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The Method of Psychic

Connection to Your
Spirit Guides
Learning to Channel
Reverend James Ellis
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Channeling: The Psychic M ethod To Connect To Your Spirit Guide
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1) Self-help 2) Self- actualization 3) Self-acceptance 4) Love
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Book Reviews
Channeling for the first time can sometimes be scary and challenging.
Rev. James Ellis channeling technique is ea sy, safe and concise
allowing a novice to have success in making the connection on the first
attempt. He also brings forth information on how to handle a basic
channeling session for clients as a beginner or professional. Learning
to Channel provides this and much more. I would highly recommend it
to all my friends and students.
Margaret Bryant- Maine
Learning to Channel was really good, I enjoyed reading it. Rev. James
brings techniques on how to channel without giving us fear about
channeling. His book helps us find our true gifts from God. We can

learn channeling for us or we can learn channeling to share

information for others. This book is really great for all of us. Now I will
study the book and learn and share what I can for others. Thank you,
for sharing such a wonderful gift.
Kim Smith- Georgia
This book opened up a whole new way of thinking for me. I wish it had
references so that I could learn more about psychic services, and how to
develop my own gifts. This is a great beginning...I hope Mr. Ellis will
keep educating us with many more books. ---Laura Birch-NY, caregiver,
retired teacher and avid gardener.
Laura Birch-New York
Rev. James Ellis's book "Learning to Channel" is more than a book of
how to steps and instructions. It is warmly written and filled with Love
for Our Creator. From connecting more deeply with the wisdom of the
Divine on a daily basis, to deep trance channeling, this book offers
something for everyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual life and
Jennifer Dinsmore- Indiana

A Note from the Author

As a child I was empathic but lacked an understanding of the gift. I
remember a time when a family member was heading down a path of
destruction, but I was too young and inexperienced to prevent the outcome.
Raised in the Catholic religion, I did not receive encouragement to explore
my gifts, and it was many years before I recognized my souls purpose -- to
educate and provide service to others.
My joy is living my souls purpose every day. This is an outline of my
journey so far. I know I will continue learning and growing by living my
souls purpose, and so will you. Thank you for the inspiration to continue on
my lifes path. My sincere hope is that this book will positively impact your
journey through life.
You too can be a world changer and channel!

You just need to be excited and inspired by taking steps forward; you must
release your fears and embrace change. Most importantly remember
Lovingly, Rev. James

I dedicate this book first, to my loving children, Aaron and Bethany. They
have always been a support and inspiration in my life. I also dedicate this
book to three other outstanding people in my life.
I must give gratitude and thanks to Margaret Bryant. Without her I would
never have awakened to my intuitive abilities. I will always love her for
that and be ever thankful.
I wish to honor Betsy Morgan; she is a most excellent teacher of channeling
and truly, one of the best intuitive beings in the world. She has committed
her life to teaching channeling, and she has touched thousands of lives
including mine. I will always be grateful.
Finally, I give honor to Carole Gold my friend, who provided me with
assistance in the completion of my first book. Her friendship has been
invaluable and I will always be grateful for her encouragement and help.
There are many others who I mentored with and I thank each and every one
of you.
Be Perfect Love Always Rev James

Table of Content
1 Learning to Channel 1
2 Understanding Your Calling 9
3 Channeling 17
4 Deep Trance Channeling 21
5 Light Trance Channeling 27
6 Connecting With the Higher Self 37
7 Mediums 51
8 How to Channel 55
9 Dark Energies and Extractions 69

10 Clearing and Releasing 77

11 Chakra Clearing 87
12 History of Channeling 89
13 The Diamond Dome of Protection Method 91

Chapter 1
Learning to Channel
What is channeling?
I am going to make it quite simple for you to understand. Just as there are
radio towers and signals of frequency that travel through the air from one
tower to another, so too do transmissions travel from one consciousness to
Channeling is tapping into the human condition of obtaining dimensional
transmissions of frequency. Simply put, we are like radio towers. We can
tune in to and receive different frequencies or just as surely block them.
This is the simplest definition and example I can give for this exciting
endeavor you are choosing to embark upon.

Who can channel?

