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Permeability is one of the factor that determine the effectiveness of the reservoir properties. The
permeability show how good the reservoir will allow the fluid to flow through it. Basically the
permeability of the reservoir determine by the Darcys equation in darcy unit. The higher the
permeability will increase the effectiveness of the rock to be reservoir rock. A core sample was
used in this experiment to determine the permeability of the tested core. The analysis was to get
the average permeability of the sample core at different pressure. The permeability of the porous
media was determined by liquid parameter. The experiment was done by using Liquid
Permeameter method. The sample was prepared and put in the chamber in the apparatus of liquid
permeameter. The auto test run automatically by the computer and running the sample with water
flow. The pressure was controlled and set in the computer. The experiment was done by varied
the pressure apply to the sample which is 50 psi, 60 psi, and 70 psi. The result show that the
permeability of the sample in the 70 psi was the highest with the permeability value was
0.0093759 darcy and the lowest permeability is 0.0015496 darcy at 50 psi. The other result is at
60 psi the permeability is 0.0065222 darcy. The result show that the higher the pressure apply,
the higher the permeability of the core sample.


1. To determine the permeability of porous media using liquid parameter

2. To determine the average permeability of the tested core sample for differential pressure.


Ensure the water level in the beaker is in the sufficient level to ensure the continuity of
water flow

Close the o - ring and sample chamber tightly with apparatus provided to avoid
intervention in pressure apply for better result

Ensure the sample core and the sample chamber was dry for the accurate result.

Prepared the sample cutting with the thickness desired to ensure the thickness of the
sample does not affect the permeability of the sample core.