n"'OIHll
that Ch3•actcr IS ridiuu. li)• ~1 l orm1nr, :t 'il,f\· \"..ti Chcx-k !\I

temauvc!y, the r:i.Jc1 rn.:ty perlorm i1 r(')mb.;.11ch<'c:k1is111lt Pl'f·
ranr.~ 01


p1101., wilt1 lhc follo\v1n1? t'X((lf)l1 011~



1rt'lee wr~pon<

In .:dd lion 10 lhe ,1b0\1" m.1oeu.,'CrS and ex lions. tnit-r and
heast n·.a\• also pcrlo<m t"le folkJw1rg :tct1orrs

Silhouette: 5 or less
Speed: 2+
/\ 11d111g beasl that has the Climb or Jurnp speci~I abilily 1n
1t~ profile c;tn hr used to cJimb 01 leap over o~ta('l~:i.. lo
~u1de the beas1 in successfully navigaung Lhc o~t.1(IE', and
to :i.Lty mount~d ro1 the entire process, Lhe 1ie1C'r must sue


cee<l ill " Hard
Athletics check. modified based
on lhr nr(umstanccs ()l the GM's discrctjon Suc:cess on the
rh0.Ck allO't'h lhc br.ast to cross the obs.t;icle [or 10 cro~~
ii in the case of lone climbs): laihtrr means the tx!ast c.hdn'I
m·.onaee to comph...ic U1e dimb or jl1mp. Any@ on the check
(JTI be used 10 <W~ lhe rider to f.l!I from the mount. regard
It-~~ of success 01 rd1lure.


n1 animal that c.:in ~ a mount r.l.J>r .JIW oe a
pac' an1mdL As th~y ar(' consid('!~ larr,t>r


than rrost hum.Jno1d\. tt1e) are- .;:')o capable of
car')·•nf more As a f,Uld<'. a O~J~t'<; ('ncumbr.ince
~hreshcld is 5 p:us 1t'S Brav.n }(Ort-. ·,\·h1ct~ i~ then
mcilriplied b1· itc; c;i!houette For CJ<J.'llpie. J dew
back tt:.:n is Brawn 1, and '°)llhOU('ttl'.' ) would h.1\<<'
an encumbrance threshold of 18. Thi~ allowc; thf'
de1... back (O carry J ri<l~r ~ind eedr. or .:i ridf'r ,;ind
.:i pass"neer without ovcr·burden1ne th<' b("J'Jt A
ridcr'c:. O\.,n encumbrancC' valut' 1s t~'p1c,1lly ~ plu~
the rider\ Brawn ratine. as dt•tJilcd on p.1ct' 1~9
of th<' foR<t AND D£sT1Nv Core Rulebook

Rider Only: '\es
Silhouette: 2 "
A k.Jrge. bulky an mal rs often capable oC turning its tt.eieflt
u1to a v.e;ipon A rider on ;; beast that has thP. Tran1P~ at
W< k n its profile rnay convince the animal [O pi tStl through
~lid objrrts or vetuclcs. knoc-1'Jng them our of the ~~ay.


I> ISO d ftiniity for a Push <lClJOO IS a Hard (• • + I Survival
check for the rider rt the target ttas the ~.1me SJlhoucnc as
the t>easl. The d1ftiwlty •S reduced by one for "''"Y <;<lhou·
rtte ~rnallcr the l.tligct 1s when compa1ea ro the be<.1sl. A
bt!OJ:st may attempt to move ;in obiect only 011<: s1lhoueue
l"rgcr at Daunting (• • •
doffit'lllty A SUCCC'>slul chock
1neans th.11 the ndt!r has convinced the bc;isl to shove an
ob;cct 1n su(h a way Ulal it is no longer ,in obstdCIC.


he Cill():<y LlbOUOd5 With 'NOndr<.>US (ff';JIUrc5,. SORI~ Of


\\i' I bco u11-? \';l/ me>ul'!tS and C\'rn laithful rom
p.1nions Rider; nnd Ule1r steed!> ni1P,ht ei.-er: :)C(:omc f.amous
(Of 1nf(1nt0usl. c,:'lpccial!y :ic ross the Outer Rim. where lct1,cnds
of ~t df"ed.s m'e;ht si1~ rt or lerrrty scttler'.:i on 1nan~, '\IOI Ids.
Of tJ'\( '"' red.t>.~· crcaturPot. across lb: qars, thOl.~. le-.., .ye
more $0 than t110~ that G10 1nterac:t 1n ~me rn.Jf'\nr.r \'f1lh lhc
r-orce l\~anv ol lh1.·se an mal~ can 'd spl.ay inr.xpl Lahir 1,1\t!nls
:ra· ;> aps on other- '!So. .... U>c Rwe cookl c!Mect


;in proper!> optec1:n('

The ~r14 •..J.cked. n.pltlr.3fl .ilhe,;;s
s.J.)read to numrrous

aero~ ..

the galal\y in
ar ~ part dVC' to a -1,~e
rrtl1l o f Lhc spcc1es-11s
'lmPIP1c- and ultcr


~ n~.


..erae1ng \e!:>::, than
a ml'tc• 1n h.:ngth.
illbe•s are stubbo'll
and a~iressrvc. They
have been known to
-:a;;.c. :ne lfl""tl ion of
a sr.ary1 p o< sp.>Wcr
into their Le<nto()' as

a thallc~ 01\d ollen
<' "'• a\\.;ty aboara Ute
oflcndin« vc~scL Once in

plAro thc•y (an be qunc
d ICUll 10 rt."fllO\'C. :ts lhC
s1n..lll c:<eature~ hive a
ttcrc~ te-mpc1r and a unique
dbi11ty to antiopate bl~\"i or
f~rabtJ1nt! fland~ v.1th the force.

P:nn,nr. down

al b~k•

U1'll do1f1 w"nt to be tou(!llt 1s J\11.>ut

.1D'e- and uw.)Uv only m.1krs Uicm more detrrm1ncd

Skills: Athletics 1, ll•owl 3. 01sc1pl1ne 2. Perception 1 V·g11-l•Ke I
Talents: Pr...emn111~ A·NKflncc lfnm•~r.J:efy Jftcr ar oppo
nti'll ffiO\·~s to enr,.ir.e an J h<:K, LnEl .1loek rn.;v spcno one
Destiny ?olnl to rf14i<!ngagt from th~ opporcn\ os an oul ()I
tum .ncl(k>nta •
Abilities: S lhoL1ettr 0

Equipn1ent: Tooihy JillA'S (U1(1wl: D.1maee ?i; Cnti(.;Cll 3. R:inee

lfnP;!f.e< I. P orcc 2 Vo<ioo' 11
Sna:I. u..:~n capable rn;::,.mmJb 1hat d1-.(d in ttghl '<.nit n~t·
1ne e"CWP"· of uo to tJ OOJCn n.u"'icta.1.\. treereen ~vi'\(!' the
attentiof'\ of prcdJtor~ Lt1c1· mob1l1ly and a.ennc-;s.
\.Vhen •rn11hlt!' I!> spotted. cl"~ •odent I kc flyers are atJlc 10
.1~~ U'lf"f t•ntire fJrrllty group~.. th a pc.M"Crfu \hfK'I( ttat <" <;.
oncn\S f'lr<~rl.ilor~. This warr'I nr. calb Jpon an 1nn.ltc connt-..
t1on 'Nttl' th(• Force l<'> am p!i f~· I he cty'lto volume n the ear:, of
prcdaw1 while ShM.• dUl€ otOl ·r rca1Uy <.H~creei rrom th.-gJ
ll\I\! Cfft"ClS.

An1n1LJI trainer<; \-.ho haVL' \.\10-:-ked with these rrcalui&s
ft l"te 'our d '"ha! ooc~ cree'L'\.-, accept ·11cm · >f <.X.hcr ~G:

n.1ted rnd1v1d11als. thP rrcal1UC":i c~11 sh1t1kt mt>mtX.'J!) of O!ht!•
SP<'<-ies II urn their ~hr C'k it'> Wt:ll Tl1is lr.:11~ 1Tu~;111s thtit wh,lc
f PPrCC"n, re too ca~ty -Y~~~IL>d to SC-f\'e ac; 1t11~ gl.Jd•d .ini rrere ·!>still n n13rk(': lor trained creere<"O o~ evt:O rul/
ncst1nr. r;oups th()l can serv<' .Js hv1r1ti .11arrn ~ystc-ms.

~ ~:~ ~!l~l~J rl~~

to sray wnrrc thL'Y ure.

Somr. 1.:111imal Hitmcrs, h.l\'e tearn<'d to U!ioe lhis ::;.tuhhorn
alliiudf' to train the ae.Jturcs_ Cielt np: the b!.·~sts to do .1n\'
thing they doll t w.1nt to I.Jo is all bur futile. bul <;incc JbeJ-5
accept gill s of roorl {1Jet11hly, €.C?ttUI(! thC'lll to tlo what UH~
tra.r.~·1 \\.Juts i~ :..111p!y .11n tllC'"r of gctMC Ofl<"' LO H.'l~nize
the rra1nt'f s vJ.llC' as a prOYtder of trc.J~s. \\1 -fed J'K! pla
caled 1ilbeks 1n,1kc for rt'rocious Jlld tcrrtl0r1(11 eu.ud ...ini
mal~. ;'H'lc1 ones th.1t arc not likely lo 1Jr.1w as 1nuch ;iu~· 11t1on
as l.a<Cff" .1nd rn ~t ob\100 .,, ttve01tc11·og bca\l\


4 ')

( a[ri )

Skills (group only); Percep:ion. Stt«1ilh. Vie l.>nrP.

blents: l\one.
Abilities: I Iyer (cu.:c'.'"Ccn can tly, as <.!.c~cnbcC on pafie 208
of lh<'- FoRC;;r ANO Dcsn Nv Core R·.11ctioo11.). Shrir.k ia crccr('e11
(.Jr !>Cf LIP ,t Sf! rac.11.t"~ .:is 3"'1 ar 100. All,;c~ l\'llhin
i;horl rarr.r. that UH· treert>t:n cons.1dl'~ enen11c~ mlis: m:lk<'
~ Hard
Resilience cncck. Fa h11 e e<JUM!> a tafllel to
lllei ~. ~r1 n and tlccome d1~cnttie hntJ 1ne noise s10~
Ch;iractC'•<; m sea!E'il .1m10r or tA'ho ar<' ~'Carua.w, c~ .. pro:ec·
uon ilrt! not ,Jife<:lelJ.l, Silhoucuc o


Equipment: Bc<lk lll1aw Da1nage 7· Cu:ical 4; ll•ngc Jlr



f issril., also knov,n as tire worms., atC' nltiny-leer,P<i ,-:irthropods
m~asunnc just under a thi ..d or r1 meler in l~flttth. N.:-it1ve to
ice- worlds, the~' are able lo thn\'e 1n hoLen <.:ond1tions tilrou?,h
a nalural ct:crrncal reaction 1n their und crhcl!i~s 1.h.11 C'.(ln
produce 1ncrcd:blc At rest. rssrit produce just cno:.i@l
w.1rn1th to c;u·vivc local <onditions. but t11cy i11crv8$C their
heat p1oduclto•1Lo rnclt ~110\v and 1C(' 11'to hqu10 \'l(Jter. as \•,-ell
os to k1l1any pr<!y foohsh enough to nvesliga!.e Lhe (;Jlse O<JS<~s
llH.::y oroduc-e. So1neva ric~l1es o' the spec:ies cwejl in colonies.
whi 1e the la1t;est va·1<1nl.s ;He rnore typically soli1ar~' hun~rrs.
ollhougil all hssnl po~sess a stronr, soc:i;il lnstincr

Tht!' fJO\'fet ful. heavily furred clambr.rwolvcs<1rc the unqucs
boned apex predators of the rorests on thcic hontclt/Oll<l ui
.Jr.rcth VI. Their fierce. lupine rnuulc~ and 1ipping talons can
l~kc down al1nost Jny prey. l>ut 1n thrnr native foresLtt, il is
lhcir oalural deftness at <.;hrnbnig that places Lhem atop the
rood ct1;:iin. Clan1be1wot\'es are c.1pable of cunoinp, <Jn1b1JSh·
es <ind t1;1cti c:~ Lhat can ttik<• down J;1rr,cr animals or leave
weak prey with nowht'r~ 10 nin ThP>y fl(@' <,urpri>inely 1ntel
liecot for m~<c hcasts. hut their naltnal aooression 11ti.lkes
stud vine: or rr;aioine them diffkult for 111osL

Skills (group only): Br.Jv1I, Pcrcepfo'l, StC(llih
Talent s: No11e.
Abilit ies: Scorrh·ne Touch (when an opponenl ends il!i Lurn

P.ncaaed with the r1ssnl. the oµµonent s1.1fiers 1 v.-ound and
I strain). Siltiouelle 0.
Equipment : Hooten ur.dr.rbolly (Brawl; Damage 5: Clitical
:;; R<Jngc irngagcdJ: Rurn I)

The mountain dw~lli11~ hure,ho .~ a~c s11(croo1<.:d. rcplifmn
climbers whose 1n.:;.ny joint<.:d lilulJs Cl!I0\'\1 lhern lo rnove
arross ,;ln1osl .noy incl111c or :;urracc. However. 1he species'
most onu:,oal trail 1:; nol ls dell chmorng, hul iL<i diet-or
arguably. 1t~ lack of one. \>Vhi!e sorne believe that hurr.hols
ingesL " mineral diet. ilS 1hr.y lick O( c\•cn r.h@.W a1 ttie
rock.-; of their mounrain homes. in 1n1th They only ctraw
in tr.-1rr. clr.mcnts from ihis hahit, US@.d 10 slrf'ne,U1e11
their hi<1ns ill)iinst !he h;irsh e ements. As far a:; <.an
h• ~erermined. they do nol need Lo eal al all in Lhe
corn1non·y under:;tood ~nse , instead drawing all the
energy needed to st.rvivc rrom the ~orcr. itself. Stories
ha\'C d rculiltr.d through th<!" g~l ,1 :<y Of incredible feats
of cnrlur.1nc:c by hure.hols, sue.I' -0s ralllng do·,vn steep
111dinr.s ~nd brcakit1e Ice,'>, 1hcr1 <..h1nb1ng out uJ1per·
l urbccl 1nonths Idler, afl<.:f lhe 1trr1b~ hcalCU 1wll11a!ly.

Skills: Ath~c:ti cs 2. Bra\•11 I, Pcrcr.plio·l I, \'i-(?ifancc I ,
Talents: None.

Abilities: fle()Sl of BvrOcn 6 {h t1f«J~ol s Cldd 6 lo then encun1·
brancc l h1cshold). Donie?Sll(.;.db'c I {downgrade Lht! d1l11ct1lty
uf checks lO ttat1t hurg.ilOls by one). Siihouette 2. Sure loole<1
(hurghots suffer no perrnllleS \vhell n10\•1ng Uuougll diffi(ult
terrain). Sustanled b~' lhe torc:e ihure,hols do not nr.-00 ro
consunte food or water LO stay alive).
Equipment: Moaobutt (Brawl: D•m•e• 7. Cntical '•· Raneed
ll::ngagedJ; Disorient I)

Skills: AthlP.tics ? , Brawl 2. Coordinal!on 2, l'crccpt1on 2.
Vie,1lancl;) I .
Talents; Nor ie.
Abilities: Sure {rl.1mbcnvolvcs ~uffct no pcnalues
when moving throuch dirric;ult lcrraiul.
Equipment: Oaws (Brawl: Damage I; Cnt1cal '.I; R<1ngc
IEJ1g<1gcul: Vicwu• 2). leelh {Brnwt; D;imap,e 7; Ctitical 3;
Range {tngoged]: Pierce S).

1tie k.alh


or Dantooinc JfC a ~PPC C'ilj of flrrrc- ran me

pack hunters. averaging al>oul 011t 111c:: 1L·r ta I at 1hr ~oul
ders. There are a number of SU~<.~ of kath hound<;.
in dud ng variants ""th pcJ\'·'C'rful. cuf\ 1ne h()C'rl'>. atthuue.h JH
at"C not..1ble k>r thelf dat'en hOO\e., lhl(" fur. and ~1onc Jar.">
5orrK" "'cnob'°k>glSIS attempt to c.ateaoran.- some \.:SOCllCS

as more powerful or Oarlf,Cfous than oth•"- but In truth. an
rnembers or r.he species al'(I k?th...11 hu<ltc~. opc..-c:1aUy w~er
raunt1n.g alongside their pack mates Alone or 10 p.1<k..11i. kath
l'IOl.lnds have been trained as guarcl or <ltf;).rf,,, an1m.i1c; .1rro'i.'
the g<lfaxy tor centuries. Some auempts hnve bPPn m1"ldc i:O
breed or gcnctir..1lly engineer inlproved ver~100} of the 5Pf'·
<.ics. surh as the highly aggressive and nt•:.u uncontrollable
xilky hounds. but rev' rc.11 improvements have been 1nade.