Everyone person can channel. It does take practice and clearing and,
while it is helpful to learn a technique, its not necessary.
This is an exciting time for everyone. There has been a dimensional shift
and it truly is going to change every persons life. The earth has been under
a thick vale of forgetfulness but over eons it has been thinning.
My guides have told me that many people will now begin to have the ability
to channel. This means you! The abilities that people are stepping into are
known as enlightenment gifts or talents.
The time we now live in, is indeed what is known as the Ascension. The
veil has thinned enough for every person to have remembrance of their
Divinity or Christ
Consciousness. In this remembrance, the ability to connect with your soul
essence is made possible. Just twenty years ago it was extremely difficult to
achieve enlightenment. Now many of my students are having experiences
which took me years to master. The importance of old relics like myself is

that we were taught to be Masters and we have the ancient wisdoms.

Many people believe that to reach enlightenment is the end all. However, it
is just the opposite. It is the beginning. The promise of heaven on earth
has always been passed down through the ages but only now, in this
ascended age, will true heaven on earth be achieved. Many of the Masters
have waited patiently, waited lifetimes, and sometimes not so patiently,
carrying the secret knowledge as well as passing it on to the few whose
hearts were true and in divine grace.
I have journeyed into my past lives and uncovered knowledge that is
transformational for everyone. This sacred knowledge is now to be shared
This ascension process was foretold before Atlantis and Lumeria actually
fell. The visions of truth were known by a select few. They were known as
The Keepers. It was never intended that the illusions of the third
dimension continue forever. The keepers brought forth the hidden
knowledge during each of their lifetimes and withstanding time and
evolution the earth has transformed.
The fall of Atlantis and Lumeria was brought forward because of several
reasons. Souls born on earth in the third dimensional reality could never
leave earth, because their dimensional energy was too dense. The number of
trapped souls and their endless life cycles on earth needed an intervention.
An interjection of the 12 strand DNA had to be incorporated. Subsequently a
new species of human has evolved with the higher genetic coding; thus
allowing for souls to ascend from earth.
We are all simply particles of energy in physical form. The soul being
within is the true essence of who you are. You are reading this because
you are on the journey towards enlightenment and remembrance. Some of
you are previous Masters and Keepers. To develop into mastery is really a
lifelong pursuit, but remembrance of past life knowledge and abilities is the
foundation. I personally have remembrance of my skill and abilities and I
have been a carrier of knowledge as a Keeper.
Channeling is a cornerstone of a forgotten connection. Telepathy and
teleportation will also be a remembrance upon ascending to the fifth
dimensional level of consciousness.

When you choose to become a channel you are awakening to the truth of
who you are. It is very important for all to remember who they are, for with
each of us remembering there is a strengthening of the Divine Oneness
bringing heaven here to earth. Usually with this remembering people choose
and move in a forward progression and wish to be of service for others,
becoming teachers, messengers, and healers.
Healing the earth population becomes more unified in Divine Perfect Love.
Moving forward in enlightenment does not have to become your employment
or a mission to help others. It is by the mere change in your nature that
others respond, thereby causing change.
You are openly being called to remember your inner divinity and in that
divinity you are able to access, source energies that will awaken you to your
guides, teachers or friends. The need for others to remember they are
channels is essential for we now carry here on earth, for the first time, the
higher DNA genetic intelligence.
The earth will again be based in Divine truth. You may ask, what is Divine
truth? Divine truth is the learning, remembering and embodiment of
becoming perfect love. Here on earth, love has been learned in third
dimensional reality. Love in the third dimension has not been Divine
Source Love and may not hold Divine Truth.
I say may because there have been Masters that have shared true Divine
Love and lived here on the earth but there have not been many. However, all
of humanity is now in ascension towards this transformational fifth
dimensional energy and remembrance of the Divine Truth.
All people were taught to love incorrectly by our parents because our
parents did not know better, teaching to so many of us to share love from the
ego. When you reach fifth dimensional awaking there is no such thing as,
not perfect love. There is only the knowing of Divine Love. A love based
only in Creators/Source Truth. Love is never changing, never fleeting, and
is a constant. This Divine Truth experience is unlike anything previously
experienced here on earth, or experienced anywhere in the third dimension,
here everything has always been fleeting and changing.
The experience of a constant is very difficult to express or explain. When
you learn a non-changing constant, it alters all your perceptions. When you

learn that there is only one nonchanging constant and it is Divine Source
Love, all third dimensional misunderstandings are brought forth in truth. All
your realization becomes clear and you understand for the first time who
you are. Operating from the Divine Love is never wrong, and does not cause
discord. It creates only perfect experience. This is all very exciting!
These monumental revelations are instantaneous upon reaching
enlightenment. As they become available for the first time, you will
discover a new playground of experiences so vast that you are exposed to
truly unfathomable experiences. Some of these experiences cannot be
translated to this earth plane as they truly are beyond human comprehension.
Some even defy human language due to our present limitation with

