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But as it is written, Eye hath not

seen, nor ear heard, neither have

entered into the heart of man, the
things which God hath prepared
for them that love him.

not know. All you need to do is

to show your love for God. We
can do this by joyfully serving
God and doing all things with
1 Corinthians 2:9 (King James Version)
joy and happiness because it is
through joy that strength comes
ove is the master key to a (Nehemiah 8:10). Joy brings
world of exploits. You can only strength and helps us overcome
experience the fulfilment of the obstacles. You need strength
scriptures when you understand
the law of love (Matthew 22:3639). Although the world is full
of hatred, you can still show love.
Loving people is what God is all
about; so we must show love
to one another. Love is shown
through our deeds and not just
by words. Love brings life and
hatred brings death. We must
express love in all our dealings
through giving and forgiving.
We must always be ready to
help those in need. If you see a
brother or sister in need, please
do not hesitate to give.

Everything and everyone on

the earth belong to God (Psalm
24:1). There is no person that
you need to know or need to
be connected to that God does

to carry on in life. It may be

tough at times but we can make
it through the difficult times.
There might be disappointment,

depression but you must not
quit; you must continue to move
The revelation of Gods word
brings you to the right position
for your change of level. It is
only through the revelation of
the scriptures that you can tap
into that which belongs to you
or your divine calling. This also
includes listening to the Holy
Spirit and being sensitive to His
leading. The Holy Spirit makes
the revelation of the scriptures
clear; so, you must be attentive
to the voice of the Holy Spirit at
all times.

How to Provoke Your Next

Level Testimony
1. You must acknowledge your
Give thanks to God always.
Appreciate Him for all He has
done for you (Psalm 100:4).
Honour Him because He is the
one that has brought you this
far (Proverbs 3:6). We must bless

the name of the Lord always; we must delight in new levels, you must ask God for intervention in
blessing the name of the Lord at all times.
prayers (Matthew 21:22). Anything that you ask for
truly believing that God will do it will come to pass
2. Refuse to let your present situation
no matter how difficult it may seem.

intimidate you

Your present situation is just a chapter of your life.

You will move from your present circumstance to
another level as you desire a definite change of
story. However, to change your story and move to

3. Serve God with all diligence

Seek the things of God and ways to advance the
Kingdom of God and you will get to your next level
with ease (Hebrews 11:6, Matthew 6:33).

Straight from the Pulpit

It is only through the revelation

of the scriptures that you can tap
into that which belongs to you
and your divine calling.

The Wonders of God

Healed of ovarian cysts - Adewunmi T

Two Saturdays ago, I developed severe pain on my

sides. It was a painful, choking pain that left me
incapacitated. Talking required a lot of effort and
was very painful. The doctor said it was a severe
form of ovarian cyst. I decided that I will come
to church before I go to the hospital. If I had to
call an ambulance, it will be from the church. To
my amazement, immediately I stepped into the
church, I was relieved. It was like a loosening.
Praise the Lord!

Financial and Immigration breakthroughs

- Dorothy A
I first came into the UK from Kenya as a student
in 2000. I overstayed and had immigration
challenges. I completed my degree but everything
deteriorated thereafter. I was detained by

immigration officers and taken into detention for

six weeks in 2008. In January 2009, I told God I am
going to let His will be done. So, I fasted with all
candour during the twenty-one days prayer and
fasting. At the end of the fast, my case collapsed. I
told God, The earth and all its fullness belongs to
you; let your will be done. Things seemed bleak
but God was setting me up for a lifting. After the
thanksgiving service in January, I went to sign at
the immigration office in London Bridge and was
arrested. By then, I was tired of the situation and
was led in my spirit to ask to be returned home
to Kenya even though I was afraid to go back.
Little did I know what God had in store for me in
Kenya. When I got to Kenya, God opened doors
of favour. He blessed me financially. I started
businesses and they exploded. Everything I
touched, God blessed. I sowed financial seeds and

reaped favour that you can never imagine. I did one business deal
and reaped sufficient financial harvest to fund my LLM at Kings
College, London. I had a five year ban to enter UK. After Shiloh
2015, I went to Nairobi and applied for the UK visa. It was denied
but I appealed and won the appeal in September 2016. I am back
here in the UK to give God the praise. Praise the Lord!

