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Aguilar 1

Myranda Aguilar
Professor Connelly
English 2 MW
Metacognitive Cover Letter
We have done annotations for all of our readings like in the text book and Invisible
Gorilla. We have analyzed advertisements and pointed out all of their fallacies and interpret their
meanings. All of our formal assignments involved drafting the rhetorical analysis. In order to do
that we needed to read, interpret, and explain what we mean in our drafts. For writing skills in
critical and analytical, we used peer workshops and reviews for our writing processes. This
helped us give our peers other points of views as well as receive another points of views to help
us develop our papers further. Doing free writes and brainstorming help us with presentation and
control of our papers. Doing shitty first drafts and free writes allowed us to get our ideas onto
paper. After getting feedback from our peers, we do a revision plan which helps us set up ways to
correct our mistakes and make our papers stronger. Our last essay required us to do some
research. We learned how to do annotated bibliographies and also in the library workshop class
we were taught how to properly research for peer reviewed articles. We got different points of
views from our classmates through class discussions and various group work activities. We
worked on the advertisement analysis with a partner and pointing out stuff that the other person
didnt get the first time. For the first part of our last paper, we did a group project to further our
knowledge about the various illusions from Invisible Gorilla following with a presentation to the
class. We lastly, learned how to add quotes into our essays by using the quote sandwich method.
During class discussions I was very engaged in my own way. I like to listen to other
points of views different from myself. I think Ive voiced my opinions the most I ever have in
any class. I think voicing your opinions in this class will affect your grade because it helps
yourself as well as the other people in the class. Help as in, if someone is saying what a quiet
student is thinking, the quiet student will feel comfortable speaking up. A lot of the times in the
past when I was a lot more quiet during the discussions it was because I didnt want my peers to
think that I didnt know what I was talking about and was just speaking nonsense. Being able to
speak in this class and having other people rebuttal made me a lot more comfortable voicing my
opinions and will continue to in future classes.
My portfolio reflects my best work in Rhetorical analysis and researched-based essays. I
believe it shows my growth thought the semester from shitty first drafts to the final revisions. I
used my first and final formal papers because I felt that they were a bit challenging for me to
write in the first place and seeing the comment to help me make it stronger will show that I have
come a long way. I have had troubles in the past with research essays and now that I know how
to properly use the LRC page to get peer reviewed documents, it will help me even more in
future classes.