Chapter 2
Understanding Your Calling
I have been doing this work all of my life. A lot of it has not been done in a
professional context. I can say with certainty that for almost 51 years, I have
had many psychic experiences. I base the information I am bringing forward
on the truths derived from both these experiences and my Angelic guidance.
I am what some people term a transplant. I entered the earth plane at age
three. Sometimes a soul has a contract with an out clause which means
that if this life is beyond bearable, the soul leaves but the physical body
remains. In such circumstances, there are older souls eager to return to
earth. Sometimes, young souls are eager for this third dimensional
experience, thinking they are ready to enter earth and the third dimension.
Once here, and experiencing the reality of this third dimensional life, they
realize they were not ready. In those cases the child has to die physically.
However, there can be a replacement soul ready and an agreement can be
reached to shift out.
Such was my experience. I was three years old when it occurred during a
fire set by the soul that wanted to leave along with my help. I did come in
accepting a three-year olds mentality. I too had to forget all my previous
I contracted to experience all the perplexity of this human experience,
although I knew I would eventually have full remembrance. I am an old soul,

Keeper, Master, and Teacher. I am so pleased to be here on this earth plane

and am proud to be bringing forth all I can to help others awaken. I am
invested in everyones success. I am here to help make sure everyone who
chooses can awaken.
I live in joy and excitement. I have the knowing that each of us can awaken. I
get joy, happiness, and fulfillment in the knowing; I help you, I help us. Each
of you holds energy as if you are, my own child and with each step I get the
joy of seeing your growth.
An important thought: even if I did not see your first steps directly, in the
space of universal Oneness, I still have the joy of your increased resonant
energy. It isnt necessary that I personally know you, for in the dimension of
Oneness we are just that: One. Your growth affects my growth. Our
happiness raises my happiness. This is why I have chosen to bring forth this
information to help all of us. We are all part of the Divine I Am Oneness.
Many people may contradict the information I present, but I must
communicate truth as I know it to be to stay in my true expression of Source
Truth Understanding.
Information from the fifth dimension realm gets confusing. There are layers
of understanding, based on levels of acquired experiences. What holds true
in the fifth dimension may not hold the same truth in the 33rd dimension. In
the 33rd dimension, a higher or deeper understanding can be the truth. We
must remember we are all simply having experiences,but only Source or
God is all knowing.
For example, there are third dimensional realities that do not exist in the
fifth dimension and beyond. One would be Time.
Time here in third dimensional earth is a human construct and is effective
here: Time in the fifth dimension is quite different and is not a quantitative
reality or term. When in the higher dimensions, I can perceive what the third
dimensional world measures as time past, present and future.
The third dimensional earth understanding is so vastly different and limited.
Fifth dimensional experience is vastly more expansive. That is why
knowledge can be brought forward from the future and corrections can be
made in your past.