The fiuuerplu'lles o; Oro Mon1c11 are a 'penes ol l•rge. carnrvorous av:or:~ ,,·ith pO\\'t'."rfJI. "OO"'f"d br'aks and lour se:..s
oi razor s.'"1arp taloos.. \.Vh1 P '1¥\· pnrMn'Y fC<"d on carrior.
usang the.r ta ons to Sit(~ ap.1·t f.a11cn t>r..1sts. hJntl)' ltuttcrpiumcs 11.T.e ~ "'"'"Tl to 1um oo VIAne<ab f' looi<lng
1.. ·ne prey n t:opcs of .J'l cas) mr31 C °'"'~rt the SllC a~ ca
pat>thtics o: ~.'lCSC crca:ures.. a!'I ·easy meJf car: mean aryth1nt fron a ...wndcd hord """" not y~l Jl y dead 10 a
lone sent en: r;-: tt1out ob\'i()IJ' mc:trs ot self de~e'1W. \llOSl
flutterplurre popu at1or!) l'lJvc leJrrrd ·o respect b!as:ers.
bul there are e101.;gt· stor:c~ or l)Q d 01' hun€r-,' specimens
attacking isolated trdvelers tnJt lncy hJvc developed a rear
some rcpur,.a1 ion qui Le .n odds \OJ 1th their flo\•icry nanl C and
danlmr. plum~ge.

Skills: Allllctics S. Brawl 2. l'l!t<eptoOn' V • .c• ~
Talents: Nore.
Abilili<>s: Pack lnstinas (when pcrfonnone the ~>SISt rro"-!1-.:r. koU1 Mundsllf<Jllt00instead ot0
Equipment: ._..,lll (Br""'I: Damaec 7. Cnt1c.1 ~. [En
p,.lf.edJl Some su~Speete alw IW\C horns.. wht<-h u~ the
lollOWtfif. profile: horns (Brawl': OarrldgC 5. Cl1l1c\lt 4, R,1.,~<"'
If np,ar,edj: Disorient I. KllockdO\'ITII.

Skills (group only): Sr•»t Coora 1 1 on. Sur\'\-al.
Talents: 'kwe.
Abilities: Flj'er(Mante 1n llutt«p""1...,.c~n fly. ilSCCSCriood
Of\ ~ 108 of the F«« AHO Om""' Co•e Rlileooo<J.
Equipment: Beal, ar.n '" ""' IBr:tM Oa,.. .e 2 Cntic•I 3.
Range (En;roi;edll



A t;lrP example o! a lel1ne predator Wlth J IJ\JtJ. insllnct.
mank;i cats have been found across the ruountJ1ns. and
{\taSSlands ol ,1 number ol 1.he Core World' SI Ill hglllty >clUcd
enoue.h to hive wildemcss arras Thrsr rr<•:Htn<~~ rJn&ti
flu1n J.5 to nearly 2 metl'rs in IC'nr,ill, al1hour.h lht!Y IMvt>
IO•v slung bodie~ (or hiding in tall er:J~~ or ;,monr. mrk ror
m.ltons_ f\1ar.ka cats are also d1~tingu1s.h:1hle by thf' thick


manes ot hJr around theu neck!>, and lh~ two ~s of mr-nM
1rg. rorworo jurur.g rusks in !hell lov.ff l<IW> Allhough :ht>y

>lJll can be ICXJnd on other SC11Cral 1>0rk!s. one of the larg"'! Pol)Ulato0ns of the species'"" loc.ll«l In 1ne mount<Jrn
ol Al<leraan. With that plancfs d<.">ttUCtlOn. the spec e<; h;t;
~"ld its numbers thinned considerably. atUt0uih U1t.-y arc r.ot
ye· tni y cndoneered




1 ~00









Ka:.n llOtnC!














Skills: Athletics .~. Brawl 1, Cool 2. Stealth 2
lblcnts: None
Abilities: Pack lnc.tincts (when prrform1nn tlJP a''1!i.l maneu·
'"'· mJrka c~tscrantOO instca~ orO
Equipment: rusks and teeth IBra.,1. D~magc '" Cn1ical S:
R.lngc :Engai(Cdj: Pietce 2. VICIOUS 11.



Sp1obn Glc.tbat


l 0.000










There ~ife 1nJny subs.pec1r~ ol f'iHf.l.·ttch int.,<' r.:llJxy, totsnct
or On.o Puton13
to the sw.::ur.planos of Nat>oo. Tt·e-ir color.Jl1on "".u1c:. wilt:
toe environment lor t-ctter camouflage. Jl:hough !Po sp ny ben•ld trcu hoadS and tho jowls •round t~rir •anc
in places ranf!il"ft from 11~ •rC>i'<"Tl w;ic.t~~

ht!cd rrcan they

:irr. 1rsi.1n1ty rccogn11clt>'c to lhtnic
them Cl\,_.'fl (Ill' ll1U& t(.11).' al· 1·-

;><.'fCcpl~ C"tOl;.gt\ tO ~pot

ty for stea hy horKJO& r lh"r na11.-c hab tats. thOUl:J • lhs s
oncn a very diftLJlt goal to ach.,....,

On so·ne \'110rk1s.. n..1rgtatctin are J..oo."n orJy .is •c;ircd
a<: 1n~ Tal7 h3Vl

Skills: 3. Bfa.,, I. Cool 2. Stea th 2. V gilance 5.
Talents: None
AbiHties: Fierce Pounce (rl lhe nexu uses the aim ma~1~r.
'"~n!. thc l<OOCkdcJ\\TI quality on its ne;.c1 att.1ckJ
Equipment Bile !Bral\1; Damage 7; Critical 3. R.>nee !En-

b!S11<1re I l"ierce I I. claws CBr;rNI. 03'!ll{!e S. Ct1u

<KJeX predalOrs. Sorre sem onts. such



cal 4: Range 1~11. tail v.t.p 1Br31>l 0-Jmago 4: Crrucal

to filmc

sutnc1enuy to ose

then a~
mounts 100 hurnng ooas:s. Even 1ra nee :aJrilJlcl-c> arc
~"Ce and stubOO''.'t acau,.:rcs. though, w th thr.'r \llO:Jld b
masters having more lirrited convoa O-.'Cr nJrttJb,h sh..'\.'O:!i
or corrp.J'lions. M p,tit be the case w1t'1 J n1orc ft.oartul
an1r:tJ Cl\'Cr: th~ lrrh;if I\ or lf,1 r.,.J no.;11~ 1t\hcs ~ork1rli 1n
tardcrr \...1~h i1 ski. C'd h_1ntcf, hO,..,"C\·c•. tt1~·t· arc It~.. ·wtio
disovrr thJt th•~ d frkulty 1<;, W1.Ytt1 t·1c clh.lfl


Skills: Nhlctie> 3. Brnwl 2. D1>t1µll11c 2. f>err•pllon I . Re;1
icncc 2, Stcaith :i
Talents: None.

Abilities: He1ce pounte (II th(' n<Uf~l ill('h use~ !hi" 71tnl ma.
rieuve<. ii ~!airs !hr. Knockrlown qunhry on ll~ l'll?><l all.ztCk).
Eq uipment: Claw> [Brow DJll'alic 9 t11t1c31 2: Ran~c jEn·
gaged!: Linked I. V.c ous SJ.

Oric1rally nauve lo t'le JJn{!.lt-) or C·1olc.:.ir1n~. ne:xu 11~vc bt-cn
trans.plartet.1 acros~ the eal.:.1xy ~1nc.c Lhcy were ttrst discov
crc<l to be corrc!it1c..1b!c SoMr.1 mr.~ u~ as CJJl'(1.Jrirnvls..
they are f;lr more com1nonly 1rJ1ncd ..i:> J1c:nJ t.:vn oow·1t'.>
for 1...~ in gl.10iato1iJI ~" l~ c.1nd Cl'4.1 lcne<."S- lL\.' Ul'n1d!1d
is d· \'Cfl iin J.kJ'l by thc.· 1 fcalSOHI(• JVPCCllJ'li.(." •.,, t a I tit;e.
toothy maw. rou1 lJc"°Y <.')l.").. Jnd OlJS!i \"e', C ~;•'l'-llO~

a pair ~ barbed W4 ~ ke" \\ll.l\"~
'e:ha:f ·•'> lhL'tf mtural Jr:11t1ffiet t
\'fOUkl SLf,feSl. and possess a tCM()(1JmM't1 and 11Stl".<t\'('
J>dl"'So. " 11ooc1<.cd up by


arc lu1)'


that 1mke thrm ~n £Jca:f'f :nf('<l"'.t

y sr~a:tt~ l'\C e•.1sl\e, rtf:'),,U 00 not rac:,.,,
lor f('(O('rty or metti<' ·n 3 dllt'<.l fight. _.,.; lh<'Y tJ•cty bo«
der.wi lf'l He fate ot J'ty threJl they cnc;uutitcr. b'cn ~'tcr.!'d 'MU a 1nore ferooous prcdJ:Ot. r1cxu .1CC more kc1y
to attempt to mel~ CYNJ\' Into :he un<re'bn1"'J1 or othtr cewtr
Aft" n."ltlJf:"I

a1d attack a,v,.1 n u\l'lf. src1''h fo ~Jin an :'Jd\.J"ltJt;C' thJ~ to

ftee 111!!1( t\..1flt1r'lg efound-.. 0' (()Ur~, th':, l:IC(.ln~ thJl

r:-a1r.~ng ~,tel" fCfCC beasts 1s J l..llri~rQu) J'llJ u11f<.>ri1'"n.:;
taS", bu~ thC dC!rldfld (or thcrn lf\CJn~ there C)re d WJ~ lhO~e

willing to tJkc the 11::;h..


Po'" t are tiny

awkward creatures.. More than half

ot thcif

t>o<lit"\ tue take11 up by a bufbous fear, in which thC''y SlOfC
water and rat for the lean winter months. Th~f stubby
mo\'C them at a stow waddl!!. and their poof v1s1on n1C'-!!'l~
tMt they rarely find food Quic"ly or easily. and orien must
rcson to sc.avcng111g meals from whal oLher creatures !eave
bfo:'h111d. De~p1le all tt1ese d1sadv-.tntat~ porvirchnvc t1rfO'>'i
nearly f:':v~ry world on which they c.1n be Found. f~('flt<1 1('>5~ o'
the predalory species prcsC':nt-rhanks {0 a flatural aft1n1ty
for the Force.
Porvir have the innate ability lo discourage hostile lltten
t1on b)' usnle lhe F<>rce in a way similar to the mind tricks
that Force u~ers sometimes employ to pcrsu~ dc the weak
willed While scnucm beings usu~lly have me 1ncma1 !0111·

tudo to harm or capture porvlr ii they try. most oLli&r ,ml·

simply 1~norc lhc creatures as 11 Lh.ey were not presenl.

or at 1ca~l 1Pcd1t>le. C1ven thtS unusual power. mos.~ porvir
lf ttVCI then hab1LatS 'Nlth·

oul dliy sign ol rear.




<.an make
lhern !!ii her unpleas
;.nt pesis. or easily


depend mg on the

•l ~,nd.

It a lo\•.ed to f101;r1sh rundc~en car. hr.comp near1~1 i1n
posc;,h r 1.0 ~radJCotc TI1ry r:tri rcguL:t1e the and shitCll:
J U;P1r d?.rk coats to bi..'tll'f hlrnd .i to U e stiaoo.-..s or any
area l~ey l;flh.1bit. lharks to on 1"T.1V of stixie~.ll (hcfn;c1
~·Xl~. ThPir · 1r cit.vays 1erna111s d.1rk enough lo nv.'t-e thern
st.:md ou: l'l hO!trl fr.~t llU1 "'"" dl'd ttcy ha\-e """" a r.....
<:>hado\"':ii :o sc 1rry br'.\\'t•~ri. they· tx-corrc cx:rer1e y d 'ti< Lolt
Skills (group only): l'ern·ptron
Talents: None
Abilitic-s: U11th(e.1t~n1nn /\1.n.J hvht•o declaring an Jtt;1rk
c.1g<>insl il porvir w1lh11l 'ihorl range. the (.lltat..kcr n1usl ~urr~r

to detect. n1uch t>'\S ("\'I( 1

.s stiarn or rhoosc J U1Hrrrn1 artion 01 i..·ugeU. S1lhour11c 0.


v- ·~

/~ ·~

~1 ).




• r,tl 1 ~•


Equipment: T('('1h and dJwc; (B1,1wl; Damage I. ~




(_~ ·


llange iEngJP.e<IJ)
A.ll lOogn rrt.,.~ .1rc- natural) hcrt>M'.><ous and non .JOO'~
i.he:r feor~ntl' Jppc.1rJ0t.e d'> writ .1screat sue JntJ
h;ivc seen thcu1 uwd tor con1bal and blood sport 111 Jrcn.')<>
throu1;hou1 the l:Jl-J')' It lcll hunt?fY. thrsc crr<lttvt·:, w II
turn to n1<!<1t tor ~U">LCl'l•inrr, even hunrinr. etef?u·~·~•Vt•ly 1f
despcr<11c c:nounh. 111 ll!t.:1r 11.1tivc habtUils. or'l 'vl<'c:;ia or ulhc1
worldc:; lO whic:h llK•y w1.•rr less cruelly transpt;intPd, IC'(~k:.
g1a1.e 1n hcrct:.. While UIC'>C m;issivc qu3dn.1J'l('di; ti1•h•11d
each other tirrrc-lv with huet tusks. horn::...1nrt 1 1,wjf"d
f~ they re-m,..11n ICH£1'1)' <1oole 1n the :'lbscncc of OUl~df'
threats. Some fron1 .. .,. world~ h.lYe cxperimNltcd 1\• h u":>tnr.
the bi'.<lS!S OS p;Kk •Olm:!IS. hoptflll lhal lhl" l\1rdlllCSS •rrd
""""'ilY for self def....r;c _.w mai<e up fOf the t'f>"llCUlty
of tfa~ne th~m Such altf'n1pts have hJd rnL'\t.">tj "i.IK"C~
but rt'C~ cl<e- ~lowly r,.11mnr, ;i rcputallon iJ~ Vd!t1iblt 1f
unorthOdox. ste«i"i nnd l>cJsls of t>urden 1n addll1011 to lheir
f'Xisting fa111l' 1., romb.'.1tant~.

Skills (group only}: 81,r.\ ~"lt.cplk>r Stea llo. \' .,,:in<
Talents; Nor.~
Abilities: S~O".~o t,"fld 1·•P0i.1dc ll·coiF.iculty ol ~nine or
t 1rgl~:ing OCiCt" 1u~C'k'!fcn tn.11 JrC! n ddrknessl. $:1hotwi"t' 0
Equipment: Tcelh arid l 1W•'i (BrJw Dd·rvl€,C I; Crtt1c,1 'i,

l<•ngc• {Fo;;agcdll.





11.nown lO l<Pnol.l 0 oeists for its <.uriou(\

<.11ver~ity of m.irnrriJllJ'l c;ppr ('\, bu f~w c{ its n,;rive I ffcurlS
01e as ·1otab!~as Lhc l<x.:al r.1owt>.11s \'\'·Lh a ~..·1ngspvn of just

ptlvtjra11; 1 trT'~ng 1hr1rno:.Jl\es Of 00\..crtul Sp1.. u1 l;rn.f-CO tl:;?t sA al the l(.)I' ot
"'lC plane:·s toad tiw n HOl\C\'Cf. ll,.,.r'-.~ to the biolurnrK':'\
f pr· scai~ I aki!S lh.:1 r(')l~t ~rKk t~ r v.i~ gk)\•,llOI,~
h }'>~ m.1nar,ed to cor\·t.• o,11 1 nKtc 0·1 lhPt" hOmcwOrld -.v lh
rt.1\'• rep,11l.1r pred.l:Or!) Jlld \)rl ~lh.indan<.e or prr~· Bv lldppirl~
their wines: to <:>pray ll't• 11.Jlo.C~ forw.1rd. glowbJts r~n di:-.ofl
ent at'.;Jtkers rn orc1rr 10 rr11tkt.: ll 1l'U csrapc. or s1.u1 prey <ts
thev sv.oop 111 for lh<' ._.11
O\l·.. a metC'L gf(M·h1ts :t•c nol


VJhJ1'5 more. glowlJ:H'i nrf" .1blc to regu <!lC lil ~ir b.o!unu
Jlt'SCl'm.;c ror purpo~;.c!i, otner p.1rc1;rion ;jr'd dL·rt11s1· Thrv
c 1n d m the c,krN 1,ndcr 1hc1r l .. mr... 10 :J\.'Old ;jlll'nllon. r>r
Skills: Al.h' '' ; l!r;m 7 Perrrpiion J, V•g> Jll(.C 2
Talents; ~Of .l
AbilJties: Sdhuucltc '
Equi pment: Horn~ (Sr..iwl. O.imagc 7. Cntic.ll ~. R1nr.t· (l:.11
gaged]. D•sonent I Krrotkr.lownl

• i· f' ii n nxxivkt:1'.('f ,..rquc:icL"'S lo rornmtJ~·ucate w ti t ,tt h
othe... Thrs a~ cap.10t ry ts ~ to nrr.otiate terr l0f131
OOndoir-es or attr.;. l m ucs. .J thoJCf\ c:.ome Spintu1 kK:al>
·,.:.l1P.r ii rr;if~I be pc~iblc 10 rran the cto,.,t);:t'i to pr0f1.icc
Stif1afsor rom".Yland

Packs of qua1 tf'r rn~lc1 long n1ndcrcn a[e (I rom1no11 ~!ct11
'-'ICIOSS TtlC ~y unck•tbclliL·~ dncf slums or cili~S ;1(IO'iS lht>
.galaxy. V1.lh.~tl'\1"r pl.Hit-I lhe ~hott k"Jilcd rodents CJ.rT'lP lrom
O"tQnaHy. U1e r Cl['kl< 1V f0t camoun<Jgc has ;iided thL"rTI in
:,~·.ing a-1"13y oo ships and sp1ead10g to many loc."1: o CSI.abfishcd It a OEI\\' h..1bltal, packs of runc.Jcr<:-n I)
call) S.CCl\ oul wllJt~ l'Cl'I' ronmcnt oilers lfl.e ntost Jbun
dant source of fOOd t)'pr<JI y fea<trnc on pl•ntrftrl &JrOO(!<'
acros..c; d1str1<.:ts th.1t rinnot ilffor<l extensive hP,htu1~ to C'
pose the cl<lrk·f.lwdl1n~ rrri;,turcs.

