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According to Department of Statistic Malaysia, estimated population in 2016 was

aggregated to 31.7 million people, with annual growth rate at about 1.5%. The country has a
steady economy growth with the increasing of Gross Domestic Product at 4.5 to 5.5%. With
such economic growth, living standards in Malaysia are rising with per capita income is
projected to increase by 5.6% to RM 38,438. Lifestyle changes have led to an increase in the
demand for convenience food and health food.
Malaysia‘s food industry is rich in terms of tropical and agricultural resources
reflecting diverse cultures in Malaysian society - Malay, Chinese and Indian, have resulted in
a fascinating range of processed food with an Asian twist. Increasing consumer awareness in
nutrition value and food fortification for healthcare has created the demand for
functional/healthy minimally processed fresh food, organic food and natural food flavours
from plants and seafood.

In recent years, salads have become big business in the booming food industry.

According to the report from Packaged Facts in the United States, consumers’ desire for the
convenience of having healthy meal has pushed the sales of bagged salad and ready-to-eat
vegetables and fruits from $5.5 billion in 2013 to $7 billion by 2018 The report also estimates
that sales of packaged produce through all retail channels increased by a compound annual
growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% between year 2009 and 2013.
Malaysian customers also seem to have shifting preference towards healthy meal. In
Malaysia, the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables is five servings (approximately
400 g) which are two servings for fruits and three servings for vegetables per day (Ministry of
Health Malaysia, 2010).
According to FAMA (1993), the per capita consumption of vegetables in 1982 was
27.25kg. This increased to 40.58kg in 2001, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and
Agro-based Industry (2006). Amongst the major vegetables, significant increases in per

water spinach. 1. COMTRADE. rice dishes. and 3. Yen. 4.3 SALES PROJECTION According to report by MarketandMarkets the processed fruits & vegetables market is estimated to grow with the increasing demand for fresh cut and frozen products. 2.75kg in 1982 and 8. 7. carrot. and 1. spinach.49kg. and frozen products. This is confirmed by Fatimah and Amna (2007). cabbage. apple and watermelon while for vegetables comodities. high income level. and MarketsandMarkets Analysis . 6. cucumber. 3. The market in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to grow at the highest CAGR due to the rising standard of living and growing demand for convenient products such as ready-toeat salads. who suggested that per capita consumption of vegetables in Malaysia is expected to rise in view on the improvement in the standard of living and the growing health concern among the consumers. by Year.2019 ($Million) Source: Company Website. potato and chinese mustard were the most frequent consumed vegetables. soups. 2. FAO. The growth in vegetable consumption discussed above is a good indication of the promising future growth in the salad industry.47kg.14kg. 2012 .46kg. In the report is estimated that fruits and vegetables market worth $240 billion by 2019. Company Annual Reports.76kg. vegetables like celery. Processed Fruits & Vegetables Market Size. long beans.68kg. Tan and Feisul (2012) attempted to profile respondent in a daily consumption which higher educated person. french beans.7kg. Respondents prepared vegetables in their ingredients in foods such as soup. and Chinese spinach which were respectively recorded as 3. female. water spinach. longer work hours and lived in East Peninsular Malaysia were likelihood to consume fruits and vegetables daily.64 kg in 2001. non-smoker.capita consumption between 1982 and 2001 were in brassica (sawi hijau).83kg. Nurul Izzah et al(2012) found that the most preferred fruits in Selangor state in Malaysia were banana. and varieties of noodles and in traditional snacks.

2 million GBP In Malaysia. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2016-2021) of 33. revenue in the "Food & Beverages" segment amounts to US$17m in 2016.Another report stated that expenditure on salad in the United Kingdom from December 2007 to January 2016 was aggregated to 519.6 % resulting in a market volume of US$71m in 2021. . the restaurant or food services industries have grown rapidly as the demand from customer continue to increase. According to Statista 2016.

