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park city prosperous in 1916 lacity and is so designed

that more units
can be added as needed after the new tun
nel enters the ore bearing formation con-
BY JEROME B IRELAND currently with the building of the mill the
company constructed an aerial tramway 10
did the average salt laker ever take four and broadwater mills also were re- feet in length extending from the work-
time to consider the important role which modeled and enlarged ings at the mine to the new plant the
aas been played by the great silver camp big work undertaken by king con tram carries fifty two buckets each of five
of park city in the growth and develop- years ago the management of the fa- cubic
feet capacity and moves at the rate
ment of this city if not let him look up
ud mous old ontario pointed the way to the of feet per minute giving it a carrying
the history of our wealthy men the men economical development of the mines of the total of twenty tons an hour or tons a
who have bul it fine homes here and who
bui lt district by the driving of a long drainage day the company saves 75 per cent ot
are back of the great business enterprises tunnel into its ground this example was the original cost of shipping by wagon
and he will be surprised at the number who emulated more recently by the judge min- more than 85 per cent on the cost of up
laid the foundations of their fortunes in the ing elting company then the daly freight besides the inestimable value of be-
mines of that district for nearly forty judge in the driving of its great snake ing able to keep its transportation system
years the camp has poured out a stream of creek tunnel another project along the open both winter and summer
new wealth to be immediately absorbed and same lines commenced the past summer important ore discoveries in 1916 enabled
converted to the uses of mankind and mak- calr and now being pushed ahead as fast as the company to close the year with more
ing the entire world richer to the amount money and men can accomplish the task visible and probable ore than at any previ-
of its shipments of the metals and the is the new drainage and transportation tun- ous time in its history early in the year
greater percentage of this new wealth has nel of the silver king consolidated mining an incline from the 1500 to the 1625 level
come to salt lake and has been spent here company which is under the able general opened what is called the carbonate
or invested in this city the camp has paid
enough in dividends to make three or four
louisiana purchases and has paid out as
much more for machinery and wages in
fact it is still a common occurrence to hear
the answer oh liehe made his money in wo
park city in reply to certain questions olis
one is almost led to believe that everyone
who ever lived there is or ought to be
decreased tonnage
although the figures are not all in at
this writing it is evident that there has been
a decrease of nearly 10 per cent in the luu
nage shipped during as compared with
the preceding year this is due almost en-
tirely to the fact that some of the largest
shippers are now buildingg new milling plants N A

and are holding back a large tonnage awaiti- X
ng their completion it is interesting to ni
note also that more than half of the ton-
nage sent out has been in the form of con-
cen total shipments including crude
ore and concentrates are estimated at ap- looking up empire canyon park city utah judge M 8 tunnel at left and mill at right
proximately tons for 1916 they were management of solon spiro of salt lake this is about feet from the main ore
about tons in 1915 however de- the long bore was started near the mouth channel and at a point where ift was thought
spite the decrease in the tonnage the earni- of hhaynes canyon at the site of the com that the ore was pinching out the tonnage
ngs of the mines of the camp show a de- banys new mill and will be extended from this has more than made up for
cided increase partly due to the advance feet to open up all the known and unknown the ore extracted from the former reserves
in the prices of metals and partly to the ore shoots in the ground although the and it is extending strongly into virgin
fact that a better grade of ore was shipped work was started late in the summer it is ground it was found late in the year that
than in the preceding year already in about one tenth of the total dis- this deposit contains two separate beds
practically all of the heaviest producers tance planned and is going ahead at the each running from two to four feet iii in thick-
of park city have their own milling plants rate of feet a month it will open the ness almost the entire body being of a ship-
which fact makes it difficult to learn the park city lime formation at a greater ping grade this deposit is said to be 1001 1000
exact tonnage produced in any given length depth than has ever before been done and feet long and extending from the 1500 to
of time and those which did not already the great possibilities of the work under the 1700 level numerous Nume fous other faces of
have their own plants have been engaged way could not well be overestimated
over estimated ore have been opened on the ground not-
during recent months in the construction of comp anys new mill was originally ably on the 1800 level where an enormous
the companas
these necessary adjuncts to success three grassell chemical com tonnage awaits the time when it will be
the plant of the grasselli
new mills were built in the district in 1915 an it was enlarged and remodeled during needed for the new mill
p anl
the big four broadwater and daly west the summer and in the early fall the new shipments from the king consolidated
in 1916 the silver king consolidated built a machinery was put in it consists of stand- during the year were approximately
new plant and the judge mining smelling
Sm elting ard crushing and grinding machines con- tons the company paid four regular quar-
ends the year with a new electrolytic zinc flota- terly dividends of 10 cents a share and an
cent rating tables a ball mill and oil nota-
plant rapidly nearing completion tion equipment it is of fifty tons daily ca extra of 5 cents at christmas time making
the big
and new plant average from forty to forty five and big slag dumps near ketchum idaho
the years total disbursements
bringing the grand total for the company per cent zinc the company paid two dividends of 5
to above the million dollar mark or 1096 mine operations are being carried on in cents a share or
it is said that the property will be all parts of the mine from the to the silver king coalitions policy
producing at the rate of tons of ship 2300 level with ore opened on all of them in reviewing the operations of the great