Skills (group only): Buw


P<-rrcp'.lon. R:Jncro II r;111J.


Abilmes: Fl\"' :St""''


1· c., 1,_ "'<k-'WiOOd oc Pilt"

208 of ;1-,,.. foRccANO DtsnNVC0te R>.M:liool<I. Sill1oomc 0.
Equipment~ G!i1a1rg s;:>r\Jy ;R,1nr.l~d IL ~:htl: 5. Crn1
cal ~; Ror.~ IShorfl; D ~or .ent .'i, Stun O<Jnlage. S!O'!v r1r1nf:
.')), claw~ (Src1wl; D<l"ll:l.f!C S: Cot1r~I 4; R;irp,e ltng,dgedl)

Shaggy uxibr.11sc~ 'l.J\•C br.rn uc;rd .i!t bP11MS of bl·nJen on
planets ac:rosc; rh(- eala);y rol' 1in10 d year~ Th<:~C d<.>CllC herd

beasts can carry cnorrt1Q1J!t IOJO!> wtlhout Jn~· Mi" of·

foll,. ana they are e)(Lffrf!;'.'ly dill Cl' t to spook or 11le. Sorne
cultures even use !he~e ho1rt·d qu3drupcd$ .1~ PK>urts. a
tlloup.h the d,f'icultY o• qiunng ttrM 1'''1 a ''""' ,,mhlnP,
gait ,m ts ft!I' tl!\t'fu~s ~ind popt1
O' th!\ PtCll'"e


Skills: Arn:Nir~ I o,. . ~ ... 1 • Rr .. ~!VP'
Talents: ~Of'le.
Abilities: Beast of Burden I ~ 1ux1t>casts add I !> to the r
er:c..ur.brancc threshold: Oomcst1cabfc 2 (dO\'tngraoc the
1.hrfk:ulty a{ ct·ccKs to uatn 1.;x1bcasts t\•,iccl. Silttou("~te 3
Equipment: Trarr.plc {Brow!; 10; Crit,<o' 5. R.'"11~
[Eng.1gN1I: 01c;oncnt "J. l'l1ccur():e, I)

The Uta1 ~pr..:1c~ of t:tupJu h~) 101111. U}('d v.,.11actyi~ a~
rnounl!t. fdVOflnQ t11e l l.'p(,IVltHI <.rt~Jl:H~'i IOI their IMCred
1:.>le ~peed, ~swell ii\ lor 1t·eu .1t11111y 10 <JelPltl ot>stiJcles by
cl11nb1ng usn1g L1·e1r d 1 11n1n4~ fet:I or wen Cl!dinr, over lhern
using U•eu tealhered limhs ~p11nl!n r varoc:tyls c·;1n o 1tp;ic:C'
an ~1irspcr.dcr for short pcr'O<lf', .1nrt th('lir :ir. lity nllow~ l hPm
to n1t1int,1in rhr~~ c:.pflprlc;. <ivPn ovf!r htlf'Sh terrain. Theil ex '
tr~1ord1n?.ary vin11;. n<. n101•f"lt.., h,-).., led to 1h~1r l>l!111tcxporlt:d
for n1any year~. and va1ac;1yls <:.:i..Hl nO\'l be found on many
different '.vo--lds acros!\ :hr p,:1lnx~1•

Skills: AU:JeLJCs 2. B1aw 2. l'erccpuon I Vie lance 1
Talents: None
Abilities: Glider f\·fl:rac1y1s c;in '.\J'fc 1 7 c;'-'.1in 10 count .as n1
crs for a rum, .'lS ~r p1r.c '08 of IN! foRa.
OcmNv C0r1,;
RJlcbook). Sittio.,cur '
Equipment: Beak (llrJN D."Mt't!
Ct '"-•I 3: ll•r•' 1t
g~J; Voe ous 3)


lhc Hutt cnme !ord~ of Nar Shac1d.1a tinc1 th~\'., ULJ">
crc-aturcs and their ilCtivitics an1u::i.111e., cJfld w111c
Hutts bring a hunU11g P<:ll'k wth thcin 1'ffll~i travel ng ~o olhe1
\VOTtd!i- It 1!i- po~ic tnat vrbllhcrs nave cstabtt!J.tied popula·
bon!t Of' otht'1 1"t0Tkh after havrlg been transpianted lhert'
by Hutt>. JU>l"" those on Na1 Shadclaa 31TM!d liom V.11.


V'blllitr'l <s·c <IG&'<-.. \t: pu..'<.ldlOf~ IOUOd across ttl(i' mooo c'
1'a1 Slladoaa. alu~ thL'Y a•c be C'\'ed to have Ol''C•n..tted
on lf1e HJH hoff1l'\wtkl ol Vari. Humanoid In apJ>t>Jtance
LJley f·ave neav,ty c~M'"<l am~ hO<nN h-.ds. •'Id la-ge
tee:h ir:akoni: vrblthe'> tet~al t·grter. that are ahle to w.e
down most fOC!i T~c crr;an.~ nJn rampart and tr~! on thr
O'A'Cr IC\lcis of tt'.r Smia.r;.trr's ri..1oon. tH.n·1"'1 n pick" for

an..,.ih nP, or anyonf'. thry (',1r; r.1rct1

Skills (group only): Athletics. Bta>'I. Rcs.lot<l<:e. S!<';i ''

Talents: None

Abilities: 0 factory pe1cepoon {gain a
tJ1ec:~ rnadt.! lo track prey. and adds




on al
to cnrmy Src11th

thec.,.s rnade against the vrblthc<S)
Equipment: Powerful cla'h<s (Bt~wl; Oamaee 8. Cut1cal 3.
R,,np,o j£np,ogo<IJ. Knockdow1. Sunder)



n s sect.on features SC\eral Set'lu'f locused acl\"'11'7t'>
3big l'ltlh associ;tred encounrM affleotlJ't"S
tend to ITTC!ude a lot of MO\'t.-mcnt whether before
or dunnf: the scenano. Either the PCs mu~r rr:ivPI ro rnc arC'a
i11 which the adventure takes plJce. or the dd\i'+'titurt? 1lsrlt 1n

<.:l udcs extensive travel as p.irt at the swryJ1nc. Huwt!'\·~r. somP alJvcntures c;ul Jnd should be more mcnwl 1n nJturtl.
c11t.uurag1ne characters to rr.flr.ct on '"hat they ICJ111 t111d to
c:or1s1dcr how lhcy rcacl to !;l!U.'.ltlon:;

S:nr~ - ~\\~of porrnt1.1 1.1nlmal <.:orup.,>n Ufr.) \Jfld n1ounts
vary widely. the fOllO\'i nr, df.\(nut1or1~ CO\o'Ct encounter ba
sicsonty. The G\ 1CJn rnpn .1d.ip11ric11, to J spec.he !ocat1on
and antma.. r he encounter~ .l•f' pr('c;f'rrrd :1s .1 pror1ession
of meetings between the PC Jr d r1t-),1tUf(' It thmr,s r.o poo'
I>'· th~ PC may try ag;:un w1lh J11(Jther <rc;iturc; hrrr.. the
GM ~hou ld rcu!'.c Lhc sarnc e11col1nlPr irJra h111 rhanr.e the

\'\'h le players ca11

~11 r1ply ~lctt

.-in 1nim:i1



tMey cree11e a Seeker charattcr.11 c~n ~ morr rriv.1n1ing.and
charatler·bolk:Hng lo play throueh .in 1<fvrnll.~ or ma)Or
<~nc0tmter 1n \•tfuch they locate '*nd t.~l.>t>IM J: rch' onstnp
"'th the anunal This ""'ks t>.st w1th the PJthfmoc1...xJ11<-r
mi: spcci.1 1abons, t~ au Se€1Je,,; shook!
Un> PJl~
tt"V.Jrdtn& Theo k>ll0\"1ne provides a o;erit-s ol enc:oonte~ that
Ci.In be linked logethe< for an entire ad...cnturc.
Gf..t!:. <:Jn
select ooe or b1JO to Cltop into thr1r currrnt c 1rr1p 1r.n Al·
tr.rnativcly. tncsc encounters c.1n provi<1f" 1nso1r."li1on 11 .1 PC
io; rorrcd to tind a replacernent an1rna1 comp.inion tor some
rc.1son These encounters work. equally well for <h:1r.1rtrrs ot
vthcr (.()rccrs ~king a mount .



Setup: Usu" Uy <.1 PC n1usl l r;1vc1 to 1hr hnmc environ
n 1 t~11l ot 1he potenual annndl co1nµt11lion TIHJ PC rou!d do
~o rJelibPral.ely or n1ieht arnve 1n the ar<:t> for oth<.:1 1 cJ~ons.
However. .:is animals and rnounl s<tre tP~!Uldrly 1n1µ01tcd <111d
tr~,n-,portrd rlC'fOSS the e.,1!axy, ii is p()<.,:.H..1te 101 P(.~ to hnd
J'.nlOSl any animal amones ihC' tif.hl r11f•( 11.Jnl'.:. ·•r'ld wrJn·
t;lt.:-r'.:. One~ playe!'S tell the CM wha1 "<u~ !ht*)' would l11ri.I !
to Uy to hnd. the GM ShOuld COm<' up,., UI S<.'ve1,1 locallon
opoons. from naluraJ habitat~ lO pl3CM \mtre s Kh Ctca·
turcs arc ~Pl ca~ lhc PCs can Ult.'fl deode
-.hi<h oplioo ~ suits them, perhaps sea<

1og guidance Ulroogh tne l'o<«> or eo.-en swt
ir1g the11 search: due to ci .d·cam or v~Of't


to 01f'r.1



d rcumstanct)

l he Gt>.·1 shou!U L'fllOUIJU\' thl ' rhJr.lctcr to b uild 3n
cmot1ona1 connt!CL101 w1lh l h: Jlli!'llill, there
should bP a common bon<J t.>t.·'l l hcm .1s a crcat Jrc
that dislikes ttle PC 1v1t l.kely tu :,l1t.k ,..1uu'lO long, or be
r~Fahic if ii does_ \\1 ·le H1e•t..l CJ'I bt: w·111; e,tc~1: ro cpl.lyjng
orportvnities liM ...een ,, PC 1r1Cl J u::X.i IJU)o <.o•llPi'f1-0~.
11 can be a ct'..?.!k':~ 10 m:.1n1.11r lht- •elaton~1p O\i.1 a·•
en~re ot:Nentu<e or c.1"'1lp.1 r.ri f>.1r11rula y troubie.o·nc
or rntanrg creat.Jr~ h• <om.-• maior ac:<YS i~ most.
Nlt:OGn:crs can ainoy oth1'f pl ')'' ~ '" tt··f' f;;'ll"f'le


1n th~ p ~ pr.r .1rt"'fl, rhe PC.: stioukl M>nse the cre(litJ~('
through LI L' Fort i.: Ucforc- Si'dnr. •t II there is 1nore lJ1<Jll or1e


ol 4ts l YDt! m the JICd , Jl le r)l onr c;hould rita1a out as a
likely c:and1da~e. 1he PC 1111thl ~cl .J •,cn'ir ol where and
how lar ;,•..wJy 1t 1'i, <incl 1l!-. 1t111n<•chlHC c111ol1onal stt:tc Urlcs.<>
l he ( rflr.itu rC' or moun t is. rorn• ~! ll Mll ve, 1t will Hl •ltully b<:
unaware of i hf'I' PC Powr1t11I I 01< 1~ u~er' 11· 1 ~111 l.le i.:b L' lo

rnake a teleparh1r connp,c 11011 in)mcc11i111•lv. hut 1nost n1us.L
be able to :s.t>ti Lhe a~im.\I .11'rl ht• w11l!io :t I~'" u-ieter~ o 1~

\\ nen 1ne PC hrs• n..:ount~r~ lhe creatore.
t Shoukl h<' an "'ot111g momen: of
fast actior l'l>rOJps the
~ 1n f 'f.'('ct o~ t:nmcdiatc
aid, ' l<ocr.; fro"' deadly
red.tJ ~o·~. or fgt".rin.g for
its h't: agJ1q ~t rivals

er l"unters. Alt~rnal1\t<:ly. lh<' PC rrnt:,hl be C'np,;1r,1,.-d 11 .;
Of..i:.ri<"r,11c strugge in Vihi<h l"lc ;.u;1mal off~~ 1111fo1t-..~t-'Pr'
IH'lp This could occu1 m u wilderness ':>E:'LLinr.. or ;in unusuul
urb.:in 5cttinr, suc·1 i:ls. a :.1ty ~tAfr.ring lrorn recent 1',111.1,11 01
lmoclial tJOSPrl trapcdy.
If the G.111c 1'.mtet \varr~ only a !J·on scdr<I' k>r :he J1u
nial cou1parior: ttcn the h't'O hdplflf: each othc..1 throo;t a
d1lr <Utt !itluJtion could be
lf':'l :o form a story ¥i"CJ(thv
hontJ Or.t• Qr both rr1€1t ft~ l'ln<'btcd to l'le other 0.l<~
rn1f~lll :Jl'SO p1ovidC Ji:i rrndt•Je lO \'tQUnd:; t-lowewr. 1f the PC
lfl.!)lft!<Jls. the CIC<•llHC, II rlOCMi'l !il ti<. nround and ·" l;llhkd)'


£(>hr open: lo a sct:orld Jltr1npt. If the Cf\.4 w;in1s. lu 11101c

'1· rrly rc:.t,1blis.1 lhe reliit1011:,hp, or 11 tne PC ;;nd 1hCl rr(';1u.rP
don_ 1.:~I 1l'r fl.rst time. ltit 1· lhc ( rr«1t·Jrc shou U rP!ff'>()l .1n<i
cri~3ge again i1 a L1tC'r C"K01r1lt·1

1!1•• ~loeJkcs shouid be r11..,1·tl tnr lh~ nexl rr.ccl1114~ l;i('t\.\ttn
lllC two If (O"llbat ·_s UIVO'vPd, ii ~hould be Ll1lh1,;ull .ind d:in
r.'~' uus_ Ir one ic; r~scuinu I 11t.1Otl·r1 frorn c:cJpllv11y 01 fu,11n .1n
apf!'t"~~1ve uµµoncn1. ii is no 'i.rrnr·r t;i'\k In add1t1ou. the
\."TTIP M.i:ster snoi;Jd rnd;) 1WJY ltl ,••ork i1C PC·s 1±r•itill0!1.JI
\•,tJ)(OP'c;'i or cmotK,n31 '.)t• ...·rlr.'h nto the enco<.inrf'r ,,,. , w.,~· bukis up :he bof'd beh""-'"f•tt~n..o. i lt~·~rf'IS..t.hJily
dclcat t~c tt're.-11
r()r cxarnple. lhfl' f'ncouricer could be sttjged so J1J! .t
1c•11inds the
or J p.m f'11led action lltal is rclnled lo a
peri,u•1vl emotional we.Jl\l'\C"\s I he nten1 is to rnilk<: the PC
~y1npJl 1cl c to tl"'c snuat1on ano trcl cornpelled to 1n1c:rvf!nC
orl IJ~t1all of Lhc ri"!.nd1date (ft.1t ''" .ar.d to wori... µ<.1~i ,Jny
5"'11 doJbt •n tt'c proc4!~S A.llc1!'liUl\'P v • tt.r enco.Jnte1 s
bt1 II v.itn ~he re·~ crnolioo.1! 5t~jl n'I mino •hf' PC 5.hOuki


ft"t"I ronhdcit enougn n hr\ attt; tics to extl'3{·

fr0t11 lhr. r wrent c1rcur:-~':dr

•ne cr~a




Li"cwi~. tJ or <l> ~ ;lr 1ndic:.atc "llCtt·\sfu n1or.1c1t5 of coul.)C:r.c:llion. If the cne;Qunter f.OCS poorly. 1t docs nol necr.s
~<1ri ly bfcnk up the l>udd1nr. frif!orl!\hip. I ht• CM rn1ght dccldt!
lo co1~lmUL' ,1ddi11g • until the p;tir h'1$ fl ~urc:e~sfu1 cncoun
1er or d tr 1ur11ph<Jl 1nornenL Once thi<; OC'Cul'!i. Lh~ 1:.c·s and
crcarure·s s.k II c.hi;.·lks o)J"C made as per thP normal rules.

Thi~ ad\'f'rittut• 1 ~u1WlJlc for snull 4:1nU rt•n1orr '\C"ttlements
H' fl wild~fll(',, IO<:dl!Ull. It rc.;:iturcs the Excc.ul ionrr spe<;ial
1t<Jl1on. thour.h <H111bal·IQtu~d Scckrrs could plo.y 1 simiJ;ir
role. Tins arJV<'nl uic~ u~ I llt! 1nanka C'~t (sec poge 76),
!JUI it can l>t• 1ltc'r"rt to 1eature onolt1l'I potentially agg:es
~ ~1rd
,ou$ cr<'aturc moie su1l()t.)lc lo the Game
~1~cs·s (,1ft1PJV1 IOCJhOO.

d..,, .......