. Our salad also use high quality ingredients and we rotate our stock in the petrol station every day to maintain its freshness. Threat of new entrants The threat of new entrants is high as the food industry is open and have low barriers to entry.4 INDUSTRY STRUCTURE In order to identify the industry structure in food industry. the Porter Five Forces could be adopted to analyze the level of competition within an industry. We only provide made-to-order salad for our customers who purchased our products through our online platform to produce a fresh salad to our customers. Food Matters need to be well differentiated from the competitors by its unique products which is a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal. Food Matters will provide the tastiest salad that varied to six different menus which we will rotate every week.2.

the trends of packaged food is more towards Malaysian cuisine such as nasi dagang. bihun goring. Food Matters still need to compete with other packaged food that contains rice. meehon goring. which Food Matters could tap into. Bargaining power of buyers The bargaining power of customer is high due to the existence of shopping center and food service choices in the area for the customers to choose. 2. There are also other Western snacks such as sandwich and pastries. Although. Food Matters offers competitive and reasonable price for its healthy and well balanced salad meal that will differentiate themselves from other food services and fast food available in the area. Food Matters establish relationship with suppliers to guarantee the quality of materials as well as to maintain industry stability and avoid price changes. and etc. Rivalry between existing competitors The competition between existing competitors are high due to lots of alternative choices available in the market. Then. In the current market. there are many new kinds of food services with different price ranges that make the threat of new substitutes higher. However. in the petrol station there is no existing competitors that sell salad in jar.Threat of new substitutes As Food Matters are located in Putrajaya. which is the staple food of most Malaysian. Bargaining power of suppliers In this case. In the Petrol Station itself there are a lot of choices of packaged food sold as the competitors. According to survey . It is rare to discover packaged food which contains vegetable and other health ingredients that are sold in the petrol station. the bargaining power of suppliers is quite low due to abundant wholesalers and farmers in Malaysia.5 NATURE OF PARTICIPANT Food Matters is the first in Malaysia to sell healthy meal in a form of nutritionally balanced salad in a mason jar to the petrol station as alternatives of packaged food takeaway. Food Matters also provide the friendly customer relationship and personal assistance to the customers. the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. Food Matters need to retain their customers by offering various discounts or coupons for repeated purchases. nasi berlauk.

Econsave 2. However. Balanced salad in jar meal is new in the market to offer competitive advantage to our company especially in Putrajaya food market. As a home based enterprises. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). there are some indirect competitions from other food provider in market such as Dominos. Traffic jam in most roads in Malaysia after working hour brought up the hassle to officer and workers to arrive at home on time to make . it has shown positive feedback on our ideas. Nonetheless. PPNJ Poultry & Meat iii) Ingredients suppliers such as Kerry Ingredients (M) Sdn Bhd. the management team has framed out the strategy for target market and identified the success factors required for the business in the long run: a) Competitive pricing Our lean operation had given our company competitive advantage against other indirect competitors. Kenny Rogers. b) Convenience and accessibility Human being tends to take the easiest way in their daily life and it has becoming a norm in our society nowadays.conducted across the public in targeted area. Dunkin Donuts.6 KEY SUCCESS FACTORS In order for Food Matters to be a success and leader in the packaged food market. There are some key partners in the value chains in packaged salad such as: i) Suppliers of cooking equipment and packaging (mason jars) such as ii) Chicken suppliers (Halal) such as AsSyam Trading & Services. utility bill such as electricity bill and etc. Pizza Hut. hiring of waiter or waitress. we are allowed to have lower price on our food serving without much spending on the shop rental. Jem Sdn Bhd. Nandos food courts and etc. Harvest Frozen Foods Sdn Bhd. details of competitors will be explained more depth in next chapter on this business plan later. yet it is encouraging to implement this business to the appointed location.

000 residential unit. packaging.000 – 100. taste. the team will not be able to stop the new challenges from imitators.dinner.000 and 64. type of food. we ease the customers from preparing a healthy dinner meal. c) Increase of population Putrajaya is going to be fully developed by 2025 with its estimated population at 350. d) Innovativeness Food industry has always face stiff competition from imitators or new market entrants. . Increasing population will increase the business opportunity in the area. Food Matters has to improve the choice of food. Even though our salad in jar is still new in market. thus company have to keep innovative menus to sustain the packaged salad in a long term. promotions all the times to maintain the freshness of consumers. By distributing our products in two channel. It also has average annual population growth rate at 5. petrol station and online delivery.40%.

