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lver king
KI ng ma
mill building
bul iding contracted

contract for the construction of the steel twenty feet in height dimensions of the
mill building of the silver king coalition bin for the storage of the crushed ore will
mines company at park city was awarded be forty feet in length twenty feet in width
on the by the board of directors to the and twenty feet in height the combined
firm of james J burke co of salt lake capacity of these bins will be approximately
erection of the steel building costing be- or tons
tween and is to begin ac- in the interval during which the mill
cording to the agreement as soon as the ma- building is being constructed the company
terial arrives from the east probably with- according to managing director W mont
in forty days ferry will have an excellent opportunity to
it is estimated that not more than forty investigate the merits of a large amount of
days will be necessary for the erection of first class slightly used mill equipment
the mill building after material arrives the which is available there will be some
structure should be completed by the middle equipment including motors shafting pul-
of july or the first of august if no unfore- leys and other machinery which can be sal-
seen delays arise directors of the company vaged from the old mill for use in the new
are of the opinion that the mill should be plant by buying with discretion the cost of
ready for operation by the first of november the new plant it is believed can be re-
or december duced to a considerable extent in compari-
plans of the king coalition company call son with the cost of erecting a similar mill
for the construction of a mill building which
a year or so ago when prices were at their
will have along the slope of the hill a length peak
of feet the upper half of this building As the foundations of the old mill were
for the housing of the crusher plant will
uninjured by the fire but little construction
have a width of forty feet the lower half a of masonry for the new plant will be neces-
width of eighty feet at the lower end of
sary according to officials of the company
the mill a building to house the boiler plant the flow sheet which has been prepared for
and concentrate de watering equipment will the mill provides for the treatment of ore
be erected this structure will have a floor with jigs tables and flotation undersize
area of eighteen
feet by eigl teen feet material from the jigs and crushers and jig
tailings will pass through rolls and be con-
two ore bins will be built by the com- cent rated on tables tables tailings are to
pany at thia centrated
the upper end of the mill the be crushed in ball or roller mills for the
largest one for the storing of coarse ore flotation cells 0ore bins will be partitioned
will be feet long twenty feet wide and for oxidized and sulphide ores

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