Setup: Tli<: cJ<kr.> of leror>s Bh•ll nff.<l ti.• p <Jelend ·ie
rt!c town c-1110 cl r1un.1llnr, the threat of ~u<ldCnly JggreSS1V~
m~nka cat pJe;ks lhc lown h~1s rouehly 1 hundred residenhi
and is buill alo111! lite c~ec or a so ml'W toll bluff along
a v1i<1(' rl\l('J I ht> PCs otie,lil be contacted 01 hirOO cfirectly
by town ll':-tc1c-rs, ll"\oo1de lhc1c JhCt.ldV. or v1s1t a nearby rcsi
dcnce Jnd hP rfr;>\\n into Lhe c:onn.c1 whrn .1n attack takes
placf' The J'C> JI~ (,1<kcd With SlOPPl'i lhc attack anQ
d•SCO'·"Cfl"R the cau~ or the pad<5 ar.rJ...,.,,.on. II poss11lle.
Sonic l()(.alS ~!>tll 1lP mank.-1 cats for
sales.. and
el nunatinr, rhr. crcalure~ entirety \~tJld bnnM; t:<.:onom1c ruin


lO lllosc 1csldcn1s who dcpe~o Qn cnom I n1~ 'llou:d ;cl JP a
confll<:L t:>ctwi..'C'n lh<'! n~cd LO protect thr town ,-1nd Lhc need
to Sp;.tfP. ltlP d(WCSSiVC animals..

NY. tte pa$& Si .._ ''
"t"e· S.. pie,,-..
..dl.> ..,i.e beer
a::adlni and cndar~ !1£ tnc rr.c..-r Ni :41 sea cr.1~1t of Tcr
•fs S
and !.$ netg!·:. -1" ng 'c-1r·· 'S i'lrl cabms_ \Vtule rhe
..,,1~,..a ca~
re ~ri<'rai. , ~ng~rou~. no onr 'iCCms lo know
v.~) ne'"e ;.Hf so m.1ny around now, and why the cats arP
'll:OH! ar.grcssive'I u~u.;il

().;t ne I.he n.· a! attack. the PC"i d<'H'll Uie 111cacncc o•
U? dark s.ide The cats are nol fort<' srn"c.~tfVE", Uut similar
aa"-. SJCf! cOkJnC$ appears \'1th e3Ch ot ttl<'ir au.acks. AS U1e
?Cs search k.f the wurcc.. they det('(l :wa 1ndivid1JJ r.ot Car
trof"'1 one of tn ,1tWe;1's in ~res~ Cnh1ur 1s d luc.<11 Force user who h.'lS fflll<'t'l to the
rh~ C.'<PCrience. r-.or Grit
nor's prOfilE'. use~ 111t! Cautious Smugg1cr NPC, Qll pace'•11
of th~ FoRCn AND OrsTINV Core Rulebook . .)r'ld and Lhe Move.
Sen~. c1nd Sct·k rorrr power~ plus lhe Anun"I r mpathy and
Mental Bond l>I •nt•

dar,.,, s111P nn<1 ht'P'' dt1vcu n1ad by

H~ hr~I ff".\' C\<e'lls Jltcl lt l wci £a":
snouk.1 be trt"". :tcd
as a lll t nm r \"{"'r, ~~e !1\Q
to;:cthcf. rl ta~ imc lo• t-ach to unders:md w
w.:n•< ond can co T~r C~I \loon:! lee :rre •
PC's sl\ II ct'ccks durirr. r~c· '1·'>l fe-."1 e~cOu!!terS ~· tne 11P
l llt 11\.""\V comoilrnon. aurih1u~d 1t to tf'e d suact not ha\ir1~
to PllY Jl!Cn:ion to Ille ('r(':]ttJrC', IS'iUI? tomtr'.ar)ds lO Jf Jnd
ru<>lL'll 11 Comedic mom Pr.ti; t1e>t\\toeo the two r bt·tv.~cn
·.tu•ru dl!d '.he r~t ot tl1t' croup, cowa ~·me
tt>eck~ -@ r-.-s..J1s on tl1c PC.'\ or ere.:.: ure s
k~ c.1n
l>t••.ll•boll'd <frcct Y IO UK~ d ''1<:=

add • · •

last 1•..v. TC!on'> Bl.ill leaders tried to dmc lhc iocreas
1ngty uoublt~e Cnlnor from chc area Alter <1 yc;c; in the
w1ldernt.-ss. Crilnor has returned ro cx.1rt his r~venge by nir
ning an ol lhc tl''>•dc..nt5 out of the arP:t •If\ Is ndept at 1nflu·
cncinp, w1!d a111n1ul~. ~nd 1s using the mank.1 011s as t11s 1n·
.:.tnJmcnl of 1~vc11(:!c Hi~ laclics arc nol ~ubll~ .1nd arr rneanl
to frir.htrn lh~ fl".i1dt·11L~ mloabandon1na lhe town


The PCs are 1nvc::.t11}1t1ng~n earlier ;itraci... <ll .in out1y1r1e res
idcnce or at th(· norlhcrn cdr,c of tu' whC'n ;i do;en mankd
cati; rus.'1 Olli. ol UH! vcgctauon and attatk f"\.t'ryone ~n the
-vra The PCs may '9ltct'1µt to SC'Ck. tt'e p<~ ·c o• anothe1

f°.orrf' ·isc~ 0'1'1th dn oppOScd Vigilance check 1e.1 nst Gn·
nor·~ Discipline 'kill Cnlnor ' °' l~s than a t1.i1t.kilometer
~iway. secretly ob~)erv1ng anc.I c.Juccung t.'ic cat~. 1r he srnses
the !'Cs are For<r u~ers lpe1llJ1>~ through ® 011 the PC$'
failed \'1gdanlt> cti1'C"l..1 he ~\'ilhdrin'~ immr.d :'!tcly wog 1
~~er bike...Vter hP lr;;,, tht' CJts arc k~s org.i.'l:red and
<.'ff\."l..llve \.Vhcn he hd~ boon ;iw,Jy for ten nunutc"> his hold
on the C(:HS drops c:omptetrlv ;ind 1hey ret1L•t.1l unmcdiatcty_

may ma.~ a Sense Fotce power check combined Y1i1th J!'l
opposed Vigilance check "i:a·rst b) Crilnors Discipline
>kill to dc1ccl h s presrnrr W th Q U O on the result,
the PC rcnh?CS ltle it1dN1d,nll 1s probably rc.:ir the middle Of
lOV'l'r' A@ r.ivt.s the PC Gnlnor's exact Joc1Jl101


fhe PC. ·1rust fign: &eir wai· :~rou,.'>ll
to ~l :o C"4
nor rhe-e Jrc fen brcJks 1n the a::tior ;JS grouoS O( (,lt\
.1ppear one <l'lcr aoothcr. mJklng U'le fxcculiorer's e1ht1cnl
Phmirta1ion ot opponents kr.y to a spe~rty ndva.,ce tvlo!>l or
lhe resident!) the PC:, rur ;"J(ross <He Jlldrr vJCious at'.3Lk

a.:x! need immr.(hate Plelp
J.Jst as ttie PCs reach Gril'1or ein hrpcri.i troop tra1..;0011
..1rrivr:s to de.JI with i hc ..;1Lu,;Lion~ one t)' the tcwnspeopl~


If Cnlnor red rte.., or ~nses thJl Ch<' Player Ch,,nJctcr:, Jrc
rorcc·sensit1ve. (pcrh<ip< tmm (II) on the "ho\lt! check). he
S~f'\ them as a ma.JOI th<e..1t H~ acceler~te~ his plans with a
maf()f' ;ittaek the lo"°'"1ne day As a Gl\"efSIOf'P ~i(' senas onceroup o"-ma., ... :i t.tts. to an.1c .... thf' crew runnme. tile leron·~
Bl1rr PO'l-•'Cr aenetator dl the ~outh end of CO\"t'n Once tt1e

PCs engage, Grilnor s.ends a wave ot dozen~ or cats to sur
rQun<.1 ll'e to~·m in an atte111pt lO lr~p the r~!;i<.lent5 against
,,..,. J1'f ~and perhaps even dnve them over 1t. The


for helµ after scrinr. Cr h1or use FofCc DD\'\'ef'S. AflOfh·
c..·r transpon a!reaoy drop(>\~ o!t uoops V\ho arc .:ntac. ..1rn
lhc cats Cl«'¥.1'ere. Tl:e PCs Sl1ou d gel fU>I cnou;:fl 1""m n,.
that lhe-;· hJ\'(' a chance to concca. their k.irtc use or !i-&hl

'tJbers frorn t~c l'llpen3ls_ If they do anyUun~ lo :nakf' ihc
Imperials !.uspcct t1lcy arc also Fore(' usf'r~. the !>'.ormtrooo
rrs at.tack U>cr~ inlmcdiately and try :o 1.1..~ lhem crito r.1,~

tody T~e GM >llOOid 1cmp1 tne PCs into """C kne f>OWN"
or liefitsabe~ by fJ'Jtfng tnerr: or to-.1.!n rr'.idc~r.ts n otMou'Sfy
d~ne~ rou :• p0Mt101s

Grilnor. rhouP.h. rJoe-s11'1 '->lOP using his pO\'\'ers He !Ir.his
bric-U.y. but soon ~nes to escape \' s~r bike. le E'rKily



$1()'.vcr tr•.,,.P<>•ts.


rc<ou1celu P,ay<'•

Characte r~

mrr,ht fi'ld ~miething fast enough to pur" :1r
h1r11. Thr. l m~na1s wa c for reinlorcc1ncr1t"l hcforc cxtt!lld·
111g lh ~ir pursu t 11ito thC' wildernc!>s



The lmpcnul delay gives lho
a ch<in(C
lo p~rsuc Grilnor wit hou~ 1nlerfere11tL' or
o~!JOl"l If the PCs C.elay tl·rir cr.ase lcx.>
long. or a~e un.ab·c to :>tJt~e. the lmperi.1 \
..;c,1~c11. for a cou;>te o: ct~1)i''S o~fOl'e findin.P. :itt<1
C't1Pt.Jring hnn Cnlnor c cspcrately repor!s tht!

PCs' own Force powers in a doo1ned bid to t\11
a deal. which could lead trte Imperials to iovc~11.
oate IJ'.em ar.d an} others in ~ area vmo tt e,nt
'1."l'.ic displayed s11r111.1· abilities.

lhc PCs may 1r;ick Cr lnoc by ~1scovenng llwl n1$
speeder ~1ke i'as been damaged in~" le<tk1ng flu,J~
"l·e dar.. . . ha5 <lllCCted :he b l.:<''s handling 01 an
'"·""' has affected Onom·s drMne. aod there arc

places "'"here ihc vcgcta~H)n has been 1orn

3:'°10 Droken a,o'lg the way. The PC~ find Gri.nor\
tudeout-a survival Lel'\L-nestlcd In 3 larg~ depr(I~
s;on su1rou~ded Dy ·h·~e sm•I' hdl; Any man<a cats

lte ?Cs ,..,. alol>g t~r way eithe· ignore thr c.1aracter>
or tnooJijh t>ie C\1 can """' them dl:•ck >lloukl the
PCs act aeeres.sivc.y tOl"i'Jrd the crC.llU!e~.
Crunor 1s in his t("nt, llkeiy 111jurM .ind new lea1ful
ol \'1hal he h<Js s.t;)ncd_ PCs ~·hO wish to negotiate
hilYe a (f'.ar.<t to coov111Ce him to gj\'e up h~
bid for vengeance and make Jmrr:ds.. Howe\'t,'f.
1f they anger h11t1 or outrifl1l allack him, he
ficht< dcspera.ely and rc(~lcc.>ly He call~

A 1\4\'il;atot rs lho natural euide lot 11'1ve1> ng 1he d>n
gcrous hyper$p;icc rou1es into and 1hroug11 tile Deep Core

MJny routes arc possible. and the N(')v1r,;itor must determ1!'1('1
the best one. Using the Force a!:. a guide. thr Ni'IViflator coulo
be drown to Sa(<:r routr.s. though the tt'-rm i~ rclaLive lfl lhl~
re~ion ol !<.c

Since the world


lone been abandonl'd

by Lhe rest of lttl' plaxy, n is at be~t poorly referenced on
cxrsting chans. The N<MeJto< must make a senes of umP>.
perhaps medi1.11~ for ltlrig ocrio<ls bct"een each cnp '"

order to confirm and calcutale the nrxr set ot coordniate<
The trip rruu,ht ta,kc weeks to con1plClc, during which the
CM can introduce a variety or short. sh 1µ·l>t.l~'d (1dvcnturcs
1f desired. Other Fotrfl.!;r.nsitive pilots aod. 11<.ivieators miftll
be able ~o auempt somethini similar. bul UK'y ha·.-e a more
d rr.cu11 time. lhe likelihood 01 c.:ilawoohic mK

ca cu1auons or dr~tKaly 1nc<eaS1nr rhc ua...e time
Mistakes, espcti\!lly 1n plotting the roulc. should have sig
n1tirt1nt consequenct:) Damaged cna111e:. 1eQUlr(' lonp, repair
L1n1cs and test the p.r.irly':, 111cchanic.JI skills. A m1scatculat1on
coukf force 1he crew to ,µend day< dc1crmm1ne me ship's
tuneni posihon .1f"ld path to the rorrcct route Of dP'1 f\.1
lion. An lmperi.11 P<Obe drood n>g111 d<'loct lhe pa,-iy s Shrp
during one or It\ sropover po10ts dfld \t..-ck to trrvesuga~P a
possible unauthorilt.d JrrivaL The :,hip 1.uuld even end 1..1p
1n ta r<!gion or ~pace ~Lronr. in I.he dnrk ~1tJc. which preys on
L11c PCs' r,motion;;il weaknesses and cau!>es tu1moil ~tween
party member<

I tie

PCs arrive 1n system, though

~x11n1y how close to the

planet Aloxl depends on their navigation effo11s lhus l"r. Ar
l~r arrivin« 1n orb1l. lhcy 4uickly discover that the ~\l()rtd Iii
much hotter than •·xpetlc'<l ll is surwr.iblc, bul only with en
V1ronrnent su ts and uuuon. The' heat C.')uscs issues ltlrour.h·
out tt.etr si;iy oo Aloxl, allectmg Cqu.J>nltnt. droids. petrSh·


Locat ire enclave la<es •• O<&.>Oued search e'lOft
Agil1'1. a Na-. r.:iior can be of ~d. especial•) shOuld 'hat
charactet h.'.l\le 1r.vcCited n grou'ld bJsr-d ra·ents. Th.e- PCs
probably found some clues in U•eir 1c ~J1th tha>< might le3d
thrm to prorrunent landmarks that could have su:vive cen·
tl.iric-s. such as n1ounta1n ra11~es or dry tc>nyons. Once u·ey
~the ~en Me~er·W I cracked slones ol l'le crosscc saber~
landnar< "llin, 11 bt'<ones easy 10 nd aic remains of ire
encla\'C co.-npour.d ...-.nere Ule ~'iOrds O'OSS.
The •xond dPPCJrs desolate at fi~! but closer 1nsµec:i.on
revcais small, LJ.nJy pl.ants bcginnine 10 cmeree rron1 UH.:
eround. They die iJWdY during the hot y~a rs \Vhcn C:OOIC1
times resume. lhey en1eree rrom seed!. or rantastic;;lly deep
toot systems. Small anunals and i'lsect like cre.at1.rcs ~urv1ve
fa· belo<• erou'<l bul ""'Y 'ew ever come 10 L'le sur«xe o1

There arc brokefl rerio·ns ol a dotc11 lo1v ~tone struc:tutes.
<tOOUt a <ilometer away from che l'i..gc fon'lat"on cons.isl na
ol a pa;r ol cro55ed o~llsabcfs lhal rNsok u·c coc.avc's locJ
llOn. The cncLivc Itself has l ..\'O O!WIOUS entra11ces. or~ Jt !he
bdse of ea<h"1ber hilt Tne door' Jttl long gci1c The
interior 1s pou~tonc and :-ock. a'ly mc~al element~ havine
corroded or c:o1nplctcly rusted away. /\ set of stone coors
rPma1ns in place :nslde tt'c <!ntr)1 <.hamber The enclave 1:,
tru!y a ru·n. but lhe chal cngcs inside rerna n mostly 1n1ac1

me main ch<J erge was a 1att from hilt to lqlsahe" tip

Tt:e '" 1~r Ot ,•, 1f'Wling team nor malty- "'OU d oe e.eva:cd to

(ind allov1ed LO .earn a ne-tv Force pO'AICr The doors for enter·
Hlg lh.C: enclave \von't open unlc!>~ there 1:, a team iit each
hit, something the PC• sltou d stumble o"lo lhrougn test ne
or via Force visiol"ls as described 1n 1hr i;.idc..har be!O\'\.

;iblc k>od. and the Ship 1tsetl.



he Cf\.1 should do'.e :>ut. !he fol Q>,\11ig secrets .1t
opportune.' momer:ts dunng the advent<.1re_ \'\~~n
1n doiJbt. a Sff~{'r 'ihould r~e1\e trc information At

the Gr\fs d•scret1on. the secrets :-n.:1y bt'.' c;i.,.cn out 3s
results o f h i ghl~, succP.ssfu! rcsc.:irch, ~ducatcd euess·
cs, unexpected Force visions. specific attempts at far·
seei ne. or viJ o l her h int s of the des1en.