They also may look for low cost. of Just Salad. people are more health conscious as they are more prefer to have healthy meals.7 INDUSTRY TRENDS Packaged food has gain popularity in the city especially among workers because of the constraint of time to prepare a meal. Made-to-order salads have become especially indemand during dinner time.2. yet it promoting a free access to all users. It makes the business owner using lesser cost on marketing and advertising by using website. Twitter account). Consumer may prefer to eat at home or home cooked meal rather than dine in outside restaurants during recession. Most of the product also seen as unhealthy because it contains rice and meal dishes which can be quite heavy for dinner. budget items as replacements. d) Technology The invention of internet has brought lots of convenience to our daily life and society. Packaged salad industry has been analyzed using PEST technique to examine current business environment factor such as followings: a) Political Government had impose several food safety regulation pertaining the hygiene of food industry. Food service providers need to take into details these food safety regulation before start selling their foods. Public are getting more health conscious by preferring to eat lighter meal and more vegetables and fruits for dinner. b) Economic Recent economic recession has incredibly disruptive in many industries. especially on weeknights when consumers want lighter meals. Nowadays. It has contributed to various types of food sold in the market with the concept of on-the-go. reducing the sales and revenues of each business. Fans or regular customers could easily acquire the latest information from . social media (Facebook. c) Sociological Packaged food has been seen by public as not fresh because it is prepared ahead of time and served cold. Instagram. Kenner. Food Matters has tried to eliminate the negative opinion over the packaged food by offering a health dinner choices for those office employees. Actions will be taken by health officers on occasion of food poisoning caused by food sell by vendors. says that sales during dinner hours have been growing rapidly.

promotions of the days and so on. . media updates on time for examples menu of the days. As a conclusion. By doing so. Food Matters is able to use PEST analysis as a framework to work out future strategy. the advent of social media enables more interaction between management team with the customers that enhance the customer relationships and also getting valuable feedback from them. it can helps to make sure Food Matters can be the market leader in packaged food market. through understandings of these challenges from external environment.

734)  However despite world economy downturn and implementation of Goods and Service Tax since April 2015.31m in 2016 to 2. The report also showed the main contributor of Malaysia’s GDP were Selangor (42.722).012).2m by 2021 which reflect the F&B market is going strong and consumer buying power is positively increase . Sarawak (44.539) and Sabah (19. The reduction of the mandatory 11% contribution in the retirement Employee Provident Funt (EPF) by 3% combined with a minimum-wage increase also had contributed to more consumer spending power in Malaysia  The Nation Global Survey of Consumer Confidence & Spending Intentions in 2016 by Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur includes Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya (94.US$71m) from 2016 to 2021. Johor (29.65 Billion or 5 per cent growth rate in 2015 which was 6 per cent lower than 2014. Malaysia had registered a total gross domestic product (GDP) of MYR 1. The number of users (consumers) also is expected to increase 70% from in a survey mentioned that Malaysian consumers have recovered spending in most essential food and non-food categories.611). nielson.3.0 MARKET ANALYSIS Market Analysis In General  In a survey done by the Malaysia in mentioned that health has become one of the Malaysian concern in the year despite having to face strict budget due to economic crisis Source: Statistic Department of Malaysia Food and Beverage Sector In Malaysia  According to statista.6% (US$17m. revenue in the food and beverages in Malaysia: is estimate to grow 33.

Target Market - Salad On The Go will be sold at four petrol station in Putrajaya namely Petronas recint 16. growing millennial population. frozen. Petronas Precint 18 and Shell Precint 8. - Malaysia’s female labour participation rate (FLPR) climbed to 54. cooled. Other factors that influence customers to buy product online are due to transparency in deciding prices. Petrol station has been selected as Sold On The Go distribution hub due to accessibility and location whereby the particular petrol stations are within the vicinity of residential area and office buildings . on-the-go consumption habits. This statistic was a wake up call for the Malaysian and following that. FDAUSA also mentioned that the key drivers and trends of RTE growth market due to increasing population of working women. Ready-to-eat food can be defined as animal or plant derived food that is cooked.USA (FDAUSA).Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Market • According to The Food and Drug Administration. increase in disposable income and consumer preferences for healthy and convenient food  RTE market in Malaysia: Factors contributing to the growth of RTE market: - Hectic lifestyle of Malaysian and the need for convenience food had changed Malaysian food consumption and eating trends - Google 2014 survey reported that “two of five Malaysians (43%) who have never purchased online before will start in the next 12 months” shows that there was an increasing trend of online purchase which may contribute to the booming of RTE market in the country. while 30% of them are overweight.3% Government servants are obese. washed. The report also mentioned that Putrajaya showed the highest obesity rate whereby 40.8% in 2010 which may increase the need to have RTE food available at convenience store or petrol station because this group doesn’t have time to cook and need quick meal for them and for the whole family. and processed to be consumed directly or after heating.7% Malaysians are obese. cooked for hot holding.1% in 2015 from 46. busy work schedules. Petronas Precint 9. Malaysian has become more health conscious and opt for healthy food. values and availability of products - National Health and Morbidity Survey of 2015 done by the Ministry of Health showed 17.

