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First you decide whether you want to go for certification of FI or CO and both, the FI Syllabus is follow:


Current Certifications are on ECC 5.0 or ECC 6.0. In the current certifications, FI is a different certification and CO is a different certification.
You can get the syllabus for the certifications.
My Suggestion is at least you need to study the certification exam materials for not less than 5 times before you go to exam religiously. At least this would suffice to pass the exam, if you have basic formal
training and domain knowledge in finance.
Furthermore, I would also suggest you go through


Identify the different components of SAP NetWeaver
Explain the business process functions each NetWeaver component supports.

Hi,I just cleared my SAP FI associate level certification scoring 90%. 1. Please go through the book line by line at least 3 time. It would be good if you can prepare notes, this
would help in revising before the exam.2. The new exam pattern has no true or false questions. There are two kinds of mutiple choice question. a) Questions with only one
correct answer. Radio button will be provided to select the correct answer.b) Questions with more than one correct answer. Number of correct answer will be specified. Check
boxes are provided for ticking the correct answer3. A section with 9 questions from solution manager & netwever. In my test most of the questions were from TREP01 and
TERP02 books. About 2-3 questions from SM001. Rest of the questions are from FIN50 & 52Having implementation experience will help one understand the concepts of the book
and helps in clearing the test easily.I thank all those who have created test in this forum. Taking these tests helped me a lot.Thank you,Rashmi

Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes. 60% General Ledger Accounting ++ TFIN50
Accounts Payable ++ TFIN50
Accounts Receivable ++ TFIN50
Accounting Customizing I + TFIN50
Accounting Customizing II ++ TFIN52

Articulate, explain, describe, and outline solutions and processes. 40% Financial
Closing + TFIN50 AC205
Asset Accounting + TFIN52 AC305
Basics of ERP & NW & Solution Manager ++ TERP01, TERP02, SM001
Reporting in Financials + TFIN52
( "+" denotes the lvl of importance and sectional breakups, i.e, + denotes more
questions from the same section and is more of an imprtant area to focus)

The previous version of SAP FI certification in based on ECC 6.0 and the passing % is 55%
The newer version, i.e., TFIN52_64 is based on BS 7.0 and the passing % has been increased to 66%
As per the certification goes, if in case u r going for it after dec 2010.... u will only have the option of the newer version with a passing % of 66....
Rest the exam pattern is same for both, its just the competency lvl has increased a bit and the newer version focuses more on Netweaver as an individual scoring section as compared to
the older version which had only sol. man, erp in that scroing section. Rest the content is same for both....