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Devika Kafley

English 2010

Fast food and College Students

Food that can be prepared quickly and easily and sold in restaurants
and snack bars as quick meal or to be taken out.

Students had a higher than average rate of fast food meal

consumption than similar aged Adults. According to Dingmans , Deirdre
study took place on the large south eastern public University with a
2012 enrollment of over 18,000 students. Black students obtained 29%
more fast food meals than white students in total. The average of fast
food meal purchases by college students contain more than 900

According to Green and Eric Paul college students group at a high

risk for foodborne illness because of common unsafe food handling and
consumption behavior. The 2012 study population consisted of

Freshmen College Students who lived on campus. Freshmen class, the

population 60% female consume fast food restaurant and 40% male
consume fast food restaurant. However those result show that 15 %
overall students getting risk for borne illness and increasing health
issue among college students and their meal consumption.




Students consume foods that are high in calories and contribute

to unhealthy weight gain. Fast food restaurants that are located on
many college campuses and also included different meal plans,
making it convenient for students to purchase their food. According
to Wilson most recent data from the American College Health
Association the rates of overweight and obesity are higher among
undergraduate college males compared to females. Over 96,000
undergraduate students in spring 2013, 51.7 % of males were
overweight compared to 30.4 % females were overweight or obese
because of the food that they consume from fast food restaurants

Fast food is made from a lot of high saturated fats and calories,
which can help most people to become obese. According to National
Center for health statistics, the overweight and obesity rates among
adults seems increasing each years. Between (1960 and 1962), the
rate of overweight adults was 45.2 % and the rate of obesity was 13.5
%. As we look over (1999-2000), the rate of overweight adults was
64.3 % and the rate of obesity was 30.8 %.

According to Avram Claudiu. She comes with health risk that

came from eating that cause college student obesity. This research
took place in Timisoara University Center. She comes with solution and
said Those who high intake from fruits and vegetables, had a 20%
reduction in risk of Coronary heart diseases. Fruits and vegetables and
less fast food are needed for implementations of effective nutrition for

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