Life changing experiences in 3 months - Ayorinde T

Truly God is in this place, and the numerous blessings I have

enjoyed daily ever since I joined in August 2016 are the tangible
proofs. When I joined this church, I was told to expect life changing
experiences within three months and this has come to pass. I
had pains in my left leg and arm but I am now healed. I have
had numerous spiritual victories and my faith has come alive.
I have enjoyed tremendous financial blessings and academic
breakthroughs. I passed my extended driving test and got back my
driving license after numerous failed attempts. All these have led
me to believe that truly there is a living God in this church and I
give Him all the praise.

Divine healing via kingdom service - Oloyede M

I had this funny feeling in my head. It was as if someone was giving

me blows at the back of my head. Each time I experienced it, I felt
like collapsing. Then Bishop David Oyedepo said, My instructions
that you ignore are the reasons for the frustrations and assaults
that you suffer. The Holy Spirit said to me, This is your time;
seize it, go and win souls for me. Without any delay, I dived with
reckless abandon into kingdom business. I shared fliers and tracts
inside buses and everywhere I went. Souls were won and planted
in the church. Then I went for a medical check-up. The doctor
looked at me in amazement and said, Since I have been practicing
medicine, I have never seen this. You ought to have had a stroke
by now because you have a blood clot in your brain. He said if
that stroke had happened, I would not have survived it. Amazingly,
Jesus did not only prevent the stroke, He healed me totally. I have
found a new way of living which is soul winning. I give God the

Job offer via Kingdom advancement endeavours

Ogo O

I was jobless for four years. When the Wonder Double agenda
(evangelism programme) commenced, I saw it as a privilege; so, I

engaged in it and started seeing

changes in my spiritual life but
in my career, nothing seemed
to be happening. However, I
never gave up. Last Sunday,
Bishop David Oyedepo gave a
prophetic word: Let God engage
you and no employer will reject
you. I participated vigorously
in the morning and evening
raids. I trekked thirty minutes
to and fro to participate. This
afternoon, I got a job offer from
a notable company to resume
tomorrow. Prophecies are real.
God bless Bishop David Oyedepo
for accepting this mandate and
vision because where there is
lack of vison, the people perish. I
give God the glory.

Divine strength via the

communion and prayers
Bernie A

I am here to thank God for

strength and grace in completing
my abstracts for publication.
A fortnight ago, I had four
abstracts to write and one was
due for submission. I was very
exhausted and dragged myself to
church to receive strength from
the Holy Communion table. After
the service, I was about to get in
my car when I was led in my spirit
to go and receive prayers from
the pastor. I was reluctant but
obeyed nonetheless. After the
prayers I was instantly ignited in
my spirit. I got home, completed
the abstract, submitted it and
joined the midnight prayer
sessions. Praise God.

Prophecies dont fulfil themselves, prophecies received places responsibility on us

to see them fulfilled. Without accepting responsibility prophecies will be scuttled and
paralyzed. Prophecies will normally suffer oppositions, therefore as the year rounds up,
awake to fight your way FORWARD by taking the relevant steps!
1 Corinthians.16:9; 1 Timothy.6:12; 1 Timothy.1:18

I shall not die but live.

I am walking in favour all the days of my life.
I receive grace for obedience to every demand of this Wonder Double Season.
By my obedience to Gods instructions this season, I walk into unimaginable
Abrahamic blessings.
No evil befalls any member of my spiritual and physical families.
Every day of this coming week shall be soaked in favour for me.
God shall save souls from sin and establish them in the faith by my hands this week.