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Estefania Corral

RWS 3355
MWF 8:30-9:30
Ethnography Reflective Essay
Let me first of all by saying that before beginning this assignment I had no idea what
professional ethnography was. Now, having completed this assignment, not only do I know what
professional ethnography is but I have also gained a new perspective, and respect, for social
workers. The writing process of this assignment was something different than what I am usually
used to but in the long run I enjoyed working on this assignment.
Before I actually begin on this assignment, I read several articles that aided me with my
expectations of this assignment, as well as some unfamiliar vocabulary. I enjoyed reading al the
articles but there were a few that I had a bit of difficulty reading. One of the articles was The
Myth of the Rhetorical Situation by Richard Vatz due to his use of elaborate vocabulary. When I
read this article, I would have to read a certain paragraph again to understand what Vatz was
saying. Another article that I had difficulty reading was The Genre Function by Anis Bawarshi
and this was also due to his elaborate vocabulary. Both articles, for me, were a bit difficult to
read and stay focused on but they provided me with useful information I could use for this
Although I had difficulty reading some of the articles this did not stop me from gaining
new information. One article in particular, Introduction to Primary Research: Observations,
Surveys and Interviews by Dana Lynn Driscoll, gave the information I needed to conduct my
research. Driscolls article was a guide on how to conduct primary research with tips on what I
should and should not do while conducting my interviews. By using the advice Driscoll provided

in her article, I walked into my interview knowing what type of questions I should ask and
knowing how to present my information properly in my report.
As I was conducting my research and gathering the information I needed I noticed that
not only was I getting information straight from a social worker, who was my professor at El
Paso Community College, herself but from presentations she would provide for my class at El
Paso Community College. Although the information on her PowerPoints was useful, I found that
speaking with my professor and asking her questions was the best way to get an insight into the
field. Interviewing my professor not only gave me the information for my report but it also gave
me first-hand knowledge of what to expect out of this profession.
As I began writing my report, I kept the image of a beginning social work student who
knew little about the profession. In my first draft I provided some first-hand knowledge from my
professor as well as definitions to some terms and I thought this was enough but it wasnt. After
meeting with my peer review group, I found that I need to add some pizazz to my report to
capture my audience attention. I tweaked and tweaked my paper until I was satisfied with my
work and got the feeling that I gave prospective social workers vital information about the field.
This assignment helped me gain information about the social work field that I never knew
was out there. Not only that but I also gained information on how to conduct primary research as
well as how to conduct a proper interview. Before I started this assignment, I had no idea what to
expect but now I have the knowledge I need to continue my social work journey as well as
provide information to those who know little about the social work field.