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Ashley Pasiciel

Introduction to Counting 1s & 2s Continued

Grade/Subject: Grade 1 Math
Unit: Counting.
Lesson Duration: 40-80 mins
Date: December 6th, 2016
KSAs: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11
General Learning Outcomes: Develop number sense.
Specific Learning Outcomes:
1 - Say the number sequence 0 to 100 by: 1s forward between any two given
numbers. 1s backward from 20 to 0. 2s forward from 0 to 20. 5s and 10s forward from
0 to 100.
2 - Subitize (recognize at a glance) and name familiar arrangements of 1 to 10 objects
or dots.
3 - Demonstrate an understanding of counting by: indicating that the last number said
identifies how many. Showing that any set has only one count. Using counting-on.
Using parts or equal groups to count sets.
4 Represent and describe numbers to 20; concretely, pictorially, symbolically.
Students will:
Sequence numbers together.
Recognize numbers.
Practice counting by 1s & 2s.
Key Questions:
Make sure students are on the
How do we count by 1s?
right track with their worksheets.
How do we count by 2s?
They should know how to count
by ones. I will put up a number
Walk around to make sure
students are counting by 2s and
sharing the manipulatives at their
table groups.
Written/Performance Assessments:
Math booklets will be taken in for marks.
Alberta Program of Studies.
math booklets
cupcake liners numbered.
Introduction (5 min):

Ashley Pasiciel
Hook/Attention Grabber: We can count many different ways. Ex// 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s.
Assessment of Prior Knowledge: Learning Activity #1.
Expectations for Learning & Behaviour: Eyes on me when Im speaking. Dont touch
your manipulatives until your told.
Advance Organizer/Agenda: have math manipulatives ready to go. Math books ready
to be handed out. Toolboxes out.
Transition to Body: We count by ones every day when we do the morning routine.
Body (70 min):
Key Questions: How do we count by 1s?
Learning Activity #1: Practice Counting by 1s Review.
Put up a number line on the smart board.
Teacher will point to a random number and have the students say which
number comes next. Draw names for who answers.
Assessments/Differentiation: None.
Key Questions: How do we count by 2s?
Learning Activity #2: Count by 2s with Cupcakes
use cupcake liners to help count by 2s.
They will have to put them in order, and then put rocks in the 2s.
Students will be at their table groups so they will have to take turns.
Assessment/Differentiation: Make sure students know what they are doing. Float
around the room and help students who are struggling.
Learning Activity #3: Practice Counting by 2s
worksheet pages 48 & 49
Sponge Activity: Math games
Closure (5 min):
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: Praise.
Transition to Next Lesson: Clean-up your manipulatives and lets get ready for lunch.
Tool boxes away. Those who are sitting nice and quiet will get to wash up for lunch