ping ore per day by next summer and that the company has developed during the past silver king coalition for the past year one
its prospects were never before so bright year one of the greatest high grade milling of its officers recently had the following to
as now ore bodies ever found in the state it has say there are more than miles of tun-
judge has great year been drifted on for considerable distances nels in the present workings and of the
the judge mining Sm elting company
smelting and opened from the to the 1200 with vast holdings of the company only about
which is a reorganization of the daly judge apparently no limit as yet found it is in one third has been explored connecting up
mining company the reorganization taking virgin territory and extending out into the the various channels has resulted in the dis-
place during 1916 reports the greatest year bonanza flat or snake creek ground covery of new ore bodies and the ventilation
of its history reports of operations show other developments in the mine have been of the mine is much improved the mail main
greater earnings and production the con- on a par with this one and the manage- deposits have been followed for feet
struction and practical completion of a ment states that there is now more ore in and an average production of tons of
electrolytic zinc plant the acquisi- sight than ever before in the history OI
of the
L ore per running foot hari
has been shown with
tion of the great snake creek tunnel the property an average value of per ton
installation of new electrical hoisting appar- despite the great amount spent in new the company has its own sampler and
atus the enlargement and extension of the equipment and development and in the ac- milling plant of tons daily capacity
flotation process in the main mill mili and a quisition of new territory the company has every improved method known to modern
general rounding out of the affairs of the paid its stockholders more money in divi- mining and handling of ore has been intro-
company which has proven the mine to be dends during the year than in any former duced electric motors are used for haul-
one of the truly great properties of the similar period the company has paid its ing and the mine is electrically equipped
west regularly quarterly dividends of 25 cents a throughout the silver hill shaft 1670
early in the year directors of the com- share the rate was not raised but the feet from the surface and feet from
pany decided to take over the snake creek increase in the capital stock called for the portal of the alliance tunnel is equipped
property upon which a drainage tunnel 14 larger disbursements after the reorganiza- with compressor switchboard electrical ap-
feet in length had just been finished to tion the total for 1916 amounting to pliances
ances hoist cable and all necessary ap-
the line of the judge ground this great as compared with in 1915 the paratus for a three compartment shaft an
bore was designed for the drainage of the corporations grand total is now important improvement of the year is the
latter and was run under the supervision of the big four mill construction of an underground station in
george W lambourne general manager for the big four exploration company at the solid rock it is one of the largest in
the judge company the tunnel will be con- that time controlled by kirk leavell well the west and consists of three rooms the
nected with the workings of the company known construction engineers of salt lake roof arch of the station is elliptical and it
and will drain them to a depth of placed its big ton mill at atkinson seven as well as the walls are of heavy reinforced
feet it has already enabled the company miles below park city in commission dur- concrete adjoining the compressor room
to work the lower levels profitably and ing the summer A complete description is the engine room forty two feet long by
makes it possible to mine at great depth in of this plant was given in the issue of au- thirty five feet wide and rising in height
the southwesterly portion of the district gust of the mining review it was from twelve feet at the back to fifty four
the tunnel is eight and one half feet in designed to handle over tons of feet at the shaft the remaining chamber
width six and one half feet in height above tailings from the great mills of the camp is that excavated for the head frame which
the rails and has a water channel three and gave satisfactory extraction of values is thirty eight and a half feet high with a
and one half by four feet it has a fall of from the start the great dumps of tailings spread of twenty five feet from front to
three inches to feet and the water flow are estimated to contain values of about back and a width of twenty eight feet the
at the time it reached judge ground was per ton in zinc lead gold and silver rooms are finished with smooth white ce-
gallons a minute and the estimated profits are figured at 2 ment plaster and are well lighted by elec lec
the comp anys electrolytic zinc smelter
companas a ton making the net value of the dumps
was commenced late in the summer and was
tri city
above the company has always followed the
practically completed at the end of the year control of the big pour
four company passed policy of taking care of its employees dur-
its cost between and was late in the year to interests closely associ-
taken care of entirely by the sale of stock ing dull times and in the bad slump of
ated with the united states Smsmelling
elting com- 1914 and along into 1915 it kept practically
which was increased from to pany new directors elected at that time
shares at the time of reorganization the its entire force of men at work doing
included W H eardley of kansas city development work and putting in improve-
plant is designed to handle from thirty to missouri who was made vice president and
forty tons of ore a day and will turn out ments this aliis work has been of great bene-
general manager he is manager for the fit during the past year and has enabled
from fifteen to eighteen tons of refined spel- united states company in the kansas mis-
ter daily it is similar to the great refinery the company to ship the usual heavy ton-
souri and oklahoma field S A block was nage
of the anaconda copper mining company at made auditor and P E coyle E P thomp-
great palls
falls montana but the judge plant son and L B davidson all of boston the king coalition paid its regular quar-
has a number of new and original devices and terly dividends of 15 cents per share during
all associated with the big sm smelling
elting cor-
the ore will be subjected to a leaching pro- poration
po the year disbursing a total of
