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• 0, • ':J

hal'l' N'(mr'; SfWf" ~.,·h,u 11lml. htud' n.~mlc~i~1 us: in

r,nnh .it i. Tko« Ulho In perfec! in kn m4 -dJ~,md t L1isdom,,, f' ~

'~ •.. lJN,t n'er ,~IU ,endued H-i,~h know/l'd(~ti ,; One"

;-1 ...... ,A, .1'" ~ ,V"i{; I,I/,i 'JJ ,~» ~, ~,r~~. r~ltJ,: [f\II!~' 1" - !II!1'II~J'r' J-

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Dedica iioti

I ded icate tl,.~ s humble effort to 'my grandf at her Sheikh "Abd ar-Rahrnan "Ilish, a prominent scholar of al-Azhar and his father Sheikh Muhammad "Ilish, Sheikh of the M:a./iki SCI1M:)OI~ of Fiqh. at al-Azhar and: his fntherthe venerable Sheikh Mahmoud "Il ish .

Preface , _".,;._ ",_"" __ ' " " __ '_' .'" .,,_," _"', _. ", .,. _, ',~L' """ "", .",".,," •••••••• ,. ,.,"'" ","" ••••••••• " ""." .,," ••••

V'~ ... .f'L.lIl.

• The Motio,1] of Life in the Univ',ene .. ,.""" j ••••••••••••• ' •• ".' .

'T-I' [[Jitj-:'~ i' ""1(; Positi i)'iO, 'T' 1~:I"I~,'I'r 'l'I~{!i' ""'11 i·,I'IJ~ 'I' Inman B"-"O"il,V

'. ,. u:: IU~II ec, ,jl~ ",,_;;~_,~'! 'io';"':_', .:~.,_,'~~,_~i~ uu ~,~ II;;; ,.:":Wii!, ~~.I:~ " " ."Wi,.1' ., .• ,'",.,., ••••••• ,

II Positive Thinking lt~nd the Subeonscious ,~lind .... - ... " .. '.-."",,-_._ ..... -.'"

• The Response olir Believers in Hardship: Acceptance and

Pt~'I, l:e:L"C,e .. -";_. --"'-,,.,',,", .. "' •. , ,. ,."." .", , ". """ .. " " " a uru ,j •• " •• ' "." ,j,,,

.' The Behavior of the Companions 'under lnftiction ri,' e e e e e e e e - ••• " ••• ' ••••

II; 'MeaJll$ of Recrmciliatlan with People 'W'~:lOI Have Caused Us.

11 a:rnl, '",'" .",. , "" _'_ ", .. .. " .. _ .,",. "" ", , , .. ,' .. " .. , " ,j",'".,." CO,," "'" " .

i. Pardon and Fo'rg::ivene:ss " , "., " " ""." """.,, ,49

.' ~~11 sl ~U,l:s and Positive Til i 111 k i ri g: Pardon as an Bd uc~u ion a I System 'For Se'l f-,Con trol (A, Vision) -,- _. - .,-,. ,. ,. ", .... _ .. - _ .. , .. " .. ",.,.", .. , ." ... , .. ,,,., .

- 'm. 11,· ..• ,,' .Jll1II11 : '-'If' f"'" Tn lnk ~'-. ,

• ,~$,~,a,mn iUi'h.1 ,I[:" CHi I, t I" Ii;; , 11111 n _ ,ll1lg e n e e e e e u e e ,"" '.' •• ' •• ". "', ... '" e e- , - ... , .'.".'.""',.""."" .. ,." ,'".".

• The SeCII'et of Words and Names Between Religion and

,A hernati ve M'ed;!c]ne,.- .. __ ." __ . -- -- _ -,_, _, ",_ ,-" _- - - - -_., ".'. ,.- - -_.,. "~"~~" , .... '.' .....



3 ~I

""'1: ,''),.;l'



'Ui':l!· oo

,. Positive Th ~nk i ml,g, and ,Fee~ i Ilgs and Their Effec t on Ce'I:1

M,e;m;ory '''I '" '. "" '''." .'."""."' •• " ••••••• ,' ••••••• ,,' '" '" re u .,,'. " , ••••••••••• ,. , •••••••••.••••• ,,'. " ••• '. ,-100"" 93

• The Prophe tic N'Li rturing I\lethodology and W'~sdom, in

'De'a'!. lng w,i,t~l, :M atters ",,,"". ""., ,.,,' ".,', ',1, .,' .,.,.,.~ •• ,,' ••• - ••• ;. -. -, -. -, •• ,,;, ",' ''';,"IT' '. ",",,,,,,,,,,, 91'

'BII~Ib'l~o"'(JJ~()j; 1" h 'v

L) ' __ :: ~" "b~-,g,,_ ,. I 'J: e e iil e joo e e ~ ~~'I"l~ ~ e e ~ ~ ill iII~ ~'!iiri'.;II. illl •••••• ill II ill! iII.iII 11111. I III 1,11111 I III I I 1111.1111111111 •••••• ill .. ;; ;;11.11011 .... ;;; 0I;li0l

'1'[ I

Pre.-£ .. ·· .. 'ace 1~

~ w~ win s,huw ti~en.}, O~'t ,S/gus in t'~i2 unJlNtr'J'e', a~ul h~ 1~I€ir o,w,~~, selves. H~'dil if' becomes N!Uij~iJe.U UJ riUlj't t/uU' l:hi$ (~he Q,~r~'rn) is th,j' N"uth .f s t'l uoi' s/uffh: i,e,1,1,~ iu re,g(u·(.f to your Lord that FJe' is a 'Wimess O!J't't an ,tl~irl.'g.~? ~I

Far sure the Qur'an will remain a source of glLlidaJ'l'c€ concerning faith, biJ.ws (Shari:~,a/i.) and ntom~i;ty until jhe end of' ~]fe. Amo[l.,g its aspects of guidance is t.hat man reaches ~,c;i"entiific, ~~c'[.$, tha,~ conforms to 'what, the 'Qur1al1 conducted many centuries l,g"Q -Henclej, th e :~IU:t 1['11 a~ was absent from the minds or 'many 'Pe-Ol)1 e; namely that th e Qur'an is revealed by Allah W'~~O' is the Creator of the universe, has become clear, Th1l1~~ 'they should ~ii,ve ln ihm, universe according r.a the teachings revealed i 1Il the Qur'~n by ~ heir Creator. ;\1ilml:il i Exalted 'be He, says about the. 'Qlar'mn, ~ ATld 'with ,t'r,l'.th:,¥':e have sent it dow,,, (i.e. th« Q~~'r~t:1!I1-}I' and with t',e,tll/[ it /7..',QS d:(:scend'ed' ~" :a\'l1d says ,110011].'[ the: universe, 4A.iiah (Alone; createdthe heauens and the earth. wU/~' t,",uth:,.

Stl.re~y scienti fIe fac ts ~,when they come to Ji,gh~~ coinc ide with the fac ts revealed through ~t1 e Qur'an and so !S ign 5;.1 appear in the urll iverse ms Allah (Bxalted and Glorified be He) bas promised,

"The miraculous nature of IllU.ITIJHm creation" I,S a study in alternative mediclne proposed by Dr", Magda "Amer ~Q uncover the coincidence in presenring (sc:i1entii"fic) facts bl both human knowledge and Is IJan1 ic teach ~ ngs~

Al-Palah Foundation would I ike '[0 thank Dr. Magda '" Arner For gi ving us the chance to render IU~lis Stllilldy to our dear readers, a~l over the world, supplicating ,A.I m'i:g'hty Allah to make i~ of profit to Islam and M'1l] 51 i ms.

Also, we would like to (hank Hazem Hillmdy for 11·i8 sincere efforts in lim] s Iati ng t his book Thai! k s sh OIU ld also be extended tOI .Ahllll~ld. ·r\1: •.. f.lasan who rev ised the work. Great appreciation is due to Heather Shaw and Nascema li\lan for their shrewd editorial advice, Finally ~ Praise be to Allah through Whose blessings the good deeds are compl eted ..

All prai se and th anks :i1!re, d ue to A.1:1 alfl ~ ~he Lord ellf all creation.

May His Mercy andlPe.n0e De upon the Prophet Muharnm act. hi 8 Companicns, and hi s househ old"

One can O'DlL!Y attain virtue iif hiis: intentions are pure and his heart is untainted by spite and rancor, A.1 mighty A I '[f~'h, say S,-, i The' D,aJ.~ whereon neither \<vealth nor sons wi'll r:tv,ail Except him r~,h:a bring» to A Ual1 ,Q, clean hear; {clean from Sh irk fpQ..lJ,the i'j,md ,CfJld' Nifaq (hypoc.l~iJjy)J. ,( II S'imj]m~~y,~ Ibn Tayrniyah said, "The religion [Is]~lll1] in its, entirery is v'~ rme: '[he beuer a person's conduct, the more religion s he is. ~~

Becau se of thd" the leach ings and. '0]) in ions of the Prophet of humanlty (peace 00 lupon h im) are the best source of le'arn:ii'll,g for these 'who follow his methodology; i,e. the methodolegy of adopting leniency, pardoning others, forgiving when one is capable of 're'mUati:o,]l, and giving H,P grudges, S]]'!h~,! and revenge, In tffil,isl, the Messenger of AU ~1!iJ (peace be upon h im) get an exceJ~ent example for lIS, as it is not recorded [hut. he. ever sought revenge, for m,j s own sate"

Through my studies of Alternative Medicine, I have C0n1,eaCr088 varioustherapeutic meth 0 d S such :81S ~j M,ell.tail, Tb"erap), Through Pos itive Thinkin g'!! '" Also, a. great amount of ] mportance has been p laced in the. 'W'est on the publishing of WOIF'kS dealing 'with the 'impcillit~mce of

pardoning and forgiving, as well as the effects of negative thinking and negative feel i ngs on l he entire hum an body'. Thus, I' was :i nspi red by AMah ro shed Hight by way of t~is book, on. the fcllowing polnts:

• Much of what is being newly proclaimed in the West and is being confi rmed by m odern medici ne W(Jj,S actuall y :i ntroduced by Uti r leader and teacher, the. Prophet of mercy (peace be upon him), fourteen ceatu ries ago e.

• m't has been proven that the K,ey '[0 healthiness and healing lies in "pardoning, forgiveness, and constant positi ve thinking". 'The combination of these :~II:llits form a virtual fuel that provides the unrnunuy cells with the energy required 'for optimum performance of their functions, One might ponder the. state of life if all the good, benefit and pleasure 'in this world were purified fro~n a~l. evil, harm and pain, Surely 'OUII!' lives and our world would be entirely d w fferent. However ~ that wou ld contradict ~he div ine pu rpose (or which good, pleasure and hellefit were intertwined with evil, pain and harm. Such puriflcadon and distinguishing of good from evil is for the' Hereafter.mot mar the world in which we live, as expressed. by the WOlds o'f Almighty Allah, .~Jn order that AUali may distinguish. the wicked from, the good and p'ut the wicked one on another; heap them together and cast them into Hell. Indeed those' are the losers. it( 'I)

'1 p., lIT''':'iy' t·[I..·1I.t A·:·.II'·:]rw l'n·"Jj.ki<lo·· this bo :0.1:. an ideal companion fo ':r' eve :ry- .. '

. ,: wtt. Un, .~)I;'.. U ',,", n,.:.; .I!i.. I _'V~"".'~-". .. ..

Mus~im 011 the path ~:ow.ruds happiness In both worlds and that 'He re"i~ud me with His sansfaction, which. is m;y sole desire, in writing this book.

0tJ' .... tfi··· ·0'··' '>lIn' . . ner

.1 ~ , • •

. .' . (. ,

, ~.

I. Al-Anfal: 37

T···ii..-, ·h-·Allo·· ,pA'Iii'I···:L 'Ib- e·s'''·o· ''ft'Iil)ed- "liI'no,o m .i'Ii_

:_: ue _,-~_._; ~.!!;. ~il-JI, __ '_. ,,~, ~. D"'._. ~: .... S'" _:.c..:c. ',-_~

Allah created] Adami by His hand as was narrated 'in His words, -<f 0 man! What has made yo'!:" careless c.oJ!ice rnhi,8 }'{YU~~ Lord. the Most Gen Sf;OU,s.? 'WhO' created yo.u. fashioned YOilil; p~rfectl_y~ and gdv,e yo£~ due .. prlC):po rt hut .. ,lnw·.iu'U'e'iVer tonn .fhj willed; .H~ has asslJ!11bleil you. ;{J)

Th.·· .. . Allah 'bll '\lV i t A..iII .... '.' til .' . '" '. 'wiE ".'iIi.. H. ..' . . '. .. ...l 'I' .- '-1- , .. -

. enj' _:. ,.at .' e·.. _D· 0 '~~a.m __ u e spm n [ , . ~lll.'C.u e Cl eaoew or urn,

~·.A.nd whe~1: ./' have p,crpo-ri'iO'ne;a h.il'n~ and breathed into him of Nty (created) SOI~il, the,~ jedl do:~;w i: to h.in1 in. p rostration. ~ (2)

He dl;en made the angel s prostrate themse 1 ves before Adam, ~ A,nd ·wlte.11We said unto the angels: Prostrate yo,;itselv,€s l;u~for'(l A.dw,rl, they feU prostrate, ClJl except lblis (Sa ta lil;) •. He refused and waS' arrogan: arid h-ec,a~.1~(! of the. disbelievers. ,C~)

Al lah then created firoml Adam's rj b, his 'mate ~l compan i on ,. iili.ncl coesort. Almigbty A.II] ah says, 4 It nd ,YC"ftf Lord said to th« aniglel:rr~ IVe.ri(v~ .I am, ,going to place {mankind) generations after ge:"h~r,a:f:iO'1S on earth. lr TI1ltJ' said, ~WUl Yotll place tf1e,'eh~ those 'who \W'l i'i mak«

'1- ·oi.;]-._Iil,.,.-te;;·l""·- ~ _:0

'II ",....1. I iIl,C_IJI_~ ii_§Jt"' U o.

F:I ~.] 11'1"" 2-0

~,; iii ~!!i1iJC ,':i:I •.

3 .. Al -B~qarBJh,::341,.

mischis] therein and shed blood, 1l'FhUe Wee' glorify You 11/lt'h praises andthanks. r. He (A Uah) said. ~f kno W' tha: which you do not kno\"I/" ,I ~ ( I )

,As. sue hhm,an wns made to succeed. Dill eanbgenerat i on a fte I" generation, Man was given sanctity even greater than that of the Ka'bat: itself" Th~8 sanctity doesnot only continue throughout HIe, but after death as well, This is based on the opinion of the 'majori;[,y of scholars tba~ the human body remains pure even after death, and that the flesh of a dead hl!11tlJamli1l3Y not be eaten even in cases of dire need. Similarly, the Prophet (peace be upon hiJTI) commanded that every h u man corpse be bu ri ed, even those d. j sbel i e vers 'W 11'0 were k i 'I led at war" He also forbade the rnutilati o,n of hu man C otpses.~ even. if they were executed for murder 0 r from among the fo rces of rhe disbelievers, The Prophet (peace be UPO'!] him) said, "To break the bones ,o,{ illeilec€ased is the same as t,o' break them whU,e he is alive. ~it2]

AI ~Iah~ the Ex it 1 (jed ~ says" ~'A nd indeed 'kVe have ho« ored the ChUdreJl of Adam. I~Ve have carried them ON, land and' sea, and mede provision of gOiO{f: things for them; and have preferred them above Inany of those ~vhon~, 'We have created 'with, a 1~~'(1Jrked' preference. ~t"i)

Th rn s hO:l10 r is be stowed upon all humans, whether they are Mustims 011' otherwise,

When A II ah c reated I he heavens arid the earth, 110U on tZl did the entirety of creation bow down to Allah and, praise Him but they also declared their acceptance of Is b!J..UL.

Almighty Allah ,S,aL,JlS~~ Do t~hey seek 01.N.er than the Religion of A.Uah,~ while to Him submined ail creatures in the he,Q'vens and the

] ,', A~ -Baqarah: 30.

2. Narrated by Abu Dawud nu 1'1100'1:" (JW7'). :3. A ~ -~ sra': 70.

"'P.c.jlI lIoi1l',,]!;?li11» (},,i'L;En in j01 .. ,,, 'U'II>l'i'~~3!"'~,;) .Ji iii"!:" ,.~1.'l': ~\V~~ "'J :'~}1Ii. 'Ir;r, ,~f~}(;:"H'~I~~' "c,

earth, I~Filb;ngly or unwUUng.!y, A nd to H im shall they all be retu med. t (I,]

,Almighty Allah also says, ,~Se'e' Y.OM not tha: wlfoever ts in the heave ns and w.hoeve. r is: on the earth.~ and the J'UJ1" and the tnoo',~, (~nd the stars and the mountains, and the trees; and the c reat ure s, and nlW~Jl ofmankind prostrate themselves to Allah,. But there are Ina:f1,Y 0'11, who'~n the pun,isI11~'uN'2 t is justjilled. ;,' ~ (2]

In another verse, Almighty A,~~iE!kh says, 4: Truiy, 'We offered th:e trust UJU'O the h"e'QV,f;'nS and tne f'(;wt.h1und' #U! mountains; hut they deci [ned to bear is and w,e re afratd 01 it ,B ut .n~Ul.n, boris: it. Vie ri lYi he was u~j,ust and ignorant. ,10)

Man accepted to' bear the trust of reason" obligati on, the freedem ,olf choice, and. (he respcnsibility O'Fr delivering ,AUah"s Mess.a.ge for which be was 'made to bear witness against himself. Thus, he became

. t he m iaster ,('i;;f this univ erse whi c ,.... was p.,II-lt at 1;..:' ~~ ."-''': . .-,~:, bv the

_ ,~~~ _~ v _.U_;;> 'Y~~~ _ ~,;:I""" . i.u."U .. ,""Iii! . LID '-'LI. ][J.S serVIce . J i, B

Command of A'~ 'I ah. Hence, aJ~ of creation inC'~ uding t he plants, animal s, manimate objec ts, th e sun, the moon, the seas, and the rivers, became subject to him, The person who fulfills the responsibility wi~h wl~ ich he ha s been en '~'I9!'~I,"'J~d' ;,~ "1I"QI1ih"~,AI P' 'I~.:. sure in i~ I'" ~,~ W" 0" rkl and ; n

._ Illitl!~111 ,I~,-_, l!l: __ < 1Il)'_~" ~,,~=,~~~~._ lL~ ~!IlQ.,.~~ ;-,,~Q~. ,~~ J! __ , '~'_'~~~' ,,_._ as ~u '~J ,_.: ~

the Hereafter, as we are ~okl by Almighty Allah, , IVe are your support in t.he' life of this world CUld' l~n the Hereafter. Therein you SIUlll have wh:.a.tev£',j!" you desire, and therein. YOM; shall .h11.~1IJe wMll8ver yO'u askfor. ~(4)'

If Almighty Allah had wished, He could have made humans and

j,~ • • jf tJ ". ~ '~"," ·H .

me jmn part o t]S mvotuntary subservsers system. aowever. ~It WM

I. AI=~ lmran; 83. i"i;"'1 H'·· 10

s; ,i!"\.,~ "an; I, o-

J. A~aAll:z;a!b: 72. 4", FI!..I.3'siJar: 3l.

His will togrant them freedom ()f choice m'iI} certain aspects just as they are compelled j n others. Likew ise, .j t was am so His w w ~ ~ 'to reveal celia] n things in this ~!lW1 j verse to rnankind \!i/hj le eoneeal iug other things .. Such is. the \\ris(lcull of AJinighity A.~~ah!, so' thalt man's ~F~.id). in the unseen (Ghayl')1 I~S. tested, Even I~od~y~ modern science is ilJ1C'aJ]?a'b~e of explaining all of the hidden deta.~18 of 01!U universe, This is clearly demonstrated in science's iil1a.1hj'~~ty to logically explain the law ~~lat links humans with the universe d[ur~ng their sleep, causing them 1:0 experience certain feelings and reacti ons in spi te 0;1 thei r state 0", dormancy .. This fact was also proven by modern science's discoveries of the latent powers of ~he human subconsci ous mind,

Mafl;~dnd has been commanded to travel. ~h~joouglwQut the world.

"One of these types of tm veling is '~JQ 'make profirable use of t!he world: to develop it :and to prevent its des:~nlctiorL.,,(n Almrnghty Allla;fu; ordered mankind, saying, ;;f.say;' 'Travelin the l'aJ?,{:t ~.(2} We arle also ordered 'lJ[J reflect Otl every th illg~JiIJ~t W~ S®~ rn [1IJ the heavens and the earth, so

Ij,r-h~,I" ibil!..r·i"!o'I' eh coutemnl atio 'ii'II ... ,t:!I;~ fi ""'n. 'J' iil'i; q and c· O-··iIii ~'"I d eration ~·U"';;· d '1"1 ilS' ...... o~·r~'r

~- gJ!.. ~w I 'v ~~ I ~lV'~ ~ !l.-'!w., I ~ t_, 1IJ." l~ 110; I, \r.I~l~'VIJ ~ I ~j 10.';' It.11 ,U ... ,u.[.;iI, ,1.1 .. ~, ,l[.;lJ _1I. tll" !I' '1dt. G I .. " ~~ .. : t ~ ""'

Hi s Signs which He :11 xed in :fhi s universe, Conversely, in respon se to those 'who, disregard the signs around them He sa.ys~ ,~Ha;v(!: .yvu .no

?'1.{3) Ti...l1· ~ d ·Ib. "I' I ,-11 .till LT" S ,"

sensei 1"0. FI.e; atso ,': escnues tnose 'W joG, uo not. rertect 0]11: rus '']gns;

,~A.na how many a .f,~'gn il~, ih,e heavens .(uul lh'll eart./~ by whicJ~ ~hey pass 'rvith averted fac,es. ~(4) Almighty A'~mah also says describing them, 4Jf Ver:i.lY'~' those who' ,exlu!c,t n:ot their meeting 'with ·UJ:~ but are pleased and satisfied 'with the life of the present world and those w'ho are neglectful o/O,[U" revelations. ~~5-)

]. S,:h~ikh Ash·Sha··:r.awl., TaJ;s·t!€r. 2" AI.-An":lIm: 'II"

.3. V usuf:I:O~ ..

4. V usuf: ~ O!L

.5. YUiI1lJJSt 7,.

~bn Tnfayl, the physician, writer, and philosopher, wrote the story of Hayy ibn Yaqzhan 'who lived alone on a desolate island. The meaning of the name is significant in that the name 'Hayy' rneans ,'lI,I'I"V,\j3 '0::1"]1,d' ~Y': aqzhan ~ m .;21;''':1"<:' t ...... be aware centemelaeina and learuins

~" 1bI~, U , VIL WI(J II..." ,1.1'" ~v .... iii'!. ", ,,",,~, ,'V,,,,,'~ ,..lull:~'" "--,, ",bt I;.IIL _ ,,_ ",, __ "" ::;,.

from n amre and the c rea lures arou rndJ hi 1111. Thi s man d iscovered that everything that exists in this universe hasa specific purpose and. a] 1:11., Thu K, henever P [eked an u n ripe fruit to eat, because that woul d. preve 11iJ~ Its seed from achieving the purpose forwhich 'rnt was intended; namely [he r eproduction o.f ,1, tree of th,e same species. Similarly' he never ale rare frui ts or 1l}~.ant5 ~ Iest they become extinc L W hene ver he. saw ap lant eli ng'i ng to another and harmi ng it, he W,QU ld separate them. Once, 'when ~'igt.ten]ng struck, he discovered fire and its heat and warmth. H~ used his discovery for' :~:~ghtj' warmth, and cooking. He also learned m:o spi n wool and make cloth i l1g by observi ng a, bird as itbuilt its nes t. This character demonstrates how a 'wise man inluiti,ve:ly extracts ~TO'm the universe itself'.the knowledge that he needs tointeract with it

Almigh ty AJ lah perfected for man k ind l he e I ernen ts [Ieee ssary for life ill} this universe. Everything has been created in the state HeC'~:ss.~.I1' '[0 perform, ~h.e task for which :it was. intended. Alas, it is man himself who tampered w ~ l h the se e lements I~hat were created so perfect ly, Claiming 'Eo improve the status quo, the CCHI1.SleqL1el1ces of human interterence with these elements are nothing tU.r~ corruption and aberration. 'We find this indicated in the following Words of Ahnighty A 1:'1 all ~ ,: An,d w'heJ1 it is sa id to them, ?v:1:ake' not min:/1 i eJ on. i h;e ,eli nh r,; the), ;say) ~We are only peacemakers. I' .Are n(ll' rhey bulee-a the mise h i e.f~'naker.s? B'ut they pe reed \~e not." t I ) Con versel y~ t he I a w s go vern ntg this un ~ verse: are, performed wi th ul ~'i mate p rec ision, ,A, 1.1 a~ alone, In .H,IS ~[lfinite knowledge of the flucnrations of man's desires, controls these laws and wll] never allow 111~Hl ~JQ tamper with them,

Hu ~n(jlll1 s ~ n teract wi ttl e vents, bu t there 'I s a great d,i ffere nee between simply reacting to the events alone and reacting to the events as they are bound I[~O their underlying purposes, for Almighty Allah is [he M'osl Wise and h@JS made oppression unlawful for Himself as is understood from the following:

Abu Dharr reported the Prophet (peace be upon him) as s,~]yilD1g,

'ir;lllah~ the Abuighly~ said. 'lvJy £t'nJal,!U~ I have made oppression lml~nlifut for Me and ul~/a~Viful.f{)lr YOiH. so do not c'(}mlllb oppression againsr one another. /illy S(!~'1!(J~UJ. at! of VO~i are liable to err exceot one ~'Vlum~ I Pl:Mcle {JU the ril~h!.

