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park city

C ty prospered inn 1917

BY jeromr
park city a name to conjure with for from there during the year just closed ap-
nearly a half century mention of this camp proximated tons which is an ad-
has brought to the experienced miner vis- vance of over 1916 and of 7 over
ions of big mines and deep workings and of 1915
a steady stream of silver from its treasure the judge
vaults which has helped mightily in the en- the district has added zinc to its other
ri ment of the state and the nation lo-
richment resources of late years and an event of im-
cated only thirty five miles by railroad portance in 1917 was the placing in com-
southeasterly from salt lake the latter city mission of the new zinc smelter of the
has been and still remains the natural outlet judge mining
alining elting company con



mouth of the main tunnel judge mining elting company


for these stores of new wealth and there are st ruction of this plant was commenced late
numberless fine homes and business struc- in 1916 it is similar in design and process
tures there which were built upon the firm employed to the big refinery of the ana-
foundation of silver from the great camp conda copper mining company at great
much of the wealth of the city of the saints falls montana but with a number of new
came from there and a large percentage of and original devices added the ore is sub-
the fortunes of its idle rich were first jected to a leaching process and then pre-
founded upon the ores from park cites cipitated upon aluminum cathodes of a re-
hills and now after all its forty odd years volving type deposition being accomplished
of heavy production the camp emerges from by an electric current the plant was de-
the year 1917 with a record of achievement signed to treat about forty tons of concen-
which surpasses any similar period in the trates a day and to turn out from fifteen to
past eighteen tons of refined spelter daily the
figuring tonnage from park city is cost is said to be not over 3 cents a pound
scarcely a fair comparison with other dis- and the spelter produced is about as nearly
pure as could be desired being above 99
tricts for the reason that the camp contains
many milling plants and about half the ton- per cent the new smelter treats concen-
sm elters is comp anys main mill which
trates from the companas
nage reported as sent to the smelters
average from 40 to 45 per cent in their zinc
made up of high grade concentrates total
shipments of crude ores and concentrates content the cost of the completed plant
and of approximately tons its heaviest close race for second place in the matter
was between tons and 0 f total shipments for the year its aggre-
the judge has
lias one of the largest estates month was november with
0 the most its lightest february with 2110 the com- gate was approximately tons which
in the district as well as one of was more than double that of the preceding
modern and complete mining and milling pany pays dividends with the regularity of
clock work and with an entire absence of year when tons were sent out the
equipments in the west under the able di-
noise and publicity they fall due upon total shipped in 1915 when the present own-
rection of george W Lain bourne of salt
ers were just beginning to get operations
ina nager for the company the
lake general manager specified dates each third month the four
property is proving to be one of the great quarterlies of 15 cents each in 1917 amount- under way was 2000 tons so it 19 is seen that
producers of the country the acquisition ed to and raised the comp anys
companas a healthy increase in production is evident
of the big snake creek tunnel in 1916 and grand total to the company has made very little fuss about
LS extension into judge territory is enabling
ts silver king coalition owns an estate of its operations and little is seen in the press
the company to mine its ores at depth and more than 2300 acres located in the most regarding it but its shipments have come
at a minimum of expense and always to productive area of this great district its along regularly each week and the aggre-
keep the ore reserves well in advance of surface and underground machinery plants gate placed it near the top at the end of the
production the company was second in and other equipment are ranked as among year
the district in 1917 in the total of crude ore the finest in the world both steam and elec- the present big tonnage is due largely to
and concentrates shipped the preliminary tric power are employed its main shaft is the development and un watering operations
figures crediting it with tons it paid 1300 feet in depth and its underground of 1916 when the property was reopened
its four regular quarterly dividends of 25 workings are estimated at miles yet it to the 1700 level after having been flooded
cents per share or a total of each owns an immense area of virgin territory for a number of years the famous old
producer is responding in an encouraging
way to the present intelligent development
campaign and the prediction is not uncom-
mon that it will again assume its former
