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Is the information on the cover page complete (paper title, class name, code and
number, your name, university, due date)?
2. Is the table of contents showing all the related page numbers to facilitate
searching all the
paper sections?
3. Is the executive summary one paragraph of my paper abstract and within 100
(please use Word count function to find out.)?
4. Is the introduction section focus on the major issue in the case? Is it 1 or 1.5 pages
5. Is there any citation in introduction (because you get all the information from the
6. Are the business model, the overall business goal, the major business strategy(ies)
and their
relationships between each other briefly discussed in Goal and Strategy section?
7. Did I use one paragraph to discuss one strategy in detail?
8. Did I use a key sentence in each paragraph on strategy to illustrate the strategy
9. Did I first inform my readers that Porters firm-based value chain model will be
used as
the theory basis to analyze the operations and IS implementation at the case
company in
Problems in Processes and Operations section?
10. Did I describe what Porters firm-based value chain model is?
11. Did I state clearly the purposes of Porters firm-based value chain model?
12. Did I apply this model to the case company in terms of primary and support
13. Did I include a figure of value chain model for the case company in Model

14. Did I highlight the organizational structure and the decision levels at the case
company in
the last paragraph of Model Application section?
15. Did I use FIVE or more reference sources from formal publications in this case
16. Is APA style used for the reference list and the citations in the text?
17. Did I cite all the reference sources properly in the text?
18. Is 1.5 spacing followed throughout the text?
19. Did I left-indent the beginning of each paragraph?
20. Does my paper use all the suggested section headings and sub-headings? Are
headings easy to recognize?
21. Did I identify problems and needs related to IT/IS implementation in the case
company in
Implementation Opportunity Analysis section?
22. Did I discuss those problems or needs in relation to the functional areas,
processes and
decision levels as previously identified in the case company?
23. Did I focus my evaluation on the current IS implementation and/or the future
upgrade in Implementation Effectiveness section?
24. Did I analyze the system implementation effectiveness at the case company in
terms of
tangible and intangible benefits and costs?
25. Did I utilize the relevant IS costs and benefits analysis in the textbook and the
/tables/figures at the end of the case in writing Implementation Effectiveness section?
26. Did I provide a conclusion based on my case analysis?
27. If I am in support of the technology solution as suggested in the case, did I

adequate reasons for my support? 28. Did I make a recommendation for a solution
and provide solid rationale for my
recommendation from literature?
29. Did I offer a brief action plan to implement my recommendation?
30. Did I state the implications of this case for this class?

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