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utah mines make splendid production in 1917

the output of gold silver copper lead quantity called for in their agreements on shipped from the dragon property to the
and zinc from the mines of utah in 1917 account of the congestion of the railroads sm elters as flux deducting this
valley shelters
according to victor C heikes of the united it was also difficult to get sufficient cars there was still a slight increase over the
states geological survey department of the in spite of the difficulties there were about tonnage of 1916 which was tons
interior had a value of over tons of ore mined during the year there were fourteen shippers each of which
representing an increase of nearly against tons in 1916 shipped over tons during the year the
over the value of those metals in 1916 bingham mines prolific largest being the chief consolidated iron
this is a record value for the state output the mines at bingham produced blossom centennial eureka and dragon



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where millions come from typical mining camp
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lilling company
tintic milling ore
largely on account of the high prices of tons of ore a large por- the gintic Al

shovels locally and an important production of silver
silver copper and lead there was a de- tion of which was moved by steam largely from base
and copper was made
crease in the gold lead and zinc outputs this represents an increase from and precipitates shipped east
tons in 1916 the porphyry copper ore was bullion
but the increase in silver and copper to-
tons an increase from Cotton woods and american fork
gether with the higher metal prices made a big and little cotton wood and
decided increase in the total value during tons in 1916 from
american fork districts nearly tons
two months of 1917 an embargo was placed tintic district shippers
shipped a decided increase
shippers from the tintic district over of
0 ore were
on ore shipments by two of the large smelt cardiff mine
forty in number gave a total of about from tons in 1916 the
ing companies which particularly affected district upheld its lead
tons of ore this however included a in big cottonwood
the smaller shippers the larger companies ore output and good shipments were made from
half the considerable tonnage of oxidized iron
having contracts were limited to halt
the maxfield and iowa properties at alta in the ophir district the main producers states mining company utah consolidated
an increased tonnage came from the mich were the hill consolidated ophir and utah metal tunnel company in gansail
igan utah south hecla columbus rexall coalition hidden treasure and cliff juan county a leaching plant was erected at
and emma decrease in gold production the big indian property
park city shipments the production of gold in utah decreased the output of lead
from park city shipments of ore and from in 1916 to about the mine output of lead in utah de-
concentrates increased from tons in in 1917 with the exception of a very small creased from pounds in 1916
1916 to approximately tons in 1917 amount of bullion and pacer dust the gold to over pounds in 1917 the
it has been estimated that the value of this smelt ed r yV
came from ores smelter
smelted value of the output increased from nearly
r to over in 1917 as
output will closely approach for increase in silver
1917 as there was decided increase in both the output of silver increased frain
from 13 the average price of lead was approximately
silver and lead the main producers were ounces in 1916 to about 1if per pound there was a distinct
92 cents por
the silver king coalition judge mining ounces in 1917 and the value of the output increase in park city especially at the
elting ontario silver king consolidated
Sm increased nearly as the price of silver king coalition daly judge silver
daly west and daly mining company each silver was unusually high the park city king V consolidated and daly west proper-
of which shipped more ore than tons region produced more than ounces ties Aai bingham a fire in the utah apex
in beaver county of silver principally from lead ores sev- mine closed the mine for a considerable
in beaver county shipments of ore and eral properties at bingham including the period and decreased the shipments of lead
concentrates increased from tons to utah apex and utah consolidated produced ore the low price of lead toward the end
over tons in the vicinity of frisco less silver on account of the decrease in of the year prevented many of the small
the principal producers were the horn lead ore shipments operators shipping lead ore
silver the utah leasing company working there was a record output of copper in the output of recoverable zinc decreased
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one of elting plants
big Sm photo by will C higgins
on copper tailings and the caldo leasing utah in 1917 amounting to nearly from over pounds in 1916 to about
company making zinc concentrates from pounds against pounds in pounds in 1917 or over 25 per
horn silver tailings part of the horn 1916 this was an increase of only about cent the value of the output decreased
silver mill ore was shipped to midvale for 2 per cent in quantity but the value in-
from to slightly more than 2000
concentration in other districts of the creased over of the total output
county large producers were the montreal there were thirty three producing
of copper in the state the utah copper properties most important of which ell
majestic monitor and copper ranch company produced approximately 80 per were the
crude shipping ore and milling ore from the daly judge caldo caido leasing com-
cent during may and june this company pany utah apex states mining
thoele county including the ophir stock-
tooele produced over
pounds of copper company midvale mineral company child-
ton rush valley clifton and other smaller per month but the average for the year was
districts amounted to about ers leasing company scranton lake view
tons something over pounds per month
against chief consolidated and horn silver the
tons in 1916 improvements were in progress at the mills
in rush valley district important ton majority of this product is shipped to east-
which will ultimately increase the output of ern sm part was taken to
nages came from the bullion coalition and concentrates and improve the recovery A shelters
elters but of it
new stockton properties the electrolytic zinc plant at great falls
large leaching plant to treat the oxidized judge ning
in the clifton district or deep creek copper ore was completed during the year
montana at park city the 1111

region the new railroad was operated and Sm elting company started to produce
and will be ready for regular production in electrolytic erected in 1916
an important tonnage of low grade copper zinc at the plant
1918 other important copper producers of incomplete dividends of utah raines
ore was shipped principally from the the bingham district are the ohio copper 1917
western utah copper company amounted to nearly in
the yampa mine bingham mines un united
eted against record
in 1916 these of
were the
yere utah copper mammoth silver dragon moscow chief consolidated utah
king consolidated utah consolidated metal gemini daly horn silver grand
judge mining
alining Sm elting company utah
smelting central gintic
tintic standard bingham mines
apex eagle blue bell iron blossom company and utah leasing company