_ J,~ 10. ~

p'Cuh, so seek right gf,d(;h~'nc(! [nnn ,Me tluu I should direct

)WI'l 1'0 the right path. 01 t.'4)J servants, all ofyou are hun,,~,y (nee,dJ,tj except:' one wham l f(U?t~ .so' beg food from ,~Ii}'e, JiO that I may give that to yOt~" 0 My servants, a'll of yo.~t are naked (need clothes) except one lv.hom: I provide garments, so beg clothes from ,~4.ej so that I' should clothe you, 0 My servants; ,e'~J~n i] the .first: amongst JMJU and the last amongst you and the 'whole hwn~ur rtu_"€ of )~)un; and tha: of jinn IlL'ere to stand on one ptain ground and ask /V/.eJ and I conte rred I spo) 1,' eve t)' pe rsot i' tlj hat he Cl;'ifkel/ [or, i t i;1i.(~'M id not cause cmy Joss to III/e, except (,eli'en less than) that w'htich is caused I'O IIw sea by dipping a needle in ir: My servants, veriiy .I ant recording your deeds for "wltu tlwu I u~i.il rrward, so he who finds good s/ivl,l.fll praise ill/all, and he who does not find i'llat should not bl,m,/,e af1Jlone but his Ou'" sel]. rii( I j

Therefore, ~U] obedient Muslim employs all of his powers: wl1l[e'~lcc(ua.'l,~ psychological, and physical, and, II10S~ irnportantty his reason {w~kh is the fundamental prerequisite to being held

accountable) ,[0 accomplish hi S assigned task or succession on earth in ~"I'NIi!"" best PO"'" '1.';'1 b ~ ~.~ ,.",.. ·~·1Mi 11' e '1· ·f· ..... ·1 ~ o0IlW :;~1 0- the r.':" arne '''O!I rse of the Pronhet

l [I ~ !U~..Jl - ',' Ll'L'li -. ~ 'I;...r l~ lli lL{_UIJ I. ., ,,~ . V U,"i,JI __ IJ ~. Q rt- ''Ill g ~~!!r !ir'_ ~_:~ o.:.!'liw.o V. t I '_ ['" ." L,.

(peace be upon him) Wlilth firm steps. This enables him to restore his positive bal .. ance .0.'mIJdI self-harmony when he reacts to events, consequently leading him to harmony and compatibiliey with the universe, as expressed by the Prophet (peace be upen h~mn)~I~Strange are' the ways ,oj' a believer for there is good in elJ'e~11 affi~ir of his and this is not the o'''.!re witi: turyone else except in the case of',(/, believer for ::1 he; has an occasion to feel tlelight.lw than/rs [God}; thus there J~S a good for h'~nl in it" and 11 he gel's into .t,.otdJie and shows resignation (and endures il.p.alj.ent.'.~y)j 111e.~·e is a good Jot' hhn in it. ~1 ~)

T.he effect o:f posi.tive tb'inkingo'o the Immune .. sys·te:'m,

"Psycho-Neuro Imrsnmelogy" is the: name of a branch of modern sci ence that ws. coaeeraed w i th the psycho I ag ical and menta I ~ tate of humans and H'H effec.t on organ funcrionality. The name I;"elrer~ ~o the

P'~'Ii~c: 'I!..",,~ 0'0':1' i"'''!i'~ .'\ -11 ~ -n'£I,ll rol M.U; ~'''i'1 ·'1 IL'P o!I,..-.il' .. · 0:'- ·f' the ·I.M1I'"!I'li an t,..!"'i; ~I \)"1,.. im Ill' U lin ~.ty.

,O.J u~v~. 0 ,'I;;--GL~ it,t Y ....... 'U'~'lJClW!l;.""t 'i::r!. ,Vl;..,~':)' .. ~, " ..... i~'~ i II:;~, I. Uulll"" n ,I ._ _ .I~~,! .':,

From this science, we know that immunity ·C12.Ms, not only read the messages e;IDI1Jue,d by the person's ~ht]ughrl!:s on 2IJ mental level, but that they are actually affected by them negatively air positively, which in [urn has. an impact on Ith.eir efficiency. Positive thinki.ng 'is the virtual luel '[ha~: supplies the cells with the energy needed fo-r their optimam fu nc tional ~ ty . Thi ~ preserves our II'Go'l den Gate U ~ namel your ~I' i tmnun i ily 'II .

Conversely, negative thinking drives a. person into a vortex. of fear, anxie .. ~y,~ stress, anger, bitterness, ~]1vy '; etc. ]I~ also has a negative effect on the functicnality of (he immunity cells. :FOf example, some of the n atural eel 1 s that .~] l. ~ germs (n~tu rail k~] lers) ~ 'uilh i ch form the fi rst ~ [me

I. Narr~tecl 111" Musilim.

of defense in tih,e immunity system, disappear from, the spinal fluid of .~, person 1lI111Jdew. stress, no matter hQiw long i ~ conrieaes. Under such a condition the body of that person becomes highly vulnerableto any al men in vasion by germs DF' otherw ise, due, to i~he weakness of th e body' s i'mm.tndty 51') This rus in addit~,orn to the excitiing effect of the sympathetic system am the adrenal g]8L~ds. to excrete tihe Adrenaline hormone during times of stress Indi ange:r~ thus dis~ru.lI'bi[fl,g the person's temperamental balance (hom,~(D~tls'i,lt;).,

'The effect. o,f :p1osltive think;;ng 011 en,[lo,crine glmuls

Michael Nudel rnenti ons ·i n his book, 'I~ Negative Mli.nlk:rn'~,g~ such as an=,eI, bitterness, and ·e~ vy has a negati ve effect (U1. tbe funetions of the endocrine gland 5 due tOI the accnmul arion of toxins ~'n ~he bl Dod. The only 'way to eliminate these ljQ,XI1]lS is to revert to' positive '~hinking. Particular recommend @J~iOn8 to do so must b E:,mat1e to rherapi sts before they strut treating their patients, because a therapist has a hidden effect on the padent,wh:ich takes place through ehe transmission of a positive charge '[0 the patieat as a l]J~aHI1Ig I~nergy. 1!(2)

:~, .lElkaJi A" (J 993) 'rQ'jif;f~(iiirj',k COJiCr..tnS J()~" EUni:i~uJlir~g NegaJi:vefWJ~'.mio:rT!s"·,~ ,a p~~er 'pre..5;e{]]!"G~ at ~;he' .5 lJ1 II I: fiJ:tem3,nOfm.i CO'I].fCfJeiI:1lCe (l!1'L Sc.ieJJlti Fie S~g~~s of Qu:rl~ .. fI. &Smmairnl .

. 4.; M ~.cJ~ ael Nud~~ and B V;.l, N udel, IPh. D.. IGti;~[~~y He~.UrnlJg Slpe;c:u alists of Bioenergy System Services ~~l'Lc'" _A~~~;l1ill]lrsof how-to-do books: ~'J'ig{ltl~1 "J .B'.io~EI1.1te.'rgy lm'tl, MiJ'icl" and !12 18,,. Ctt.rMm~y IS New Clw.kr:.a .Heaih1.g" V ~,§:~ l h;UpJl~!,I'\;¥w, bicenesgy-serviees. co rn fOilf mote iurOmtlllini.nn and 'ro:'i,dew s,

rite ~ffect of Positive TllinJii,ft;g D'n the Humsu: BfJdy

One Df the feanires of a,lt.e,mative meeicine is its sen~:it'i'V,i~y to all hum'arn ~ayeirs~ the highest Df which is ~,he S]l:i'~'l~ui:d layer, ellen the Iller! tal, emotion at and ph,), S ical layers ~ in that order, A'm of these layers i m1 teract l\d til. and affect each other, ~o the extent that some senti ments resi de in certain parts 'of the body and are linked to the sv moscms that are demcnstrated bv thesecarts, Fat examp le, sorrow

,I Ir' s r J

Iie~~deff. in the lungs, anger mil the liver, fear in the kidneys, shocks of love in '~he'heaJt and, the stresses of life ill the stomach [wllich leads to heartburn due l~iO the excess i ve secretion 0'[ Il,yd rochlorie acid), By :[re.at~rlJg ~he SO"OW~ Jear, anger, etc" Ute :!iilyrn:ptO.f"i15 appeatmg in the related organ are eliminated. For instance, curing a child off fear' Is, t:h~ perfect selntion f@r involuntary urination,

The dill 'Y'I rite. and pmpherie teachi ngs encou rage us' I~O adhere Ito positive thinking, to dismiss negative feelings, and! to stimulate the latent energies a~, V'aJiiicrus levels l.lircfugJll the nl:i.nd~heM~~ and physical fae u ~II ies, so ~tHd: we can contin ~ou~ly pfD,gress towards happines S '11:1 borh worlds, I'~ this. regard A.1miglil'ty Allah says, ~S,(} do not he,co'f}u:! ~\C!'e{lk (,againsT yoltr.r 8nen',~y), ,~u"r be sad, Cl1u:i )lUli. l'ufj",iU be S uperior (in 'vICiO'rjJJ if yo 11 ana' .indee,a believers. ,'~ I) And, "S(jI 'w'{ll'sie f~ot ,~}~aur soul

in SOttt)w lot them. ~,( I) And, ~ 'place' Jiol Ju OUt hearts ,any rancor t,()'W(J:I"tJ those w/~O' believe. ,(2) [0 (line or his supplications, me Prophet (peace be upon h rn m) used to say" jjO ,A llah; I' seek refil,ge wlth you /n),m w,orri,ES and grlel tI(3)

\Ve thu s f ml d that the be] levers are al w,~,ys keen on eli recting ~he powers I~:hfl.t Allah has ~nstruned in, them, ill order 'to achieve serenity, :hrruppw ness, and psycho 1 ogieal balance

Pus.i,tive thinking' :has belen p(I"uven to affect,:

I,,, The Brain

This occurs by m,odify:in,g the brain's electricity, Disturbance

f r, b "'j' ~ • '" di '1 I' 1 dl ~'~I' I

o hie, iram So e~ ec:~lUu;:]~y ,ilstur JS t ne jnenta , anc ps YC:OOw(] ,g, n; ,811, ,

II!.. I' S lk K" ioned un ." II!-. " 'I.. ," I", , " "

ea IU1Ce.:t~llnhinn menuoned, --.ros:I~!Ve tlLi.'ll1.l!dmg nas a. posurve

effect on the [chemical reactions] in the brain, and the opposite applies IlO negative ~~lin~d:[i!gr. For exaln~~e" th,ere ,c,cHdd be an increased secretion rate of ~he, pain-inhlbiting compeunds czd~led enkep bali ns, 'w:h lch represen l~ rhe natural morphi ne sec reted 'by the, brain and demonstrate their effect 0'11 the nervous. sy ste m when the pain di sappears, ~ 4) Other an~ i depressants such as seroton ]]1Ie al so. restore a person 1 So bid ance on the ps ycho 1 ogic al level s-

Accordmg to professors of Alternati ve Medicjne:" the brain JI.~ divided into- two sections that function in two different 'ways"

S 1! I • II .Ell" .. ~. • • ", d

'i..; peecn, matbemancaj, reacnng, ano wnnng operations are camec

3. Nl'IJff'fJJiled b~i' Al-Bu;klrn,arii: 28'93.

4. Ki m, Rc!<;carch .lc~'t:

hUp:II3e~nl;di p, brynrn,~!wr.,edulbl::Jl:lclL1i'OhlJe~mOa/\,Veb2!Ki In. hind IfHo:!ogy 200202, 2000 Se~olmd \V.~b Report On Serendip: T~rin'k Positive,

out in the k~'f1. hemisphere, whereas recognition, rhythmic, visual imaging, dream ~ and emotional operati ons are carried out 'run the ri,ght herni sphere, For ex ample, the; r-i,ght hemn:i sphere of the brai n is dominant in the case of a poet or an, artist, as opposed to the brain of a scholar of physics where tile, ~ft h~m~~rphere '[S dominant.

'Using Crown TV Kirllan Photography, PrOfeS80f.' KorotkoV'(:~) measured the bio-energy field area before and ,a;fler. Ineditati:on}2~ He found that both the b io-energy fiel d area and U1e min d -!body ItulJrm('my increase after natural meditauon. It sh au] d be noted that meditation is worship in Islamic terminology. The same experiment was J!lJt~0 carried ou~ Oil] both hemispheres of the brain, before arnd a:f~e1i" concentratien, imagin tng W.l Idea] connection between the two hemi spheres of the brai n,



'~" •. ('I).

Ji,-',lg~)I_ .

Changes Ul the bio-energy field around rigtn hand. forefinger durmg m aeditat ion

__ !!.!!' [.!Ii~ ... _ "_ ..... 'Y~I!. ,u..,_,_~

1, 1 ~ K.CL K!o:r,otkov~ Fti,liwl: l!Jfec:(i. Pijb'li$h~r; O~,~~,. SL Petersburg, ]'995 p, 2lS, 1S BN 5-Sfi09J.-O Il :1-9 (i n Russian), 2- lI{.,(l Korotkov, ,U:g;ht ,a~ter. Life, Backbone PillibU:dn'i ng HOi~lse. NY '1996,

1, D'[" Da vid iPelte.rn amid A nne '\V'oodh:aw, Encydo{uulla of C'Qi1llliell~eni\'a',-y Medicine" Dorling Ka:ndcni:~e-y Lendo n, :~997.

Fi,g (2)

Mmage of the brain after c;onc~ntnlti 011 exercise practiced for 5 minutes each day for about at. week .. ,~ ~ )

From the. :i mages in fill (2) it earn be seen, 'HruaC the bi a-energy f e.1 d level increases with time, Also, i.Flitia.!1 "gaps" in the blo-energy Held grailua~I~'y close, indicating tl:'U1!Jt the mind-body state approaches .[1 more "harmonious" way of functionlng,

"1:,_ 'T'I·1.I; M·. erldl Go rio ... ~ - ... Ie .' ,"£'1 I!AJt~

There are 1·4 'mer.md:iarns on ~he surface of the human body, through which energy flows gen.t!:y ,~nd homogeneously. It was found dUlt ,f.my di sturbanee i!n rhe electric ruty of the brai n resul ts in a disturbance in the balance of the energy flowi n,~ tlirough its. piaJths,~ wh ich are the meridians. Thi s is reflected pby~ ica~~y '0:11 the human body ~1J rhe form of symptoms o,f a iii hnents ..

There are 7 "chakras", which can be~hough~ of as energy generators, In essence "energy" is the element of I ife, or the ~~,ten.t power fn e'very livjng being. The energy centers bear the prime responsibility for the efficiency of the body organs, As such, any disturbance in them is reflected on the person's health due to their blockage and the disturbance in the functions of the organs that draw energy from these centers, On the other hand, w. h~ sou reel). of energy thar charge the human body are: W ,ail er" sunlight, earth, and air. {~~

l, Michael Nude! arid E\'[!J Nudel, Ph"D.. '2'p.l C,e,I:r.J&!!ly',I- Ne:II!I'1 Ch~tnJ fte('wling.

B io-Energy Sysr.enl Services, Inc.

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ill .g' i Iv.l LI~) ttl '4- ..=
~. Ul .~ ~ :::r ~ c ,1"r9J
::;; ~; iU '"=', J!lI
aJ U ' .... '9 Q)' '~J~ ~
~. ~ 00 ' ' ,....... !Iii'] '"d :0> bo
ij ~ J! :~. ..:C :=to ,;,'~I .- e Q!.'l
'''CI .- u '"0 !L..iJ es
l~ ~ u b ...... ..b:
~ 0 ;.~ ..,;.. .... 'Ibi '1:,.0
.. n-: e ~ ._ 'IU .. ~ n:i:=il e, 01), ,-
U .b,., '>., (j 0
l"'li c:: 6;1: It! c;
9 i::; a), ~ = "'~ "1:1.
!"!~ ~: ,;> ~l
"g, ~' 4 .. Aura: An overview of the types, functions, and properties of aura:

n is. l he c losest to the bodyand re present s the health of a person, The physical auric body is. detected through K~ rl 'i an ph otogra ptJy ttl at was invented by the Russia~noCientjsls V,mdenti na and Semyon K~ rl ian .

It is aliso called 'the etheric double' due to it i, ~

1I n i que c haracte risti c as a dual ~ayer. The fi rst

'1 flyer is an e xact du p 1 k ate 0 f the: ph y s i cal self, The second one is ,'1\ mass of ,energy that

e nccmpas ses the first on e and repres en ts the eternal sel f. At the moment of death" the eiheric 'ouble and its. auric emanations (the , second ] 4ilJy er) accompany the individual to other levels of awareness in the Astral Plane,

Physical Auric Body ).mnl= 3,.5c·m (approx. up, (0 ],.35 inches)

-lheric Auric Body 2.5·_· 'il Oc IT[ iiapprox ..

V'i~a] Auric Body 5~ 30Cli1 (approx .. " U .90~,'l '1 • .35 inches)

Astral A'~"" ,." srrai .u. "Jill ic

Body approx, 60cm (approx. .,,: 7.', 5", ,j [I'll ""I~ es)

.~_'II ,~,!'JI ~~ II. . L'!i"

Lower lte-ntal, Aurio Body

4- 20cm (approx. .~ ",50- '1,.):5 rnncltes)

Higher Mental Auric Eody I'P1P[OX. 60cm, (apVr-ox. 22..'1.5 inches)

Spiritual Auric Body

This is the trne li fe force, as it j s the only ~,ayer of the aura that radiates ,em~,rgy and absorbs i [ from the surrounding env ironment, The other layers, run '[he aura onJy absorb euelfB:Y '. Emoti ons are felt at this level,

This is ~he largest ~,8i.ye;r IIThd it i So created from the emanations from the ast 1~~11 body, which :i is, where at person 81[Or€S ~h,~JF c()mrp~~te :~as~ and present 1 ife story, It is often the first place where the experiences of 'geod' or i!lbad~ create au effect.

True Love, ~tie eternal ~:yp~~ occurs when [the astral auric 'bod ymolds I[WOo auras into one.

The lower mental la,yer displays a person's abil i'~: ies on the m nte n~cru,a] level. Menta~ i I hiessc auses a ];~ck of sy rnmetry to the oval shape of the ~,o;wer mental aura

Th islayer oCH:rutai.:llls the energies ~:h.lt supply-us, w ~'~h au r h igher mi nd functi oniing capabi I ~tie~s,. It w s, ,our in,te] ],ectum,i~'i,nik with the Creator, 'This. is. the place where IDmlr hjgher self d\\',eUs. It has di'rectl access 'to Universal Knowledge th at anyone can draw upon to enhance talents and to balance the mind, body and spirit,

Th j s layer Is referred to as ~he ~'wnk. '~O God orr Creator, as it draws to a person ~he Universal Life Force necessary in the P~lY s,k:;a~ realm.

Modern experiments have proven Um.t negarive thinking absorbs energy 'from the bio-energy field and causes the burning of positive energy and di:nls the ,CO]{)fS of the aura. This d,isrn:rbs the body's nro cectiv e 1r'1"' "1"e.'I-A (a ura) '\~J1..'·I'''-' -I~ ';<.'1 reflecred on the b ealth of the p 'r->I-'~O'T1I

.t' , ""1",."- \.,1 ,'::'!I I', 11,.1, , _ ,~, ,,'i!; n_ ..... ,I t.;J; .',' li~,' _"",,!L;I!..'I;. I""" ,_;[II.~i~~1 I" I i[ "_",," ,!i:'fi_,I~"

The energy field SI10WS a 'lack of harmony long before disease L~ man i fested ] n the ph ysica I body. ( I )

An experi rnent was conducted O-IIIJ a. man and a 'we man, both of 'W hom 'were asked to l hi m k nega t i vel y then positi vel y. It 'was f DU'I1d! that durin g negati ve til iW1 kin gj the. aura around the m am! s fi nge r WH:S detached from the woman's finger, and ,I sort of repulsive energy was emiued berween them at that level. Conversely, when boO~ 'thought positively and each felt an inclination 'towards the other, the aura appeared in extreme harmony between the two fingers, and the two auras eventually merged. In this case, the aura image of [he man and th8i€ of the woman were 'no 'longer separated. This is obviously related to what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, '~SQul,~1 are like di~pirl)yed soldiers. Those tha: are harmonious develop ,am;ia.biliiY and those that tl(ffer develop repulsion. !;{'2}

In his hook, Michael N'udel~3) suggests, "Every human being rns, affected by hi, s or her companion 1 n tenus of the bin-energy field. When d-ue, effect is positive each (if them senses :peaoe and serenity, and the opposite applies in the case of negati ve thinking." In this regard, the Prophet (peace be upon hi m) said, frA good campau ion ll:tu:1 {I bad companion are analogous to a dealer of muskend a; biacksmitl» 's hie lto,"v S. With the dealer of musk. you~-vill neverfail to bu}' OJ' (;11 least

1_ :EI izm:bcth B oJohlili ~ WW\1l, c'lkzabetI1:rei kipage. hem estead, com/fllesrel i Z:QJ_ h un. 2. Nflna~ed by Al-Bukhari in "Kiln" tH-.Aaab".

,;. Miclil;[)Jrd Nurd~'1 and Eva Nudel, !Ph,]). 2'1":1 Cenil,fI",ls /V,(!W Clrdkl"a Ue-ll,lillg~ B io-E'm1ergy 5Y!'i~(nX1i Serv iCI;;X, ~ nco

It was found rhatman iiea.ves H nack of' energy after leaving a place 'in which he. stayed, Thus, i~ can be said" "You leave your energy behind 'wherever you gO.I~ If we consider the fact that every creature represents a sign from Almighty Allah, and ~r we think about the splendor of the creation of the heavens and rhe earth, everyone will be: in harmo ny and compat ~ bi ~ ru I y wi th the en ti re U ml i verse. The ene rgy of 'each thought differs according '[0 the, intensity of the d1ink1ng. Ne.ga~ive thinki ng, particu larly grief and anx iety, consumes human energy. "Ali ibn Abi Talib ~In~y Allah be pleased with him) defined the srrongest Creations of Almighty AlIa11 as follows, "The most powerful Soldiers (jill Almighty AJ~ah are ten; the steadfast mountains, 'the iron that shears mountains, the fire that melts iron, the water '[hat extinguishes fire, the douds, ~~at are commandod to float between I~he hea vens and the earth carrying wal~el't the 'wind, that scatters clouds, ehe human that defeats wind by covering with ctothes, the intoxication thar defeats humans Ohe'~r minds), the sleep that defeats intoxicaticn, and .~ he grie f or an x met.y (rna y A ~I:I ah protect U 8) th at defeats sleep, II

Thus, the most powerful Soldier of Almighty Allah is grief.

Initially revealed for the Prophet Jonah (peace be upon him), Almighty Allah I aught us the supplicarion that saves us from gri,e.'f1 ~ La ilaha illa It nta IN one has t 11 e right to be worsh ipped but :VOIJ', 0 A.Uahlt Gior:if~e{1 (and Exulted] LU~e :yo~". T'rufy, I have been l.~l ~he wrongdoers. So iiI/£? answered his call, and delivered him !rOll" the' distre s s. And 111 [IS, ~Ve do tiel l've r the believe 1':,11. " (2)1

II., S,aliJih Al-Bukhari, Th~?' Ilook of Sales, chapter on leniency and telerancc LIIl, bU),'in,g and sell i ng, and dernandmg rights decently.

2 A'I A b" • i\.'I''''l'' '1i}';U; • '.' '-,i"'\ nl.!,lym ':' II) {-'OQ n

Ja'far As-Sadiq explained the cause and. cure of anxiety as follows, "The cause of anxiety is the preoceupation of people with woridlyatfairs. The cure lies ill the words, ~.AUah; (A.lone) is Sufficlenr

lor MJ~ and He is the Best Disposer of ,affairs (for us)., because Almighty Allahappends to these words til e consequence, .~' So the:}'! returned with Grace and B(,n~1ttr from Alla.h. No hafln touched tnelllj' and theyfoUowetl.the ,good Pleasure of A.llah. AJtd Allah is th« Owner ~f' G ". ·If B' 'ru k (1] ~I

oJ ' reaJl .,' , onl1'.·.r· , "

Additionally, Ja:'fm.r As-Sadiq recommended that anyone 'who has beer! sou bjected to evil P low 811 crM ld take protecrion ill the words from

'1" H '1-" ,Q".' , .) rrr. .1./' .xmtids ,-" . "'(,i-,.-"Bllll. Ir--1eed··' iI l'la;, is the t The ' "o.y nn an, "\' COIl,UB ,my causeunto n.,t,_~_H~ mae ..,_,<-;; l'~!f,_>. j:, At

All-Seer of (His) slaves, ,. because Almighty Allah appended to these 'words the consequence, 4 So A.llah protected from him the evils that the» pl(J't1.'ed~ wJll.l.e adreaa/IA-I. doom encompassed Pharaoh,isfatlt. ,:[2)

The Prophet (peace be U:(:lQ'U1 h'i m )USf;d. to invo ke Allah at times of distress, "None has the "'ight' to' be worshipped except A.llah the AU-Mighty~ t'he Forbearing, None has the right UJ be' worshipped except .Allah) Lord of th« magnificen: throne. None has the right to be worshipped except .A l.la:h, Lard (~f tile sleven heavens, LOPd of 1.'11 e Earth~ and W rd of tk« noble throne. P' (3)

Another supplication fo[' ~ir!fles of grief is, 'i'O AU{l/1! ,/ seek r(ffuge. ~V[ til, .you (Allah) p"om anxiety (111il It riel /rO-ri1: incapacity and ~'a;zintes J;, Jrorn CO wardi ce an-d N1i serliness, J,~()m being he.Q'vUy in. debt and from being ave rpowered by OIlier l1U!'1, t-j The Prophet taught fhi s to one' of his companions, Abu Umarnah AI-,1BahiHy~ UpOfIiJ findh1.g him distressed with debt and worries. Abu Umamah said when he applied thisadvice, "Allah fulfilled 'my debt and relieved 'me of my worries, tl

L Al- "Jmran: 1"73-·],74. 1. Ob:ajfi,[[,: 44---~5,

.3,- Narr,arted by Al-Bukhari: 6845.

