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Society demands the existence of a residential area that has a strategic location, close to
a transport hub and a commercial area which at present is an urban community needs. Bandung
is basically a city that became the economic base in West Java, this can be evidenced from the
many industries that stand in the city either for business or tourism. Therefore, built a Landmark
Residence project, which is a residential area of apartments in one integrated region in the city
of Bandung, which is managed by PT. Light Bandung Jaya, a subsidiary of Istana Goup industry.
The project is built with a building area of 70,000 m2 land area and building area of 44817.52
m2 to be built as many as 17 floors, 3 basements, and a roof on two towers with a height of
72.45 m. The contract value for the project amounting to Rp 239,500,000,000,-. Project
Landmark Residence is one of the construction projects using conventional methods on the
beams and the plates, using practical formwork for columns. The more running time, after the
construction of the basement and ground floor is completed, the contractor proposed the use of
the method of the half slab of precast for floor slabs, it is because of scheduling strict project
(365 calendar days) the number of floors were done that in two towers are 17 floor. This was felt
would affect the timing of project work. Finally the half slab of precast method approved and
used from the 1st floor to the 17th floor. From the analysis of the costs and time that has been
done between the conventional plates with half precast slab on the 4th floor of Tower A, obtained
difference in total cost of Rp 1,154,112,411.83, - the percentage difference of 46.80% and a
significant difference in the time that is 141 days in office hours project.

Keywords: Conventional Floor Plates, Plate Floor Half Slab precast, Analysis of Cost and Time.