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FA3 Eng.

General Assignment
Std IV
Q..1 Underline the verbs in the following sentences and state its tense. (Simple tenses)
1. I am a student.
2. I was at Jaipur.
3. I shall be in Shimla next week.
4. Monali polishes her shoes everyday.
5. Jyoti plays the piano very well.
6. Jeet was unwell.
7. We were at the party yesterday.
8. The baby slept till 10 am.
9. She wanted your Grammar book.
10. Mita will return the book after two weeks.
11. She lives in Hyderabad.
12. I go for a morning walk.
13. The gardener will look after the garden.
14. Goldilocks was a little girl.
15. I came back late from school.
Q.2. Fill in the blanks with Simple Present Tense of the verbs given in brackets.

Bees ____ to protect themselves from their enemy. (sting)

These girls ____ dance lessons everyday. (take)
My dog ____ after the sheep very carefully. (look)
You ____ these answers well. (know)
She ___ excellent arguments to prove her point. (give)
The Rajdhani Express ____ Agra late in the evening. (reach)
Our bus driver ___ all the traffic rules and ___ the bus at a slow speed. (follow,
8. I ____ his address very clearly. (remember)
9. Children ___ a lot of noise when the teacher is away.(make)
10. The girl always ____ her mistake. (admit)
11. He ___ fast but he ___ clearly. (speak)
12. We should always ______ our teeth twice a day. (brush)
13. They ___ kites on Sunday.(fly)
14. These newspapers ____ the latest news. (give0
15. This train ___ at small stations. (stop)
Q.3. Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous tense of the verbs given in brackets.

They ____ furniture for their new flat. (buy)

She ___ very fast. (run)
Sapna and Anu ___ near the window. (sit)
I ___ up the meaning of a word in a dictionary. (look)
It ___ heavily outside. (rain)
You __ a beautiful dress. (wear)
She ___ to her father on the telephone. (talk)
All children _____ part in Annual function.(take)

9. I ____ chess with my father. (play)

10. They ____ with each other. (quarrel)
11. Sneha ____ a letter.(write)
12. We ____ the use of tenses. (learn)
13. I _____ a story. (read)
14. We ____ to school now. (go)
15. The sun ___ brightly in the sky. (shine)
Q.4 Fill in the blanks with the Past Tense of the Verbs given in brackets.
1. Anshu ___ a new frock. (wear)
2. They ___ to Mumbai yesterday. (go)
3. The school is ___ for the summer vacation. (close)
4. I ___ my lesson yesterday. (revise)
5. We ____ in this house for two years. (live)
6. Who ____ you Mathematics? (teach)
7. Somebody ___ my purse in the trade fair. (steal)
8. She ____ her finger while sharpening her pencil. (cut)
9. The dog ____ him on the left leg. (bite)
10. Javed ___ all his money on chocolates. (spend)
11. The students ___ the bell ringing. (hear)
12. The moon ___ brightly in the sky. (shine)
13. Dry leaves ___ off. (fall)
14. The eagle ___ at a great height. (fly)
15. All the children ___ in a line. (stand)