5 .. The Law' of Resenanee

When signals of illieOZl!~j ve thouzht wavelenaths are emined -, 1'10 th

,'. ' 'e ' , ,', ',E,i " , ~ , '~ , ,,'" , , I, rnl iJe

atmosphere surrou ndi n g them ~ they artracr similar negar i, ve ~h.ough[s. Hence" negati ve thoughts are aceumulatedand intensified.

The teachings 'of Islam '!i.ni"O~'lrag' e e"!ler~t "'''' ""~'11<'i1 t - ~;.. - '. 'i' - t" '~~'t,: m ~ ",j;'~' Ill,)' tt· i e enct '!L ag "," ': d ,1'11.U.:.i,~n :il lO' lILJIe opnrmsuc

and ~1 opefu ~; \V'e were informed by Anas (,ma,y A:llah be plk~tl!=a:~dJ 'with him) that the "Messenge» of A,llah used to like optimistic signs: ~f( I) Islam also reaches. LJIS to avoid extreme feelings of sorr()w~ so that grief does not accumulate inside us, In application, 'we see this in examples such as Hrni'Hng the mourning period to three-days G1S is set fO:I111 for women in Islam, The Prophet (peace be' lIpon him) said! "No won'iGn. l'V.i1;O believes in A,ilah. and the Last Diety .nUl)! mourn for more than three days. ~~2). The on~y exception to this is jf the deceased is the ~VQ1mal1'S husband, i 11 wtJ91(:11C(l:s.e 'the mourning period is extended to fou r 'month is and re n days, due to l he hu sband' is. spec i ail POS]t~ on and, ~he long companionship between ihe couple,

l. NJilrr~wd loy A.~.-Buk Ili1Jil and M usli m, 2_ Narrated by Al~Bukl'ua:t",i: 5314·,

,'ositiv,e llhinlt~i~g

and the Su6C'OniScifJ1LS Mind

Positive thiaking 's not ~, matter .(ii( phil,osfilplll,y rather it is in ~:mct a daily practice Itl.1Jat I1I1US'[ be maintained run or' ter to dra w on its "Creative Pcwer" fh;~l!'[ can change lives, Scientists have repeatedly ~ [) inted to ~~.'ep(lwe:rs ,of the subce f1 scion s mi nd and our need to. pay attention to, this latent power 'ims,mdie ourselves, 'To live happily and el W!:1J [na~,~ stress we mu fii~ deve lop HiiJi S power further ~ 'We should rea) wze that every 'IlB ,galt ii'~le 'I h mrght consu mes and absorbs human energy, and affects, health and progress negatively, thus we should jnaintain positive thinking Ind dismiss all negative thou,ghts.

N',e.g~;l[ye, 'thinking is 'but a form of discontentment withthe fate' ordsined by Allah. Aloml,g the same Ilii~ilJe~! I ... Ol!]J~Ee Hay tells US~ 'i~A' :,.... ... ·~'nJ!'!"II'IiI,If"':;:;, 'I":'':> a, '~'.:1I;'\~'\~i'\ ... ~ I!'O· beal "Vn.l~1" Hfi"!" Hand'·', 'IJ'WI'itlaf~' veu res ist

,~'l.r~~ Il!GL.n Wl!.r.~ ,a~ ~_ J If.!...~ J' v Y L. ~~!P.J_'" V~ ~ ~ _ ~ ~~I _ _ _ 1i l_ ~ - - ~ J V._ _ !i.;.!

pen ists. !!(I) Tills, means thaF. the power to heal resides wiJthil~ll the subconscious. As such, ome nnillS~ cukivate his conscious mmnd with I,oud seeds, i~b,en water and care for them regu bu'~ y b)~ repeti ti om and fa i:Lh ~ 'wh,ethie:r wh a~ )i 00 bel ieve him, W s real or n ot, Thi B is b~C~Ul!3,~ the subconscious mind responds to the ideas :8011:1. by the censeicus mind, Therefore, it is impertam to 11101l1itOIf all Ml,16 thoughts that e]1te~" the

conscious mind carefully, because ~[1,ey ~ea.ve a:n 1111JJpreSSwoll on the subconscious mind, W'e should only keep the mind occupied with optimism, thoughts of peace, w,e~~=bemmg" and harmony, so that we may reap rhe good. fruits and their' poswtive effect on all other functions of 't~lle body.

A,c:601:1 a[u:]~ reaction is HI. universal ~aw!, and that is why thoughts are, in fact deeds, The subconsc i,QUS reaction represents 'the eJ emens ,o'f' reaeeion. Henee, CO'l'IDtinuClUIS observ ation of thoughts gives you happiness and harmony, A, story ls to ld aoowt a, moo, who was physk,aUy paralyzed, but kept imagining himself wandering around wi[ti aJln ab~le body, E ventual ly, this i mage was ] mprinted upon h i s subconscious 'mind" as, if it were a film on which [hat mental i:mag'e was printed, 'Ultim~~eJ y ~. the ~,aJlent power o,f healing in ~1] s subconscious mind responded tOI the menta] "ii"lna,ge,.On, ~hat day!! Ihe, 'Wag, at 'home alone when somebody knocked the door repeatedly," Suddenly, the 'latent power inside hirn stirred a.ndllh.e was able to get up to ,open the doorl

rhe' Re5pOfn~sefJIf,BelieveT's

in Ha11'cll'hip,:: cC,eptul1CII9I and ,Patience'

The P'rom?,ilet (peac~ be [I,pan ~ i m) ~Hi:d:,~ ~rT1;~(£ g remer th« afJ.l.~'ct i D'I~" I h(} ,gre'ater ,the' re'!,v,ar:,l., l4lht,M, A l i&~h 1:0 liieJJ' some pe,ollie", H'rJ tests ,l,'he,'lJt l1"i.fh (11fl'i.c,~ion. Those whii1 accept, find' s(al;S;fcu;.titn1.~ (tjld thase who are dis con I ell ted 'l'11i,1l o,u:ly/lnd ,USCt{lIJ U:I'I:lf'. ~; ~ )

One dmy,~ some people passed by aman who was IClrl p'p],ed~ ] e~lr:o'us,~ and tdlnd" He sai d, I'~ A Ii [ prai SJe: HIJ'nd thanks. ~,O ,A] lah, 'W.ho spared me the affl ictiolil which He tau sed )f'OD,. II The people 'wondered at this, aJliId he sald, ~I A] ~,mh has b ~e:ss6d '1110 'with remembering ]IH rrn~ amd spamd me dl~ 0 bl ivi on in whichyou Ii ve,"

u:~ dues '110:1; take IIrruch for us to be satlsfied with the Blessirrgs of Allah arud enjoy serenity, When a tme believer eneounters certain d ifficu hies, he meets l hem \v i:th gratimde, even if the 'W lsdem bet! i nd,

t· 'I ' '"_._. t .... ,]- ~ ar i,.... ~ ~--"ii WlI' ,fliC!in Ib .. "I~; -m', i~,iI,.e' (" f"'i; i'll, r'ii,~ iltil!.,; 01 Proeh et

~ lerum, '1:5 not Ir..:, ea I: ~y illrnlf1,I~'.',' I!;" , . ,',l~lk~ '_~~ i,U, :~IV:i~ I~'W II,U"),, . ~Ulo;i_

Mull ammad (peece be upon h im), died, the Prophet said, "The eye s beds tear ;;ii7,. luad the Ju~att. .feels: grief; tiiul l'!}'e' are sad to part 'W,~'l'h you #Jr:Qh im'. r~r2]! The i~:;,ue of acceptance is net relevant tOI agreeab le fate, b~IC rather tOI painfu ~ fare, ConvefSe'~y I' dii.sconteml tmem is t'1h.e door to

]" N~itf~,u~d b~ Ibn M~ja:hl: ;(H)~ rn .

2. Fal~ Al~.B'a:ri ('he, ,Book ,ot'l?u~ler,aJI~': '~303)',

worries, grief, and sorrow .. Allah, the AJ]- Wise, Is never unjust. The Prcphet (peace be. up on hi m) used to say i El part o.f f.m suppl ] cation I n You'l~ i udg m:erU wi U be eoforced upo« Mlie!'i a/1ti' the fate l' (}II~~ set far rn e is just. I~ Anyone who is subjected '[0 tragedy should thi nk of the rewards 'for being parienr during times of difficnlty. ln fact, he who prai ses All a.ll for a d iffic u~ l,y that he encounters trtay be led to a bounty much better than that which he lost. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "On« of the causes of man 's happiness is his acceptance of the fate ordained lor hint by AUa.h., One of the causes of rnan's tuisery is

his jailing to consui« Allld~. Annther [actor of a man's misery is l~i:s di.scontentlne~l:1 H ·till the {'at-Ie ordained by Allah., Ii'll)

We find. at perfect example of 8. mature and noble surrender wm the story of Jacob (peace be upon him), when his 8;01:n8 carne to ~~!m feigning tears. over the alleged devouring of Joseph (peace be upon him) by ~ilile \V~J'] [ Jacob's only response was, ,~SOi (len" me) patience, is most fitting . .And it is AUah (Alone; 'Whose Help can be sough: against that 'i,'N,hich yo~, assert. '~f2'~ Several years after that. incident, instead of finding the son he 'was expecting, he lost his orher SOl1. Even with the second ~ragedy ~ he. C()]·I[ inu ed s ay:i.:ng~ ~. So patien ce i s most Jitt.ing (fo'r m!(! J.. ,May J\ U(J.h bring 1 hem both (back) to tn~e.. Trul» He is

A· U iV ...•. AH ·W· \ (:1);

.... ',J:l.-I.'\.n:olvlr~g, ..... IJ,·' ,lSe""r •

He endured. the second G3Jam ity w ith ns ITIue h the same: sen si bili ~y as he dsd with the firsr. He remained attached to the Mercy ,of Allah, waiting for tomorrow with a. heart 'fmUed. with the light of hope untouched by the grievous events, lie said to his sons, ~ IGO )~ou: and entJuir;e. abou: 'Yusloif [Joseph] and his brother, and despair llo.r;< of th«

2··• '¥II I'm 1'[" '~I Q

, 1_ I_..,,,,_ .• .10"

Spirit of Allah. Certainly no ,Ol1,e despairs ofthe Spiril' oj' Allah except th« p(!:()pJ,e ' •• Vf10 disbelieve. ~ {I)

Su C h no ble conduct is wort 'h y 'If) be take n as an e:l\ amp ~ e m n order to build firmness against cruel storms, En fact, pain iUIThay awaken faith and return a perso [] [0 AU ah. In such C:EmSJes" d i ffi culty beco Illes a benefit in reality. Till i ~ is II ndouhtedly the best product of certitude and acceptance of the act's of 'the Lord of all creation. nn support of this noti an j '[he Prop he [ (peace be upon h im) sai d, ~~ If y{)J~ (,1 void whsu is prohibited. you ,are the best of worshippers, ,~nd if you accept whaJ Allah allocates for YO'U, y,('Mr.' are the wealthiest of men. l!!l2,) lie aJso advised us, "Seek assistsuu:« from AU,,/: and do not' stand helpless. If y()~j; are struck by s,om,e dfffl,·,uityp do not say as JO'J'U1 Sli:y~ 'lf] /a('u:l ,clOIM? .\;MC h and such, t hen such ana S~IC h would have happened '. biuJ' s,ay!, 1AUah IU1S ordained iCUld what He wills He does', for Jif' starts the works ofthe devil. ~'f].)

There is: no doubt Uuu: no. benefit or harm can happen except by the Wi]]' ofAllah, The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, !1.'IJ'e (1war(~ that eM'en if all people Imite to benefit J'OU somehow, they Ctln emt)? benefi: vou 'W'iti:~ someth in g thus .A, Utt.h has ordained In r _you, and if ial l people unite to harm )',OU S'om:ehow~ tluz~vwUl only harm J,(JU 'with something that ,;lu'ah has ordained against you. 'The {:NHI.S have been, lifted and t.he: s heels are dry. 1~~4)

He :ldso said 1~1~VIf,at strikes YOIl: could 'Ie'l',er have missed Y'lHi, and ~~'ha't misses y~iM could never have stmak yo.~l. ~'-r(5)

i. Yusuf: fl."/..

2. Nafr;:;l~ed by At-Tl m'l!i d hi: .230., 3., Nan1~'[cd by At-Tinrudhi: 2,809., ;;\l. Namrn~od by AL- 'finlflJ~dlllLi: 2516 ..

5 .. Naf'nJ!,~ed b~l A hu Dawud and Ibn M ajah.

This 'was reiterated in (he supplication of Imam Ash -Sharawi, "Our Lord, you have ena bled some of you r c reamres to do magic and evil and. kept fo r Y OUI,;SC I,f ,[ he perm i ssion to harm. I seek refuge 'W ith You bywhat you ha ve kept for Y oursel f from what you en abled some of 'jour creatures to, do believing in your words, 4 They could not thus han}]. anyone except by A U~~h 'sLeave. ~J:( I ) II

It is sai d thara man 'was su rvi ved by two SOW1$t. for' each of whom he left a considerable amount of money The two brothers divided the money between them and each disposed of 'his share as he wished" Tille younger son dealt in trade and 'W,(lS, sincere to A~]ah in his business He u sed to' g i, ve plen Ly of 'money in ch arity to ~h e po or \fIery generously. I-Hs trade gre W'i hi s 'weal rh increased t and he became extremely rich .. He had no enemies, and dmt w s why his money was protected from u he ev i i forces of en vy,,, The second son, O~ l be other ~ and, led a l 13C herous ~ ii :~:e an.di wasted hi So fortune on alcoh 0 ~; gamb ling, an d adul ~ery " E venm any", he became pe n l1ii 'I ess .a:rnd hadn't even enough 1110ne~{ to buy food, His brother WItS. very kindto him Hnd COJIDS~all~ly gave hi m food, shelter, and clothes. However, instead, of feeling grateful for his brother's kindness, he surrendered his beanto envy of his brother, and thus plotted to make his brother ~ose his formne so that they WOIL]~.d 'be equal in poverty and so rhat people would stop' mocking him for his povertywhile praising his brother' .. He endeavored to see his malicious plan through, and evenmally Sataninspired him to seek the assistance of a man who. was known for the evil power of his envious eye, the survivors of which were very few. This evilman ~had weak vision and could only see things from a close distance, Thus, the, elder brother went to this man famous (or his powers of envy, and asked himto inflict his envy upon his brother's wealth i~ll return for a financial

L ,Ad - Baqm'ah: ~ 02.

reward 10 be paidwhen the wealth was lost. 'He took the 'man a'k~ing the path of his brother's trade caravan and pointed i~ out, ~o him, He said, IIBe prepared, 'my brother's trade is approaching and is. now a mi le away 'fnJITI. us," The envious man said, "What power of sight you have! Y QU, can see it born so far? ill wish 'RUiy vision 'was as good as yours ~ II The eider brother ii lnrned~,a,te'[y fe ltpain in his head and ~o:s~ h is :Flight~ whjle his brother's trade passed safe'l~lt(:I)

Thrcughout ~jfe :ml~~n must choose 'Cine of twa, options: either bending with the wind until the storm passes, at else opposjng i,~ and risking one's life, U~ trees did not bend in 'tile fi]Coe of gusts" and remained stiff an d rig id ~ III ey WQ!rI ~d soon brake and be scattered 'W ittl the win d. We find this expressed by' the Prophet (peace be upon him) in his 'words, ·~A believer is like a plan: that is SW'(iJN.~,d by the' 'wind} for believers are constantly struck. with tlf{ficul:'tie.,!L As for disbelievers, they are like a pine tree that does not budge JU11'il it is torn down. ~r(2) Thus, believers remain in a state of tranquilsty, \'!fha.tever their situation, P~a.yi11lJg down hi,s rormre by h~~ opponents, Ibn Tayruiyah said, 't!IMy prison iis a sol i ludle~, my banishmene is a rravel, and to~d~~ me is a 'In~u1Yfdoro. I~

The words said by the Prophet (peace be UpOI1 him), P1Whaf strikes you could n;ev·er have missed JJ\O,~I;, and lvhat misses _YO~I could ne11 .... er have struck you, iJ1j3} hold true even a~1!er death) 'where 'you are protected by A,na~ and hence remain unharmed except by His wiU. There is ~t wonderful example of this in ~he story of "Asim ibn Tlllabi~~, a noble Companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him). On the day of t,he 'B attl e of Back" .~ As i 'm had k i, 1'1 e ti, "Uqbah i fum Ahi 'M a" :il~, one of ~he

I. Mil bam mad AiI1iI!1Ieii! r'Ii A.I ~J iifldi" A itJ.jJ1Uil'';f!d am:! olU: storie», P.ag1e;, I 34, 2. Narrated by At·1"~rrn~dhi.: 2305.

J. N arratcd by Abu- [)a wud: ,~c699.

dignitaries of the tribe of Quraysh , 'G1S well as Musafi" and Julas, both sons of Talhah A~I,-'" Abdari, Their mother, Sulafah bint Sad, vowed to


drink wine old of c, A, irn's skull jf she could ever ~ay hands on hh

head .. Eventually, some disbelievers managed to kill him, but. when '[hey tried to decapitate hi,111, Allah set a swarm of wasp's upon them, Stinging them in their faces, the wasps prevented his killers from approaching his body. Tiley agreed to repeat their attempts during the night, but Allah sent a torrent that carded ~'li.S body 'where [:hey could not: 'find 'it 'When "Urnar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) learned about this incident he said, "Allah protects faithful believers after death as in their lives, None can know the hosts of your Lord but. He, II (I)

Allah has .1100S[[s. that support and. pn)tec~ believers .. A.'Imighty Allatl says, ~ 0 Prophet. urge the believers to fight. If there are tH!',enty s t eadfas: pc rsons among s t yOA~ they wi ii ove rcome {'-lriAU hun d reds, and 1'1' there be a hundred steadfast persons' the» 'wUl ove~co,me l.11;JlOl.t;SIlNJ .of those who disbelieve, because tIU!J (tile disbelievers) are people livlu) do not understand. Now Allah has ligbteneil your [task}, for He knows tha: there is ·~'Ve{~kl!,e.5;S in you. So ,if there be t(Jf.yoIJ a hundred steadfast t}.'(z,rson:s" they shall overcome two hundreds. and if there be a thousand of youJ they shall overcome rwv thousands with the Leave of Allah A.fLd' Allah is 'with the 'patient ones. ,(2)

1. N arrated by AI- B ukhari: 39Rt),

2. Al-Anfal: ·65-()i~i

The Behjavior of the Companio'ns under In '~fl",; ... t '_I-"';;'I,~, '-"

____ ~ _ _, _ II~ lJu'R

Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas {may AII,ah be pleased with him) was a, marl whose prayers 'were always answered. Because of ~hi,sj many people used to aslk him to pray for them, Consequently when ~e lost his own eyesight, he was asked." "Why do you not pray for yourse If? I! He responded, '1"WhlJZIll AJ m ig h~,y Al lab ordai ns 'i s more de ar to me than my eyes,igh~. Would IJ be fit For rne to he discontent with something Allah deems ,8U itable forme? II

A schclar once said, 'j!We p1lray to A llah for thi.:mgs that please us, however if sometbing happens which displeases us, we do accept it: and submru1t to Him." "Umar ibn Al-Khanab alsa used to say, "I have always praised Allah whenever I stiffer an adversity ~ thanking Him ~h at ]~, di d not affect 'me in my re l;i,g i on, tin at it is not. as bad as it could have been, and. that becau se of mt I wi I 'I be rew arded wi til, Paradise, Finall y,- I. remember the calam i ty 'olf part ing w:i t~l the, Prophet (peace be upon him), then I say ~ '~ do not care about any woridly happening, as long as I am a Moslim."

"Umrs •. n ibn Husayn was said to have, remained iu bed for thirty years after the death of the Prop het (peace be upon !lj m), struck w it'll

edema of the abdomen, unable to rise even to relieve himself Whelm a number of the Companions visited him one day, they cried and he said to the ill, "You cry ~l but I am content, for I love '~h(u which Allah loves, and I am. happy 'with what Allah has chosen for me, By Allah, in this condition of mine I hear the praises of the. angels and 'Unl8, know that wha~. I suffer is a test from Allah, mOL wrath. M declare before. you that I am con tent with Hi m . !~

It rus said that "Urwah ibn Az-Zubayr took his sonto play with a horse, however, when the' horse hir the boy, he was killed, In addition to this, "Urwah 'WIt'S tested with t,heamputali~Jn of both of his feet. Despi~e these tests, when some people went to visit him~ they heard him s ay~jl AIl. praise to Y OIi1~ AJ lah '! Y eu gave me '(O'Ut ~] m bs then took o llL e an d left me 'W i~h three ~ al ~ prai se and ~:han k So are d ue 'to you. Ou t: of Iny seven SO]lS~ You took one and len me. wi th si x; al I prai se arid. thanks are due to You for what You gave arid for what You left."

"Abdullah ibn Mas'ud was once robbed .. I-I.e raised his hands, and the people around him rhought he 'would pray for 'the. robber to be. punished, However, ~hey heard mlim say~ ~~O Allah, if this robber is in need of this money, then may Allah bless his 'money ~ but if he robbed just for the. sake of robbery j may ~l:u is be. h is last time 1.0 rob. ~'!

It is 318l()' said. Iha.l At- Tufayl went to his folks call ing upon them to, accept Islam, but they refused. He returned to file Prophet (peace be upon him) and informed him of their obstinacy, The Propbet (peace be upon him) then raised his hands leading At-Tutayl ~o think that he was going to pray that they be punished .. However, hie heard the Prophet (p-eace be upon ih im) 1HlY, "O A tlah" gu,ide the tribe of Dos. 0 A lla h~ gu ide the tribe of Do's. r~

If 'we consider afffiction from a positive perspectivec we will find thM, :it: teaches us how tlO pray wi,fl1 sincerity, purifies 'Us of ali'[f"ol~,ance conceit, and vardey j' and restrains our recalcitrance. ,Aludghty J\J 1;)]1, says, ,~VetUy~ Hu~n does transgress ,pJjU /;o,ruu.ds, B'ec:€Juse he considers ,hilfu~~'e'if s,(!if.",s',~"i clent. ~ ( I), A'ITIong the other benefits of adversity are tlhe compass ion, cooperat ion ~ ~.nd prayers ,~)f 101 hers for the aJ~n ie ted, Therefore, we sl~h[J'udd exert our utmost efforts I~,amcuncdl~ withanyone who has: caused 'U5 hm111. This can be done 'by ccnsideriug the fe ~ lo!w ing praeti cal steps:

:1. Weshou [d eonti nuous l~y keep in mind the merits of others so OJ,af file Iangnage between us ~ s one of "harmon i zed posi rive feelings !II • We shou l~d al ~,O understand. UUlJ'[lFBe& ~r1.gs[iep~es.~iilt a I1I11L1lual exchange of oo,ergy between one person and the other. The :111 0 re pes ij1ti ve one ,perSO"I1'I'g energy is, l he stronger the: other person is similar reaction will be .. Therefore, jrnprov~ng, the feeJrnn,gs. in iQ1L~r hearts ~mlpf()ves the ]alng;tilllilge between 1J:S and those who have harmed 'US; on a vi brati onal energy leve I,. Thu s ,AJmi g~l ~,y ,A~ ~ ah s~ys!,

r 1'1 S' ~V I 7," ,.,/'

!J ,', ioI _ • -.!.';-I '_ L· "'.~ . _-. . .il 1

ill' ,ew,e" "ll es s- - " Ie, come , I auqu.I' .. ~ I"

, ...

'4 And 'We s/~(dl 1~m'ov,e whatever rancor Hlay be in their breasts . .A,s brethren, [ac« to face, (they rest) Oft couches raised. ~3,!) This also generates an inner feeling of comfort and contentment, leav ~'-r;; ijJ' ~,il..,r'i' heart ,j ~1 <lin eas \1 _ UrIFII d ~ S'i;U' rbed S,' tate The Prophet (" eeac e

~~i, ... ~L""O !I u..... u .... ,d i ~ (;~_ _ 1(;.1<- J ~ _!U I" '" ,"'14,1. 1J.iI, _ , , , , - , _ ~ ,_ • - ,It"', _

be upon hi m) sa id, "Do not ,I'Y!1/R)rt to nte 'J.'ny~hing I neg-att vel about fn'y Companions, because .I like t.{J ,111. eet th'(!J]1, 'with a c! ear heart. 1~2)

2" We should 'argive one another and try to seek the key 10 the person's character when you deal with him, so that 'we may win his

I', eart The noble C· .. .o 'm' pan ion, 'Umar ill"'n' ,A]' -K· hattab taught us

fle( I,.. ,J!, Ul 'IW'..... ~, "Lli ~i,,,~ ,J!') , __ , __ ,' ".

how' to overlook the faults of others when he said, "Pind seventy excuses ~br your brother. mf you cannot find any, then invent some. If you cannot d 0 that, then b] am e mn1 y you rse]f. 'I i He a] SiQ sa'i d, ~'D 0' not think of a word uttered by y01J],r fellow believer as being evil if you can find @ny~!il,ay to interpret i,l~ as good. 11

3. One thing that can help us ~o reconcile is to remember that f~~tI] is withdrawn from a believer whde he sins. The Prophet (peace be upon h~m) said, 1·,No adulterer commits ad.ulter_y 'W'hile being a 1;(1 U e'lj,i'e r1, no robbe r steals 10l;'/1 i le be i ng ,Q: be lie ve r, and I.! o .one dr,inks aicohol while being a believer, and repentance is proposed thlenJJf.pon.1i'(3),

Henee, we hate sin but 'we do 'mot hate the sinner, Ibn "Ata'-Allah said, 1. AJn act of obedience may malke rhe person who performs ,it vain and proud) while an act: of disobedience may make the person who

"t' ·t 'b. I m .....I~...J iii' n ,'I,,g, _ ,"iI _ Je' ~ 'n I"~ ~ Ii" co'n' duct fr ..... 'm '~"1~

comme S I. !:!II!,ImJ~e ana moaesr.v w ,,.; can iear I.-H~.:iI' 'I: 'i,.IUI!" , ", ,V',~~', ar

Incident dl at happened W] ttl A bu Ad- Darda' who WL\S sen t by "Umar ibn Al-Khatrab ro Syria to teach the people there, On his way, he

t. A I,·A ~ fair.: ~,3.