A PC has a<Quircd an .lnc1ent m<"ditation
stone It is smooth and oolone. i'.1th a
band of eold inset along th{' narrQ\\ edge.
Lnbeknownst to ttie PC. the stone is actual!)'
part of a set of 1O st ones of vJrious sizes and
metal 1nla~-s. used fo r meditation exercise
and f0<us. A PC with the Se<."k power may
use 1t to rtveal hints of the stone\ origin on
Aioxl and ~rhaps its pre"\.1ou.-. oo.•.ners.. The

stone could be the PC·s first ch.:e to Alox:l's
existence or prQ"o..'ide confirmation that the
ch.:iract~r~ are on :he correct oath.


posit on in :t long-forgotten OflC•rr.t Jedi organ11.1t•OT'I

The C"ncl,i.vt" res.emtires a cro-:.~ed pair of
f;\e-kilCMctcr<cng lighlXtber blades 1 the
S!One lllnd.-.cao~ The
ob'vious fror!i abo.,·c.


land;crrr ;5

The PC rf'cc1vcs a vision show1ne two teams
of ancient Jpprcntices cornp<'.'t1np, in a race
that '>larto; <lt !hf> !.:indform\ h111o; and pro~eecs thrO\Jf!r d;fferent obst.lcl"'> and chal·
!enecs T11~ C\1 srould ceS(r1b<' a cc:.ip:e cf
rhe chJllengcs. and h1gh:~e.,t th" d.:ingcr in-

voh.'ed. Such

forcshado\•,ir.~ ":>hot1ld f'mpil.:i-

sizc the importance or tear~lwork

The PC n•ccr\,cs a ,,ision of 1.11ctorious ap·
prerticc--. r<'cc:v1ng J'1C1C'r~t c~~err.onial

bu~ '>\

J'l) the


:'1 ·:o:c:"s ana

PC hJ'>


c,e~ <",('C'l ro~ .1

'lf.S un·



The Caine M~s:rr <houlo prepure a SN of lC3tn·b;ised
c.hallcr gcs b3sed on rhr PCs' ab ht•l·>. in oddit1on to the ex·
ample chambers ll'ar rouo.-;, to prov tte a !>cr·es ot cncoun·
ters lhai allow each playN to contribute. The halls b<:twccn
chambers $hou'd be lore a~n Mf:elY empty
parts o•c
t.r:stabte, and 1aree cracks the stont.'V\'Or .. l~t 1rl orarwtic
beams o; 1>r1gt\l wrlig)'I'


The .ntcnor store od6a:CS &.f<'·'l ~e<Jt. and ~ tht" C\i

€+ +>

stioulc c<ill 10< Average
Reslllence ched<s cvcry
hOl. .. o,,. narrative t mf' Runrine.. comr:>.i..t . .lnd we111.o 1\ le
tv:ty should a•so :t>f.l"'' a Hord
Resilience check
rnmcdiately af:('f'W;lfd

rorwnents. o .. who.are

PCs Volt.I\

C.l(pCftC"KC IA SU\..rt eri'll·


roug.n sc::r.t, kt> He«n1b i
rould l)cm0on thrs C'le<k ~' 1h~ GM > 01scrct10n Scd<crs
recet'-~ ,,.,~ns or --.:unl!'&gS lhf()1r,1 :h<' Forc.e foe upeoming

c.narergc:s.. or ttcy get turns -vlJ Vl").IO"K of long <lt:dd Forc.c
users cor:t·onlng the chambers· pen~

Optionally. the GM m1gt11 decide lh•t the PCs ore not Lhc
onlv one~ 1nte1cslcd in the wortd. 1nqu1s.1tors koow of the
place and its history, and they ha\<e waited many year.; lor
lt'P conditions lo 1mpTovc to me pomt Lhey can v!sit the
cnc:la\'e C..ivcn their interest in the \'tOrl.d. and ns proxim·
1ty to !heir hldoen Deep Core bases, they mil'Jtt deiect ll'e
PU. alTl\'31 '13 the R>rr.c. or lhrougll lmpertal probe drot<1'
stationed m lM ~tern If probe drOtds are !here. rll• PCs
shoulo gel an opportUnity to detect !he probes before !he
PCs laod II one ol the PCs h>.s an """""" rear 0< h<nrod o!
the Empire. me lnqulSltO<s' alfflat should be loreshadc>Y·cd
l.lvougll one of the challenges or a Force vision. It shoula be
""Y d 1lhru~ ror !he character to""°" ti someone .s truly on

tile way. or U>e visron is JUSl another lest. See page 419
.n the FOii« AHO O<snHV Core Rulebook lor mlorm•tion on
lnqu1S1tor NPCs.



The :01 o•Ninp, are 1ceJ::i. tor poss1t>lc chamber$ w1tn1n thr. en
ct•rve- ti"ar ti'!(' PCs could ern:ounlcr
Chamber of Fear: The PCs t'lu>t c3Ch m~<C o Hord t++
+1fear check "' ltle Fore• projccis lp.i n11~ consisten1 with

Lheir greatest fca,. or sl~1kes .it the'lr emotional<>.
PCs wno fail ilfC prescn!cd with <10 lllu~ory Ob!>lt.idc 'clJtcd
10 Lhei1 rt:ar or WC'rtkncss I( even or(' PC fa!!> to overcome
it, that tcdr'l·~ door docsn'l open If none of tht!1r c'1c<.ks
resulled 1n @ then UH'V m.:ly try D~~in ,1t1cr 5<WE:rill minutes
ot p,.ilhering their cour<Jcc .nnd rr•cdilot1on- othcrw1s.t! lhey
mu~t wriil at le;isL<.111 hour bcforr. the c.:tiamt>&r will :iuow another attemp1,

Combat Crossine: The PC~ ;nr1vc at <.1 <.:irtulnr C\IVC:1n 3
hair kilometer 1n raowc:. whrtt• 1he !M:ll.J1..·r IJn(lrorms cro:>~.
There :1re tour pou·-su>n<' doo~ each prov d•nr. .1c:ccss to
one or tl'C' 11r.hts.aber lant1fOM'l!t' bl:,dr~. Alter entering, the
PCs are a:racked by llusory romhal.rnt' •nc1cnt •Pprcn
~ices who once louv.h1 he'"i!. T~ oc:~ cannot rrlQVC on Ufll1I
1hey eacn cereal at lea" one comh.>tani of equal •kill If the
otter tea"Tl rcz.chcs the c.hambc1 dunrr. the tt41hl. l~ du·
Sicns irr:med1atety d1~"!PfX'.'!' .11d Uie :eam4t m1...ost sqJdfe oH
lO decide tne ,-.i'lner_ Oa1ri;~~ trom the 111t.. \lcns li("(':ms reJI.
but ciYppears whe1 the a'fCCtcd PC c,.. t~ or ts r'ICapac.-.
rated. a PC e<'flC"1lly ca11 d cm tt,. hands o l these ilu<Klr.s.
Comba:aN\ (.lkJSOry or o:her.iscl ore corSldcred rlefeateo. 1f 1nc.;;oat1t·nco. r61.fa.nc0. or ()(.·D<f If all the ~luSOtV
c001batan:> O< aAmcmbce; ot a PC tcJms arc detcatC<l. :te
no'lino.c<t door. c<M~red tn bkle n e1ai.c Ra~ then apcns
II :he team r.>rn at east thttc Conflct po• :. n the light,
thoJg)l, a norlllC•st c1oo<- c()>.'1'r«l 10< "'th red li<lkM
o~ r~(cad The IOStng lf':tm may nol prOifm vot1l ttcv
defeat t~ r ith.<>CY.Y corr:batatitc;
trt:)t 1t 1s ~blc for
001i ted~11s to crid up 1n t'le !i.ltr(' bl-1de _,lttr the '1at1t)


Ceremonial Ctl3mbcr: Tr.c wnn.nG te1m 1'5


lirsl to

arrivP. at the LIP of a ~Jbcr \o\'lrn1r:g memhrrs can learn
a nl'\'.I Force power. ano 1111.•!>0ry ,1riprrnticcs s.tand 1n sahJtc
of lhe1r achic\1rment. Los1nt: team members rl'<.cive noth1~.

but m3y try ar,ain in ten IOCoi.11dJys.1\ concc"lcd door allows
everyone to CXtl the enc;lavc


he Seeker p rovides gaming groups with a career
that is read J'-mildc for mu::h smaller ea mes consisting of on l~· one or two players. The Secker is
expected to be an ind ividualistic and self-suffi(cnt
cl·ilracter. Ho1.•.-ever. most gam:ng groups havC' a
r~·ir1 ec of PCs 'l•i ith eoals thilt might only occasion·
ally a iien \•1ith the Seeker's, hence m uch of the ad·
vice in th is chapter. A small party consisting of only
a Seeker or tv\'O is tree to focus completely o n the
Seeker SP€cial iLation concept . The Hunter and the
Ntivigiltor spe<ializat\ons arc particuiarly 5-uited for
ti"'. is type of ga me. thoue,ll any of the specializations
are tippropriat e

The G/\-1 typic.:i.try must make adjustments \'.ohen
running smaller parties. Reso~rces. hcaLng. ana
the lacl\ of some skills must be monitorec so t11e
PCs don·t accidentally get trapped or penalized for
a le>ck of players. The PCs should ge:: the opportu·
nity to realize there are upcomir.g cno;llenge-s or en
emres that trey might ha\·e d1fficu!ty \\it/"'.. and ha-.e
a cr.ance to either locate an all) t:i r.clp tneri or
firid a wa, to a\Oid the prcb!e:TI entirely_ That's net
to say tl":ey should eet ::he char.ce ;n ~el} crcurnstance- s:Jr;::r:ses ar.d 0\-er::orning ad•~rsit) arc a.
b,g part cf the ga:-ne and~-·. stories.

As ah.,ays. t"!c G\I mus: find a balance ten.. e-en
pro\ 101ng a c~alleng,i:ig: but r.ot even, he: mine, ni..rnber o' ene:r:es. Garnes i"itr1 smaller nr.;mbers ct

ha•e un1::ue chal:e'1ges. For example, players

~eel t'le game ~,-o,.1d is unrea;ist:ca!!) if they, cor:s;s:e.,tly face only a fe·"· encrn,ec,
1'<hcre opponents should be :nore numerous This b-c il side effect .... tien :he C!\1 attempts to bal
ance tr.e ea'Tle anc make the enccu:itcrs t.J1~ for
the PCs Thoueh See ker characters mieht work
a:cne most of the ti Mc. they still may ha·-'<' t\.PC ill ·cs -.·.hen the~, want hc!p er tr e G:\1 ••1ants J. larecr
encounter '"·Ith more oppone!'1 ts.



uch l_ik<' the ~t•f'krr adi.·enturc~. lhr. r::irnµa~ns 1nc:1udt•IJ
in this S~ltOfl (OCUS heavily 011 trt1vC'.'I Of all1Vely S1...a1ch
1ne 'or sornc-thinr. or ~m<'one in P';lltllul;)r \!\'h Jeth<' 1ourrit.'V
t self .:s not (;' ·'(3),"t 3n epte od~. Jt s.t I pb)'S a major ro ~
f", t~ carnpa~ (,l(h Cilfflp't fO dt'5Ltipt.Jun 111CkJd.CS ~~al
storyt11<! <lrld an outhnc of poS'SiblC' .,.1\.~nlurc."S

k>r Seekers. the journey is oft<'n mote 11fii>On.1nt than t1"1•

destination \\'hether : 1s a phyS.<ll trip CK a rncn::al pto<h.

Alter a few \-.;CCk~ tl rhe dweU·ng. lhr. Hrrnilt hc{?l'.rs 10 U!I
Cle:~tan<I tile tnc~I fl-Ow of :he <-oiw. Th<' PC be<:n< 10 se·1se
\\tKh a~ea~ ;;ire qroot;.:>< wi lht' kxtl" :arid v.tiich cou~ bt
thrl'a·er:ir.g. 1.1~ • rhc NJrte CK ;i. f.'· ck: aiound the 3f'Pfl Tt'c
Ht!mHr musl h:ru.l oft aggres'S1\'f' c.·e..itu•cs ar.d cancrrou'i
cnv11011m<'n1at ton<.111 ions.. Dunnr; rh1 1• 1·n1t.'. lhc Hcrrn:t 1nir."11
.1lso teacll f<'!low PC.~ wilrtcmc~~ Sk1Ulj. or I hey 1n.1y have \iid<"
Jdvenlllrf'~ of lhP11 uwn 111at co11lf1<1r wilh U1fa IOCil:ion Th(>y
rnif;hi. £".~0 <;;imply be rL"(;Jpcraune horn pre"-"IOIJ~ <Ombal!.

of d&°""'"' '~'-'< the iou•~l"i need not wan chc g.ll

.ixy ltus c.:emp.u.:n


whr.rc ne3r'h)' ctr,llridt1ons ,)re unµorr,int 10 lhe c_hJrJrtcr·~
pu1'<>111ts. The c;,mp,)i~n fc<1.lurcs a Ht1 11n11 .1~ a c:ent1;,,.1! fir,urc.

llut il can be ,ldap11"d lo uU1er '>P·C<.1Uh1.:it1ons Ukew1~. 1hr.
lowt1un can be ltrrro to ht a CM's cx1-,t11l(?rampa1gn pl 1n~

Setup; The nu1n ch.:vacter couk1 be just ~mr.r, Jut Of
h<' could rcgul.1rly t~trf":it to a rcclus1Vf!' location bci"~· "I
.:lc1vcnture~ Bcf(')rc ~ti1nn1ng.. 1t1e Gf\il 11rl?ds to ~e!IVt lht1
Hermirs ult1r1wl<: <arnpa1W) v,0.11, prrl<~•dbly wtth input rron1
Lhl! PC anl1 tho~c PCs. \'\'ho are acc:oo,~1<1ny111g th(• Hcmul. Th<"
goo.I could br 1n 1lc1n a ioumey. lonr .t ...p111tual p.-1thw~y. ~
locat'()~. or C\.t:'f'\ a J>l·•\On. See lt11 Possible Coals sxicb.11
on page 8/ for a k'W ideas. Th~ <ll 11
ol the lollow"JC
,1dvcnture Jl~.1~ should he adapterl ro ~ 1pporl U1c p,o.11.

1hl' wmp.1rgn twc.1ns with ao oµponun1ty ror thr I lerm!L ..,oi,I
lflc otne1 PCs to find ;in approp11:1t~ <twrlLn&- Th<' C~t lllJY
-.k p U;1s if the th.'.>:raciCf already h l'S !J kKdbOO se.~:1t.-d
U\1ng the Force a~ a ftJide.. the <.t:,)r,1C'tcr !.e¥CnM lhe
Jo<: JI area for J ~unaUly c;afc and 1~ul-.1l<'<I location Ttir
<1wr.lling could hr. :i natur.::i1 formal1<>n ~ulh as a cave.

Jn cxisl\ng srnJl1 building. or rvr11 at .uuµ 01 sn1all
~Ln;cturc 1h;sl lhc PC c:onsuucl~ orrwr1;,11y.

Ar cai:.


thl'Y COOSl<kr. 1he PCs

>houlo ""' th<> 5er1'<' P<l''le' or Sllllifatly
rc..ilh out wtth rhr force to J')~ess the
loc..stio11's connt'< t1nn with Lhe LN1nfi Force
ond lo rl'V<:<l l poc;.s1h!c hidden lhrcrns.
I he charac:rr:r shoul<1 s1a~' over11teJit

;11 ;jll'f site that chctks out. to see
\-.r.1t other lx.'flctits or 1h!Cats


hermt+.cs 1he PCs

rnu'>l c1Pal \'11th th1t.'<1ts such \
\V1ld animal att11<.k~. !0<at1on..:
with a dis1urh1np, connection to

lhc dark S•dr:.



and urtricndly

no ,;t.bors No 'tr '


<entered in<111n11 rhe Sec...,l·r\ nomi~


.1rid the chat.xler shoutd
hotve to rr1at.,r ~c sag.11ft<ant
tritdeoffs Ill IOC'.<ltlOO. :xafety.
ronvcmencc, and sohtul.Je.


lht: ltcrmn d1.;.ro\•ers i.i ~01a'.I rnc;.J·rinmrnt 0 1 ~h1hhily
ind1vtdl1:Jlli 'Nho arc c\ri1rl)• 11 1<:1111~ 1n lhc wildr.1
n~~s-csc:ipcd lrrnrn;~! prisont·rs The~ 1r~ war)' hut ~L't IYI
1t1r11dly .;t ff"!.t ll·• m nP, they J1c Or·c-w& l1nf)C'rial pol1'.1t .ol
oJ1'.)re~ on T'W"V !f P !n tac~ ro1111·10t1<1no lh1e\'(,.~
Trie He:"·r:1t n1u~ dc<.iJe hO'.\: to d\.'J "-'1~ t!lerti. ar.d thr. <Ai
..,,no1i.ld mJ..;l' t:lr.:.Jr lht'y r'1v<'" r.ootJ ~O<'S to Cte1r f"\.1U.rr-> ol)
"ell as bad. to ru.iKc the deci~ion rnorc d f~cult. 5'101.lcl I ht>
H~rm1t wc•kon1c them·! 1-orce th rm oul of the ;irca? thC' Pt
.lneers th<'m, lhl•y lll()V attacP. or ~I.. tl·e Hermit's l11deo111
to use for 1nc•fT"•l°IVL·~ Fvcntual'y. ll·r· 111 pc11d 1 ~ romc look
1n&.,:orc1~lhC'l 11·t11tthoscastdf1" f'<' 1 tot16ngto<J\.1'd
ttir. rs.lo. of or;cc,..ery cJIJlll'\g tile. ~·.1r<!'t 11 lt:c lm:>Nil:s dl".t
lO\'Cr tt'.e (fw~I nf'.- lht""y dcstrO'Jo' •




Seeker"s prestnce 1n the area .,as caused ':
to becorne Jctive, calling tne- Sc-eker more
keenly eJch day to find and reass.emble its
various parts

he Home TerritOf) c.dnip.a1gn can be aaapted to a
variety ot different goals ot the G\1's or PCs' chaos·
ing. The following are but <:i few possible examples:

The Mournful Holocron: This is a holocron
dedicated to tea<h1re medica!I) inclined
Je-01 not orly the art o' healing. but compas·
s1on. support. and a kindly bedside m.'.lnn!?'r.

