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Registration No. : [ L | Total number of printed pages — 3 B. Tech CPES 5201 Fourth Semester Examination — 2011 NETWORK THEORY Full Marks —-70 Time : 3 Hours Answer Question No. 1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest. The figures in the right-hand margin indicate marks. 1. Answer the following questions : 2x10 (a) (b) (c) (2) ) (p (g) (h) List the properties of Cut-Set and hence explain the significance of elements in a Cut-Set Matrix. Explain briefly the procedure to be adopted for obtaining the graph of a network from a given circuit diagram. What is the significance of using dot convention for coupled circuits ? Find the Laplace Transform of the function f(t) = sin(wt). Find the Inverse Laplace Transform of the function F(s) = s/(s+1/RC). Explain the term “Resonance” and narrate its significance for tuning circuits. Find the value of ‘R’ in the network given below for maximum power transfer. 3ohm aw 2ohm R Obtain the relation between z-parameters and y-parameters for a network. P.T.O. (i) List three properties of Positive Real function. (j)_ Explain maximum power transfer theorem for circuits containing impedance. i (a). In the circuit shown below find the value of current ‘I’ through the load by applying Norton’s theorem assuming load resistarice ‘R’ of 5 ohm. 5 (b) State and explain the Thevenin’s theorem and its applicability. 5 3. (a) Find the Laplace transform of the function v(t)=2e-°*'cos2t u(t). 5 (b) What do you mean by resonant frequency, Q-factor and band width ? Explain each term and hence establish a mathematical relation between them. 5 4. (a) Find the equivalent pi-network for the circuit shown below : 5 ohm | Sohm 2ohm (b) For a two-port-network the input impedance with output open cirquited is given as 10+j+5 ohm. Also the input impedance with output terminals shorted becomes. 20 +j25 ohm. Determine the equivalent T-network | parameters. 5 5. What do you mean by network synthesis ? The network function for a given - (s+4) network is given by F(s) = ( (e+3)(6 +5)" Realize the network function in Foster-| form and show the network connections in a neat diagram. 10 CPES 5201 2 Contd. 6. Explain the applications of Fourier Transform for network analysis. Find the Fourier series for the function whose periodic waveform is shown in the figure below. 10 fity 7. Form the differential equation for a given R-L series circuit and hence find the current expression and its response by applying Laplace transform by assuming that the excitation to the same circuit is described by 10 v(t)=0, for t $ 0, and v(t) = V, for t 20. 8. Write short notes on any two : 5x2 (a) Milliman’s Theorem and its application (b) Coefficient of coupling and Mutual inductance (c) Hybrid parameters for two-port networks. CPES 5201 3 -c