1, Narrated by At-T~miL~dhi;: 3,896. ~"'T"":I·r'i(j;l..,.,,iJ: lI-.-y.Ij;,)f, ~ i':11 m

,;1<, I,"! ','i .,~~ \;:'!.I! I"-r,, ~''i'lh , -

pas sed. by a man 'who was being beaf,en ~ thus he became au;gl~Y for. the S,[IJ,ke of Allah and asked them, IlnWhy do you beat h~m?ii They replied, "Because he committed a sin." So he said; "If your brother fell in a we:~~~ would you rescue him?" They said, "Indeed we would, Bat do you not ~a£,e him'?:"~He replied, "I hrute only his deed. '~f he repents, he is my brother. I!

Similarly, ~V'lhen ,A'~,-" Abbas told the Prophet (peace be upon ~ilrn) "Abu Sufyan is at 11l.l11l. who takes pleasure 'm pride, so give him aomething to be proud of. '1'1 The Prophet (may the peace and Blessings of Allah be upon fu im) then s a:rn(t, ,~r}t.~~Y.01M· l¥i,-Ilho enters A l=,Masj,iti Al-Haram (the Sanctiji,ed ,Mosque) will be secure; .an:yo}u.~ 'whQ enters .the no'use of Abu Su!y,an kviU be secure, and an~y o.ne who enters his awn home wi It be secu re. rr{]] Such was the conduct ef the Prophet (peace be upon hjrn), even with non-Muslims. Almighty AU,a]], says, .~ And bod yo£~, been .severe and harsh hearted, du::y. would have broken awayfrom OOOZtt y,o.u ,,0.)

4., We, should eliminate from our- heans ali negative thoughts towards people who harm us" The clearer the heart is, the greater the light of 'faith, p.I~,ac"~ into il by ..... ·~ltn'io(f'ht~l Allah, It ~"" si,.'ipf';i",:i:eli"i;~' '''':-, kCI---~':':

_ _, _ _ _ . _ _ _._ ,j'~--~!.hliE;i," -,/ ~ L __ ~_, I!. ]0 ..,!!.!!Jlli W ..... ,Uli, 1,-0 ".no\'!I

~ha0t negative thinking deprives 'you of proximity to, Allah. Once a group of people went to, the Prophet (peace be upon him) aind he asked til em, ~IWhoare you.? tl' They replied, i'rWe are beli evers. 'Ii! He

then asked them, iJliII hat is the JJroo/ .qf y(}ur be lief? ,r~ They said, ~!We I'J'£eet af/li,ctiorl with patience, acce pt 'w,hat is o;:dainedJ show gratit't.,det at l'i'U$i!S of weIJare~a~~dltev;er rejoice over the mishaps ofou« enemies. tlCl)

ii k:~'lI'''''''''''!',r:.A k'lJ' . .iI. k'lli D·' awud - '~'Ji)'ll-

!.,. l'''!iji:;~,JdL ~~.,;~ Uj' ~tJl~ . lQ, '_ Il~'" ,.)v~~ J I·

') . .!I 'I .,_' ,-"" --". ... ' il ~{r. ';;",j'-1!,.~ mr ~!~., ,~.)'7,

Anas ibn Malik. reported that he and others werr~ once :$i~tjtlJgwid[lj the Pto"l1e·t (peace be UP0W"l hiln,) who said; trr)\ nmrl, .frOn1, the people of Plrradlse wiU flQiW emerg» upon ytu.tj ii when one of the men of 'the Ansar emerged, with his beard drippingwith the water of his ablution, and. his: sandal in his left band .. On the followmg day~ tbe Proph,et (peace be upon him) repeated 'the 8am~ \VOif1d.S" and the same: man lernerg~dI, 1'[[1 the same way as he had previ ously . Again, 0111. the followiag day ~ the Prophet (peace be upon him) repeated the same words yet again, and di,e sante man emerged in the S a'lfIlle, eondi lion as be had the first time, When the Prophet (peace be upon him) left, "Abdullah jon "Amr illhri A!,=" As. followed the man and told him, "E had a disagreement 'w·i'[h my 'fllllhe:r and. swore, not to enter his 'house for three days C" ~;;!iilfl 'y'o, 1'111 host ma in '\I .... 'l]f house 'iil"f:i!'i1'II"]' .. ~ - - - d -r. . . ~ -, ,,,),n TI' . ,,' ee uavs .. ~~II"I'!.1! i :""0'. ne ~:.w. /0.,. u liIi';"~j!' !lllnd, tnese .. ays pass t ne

man agreed and HIlUS'" Abdullah spent three nights, in the man's house, During this time, he, 'was amazed tofrnndi that the man W,U not performing any extra prayers. during the, night. Rather, he would only stir in his bed ,,,ben he W8lS uncovered and mendon tile. Name of ,A,~ lah and ,~Io:rify' H,m~n" until he wO'IIl1d rise for dawn prayers, However, ... Abdu nah said Ilhan he ne ver heard thi s man say an yth i:mg' foul, When the three ni ghts passed, .. Abdullahalmost looked down on ~he deeds of til ls 111&:]l". I-Ie said to the. man, '! 'There Vilas no disagreemenr or desertion between ~ny father and myself, but each .of the 'three times I heard the PFQrp'het. ,("p- eaee be l!1'II!1'Oill him) sav JA ]I1Uan .:~ro111 the oeooieot Paradise

~ ,. .... - .. -- ' - .w; . .. .... j ',J' ~ ...... J I ". rr,',J' t, tLiCi lje

wU.lnow' emerg« UJHJrIi. ~O,&t, ,r and 'it was. you, I wanted to stay with you to know about your deeds so that Lcould follow your example, however, I did not see y ou do mncb ~ 80 what is the reason tllil at you have gained such a Sbl[U,s.']r!l1

The man then said, "Nothing other than what you saw, "",Abdu]llah 'was, then about '[,0 leave, but '~Ile. min called him and said, !~No~h:ill,g other ~ban what you S,ljLW'~ except ihd I do not harbor inmy h eart min y

i] l-wi ~ ~ 'towards any M:us,~ im, nor do I en vy an y one for a:my ~ood, granted by Allah, !~ .. Abdu ~ bih then said, "That is how you reached th:aiE status, and that is what \ve an find too d:i:~flcu1:t.'ii(:~)

Sufyan A'[I1~ Thawri q noted .. ,A 1 i as saying, "The Prophet (peace 'be upon him) said, 'The people a re asleep, and only M~'ake U[J' whel't dt,ey die. '-'-1(2) This means 'tha,~ the people only become aware r~'~t wb,a~ counts ~s ~he peaceful ~O'UI~ mentioned in ('[~H! Ho~y 'Qum,(ani ~ 0 IJeclcelut soul, COWU! back to yo£u' Lord, wed-pleased and t'tleli'=piells.in.g tm ttl' Him. Enter you, then" al~u.n~g Arty honored slaves, and enter you, ,My Paradise! , {3)

.)'. Af:llktw'o:[1 and adversity can be avoided by pleading fOlE" If:orgi veness and Remembrance IOf A.1 ~ah~, the Exalted, IS ,A,~ ~;fJdll says", ~ Except those t~vho repent and believe. and do righteous deeds; jor those, A, Uah 'wiU change their S',~ns' into g'ood deeds, and Allan, is ,Ever-,Fo'rgivin,g~ M{)'Jlt Merc;iful, ~(~) A person who constantly pleads 'forgiveness is gran ted from Allah an ex rut from

;m~",'~III''!iJ' d ~,i'ilF.l·I""'i~ll' 'iV '61"Tl-";~ ;;-i re ]. '~I ef from everv worrv '%iI"i d ii ~ p T\O- '~iJ' ,,~i (J!;i--I

~ ~·'O!l,j '."_" ,J!llU l~lJlj lJ': ~IL lUll U ". , ,~" W· .: .. 1, '" ' :>if ~ " ·~·IO .. '.,J':tJ (:~IJI!·', iljill' :·.:.I.I.,.I.~, ,UI~l..,

with sustenance from where he expects not, becanse Allah Orn.IJl sets upon u s harmful th ~lThgs because of our \,vltongdlo ing, as He says, ~ ,A.nd w.h'£lt:eve,r ,0{ ,n'Jji~rO',rt,un;e bela Us y,o'~J it is because ,of what yO~U' hands have earned: And 1-1 e pardons much. ~ ~5) And" 4 Yet '~Ve destroyed them, fat l:'heit sills. ~{6} A.Jldj ~ So 'We piedshed each. (.of them} jo,.r ,his sins. ~(1)'

I, Narrated by ~ mam AfuLm~d. V olnme I 0, Page .53 6., Nu,m,1D~r 12633, 2,,, Abu N:a,"~,m~ flUyat jU~.tI,W'f(ra;.

3. A~:-F~]L '1.1-30"

4" A~.·'F'urqaIn: 700

S. Ash,.S hum: ]1(]"

60, l\[-A!lfa1f81: 6.,

'J' ~. 'I ",~. I. 'b, ~, 40~' i" t\. - ;!'1.,~",al!.!lUl~:, , .. ,,,

'W"f! aJ so find. th rus nctlon ex pressed i n the suppl kali on l' I'i O! Ali ah, set not upon us because of our sins someone who fears Y ounot and has no mercy upon its. II!

The Companions used to. detect 5:1 ns through depri vation of sustenance, and through t~e be.ha.v't'Oir of their IUOIUJI'tS [and serVaJ:I1I[S, A relevant example WB found ~i:n an incident that ~appen~d wit1fu At-Tirmidhi wh~n he asked b~s. son to do. something for' h im and the son did not comply. At-Tirmidhi then said, "Th i:s is: because of a shortcomingen my paJrE. II He did non b~a.'lne his son ~ but blamed h~mself and ~rrued to improve, Anyone who, makes an effort no improve his relationship with Almighty AUa~ will f~nd i~npr[cPlenlen~ ill his relationship with everyone around him, Almrn,g:l'Thty Allah says, -4 A.J!luJ! .AUa/1, puts forward the' extunpl'e ofa tOlrifJt tha: dwelt: secure and well. content; iss provision c,omin,g to it in, .ahuful'ance from, every place, bu: it (its people) denied the Favors of AUa.h (with u}'l{5.'Mtejr:l,lness). So Allah made it taste the garb ()fhu;n,ger andfear, because ofwlw;l they used to do. ,0)

Also, one way to. 21.VO id affl ic60'11 is to say often, ~~LaH a w!:a W£1 la ,quwwata illa Billah (There is no abil i~y or 'power except wnb Allah), H

6. AU files of thepast should be eJO'5edJ. Similarly when wle; start a new morrring.vwe should 1fI0~ expect In Iive until tile evening; thus, we should I~ve w'i~him1 the, '11111i(8 of the current dm,y" An our concera should be focused on improvlng [OUIi' da,,Y ~ because if we improve our eurrent da,y ~ it wi ~~. iii" turn improve the following day, TIThlUs, it ls imperative thatwe ~Rke t1~t measures to rid ouaselves of negative feelings and close past files. This can he done, for example, by writing a ~ette:r to the person w ruth whom we have a hostile relationsbip, so tham: we [can release the anger onto paper and calm our inner-set ves,

7. One should harmonize with the universe, This is only possible for people w hothink positi ve]y < In fact, positive [11:i nking is at. the core of the. system 1tlh.at Almighty Allah set for. tIS", There is also an analogy between this and tll}e five-element theory found in Chinese medicine, which tens 'UlS that. humans ar,e part of the universe and that they are affected by it and affect it (as shown ~n~he figure) .

... ~£) ..... -

.--~~ 'tlIVU '


~.' .


:.; i.i

<:- ~

. ?:

~ ~


<-" "

~j::::!I;i"!IM'MW <


~ ;

.~ >h ;;:-:~.

~>=:; "-=:::. -r"~ .,«'

e::.-"~..:x »" o'M.~~~ :''Ii:~.a,.:.~

AC~IJjaH)\ improving inner feelings is !extrem,:e~y beneficial, and (he person who does so is the one who gains most O[lt of iit Every person is a pan of rtffile universe, and eve:ry~hIing ar.oLiU1d1 him interacts with hi nt, F en' B":Munrp'~e,, a tree once greeted rhe Prophet (peace be upon him) and saiid,'iBeace be lipan you.. 0 Messenger- '0" Allah." glome 'p-ebbles :~18o praised A]m:~h w hile in the pahn of the Prophet (peace be upon hhn), Likewise, dille Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "There is ru~ pUgrim, l1!-nO Gn.nver.s the c-all to pllgrimag« (.falblya.h)~, except th(J.t h« isjoined in; doing, so' by the trees, the stones, and 1'11,11' earth. un.lU the' Earth is jilif!d [with its sound] frOI1,n. east to w,est. J',( i)

,1\ righteous person is good oQ>'mpany to the. entire uni verse, thus c ansi ng it [0 morn wi 1fI grief and tears when he d les, .. Ali ibn Abi T:alib (m,ay Allah be cp~e,a~ed with him) said, i!iWhen a believer dies, two S'~{1tS. weep for h i m: the, spot where he used to pr-my on earth, and

tifl ... ;a. t!.! 1I"I! ..... 't ,j,tlril'o'ug'I~' n.~ b. ·LC]'Ii, '11'; '111' 0'00-,,:1 deed ~ 'iIo'ilie ele U'~~,",,':· j,.,.., the he 'U' "~em' r;:o; '-~ . ~~:I!r" ~!t~v U lIj' '., ._,'.·'·)l~ ~'~I,~ .:,_,,_,~ _' ~,~ ,lei' . ··u. \.W~~ _,~ Itl=>:._· I~ _' ·'r.'I~-,IVU, ~VI ~JI;'. ~~"'" ,'y'I,,' .ii'no

This does no! happen with humans who ,mre subject to the Wrarh of A~~(IDh~, the Exalted, For example ,AUalh menrions the exit of Ole people of Fir'aan (tile Pharaoh), ~,And rite heavens and the eanh wept notj'ar


them. , '·-i

'There are several signs of interaction dl.~:~ took place between the universe and the Prophet (peace be upon him), such as:

.' :Li 't was, seen filUogtbe ]b,arizQ'p, betwee~n, Eas,t an,d. W,es't when th,e :Pro',:he't (peace 'be upon, blm) \V,as lbom

As i f the uni verse knew l:hart Ile divine me~H)2IJge was going: h) be

- - ti - f - --

- - ' c " - - •. -. -, __ -, ' - - ,i -- ri , . -- p --. I L . ' • - -- - . - '-;r.' - ,- -b L

revealed I hrou gil ~l at nTh ant ro restore the h IJn.~lW, ba ance In the

- -':'" - 1-:" A:' -1['1 c·'" '--:1-'-· -: ,. - ,- d -'j,. - ·dl t'-I . A-·· l. "f- A'-" -1'- -'~'fJ"ii-.I- '. Ac" '-Il-.,.Ib ·W'-:, ~"'c.--:.

UIDUYf,n;ile. '" ~, treall,!UF,eS, un· e:rsl,.an. _:ae , :c~s, 0.. ." .. ml"ou~y t.W,I'!1 '., 1.10

:1. s'tUrMi Al-.hunf:: (5170)., AIt- Ti II'innl id~i: (818~, ~bD'll Maj.~~lI: (29'2:1). 2. Acl~'Dl!kl1~n: 29"

'. Tb,e: P,rop,h'e:t (pea,c:e be u:ponb'im;) .info(lmed us tba,t tne: MOItm:ta:iD o,:f Uhud, I,Qv'e.s :bim

A, '., ib 'i - 'M: .. 'I-'~ I\.. "(' m "lV ,A- ~I ~ '~111 ~".6'i; 11111 eased wi d, ~1 ]]11"1 s ~ id ~1' W'I9>Il t 0, ut

,.I'1i.ill,ms ,I, _ iii! "a. 11.\. , '1,..1' , W ~,!l;~, 'U ..... II;',.... OJ ... y '", _, ~,. ~ ~ ,'..I '" ~ - ~ - ...... " ,,'

with Prophet (peace be upon him) to Khaybar to serve him. On his WTly back, the Prophet (peace be upon him) S,~,W the MO~lnt&~n of Uhnd and said, 'This is a ,m;OU/~ ta in that laves uS' ond that ~I!!e lov'e., w (2)

Also.when tile Prophet (peace be upon him) climbedir with Abu Bakr, "'UUThU, andt Utlnnan, ~~l,e mountain reacted so' strongly t.h[1Jr~ i~ trembled, se 'the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Remai» stead», Uhud; fo« upon ~ou is a prOph,(!,l'li' a ,'fUU,/; of ulri1:~UlUe b:e-.ii,ej;. and two Ina ~'1Y',~·S. ~ (3)

.1 Al-IWadiD,ah :U,tt .,p 'w:he:o, 'the :~o:pbet, l(p'ea,(':IB be u,po':n IIt,m,) eu,t:eFed, It

/\:1 -Madin all was S(~, h a-pp'y to reeei ve Ute Prol),'he:t (peace 'be u pon 'I' ) wh - - he c ---'!'~l.;::.d- '"-.~, j)iill'!i1i't' ~,t lit IlllTl and was so sad when he died ,urn W:.e.rnl, ::. .arrh ..... ][1 I,I~ ~,~ g, ~. , I!.- ~,VI !U!' ... '.:.<'1' :,;;;. ,;:0." .. :. """H n..; uu_;_

that it darkened, Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be, pleased w~Ul him) said ~ "On the dia,y- when ~he Prophet (peace be upon him )ente:red Al ... Madinah ~ every thing :i n A[ = M adi nah i'llmminated., and on ~he day when the Prophet (peace he upon 'hi im) died, e verything ]D AI s= Madineh darkened, and no sooner had we buried h W'M '~[Iuu~ we 'found ~qtriang,e feelings in our hearts." {4)

~,. Az-ZfJJbal@lh,:, 4~5.

2. NaIT,(]~ed ~} AI-,~u,khmrl 'ira, the 18 oo,k of J.iha.d: 28,89. ]._ Narrated, by A~,=8'u,1,kharn: .3 399.

4_ Musnad Ahmad!, AI~Mfi'j{mt. Ai=Kaijir b)' .Al- Tabara n I. l' ,D'(l,~ai.l A,n-N,r!ib~t~~'1~'tlJ~ by' A1tnJ-Njj[~ im, and D,'a'llJ,i[ A,I1:·"i\~~l,b\l'if!~'I'i~~h by ,A.I-B~'yhaqIL

• 'Th,e tl'Doik ,of a. palm. 1It:ree :m.oaned wh,em, tbJe P'rop,het (pe:8!ce 'be a.poD him') J.lef£it

"T' ,:1:-.',,,,,. Prop 1l,,9.( (iII1Pt:;tj,'3,D'''' b ,,.. iI!]' 1110;111 hi i!I1I'l) ill c;;>!,.,411 11--,1'"1; nr,"''V with '3 ;!or..,.,;£:!; 11' . ."., 1']"111 .~ [] .. [I..... . ... U.[""., "!r """I '!...-. '!...- 'r"-''' , ".w ~ ", ' ,'l' .... llJI 1bL!' .r· i::l,l ' ~. .~ ~~ ,~~, ........ ..::!IliliJl". "I r .~ ..

front of him, and the mosquewas thatched with palm leaves .. Heused to deliver h is speeches on [he side of til at tree trunk, until oneof 11 is Companions suggested Ithat they make somethmg for hi'm on which to' stand 0111 Friday S SOl that 'he coa I d. see the people Of so dJat the people CQuld see him, and for the people to hear hi s speech, The :Prophe~ (peace be upon him) a.gweed., so they made thre-e steps and. the Prophet (peace be ulpon him) rose; as he used to rise. When he did SO~ th.e tree S ttl ml.l.P' ~ealled towards h im, The Prophet (peace be, upon h im) t]16U

• ....:1 ""B" cal -, if \1''''''11 wi sh I W'I]~ plant you ~iii'i Paradise 'Jon.J1 the saie, ,,~,e ;;";;';ILm., 1. J "L:i:" ~<I.:i,] . ': I " . anr /,~ h.l. .'.00. ac J,~.' a III.-_g: l~~

righteous people will eat from, yOlJ~, or ~f ]Nll] wish ill can return you as green as you were, ~!' The tree. stump preferred the. Hereafter to. this world, 'When the Prophet (peace he. upon him) died, .'~ was given to Ubayy who kept it unti1 itwas eaten by woodwonllS.(~·)

.. Atn'e: greeted the P.rophert (peac·e be upon him:)

... Y.a"·~a ibn Murrah Ath-Thaqafi said, Ir As we were traveling with the Prophet (peace be upon h rum)" we stopped to, l'eS~ ~n.d the Prophet

- (peace be upon him] slept A tree than came, splitting the 50:i1 unttl it sheltered him them returned to jts. place .. When he woke up I told him what heppened, and he said, 'Tha« was a tree that sough: l(unl}'ejiY)n1. iu' Lord, the' Exaued, to greet me sa H.e·l1r-ante.d it leave to do so ... ,!'!'(2)

1. ],rnam Ahmad, MUiJi{U.u/.. 2.. lmam Ahmad, M.~fS'~(UJ.


.' Ro:cks and trees prostra'ted th;emselves, t,o the Prop:bet I(pea,ce ~be' U,POD bimJ

Abu :M:U8f], A,~-A:dfaifi (may A.U,ah be pleased with him) was reported to have said, ii Abu T~dilb traveled to Syria, accompamed by the Prophet (peace be upon h'iln) and some elders from the Quraysh, Wben IRhey approached the monk, they dismounred and unpacked ~hejr belongings, The monk carne to meet them, although he would never come OUl to meet then] in the lr previous tra vels, and he he ld the Prophet (peace be upon him) by his hand and said, 'This ~ s the master of the worlds, this ~IS, the Messenger of the LQI['d. of the worlds, this wH1 be sent 'by AU,!lh at mercy '[0 ~he worlds,' Som,€; of the elders of the Ouravsh asked him 'How 'flM, '\r,p,'i:n, ~-"'-n,w·-" that?' H"" replied ~ iA" '!II vo 'i~

~ .. ~g.;,.;]IU~ ~~lIL\w. ~,~ __ '~I V·_ U,U .Juu KIIltu. 1,'~LIJ.,~ ....,....,14,;= ~~,~-.~~-.UJi ~ J,.1bI

approached "(1'01111 A~~" Aqabah, '~hell,e was not at single treeor rock ttla:t did not collapse in prostration, and those never prostrate except before a pro:phel.,'I!'!'( l:)

Before t~e '[ ime of the Prophet (peace 'be upon h ~ rn) J' greetings and respect 'were commonly demonstrated by prostration.

.. A tree te'sti.fied to his p:ro,p:heth,Qod,

ill~: was reported that "Abdullah ibn "Urnar (may Allah be pleased w~th them both) said, I'Vlle, were traveling with the Prophet '{peace be upon him) when ~, Bedouin approached us, 'Wh~][ ~e CI111e near, the Prophet (peace be up on h:i m) asked tri m, ~Where tU·!~ yQ,~~ going? The; rnan replied, 'To my famUy," SlD he asked, jDlo' )lQti 11,01' 'wi~h for something good?' The man said, 'And what may that be?' He said, Irhat yo~, test.ify that there is ,riC' god bu,t' onJy AUah: 'with l'~I,O partner, and thas M l11;}u:m'1nllnd is his slave and messeng« to j So the man asked, 'Do you have someone I~:O vouch for ~hat?"1 The Prophet (peace 'be u pen

him) replied, iThi.s tree,' and be summoned the tree thaill was om the edge of the valley, Tale tree came hurriedly, sp,liUing the soill as 1I.t( moved, Whle,:1il i l: came in front ,of him, he asked j t to testrufy dl roo t;inws.. W~e-n ~he tree had testified that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had spoken I~he truth, it then returned '[0 its origin al spot and [be Bedou in returned to his folks saying, ·tlf they follow me ill will bring ~htMfll. to you. Otherwise, ] wIn return 10 you and join you.,:III(:IJr

.. 'Pe:b'bles, prusied .ADab in the: bands of' 'the Prophet (peace: 'be a.plo'D, lti'm)

Pebbles w,~re heru~d praising A~:ml.gtrty .A nah in the hands of the Prophet [peace Ib~ upon him) and. In the hands of Abu Bakr, .. , Umar, ""11' AI "Uthman (m!li;'ijJ A' I!l .... b 'boa. oleased W'" ].,m.. them '!JI11:'1) W' rhen 11,E; passed ;aJ~,>U . ILll,. ,,~IW _:_"Uj . ~,'WJ .. I~ t!·~_,~"l!~U .. _,_.I~~.~, ,_ .. "'0,,1,,1, ~l., ... ~".,~",' ,,,Cil ".U_~I.:IJQ. .. ,

these pebbles to ~hem ... Abu Dharr A~-GhifaFj (may A.~lalh b~ pleased witfu him) was reported Co have said, "I was. sitting ~:11 a circle with the Prophet. (peace be upon him), and 'he had. some pebbles in his hand, The pebbles praised Anah in his ~u'1md.~ and among us, were Abu Bakr, .. U m~r" arid "Uthman. Everyone in the eire ~e c au Id1 hear th e [pe;bbh~$ prai sing A.I ~ah. The Prophet (peace be up Q:r~ him) UH~n passed. them to .A Ibn Bakr, and. when they praised A.~ Lab im his hand rnt was heard by everyone i:11 'the circle, Then he passed ilh,em to "U mar ~ and everyone heard them prai s hilig AUah in his handv Then he passed them to .. Uthmanl and everyene in the circle heard them praise A~ bd'l in his hand as wel]. Then he passed them to U8~ but they did not praise Allah rum any of our bands .. lr(2)

:1. Scthih Ilbm H:i'bb~ end SHiUlil. Ad~Damim i., 2~ Attjjl-Nm~ 1 m" .IJtllail.A,u-Nub,r,twwal:l.

