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English 120 helped me flourish as a writer and helped me develop many writing techniques Ill
use in the future. Many of my goals developed into strengths through understanding and
cultivating the purposes and revisions of the three major writing works, respectively.

Goals: My goals included writing with a powerful voice, distinguishing different genres
through writing styles, and excluding fillers such as like and that. Overall, I believe I
effectively met these goals. In the rhetorical analysis, I addressed how Chinas One-Child policy
violated human rights which conveyed a powerful emotional appeal to the reader. The analytic
report switched genres into an informative, unbiased approach. Rather than arguing on
effectiveness, I presented the results on factors leading to domestic violence in a straightforward
manner. Each essay avoided fillers to provide a more effective and engaging experience for the

Purposes: The three writing works for English 120 had different purposes. The rhetorical
analysis analyzed the effectiveness and rhetoric of a document or text, the analytic report
presented the findings to a research question, and the proposal identified a problem and solution
to the problem. In the rhetorical analysis essay, I analyzed Jenni Fang Lee's use of the three
appeals to educate society on the affects the end of China's One Child Policy has on the adoptee
community and to illustrate the human rights the policy violated. I concentrated on the
introduction and paragraph order to highlight Lees use of rhetoric and then the readers
reflection on the effects the adoptee community faces as a result of Lees perception on the

policy change. The writing style includes active verbs and personality for the reader to derive his
or her own views on the policy change as a response to the information given in the essay. In the
analytic report, I compared college students opinions versus the reality of factors leading to
domestic violence. I gathered academic and empirical research findings for the results and
presented the results in an unbiased and informative tone. Stating the results in an unbiased and
informative tone allowed the reader to form his/ her own opinions based on the research findings.
In the proposal, I combined the students and Dean of Students Office to collaborate on
addressing and working to eliminate sexism in the STEM field at UNM. For this project, I
created a public service announcement video for the reader to gain a visual image for the
knowledge provided in the essay. The video demonstrates the ratio of men to women in a STEM
field class, a sexist professor hindering womens quality of education, and provides a solution by
involving the Dean of Students Office. The video addresses the problem of sexist professors
violating the students Title IX and demonstrates the solution of the Dean of Students Office
representative observing and sending the professor to the Office of Equal Opportunities Title IX
training session.

Strengths: My writing has developed and progressed in techniques and style throughout this
semester. Ive learned how to use active verbs, avoid fillers, use unbiased sources of information,
and use effective word choice to evoke certain emotions and engage the reader. In the rhetorical
analysis essay, using active verbs such as burdenedallowedengaged provided a
straightforward subject-verb relationship for the reader to know immediately what Lee
addressed. Avoiding fillers including like or that evolved a sophisticated and academic style

of writing. For example, in the analytic report, the first graph caption read Twenty University of
New Mexico students, varying from 18-21 years old and current relationship status, completed
the survey instead of stating that varied from 18-21 years old This allowed the reader to
stay focused on the topic without distraction or confusion by the wording. The analytic report
provided unbiased information from academic sources. This report exposed me to the academic
resources on the UNM library website and allowed me to create my own empirical resource
through a survey distributed amongst my peers. The proposal assignment challenged me to
distinguish the difference in negative and positive word choice for the different sections in the
essay. In the PSA video, the viewer will see how negatively the sexist professor acts towards the
female student, opposed to the male students, until he attends the Title IX training.

Revision Choices: The rhetorical analysis and proposal contain multimodal revisions whereas
the analytic report includes a traditional revision. The rhetorical analysis revisions incorporates
pictures and captions to create balance with the text. For the writing revisions, the human rights
paragraph opened with the history and background of the UDHR and then analyzed the
violations corresponding to Lees letter. The analytic report revisions include leads into the
different sections and vertical alignment to highlight the different levels of information. The
proposals public service announcement, visually displays the problem of sexism in the STEM
field and demonstrates the solution through the Dean of Students representatives classroom
observations and the Title IX training. Important facts appear on the bottom of the screen
throughout the video to show the causes, consequences, and solutions to sexism in STEM fields.