ration were made directors the new
cess and will be precipitated upon aluminum owners have already enlarged the atkinson these together with a dividend for the
cathodes which are of a revolving type the same amount paid on new years day
plant to a capacity of 1000 tons a day brought the grand total for the company to
deposition being caused by an electric cur- other properties owned and under develop-
rent the cost of producing refined spelter ment by the big four are the queen of the the total dividends of the
by the methods employed is said to be not great ontario the last of which was paid in
to exceed 3 cents a pound the comp
hills mine near stockton utah the tres 1902 are
companas hermanos mine columbus new mexico the this property has
concentrates which will be handled by the held the lead in the camp for a period of
chinatti mine leased at shatter
shafter texas forty years but the king coalition will push
om its position before many more surrounded by the holdings of the great sil-
david keith of salt the management of H G mcmillan early
months have passed ver king coalition the company has sunk in the year and until late in the spring the
is president of tile company and the
the a shaft to a depth of
lake feet from a drift company had trouble in securing water for
property jsis under the general management on
oil the level a whize has been sent down its milling plant causing a great reduction
of thomas kearns
also of this city a distance of about feet and this work in the tonnage sent out but through the
ontario and keystone is being actively continued it is expected summer the shipments increased and the
to reach the weber quartzite within about property was shipping more than 1000 tons
tile present conservative management of
the fiftyy feet more at which point prospecting
proceeded with development a month at the end of the year the com-
the ontario has
tile will probably open important deposits ot
work and shipments throughout tile
the year of pany has employed an average of about
ore the has been highly mineral- men in mine and mill since last spring and
without making any great noise about op- ized throughout its entire depth this com-
erat ions there the no 3 shaft which was
erations pany has good location the right formation
shipping ore has come from numerous por-
allowed to fill with water following tile
the cav- tions of the property the 1400 1700 and
and an able management and is expected to
ing of the long drain tunnel several years 2000 levels showing up particularly well in
make good W R elliott of salt lake is this respect milling bodies have been
ago was pumped out early in the year from
president and general manager and P J opened on practically all levels the flota-
the 1500 to tilethe 1700 level A large elec-
mackintosh is secretary and treasurer of tion process at the mill has proven a notable
tric pump was installed here which is said the company
to have handled the 1000 gallons of water success and has added greatly to the sav-
a minute without much trouble prospect ore in new quincy ings of the plant it will probably be ex-
work on this level disclosed several bodies highly important ore disclosures have tended to other parts of the mill at a later
of fine ore and superintendent newton A been opened in the property of the new date the property has had a prosperous
dunyon reported during the spring that a quincy mining company during the year year and the outlook for 1917 is promising
big body of mill ore had been uncovered and ore was first found last spring in a drift it is of course impossible to do justice
was being developed A large number of being run at a point feet above the to a district in an article of this kind even
leaders worked in the upper workings dur-
leasers level of the daly west property through the properties which can be given special
ing the year all of whom helped to swell which it is being developed shipments mention must be skimmed over rapidly fig-
the shipping total the tonnage sent out were commenced from the ground in june ures are difficult to obtain this early in the
approximated tolls compared with
tons and have continued fairly regularly ever new year and often facts are distorted un-
slightly more than 2000 during the precedi- since the company shipping a heavy ton- intentionally in transmitting them to paper
ng year this old mine is responding in nage at the close of the year the property however the worst feature is the inability
an encouraging way to the present develop- is under the of P P har- to give extended write ups to all deserving
ment work and there are many who expect ring ton and W mont ferry of salt lake is
rington properties of which there are an exception-
to see it again assume the high rank it held president of the company this group is ally large number in the park city district
i being watched closely as many mining men other shippers during 1916 besides those
when it was one of the sensational prop-
erties of the west J E bamberger of think that it is destined to duplicate the mentioned above included the american
salt lake is president of the ontario silver success of some of its great neighbors flag tile
the broadwater mills the daly the
alining company and ernest bamberger is
mining the daly west iowa copper the mines development the
general manager vice president and treas- another heavy shipper of the year has union lime the utah ore sampling and the
urer besides these its directorate contains the daly west mining company under
been tile western ore purchasing companies
such well known names as J L hilton D
AI hyman john C critchlow W C os-
borne H G Arc Millan and W H linforth
work was commenced during the year
on the keystone property lying to tile the west
the silver king estate this group is
of tile
controlled by practically the same interests
which are back of the ontario and is under
the supervision of clarence bamberger the
com anys capitalization was increased early
in the spring from to shares
and work was commenced as soon as the
snow was off the ground an electric hoist
was installed and good progress was made
with the sinking operations the shaft now
being well below the foot point the
ground is in the immediate vicinity of some
of the famous producers of the camp and
the owners look for it to develop into a big
mine the crescent fissure which has been
the most productive fissure in that part of
the district crosses the group

the three kings
another promising property and one
which is expected to leave the ranks of
prospects the coming year and enter the
list of producers is the three kings located
in hollow lying between hhaynes
canyon and the town of park city the
group comprises acres and is practically