• Fo,o-d., praised AUah in th,e hands '0.(' th,e: Pr,oph,e:t, (peace be: U,0,8 hi'm)

""':/'i bdullah "1",:-" ~".~',.c ,t:,'" ud ( A' 'I-"~ 'lib 'I "':1 "'t] 'I' )

,t'1. !iJ!lll'''' , .!IJI!JU I, ] on .!LnG'll;]; Ill, nUly', .ia ,w ~i3 p,_,e.a~I9U, \W~' ~ m m was

reoo •. rted ~-o have said, ~!'VVe 1[I;'tc'~";I,I-0 consid er om ens Ii~, 'If..~, ;el' blessi -j fl'

_ I'"" - - - - - -~ - - - - - ~k - j' - - - '!l!iOU ~'V _ VU;;)~ __ IV V ""'~"I']!; ~,v u ..... ;GII_ [U .... i:)S,lT1lit:i',~

and :),01l)J consider them to be a. source of fear .,We werle, travel :1ng with the Prophet (peace b~ upon hlm) and W'~ nllln:l, short of water. He s,~;id],! 'Find rfl;e.~ny l'~e~na.[ni'lg wat:el'~ J' So' they b~'ol!ll,ght aves sel W·iU1, a" little water in it He immersed hws, hand In the water and said, 'Hail the b.te'ssedpuirijie'/'1' ,and lIte blessing is from A,Uah. ~ I then saw waret springing- from 'between the fingers of the Prophet (pea,.ce be 'Upon him), "V!e, also used to hear the food praise ,A,'II ~Ilw whi ~e being eaten. li(])

• ,AD i'ma1.s, wo,uld, beblav,e pOIi'te:my ,BDd B,ot dist,ul1hthe P,r~ph,e't (peace 'be u:,pon :bimJI

"Aijlshaffi:lwa.s reported to have said, "Tl e family of the Prophet (peace be up QrfIJ him) had a beast ~hat used. to :p~ay and 3,ct vrn'Q,IDlendy~, pacing back and fo:lth only while the Prophet (peace, be upon m,~.m) was away. Whenever 'it felt the Prophet (peace be upon him] aJp:pl!oacbmg,~· -i'~ would sit still and silent €iS long as: ~1,~ '!"V'aE at ho me, lest he be drnsm:murbed.'il(2)

.' ,A camel pros,trB,te,d its,el'f' b'efore' 't~he Pro:ph.e't (peace "be: U,1l0,g, him)

Auas ibn Mitd.ik (nul,y Allah be pleased 'wi~h 'him) "VM reponed to have Sifiid~ II'Ami Ansari :faml~ ~y ~ ad a camel that th~]lus:ed to fetch water, Once this camel became obs II i:nate 'amd refused Ito let them ride rnt., So these Ansar came to the Prophet (peace 'be upon him) and said,

'II ,I;" ,r- • ~ A'] I:') Ill. 'Ii • V"". r~ A. it ,11."- "~.r.. '],":'"!If'I, ,~ • 'LiiaiM_i:~ . :" ~1J!,lJ!!ilJl ilU;'iJ:.11 n:J~Clif)' ju;~,i!iJ.aJ'liaqI1;")'; .j,:)!'~.

2. MI~Ir.~~~lid "I\J'!!,mud ,a~d M~,jlsnJcld Ab-u,·Y~if la,

110 Messenger of Allah, we ha ve a camel on whi dh wle used to fetch water, ;@JJI1IJd now it has. become obstinate and refuses ~o ~e't 'Us ride li't~ so' our plants and. palms have become dry,' The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, iRiise. r So they rose and he entered ~~e garden, where the camel was ~~tlJlld.iIi11 ou the side, TI~e Poom;lhiet '(peace be upon him)

'I~I~ _I' rl" d tl It. "dl '1'0" M' ' f All ~ ", t..

'Wit ~~IU towaros ]t~ an, the "nsalD' sar ,~,; ',' .3~ss9n,gef '~J~ P'lL ian, 'rut nas

become nke ~, dog and we fear it might attack you,' He; replied, 'It l;vlU not harm me. u'When the ,(C amel S,i),W '~he Prophet (peace be. upon him), rut carne t~)W.aI~S, hl~'m and collapsed in prostration before him, The Prophet (peace be upon him) held its head and led. it to work as timid as a cat, n( [}

A.sh-S~hrublli tells us mn his book titled Al1.kam; Al~M'arj:alt Fi Ahwn:

A1~jann, that a, bondmaid belonging to the ruler ~:t. the time of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (may Allah bestow F1]~TC.y upon him) was, possessed by a j inni and used. to' scream. The IU ler sent feu!' Imam Ahmad to treat her, The Imam $lent a wo aden 8,] ipper with one of hi s stud e nits. " and t~is student said to the jinni who had seized the bondmaid, i,i Imam Ahmad orders you to come ou~ of her, or else ~ win beat you ~ev,enty times (with the wooden slipper)." The jirmi st)]d, IIAI.:I obedience eo .I mam ,At! mad, and ,e ven ~f' 'he orders us to lea ve the 'whole of Iraq we would leave." So the jinni came QU~, of herand the bondmaid recovered and 'was, heal ed of the; afni ction. The ru ~~r dU~~F1 'lnaff~ied her and they had children, WI1,en Imam Ah m ad. died, the ji irmi came back to her, so the ruler sent for that student c:if I111&1.]1 Ahmad The student sm.idl to the j inni, "Come OU~ of her, or else I 'W'] ~] beat you seventy 'times, witThl, this wooden slipper," But ~be jinni said to the smdent, "As for yo:u~ I wi i,!, 110~: 'Obey you .. Ii And refu sed. to ] ea ve her,

'~I. MhJhail'mnn~ld J~.~:far AI~Killll~rr1Ji, An~,N(:JVI'I,~ AJ-Mu~arraau'r .Mrf! Al~Had'i#l ,I\,l ~Mlil:"a'ii!t1:tir.

Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya's 'book AJ-,F:araj Ba 'd As./l~Shiddah, 'we find a story nbout some people who were imprisoned and sentenced to dea~h b}-' Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Ath-Thaqefi .. One (",f these people W:8IS a righteous man and he prayed. all n igh~ ~o:rng. His fe~ low inmates asked lID im, II! Wlha~ use is it all when, the sentence will surely be executed tornOITQW 1"1 When dawn broke, A~ ~ Hztjil'aj ordered him, to be acqui tted, 80- be sai d, I~ If you obey AJ lah, He wi II ue ver fail you."

Such were the lives of everyone who complied with the system set forth by Mmrughty Allah and, dedicated his mind, heart, and body ~ to seeking acceptance from Almighty Allah, They lived in harmony with the. uni verse, hearing nothing from it but good words, praise, and . ~'es.ti,mony to A~~ah~s Oneness, Such people were at peace with their Lord and in peace wi th the uni verse. Tille \v ay s to achieve peace are numerous. as we are told by A.1~l1ightyAna_h'j rtf 'Wl1erewUlt Allah guides aU those who seek His Good Pleasure 10 'ways of peace, and He brings .them. out of darkness by His 'Will ,U~1}O light and guide:f; th,e~n to a Straight Mlay, ~,( I) A~[ of creation praWSfis, A~bih, uttering the words, "La ilaha ilia A.llah (There is no god but Allah)." All excellent model of human beJlIJEJ!v i,OF' adapted to the' universe is found ] n the rituals of pilgrimage. No [fee is CllJJ~ down, no insect i So killed, and no hu nt.ing ] s allowed, All creatuses are ~n all, state of .confollmity and harmony, Some astronauts saw from outer ,space a, beam of 1!ight emitted from tile Ka ~b,a.h: 'in M,ak.kah into the depths Q,f the universe wi th no 1 im it

On the: other hand, all the corruption In this world results from the acts of peoplewho use the blessings placed in this universe by AHuJa" the Exalted, for their sins, and in deviating "Fraim ~he system set forth by Allah to meet their desi res, as Abmig;hJty Allah says ~ ~ And if the' r'"'Ui,/l

1. Ai-,:Ma':~ daft 16.

had been ,i'1 accordance wi#~ thelr desire», veriiy~ the hea:v'eus ,and the' earth; a'nil 'w'nosoev,er- is:' ,therein would h.a;IN3' been corruptedl Nay; tile have brought .them!. the.i'.rr"lt!,m.i'rlde '~;, but .the,y tur« ,a'way' fr(!)1'J~ their reminder, II' (,~,), And, ~,buletul he SUC'CluUJ.s who psrifies his G'wn selt ,Anc:E indeed he taUs W:/10 corrupts his Oll'i!I'l self, (2) That is why the universe reacts against those who are unjust and di'S bel iever, 'The moumains said to their Lord, t.I'O Lord, grant me leave ~o drop pieces OWl rnaM~~ for be, has '6wleru from your good suseenance and held back the :gratitude that ID s due to you, ~I The earth sai d, Ri Grant 'me: leave 'to 8W.R~ ~ow man, for h,e has eaten from your good StU stenance and held buck ~he gratitude that ls due to you, ,11 Arlo the seas said, It Grant me leave to drown 111an,~ for he has easen 6:'Q,m, your good sustenance and held back die gratitude that rus due tOI yO'lUI. 1'1' But the Lord of the worlds

,. dt ~... ~m 11 Leave 'I 0.. H~ d . ~~"",_.:!I jo ....

sai , to tnem au, eave my staves 1\0 me, II a" _' you crearectnem you

would have, had. 'mercy on them, If ~hey repent, 1. win be their Love, and if l~hey donet repent, I will be their Healer, I~

1. A]-M.lmi n~Ht 1 ~ .

2. Ash-Shams: 9L, 1.0.

Pardon means dis:m.iss ing puni s:~ meat, wh il e forgiveness means Iorgetting the offence andnot mentioning rut nor reprimanding for it, Hence, many people pardon but do not fOJ;!:i."v'e:. Allah, the Exalted, says, <: ",." overlook their Jil.~lit:Ji' WfJh: gracious lC)!rgiv,eneS.lf. ,II:) Pardon and forgiveness are :811~ so two q u a] ities th at Allah '- the Ex a I ted, likes humans bJi have and t~pply in their lives, Allah guided us' to the, first steps. 0'[11 that cou rse by say ing, ~ Le: l'he-t,~"1J pardor; l'JJlil.fOI'fglw!L Do yo',tt' not love. that ,A, l.lah, should /"0 rg ive yO£t?;' (2}1 The :f,j FS~ ~jeJle~1 of' such a, behavior is also mentioned in the H,ol)~ Qur'an, ~ Those whO' repress CU~l,g:er, ~cn Repressing anger' run itself can be a cause of diseases of ~hle heart and body, unless 'rut is aecompaniedby forgiveness,

Dr. Shahid A.tl'1flrwrote that dllr~ng times of an,g,er" more adrenaline is excreted, the heart beats faster, JffiLi1d seriou s i,ns~ELIb ility affects mental powers, the abil ~ty to eonccntrate, and c ontrol the peripheral organs cfthe body .. An ger can lead to depression due to ~h,e dmp in epinephrine, dopamine, and amino acids in the brain) as well as an, increase in co.rmhson.e,(4} Additionally, J.\<1y'[h Caroline te]t~ us in her book Anar:0f11jl of the Spirit" "Forgiveness is the ke:y of health. !'!{5}

~ _ AII.-Hij:r; 85. it A.n~N:[l.r:, 22.

3+ Al~"~[U1r~; '134"

4" Dr" Shahl~, A~haf', '~~wwj~lam·l!~a"~Qrnl~&O,,hl'!in, Sertl1du'p Uimi~~en;ity. 5. Myth Lar,oHrH~~ ,Ajt~rml'~y' of thf;{ Spiril.

-(~ ,~i~

i,n admen i: s of the heart such as len vy and bitterness, and i:m p,hys ieal ailments such as, li ver dlisease.s, This 'i s because me negati ve energy 'lithe energy of anger" is stored :i~l the human cells in general, and in the liver in particular. T1-1:is. is what is termed the "Memory of Cells."

It has b~~n proven that ne~,ati,ve messages are :1 'i ke t~JX icants that affect the f[Jnction~dity and ,e;ffic'iel1cy of 'the cell, It ,is thus tnueh bener fOF a JP~I',8o:rrTh to pardon and forgive, lest the opposite distract him from obey i,rrug A,~ blh ~ the Exalted, becaus eo ,A'I] ah sm:y~'i, 4: Those who repress ,cm.ge,r", dl,-e;n 'fo,m'hlW~d t 1,1Ja~ immed ~~]J~el "Y wi til 4 and 'whO' pardo« people. ~ ( I) Anger can be detected in the face of a. pe:rsorn 1 where the e$r'es widen and signals are emitted indicaUm,~ that negative emotion, TIle Prophet (peace be u pon hi m) said, rrAnge r is ,Q; firebrand in the heart ,OJ"JU£U1;,,, Do' ,yo'u n,:~,i' notice the redness OJ',#ti3 ,ey,eaud the sw,elUng of his J~t8'lliar V~if7S., r(2) The Prophet (peace he upon him) also forbade _(l]1,yon,e who is a!ngry tojudge between two people saying, "No ,m;a~~ s hould judge between hi/,a while he is cm:g ry~ ~'G~) Thls is because one cannot make a sound dec ision when one is ~ngrn:y ~

The third leve! after the SUbl]~ID_e level of forgiveness ~s found in the Words ():f A'~ tah, the Ex,aned; 1 A Uaf~ love s those who' behave with, goodness. ,(4) Treating offenders with goodness m$ a high position, not

iii.. 'I '. . . '] j!" d . '~ ,.ii' • 1 I) f b -I

an oe igenon, . ~ was '~I01U1L, tnat goooness 'WI!nlS t je hearts nt .0[1]

normal and abnormal people, Thus, inmost cases a personwould not as sault someone who h as treated them w ~th goodne-s<~ in words 0]" d pe- .. il~'" 1:"TO·'·:~J,P>~ ~"",~i' there 'H~m· 'teJ. ·1'111" .p' ~""Il'! ~Ii'-' who ..... ,g. I' <;li TIll ""''"'''r' ; Co' extreme and

.:_}~ ~ Ui:.'JJ.!1 ,:"'"'l ~.' ~'t ~ ~ ~~ '1 ' __ " _' :. ,Il~, I ~_l!. UI. ,_I ~Ur.~'LI' ". ,,~.~·.i:;J!G ~'~~~,~~'l'''l!l ~~ V~ Ilr I~~, g. J:j.".,

ALmighty Allah showed us bow to deal with such people in the. Holy

t All- 'Imran: '134,

1. Narrated by A.t-'11~r.m;i!il:hi.

3. Narta~;ed by Ai,=BiJfkJnl ri :: 115$. 4, AI- '~rora:ri: 14J.

Qur'an saying, ~,Whoever attacks YOtt in hostility, then anactc hh~l in the same manne T. ~(II) liT however ~ we take a w ise look i;lJt Ith e matter from a different perspective.we realize that scmeeaewhc injures 'IUS is actually doing us ~ great de ail of good, beC,;1,MJSie in n],~~ case Allah, the Exaltedc will be on our side. In this regard, Al-Hass:8f11J Al-Basri said, "How can I not be good. to someone who caused Allah, the Exalted, to be on my side?" Another old saying suggests that, "If you are given ~'HJWer over your enemy, then make pardon your way of thanking AUa~ for that power."

But. what 'would happen ifwe len these 'who offend us personally, and dropped all forms of retaliation? This would promote us to; a higher 'I evel of cen ~ttrnde ~m A~nlrngh.ty Allah, Who say S j ~ Tru {Yi Allah de/ends those who believe. ~/eri.lyl tlUah likes not any treacherous ingrate to AUah. ~(2) This requires patience in contradicting the desires of oneself, which has an i.nna![einc'~i::l1ation to retaliate, The more negative thinking is albandoned.~ the easier h i 8 to be patient and fo[@/ ving. A,II ah, the Exalted, slay s, ~ ,And 'l~e ri ly~. '\iphosoerIJe r /!j',/10 ws patience andforgives tha: would It'tdy be Qn10~!,g the most resolute oj matters: ,(3) The respite that Allah, the Exalted, gives us should mot be. m i s'i n terpreted as neglect j as He say S,~, ~ Thbd, not that Allah is u},l:a).w~~·e of 'what the wrong-doers do, but He gives them respite ,up to a IJa}'.' when the eyes will stare in' horror" The» wUI be hastenine

I. ~I OJ

jORfLtI'Clr:-d with necks outstretched, their heads raised up, thei« gaze returning 1UJ,t towards them and their hearts empty. :~(4.l

Once a man cursed Ash-Shi'bi, so he said, "If you are truthful, then m~y Allah forgive me, arid if YOUl are 'Hntr[]l~hfl!ll then Irlf1lay Allah

i, AI-B aqarah: ~ 94. :2. AI·Hajj:, 3:8.

3. Ash-Shura: 4]. 4" 'Itrr'ltlIi ITI~ 42·43;

forgive yon." A.~.nan also cursed Abu Dharr .A.I.=Ohif'2IJJd~ so he s:milll~ ~! Do not curse me too :IDUC:h; and leave room for reconciliation, 'for we do 'not repay those wbc d isobey All ah in OUI' regard wru~h more than obeying A.~1.~lh im their regard, ~I

A.1-HaSSTIlu said, "The tolerant belie vet does not offend even when

~£' ded II T· ... ,]1.. '..1. -'1 W", . ..l f A·.I'II 1.., "l E ] '~..11 i'A ...l

oi ren '._ 'I5>!l.!I." - neu H~ recited t le. ,--' O~li;J:S ,01. - ,',.I.Wa!J:rn~ t le xa _'~I&t!I, ~.: .1l:itI

lllV.hen: the foolish .o~U!.5 address them, the}' reply bac« wilh (a; g reeting of) peace .. ~{[}

The Prophet (pesc e be upon him) s.ailid, "The strong,sst of you is one Wilt) defeats himse If in; ange»; ,Mil the most tolerant of y'OM is one who- pardons in spUe' of being a;b·ie to take. revenge. ~~(2) Based on this principle, Dale Carnegie be]ieved Hmt~ "Being ~uleran~wjth enemies is a mercy to onesel f, as that pre vents bi tJte-nles:s from. eradicating its goodness, ti' lie quoted a p2iragraph from ;1 circular dj stri buted by the pollee department i n an American ci ty, Th is noteworthy paragraph read, "lf some, people harm yon, erase thei r' memory from YOUIf mind, Donet l!l'y to retali ate, because by seeking to tate revenge, you ·W iin harm yourself 111(nJ~ than youw HI harm them, ~II

Me was reported ~hat the- Prophet (peace be upon b~ln) said, li\11.yone who dismis ses hi'S' anger -w iii be dismissed .b,Y A.llah from flls torture, and a1lyo,~ite 'who' preserves h~s t'o~1gue wi'll have his fa~its concealed bY'

A H L £.,- t, '/" 'N:3)

,.I\ita")I:~, tne A .mig tty., . . .

The Prophet '(peace be upon him) also said, "Under oath I assert three ,tiling~, ,and J '~viU sllywords to YOUI· so memorize th21.n ... ", No wealth will be. decreased by giving char.ity;; alia any man 'who

l. Al-Furqare 631 ..

2, Nlrrated by ~b(] Abili Ad~Dtljly.a. ill hi~, book ~'Dh(}.mm~{:-,G'/~(Jil(ll.l~ ~~ reported by ~ AU (n1JJa.y AU~h be pleased with him).

:3, N af(~~d 1lJy Au,-,l'aJr)an:~JI1],

P d d F _

. '" ,"

,", I,. ,'1, .'. '. II', "," . ~ "I i" .',','

ar, ,em I~ll":l,(. ' .en g,Unt'II,esj'

exercises patience wlr;eJ1: oppressed will be' lUg,nffi,e.d further iyy AUah, and OJ\1l:y Inan who (J1J.1fZl'l.Ji (1; doo of begga r)' wUl be faced by A Uah 'with an open door of poverty or slJch a word. ttl I}

He, (peace 'be upon him) a.l so said, r~'WYil'H,e 1,1)'/10 wishes that f:nJikUngs and ranks should be raised .Jor him, sbould jor;g},Vlf;! those wh£~ oppress him, give' to those who deprive him; and maintain

~ " . - L 'h I ,..1 1· '~2)

retauons W.l:trl t_ _ ose WiH? aesert iurn. ,-,

And, "H ave me rcy to find ,mel-"('Y', and fo rgive to be /a,rgiv'(u$. Ii (3) And, r'An_v man who benevolentl» forgives If)!}"' a 'l;v,o~nld l;ljUct:ed upon. his hody will be gra,nted' by Allah atonemen: equal to his benevolence. "~-4)

And, ~~ Wile /1 t Ita respons lbte creatu re s stand lor reckoning, a g roup' of people '~Ivi 1 l come forthplaC'~'ng their .. 'fwords on their blood-dripping necksand will crowd at the gate to Paradise . .It is then said. r\~Vh() are these?' And the c;n;j'wer is said, 'The martyrs, ,th,e;p were alive and sustained.' The]! a cali 'will be made, 'Let those whose rel~alitd is on ,Allah rise and enter Paradise. i" He said, lAnd MY,lt.o nlay that be whose reward is t)n A.Uah?1 He sahi~ 'Those who fo.rgh),e people. ~ Then a third call is made, "Let those' 'whose reward is on A.llah rise and >€'nJer Paradise. ~ Th4J;n several thousand people rise and' enter ,itwillw'ut r.eckunll1ig_. J1(5)

Anas ibn ~Ma 1 i k {~rn1,ayA U ah be pleased w ~th h im) said, 'i! Wbi le the

Pr""'~phe~ (peace ~~-r.:> 'p'II·"'!·O'1rIi 1,.;11I"I"li) was sittine ~u"', '['iUiW '1-"i;1!iIf"I'II smile .... uch "'ii, '",v_ ~'._- ... ~~._.;;.4.._ .. It;.~ ~ ~.:. ~~, ~IJL.lLldL .. , .~.~!liJI ilill!J.. ,Utb9J W~ .:JiG~_ ,1.lHILLIl. ~J!I" ~,.Q.1 !o'I!r!Il_II~ ~.

wide smile tffiuu h-is; front teeth appem1::d. ~ Umar said, iIY.lay lfWY parents

I _ N,8J£I~alDd -by Ah mad and A'l~ Tirmidh i i(2325/173.19),.

2. Narrsted 'by AI-lhlJki M.

3. Narrared by Ahm~'I!d.

4. .... 1- _ ~ ...... ~ k. A"!-- .... ~ . _, ~""arra~1I;-'I.I: IVy _'~Llm~Iy!.