Value judgments of good and bad are also third dimensional limitations.
Good and bad are concepts that one gets confused about in the fifth
dimension. The quantifying of your experience, as anything other than pure
experience is a misrepresentation. All experience is just that, experience.
The third dimensional ego always wants to quantify everything, good, bad,
higher, greater, better. These are all illusions to quantify choices. In the third
dimension, if one takes an experience as bad you are less likely to repeat it.
This quantifying is different in the fifth dimension. All is experience.
In the fifth dimensional all experiences are imprinted. Knowledge, skill, and
embodiment are gleaned. This imprinting is for forward growth and
expansion. There is indeed still choice, and experiences do not negate
choice. Neither do they negate the reality.
There are many reasons for choosing to have an experience again.
Registering a correct experience is the foremost reasons why we repeat an
experience. When we make a conscious choice to validate an experience, it
is made to insure the correct recall of an imprint, or it may be for a higher
imprinting of the knowledge.
These experiences usually are of the higher vibration experiences,
happiness, love, peace, joy. People doing that repeated behavior may be for
a more common association, or subsequently, for a totally different
experience. Souls may experience less than the first experience when
repeating an experience, but both are correct imprints. The first experience
can still remain as a permanent imprint. Only a shifting in total perception
can cause a change to an imprint.
However, when not consciously choosing a repeated experience, the
behavior, knowledge, skill and embodiment of an experience may be
happening because the lesson, skill, and knowledge have not registered or
imprinted and has not been accepted. This kind of lesson may result in
having repeated low (or lower) vibrational experiences.
Although hard to clarify it would be like you experiencing a lower energy
feeling ( i.e. anger, disappointment, lack of self love, etc.) These
experiences keep coming until revelation is reached. In fact, many times
these unconscious choices keep repeating because of the souls inability to
perceive there is even a reoccurrence. All experiences are only equated to
formulate Divine Truth Understanding. They are never equated as good, bad,

high or low; they are all just experience. It is important to note that in the
fifth dimension, experiences are also happening and your wisdom is always
being registered for correct recall.
That is one reason earth is a wonderful playground for spiritual
advancement. Duality can bring forth quick changes.
Lets add a final thought-twist on this. What could be coined, as a higher
vibration experience may indeed be the opposite. Sometimes, initially, an
experience may be imprinted as high vibration. When correct change
realization is experienced, the imprint can be altered. In human experience
an example would be a drug high that may be great and qualitatively be the
best experience you ever had. You may have felt utopia, love and joy. It is
usually associated with understanding and considered a higher vibration
experience. However, it can also be a chosen experience repeated to obtain
the initial experienced imprinting, (the first high). This first high may lead to
repeated choosing of the high until the knowledge is gained that the behavior
does not hold any value anymore thereby resulting in an imprinting of a
higher valued experience and ending the previously chosen experience.
In the fifth dimension, it was all just experience and with each experience, a
new imprint and more information are gleaned from each experience. There
is the absence of judgment of either good or bad.
You may ask why I have taken so much time to bring forth this knowledge. It
has many layers of value, which, over time and with repeated integration
and experiences in the fifth dimension, you will understand. The value of
this integration will help in your forward growth as a channel working in the
fifth dimensionespecially when a repeated experience keeps happening
and you wish it to discontinue.

Chapter 3
Channeling is awakened perception. There are many ways of channeling
information. Surprisingly, we do not realize we are channeling all the time. I
am not trying to be confusing, so I will differentiate.
Channeling can be broken down into hundreds of subcategories. Channeling
is very complex because of the levels and layers of experience that cause

confusion and because there is so much to learn or comprehend. My

presentation will simplify the possibilities from which you can choose.
Your options will be narrowed to four primary experiences. It is important
to note there are many other ways to channel other than what is presented
here. For example, one method of channeling is drug induced shamanic
journeying. I have some shamanic training but it is a complete spiritual path
in its own right and would be exhaustive to try to bring forth. It is a choice
but I would suggest it not be your first choice, unless it is part of your
cultural history or it is your true calling.
In that case you will want to read my next book To Be A Shamanic
Healer. There, I will take a comprehensive look into being a true Shaman.
The four methods of channeling covered here are:
1. deep trance channeling;
2. light trance channeling
3. accessing the higher-self channeling;
4. mediumship channeling
When you choose to follow the path of channeling, regardless of whatever
way you choose, each person will be brought the knowledge, they are to
know, have and experience. This means every channel has different
abilities. My clairvoyance may be different from yours. While I may
experience the information or perception as a movie you may not. Thats ok.
Our perceptions are just that our own individualized perceptions. We
each help unite the collective and everyone makes his or her contribution to
the expansiveness of the Divine I Am Oneness.
If you choose to be a channel, there are safe and effective ways to always
have a good experience. On occasion there are rare instances where people
have invited in darker or lower energies and have struggled to release them.
Using proper protection techniques will prevent such occurrences. One
technique is discussed later on page 91.
It seems to me there is a natural progression, after developing your basic
psychic abilities, where your psychic ability says, Something is not quite
right or You are driven to want to know more or go deeper into
explorations. This natural prompting leads people to want to learn about
and do channeling. Therefore, I am going to start with my teaching of deep
Trans Channeling.