It is so named because the human gate·
keeper. Jedi Master Tn~sa li s . is overcome
with sadness. mourning the loss of a 101,'ed
one She is dedicated !O teaching tJ.!ented
1ndi\ id:uals. but half of tne user's ;,ork-and
many of the lessons to be learncd-1n1.,o!ve
tending to the guardian and learn1ne how to
help hr.r cope with the loss.

The Shattered Sunburst Talisman: This
is an ancient Sith tah~an . imbued \\1tn
pO' tnrough Sith alchemy. It is J crystal
sunburst that has been smashed into four
major pieces sc.:ittered in ancient Sith
alchemy research sites ln the region_ The

\11//'u!c growin+: 111 ex pet ence .ind underst.and1ng, 1he Hcnn1l
rcc~1vcs o v1!)ion 1t iiled to thC" ultimate goal (a~ discussed
with tt1c CM). ~n ii Lhr. PC wi< rol p~ev:o~JS!y c'.lware of 1l5

cx-Slerc:e_ A'i rhC' PC beg;n~ to search for th.Jt goJ\, -vrstons
encouraec thr Hecmt to go larther ar.cld. 1 t.o lhe v.Bdcr·
ness. Thr 1lrrm.t fceis drawn 10 d ftcrcnt lociJLl<il ,c,, dcpP.nrl·
ing on tl'C' r,o.11. These !oc.Jtion~ could rnctudt: cave~. f?ov~~·
roins, ou·rroppinw;. ne sts. mounroin peakS. or other r.1r,n1f1~
cant Fc•;irur~c.. o' the area

la;>p1ng 1r:to :he llow () the force tnc Hermit finds it ;srtl
always good ancl tl<lfl,~t
1he P'esentC ol :ti<' clarl<
s1oc. \Vl"ilc 1hcre are 1.;nlikel}' ro O~ Force scns1uvr· cha1dt·
tcrs in the- c.trca. 1rd ivid ual Cr<'ilture~ or loc.1t10n:) arc illflu·
criccd by ti e t.i.trk side Thr rharacter gets Jn opporlur1ty to
n"IJt:ni:c ~flow o'. rhc f orre u1 ~local area b)1 cl1n1 n<1t1n.g a


rcc~rnng tnre:u Ii.. Kt: as a repelling a danecrov.;. <.:te.;nure or pcacM.11 pas.sat.,-e th3t alows 1hosc 1 Cc.fby to a-.-old
d1sturbinp, ;-, rr.~t.on pack of aggrc't..~1vc beast~

As the <har~ter explores ."lo'l' d())(.'S an on lhe go.1· «he dai4
~de responc~. the most agercs~i.·e c..eal~ 11'1 the area
an.-1ck tht.> PC fccl:ngs of <.oldness and drC'ad intrude on
rhe PC's 1ncdi1.itions. ooss1try adding • of' orrfl~ion to the
rharaclcr's skill chctk~ Ont:e the char.1ctcr man;..isc~ to sup
p~ess t~c d.1r11; side threat the PC rn;;y move on lo the goal'~ kxcJOon TI1c searct: 1s d Uk' .lit and 1equ1~cs OYet'COm
"lil ph)'$•<•11 ancl ""'ma· doJb:S. 10 :h<• poont :!lat
ttie Hc11n:t i1ke-1v needs ilid frorr: the other PC5 1n ll c- group
to utl111\tJlcly fC\iCll Lhc r,oal, P~f)e<.ially from Nuv1(:.lltOr and
Pa thfiudcr <.lttJ1acter~.

The (all of the Living Force: This isn't an
actual 1:~m. but instead J persistent call
through tht Force to the Seeker. If follO\•.ed.
it leads the Secker to various points whf"re
the PC can cngaee in an aspect of the Living
Force. Jt tt·.e PC succeeds in all of the tests
and tas:..s. uie character e.i1rs add1t1onal
benefits ~'he11 operating 1•.ithin n•.'t'nt)
kiiomete~ of tnc: final dest1na:1on. such as
addilional Destiny Points for the Destiny
Poor in futurC' sessions or occ.Jsional dice
peal ades.
Alternat1\oe y, benefits
can ~ more story· based. such as gainine
spc<:ial influence C\er loc.J! fauna or being
able to ~nsc individuals and creatures 1n
lhe a rea in P,r~at detail when concentrating
on them.

I IUS C-otrnp.1ip,n 5('11d':i LI! r. Secker On r> !f!nglhy qut"'!\r for
541n1cth1nr. th.:it hJ~ been lost for <J l<.>n6l l1me. It c.1n h('I pt!r
'iOMlly import<ml 10 this PC. 0< a ldsk £JVen by anotner ''""
·1er The Tip mtKI b.__· jC)r\g and dtthcu\1. \\1Hl a <l"\ that
rnatc.tles 1he: char.xt~:(!:. elforts (S.C.-'<' Seeker Re\'Vards . on
pocc 92 for r.i">mplt'>I.
Setu p : The GM and f>C: neod to ~~(i<lt• the subirn of the
sczarch. ~ffo1l. It could be a nr<ir1y ro1cottcn item " rn ~:,·
1ne relative. Of' SOOM!'lh~P.- from lt'le <:.tl3racrer's OOc~stOfY or
d"'""' pasL AJ. the <r.m ol U.s camp.1i"1. the PC hould
c>lrc~1dy know wha1 10 look for and why The Ct"1 <ould c:rr·
ate another advrnl urc that reveal!; th<' t'X1!:itence ol thr. lonn·
lo~L <.ubjc<J. hut lhi':i c;.arnpaign i1Sf>t1n1c':i LhaL eilhe1 lhi~ ~ns
:Jlft'<ldy occurrP.d
player's b;ickc.itory contai!lS somr-rh111e
Jppropri.ate The tJr&el in thi$ cx.-xnpte is a hurn.ln Jt->di
n~mNI \Veren Dill wllo C'S rcl.ltccl to <>< othetwlv' <lo<.<> to


tht' 5.PP.ker She w.1S OOl1cvcd to ht1~ been shot dowu in her

r;.trarrichter over tht" plc111cl Datho1nir aort killed durin& the

Clone Wars.

The can·.pa1gn oµcns V\lth 1hc Sc-rker retef\i:ng a Vl~ion tt'lal
som(·thing or l>on1t:0ne ot pcrson.;il 11nport11ncc r~1d..:l> 1r1 d
n<?j1fbY Rcpvbhc iiSH~roi<i outpost thJl was hc~vi ly d1.1r11.1ge0'.
obJndoncd. arid 1os1 m rhe end of the Oone WJ r ~ I here
c11c c'K>Ugh due!. to rip the chJractcrs off to the location or
!11~ .lSteroicl ba<P They tra\'Cl to the are• and bef..wi \\1\<lt
,hould be a k>ni; 21rld chil!1r.nc1ne ~L·arch operalJO~ ro find
1llr"d hase.

,..,, ...... .., ,...,_ ...

Whtn llu.•y do fm<J 1t, they nlust don environmrncal suits
and wl or drg lherr w.iv rnlo 1hr11J1nrd ti.1w ThP entire plac•
is hi.er11y un\table and vrry rh11ll<-nc:1ng to rnove through.
fhey dt!)CO\l'er th(\ comptUt'lr (OrP is slill tntact r>.1uch of the
data~\ encrypted or corn1pted, bul they are able to extract
the memory core tor an:i1y~1s Amona lhe uncncrypt<'d trag
rients is .i hol()ir;,ohlc recording of the small commJnd center. made not tone after Order 66 »as earned ou:
A wounded human Jedi padJwan wavc'l his hand 1n lront
of a Rcpub IC comm.indcr an<l l-J1~ ·wcren Dal d ed in a
cr~st· on Oathomu A !.tJrth 1~ unnecessary.'" Clone troopers
t.~ti bur\" into the rOOfn a!ld the padawa.., ~J s in a ha l of
blaster f<t M "'"'""'<ltlOn of a late-< cEp sllows tl1C comN~ I pe llC the pa<Jawl!1\ S •'l'OtOs tO his SlJl)erlo<'
"' "M< ~r


The PCs knO\v Lo look tor 'A'crcn Dal o"I D<lt1orn 1_ Out r
where on tt·c planet. ThC" d;it.J docsn·l .n<.h.J<JC lhc 1rfo~ma
hon. but i: docs conti1in the nJn1c or l11c pt1<JJwJn It .1
confurr:s Lhat :he Jedi \A.'crc1 0(11 •,.vo~ ~hol :JO'tvrl by Separat
tst starfightcrs bcfo'!"c Order 66.
l'.'h'lc RepulJl'C records are drfhcu l lo cone by, Scp;iratl$l
rt-cords a(e so:-netrnesava ·1ab·e on tile bl.irk m:i~.;.rt ~t,1k :e,
contact 'Mth &:e cOfrect n•orm.1:ion bro!«'r ·akcs ~ffort '!'lid
cre<11ts. ard eac~ refers lhC Pl;l\er W'.)tte~ to
a110lher one. usual!)· ir ar.ot~"' .;.rp,a or on JnOlhtr planet
nnaa:-,. a broker rCPOfis ct:a7 rne SC<l11.g.1te~ 1rvol''Cd ~
001 pilolC<i by drOld< but by ""'mbe" o! ao cite u•1: ot
ttv:-nar ,•,.amo~ 4. f~,. sun~ :he Clooc W¥s. .1'\d one.
callee Ger.eraJ Teaok now. commands .1 "Ticrrrr ;iry etouP

caJled Br"""''s Breal<e<s
The PCs mast t'"a".'Cf to theOV.Cf Rini.. wt":t.1c the 8teJ•m

are fgtmg < pir?:e aml)' fo1 <001101 or a tcuestr"



• h<lckwatcr plaoct. D~1tc tre ongom~ batUe. lhe l'C.' m.1\l
rr~!(;e corr.act. . The-, r.rght sonehow corv rce Gr.tH--r.11 lcaoL.
to meel ....ith-111crr... or !tie)' 'TI1ght :inhl:.ra-te the rrc·rccriar r-s.
The/ c;1;-i:::k}) d1sro:er ttat if the teneral rc::al11cs th<"'y afe

force 1.1se-rs. lie ma;' \e")' 1-.e I .ry to c.aptt.rc ~hem and non
•ne-n ove' to lll~(n:pirc for J s·ard•ne bounty QI 20.01'11
c-,..dits cac::i Ho'~':l."l:~r. l'e 1s d.:>o ·A·11int 10 bar~i I".'
~1ving t~e

PCs an cper11ng for c:'Cat1vc r rgo~i\l l ion
Tt':e- ~eoe.-a; "las accurate coordinaics tor w'lcrc.•
rrie eornbat took place over 03thom1r, 1in(I ht
can eive them the rc&1on and d¢t.:l1I') on whc"
Da"s 1i~1:t:c" e:ite""ed th:~ ?tmo~phC'C.


lra-,,i.:-lflC to (Mthomu •sn·1 -•rt ~rydar occ:rrcr.ce, Tr.e PCs wofl.. .i ht I ~ -~ lhc proP<'f fL1\1{!<=lLOfla da:3 or rely
c1· rf\t-;1 ru111 rr11on ;v th ·h(\ f-{)f(f:> 10
Utem to :he pla'l
rt. lhe ICC ori 1n('v .\ff\ loo~ nc ro• !':>the pl3i.'1Ct'S nor:J'!c-m


tone• A S.r-1·ktr ll)'lf"C lo ~ar<.:t". Lhc area :tirough ·tie
f<>rrr rn·1y l•L' '.>1,.1rp11scc to detect o:hc" force J 5ef'S en
he wL1·1tJ lltl~ wl!C"hrs 01 D,11hoo~i 1 . of whOill Lhe PCs
1n~1y er 1nay "''' l1.1vi~ h1•;11d Uero1l' (~c~ page 395 or
lhc FoRtt ANO O&:.S11Nv Coi t· R1.;h.'IJook ~01 nlore on
lhc~c NP<.:~l r\ P(.'r. ro11 (..' <.Orl!IClllOn <.:omh11<ed with
an o rt.1n•1<~d )l'1Jrl. •1 p11!ll.·1r1 11;111ow'i down the !ik<~:y
crvsh s1l1.· lo1.~t1ot1 lu .1It>\\! 'iqU.:irt~ kilorrPtrrs

11 e rc111.t11:inr. ,1"f•.1 nH1st t>e- ~ei.irchcd or the
r;ro11nrl, nr ..\l 1·J~l lJ~· lo''• tly ng ~trSP<'Cder. The PCs.
c;.r1rcl" f•lrOft~ ;JtllJ(.l thC' Jttcnt:on er th<> fo<.a! w1uJ!1fc.
1nrt tt • wrty rru~ tight the plarct's !eg"'..-,J.J'Y o.>rl'd
h::f'i f\'l'f I J'l ..11~ lhC',- mtis· ({)(l~C..1'!\I n'lth lJri(?

'':flt>t>J C..ft'iJhJt<.:'S or SWJftrK 0 1 bit re ns4.'<.lS

a~t "rea.-. on ttc \t'h <t"..> -;;'\ten~ did OCct.J>d'I~

Ox.c t•te I"('.> hr1d .11-t" cr.s'iih 5.!.e, I hey '1iSCO\'<'I the

lt"tl L)i .. 1.1 6 Arlh~i.'f'-<l.;K<.. <.1:uf t-;i·t
s, r.rr p1 v. •1n<i it~ overcrown c.Jnopy lies
nea·h~·· It \ < 1r.1• 1h.1t :t'lP pilot probably 5.urv1vcd- c",·t'n
lh<' ;i•,1romr<h ('!rn1d 1· •1110,., 11e. A~ U1c PCs arc '"rappinc t•P
lhru nvc'~rir,.·n Oll, J \,i'llJIJ patrol o f Nighr5st (sc.:t.: Dat,.'t
·)<)(; n' 'h1~ FoACI! AND Dcsn NV Core Rulebook.) dc><.cr d·,
n'l I OPll' t..l1tn1;11id111r. lo know 1hrir interest in Un: flg111e1.
Thry l!y to r:aptuH; rhr rh.1r11ch·r; ir tl\l" PCs t":i<.:{Jpe. 11wv
f~nc.l Jt.ld1t1011:11 Nir,'11<i:•;i1 rs Jt their :,W1::; 1uµ. rht! Nrj~hts1 sler•,
arr w1 hnc to nc{!ol iJ.L' 1r uore or their P,.roup ~r<' ~rioui:;lv



er I he <.OC kp11

inf lr<..:d. (u1d 11 t1·1 Pt <14•·t-r ta le;i,ve Lt'.f'm a!onr

l:.1thc1 lhu.•.1'11 h-• lorrc.· Of lrom OOC" or·hp N ')•.'>I

PCs ,__..-un lhal wrr t"Of'k' rtr;"af"riot;o; <·,-x: IX"\l:'r(ul k\'t.'d fonr.
.i.go 1r1to • ncartrv ,,..(~ I lt'J&W\t->~. "lO one has seen the ft;JrC'
=or- mOC'<' th.-10 ·• decade, Sl:'lcc a ·cw ~ancors or ottl\.'· si1·l
.intv m•1\.)(111e c.1ea11.nes rr:Jdc the Qi..'C' 1hc11 I.Ju. Tl'-' PCs
w..11(,.tJ rot the c.J\(', con1enn nr. \.. ilri the kx.-dl iv Id 1IL" nr1<tt
•.ti;o111 \,\·11l"I th<.''{ tiod 11 I hou{!h. 1!l(' 1 1.cnor 1::, 1nuc..h •iJICt>!
lhan tt-icy .mag:r.l\d, ilrt1 l ht'.ri- :-i1c ~1.......·cr.;! of the ueJ',l<i 111
thC' ilrr,1. Tl1·•· Pr.., 'Ull'lol c..umL· lllJ with ;;,1 plan lo deal ~..·i1ll lh('
c:rc,;tur1'<'\ lil~ll',I? .hc·ru un l1recll~' 1s '.tery <i3ncerou<;, hut c;o
is 11 \•i'l i~ lo ·,'Ito" ll~U 111<.• lavern.