5. N arrated by A t-Tabarani,

be ransomed for you; what is it (h,u made you. smile, o Messeli1,g:er of Allah?' The Prophet (peace be upon him) answered: 1'1~(, men of my nation knelt before 1./1(/ Lord of Glt'1Y! so one ,of them said. ~o AU(d~~ seule the injustice of Hi)1 h~,"(>ther towards rue. ,r So l .. Ie said; 'What would you do with your brother 'who has no more good C/'(N:.tiS left?' He said; ~O Lord, let him carry some of "uy misdeeds. ~ The eyes O'f the Prophet (peace, be upon him) overflowed with tears, then he said: That is " great day 011 which,NUJple wi] I 1 seed their misdeeds EO' be ca rried

for them. 80 ,AU:ah said (0 the petitioner, i/?'aise your gale and' look', so he raised his gas« and looked and he said, 1'0 Lord, I'StNi cities ,md pala. t: e .... ' of goldj0:r,;1(~{m:ed with pearls. For 'w"hi'ch prophet, is this? Or for 'whicn ,/J,erson oj' uttimatebelief is this? Or [or « s hich martyr is this? I The Almighty said, 'TII/;;5' is for 'whoev,er pays the price" ~ The man then asked, ·10 Lord, and \vho has that lenougi: to pa .. y the price]? He said, ~',y(J.u htw,e it I He asked, IIWi~'h '~c;dU1t?i' 11e answered. "By

doni b 1\' , H .J' 1'0,' .~ I] .J .. d hi 1 S

par 01UI1g your irotner. tte SG1{i, r. ·LOr{.i,' ~ave pardone. 'UI1:I.., _0

Al",n said. 'Then lll.ke yo.ur J;,tOrhllF' by the' hand' and lead him into Paradise. r The. Prophet then said: Fear Allah and mend the relations between you, as A.llah mediates between M'uslinl>S. ~~

'We, f1nd in the book Sahi.'h .A1-B'ukM ri j' "Two 'men cursed, each other before the Prophet (peace be. upon h im) an d one of them became furious, hi s face red and his Jugu~ar vein bulging, The Prophet (peace be IIp-em, hhn) looked at him arid. said, ~l ,knO'lAv a phrase that would rid him, oj' this were he to say it: J seek $"'ejuge 'With AUt:h from the accursed SaUu1;' and ;f he is s tanding he should sit, and if he' is si,Ui'n:g he should i ie down or perform abtution, i..( 1 J

In one of his supplications '[he Prophet (peace be up-on him) used ~o say j "O AUal~~ YOlJ belitt!« the great and exalt the smtiH, exiirigui.~h

i. N an.'al:ed by A."I-B ukhari: ]282.,

it for me, {the fire ofanger], ~i Simi1aiiy t he would say ~ IT,O' AUah~ Lord of the Prophet M,~111,{1n'll'nl~d, forgive' me ofm» sin. ridme ofthe gr&I:dge in ~ny heart, and sa ve mefrom ,m:istle(uli'n,g irrjl icuon. f~ ~ )

"Abdullah ibn "Umar (may Allah be pleased wi'~,h both of them) was reported to have said, ~IA, man once carne te the Prophet (peace be upon him) and asked, '1,0 'Messenger of Allah, how often should I pardon a servant?' ffi:.cF~ answered, "Seventy times eMery day. rf.:ll

Believers have big hearts, and big hearts are not good soil for resentment to take root, In [21ct, resen tment is a strange el ement to S]JI,C h hearts. On the Day of Resurrection a ,cn[~ will be made, IIILet he whose reward is with Allah rise." And (~':nJy those 'who have pardonedwill rise, They will be received by angelswho will ask, "What is the cause of your superio rity ?i!! They wi in reply, "When we were aggrav ated, we wou ld exercise 'pntie:hcel and when we were ollel1ded we would show tolerauce," SOl' they w ill be told, 1!'Sn tel' Paradi se, th e bes t reward for those who do ri gh teou sness," There are 'many verses and hadi'ths that urge us to 'pardon offenders and discou rage 11 s from retu ruing one bad act 'for another, A.~~~;ah! {he. Almighty, says ~ And not equal is the good {teed [0 the bad. Repel' [evil} b~r that [deed) which is better; and thereupon, the one between whom yo« and him. is enmit» iwil! become) as lhough he was a devoted friend. ,,(3) Like-wise, [he Prophet said, "He who [merely] reciprocates in relationships is not the true maintainer o] relations, 'The true maintainer of tei'(ltifJlns is the pe~-j(jl~ lvhn maintains reltuions 'with tl'UJJNJ.' of his relatives wh,o have severed relations with him. td(4)

I, N~JJiiI;"I;~:ed lJyl mam A hmad in IllUS ~'W'~r:,~'ii{jd:5 [ 370,

2. N;arrm'ed. byl mam Ahmad 1](1 his JW~~snaJ. 613,U12 ;:tnd Ti (r~lildhi,19'4~):8;, :3. FUi!!~i ~ ~t' :34;,

<4 _ N arrated by A I-.Bnk~ad 599].

A. Ulan carne to the Prophet (peace be tI,PQ:U]1 him) and said to him, ii 0 ,Mes senger of ,AlllaJI1, I have folks with WhOJD I mai ntmn re ations while t:~ey boycott me, ill treat them with tolerance while they 'treat me unfairly, and I do good [0 them while they do bad. to me." The Prophet

"1""-'"'''''' S"je' it~,f.lI' 1:1 iIf'iI''''"'fiI !l-:; ~¥I)' 1!:"::;11 id '. ·'Jl:f:' ,i'L' n ,,. ,pif::- Jrrl :p,~' ~ ~':..:;I p;"",,>i!;Ji,'iwr ;fJ"j',~ ~"M' .... """,l.IS" ... _ (j'i"'," \~J~~~. ~u,~ ~'r_:.r. v. _ ~,I ~!t~, ~ I~lg~~ -11 ,~IJI lrllil ~ ~ 11!.J,lI4i lll).l~f·~ _ .. ~.llIifi~Ir.,r. 110101 l~t'~II;IIIr-~l r;..ilIIJllt~ !I';I"loli,1l ~~.~~~

you 'wU i have SUP_:pOft 'wll.l~ )lotta,ga:ins t them: :as long (U }'DI/; remain. 1(..1:£ such. i~ I) Thus; 'we see that the Prophet (peace be upon him) urges us '~,O maintain good relations win~ Ql!U relatives; visiting them, inquiring about them, and providing help to whomever among them may needit even if tJru~y have offended us.

Here we shed 'I ight OI(IJ lane form of pard OIUI hill spite of abii] irty to haem in retrjbntion .. ,A man once said, 'EO .... Um,~'r ibm Al-Khattab ([nay A 1 Ia~h be pleased wi ~:h, ]] irn), U I, swear by ,AI] ab that you: do not 'I1J.le wittih, Jus ice~ n:nd do not give: with ge1m!e,~oiSi~y.!'1 "Umar 'was enraged as was seen oro his face, Another man then said to h im, I!O' Ruler of the Be 1. i,even::~ do :)/'OU not hear the Words, (l,f An~h~ ~ Sh;!J'lV Jorgi~',eJ'U!s.9t e'njoln. what is good, and ~ urn away' jr()Jn, the fool ish (i, .. e. don 't p.u1:~isl1; them}. ~(:2)' ,Je is 001116 O'f the ignorant." '"U'm(IJJ.J' responded, "You have spoken the truth, i~ is as ii fyou extinguished a fire. 'i~ He then par,cloned the man and dmd not IPU,~,lILs:h him, "Umar (m_ay AUah be pleased wl~h him) 'was- high ~y corn s iderate ,of the 8.0 ok of A~ lah and often used to contemplate :i t i~{J J

W,e ]'[OW present ,[1, form ,of pardoning as. demon strased by the: best of creation, the Prophet ,M ubammad (peace be upon Ih hn) when h~ pardoned d,e, Jewish woman who poisoned t~l}e meat of a sheep he 'was. ~D :~~l~" Before he Blffi,~ from it~, the sheep spoke and said to the Prophet

I, Narrr~u-ecl by M ij~]]r~; :25,58. 2. AI-A' r,~'f :~ 99,

.3. Naura1.ed Iby ,AI-~U:Khiltu.i,: 464,2",

(peace be upon hi m) ~ !'I'M Y bone tells me '~!hLftlt ~I~ is, poisoned, I!' and it mentioned the name; of the woman who had poisoned it, The Prophet (pewee be upon him). sent for the woman andasked her, lIr.Why did yo£~ do whn:t yo'u did?" S ie said, ~~I have been told by my people what you kno;w v,ery wem,~ so I said to m.yse:~ft 'If he is aking, I will be re'Meved"

d 'f'b,' 1I"iI 'L' A]] ~ '0]]' 'f II!,.' '~'n S' 'I' III} ik. (

an :~ ne ~ 5 a g- ropnet, ,'", an WL, UlT orm w~i tm, - - - >'0 the w.- ropnet t 'peace

be up om, him) pardoned her.' ~)

'T'be incident of slande:r'

This inc jdentws men ~]o:ned In the Hol y IQll.rl anwtiJem some hypocrites seread false accusations about ",A,"']sha'h (may ,AU ah be :p:~e:ased 'with her) and defamed her, One of' tbese was a mall, named Mustah ibn Athatha who was ~he cousin of Abu B akr (may Al~ah be pleased with him), Though this mall waspenniless, Abu Bakr 1[001 an oath mort: togive him money any more a.ner what he said about ms. daughter '," AI lshah after wh ich AnVi.h~ the Exalted, revealed verses regarding this situation ~ ~Al1d' let no: those ,am.ong you whO' are blessed wit.h, graces and wea ltl1 swear not to' give (W1:Y sort qf help) to th.eir kinsmen, tne POOT, and lhQS,€j who left the-ir ho'1U!S fOT' A liah's Cause. Let ~hlHn pardon and' forg.lw'. DiQ you not lov,etnat Allah' s,hol4ldjorgfiv'e JO',u? And Allah; is Oftg.Forg,iving~ .Most Mer:cijul. ,(2)

When Abu Bekr heard this verse, he said, "Yes, 0 Lord 'we do desire ~hat yon forgive 1US" II Then, he resumed giving Mnstah the money as he usedto do, and said, ~PNl} b.y AUak 1 wil.l ':h?v.e,~ take it ..... ',.fMI . l.'::- 11 11-(3)

,alVay J ~ Ivffl (~~~, - I'

In yet another 'form, of pardoning, Ute Prophet (peaoere upon 'him) sent a mmmted force towards N,ajd and Ithey brrrugbl~ back I. man from

~,. Narr[a'~,ed by AlM.~, D~wud~ ,45 Ul 2, An-,Nu]";, 22.

3, NMmJIOO by A]~Bul\::hari ,414'9",

Bani Han i fah cal lied Thu mamahibn Athal. They tied th is [nan to a po le in the mosque, an d. l he Prophe I went out to see hi ~U. The: Prophet s~id to him, ~\rWliaf do )',[)U have to say Tbumamah?" Hie said, "l have good, to say", Muhammad. If you kill me, you would have killed a man of precious blood, if you ~[1e,ft[ me wijh bounty" you would have treated, a gratefulman with bounty ~ and if YOUl want money, ask of i~ as much as you wish." He (peace be upon hiim) left him until (he following day {hen asked, !IWltal do )UJU have to say, Thumomah?" He replied, ,F'Whnl ,I told you; if you treat me w i ~h bounty ~ yau would have treated a grateful 111ml with bounty." Again, tie left. him till] the following day them asked, uWhaf do YlJM; have to say Thumomah?" He replied, "What I have to say is what I have already told YOU.'I. So, the Prophet (peace !be upon him) said, "Release Thumamah. 11 T111l"l man then went to some pz(] ms near the mosq ue, ,,'nlsh ed ~ '[ hen en rered the mosque an d s ai d, .~ F te s~'i f)1 that there is '110 god bu 1 A ~l.alh ~ and that Maham mad ,i s the Prophet of Allah, 0 Muhammad, by Allah, there was 110 'One an the su dace of the earth w 11 ose face' I abhorred 'more than yo~,rE,~ and now your face, has become the most beloved face to me. By Allah, there was no religion ~hat ,~ abhorred more than your religion, and now your religion has become the 'most beloved religion to me. ByAllah, there was 1110 town thatl abhorred IITlJOre th:;111 your town, and now your town i s tile 'most be~ oved town to me, Now your mounted force [has truk en nil,1.e- and I would ~'uke tOI perform ~ Umreh (minor pilgrimage), so what do you tjhhl1k? The Pro~het (peace 00 lJl,PQrl ~illlJ ,gave him glad udings and ordered t:UI,ID to perform ~ Umrah. When, he arrived 'run Makkah, someone asked him) "Have you, deviated?" He replied, "N,O~, 'by A'i~,a:b~ but ~ have, entered I slam "IN rn t h Mu ham ~J11,ad (peace be, 'u, pan h im), '13 y Allah, you will aot receive a single seed of barley from Yamamah unless die Prophet ~lUOW'S it. ~I{ ~ ~

It, is also narrated tha.t Abu Masud Al-Badri 'was, severely hlsh'ing a bOI;! he' owned with a whip, He was totally overcome by rage'; b~lrely liftimg his arrn fronrn one lashing before striking the next. The boy was. cry~l,g' out for he~p), but MIO one V!.H)umd, help him, While he 'W,iS doing so repetitively, a voice called out from 'behind saying, "Be iJr1vrrl1l3c$ Abu Masud. ~i' Abu Masud could hear the voice, bu~ was unable to recognize ~h~ voice of the speaker, as rage had, blocked, ~d~ tiCCe8S to his hearing and recognition, However, the voicekept commg closer and louder! saying, "Be informed Abu Mas ud. ii' Abu Mas~nd turned around when the voice became VieT)' near, and was immedh~te'ly taken by fear and reverence" The whip fell ant of his, hand, and his head. dropped in humility, for '[he voice W',L~S that. of the" Prophet (peace 'be upon :h:i m), He was say rnn g, "Be i.nJ()nned~ A.hu Mas ";t.u,J; t IUIJ the Powe r of AUah ,()v,er y,ou i"i' ,mor;e thG~l Jh'Ul- plO'wet l~ipO'n that boy. If Abu Mas"'ud feb ashamed and 'wanted to. atone for his. stn, He said, I!~O M,e.sse]],gel~ of Allah, he iis free for the Sake of Almighty I.~~ lah." The Prophet (peace be UI[]I~Jn him) then said, "Had you not done sOJ y.ow would have s~tjJered a stroke ofHetl. I-\r(~) Hence, reward is of the sanae, type as its deed. 'When you forgi ve ~he offence .of a pe:rs 0:11 who has offended )10''11,;, Allah forgives you as well.

The e xamples of the, forg [V611lJBSS and pardon of the Prophet (peace be upon h w'ln) are 11.1 rae oun table, His qual i ties were the embed imen ~~ Qi:f the Holy Qur'an, and he was alwaysinclined to leniency. 'The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, rrLen.l:ti1ncy makes anyfr,l:ng goad. ,(JII,d,' the l{u;,k. o] if. m',ak'l!.S a1~y,thing bad. ~~l2) He used to ~ ike leniency 111 everyth irru,g. In this eontext, we relate an incident that happened with a Bedouia who asked for permission 1[0 enter ii~llJO ~:he pre8enee of tbe Prophet (peace be upon h:~ m) ina rough manner, The Prophet (peace

I. NalT't1['~od by rv[us'ln'fl~:: '11'~i59. 2. Nar[a~cd by MUIi ~hJ,l: 94"

be upon ~ i ~11) said, [r~r\ lit) w him to enter. What' bad [c(JfJilpany he is! t-!' Wh en the InfSUR entered, tlre Prophet: talked to hi m with ease", .. A 'i shah said, !IO Messenger of A llah ~Y,ou said 'what you said ~ then ta.l ked to him withease! It The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, j~O' ";1 'ish a 11. a pers.on of the w,or5'l' standard before A.llah is one wh.o ,IJN3'Oplc.' avoid b'l fear oJ his obscenity or for protection from his evil. Ir( ~.)

We also relate the story of the young man who went. to the Prophet (peac e be upon hi:nn) saying, "[Give me permission toe ommit adultery," The people approached him and scolded him saying, "Stopl Stop ~ ~I' Y er, the Prophet '(peace be q]IPO'll him) said, ~ 'Bring hint close It}

r,~ 'W' 1- - t.. -.- ..... "1" d .1:-,.. p' ., 'I . ·t ( ..... ·1.. ... him)' asked

me. '< jen U~le applioac.le·-_.~ h.l.e tOl" lepe[l)Ce lJte UPOIfI _J_,_,. . .se~ .

. him, irWould )~O,~l like: it (to Cion11nil adl;:~ll'e,'i') jor your mother?" He answered, "No, by Allah, may E 'be ransomed for you]" The Prophet (peace be upon him) responded, ~IAnd other p1eople do not tike ts for their mothers either .. WOMdti. y.ou like itforyour daughter?iI He replied, ~1No~ by Allah, may ~ be rauscmed for you]" The Prophet (peace be upon him) responded, ~":A.nd others do not: tike it for their daughJers either. W()uid }~O$t like it for yO~lr sister? ~!' He answered, ['VNo~ by Allah may :i 'be ransomed Jor yout" The Prophet (peace be upon him) responded, J'~A,~il others do n(J~ Uke it" for their sisters either. Wo:t~ld you like it for your paten:~al aunt? r~ :He replied, "No by Allah, may ~

be '['-'1 'ifi iL' omed ·~!"o·'1I" yon fl~ :TI'~e' Proohet {'p' '.m"a; ,..",g, beu eon [1;..'1 m~ [o<E"~; "1- ",I. ~~ A. nd

I.~ J",,'ljil,!ij;V OJ:: _ ~,. ,Il· .. -~I~". ",l'- ,,·-.·trf ,I..:r-. \ .'CoOlJUC- U·_: u~', "~tI..,, i} ~~u, ,fjj .• f',iI,.,

others do not .like it [or their paterna! aunts either. Would you like it ·f· .. 'f r f':o" r, He answered "No bv A llah may m be Jor yOlAir .m{l;j,·er.n,a;~ aun,~·. ,U'. a .,ti. [ ereu, ...,',;' n .([I.n'i . _':! '.' .'~C

ransomed for you [~'i! He said, ,tAnd others do not like is fot their l1Ull{!:f1Ull aunts ei firer. if He then p1 aced his ti and on rhe young man and said, 110' Adlal1;j forgive his sin, purifY' his heart, an,I make h}m: chaste. tr Henceforth, the young manwas never tempted by anything.a)

l. Nana~ed by M'[I!~ lim : 259.1-

1, lmam A hmad, .M l~.~nad, V,i[I~. :j.~ p. 256.

W]-la.t a splendid example of d~a~ing with ignorant peJQiP~e with leniency and avoi di ng roughness and cruelty \'11:1 til them t W hile speaking to then] gentlyl This is particularly important if ~~l"e situation invol ves proh ibi ~illl,g: what is wrong, Such len ient treatment 'is extremel y effecti ve, facilitati Ilg. d irection, and stirri n,g feel ings of regret for 'the roughness and di s regard, as rnn Ithis casec with which he dealt wiU1J the greatest teacher of '11IJllm anity, [Indeed h~ is ~he mercy and! blessing granted to a]~ creatures, Allah, the Exalted, says, ~Aitd We' hase sent yeu (0 JU,t{:OOJ!1'MUtU:1:) );aot b'U~'a.r (l n~:eJ~:V for ,~dl of' creation .. ~~ []

The forgi,v[eness of tWl e Prophet (peace be upon 11 ~ltl) was, demonsrrated in another situation when Quraysh rejected the, mission ,of the Pr'Qlphe~, (peace be up on h im )., II'He d~e-n went to At- Ta'if ~eekiug: support and help from Thaqif. He spent ~ern1 days w,~th them ~[] ,AI~=Ta'I'wf cal ling their di gnharies to Is lam but the ~e,~dlers of Thaq if disappo wn~,ed him, encouraging I~heir slaves arid children I~O curse him and pelt him with stones, unti I, t;1] s feet and the soles of h ~ s shoes were soaked 'Wii~:t. blood. His servant, Ztl:id ibn Harithah tried to drive the irresponsible attackers away and defend him with his body umd] b·s own head 'was, i IfI ju red, ii[( 2) 'On b rus remrn f1."OJnAt- Ta'!'wf~, sad and depressed from ~Jlie treatment with which he was met, Gabriel caned 11 irn and informed him that Allah had heard the words of tnepeople and their response to ~:i:~11., M:[Q:r-eover.',~ he informed the Prophet (peace be upon h 'i :11f!1)~ha!t AJ lab had sent the Angel of the :M:01L1fita~ns arid told the Prophet (peace be upon hi'm) to order h~nl 'whatever he desired. The A_nge~ [of the

M . Ad .~I 1-,,'" • "If 'I""k r "11 1

ountams .aUII_c res s eli, rum ~,Iylng" u YOI. uxe, wnr eause Hilie

mountains to crush them." However, the noble Messen ger answered,

1. AI'~Anbiy,ai: l@1,

2. Ib:IDI. K ~ltJ~it. S~""'ah,



"No, rather 1 hopethat AUahwUi bring forth fr:{)'n~ their progel1.}? those who will worship .AUa'l1; and worship J2o.l1.e other 'with Him. I"~ I} Thus, despi te all 0 f thei I,' bad treatment, ~[H! pard Dined rhem and feU SY111p~11,y towards them, and evenmere, he prayed DOl" them and their progeny.

Similarly, in the Battle of Uhud, fh~ M~s.seliLger' of Allah (peace be '!l1I,POl'ru him) was injured, his tootb 'wag broken, and hlBWOO bleeding, His Companions asked him, ~~DiO you not pray against them?" His response 'is an indication of the most sublime standard of pardoning and forg j, veness, fo r he said, II,' was noof. sent to damn, rather l was sen.t

..., , .... ~ ... u!" .... v ~~(2,) , .. ~,.\ ,1;1, i'l '1:~, f !I..-.1"'

One of 'the gre a.t. est of sue h SH,lUn ion s happened, the day '~fu at Makkah was opened, when jl~: submitted ro the. most noble of conquerors, Did 'he demo nstrare ibnltElJI i ty arid take revenge again st those who drove him away? Nol ,J~J ~.3:tl forbid that such behavior could come from, '[he M esse nger of AJ ~H.11J. When the people came I~() hi m, the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked them, r'What do YO'U think J wil! do to yoU.?~i They said, I! [You, are] a noble brother; and a noble nephew.' So he said, "t say to JUJU as Joseph sa,/d to his brothers, 'flo blame fa.'lls. on }IOU today, Alia y A.ua~' fo.rgi Vie ),out for He' is I he: I'd ost

M,e.rciful. r G{}~I for YOAl are aU free. t~(3)

An-as (nlay AUal1 be p leased w wt~ him) reported another such sitnatinn sa)' ing, ~'I W,81,5 wal ki]lJg with [be Prophet (peace be upon him) and he was wearinga garment ~11{].t had a rough lining, 'I-Ie was pursued 'by a Bedouin who grabbed him, violently, alfl.d J' saw that the lining Qlf the Prophet's garment len a. mark on his shoulder due to the violence of th~:I: tug. He then said" 'Muhammad, order that ,M 'be given from the

'I" Sal'!iFI' Al~~ukhaFi, 3059. 1" SaliiFr., M'tl s:~iNTI; 2599"

), NU'~o1tlDd by 11Hl Al·JilIW7.i, in the book urA,·'w(if(~',

Wealth of Allah that you possess,' The Prophet (peace be, uipon him) turned towards It; im, and smiled and ordered for ,iiJl aI'l ortionment to be gi ven '[0 hi In. ~1 ( ~) I ndeed, he was created '~O be 'the Prophet of M!em:.::y.

H' - did . "j, ~:"" -"'t- the Bedouin '~iI"!i the sa me manner, but hue aentlv

, C3_]u 1Ill0b ![re:t.l ~,~,I"" JiJi. L~il! ,I~I _.lh.. '" _UJI 1_~~I!;! __ ._ - _. ~ -. --- o----.!

answered him and ordered agenerous apportionment to please hi 1111.

A bi T.) k ('.- '.' A ~Il 'I .L",," '-] eas .::;;",1 '\.V,I'i''Ji,., jj... '·1 '-:rrn 'iI '11; rn so d :II tn on II:'l'I·'1ii'I':eA1 "Ii ml " - U o tilL ,r [".im,a), .. J, ,j;] 1 !U .... P ,'""".,'\,,;-'1;.1, wun ~I J~~J 1;1_,--'0;.,' ull;:,, __ )Vi:_.;)o ,!ii!d,~ ,.,U! ~_,_

excellent examp le of repressing anger" Once when the' Prophet (peace be upo~ him) was si;Uing with his Companions, ,[I: man insulted Abu Bakr and hurt his feel ings. Whefi Abu Bakr did not respond, the man i [1 S U lted ,11 i, m agai n, Gin c e morecAbu B akr did. no [ respond, an d l he man insulted him yet ~ third time, This time, Abu ,~ajk:r retorted. At that, the, Prophet (peace be upon him) stood and kfl the gathering. Abu Baker called after him, "Are you upset: with me, 0 :Messenger of Allah?" He (peace be upon him) responded, ~~An ange! (,'line' down frO'rn t:h.e sky UJ r~fid~f:e w'ha t he j),aid to yO~<f.!' bu: when ]'011:1: reto ned, he

left, cu~d .I would no: remai« seated if the ,d evi i can? e and 's-at. ~~(2)

Thus, the Prophet (peace be upon ~1 i~n} wanted "[,0 inform us that one's reaction eo harm shcnmld not. reach the point of falli rng into the, traps and snares of the devil, i.e. tOI be defeated by hWITI. 'Rather, one should 'resist anger and repel the schemes of the devil back I[ohrnm"

~t is said lhtM the Prophet (peace be UpOifl hhl'"j OWBd a debt to' at Jewish marl by the name of Zaid ibn Sanah, The man wanted to co~ ~ec:~ the debt ahead of the agreed time so he stopped the Prophet (peace be upon him) 0]1) the w-ay to ,A l-Madinah and said! "You sons of '" A,bd ,AI·'M'ul:lBHb are procrastinators. n 'Upon, seeing t~l,:is,"U'mar ibn A~-'K~ilHt~ab, became extremely angry and said, "Give me permission. !O Messenger o:f Allah, (,0 Ctrul[ his neck." But the Prophet (peace be upon

:~, N~ITmed by Abu Dawud 2. N,inrno1\od by A bu D~lw u(l,

him] said to him, ~. We needed yo:u to react d~fle.re'fltlyj .. Umar. YO'l:t shOlddhav!e ordered Inc tIC'! pay back in a g{JOO manner; and ordered him to claim his pl"ope rty in a good nl,a~~Uier. Go ~ Umar; give him his d£U2 owl' grant hb~~ ,n~!enty' measures of dates abo:lle that. ~~ ~ ) Thi s simatlon demonstrases that: deny rnn.g rights and. procrastination are attributes that no believer should have, Is I am urges 1115 to claim ou [, debts with good manners and forgi ve offenders, fO,F' th~lt has the best effec~ in divert i mig oppressors: from their oppression and guiding ~h em to the path of ~rlJtI.~, In t.h:i::f.I mcident, the J ~wish man embraced Islam and became a good M!!l8~~nl.