position as a big paying proposition it
holds a dividend record of its
last payment having been made in decem-
ber 1902 the ontario is owned and oper-
the bamberger interests of salt
ated by th
lake ernest bamberger is general man-
ager for the company and newton A dun-
yon is mine manager
the keystone
the work at the property of the key-
PA stone mining company which was com-
K menced in 1916 was continued last year
this ground adjoins several of the famous
producers of the camp and is said to contain
the same vein systems as its big neighbors
do it is looked upon as a property of great pos-
wa 7 ties probably the most notable of the
e ins which cross this ground is the cres-
v eins
cent fissure which has been highly produc-
4 tive in that section of the district the key-
MR IN stone is controlled and operated by the same
I ew interests which are now back of the on-
tario it is under the general management
silver king coalition shaft house at park city sampler at
Sarn left photo by will C 1Ihiggins of H G mcmillan and the
bringing the grand total from the property which is as yet practically untouched the of N A dunyon
to its dividend disbursements company employs about men in mine and
the three kings
in 1916 and in 1915 mill most of whom are men with families operations during a large part of the
judge mining smelting
Sm elting is entering the and permanent citizens of park city year at the property of the throe
new year with rosy prospects for a long it has been said that this company is three kings sil-
period of prosperity ahead
ver mines company was limited to sinking a
more like a great industrial concern than below the tunnel at the
th level of
silver king coalition like a mining corporation and that its ore the main shaft an important find of high
the heaviest producer of the park city reserves and new territory are sufficient to grade ore was made at a depth of feet
district and the second largest dividend guarantee dividends for many years to come
in this early in the year AY streak of
payer of the state is the silver king coali- its present and past success is due to galena was opened which showed values of
tion mines company under the general thomas kearns general manager and vice 25 per cent lead 12 ounces silver and 6
management of ex senator thomas kearns preside
nt and david keith president and gold and accompanying it was an eight inch
of salt lake this company within the to the able mine management of james
gouge of a brown oxidized lime on the hang-
last year wrested the title of premier divi- humes
ing wall an assay of the latter showed the
dend payer of the camp from the famous old the ontario presence of
ontario which had held the title practically ounces gold to the ton giv-
the propertyof the ontario silver min- ing the ore a value of better than 1700
ever since the organization of the district ing company one of the best known old
the company led the mines of the camp in time producers of the entire west and
the company made no effort to develop this
production during the year its tonnage of showing but devoted its attention to sinking
around which much of the early prosperity the
crude ore and concentrates reaching a total of park city was built ran the judge a ail effort to reach the contact
in an
between the limestone and the weber
quartzite which has made many big deposits the company is under the general manage- wall of salt lake re entered the dividend
in the camp however before this could ment of solon spiro of salt lake list of the state last april after an absence
be accomplished financial difficulties were the california comstock of exactly twenty years its last payment
encountered and operations were suspended of interest at this time is the rumor previous to that was made in march 1897
early in september A meeting of stock- that the silver king consolidated has taken in the year just closed it paid three divi-
holders the following month reorganized the
li over the adjoining california comstock dends of 10 cents per share each with an
corporation as the three kings consoli- ground the latter company prosecuted a aggregate total of and already in
dated mining company exchanging stock in vigorous development campaign throughout 1918 has paid one of the same amount the
the new concern share for share of the old 1917 and shipped a total of about 1900 tons daly is one of the important old time prop-
this was done in order to make the stock of lead ore however the decline of lead erties and its dividend record is approaching
assessable and provide funds for the fur- prices produced unforeseen difficulties and the three million mark it now being 2985
ther development of the ground william when an offer of for the property the company shipped a total of ap-
anderson was elected president of the new was received a meeting of stockholders proximately tons in 1917 much of the
company and 1I P heath secretary treas voted to sell rather than to levy the heavy ore being of an exceptionally high grade
aurer W H elliott is general manager assessment which would have been neces- other shippers