120.94 square kilometres (7.000 –100.000 residential unit.931 hectares of land.000 acres). the company only accept order within Cyberjaya and Putrajaya area only for starter Putrajaya Sits on of 4. approximately 25km south of Kuala Lumpur and 20km north of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Accessible via major highways (BESRAYA. ELITE. SKVE.000 • Cyberjaya - Spanning an area of about 28. Maju Expressway Expected population: 210.000 population.000 people. labor force 500. 64. SKVE.000 labor force.000 students - Target customer: - Working women and men . PLUS.- • - In terms of online business. 30. Maju Expressway) and train service Fully develop by 2025: 350. the town is the nucleus of the Multimedia Super Corridor Accessible via major highways: ELITE.

30 am .com. bun. Ikon Cheras and PJ Trade CentreEight recipes: Truffle Mushrooms Insalata Di Pasta. cakes. Nandos. Pizza Hut and Fuel Shack Food price for dinner meal generally range from RM5 – RM20++ Dinner meal usually include drinks. pastries.Online food orders represent 15 percent of a massive US$70b global food and beverages market. Sayur Ala Provence. however Klang Valley is still relatively limited when it comes to healthy and affordable options. ) and Cyberjaya (1 shopping mall).my 2) Vending machine (custom made.Malaysians are becoming more tech savvy and love the convenience of ordering items online . Superfoods .Government promote living a healthier lifestyle.thegreenies. Nice-oise Salad. soup.Additional services: Free delivery or flat rate delivery charge 4) Salad In A Jar existing business - - Owner: Kelvin Thong and Poh Kuang Office: Petaling Jaya Mode of marketing: 1) Online order http://www. Mortar Pestle Pesto .Delivery within Klang Valley area / delivery ends ranging from 11 pm to 1.000 calories/jar . The food price range between RM4 to RM7 3) Online healthy food delivery .Packed food sold at petrol station such as assorted packed nasi and mee. chips. C180 Cheras.- Hectic and busy lifestyle Age 25 – 45 years old Salary: RM2000 – RM3000 monthly Live in Putrajaya & Cyberjaya Competition Salad On The Go competitors are: 1) Fast food restaurants Located within or outside shopping mall in Putrajaya (2 shopping mall. rice 2) Ready To Eat food sold at petrol stations . This growth showed consumers are quickly moving online to do everything. Mcdonalds. many people would save time and money from using a food delivery service . which includes ordering food. Currently available at Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre. Among other fast food restaurants at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya are Kentucky Fried Chicken. accommodate up to 126 jars at full capacity and salad change every four days.Food price range from RM9 to RM25 per meal (not including drinks) . Because the city is also quite spread out. . Fruit Salad La and the Protein Jar Price: RM12 – RM15 Calorie content: Close to 2.

000 each partner) Location (central kitchen) : Dwiputra Residence.4. of employees : 2 cook 1 part time runner Marketing channel : Online: social media (FB. Kajang. Putrajaya No. Instagram. Type business of : Healthy food dinner meal provider Business partner : Start capital up : 1) Norzurina binti Tahir (32 y. Precint 15.1 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Company description Description Name company of : Food Matters Sdn.o) 2) Essa Virginia Renandra (26 y. clean and prepared with no MSG or preservatives Goals and objectives Target First 3 years in operation 5 years in operation Profit (RM) Online Delivery Add more healthy menus Bangi.0 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION 4.o) RM100. Bhd. Nilai Whole Valley Product and services Product name: Salad On The Go Price: RM8/jar Klang . Twitter) Offline: flyers / banner Mission statement Make eating healthy for dinner ridiculously simple with the freshest ingredients.000 (RM50.