PL\ cJr;rove1 a deep al<ove- iO<> ~1no.1ll rur
bf-'Jo.;ts, l ht•f(\ lll!~V lilld l 'l C~k.C'l ~{.11 remdll\,i or lhl' Ion(;
UcJtl Jed un ;i pri·nil vC' rot St'f' \•1as 1..lei:lrly badly u~1urcd
when ~·it• d1c't1, '1.,_r \ fror-i flr.h:1ne the creatures rhl~ p(<;
<Jho fr1d :h<' d t:.1<.c.pmtJl"<1 't"ri.atns o: tt'.c droid, indud:nr,
rs mrf""VlrV <Off\ "-lft>ly µJ:..ka: <l'l\'J~· 1n .1 sm.;Jll -;;cJl~'!d bo:\
Tt:r JNl1 co i.ehl1.1!'4.•f IS badly damaged bu:- rep..1·rcllJI(:. Tt1C'
\,m,fc. ~notY cocc rs J'so IR bad snapr.. but w;tl' tJll:(.' ~•'\I
elf0<~ 11Jlw b<' rcp.orcd ·"well Most of tre <J•oo·, R<'P 1b
te and Jedi sccrcu h.1ve bt:"t.'fJ. t"IJ~'d or co·ruptt'd. but ts
?CfSOOolll1Y rMl'l:hn\ It <.:Jn <vavcy n.a'ly merror("\ of \\.~rcn
Dal 3~d pos~y h..:.1:f ti t• ttwr ac:tCr'.:> to otJ·er kx.atios"?S ~nc
once visited c1 1....1·d. -111U 01 to tt1e.1 r;ext adventure
OllCC n:,;1d<', lhP


In lht'i.


ur1p.aign. the Secker mU$l .gulUe the


c VJlll.llKlfl illtc• thclf sh'P or •"ellclc u~ lar
and they lose :r.ick of , !Ile", are. \\ Ill :no llf
of •<"«lie POO<. lllL'I roust find ll:e! °"'"way t Tile PC
fTL\l f'd1t !hc.• cni.ironrnent asmucn as-or f'tlOm t "
j.\· I f! l I "-'111y l tie fondilicllS mus: be dime f 01 e~ f('.tl t
1·11D1 t!h t/1,11 UH• St't-ket charact<"r .ijcltl"tS ~ ge.1• Alh'lnla£t."
v1 l•1.•c<.>111<.·:> a hP'µ! ul r.uide to s..1vc </ lffi frf.>fTI U'e s.it1J,1tton

Setup: lhr c;)mpa1cn o~H'.:> i\11~ a u·s.a .. •cr rh:n ,1 ·1irf~
Ille PC<. nll·<Our~P and ~-eJely dama,:r.s the \t:1p 01 \.t.'hitlu
l!l(\V .111"' in Nol~ lh\.ll t."lc vessel mlg..'11 no1 1?1· lhctr own.
,f (011lrl be one ar€' u~n~ ;:At 'or th s W'J· 1•;t• to h('lp


1dcnt:~.'C"': ~r )nc

p..1rl ut Jn .J~~ gnmetll

<.ll!ll\'cry m1s.saon
ral d1SJ·~rcr: SLl
by :io ~'PC rne


LT, \\\;'1 dSS!CPPrl to uv·
~'JC und1.·1tJ;..en \111 h <1'> ,)

Tf'ledarr~'"ntiht t ... lh~

o \.'.f.


11.t fl'1t.1

.ndustnal act.ldt->ril, nr

GP-t (()11,i!,,j


':CC:UCf" tt'~ dis:i..h·.~ "h<'r.

Th s
es a sta~ trash on a rcmot<' p;,inr· btlt
ll c.a-i be
tiSt" a crashed ~i11spc'('C1M 1n l r('ffl()(.t.·
feeD" •
:CO WOf1d \\i'hatP.\'f'I lfle loc:.itttOn. tht"!C.'
bt' CoOO rt"'~~~ 1hf' PC'.:> <.<.u1nol be- e.:t'itl-, 01
qu 1') t"S<c>C'Cl
AStroCJ!JOn \


• ~ I>1d y

nJ!'Al'11v n1 1F~

rhe PC~ are troJ\'eboe: to a r'C'motc. virtually un1nhab1ted
world to dt; 1vl'r a ro.1d ot parrs. f.irm1ng equiprnent, and
otht:~ supphc<i to C!cc1r View a lledghng cotony of disSJdents
f eei·1e ln'penal sp"cc A nvpcrspace ml~hap, damaged
t'ypc·drNc. or ml funct10r'lll"li nav1computer onngs r':'le sh·p
ov· OI hvpe.-;,:>Jce tar lOO close to lhe pta.oct The ship enter;
the Jtmosphl!re toe. QU!cl<ly. fr>'"i '" ""'eark>nal controls
and en~ m the process The PC pilOt has limited control
Over the Shrp'i tf:JJCCOOry, ev1ng them Or. ya fe\Y ChOtces o!
poss bk: crash ~es, The sh·p may come
on a rocky
s~r<i. the Cd~ ol 1 and deser'. or an OP<"' ptain ... h
sp;,rsc \'egetauon


Ille eras!' 11 severe. tearrne mo;OJ P•:<es on of tne sh.p
a'JO ·en<len1"4: 11 useless unti tnc PCs can con<1ue1 senovs
•epa r; w lh prcpcr tCdYlol0£M:al suppon. rte charact<!!'i
migtl1 rece"" Cma I unes 111a1 cOlid PfOle hard to nea
" thout ail! Ary other \-el>des or craft aboard arc
"rly also O• ~royed or at leas1 sign1hcan.1y comaged T1'e
c1,1 1T4hl "'c tho PCs the optlOI\ o' cohblin& togclher a
na,.es.hift V!!t t bt.Jt rt shou!d be s.lo\v diffiwlt to ma1rna1n,
Md l·kely LO qu t 1or &ood ar any mom~n·
T~c PCs mus! g3l~or t~ett1c1 wna~ supplies they can
;-ri<j ccoic i;p wtt. a p a.n for survival. 1! e;· have ~ome basic

The PCs might also consider hui!Oing a boat J1HJ rl'IJkitttJ

their .,.,,ay i!·long the coasllinl'. If tJu.•'Y JJr1ocd 111:Jr tl'c ocean
They must contend w1tt1 hazarooJs rocks and poJnd np.
~'1aves. but a5. ~he co:o:'ly is not situated on the coast. the
PCs 1':"l:J'Sl e-.·ernw I>· rnake the1 .. way in In rid
The PCs were unknowi1.g y rorin ni at-ead or schedule,
anc L"le- colony was unav·oarc ot rt'.C'1r wetks·early arnval
The•e s no IOC<J government or o:>M!• ;irovp U1at m i~l l•Jve
derected the crash The PCs o•e Ofl u·e1r ow:'I ·1ow. al"\d prob
ably oecoxe a-.-;are of th"> !>Oeln after the crJsh. They h;r.;e
matec sl'<Y:·ra~ cor.unks a: bes:. anyt~1ne capobk: o•
\VK!ec' broadcast \'oas destroycc r. tf":c c

lr111!a'ty. ~e PCs i'.3\."e su'fic1ent

wpp es of kJoc



J>Oh"'ef T'lCY wot.:Jd be wcw to 1a~ tt:iesc 1esources. b~1t
c~er are ooc n immeciatc danger ot uno1ne ou1 lne b>eeest obstacle JS tile te<ra1n. Tney n<JSt constan~; de.ise

c·oss rav.r:esa~d uaverse fl.Ued i- Is._ .:v-iy an

across a~e sm.aJI ar.d oocttJm.1: ,1\h1Ch r:;:r0>;1d<>s
1or poor hunting ar.d some n·wrtt me surpnses). Tl1C~c 1s no
s gr:1f1c~: ra·ri~a. and tl":e sun bC'a:s oowr on :tern. forc1ne
1hem to devise \\'G~'S to p,..Ot¢ct thcmscr .. r~
rr~ t,'Jey" r-Jn

sl 81'tly moro hos~ll~ble pl~•ns covered m sparse vcgctanon.
ii siRn1hceint1y tall "'ount;11n r1dgt>. a wide river. and similar
fc~wres. The PCs m1ahl be aware ol dal'gerous wildlife

Seeker chatoc~ers car be \.'Cl)' l.Jsetul If: prov d•ne m\lny
forrns of s:.irv1vahst s~ppo~ Hl,Jl'lte~. f\Jvia;i10~. '11'd Pat·1
finde"S can hcl? naviga~e l ht'! na·ur,-,1 lerr(l r· Hclfr•l " m1aht
Kn011\' -iNhat compr"ses safe shelter ilt d <:ou d tap nto u·,c Liv
mg Force lor guid<>ncc. the) m•jlht a so Jltracl tllc attctt101·
of a iocal a:iimal compao on. StronQcr c t· ar<1cl1:r~ cJn nclt>
muscie supph~ over o~sLacles 10 t~e landscape. I he PCs
rnust rlla:'(e- frequenl Resilience checks, \'thicl· Should oc
particularly chal engine <>s the PCs must cxpMO s1 ~n1NcAnl

If l hey rnakc successful Knowledee Checks

enC'!i'f to ttol'S treocherous terrain

C)lii'tS of the p.,~r,e•'s su11ace 011 the r dawpads. but nothif'l great d~ta1I The r~ is sulhcient u\fo~mJ.t1or, 10 plot a
bas c cowse to the C<Jlony, which s Jl lcas1 1.000 <1lomeh~rs ,:rway I h<::1 urt 1n this for lh<' long h~ul The inLerver.irlg
ierro•n consim or hot Jrid dcsor• plains and rugged ll1lls,




rhe PC.~ rrQ1S u~to n;gged p 1n L'\at are CO\'Nl I \\:1lh tow
b 1arre veect4\tion. oruch o' '" ch has s;xne barbs. or
other pnc<IY o~rcnsc mechanis'Tls O&~ plJClS secrete J
oox1ous s1nclling, sL tl(y sap. 1nc PCs musl dcvi~r wa:,·s Lo
pro:cct thcnls<.•lves and lorgr .1 paUl as they h<:e11 to run
low or rouU, w.1Ler. and po+'i('f (tLougn tt-cy Ciln d!ter1pl lo
rcplcni::J' \'o 1lf" dl.rirg il)frPqu1..·~t ra1r st:Qts\1.!f')I they earn
w~kh \'Ctela. onr~·':'can eJl. tlioJ?..~ it ~·1 t tllctJJrl\' apµct;zu1g. IV\\'C'f "ar eny d101ds be'rOMCS an 1\-,u~; por:<lh:.P
ge~eralon. 1rom the st;1p ;uc h<X01111ng dt'plt~led. forcn'lg
Ule PCs 10 !'r>vPrely r.olion p(')WC'r LO the111. Medlt"fll 5upp!1t>s
a ..e proh.1h:y sµect as we'll S•NJ11ns or srnall (r~1Lurl!s arc

Tile PCs reach a 1011 mountJm rldP.f' They ha'.l! , _ r~
ntOC.11 t31nsfordavs0f~ andh:Jvcnao ume•optan 'Al:' r
d .tent. They must pick out an appropriate prtss trirough

C\' ~nt.

orter atL1ckire w•K:11

Tnsporuon ol th•: .ou·ney l


r~· PCs arr- prep.lrlfli meals
01 le.JS( a couple ol

The P(..s, crncrgc lrom the pl."1u-.c; when they re<i<h d n1.assivt!'
"lVLY :h.;i: u.-Q.1t·es boats to cros~ Ttacks in ·tic nHHl arid oth
Cf c'ut..~ Lip l wrr: _)(• th.1· Of.l"t.'f ~ntic'.'lt oc-~ ~ue 3ro!J1d
If ti ey a·e r."~' JI. the PG one 1hc .onab!tilnh beloro they
Lt'er:ise1vcs irf' d1StO':crr.d OnC' way oi onolht!r, lh<' PCso:1s
i:ovcr ~ l"Jl'ir'r'UtlVC village or ()l.>OUl f:lly tamOrr(\Or\S On tl1C
b;in<s o' J l.Jcnd in thr. rvc1 Nobody kno•Ns wny ur hotv they
r.ot chere. but tncv\·c <k:.Jf1Y tJi'cn 2roo~ fot socn~ tim<'
~ :t'k.> PU m:anage to cJIS(uU Irk- 5ituat;0n '"th the Garno<
re.ans. L"lC PC.4ii 'i'ld they wt'1e .el• bcn nd lO s:v:irrl f)n old bu: lhl\ s 1r1ugg1er~ haven't been back for <H lcasl
t\'lcnty YC<.H') rhc.• GarrtOff('.")nCj have 1nanagcd 011 lhcu own
si.1cc tt·&l l 111·c. a·1d use tn('I f<>llow1r g prohlc

Strorgond dull )°"i -ro. eor~.or1eanscan be rOU! d .K fOS.S the
11a1axv whet('V('r hnite rorlc 1l> rccd~d• ..:.:~pc<1t>ll~' as guards

i VJI' 1~1> u;~J



Skills; BtJWI !-i, Mc'IC<? ~
Talents: k.·i:>e ...rlow1 {<1f{P( h1ll1ng 1r. a Mt.~tcc 1ttdck.
lhC atla.:~,.r n >y S<X'f'd \I, lO knoc• :he t<lrgct llfOrle).
Abilities; l'llon<Equipment: I 11.c:e axe (\1c tc. 0.1maec 9~ C1111tal
5; llanp,o 1rrr,1eecr1. Cumbori.on1c 51
I low tt:e PCs nnrJ G<1r1011e.1ns 1•1Leract ic;
rrairply cttiocndcnt o~ the ..ioproach the?t thP
P<".s take_ fhe C;-1mo0Cdf1~ art- n.tturalty ;ic; •
f!'e'SSl\"'e JS ('\'N .;nd 31w~ w ling :o tig_•1t Ho-o't
eve:. clever PCs 1"1 ghl be .-.bit- 10 nl'{!Otlale with 1hr.n1 to
obt;iin o" foou. µr1rnil1ve mrdlr:'ll c;.1ppl1es (11 th(:y (l;uc).
or <J look al wriatev-e .. thr ~mum: er~ stas~cd aw<ly 1n
a ncarb~· vrclaU·1cated b l'lrl nt-: There arr. no vctudes
o .. \sr.ct•OOJ comm:Jnic:..1t10nS geJ~ lhts ccukJ go on or
many day:.. ou1 a~ ~:>Me P')'nl t!le PCs rnuM f ~'° :l way w
cross 11e 111/t'r, 1A·h1('h nows l3s1er ?.nd is r'l<.>r~ cha.len.g.~e
thei11 1L lirst appl"ti''S and contnins ((l101vorou:; li ~h of varv1ne

sires a·id vrciouc>11ess.

whi<.h to m(lk() lhc1r nucmpt to tross over to the Olher side.
lly now. any µ'1wcr €MCrators should he completely de
olrrf'ld. unle!iS the PCs have cornc up with a clever w:>y to
rc<hJrge them. (A·llu~ heavy dr0&d4: over the mo.1rua1r~ rs
\c ') cha cngnw.. rs v.t Al of ·rv
factors shouk:i rt-qurre
ll 1C characters lo J>t!'rform man)• Athletics and Resilience

checks along tile 1ournC'y. with the CM .:tdjustrng d1lhcult)'
bJ~t'.'c1 on tl1c cu1 it.!nl r.rttinc and whl'lt (if any) 1nethods r.h~
PC!> h~Yl' dt!v1st>d ro aid then pa~~.1cc The 'Nealh<"' soo:'l
l1't:cor111es a sif,n1hr.1t\t rs.sue as ¥fell. \'flth datly mol'!SOO.'lS
tl 111ter:crc with Jftcmoon ll~l m the lo\.'ICf e ewuons.
Sno~.,. r:O\IE!J'S the htr.f"<-r peaks. 1r1dud1n-r. ~mP of lhc passeco
h<':T\\t~en then1.

Tne PCs can ""' the colony as th"V ~end the !<Ir de o
Uic mountain~ They mieflt dc...-r~ a way to s g1:al the" I
lnr.c or one ur 1IH"' IMv a1rspeedcrs 11avcling to the he1ds
Ollll'rwise. they rnust make their way to the val ey tloor
c;unlc11d1ng with larr.e pack prcd..1tor$ lb8t hound and a·t1ck
lh "'m along the w1v At.aru Stnkcfi E.xccut,oners. a d Hunt

ers prmide sif"'.o Mont aid and protrc·_ oo Those a~ oed to
111" Lrv np, forcp skllllully detect threais USIOi the Force

the ch31'0(IC1:, reach


vii.age or ont' of the

l'l111ly1ne farrns. they dre welcomtd aod cu1ckly c,-arec! for
Th<'';' reccn.·e d<:c<:11t, 1f not th<' tnO'St 3d-...-an(ed medtc3
tJfC The PCs c~n
ro na1e WSaee<s !il· e \d!ICe<; IO
the cr;ish Sile 10 r~u,...., wha;ewr miet·
lie usa~ The
colony ha> a Irv. sma sh µs. but Ille


PCs m1gtit be ~~ock for a ~.. n1ln
un~,1 .nnolhr.:r s..o;;ty sh p arn\·~~
uiat ca.-, ta• e- tne-m ba<,.. ro
• oed space

ror <'X"JO',plr.•1 P.1·htior.'c-r l'r'\~t

:o romp rrrly nrn.mvi'fll ,,, ot tac:
>-om•~ "'C"ro1.< nct1t 01 sicr am
c.or:nec.l lo lhc t.Jvmg Fc1te m .!
1rtorrr;;'ltion othi!r." Sf" rl 1"1c !.: 1 to

c:har,1<trr m·.:1 t .r>lw :"tro<.fuce a
or k'<.A. '1•\l: ti .. l 011<'11s up an ·•··- -·
c.<1·1t µ101J•c1~1. A•1 l:\ett..tlo-t

\-\ c ~kcrs rr.ay s~rt a cJrnpa,f.r. \;; rh an .1r:1mJI com
paruon c• thcU" choice, :~ere are ~of)1U':'C c.rc ;"!~tan{{~ 111
thev ::ii.t;~~ --ccn · :J .XQ.; ''t' one 1n the c?Urst of oTay

s ca•
- ·- -·-

1 ca


oet11tt11 ao'~-re. • mth a nf
b::Cor'= 'ht ~n.!rr
a achio:"' e


dO -dbruvt l-'11d, aloot •n 3 b:lf.a

rrethods r1:gtt ,lfso GllJ~ PCs
the lxerutwf11·'·~ moltVCS. or J a..
.s. becominr. ffiOf<'" don nar ·

Ani11al corrp..i·110n• <an be cti
plcting \.I ~1grt.fK.Jnt ad\~r.ture.
Wil.'c Seekers with ~'1<: Pa:!:
~1on-s bcnc'.lt the mo!.t rrorr i.J
J:iy charJ:tcr m1€h:. t>CrC'r· t
their 1 mn<!d11r~ n<!<!\ic; \1•.l: ......s.,

to ;.JfMOSl

111)' PC') wt·1·p .1pp"

A rnount m~y be <1rqu1ft'<1 i'I
particUl<U ad•;('Oltift', tht"1 £.1'3


;u it:, ~11cn•<>sf. 1I r onrh:t;,1011 A•
;in .1<1vrntur<' 11· .i ';irr,pr r.1r ...
req~11 res c.ertam 11•uu11l'> c.
one Jd\•E>1llL11e would then


u~ fuhre~~

111 a p.:-u l t... r

wo1ld'>, 111oun1s 1 n1~~l11 ul'• r
doe to lht.> ·_eir;-un o• th,...

