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Ember Elwell
Prof. Celestino
English 1010, 10:00 AM

Annotated Bibliography

Metts, Julius, et al. "Medical Marijuana: A Treatment Worth Trying?." Journal Of Family
Practice 65.3 (2016): 178-185. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
This article is about medical marijuana and a lot of the benefits it has for people who
have medical issues and how it can help them. It also talks about the minimal research
that there is because it is only legal in 23 states. Im going to talk about the medical
benefits from this article and use some of the examples it talks about.
Bonn-Miller, Marcel O., et al. "Self-Reported Cannabis Use Characteristics, Patterns And
Helpfulness Among Medical Cannabis Users." American Journal Of Drug & Alcohol
Abuse 40.1 (2014): 23-30. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
They did research in California with males between the ages of 25-44 with medical
marijuana to see if it did have any benefits to it. They had eventually noticed that it was
helping with a lot of the problems that people have such as anxiety, eating disorders,
insomnia, and even depression. I am going to be able to use the facts in the tables that the
article presents and have more evidence about the benefits.
Machielsen, Marise, Suzanne van der Sluis, and Lieuwe de Haan. "Cannabis Use In Patients
With A First Psychotic Episode And Subjects At Ultra High Risk Of Psychosis: Impact
On Psychotic- And Pre-Psychotic Symptoms." Australian & New Zealand Journal Of
Psychiatry 44.8 (2010): 721-728. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
In New Zealand and Australia, they did research on the psychotic- and pre-psychotic
symptoms. They did a lot of research and found a lot of evidence I will be able to use in
my argument essay.
Isaacs, David, and Henry Kilham. "Medical marijuana." Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health
May 2015: 471+. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016
This article talks about the medical benefits that marijuana has for children with diseases
such as epilepsy and how it helps them. It also talks about how marijuana could be
known as a gateway drug but they have no scientific proof.

Elwell 1
Hathaway, Andrew D., and Kate Rossiter. "Medical Marijuana, Community Building, And
Canada's Compassionate Societies." Contemporary Justice Review 10.3 (2007): 283-296.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
This article is about when Canada decided to legalize marijuana and it talks about the
economic effects it had for Canada and how beneficial it was for people who had medical
needs. It will help me write my essay because of the evidence that it has.
Kamin, Sam. "Medical Marijuana In Colorado And The Future Of Marijuana Regulation In The
United States." Mcgeorge Law Review 43.1 (2012): 147-167. Academic Search Premier.
Web. 23 Oct. 2016
This article was very recent, so it talks about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado
and the economic benefits and the medical benefits. I am going to use Colorado as an
example a lot in my essay because they have a lot of evidence on how it improves the

Horowitz, Sala. "The Medical Use Of Marijuana: Issues And Indications." Alternative
Complementary Therapies 20.6 (2014): 320-327. Academic Search Premier. Web.
23 Oct. 2016.
This article talks about the limited research available, because of legal restrictions, has
supported indications including symptoms of cancer and cancer-related treatment,
neurologic disorders (such as MS, glaucoma, and chronic/severe pain), and inflammatory
conditions. many physicians are reluctant to recommend marijuana because of its
historical legal restrictions and associated stigma.

Martin, Billy R. "Medical Marijuana--Moving Beyond The Smoke." Lancet 360.932 (2002): 4.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
In this article, they talk about the different ways you can intake marijuana they also
explain how the different ways of intaking marijuana benefit specific things. They talk
about the HIV disease and how marijuana helps with that.

"Gathering The Evidence On Medical Marijuana." Nature 410.6829 (2001): 613. Academic
Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
This article talks a lot of about the evidence on medical marijuana and how there is very
minimal evidence because of the laws that are set and barely anyone can study the
benefits. It will help my argument that we need to at least legalize it for study purposes so
we can scientifically know how it helps us economically and medically.

Elwell 1

Vastag, Brian. "US Marijuana Laws Clamping The Lid On Pot Research." Nature Medicine
12.12 (2006): 1335. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.
The article discusses a medical survey published in the periodical "O'Shaughnessy's"
which cites that some California doctors are convinced that marijuana has medical value.
The 18 physicians and a network of clinics surveyed had provided recommendations to
140,000 individuals. About 95 percent of participants had used marijuana medically
before seeking doctor's approval.