'What would happen i'f the 'world, 3:pplwed. such a rule with silflceE".il~1'

and certaude I] Uud ...... ub It''''''d'] Y ] ife on , ""'<:]'[1:1;" ]' JIl ·r~ at .... 09,'t"~, ·W·· '·0·- IUI'!d' be :$ ~·1·

I ~,~U ~~~ _IJ _' _ }. _ ~,~ _ I,W . ~!L_, ~~. - I. ' •• ~ '" J,~ ~,j ~U_ ,'11.11 '" !Il[,ld(l. - ~~~~ . e- - J'~' • G- ili.lldL"

expedited paradise full of tolerance as its essence, ilIrid, love as. its system, W'e find a wonderful e.xarmp.[e, in the roU:o,'wing dialogue between the Prophet (peace be 'upon }lim) and ~,Abdun:aJh: ibn UlJayy. He went to the Prophet (peace b~ upon him] and sai d~ ",0 Mes senger r.f·' A" '1'~'=I;I91 11" 't"~~\<:!il'~' info ·lfi"'m·.,:,; ... .a1 't·:I~,'!'lIt·' YO""'i 'W· ,.; 11'1. ,j.' ...... "k,~U "1r'i;,'iij1 fa ther ,;€-' .... ~,., wh '''lI t·, '~U..;:!l,,(!o ''Y' _ ~ ,~~ Jtg~~I', JL If.'!I' l~tLl-1! _l. ,,_,~, __ ,1II, ~u. _ ,lila,'.· _,' . "_,IIl.I, L ~,~ ;:Jl~ liV' I:\.w.tlL l ! IJ ,n! !I.~t,t.··, ~ IV,i ·"-_·llll~ )~ ~

reported to you about him, lr you, are tOI do SiD" order me to do that and I will fetch you ~'~ So h~ad." By Allah, 'the tribe of AI:~ KlhaZiraj basnever

k hi ~' ,'.... h 'II' dl em' ~ h '" f

xnown ~nyOm1e to revere ~ -1.3 Wa:tl-~e:r more Lan ~,' sno ~ tear t_af rr you

order another man ro kill, him, I w] ~ ~ 110t be aible to bear to see the killer. of my father walking among people, and ill would kill him. If I' do that, I would 'have killed a believer for :8., disbel iever andgo to the Hell-fire, The. Prephet (peace be UJHln him} said, "No, le.l us ,shaw I1Jm g,entlenes$ ,and lj.()().{i' C()ftlpa.nion:i1i/lip as to'f~,g as he reli"J'UJ,i'n;~' alive. n(2.)

In this example, 'we see 1ilOW' intent HrueComp,anions 'VI/erie 0:11 maintaining the in tegri ty and, fr~lrrn[,y cf their hearts, and their love [or

1. AII,- HaythamL, Uaj~.1~ , A~·Zt~wa 'ido

2. All- Tabar', J(.m~i:' ,Al- Btlytm.

~he Prophet (peace be upon him), :1:rJ 8!p,p]icatkull -of the same Cffinallt,~ it was, reported that ~'AI~'i i:~nAbi Talib (ma,Y A'11ah be pleasedwith him) was 'in the' 'val' of Siffin and! 'wl3lJ.lllted, to kin a certain disbeliever, JIlJIS~ as be was abolJll to do ~~HJ ~ the d i sbel iever spat in his face, so ., ,A I.i (may A llah be pleased wi th him) 1 eft him. When he was asked 'why he. bad len ~lhe man 'he an swered, 'I'~m W anted to kill him for the Sake. of A Uah,~ bl)J~ when he spat ] n my face, 1 feared dl at I In ig:h~ kill hi :~D rn n self-revenge," 111,:is proves his sincerity, for ~he on.[y type of anger that isaccepted ] n Is] ami 8 .an,ger for the Sake lo,f A]] ah,

EXB'mpl'es, f:lo,m, the iiiv'es 0'( the S,gIC'CeSSOD,

A luau once cursed "Umar 'ibn .. Abd A~= "Aziz in public. ;"'Umt:1!t said to him, "If you want the devil to stir.' me wiMl, the vanity of power to do to you. 'today I~ha~ 'for which you wiU take revenge tomorrow, ] w i n[iot~ i! and he pardoned 'him.

In another incident, Mu' awiyah (may AUall be pleased wifh hilm) who was '~h,e Commander of the, Bel ie vers, ow ned a piece of l~n.d adjacent to 'Whe ~,ancl owned by "A,bdlID'~~:alb ibn, Az-Zubayr, Occasionally the laborers working for :Mu"' a. wiyah wh O,Ii,i\1'OlJ ld cross through ,Az, .. Zubayr's land causing him to beC011n8 angry with Mu ... awiyah. Az.= Zubay r w rote Mu' awiyah 8., letter sayi ng, I!I Y au son of :~he liver-eating womaa, when you: receive m,.l{ letter, foroid your laborers

from e;!J1 t,e;rru~:1 0" rnv ~.a I"i d "",r- else '10~1] \lii,{: ~ ']' 'f"'- - - d'- I' .- < - 'f':" - ~ I

'_.v. ••• _~, ",~, -_.J IL V~ ..... ~."-' ..i'v'''-,W~ ... 1]1-, ],illllTI. J'Olm. nl,~.

Muawiyah summoned h:i:s. SOf!Jl,~ Yazid, gave him the pia-per) ~11Id asked hilrf:l for ~h] S opin iion. :1~~Ie responded" '111b'm In)' opi ni on, y ou sh 011 ld send someone, to brmg YOM his head." Muawiyah replied, "Wou ld Y'O'U like me ro gui de you so somerh ing benet and closer to rnai ntaini ng good rel ations ?'R' He then wrote 0111 tlhe back of the paper "~' SOI:1 of 'the. disciple of the Messenger of Allah, Son of Dhetu An-Nitaqayn (the

woman of i~~ e two belts) ~ w hem you rece i V8 my l etter, annex 'm,)! 'I and '~O yours and my laborers to yours, By Allah, jf the world was between you and me, [ 'woldd have brought it 10 you. Peace be upon yO~L u ~ Abdu~,II2lJJlIl i~bn Az-Zubayr cried when he read the 'letter of Mu' awiyah,

Par'ldOin 0:5 an IEd'u:catii'onaJ_ Syst,B'm for Sell ,,=·['0 ntrn I 1[1, U!i:s iion,J

A :Ml~S H rn shon lid al w'n)' s be a full- ca:pl~ciit~l producer' 'W ho knows how to ut]~~i'u, and I:teal~, himself, thus empowering hjm to spread good further, Islam is all about spreading good at all times and in all places, Or,gallizlm,g the mind and d1auglh~ is a source of power 'ill a Muslim's Ul,rnmkiing energy. An organized mind, hastenjng towards the aspired aim, which ],S i~Wimlling Paradise and pleasing Alruighty A~~~ab" t is granted success from ,AJ lah l~n all his steps in thi 5 world and the Hereafter,

One of tbe positive consequences 'of s:pedf::tin,g the aim is r,~di]jcing the impact of problems that face every MI~iSII im on the path, and avoiding mny exaggeration of these problems. Because ;1, Muslim ~s certain that every instant of (june is his most precious capital after worsh ~;:p,pi:ngAJ lab alone, he sees d1;~'~ any obstac ~,~ 'f),(]i n13U~f' how great it's, size, is trivial and small as, opposed to, hls extensive assigned task Qif die ve I op ing the world and spreadi ng good everywhere, As 'sUU;::tih fall aw,ay file 11 when 'we first reduce 'them inside oursel ve S!' and then detemJine suitable solutions for them '~n our pra.c:~i:c~,1 lives, Tile greatest 'C3!ta5l~~QP[rH: t h~t CeI:1Jl happen is, one of tWOI cases:

l , When the person who. has chosen a specific path repl aces hi!;] true aim 'with means, hence proceeding aimlessly,

2. W~ell ilhe person exaggerates the means or the problem at the expense of the goal An example 'of the means is "knowledge" which isa 'va:)" to develop oneself and to develop ~he universe. However, if the person on this p,ar~h 'lakes it as. an objective 'for pride and boasting, his means would overshadow his deve lopmen tal ac I ivi ties for til i So world an d the Hereafter, As 'for the "problem" it consumes hours of .1:1 person!s lifetime, which is ~he, most important component of his capital, Time is abstract, its beginning ~llld end know 11 only by Almi ghty ATI an t and the te st ttl 1 es do not allow for retakes to improve om e's score, The two angels are with him an the time, preparing 11i,~ sheets 'for the time of publication, when it is time to receive the test results,

As. such, or,ganw:dllg a Mus:'~irrn!s thought energy through self-control, identlfying priorities, distinguishing between the end and means, and se ~ f- dw rection (by determin ing the method to nell ieve the end), is the 'fastest: way to achieve the end.

One of the f,i (rhteO'us. predecessors C'a~;1 . I~~ sensible p e., "c;o.'" ,.' ;:;;'1"0,':, ' ld

. G· ,I . , "oJ!, ~ "',u~ ,i~:", i) ~.,;)l .IL .. " ['" IiI ~ .l.U.lII.

'I10~ expect 0 bed ience from others 'i f his own self is disobedient to him. I~

One of the qualities of a Muslim ]'S self-harmony and accord. The, mind issues a wise decision based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah, the 11 eart accepts the dec i, si on ] SS1U 00, by the mind" and the body parts, execute the accepted decis ion. If I[~e mind and heart operate i n rhe same direction, applying' the system set forth b~ A1mighty Allah, the logical

outcome i s t'llJal~ the bod !!iJ psrts becom .. ie, re'g,." ulsred i ,,,. '" ;',& rh "c' ' ,~ "c' "I,~:I "',:,' ..

~. ~ ~ . .. ,~.,... v ,.1 .. . >J! ."..,........ . Y,[oWIlIL, .. .t~ 1] Ii, fly M~ :SCLu met$:.

TJJi1e sound heart of a berni,ever stimulates the, mind to issue wise decisions 'that are cornpfiant with the Qul"'EIJ]u and the Snnnah, and rhe

organs e~KeC:1J!I te the des] res of the sound hean, as the Prophet (¥I~e be upon him) said, nNO~1>e of yo~t ls a true' believer unless his desire's' match. that with Wl1ich i 'was sent. ,r~ I,) Con verse y.), if someone mrns '11m s desires. into a, deity, those desires wiln take control Q:f the, decision-making center, which is the mind, thus. leading to, unwise deci sions,

Sheikh "Abd Ar- Rah man Hasan Hebnakah Al -,MaydaFlJi suggests inhi s book, The Islamic Manners t Ilhat tl1er,e are t,WQ- ~o gical p5ts of the mind: a mind of knowledge, and a mind of \vilL The knowledge

min . d·· IIi.':" task ~I[! ,t"" 'm' ake wise decisions and t .... e will mind's task ,';0;;, ~-.

"~;.ili ~I".iIO:!' il .... ,'vi I_l~"_ : .1,,: _!_~""~'~.l!_I~'.,H.~ uc wi '",,<l.i,~;;:) I~QS." 1:5 eo

. ..:1 d .. execute sounccectstons.

Thus, the successful model is that which agrees with the traditional supplieation, I~O Allah, mate us see the ~rutJh ~o be the lm'dl and provide us with adherence [,0' it, and make us see: falsehood to, be falsehood I(wd. provi de us with avoidance of w t, Do not let us become confused us' lest we go astray, and m*e us leaders i)or the pious." This means ~ha~ both minds [ttuwt of w'iiU and ®haAt ,of knowledge] should work together. The: other' model represents 'people 'who have knowledge ()f t~e prohibited, Y',et continue to transgress,

'The internal enemies of aperson Itfuat. ~ffect the mind, hean, and organs are: the e'vi~, inspirii:ng S\3.]f~ desire, and the devil, To resist one's 'in~ein1al en em i es , one shou,~d adhere to ~he group, for the righteous group is a fortress Oof protection from die devi 1, TID-l,e Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The .Eland of Allah is' 'with, the g.ro,~ll} .. ~(2} He al 00' said, "Adhere' to the gr;()'ltp lor tht wolf only ears a lone sheep. ~{3)

1; AJ1j~N awa wi, 'The Fm-ty l/adiths.

2., Nl'Imlted 'by' At-Tirmi dhi t~r~:nJg~, Ibn, "Umar; 31 N,;!If'Ii1l'j, .... i~~,~~ .1!. il.,iF';.I;:"1il €i"i ~3~:

• - " ~~~~I"",I,,I! !.~J' l"'!o, '_ ~'IJ!''''')'Q, - Q.~~Q.

00 the ether hand, ~lle external enemies of m, 'person are:

I. The ~1[1~'l"3:i,sewnrnhy world, To cure: oneself of 'it~ one should only talkie ofit what is praisewotthy and keep itin rhe hand. not in the he~rt

2" Bad company. The cure of which is avoiding H~, ms Almighty A,UBIJ'h

l"' ays ..J. fi nd ~"I'.; ,~ •• ;; .... u..; ' .... ljfi,;:".M;I~'I' ~/~,,...J, foo, ;'~. L '):;J 1.)

Io'!iG~,' r.;:)i~ ",'. ~ 'L~;t ~ _.) I~ [.'~, ,il'l~ ,i1.;~, tflt,t·_~ j' . ~: if !,l,J.'" iI'"~ .; ',~'~ ,~It-.t"~ ~ !:1!"1~ .,.

One of the beautiful aspects of this religion is that it urges and teaches Muslimsto use themselves to develop the universe with high quality, and how to develop themselves for the better using the 'law of spoataneous self correct iou j the instru men (S of wh ich are: sei f reckoning, correction of one's intention, rejecting desire, seeking refuge 'w ith ,A!I lah from the devil t. suppressing the w j I dness of one sd f.. BJ.sSlHl1ifllg the ,good will:U ,o.f others, pardoning! pleadi,ng forgiveness, etc.

If defects odginate externally in, the course ofco-existence w~[h one IS brother ~ as ;j s known to t.appe~~. then there are man y tO!Q Is Ior external correct ion, among wh i ch are the followi ng:

I '. ,Mul~lIal recommending of r~,ghteomgness andpatience.

1.. U se of t he psycholo gical mi rror, A 'M 1115 I. i m i, s al wa y s h i, s brother's mirror, "Umar ~bn Al-Khanab (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "May Allah have. meTGY on those who gukleme to my defects" u{2]

3. J)r,~y ing for o~h ers in rhei r absence . .4. G iving presents.

5. Advice,

6. ~ R.ecom.'l:nendmng good deeds, and for.brndd1i~lg bad deeds. 'I. A~~A'rof~ '~9~-

2. N<irT':i1lod by ,1-\1·Tjnn~dhi ..

7. Re ward and puni 5 ~1 ment,

8~ Gentle desertion, as mentioned i .. n the Words. of Almighty AJhdl, ~ ... and keep' .a. w'ay from them in a good Wtly. ~

91 ~'f:u:)]~l~lon'j as was practiced by the Prophet (peace be upon him) with tile three men who did not join the llif.1ny for the Bastle of Tabuk. He did. not 1 rnpriso n them, but ~eft them at large arnon g their com rnu n ity, 'W h i le orderi WI g the morn hers of th~t: community to isolate them UllML·i·1 Almighty Allah granted them an accepted repcnaancev Alrnighty Allah says, ,~An£l [He di:,[/ forgive. also} the three, till for them the earth. vast as it H;as, ~~!faS straitened and their ownselves 'were straitened to t'.i1e.m·;. and l'lu!y perceived that there is ,1,0 Jteeing fr(},~n Allah!, and n,(Jj r1e.fuget- b£t;t~IN',~th Him. T11en~ He forgave .l'llel1~ that .th,ey J'nighf.' b'eg for His pardcm".1/erily, Allah is the One Whojo'rgives {uul accepts repentance. ,Most Mercijul:·. ,~( I)

Whe n a be I lever ru s s~i .. d) jected to harm or in Just ice from another

person, he s hom ld empathize w ith the offender l lB~:p rn ng i n mind the divine blessing of being in ~h,e right. There is however a price to p~y for Uta t gnid ance, namel y that one must gui de others to the straight path. It is said th~ the. only response to someone ,;\1110 disobeys. Allah against your. benefi tis to obey AU all. t{l b is benefit" This. is aeh ieved through forgiveness, Because AI.lnlg~h'[y A'II.ab forgive's people w'ho forgive others, such are vaJualb1e moments in which [:0 gain the profit of forgiveness and benevolence.

Forgiveness is a process of diverting energy inward and converting i:n: from 1.0 S S ro profi t, If a person understands ~ he concept which states that every vessel releases what iN mlThside: it, he would stay away from, disappointment with the offender 'who has been unjust '[0

h WS '\f,ery own self b efore being: unj ust to ~he, victim of. his offence, Therefore, we should fee~ nothing b1!ll1~ pi'ty for the offender who can only be described as broke or baakrupt.

.AB sueh, offence represents a golden opportunity 'fur in\i'~s~me,nt~ through which one can erij@'Y ~be. ilmmedia~~,e benefit of being defended by Allah, ~ Tr,~t.l)l~ .A.Uah ,dejeFlas those lV/iO' believe .',.' ~(ll C(}lnversely" a person who does no good and offen ds others ] s .wn total loss, ~ 1JVhosQe'ver does a good deed; it is lor his or'l'~J'I$Sel:t and 'W/:!,[J'soever does ,evU:, it is ,Q,ga.i'nst if his ,owth~_elf). Then, to y'Our Lard J~OU 'W'Ii:'U be made to' l~·~.t,~',r:n. ~ (2]

A person w ho pardons others converts his negati ve self-energy into posit] veil ~n other words, from acru~.Hy taking revenge to pardon, so tha~ he can proceed 'with his 'pursuit of productivity and self -contrel. So how should pardon be, defi ned? n is the inner power that cures disease-s of the heart Ii is also se:~:f ... control b) overlook the faults of others and .... vin their hearts in order to become the master of the simatien, In is; said tbiiill a person who forgives. has the Sil1l.H'Clne power, mill ~ract; a pen/on w ti. 0' forgives is an in vestor ~li,~ ho con verts ~rIO'u,ble inb.) gain, Among the positive aspects of pardoning is increased p:roduc~i.vhy and es;'tab~'hdh~inlg the best possible atmosphere - between members 'Of the ,gJ'iOUlp.

TIle end result is. (hat the stronger one's ability to pardon .is~. the stronger one's faith becomes, which run tum improves CHr:U:{S rank before A~~a'h ..

The dlffemoc:Ci !between pa:~d.,oldng amd, sel'l .. degr,ada:tioa

Pardoning is to prefer to abandon revenge, tbol!1,gJtl one i$ able. It is also a. desire for benevolence and noble manners, as expressed 'i]'[ U'Je Words of A,hnigfu.~,Y Allah, ,-tAntl verily, whosO',eve'r' shows patience ,Q"J"c1,' forgives, that would' truly,. be; from .tIM! thi'tgs recommended hy AllwT;., ,(0

We find t~l is expressed in the 'words. of Jesus. (peace, and blessings be, upon 'him) to A~ lah, as is menti oned in the Holy Qur'an ~ If You pHuis.h them; they are ,You,r slaves, and ~f You forgive ,t:hem,~ 'verily, yo,~~, only You! are theAtt,~Mighty! the All.~'WL)e,. ~{2}

On the other hand, self-degradation is servility, humiliation and eli sgrace to oneself; sau:dfk:~:ng ollese:~f for the sake of tb'ru:s world or aJmly a,' its cheap trivialities,

Wlta'it iis 'the di fie rene e "between n!;Vlcnge' and seeking Vilct,Qry?

Seeking 'Vkto:I~Y iis. for ~m-.le Sake: o'fA] l~h and FI~s t1 gil ts; while revenge, is. for the sue of the evil inspiring self. Almighty ,AUah says" ~ .Alfu1 those who, 'whe,,~; an 0Vl' ressive w ~"i.(]ng i so done to them, take :rel!e.nge,. ~(3~'

The SOlJIfCe of ~]hat :i s self-control, which converts ~he :n~~fl!ti ve to positive, by appointing a lawyer tcdefend tile defendant (the person who offended you), T~ m s ~©~wye![" anal Y:zjl;.;8 and studies at least seventy

l " .As,h-Shum: ,43" 2. Al.-Ma,I'i.clah: 11 R .. J, Ash~S hura: 39',

excu ses, hoping I~O 'frnnd a, ~eg iti 'mule excuse for the, offence. If' he ~ai ~ s to :fi nd one, he will, tu rn arou ad and .say" I! 'Y'OlU: brother has presen ted yo~ with se V!31f'1 ty excuses, and. you have ~~ eeted them all. The 'I)' i''0I .. ,ll;all1 is '1','111\10,: rn. not irr. him ~!~ F0f' that, Im ',,::r;'ml A~iIL..-,S,:"'h,.:Ji"j~""· :(lo,:q; ·,;1. !IA:'

-e, I,VU~.... "i,..... .. ,J' II.I!'~ IiI.,.. , _n _'L ~~!, = "'-'_ . ~ . I~~ _ IIiIi ., ;)lWI ,~,ll, I <l".~]!!..!~

person who rejects all attempts to reach accord ~s a devil,"

It 1S nO'E the function of [:he, lawyer ~In your internal self-orgaaization to defend yO~J because you are wandering in the k ingd (DIU of yorn rev i'~,- i in spirin g s®,l[ Rather ~I i.t iN onl y fai r to n!tain a lawye r to defe nd your beother who i~\ t he defendent before, ~ S:S1!J in g' the 8112 nsible dec i S 11 on. to the, benefit of jus tice i IIll all human rel at ions

Fotlowing tlh.~.'[j comes the" power of benevolence; 'i~ develops through, three pos 1 t:rn ve emet i 0 nalpowe rs:

1 .Feelings of pure revenge for one's own sake.

2,. Feed m'llgs which are immersed ~I n .p i ly for file offender. 3"Fee~hlgs of responsible love for the Sale of Allah,

It was the opinion O'f Ibn AI=J arwzi (may Allah be merciful with him) ~hat tlhe reason fer ~l1e seuing of one person against another is one of the fotlowiog:

1, Becan se of it '1:11 ~ sdeed fro In om ell s own sel f. A~ mighty A ~I ~ah says j ~ And 'wh,(~'feve'r .of mlsfostune v.,.j(.liLr yt)iU~ i,t is because .{~f what ytUU- JU~l'ul!i' have ea rned. It nd f-.I it: P{~ rdons 1'I1'MCn. ~{i) Th i. S ~ s a ~ so reflected in l he ~radi,l[i Oml;E1!~ supp ~ i cation, ! ~ A 'lei set not upon us, because of oer sins, ,y,(:IIllUNNl {! who jetll"j" :Y.ou not ann. has 1~O ,I'1N'?:',rCY

2. Atonement of Sh~~LAbu Hurayrah was reported to 11Iav~ said, H~f A,ilah intends good for (I perS{)H" then He expedites his pu,n~.!ihmenf

3., To elevate one's degree, Almighty A:I],ah says, ~'And be pasient; veriiy, ,Alltih WQ;stes ,'lOS the rewar:d a/tne' gaod'-dotJ;'rs., ,,(2)

4. Testing his patience, A[m[gh~y Allah says, ~ ~"",an;d We have made some of .J!V,~~ as a: trial j'i:)'1' others: "Viil ~1i\O'U; have patience? A,nei )"0'lJr Lord is Ever AU-Seer (~f eve~y,~hi'''l,g)~O) The Prophet also said hI} 11Th is regard, It-A Ity anxie ty, g ri'ej; or sO',r.ro'w tha: Cl: bell ev,e.,' s.ufle rs, even, the prick ofa thorn, aton:e s Inf SO'l]UJ olhis sins. i.1f(4)

11 D' j, ,.-, -, ' - .and " - ~",,",-- d l' - .'. 'i-- -,rtf tb "i': - --'1-1+

Il" . el!.erml-ne ,an. ,11il,11)!;,..o[1 ~O CQ.rreCI~, ~ , e ~aiU, ,~""

2. ldenfify the cause of the fall] L 3., Correct the cause of the fa,u,lt

5, Hold oneself responsible for the far~h.

W~,at: then are the requ i remen (8 of d,e;all,ng wid, the fall ~It'" (Bearing in mind that a iFfudt comes fr-on'll a. person 'who is en vious, mis~aten!, ignorant, or sick 4Sl,1; heart) ..

IT he .reqll!li~em,ents. &lfiie:

1. • A self-accountant ~Q assess the s i;tuat]on through the statement of :profils and los scs.

l, N~~mtJ0d by A'~,-Tin"Uilidh,~ and Al-Hakirn in A.l-j-W~tjntldak. 2" Hud; ~.~ 5.

1., AII-F.-urqaf1lJ:;, 210..,

~. Agreed upon lrndlt"i1..

2 Alii. attorney to defend the opp~Iilmllt and try '~O fillJd excuses for him, 3., Pacifying the heert's internel atmosphere so that the tnind h8!S an oppo'fmni,~y to think soundly and make wise decisions,

"HTI.... '~I" ,it'! iOl''Ii'Ii .~ 'I...e'iil.:i A1IO'e'-- le"aID' ~ ,t:4-.Am~ «:8-",11 :tc -?

w .u.M-~ ,..,.~ R; II!.I...:U","'~, - r _"',, ,_-" ,U-Ig "IIi, ,1!.IlI, lS.i

.I.. 'That a fault is ~l!. difficulty that teaches tJju~ to' avoid faults h] furore stages,

2.. To direct owe to self-defects, turning a bii'l~d eye 'to the, defects of others,

3. To ccnsirler only the merits of ~he; other person and no~ to focus on his defects,

4. To endeavor to muster the powers of good in oneself, and not to underestimate miner sins, as (in acenmalation of those. c~n be fatal,

The: ,o:ptlmal 1I',emed:y'

One shou ~d, start by seeking excuses on be half of others," When one makes a positi ve start, he is able to proceed along the straight path, Trans] ated irn:to practice, this can. be done, for examp le, by say:i,flI.g [0 the person with whom he disagrees, ij Yes, m agree wll~h your op inion, but. .. ."