~ ·~ G\1 m~hr 11lif'rna11vc1v
\:; ~d tticn pro ..'lf1n .1 '>l'l<'C lll"lll or
PC '.\ •P<'lld on

socieiies. f\·1ounl'i !H<· not


p.1c-k 1nimalc; .iio can oo
U\J.l lan ·~ ride tnou:its.

e- ... , .:1·1 _e-rnent comprom1St' 111e mos.1
r::-:ora·d lhils is applied cJ1llt<1en1tv kir
rank 10 ,j skill and for 1hosc ad
--. o:~ ;fleady r>tofKJf'Ol ;n the rarer 01
IJki fH~I

Pd th~ sdl or rn.ent to be learned. 1hc- mort"
be regarded as a Sl.litablc r£'11\¥l1

""™'lh!OC specOJI h<lppen' to a chaia<'et g:to
rad or ta!ent lhrQUJitJ lhrs rC\~rd The skiU 01 :.1'
t act.a·Ked through dijgcnt pracuc.e or ur.dt~f U:t?


~'kc of a ntentor. Instead. rhc Fore!' {1'afUS the PC c:u,
c;i. >-ar.y or \'?SIOR th.Jt collcidcs -n1th rapid .1d\.'1rtrctn('1:t
abil :y or k.rlo\'41.cdgc. Usually. rhr. sk.11 is tc~itt~ hJ Ult.'
'ittkcr's s;wc1ali7ati0n, but the rC\;i.:3:d (.Jn bl.- t'XfJ.JEUt.•d lo
\Ahct s:..i!l' if the Gr..t d<,:')lrc~ Su<.h d<.lvdrlCcrncnts should tit'
I mncd to CHlC time p1..·r ~1U and up to twlCe ptot ld!ent trt:e

Anv tdlc11t U1at 1s grdnled Sllould be one of thoc;(' rh.1r


neJ<l <:.1VJ IJhlt> Vla ttle PC's currc-nt path on;) t.11rnr rr~ Tne

{i?i,:1 h<1"$ U1e cl1o;,cretion to p,ranr on(I r..i!E'nr out of ordeL f\io
othC'r t'1!f'nl<; m.1y br- <1dvanrPd from If ufllf'..,~. lt1e PC tJkcs
1hr. inte;n1ed1~tc till~nrs in rtic x1n1e- path.

In order ro prevent m-erty


)'fardS. the n~r I.he ~tll rank or !he

1'e regt.: ar xP tr

more Costly tt:c t.1!:cnt

<:Mardt'd. the narde1 ;t snnutd t>e •o ga "l tha: re;,·ard Cain
~r.g a r:Jrk of tnree or higher or a talPnt cosur.E; 15 or mon;
XP this lie a GU1te rarr. orrurrence. In the cac:;c of n1orcadV;)flccd ~k·ll ranKs or Ullrnts. before the advcnturt.: liCG:O>.
the CM may wish w reveal tile r.~·!lird "somcth•ng the PC
could c.Jrn by t.1king certain actions
The- sk ll rark or talent 1s

u~u.11 ~

adaed beh\ttJ'l r,.1mie


However. \\it.'1 somie ofJnn1n.g. a Gt\.i could surprrse
a PC and aran: the skil 0< talent duting garr.c plav as part
ol !~e plOt 0< szory advan«<nent. A VI"°" rou-0 P<""1de m
mediate 1ns.1wit. or contact with " holocron or Sith art11Jct
m1cht bestow an unexpected ~dv<trlrcmcnt

Sim l..Jr to Skill Trajni ng and Talents on page 93. tri\.~
rc..'Yl,,Ud~ e,rant an immcd ate a• ocemcnr ir. a f.orlc w~t
or pawer S.1ch rC'I~ are alnlOSt 31'.~ys lied to dn 11111po1
tant force ...ision or r.a r-,.()(1 lhfou&h encou!ltenng a J)O"'\.-ttul
t1olocron. Force 1mbttcd art or even~ Foret> sp1nt \i\'h11r
let1r"1ng .i nrw f()rce power can be il version of lh1s lt!\'YJrd, 1l
1~ 1riorr t ypir:<>I to award an upffr.)dC on L11e powt~r\ IH'C Thr
GM m3y <elect lhe upgradr.. or Jllow the player to thno<0

The lhatacicr learns somclh"'lt ol <hof!·tcrm "'"'"''"""

?O'»•bly through lhe Force or through p<'JWnal o"'-en-atlons
dnd atcrme"lc;., that will hdve an 1rnPJc ton fl.Jture actions. lhr
nformat1on rC'\·calco. to the PC isn't c-;isily 3tta1nablc bu1 11
opcn5 op OC\v avc.nues for thr PC's <;ultess. In rolcplt:iyiug
terms, 1hc character rnip,ht lr,1rn 1nfo1111at1on that pro\'idc~
si€f1tf1(....111L lc....,..erage a~inst an NPC. Betorc trtl\'Clifl{! LQ <Jn
itr-Port.Jnt or dilficu!\·to-reach k>CJtion. rhc PC rn1.ght eJrn ot
severa routes and uncover h nts :ihout the advantages .Jttd
cf•Sd~•nt~ of each.

A.Jtt-rnati..-ety. \\'flat the PC IC<lfm. rn1ght nol or 1mm<'<11·
.1tC'ly ;,pp.1rent or us.able_ l111h1'> \.J~c. lhe Cf\~ lll(Jy c:;clf'<t or I!
skill Of type ol skill (such as one ol the various Knowle<Jgc
skf/lsl. I ho PC may add :q. Of O 10 one futu« skill chock
ofter mnk•nc the roll.


\\'Mc ft "® d ti<! •de<!l ' r~• Ola}'e' could c0<nbocc the
1,:f<XrnatJOn or0\'1de<S 1n 1hiS: 'e-ivard rnth p:c-r OtK hirws and
the ct.aracter"s b.:tek.stof'\· :o a<r"ve at a mo~nt of epphany.
''1duc1ng a p';iyer to pu11:e out such an ai:i;nmcnt of de-t-otls
and <:oncepts c1n bf\ d1ff1c.ull to pull oft in pri'Jc:tu,:c. It 1s ofter
s·mpler for 1:1~r GM to prc."SCnt th~ surpnsin~ n'ormat1on in
1L~• cnf!rcry and to allow 1hr. pl<
iycr lo rcac.l lo U1aL Instead.
In t'>•s case. •l " cspcc1.111y ~clpf,il ,r lttc CM relnys the intormatior. 1~1 a focused .ind fashion lo ~1elp corl~Y the

momenrs ·~porta;")('t :ir.n d'arna.
A· of cnliehtenrrient can aJso ac.."l<J a Seeker on a
Ir. Star Vi:Of\ TIK' OonP ~\.O~.

~rsona' aa.. cntu1e or qu~t

'\-Mrt comes to fea In' th.11 hr car hear \'le voice ot Oui Gor'
Jino. sorot•th1ng Ile had brlicvcd co be 1111pol>1>1blc Thi" rcvcl{ll!On ~ends \Oda on ;t QuCl)l co d1scov~r hol•11t \'hl:\ por.siblc.
whtch became 1ht· hrsr step roward leurrh1R even deeper
rnr•stenes about tnC" r{)rre. It a:so helped h m come lo terms
With the proerco;co or the Clone '¥Vars and lhc JccJ ·~ part 1n il.
eoen: ... nJc c1J...,~s obscured JC(f vis,.~ and the ~·.ciful

and lt'llmedi.a!e Srth thre~t !'t!'r1'k1inco

Though Secker.; arc kllO\'•ll for workm{! .alonr or Ill small
croups, t.hc:y orobobly ~l1ll operale in vir.w ol ri'rt::iul ind1v1d
ua:s or !oczi society. or wllhm a ol I kc·m nded beings.
1\."i chc·,1 bc<Or"'le known for the.r abilit:C"~. knm" or rel.a
rion~~ps. Ollil'f) cornt• 10 h<>'d ttcr.i 1n 'lret'et within
th4"' cor·fincs ol tht-'lr f•'<P£"f'":•SC
~per t!Oee. 1~ Scckc!'
lhus e,<tirr.:. sc»re st.1rtaing ~.,. rt"-in a social group Ths conc.cpt
of stand rg does no1 !':?\I(' a'l assoaated game mcchnric. 1l
1~ :css !ormal. and 1hr \,M has a great dcnl of flcx1b lily .n
bestO\vine it ilnd ctC'tcrrn:rune the ~ttl'<:ts it hJ> on NPCs the
<J1<11<1ctcr assocrntc· w1Lh. PCs \'iho r~C'iVC' rcwi.lrds of stand·
1n~~ shoulrt have re.:ular ooporturntics lo u~t? 11. wt'ethrr of
rhP1r O\'•fl 1r'l;t1atr...c or though C~1 airar~ernt>n! Thry also
9"1ouk1 be alb.vcd to (Ot"IM: up \\l!h thel'"
J)O:'t"f\t1al uses
of tt:eu stanchrli. [x..'lmp -.~of sta'ldlrg cue·



• Among other hunters and trosc in rrt:ueo: professions..
a rluntcr 111er1t occowe known for expert knu~·;lcdgc of
certain wolld.,, 1ii111in. or rreature~. The PC s :;omcone
whom 01her hun1<:~ seek oul for kno•NIOdCc· anU Jdvic:t!,
perhaps f!ivinR lhe PC nc•N con11r.(tio1~!> ,,111<.J polf'nliar
new a(1vnnt11rfi'~.

Enhet·nc.-r •nent ts a rC\'\<lrd ~ed for cxccp4!()(k)I (1rc.:1.1rn·

A Hermit d¥.\!l1nc deep among L'tC <M:'~'fCM'f'l hil!s wim.
Ill a tanelecJ torest s ieno't'l(l lO have o soeaal cor:nrcr on
to the plants >ml
ol the areJ L0(.,1 s «ek t'le
hermi'i: QUI wn1lc k>oklng lot rare plants Tt0$e ser.~1t1vc
ro rhe Fortl' QJ1ckly chsc:o.;er thC' rhar~cter has a strong
undi:r:,t<Jrit11ng of t!\•Cryth ne that hJµpens n the area. ·
ll,ank' to lhe llormli's connect<on to the llvln& Force.
I he PC might rvtn train those wh.o disp!.~v c·xccpt1onat
skJls or dcd1rarior1


)li>ntcs 1ntormation rf?\-ea ed by Ul!s r(-'Yf.-ard ofrCfs. a Ide
.J1lennn mprovement ror Lhc PtilVC~ Char deter It should bl'
deeply l ied IO lhe PC's backstory or (Ullt!tll sLOry clcmC"nt~
Acqwrrnr. a new talent or r.orcc power related 10 fhP s1tul\
tion under which cnbghtc11111cot occurs <:ould be part or lhc
re-.vard. r he information acquired m1p,ht lc;id the PC to folio,,.
a ne;v path ao; it changes. IJle ct .;r1u:tct"o; immediate outtoo~

Ar (XecutK>Oer·s rcp.n.a·K>n fOC" ~' 't vtOler:ce and dr...1th

De&••S !O '"'•ad Th<' PC bc<omes teared amone cr.em1es. arid c..-en tr;c.ncs 3rc ;nea!.y v-·rlh lhr PCs at·

litudes and 11b1 Hies. However. the de'i.~r;11e m1e,ht qui·
etly seek the Cxc(.ul1Qrer's aid. I O<:i.JI cr1m1na s or even
crime lord; fcDr il<e PC, r.rant'nc the Cllaracter a 91cat
advanl.age over 1hc1r under·




T'le gains a sm.111 bcncfil '01 'u1nph.:l111g .J per.><>r.11

Sr~kC'r; tend to be soJ1tary or al least p1cfe1 LOwork on their
own They benefit from h..1vine a s.pace or local.Jon to \'e'hicr
lt1ey can retreat re€,u1arty nus gives them a chance to fC"St,
tra~n.<'~ conccnt<ate. or simply rM' 1n peace for a
11mc \v thoul frequent interruption trom their companions

eoal Lt'ilL isn'1 tnc rrJ1n lJ)~ (I~ hi1'1<1 or Ille foc-u~ of thr
cJrrent ao\·Cntu1c E!>!>tl Lnlty, U'l"i rC•\\'3rds tt.c> S.C>Pker

character for ~'.ay1ug lfut: to Jorm no rn:u1c-r tne ~luatiou.
for l"Xdr'IDle. ar. Ata• .J SHikC"r m (Jit

r.<> Ot·l uf lhc way to

de€f~e'y auadc. N'Cf"t"I~ 'f'!.f<·illPi "r:&1nrnxent br.J,.lnOc·rs
caught tn a ma,or <on"fOf"flhon bc1\\et:n the PC.s :ind their

eoem.c:s. A Pathhn()('r ml(!h· 1.~ Jn an1:na1 COMP.11ion to
an Oppoot"t1t 1r a , that

arcumve~1 ;-, skirm'St: or outi·11l
~ias. confrontauon 01 corn1:>;11

U!>tialty :h s rC\1:rd

rc.·suU 1n

bcn(•'KiaJ man estatK>ns

ol t~c Force lor •~~ PC. ~I ll>c GMs diSC-etlOn I oc "''"''0
docsrf1 rtlrcc(iy thcl~e the outcome of t~ Ii. tu.aho•, bul
ll1e PC\ chancr< tor wccess. E.>wmp1c
fl"'·a·d~ can ncluctr.


T~e PC V,Jin< Ollf' 1ici: S•d• Ocstmy ""'"' ,0 .ld\I 10 lhe

()ec;:1ry poo .;r ~h(' t>t>orini·te of the g.1mc scss;on h'f'O
to four sror.~ior1c:. is lhe rec:orrrnc~crd !'lumber of ses·
sons in \\'l"ict1 to :tpply thl~ rCr\JJrd, with tile G~1 .,j~
(nc on the exact number Th<' rcw u<J 1s J!..1.1
for consccut1vc e;irric,; !1~',)}1ort!), b1Jl ll~e Gri.1
th<' PC to 'l;lvt• <JI c or n 10 1ti lor h.iturl" ""~"'
~lfl('C (O• l!lC sarre ildVt'nture

TI1c Caine Masler r.r<1r t!i l'l<'! 5('1Pkf'r a
when the cl';1r;1cler p<:rform~.,'
with 1he S<>rkcr'~ r.<>:il~ t1n<f m tJW$
select rll<' nuwh~r or t 1111t"> pe,.
b<>nus. for up to l!ucc ~arnc !.C'


A f'C could use Ille retuee during the dommme ~··=~
Ga1ne !.eSSions or adven.asres.. The location cOWd atso be 1n·
corpora:ed into an adventure. but ir ts not :i!etkled to be a
l>.w' of Oll"fatiOOs foc t!lC party 11 c<>c d se'··"' as a

rMOun:e 1n 'vhich the PC carries ou~ <.er:a tav..s or which
hol"'> benehc:IJI supplies the chdrac~· ·eo.ui,rfy ~
The lo«itiO< should be one COO"~ 10 the 5.eek
re a ""·"" loca:oOtl
• c:l<I ~ ~ • constiv<:tt"d loc3!c sue."' ~a~ roe,..., a. ~'°'..l')(t.ona'. and

c··s six.xta 1U1tioo and ;:oa/s. · c
suth as a ca.,. iC~ ;,r iJCW ~

o or






or a sma
.,;. The ref~ ts
;;oar- of a work;ne >ehtc.e Of sl>p

. -.=a \'eSSeJ or room" thin a lar&!''
:=:-y the IT1°'1! '>3V1i3U>rs and
Oil' l"-s l)1lC o1 retuee
tie a retuee "' l'lht<h

cr=••'"''4' ea;a.

S..011< Q




6110/ 16.- 1- 63344 - 2 44 - 3

29 ~.m?.,.
9 11111

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