Online order will only be delivery around Putrajaya & Cyberjaya only. 9 & 8 and Shell Precint 8 . Both partner act as Chief Executive Officer of the company and responsible in the respective roles: . Saturday • • • Mediterranean Salad Heathy Taco Salad Strawberry Spinach Salad With Strawberry Vinaigrette Sunday • • • Deconstructed Sushi Salad Grilled Chicken Salad Pomegranate and Pear Salad • • Tofu Salad With Sesame Lemon Dressing Grilled Chicken Salad Pomegranate and Pear Salad Competitive advantage: - The company will be using built in dressing container to maintain the salad freshness and crisp.Direct sale via four petrol station at Putrajaya namely Petronas Precint 16.Direct sale start from 4. Salad On The calorie is less than 500 kcal/jar compare its competitiors (2000 kcal/jar) - Product price are low and affordable for middle income working women and men (take into account current economic factor) Management Team The company consist of two business partner namely Norzurina Tahir and Essa Virginia. No minimum order and delivery charge will be imposed to attract customers using the service Operation hours: .Online order close at 11 pm for next day delivery.Mode of operation: .30 pm and the salad restock everyday . Existing competitor does not use this type of jar. Food will be delivered within 10-15 minutes after customer place order Menu selection: Days Menus Monday. thus the issue of freshness is an advantage for the company to overtake the competitor - Every salad jar sent to laboratory for nutrition test which resulted to an incredible calorie reduction per jar. Friday • Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday.

control and strategize company financial Prepare financial statement for the company and relevant Authorities Designation Work Description Human resource and administrative manager Plan. control and strategize company human resource Responsible to manage and organize company human resource Responsible on selection. control and strategize company social media platform Responsible to update and manage company Instagram.Organization chart Designation Work Description Sales and Plan. Facebook and Twitter Monitor and report daily operation at petrol station . control and strategize company marketing effort marketing manager Responsible to find new market and customer Responsible to maintain/sustain current customers To come up wih new marketing strategy Finance manager Plan. hiring employees Responsible on company daily administrative matters Operation manager Plan.

Having an Instagram account is particularly important after our salad jar business is set for business. Some of the locations that will be covered by our services are government offices and residential areas.0 MARKETING PLAN 5. latest promotions and business venue. The new generation of middle aged and the office workers are looking for healthy and affordable food. For some customers.1 REACHING CUSTOMERS AND SALES GOALS 5. especially for dinner. It’s also an effective channel for building excitement among potential customers before our grand opening.5. for instance Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is a great place for information sharing with customers. We will let customers know that they can easily find out the weekly menus on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. The target market is large but we will focus on white-collar groups from public sectors. We plan to keep our customers informed of our latest news especially if there are any changes of menu and also to get closer and create interpersonal relationships with our customers. Our promotional efforts will be conducted through social media. Our base product contains vegetables. as it is a cost free channel to reach our customers. such as menu design. and carbohydrates such as pasta or noodle and our product range may be diversify to Western. These days.1. The main advantage is that the business able to reach out to customers directly and offer the convenience of quick service of on-the-go at the selected venue. The new generation of entrepreneurs which are successful are the ones who are making use of social media to connect with their customers and generate business sales. social media has become the excellent platform for marketing a business. because it is a new type of foods which are not available within their location. our business adds the convenience of having to quickly grab their dinner when they visit the petrol station or to have dinner right on their front door without having to travel very far. proteins.1 TO REACH CUSTOMERS Our business plan of Food Matters to sell healthy balanced dinner salad meal in a mason glass jar at the petrol station and also online delivery. They are generally receptive to the new idea of salad in jar. .

customer’s relationship and the revenue streams. These factors make the mobile-food concept more appealing than ever. employees today are often pressed for time. The above activities are also an effort to build customer relationships for the long term. or Mediterranean cuisine. People are seeking inexpensive or affordable meals. We need to ensure the elements in the business model is addressed correctly. We are also planning to organize social gatherings by inviting our followers from Instagram and Twitter. Cyberjaya Purchase with purchase Discount if returning mason jar Promotion Bangi. we will encourage the practice of recycling to our customers by giving 10% discount for each mason jar returned to the company. In order to achieve our sales goal. And then also as a part of CSR practices.Asian. Hence. especially for customers segment.2 TO REACH SALES GOAL To achieve the sales goal is a primary task of our management team. Kajang Purchase with purchase Reward program Growth customer (Year 5 onwards) Salad in jar Overnight oat Fruit Juice Salad in jar = RM 8 Overnight oat = RM 5 Fruit Juice = RM5 Whole Klang Valley Reward program . 5. menu changes are an easy way to keep customers interest up. 5. Nilai.3 5. with more work and shorter lunch hours. Also. we will reward the customers for interacting with us via social media channels and offer them exclusive discounts for purchase with purchases. which is the daily target of RM480.4 MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING MIX Marketing Create customer Plan (Year 1-2) Products Salad in Jar & Services Maintain customer (Year 3-4) Salad in jar Overnight oat Price Salad in Jar = RM 8 Salad in Jar = RM 8 Overnight oat = RM 5 Place Putrajaya. Some of the food industry observers claim that the packaged food is increasing largely due to response of the slow-growing economy. We also use social media to keep them informed of any new developments in the business. channel.