work was resumed late in the year at sary otherwise this meeting was held de- included in the list of companies and
the property owing to the difficulties and cember one payment of was leaders who were in the shipping list during
the high expense of work in the
tile it made two days later and the other halt half of the past year and who are not mentioned
was decided to confine future operations to the purchase price is due on january above were big four exploration 1613
the main shaft where sinking is now under the announcement has been made by the tons charles moore 1410 tons Dro broadwater
way considerable equipment including directors that the purchasers are financial tons Nail driver tons iowa copper
pumps power drills and compressor were interests of the east and the story is abroad tons utah ore sampling tons W
installed during the year and good progress locally that they are the same as are back E jones tons park city mining 72
with the new work is reported of the silver king consolidated tons revelator 62 tons western ore pur-
the three kings property comprises this has not been verified at the present chasing 57 tons brugner buck 40 tons
acres in a highly promising location it is time if it is true the deal has added valu- and union lime stone 33 tons
practically surrounded on three sides by able holdings to that companas comp anys big area this list of shippers from the great sil-
holdings of the silver king coalition and and the extension of the deep tunnel will ver district is of course not complete nor
silver king consolidated both big producers open the ground to good advantage has full justice been done in this review to
and dividend payers and engineers includ- the new quincy any of the companies whose operations are
ing those of the government geological sur- production from the property of the new here summarized an extended article re-
vey report that it contains the same forma- quincy mining company which is being de- garding each property would be required to
tions which have made the enormous ore veloped through the level of the adjoin- cover its entire operations during the year
deposits in those properties ing daly west fell off from the figure for it can be hoped and anticipated that con-
the silver king consolidated the prosperous year preceding however it tinued prosperity is in store for park city
the silver king consolidated mining is said that the shipment of approximately during the year now commencing and fur-
company held third place in dividend pay- 1 tons of ore was practically enough to ther it is hoped that many more bonanzas
ments of the year and fourth place in ore pay operating expenses and that the com- will soon be added to those of which the
shipments it paid three dividends of 15 pany is entering the new year with good camp is now justly proud
cents per share each being the regular quar- prospects of soon opening new ore deposits
terly of 10 cents and an extra of 5 cents in mine superintendent P P harrington has
each case and one of 10 cents the latter accomplished a great deal of mine develop-
called for and the former ment during the year and the location and
each the company has paid a grand total favorable formations of the mine put it in
of in dividends line for possible favorable developments at
items of importance comp anys any time
tance in the companas
operations during the year included the the daly west
milling plant the the daly west mining company was
opening of its new and
steady driving ahead of its deep transporta- fifth in the list of shippers in the district
tion and drainage tunnel the mill went sending out a total of more than
early in the year and has of crude ore and concentrates operations
into commission
given a good account of itself ever since comp anys mill were delayed until
in the companas
enlarged fall to seventy five late in the spring owing to inability to se-
it was in the
tons from its initial capacity of fifty tons a cure an adequate water supply but
day the comp anys
companas deep tunnel com- then the plant has given a good account of
had reached a total length itself conditions in the mine are reported
menced in 1916
year to be entirely satisfactory with the ore re-
of practically a mile at the end of the
on its foot journey to get under the serves holding up well this is another
progress company which goes on its way with
comp anys main workings
companas rapid
many prom- no publicity but which shows up with
with this work is reported and
ising fissures have been cut already a good tonnage of ore each week it is also
one of the important dividend payers of the
this property has become one of the district and has a record of no
stand bys of the camp and its steady pro- disbursements were made in the year just
duction is regarded now as something to be closed H a mcmillan is general manager
expected it maintained its usual heavy for the company
tonnage of high grade crude ores and con-
cen throughout 1917 averaging better the daly
than 1000 tons a month and closing the year the daly mining company operating un-
with an estimated total of about tons der the general management of col E A