'One cbareceeristie of a, person who follows this appro£bch ]',s, ~h,at he subjects himself 'tiel' the ~,aw that prohibits both overestimation as well as underestimation. This is adrl ieved through a. perfect balance of meg:~tivellnd p~s,rut~'Ve. charges. This person will aJiso always prefer ~be lang[llaJ,ge, ,Q,f reason and the language of Is~am. to head for '~he realm of po s itivity and. achievemens.

E:.\It~:ry haman possesses it vast domain 'Of beallJ~y ~ and a smal I. domain of ugl iness, An ~:n®el]j,g:en.t person deals wit])], oth ers through

the dam !lim of beauty thet they possess, so tl:ii!it he can see the beauty of the In] verse through the beau1ty of i;'~s 1 nhab itants. As such, an investor's major eoneem W~I:~~ be 'tel overlook the ugliness ~]:] others so I~h.at they overlook i~he ugliness in him .. It should eo he kept mn mind ~ha~ olbs:tad1e s and snares along the path are inevi table, numerous, ,and! diverse, However, by p[eoo.irwg ~l:e~p from Almighty A '1']. ah , then throru..gh self-control to restrain the negative powerB,~,the positive component in onesel f and stead iness en the straightpath increases,

Wba·t, are' ·t·b,e iu;stfUlR!ents, of' ·directj"oD, in the inte:rnal org·;miza.,tio'D, of ' •. h,uman?

1. A mind nurtured with knowledge.

2. A heart :rruu.rtu.red. \V]t]'[ faith ..

3, Organs nurtured widl permiss i hi e; food an d. dri m k~

·'iit:"r-o'· '''!II~'' the m· 0·· s'tl ~;F"'"' 'p .. A~·O'tI:'lif'liit ',,\Rille· n' ,g 'I1\it!li" .... S'i1J'

R'Ur .. I A._&I~ .. ~. 'i.'] .,1 - JlJ..Uml,. , ,'uJil '-IA-!I&,,_, '~'Y"\I·.'--.-'r'tl~· "'-!Ilia], .' ~

~!. The leader; if Ollie is, ]UO~ ~he leader of oneself, then he is a 'mindless foUower.,.

2. A~ honest safe keeper for the capital of the organizatiomhe mesr posses a sound conscience, 'and piety, for Ith. is [!hIe security valve ..

3., An internal auditor who presents the 'pn].fiI1i a,11Id 108s 's~aten:u:=nt before rhe decision is made .

. ~" A [,a'!J,I,1y,eW' whose functi 011 is to defend the rwghts of others before j ud.ghlg the m,

What, are 'tbe: .sti·mlllta,ton, of'tbe semi

l . Inremal srimelators: seeking reward, benJ;,~V1Q,~eI1Ce, and fear,

- Intangible, e.g, gentle words and respect.

- Tang ible, e .. lt~ presen ts and increased rewards,

I" Internal: the evil inspiring self, desire and. the devil,

2" External: bad c()mpa:ny arid ~he U npraiseworthy W orl d ...

I ~,~ '" th d '., IJ!' .e' 'If' '. '. t~ ".iIl..". _ll~"eSIIiI,nfg m ~ ,e' o:m,aJll oi})J, :r'\eveng,e )J,01" (!IIU!Sie " 1I1S, HI!J US 1,lee IWiJaJlL

leads t,OI:

~ . An ,Ilb'rnormal relari onship with the other person, 2. The slmation wi~I~, turn against you.

3,~ Tile 'i n ner s.e-~f wi ~ ~ not be trained to' SUpPlie.SS 1[,1,~e and foqg,irvR R~lil.her itt wi 1.11 'be eransferred t.o a poor sense of revenge.

-4\,. Bad companions w~l ~ deteat the one who seeks revenge from inside and outside himself,

5" Heart ai hrtrfl,en~~ such as a bad will ,grudg,eg,,.and. envy 'will increase,

'Wbat is 't:he la:w ofspon,tanle~ous correc,ti.on,?

1 e Internal: Repentance, p~,eaJdi[ljg for forgi veness, self-assessment and correction Q,f 'O'[1IJe!s intention.

2., E,ld,errnal: Advice, recommending 'wbat is good; and forbldding 'what is bad,

What lis sensory' is,ola.tion'?:

It ] 5: :~ solation consequent to falling in the snare of other people's f3',lIIllts~ the impression that. the feeling of parity with the offender iis the

cause of self-hindrance, in addition I~G Ute emerging desire ~o avenge the evil runsp'iring self,

un;.. ,gil'· ;O::Iir,;g: t ·'b>e--~ ,d'-, ""m-c - "!Ii!';iU-'c£, ft'(- ';IR- - 'v~'IDOi£t,f,m- _-- .al'rlll't' ~

'WI_I~ . ~,~ . I. V. _ ~~ _ ~"V' ~_ . ~!iiII!1Lo J~l"'.!1

I.. O'bligJ:1lJJtory and profitable domains: acts of obedience that are requi red or favorabl e.

2 Allowable domains: 'where no Ijll"ofwIR, or loss is involved. 3. Loss domains: sin s",

l'nv,estill,g i;n the dom,mn, of pardon. leads, to:

'L Guwd]wng o'th~n;~; as 'l/.V,2lS s.1~dj i~'MM is: the slave (IF goodness," and "The person w ho dOBS good gad rul8 power over he who does bad," ~t alsoallows one to win the hearts of others as ,a.rdolili'~llg o~heW',s creates ~l positive account from which to buy the; hearts of people, whether ~hey ] 0 ve yo~n or hate you ~ !be, they friends or foes. Winn ing the mi nd is a nam ram consequence ofw km n ing the be art

2" Self-direction and avoiding revenge for one's own sake, in addition to resi is tiing' tho se forces that order the h1lJe]]'V idual (the self Satan" and desi re) ri

3, Tumingthe situation '[0 your fRYOr' 'by dealing with it in a, manner thlat turns it from ne:alfi¥e to positive,

4" Taki ng control ,of the pSY'dl0],~)g~~ca.~ atmosphere between the foiU'~] ver and ~Ih~ o'ffemder." and establ ish ing an environmen n t~ at is sui ~ahle for a nortnal und Iong-term relation, as well as amore effecti ve rapport.

5. Maintaining a. positive credit of forgiveness :~cn- OUU:fS" which runy be, needed by he to:rg,i ver one day ~ as everyone makes m iistelk,e.~"

6,. Inner peace and comtort w ithm the realm ofthe sel f

1. Building communication by i0es~orWrrug the dam,aged relationshwlJ to its previous, sUlte .. Usually pardoning makes the relationship even stronger than it was before,

:8,. Seeking closeness to A~lElilh by pardoning others as an act of worsh i p (1'" 'we.~ ~ ;[!IJS praying' for them secretl y; for the repair 'Of the broken commnn ication ~ which stem s from mutual ] Clive and respect between one human and dle other, By the Will of AU ah, the communication will then become healthy and strong.

'g", Giving a good example of forgiveness, and wiinning people's hearts for others. In thl s way pardoning beeomes a radiant beacon that shines inward and oU~.\'IIall'd and thus one benef ts both himself and others, .

:1 0,. A,void~ll1.g' burning oneself ,8lJS represented by avenging oneself,

1. l . Se~f-managernent tltrrnugh control of one's emotions, and utilizing them Ito support tbe mind and its. sound decisions,

12. Expanded y i eld and, produeticn ;all all ~e'V,e~ s:

a) self

b) others

c). the s i il],ati OJ]]

113,. ,A promise from the Prophet (peace be upon him) 'llla.lt anyone who-pardon s w ~ n be granted greater esteem from AI Iah,

B;~ Profitabiliit)r' 'in, the Bereafter:

Rewards are lof the same nature as th,~ deed, which in ~his case is pardoning and elevation from A]-mi,gll:ity Allah, and Paradise' as. wideas ~he heavea s and the ea:rth.,

,- sla. ,m-;- o.··~,~·~Dfli,f;it~'v!'.ll' l'h·;~I'~;" 'jg .

. ~I __ ' .. .. tJI'tlt T" u ~ ~ Ii' _ l:l _ ." -"UI,;~ _ _ _


'11",.,..·! ~m· ,; i:'! the syst ""'m- of "",'-1-]- m- - - ~'iIIii '-"I i, ~'Il- or ·ih,C'·,li'ZO·IIiJi,,':-.' U. _ ·t"_; vi ~-.,'IiJ_.' .' ·a· IiFi d rel <:l;·o;!IliL:!']-·;r'j; ([I'

,iIJij, ~g, , ,.. ! .• j __ ._ "'"" .:.: - ,:.i,.....: ... ,.1, ""' .. ,,:: i.lu.I,!t_tJL,~ .: d ~'llo.o-b" ~.r>' ~ IL.J - ul i,., ", ..... GIiliJ. ,~,I,O

positiv m'ly, 'The strength of Islam sthmullaJtes 'iil'tent human energies in a ha:rmQin·~·O'us. manner to spread good atall times and in all, places, using ~h:e mind, hetm~, and organs ..

Positive Islamic concepts are represented in these tWIQI hadiths; "t anf as M)/ S.la~lle: expect s oJ lliJ'e, ,!( I b A nd, "Expect go()il' ofJt.i~wisacaJ{YI'

J "l· .~ fi": - _I" ill(ll

an,t;l, ",l',Oltl w,~ ';.,,·,n(;l:' it, '-

Oae of the greatest charaeser istics of thi:ij. 1'191 i.g:~O':Fl, of truth is that i t addresses the human natlJ,re",whic:~:11 ills~incti vel y is attraeted to, p:rofi.uiJbi.1~.ty in every instant of life in this world. A pemi),lrt feels. 'happy when he wins a. good relationship wi~h everyone around him,

Conversely, negative thinking consumes human energy and prevents. human progress along the patlF.i. A, 'MILl,sHim differs from ot1l1ers. In thl:~ be possesses the light that guides him along' his path towards ~alvadoi1 in this. world and the HleJ]"le,aftle;r~ in 'his mjtrud as well as im his. heart, One of 'the, bounties. Allah bestowed upon M'IDS[il1]s is thal t:hih~ p~O'fitabn:i,!ly is retrogressive and applies to ~e 8~O(,e of accumulated misdeeds, tunl~ ng them ~nto, good ones, Th Ii s stbn~lill~tes the mind to make a transgressor [1]18h towards .... epentance and go Gel. deeds, as

1. A.1-B,YkhgJ;~i j Stthi:'i.

2. l~ I ~Bu,kh~~ri., SaJ~ih.

A]mi.gliIJ~y A.~.[I.ah ~a.y~.~ ~ Except those ~~'ho repent and believe (in I slam} and do rlghtt.oUl}· deeds: for those. AlJ.:(,~h will change their sins into goo'll deeds, and AU ah is Oft ~ F 0 rg i ving, lW'ost .M er:ciftd- ~i ( I ) Til ~ s righteous rel igion also keeps Us. a\\!itlJy from horizontal rivalry between people through greed, rancor, envy, arrogance, arid conceit. Pardoning is a sel f-power thar enables a person who appl ies i'[ to be the leader of his own self, because he posSlssses the power of self-conversion from re ven ge to pardou He i So iii] so. able to k,[][d others, tu rn wng the eli. rec t ion and magnitude of emotions from hate to ~~]ve. For example, if a. scholar does not demonstrate good mannerisms, especially pardon, in spite 0" his sbil i~y '1.0 do so, and does not keep ,away from the. Satanic weakness 0'( revenge, then he w'~]l not have achieved the benefit of his knowledge .. Pardoning is the means to bypass negativity to reach positivity arid productivity.

I. Ai~ PI.! rqan: 70.

Islam requires all Maslims to speak, only good words, due to the positive effect I[ha.l ~I~ey have on ~he receiver.Kind 'W01"d,S bring P~OP]'E': clcser to each other, so ften. roc-kg extingu ish the fire of ~lll;nIty and conflict, and spread love between people. 'We flue!: in the 'words of (U;J,r Lord, th"e, ultimate assistance in; speaking good and klnd words, The Prophet (peace be u pon ~h irn) drew' an a nalogy between Zl1 bel ieve r and a palm tree, all, of which is useful, This ruUustrmJ[e;s a. believer as being useful in ~ is em ti rety, li"legardl e88 ,of 'IJi s vari ous moods and states. The forms of benefit m,HY d i: ffer however, as thei t effects, Perhaps th is is not fur from the 'lfIleanilng of the verses, ~$ee YO,U IU}i' horw Allah. sets to'F.!h a parable r ,A goodljr wotd' as a: goodly tree, 'wh,(J .. se root is fin~dy fixed; cuu:1' i:ts 1'J1"ti~u;lu~.r;; (reach) to the s,ky~ Givin,' its Jnd.i' at all times, by the: leave olils Lord, and A.Ua'lJ sets forth, ,tJflt'tlJJl&!K' fat n;~tJ]!ld::n,d in

order that they n~ay remember. And ~'hi ,pfJlnbie ~Jf "fl evi! l!lJord is ~J1at of ,cUt evil t ree uprooted fTt)"'1~J the surface of earth; l1:tlVblg: no slabili1J, , ~ ! )

WheFiever Je~u.s (peace be upon him) passed 'by a. pig he would

i"I~''V to it 1·1"111ii.:!;,>i:'lc! '1·'1·11 '1"9J'!,~lI"Iii'!o' I! 'I~·;;!io ~'j);;;n"" ~'III:'!Il,..~".I. I! ·H· ow i;"',1!i;'Il-~'V,r''1di~' i11','I;j''V _ l'I;;i!',~,L'1"i!' i,1i'Ii

~(',J v J;.~ ,r ~iL1.;,:"'I! _l_, l ,.J.f~~_I,Itir..I'Lr..l '_ lI,!ii.iI ''i'=~' no !lJI.13~'lmi-U!ll! ; ,!i.,J -' 'liir.-I,I. J" Y!ldi ~I'_'.J' ,J .1: !Y~1Il! ~ ~~,

'I' .- ," fliil H I'· d IWI';I ~ d n··· .. I

peace ~O' a :t.H,ef.' . ,e rep rea, __ oo ,~IO m oruer that my tongue uoes nat,

become accustomed [0 what I,S bad." 'Once, when they saw the carcass 'Of a dead animal, they said, "Its stench is putrid." Jesus responded, 11 But its teeth are white, i' fro;~:L1. '[his we notice that Jesus (peace be upon him) O~ ~y chose 'to see things from a positive outlook,

As previously mentioned, words have an energy that affects the human hio .. energy field and are stored in the subconscious mind. Even the ant that wanted to warn the other ants of a dH~e,flj.len ing danger uttered only good words, ,Til/j, Hi'h.en they came to the valley of the ants, one of the ants said; !:O ants! Enter your dwellings lest Suiaynuu'l [Solomon) and his hosts should crush you 'whUe they perceive not.' ~{I} The ant's choice of words, "While '~hey perceive not" rather 'than "For they are unjust" for example, clearly demonstrates that the unt thought of art excuse on behalf of Sulayman, Thus, from the ant in this situation, we learn how to seek excuses on beha:lf of others ro resolve S~i~UaJU ions,

Ahnighty A!'Iatl has honored and guided us with the proper Ife~rng~on of lslam, which forbids us to call each other insulting names, and. urges us te exchange the most favorable names and words between USJ so 'lila!! love and amiability spread between all Ml1,sl~hns." AJmighty A~~.aJ!i! says, if 0 you who believe! Let not ,one group <leaf! at another group, for i~ rn,ay be that the latter ,~r:e better than the former. Nor let (.s:omle) '~M()~?rten s'cotf at other WOnleJ1., it tnt1J' be ,th{u the latter ure' better than the former. Nor de;f¥1rne. one another" nor insulr one another by nicknames. How bad if is .1"0 insult one's brother after havill~g Faith. And wh,osoev,e'f' does nol repent, then such are indeed wrongdoers. ,C!)

l. An-Naml: I~ . .2. Al-Hujurat: I ].

Hence ,A.~lm~m,~;hty Allah forbids scorning, despising, or debasing people It is also mentioned in both S'ahihs of Bukhari fiflJd Muslim that the: Prophet (peace be upon him) said "Pride is disdaining the t"lJa!1: (O'~ll' of s,e',if-·ctJn.c,eit) and contempt tor people. r~ I} This '11l1LeanS that treatin,g people with contempt is prohibited, because this person who is held hill contempt nla,y very well lel~jloy a, better s~a:ndlitng and more iove from Allah than the contemptuous person,

Likewise, all, person's name represents a special significance ~~, him, as it accompanies him from the time of his biin]]" lor perhaps even before, on to his deaeh and beyond. A name has either a negative or a positive effect em the character of its owner, ,and even on hils relatioas with members of hm5 society to a jf;8l1r extent, For Hnla~ reason, the Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged ns to select the best of names, by saying, "J'~O~I wil! be called on the Day "oj" Resurrection by the n;a~~leJ of your fathers, so select good names for yourselves. n(2)

If someone has. a bad name, he might be ashamed of his name and iris name might also encourage him to do sO.lne~Jh:irlg thatcorresponds w:i.~h it, iCln(j leave opposite 'ttrmiCs,. The Prophet (peace be, upen him) used eo feel opti mi stic upon read ing pleasant names in correspondence 8e:~'IDt ~D him, He also changed the names of a number of people who had unpleasant names. for e;-U],mlp[ej he changed names mean i~ng "disobedient' "into. "beautiful" for ,I, woman, .al1d ii'" Abdul 1 ah" for a man, Once he al sopassed by t W'()ITIotJli1 rains and asked about their 11.EBJln~s., 'When he ~earmed ~Ihat they were called I'! Fad'i,/1"1 !(dls.grace'fhl) and ~',F:ald'U~!i' (pride), ,1.,U.~l. changed ll1ii~ CO'lU'L~e and did not ,!as.s, by them,

UtU,lS, rhe selection of names of bOYH and girls has a great significance, and inchoosing a. name, fathers and, mothers 111a,y cause

]. Narrated by Muslim: No. ~ 11'

2. Narrated by A~ mad and Abu Dawud,

their eh i ldren ei ther happiness or misery, Thi s becomes pa[1'tkUllar~.y true CI,s il:lh.e child ,glUWS up and starts to recognize the meani ~i'ig of ~il is ~ arne and to :i [l teract with tlhe society. 'On the other hand, random. selection of names without rea] izing dle;~[' mean ings and indication So hasa Inajor ] mpaet on the pe;rson I s psychology, N atu rall y ~ all of this :i s because names are ~ ml es sence words tll,d bear certain meanings.

As such, A Ilmighty Allah gu ided II s tt,o, be C areful ab au t naming due '[0 the ]ml)ort.an:~ ]nl~\act. of a name on people's peeception, To emphasize the significance of our spoken words, the Prophet (peace be UpOm1 h rn m) was. quoted by Abu Hurayrah to ha ve said, j~A s unl1e (of .AJlah) m:ay 'ild'l:',e r a 'w,ord which pleases .A llah wid~(J',~ll gi vi rI,g i t .m:~.u;h importance; and because of that . .4 Uah wilt. raise liim' to degrees (of reward): a slave 01" (AUah) m~~.v uue» ,a w'Ol'd (ca.rel;f!.i;_~sJy) '~-ii/hich disIJ·,~e'{1s(!.'.s Allah. without thtl1/dn.g of its g'r:avi,~y and because of that tie 'will be f: hro'Wn in, to the fl,ellfif;e', j~(i)

The:effec.t of 'w·Oir·tIs .aD,d :positJive ·th·inkin,g on :humaas

Every word has an invisible effect on human health, because it is e,nergy'lh.at affects, thought and is registered ~n the subconscicus mind, Are words not a reaSIQ,JiI: for entering to Paradise and sa] vation from Hell? The Prophet (peace be; upon him) S·aJ id, '~A nd lot what are people' t:'h,tO'~.1n1; Ott their faces (in {h,e H·eil-ji.t.'eJ .(}ttMr than ,the harvest of thei«

? 1"(1) '1"~t.. '-p 1· 11-.. 'I:.. •. ) n . ..aI - d

tongues, '.-' ' ne repnet (peace u€; upon nrm ', aiso ;!lIJ:uvw.se us. to pray

to! AJhd1lJ wirh the certainty thM our prayers "fi,vi.~I! be answered. This was ~\~u:iU i.C~lbl~··1 'y emphasized by .. U mar, who said, "It is not the lllmlS'wering of the prayer tll;fJt~ concerns me, bu~ it is the prayeritself that concerns me." Thi sis. because certimde of the answer takes p'llaoe [It the mental

I. N.mT~led, by AI·-Bukhari: 6418·, 2.. N'~~'a~ecl by Jid.~'l11!i1.1I:i(nl.'u.

l evel, and increases th,e power of prayers ar the energy [eve! 80, ~'hat the ffl,'llwt appears in the an swered prB!:lNer _,

Some '~~np,~e have even used this ~]S therapy, irnagining for example, that a I~Jljlll1.or in the body i 8 r!3dOCl.'C ing h~ s ize untl l i ~ actual ~y shri nks, In another example I' a persencan ~o se wei ght by repeating the woQ:rds~ "I want to get rid of '~ve,i,gh~f.' but not, II!I~ wa.nt to lose weight' because a person. who loses something looks for i~ to get it bade

This also applies to smiling, even wf feigned, as it develops 21, feel ing of happi ness, because ~1 appines s is, a rnemal beha v ior and habit, Hence, we find some sick people who. try to think positively despite their negadve conditions. With repetieion and determi nari on, negative ~hwnk~1.11 disappears and is replaced with posltive thinking in appearance. and essence, If you bhin't y our 'II rnfe is hard, it becomes 'F'Mtnr~, an d more ..m; ffienlt (0

l.l,IV~.'~ G . 1!i., .w U11I. I ~Il_ .. !I'

For this reas on ~ we- must learn the art 'of formalati n,g speech and 50'wi,ng al'm;iabi,l~ll;)f and love in ULH~, hea:liS! of people around us, These concepts are j?~n"e~y Islamic '~!hol1g1~! tiley have been expressed by non-Muslims. Th£1U,gld: WSl like amessage Issued by the conscious mind and, stored in the :SUbC'OFHlC ions im:~nd, If the mess age w,s posi rive, i~ dJe]etes; negative thoughrs and vice-versa, As such, eptlmistic and posi ti ve programming :so] yes many prob lems, resolves internal conflicts in the body, equalizes suppressed emotions, frees the body from add wet! ons, ,aids, ill decision-meking, and i mproves relati OBIS wi th others, On the other hand, negative thinking even ,a:f[eC'~~s pregnant women and their fefu ses ~ for i~ has 'been proven ~hat a mother' S negative tbh~ki'lThg is. transmiued to the, fetus, and causes ~he child ,p'.sy,cho~tQ gical d isorders.

l . Dr. David P,'eiJet~[llld. Anne Wood.hQn11~ !lU(J.gj"a~ttd Medic;,iJUf. lD'Oi!,h:ng and K~,[iderij'ley- 2000.

Dr. Erika emphasized the importance of "Positive Affirmation" I( tbe utteran ce of posi ti ve word sand repeati ng th em several tl mes U! nti 'I the Y are stored in th e su bcon sci ous m i nd ] n hope lha:~ they w wI. ~ rnateri ali ze), M,Q:SI[ of the time ~ people repeat W01~S they don ot 'Ii ke and do not wish to become true. This usually resu'lts~n many undesirable si mations e Thus, "affirmation" can function in two ways: constructive and destrncti ve, It is also important to understand that the repetition of positive words becomes ineffective if followed by negative thlnki ng. This ~l~g'h'lights. the importance of maintaining ;!1, commitment [0 positive thinking. Words form a, mental image, and! though ~It might not be veTY clear, repeating those words causes the images run be stored like a program in tile subconscious mind, leading the person to believe iim them. Accordingly, '~h~y affect thoughts, behavior, and reactions. This dernonstrntes that certain theughts emitted by a person, affect everyone around him, as well as. the events relevant to SUCll thoughts,

Self-preparation is recommended before affirmation .. This involves concentrating, leaving psycholngical and mental pre;s;sL1res~ and feeling the meaning of every word; the stronger the, belief in the words, ehe faster and stronger are the results, It is also recommended [0 pertorm th is mental exercise while walkmng in a. green area for example, and not ro do so wh ile d r:il 'V i n g 00 r C':~'O s s i 'Dl g l hie street. The verb s hou kill be stated i 11 the p resen t tense, lfl ot ~: h e f[ll tu re o r past, If ehe terms are di fficult to believe in, we should select different 'words '~O charge each word wi ttl. power and e nerg y. A n ex amp ~Ie of negative 'word s j, S" ~I I want to Ire d1L1. ee n']y weight because I am far." What 'we should repeat in such a situation is something positi ve like, ill have am aehletic body , d ' :-.1.- ~I ve - g h t" .W::iJ, ~ ~ "0 s ho ul d nor sa \L 1'1 am" t ru red, Ii' l .. n 'I~' r'lil'[:h er. aIEl· an WifJliedJ 'VI!. .. I . ~ '-' ~ n,_S . "- I!II.. -' ~ , --J ~ '_' __ ,_ __ _ _~ [)"I;,I,I~ _ ~_, __ ,,,,,,,.

11'1 am in the best of health. I!' Other such positi ve phrases might be, 'II'~

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