Anatomy of Debate 1AC 1A Start slowly Aclimate yourself Establish Acronyms Don¶t go crazy speaking at the beginning of your

speech The 1AC is different from 1AC to 1AC so you need to slow down to aid the Judge¶s ears No one can maintain the speed they start at Establish strong transitions - Pause between cards - Say ³NEXT ADVANTAGE´ or ³NEXT´ It is a good idea to read citations if you can Give it with inflexion Don¶t trip over words, make sure you know your speech, practically memorize your cards and look up at the judge if you can Be interesting, give the judges a reason to listen Slow down for the plan Suggestions: - Good taglines - Group similar categories of 1NC Flowing Think of answers to arguments that you don¶t have a block to Start thinking about the 1AR. Which arguments will you be extending Think about how you can help Be the 2A¶s personal assistant Organize everything from the 1NC for your partner Read the 1NC evidence - Tell your partner to make arguments based on what you read from them Have a list of things that you need to tell the 2A that you can quickly communicate with your partner before his speech Prep cross-x questions 2AC Backflow the 2AC Circle arguments you are going for Highlighting sweet arguments The block 1AR 2NR 2AR Write answers Pull blocks as you flow - Make a 1AR Don¶t let the accordion 2A prep your pretournament speech make - Link extensions him help you - Case outweighs prep your extension speech - Common Read the extensions opponent¶s - If there is a evidence and common card assess the the 2A cant get quality of their into the 2AC cards stick it into a block - Get to know the 2AC blocks Beat the negative strategies, not their arguments NEVER WALK THE PLANK, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO SHIFT THE ARGUMENTS YOU HAVE AND ALTER THE DEBATE WITH THE ARGUMENTS YOU ALREADY HAVE.

arguments together Pulling blocks 2A Highlight evidence Work on 2AC frontline if - If nothing you know what type of unpredictable arguments the teams you pull it as the are against tend to run arguments are - Pull out these made pieces of evidence - If early unpredictable Watch your judge you can either - Is the judge bracket it off flowing on for later or multiple sheets of begin writing paper? answers as - Is your judge they speak, flowing? you might - What does it look need to save like your judge is to be writing down? Are answered in they taking notes cross-x or in cursive? Are hand it to the they using 2 pens? 1A Do they - When on case understand what arguments you are saying? flow it as it is Do they have read and write weird facial answers as expressions? Are you flow them they shaking their - Always pull head to the theory blocks argument that you and pull the or the other team right theory are reading? blocks

Create good order: - T o Slow - Case - CP, DA, K (based on which is the biggest threat) You don¶t want a T debate in which you or the other team debates of the other team¶s blocks Time your 2AC blocks (before the tournament) Make short and long versions Create a timeline for your speech Think strategically whether there were contradictions made and how their arguments interact - Do I want to kick advantages - Do I want to straight turn their arguments You should read addons - Read addons that solve/turn the impacts of their offcase positions Bring up more evidence that you are going to read but be fine with just letting a bunch of evidence go Be prepared for extra time Cross hatch your flows so they are easier to get to with your evidence underneath each flow Write EV on your flow where you are reading evidence

Don¶t prep your partner¶s speech Read your opponent¶s evidence

1N Make sure the 1NC is ready (should be done preround) Make sure everything is highlighted (should be done preround) Highlight updates Work on arguments they tend to overcover Do block preparation Make your blocks specific to the opposing team Adding case specific arguments READ THE 1AC EVIDENCE ± There may be ununderlined evidence that you can use on neg Look for undisclosed arguments Maybe there is a genric links that say for example: ³X causes deficit which causes everyone to die´ you wouldn¶t know to pull out you evidence saying deficit now unless you read it If you are a K debater quote lines of the 1AC that support your link Read the 1AC anticipating the arguments you are running ie if you are reading a counterplan read their solvency

Read theory Prescripted Helping the 2N Prepping Prewritten blocks Read the 2AC¶s evidence during cross-x Assembled speech - Put them into piles for of the 2NC before the round them and the 2NC Go slow on topicality Pull blocks Does not flow - A good reason Prep cross-x questions the 2NC!!! you should do Prep analytics Good idea to it first put your Don¶t make it unclear obscure what the T argument arguments in is the 1NR if - If you don¶t you don¶t do that then want to be the judge will questioned on be unclear on it what you are doing and give a lot of leeway to the aff Say the name of the offcase argument before you read it - It gives the affirmative the ability to rename your K Tag well on case arguments Number case arguments If you lose track of numbers use Next rather than and

evidence All the above should be done WHILE FLOWING out cross-x Backflow for the 1N 2N Write questions Flow numbers Prioritize cross-x - 2AC #1 etc. Prep 2NC arguments Additional time to read the 1AC Impact comparisons planning Overviews writing

Prepping Pulling 2NC blocks Identifying unknown arguments - Maybe wait for Cross-x to ask Telling 1N about arguments you cant answer Talk about contradictions in aff strategy Identify likely 2NR strategies Communicate any differences in your strategy

Flow the 1NR Be willing to go for the 1NR arguments 1ARs tend to undercover the 1NR so be willing to give your A strat to the 1N It is allright to put T in the 2NR because the strategy against T is common It is good to take theory in this speech because it will mean you have more preparation for your 2NR which ends up taking up a lot of preparation Take an honest assessment for what you are going to take in the final speeches. If

the affirmative goes crazy on everything except the K and then do 13 minutes of the K If you cannot take a position without a few cards give it to the 1NR

Note: - Don¶t read evidence that you are not prepared to defend

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