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CENGM002/G013: Advanced Process Engineering (2016-2017)

Coursework: Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks

Deadline: Fri, 16th Dec
Lecturer: Prof Lazaros Papageorgiou
Consider a process plant, which involves the following set of hot and cold streams:

Also, given is that steam and refrigerant are available at 500 K and 260 K, respectively.
a) By assuming a minimum temperature approach of DTmin=10 K, construct the
temperature intervals for the above network and a table with the relevant stream
heat contents.
b) Calculate the minimum heating and cooling utilities (loads) required for the above
network. Formulate the above problem as an LP Transhipment model and solve it.
c) How does the previous solution change if the match H1-C1 is forbidden?
d) Provided that there are no constrained matches (i.e. case a), determine the
minimum number of matches/units by using the MILP transhipment model.
e) Use GAMS to solve your optimisation problems. Also, prepare a report that
describes the models developed together with program input and outputs (gms and
lst files), and figures/tables with the network configuration.