no delivery charge Operation hours: Direct sale: Start from 4.1 together with the business costing. 9 & 8 .1 GENERATION APPROACH TO OPERATIONS 6.3 PRODUCT &SERVICES Product name: Salad On The Go (link QST) Price: RM8/jar Mode of operation: Direct sale via four petrol station at Putrajaya: .30 pm Restock everyday Online: Order close at 11 pm for next day delivery Delivery within 10-15 minutes from order placed BUSINESS LOCATIONS FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENTS Facilities and equipments required to operate the food truck business are explained in chapter 7.Shell Precint 8 Online order . .Petronas Precint 16.0 OPERATIONAL PLAN 6.6.No minimum order.2 6.Delivery around Putrajaya & Cyberjaya from central kitchen at Precint 15 .

and output from our production to customers. Supply chain consists of the input from our suppliers to us.6. .4 SUPPLY CHAIN Supply chain is an important factor that determines the success of food business.

some of the money also will be used to pay for fuel (RM800 monthly). This part time runner would be paid RM 1000 a month. This model was specifically designed for display our products as well as to keep the products warm and fresh. will invest RM50. Each insulated box costs RM 300. we will need to purchase an insulated box to put on the back of the motorcycle to keep the salad warm and fresh.000. Moreover. . Bhd. The cost of each warmer is RM 400 which we will buy for 4 location.0 FINANCIAL PLAN 7.7. Since our mode of transportation would be by motorcycle.1 SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS STATEMENT Every shareholder in Food Matters Sdn. Some of the funds will be used to purchase food warmer for our distribution channels at the petrol station.000 making the total capital available to the company at RM100. We have no intention of taking out any loans to finance this business venture. c Our distributor would be part time runner who already owned motorcycles.

This location will serve as the base of operations and central kitchen for the business. A total of RM5. Utilities and telephones charges are estimated at RM1. All equipment will be placed at the central kitchen. . A third cook will be employed in the third year of operations. Salary for our cook would be RM 1500 each.000 will be used to purchase crockery and kitchen appliances required for food preparation. All food products to be sold will be prepared by our cook at this location.A condominium in Putrajaya will be rented at RM1.700 monthly.000 and RM200 monthly.


43 .

960 5 660 3. 7.940 2 660 5.2 DEPRECIATION Our company utilizes the straight line method to calculate depreciation values of for all assets.The rest of the funds will be used to purchase raw materials for our food products like pasta. vegetables.300 6 660 2.3 YEAR DEPRECIATION BOOK VALUE 0 0 6.600 1 660 5. Any excess food not sold will be donated to the needy.2 ASSUMPTION SHEET 7. There is also the business license (Syarikat Suruhanjaya Malaysia) which will cost RM60 annually.320 9 660 660 10 660 0 MARKETING EXPENDITURE . There is no carryover produce to ensure that all our products are fresh.640 7 660 1.1 INVENTORY All our food products are produced and sold on the same day.980 8 660 1.2. Finally RM 400 will be used to purchase accounting software to process and maintain the financial records of the business. chicken. olive oil and so forth estimated to be RM240 daily. beef.2. The economic value for kitchen appliances and food warmers are set at ten years.2.620 4 660 3.280 3 660 4. 7. 7.

2. 46 .4 7.2. Bhd.2. Food Matters Sdn.2. 7.Social media i. with a paid-up capital of RM100.2.000 as in table below 7.4 7.4 CORPORATE TAX The corporate tax structure which applies for our company.e.2. Instagram and Twitter will be the channel for marketing our business.2.4 7. Nevertheless.4 7.5 PROFIT All shareholders have agreed that no dividends will be paid out in the next five years and that the entire profit of the business will be reinvested back into business for further expansion.2.2. The cost is estimated at RM400 for 1200 colored and laminated A4 sized (128GSM 4C4C ARTPAPER) flyers.4 7.4 7.4 7. our salad jar will also participate in food fests and social events such as ‘Mega Festival’ and flyers will be distributed to the visiting public to help create awareness of our business.4 7.2.4 7.

.3 SALES FORECAST Daily sales are estimated to be RM480. Sales for the first two years are expected to increase by ten percent annually. That figure will increase by 15% in year three and 20% in year four and five.7.