Chapter 4
Deep Trance Channeling
As I stated earlier, this lesson is based on my vast experience and my truths.
Deep Trance Channeling is the process where you allow another
sole/guest/entity, to enter the physical body and then the guest can use your
entire physical body. The individual who allows the soul/guest to come
through steps out of the physical body, into the astral dimension and the
guest enters. The individual does not sever their life cord.
A life cord is an ethereal life connection cord to the physical body. It allows
your soul connection life force to maintain the soul spirit connection to the
human body. This life cord allows you to also leave the physical body and
return when the channeling session is complete.
An individual witnessing a Deep Trance Channeling may see several
apparent physical changes when viewing a person, doing the channeling.
The changes are clearly apparent, in actions and/or vocal sounds as well as
movements of the channels body.
An example might include blinking, twitching or body convulsions. Almost
always there is a change in the sound of a persons voice, often times with
the notable changes in inflection or accent. In fact it may be a combination
of all of these. A Deep Trance Channel rarely remembers what has
transpired. They have pulled their astral energy to the side leaving the
physical body, so a guest can use their physical form but the mental
cognition of the individual stays with the astral body. The mental cognition
is necessary for the astral body to exist out of the physical while the guest
encompasses their physical leaving the host individual with no cognition
of what has transpired.
Many believe this is the highest level of channeling. I disagree. I do not
practice this kind of channeling myself. This is where we may differ in our
chosen method. It does not take a particularly advanced intuitive to do this
kind of channeling. Anyone can learn to astral project. Anyone who does
astral travel can step aside from his or her physical body. Then the host
once removed from the physical simply allows the astral energy or
guest/entity to use their physical body. The person really takes no part in the
channeling and gives complete control to the guest.

I have reservations about people choosing this kind of channeling based on

experience. The energy that is transfused through the physical is very strong.
In fact, it results in double the amount of electrical surge on the nervous
system and the physical body (your energy and their energy). While the
human physical body can withstand this energy serge, it has lasting physical
effects on your nervous system when occurring over time. The reason for
this is your energy is still connecting by your astral cord and drawing from
the physical body. Subsequently, an influx of the guests energy pulses into
your nervous system. Both you and the invited guest are then overriding the
nervous system of the body and drawing from the physical body.
My belief is that your body is here for your experience. When you allow the
constant use of your physical body to a guest you miss some of the elation of
having that experience.
I have had one conscious Deep Trance channeling experience.
Occasionally you may be channeling and an eager sprit or guest wishes to
step in causing you a semi-intentional displacement because the energy was
so zealous in desire to bring forth the messages. You must either agree or
choose to block their attempt. Sometimes you agree because of the
zealousness or brightness as you think there is no harm. I have had several
semi-consciously agreed Deep Trance channeling experiences.
There is no evidence that Deep Trance Channeling is harmful in any way. It
may be youve agreed upon in contract to do this work and life span may not
figure into your making this choice. I have felt the vibration energy draw
from a Deep Trance Channeling and it can be major especially if you
have not prepared for it.
My personal observation is that people who do Deep Trance Channeling
have shorter life spans. My guides concur that the nervous system is taxed
by constantly allowing the energy to draw from the physical. I have seen and
known several people who have done Deep Trance Channeling. I see this
commonality and so, for me, I choose not to do Deep Trance Channeling.
However, this may be the path you are seeking. I am not in any way
suggesting it is not how you are to proceed. I have stated before that we all
have our own choice and, by our choosing, we find the experiences we
want. Some people are meant to be Deep Trance Channels. Their messages
are just as important as any other channeled message.

Chapter 5
Light Trance Channeling
This is the method that I use. It is similar to Deep Trance Channeling except
you stay conscious and you do not allow the guest into your physical body. It
also differs in that it is more of a telepathic connection. You step aside
and allow for the communication to come through you. It is a much more
physically comfortable method. It is completely different than surrendering
your physical body to a guest.
This method does require more skill than Deep Trance Channeling.
Personally, I feel this is a much higher form of channeling.
While all methods allow you to glean information you may be seeking, this
method allows you to participate cognitively. I frequently ask questions that
the questioner may not be bringing forward, in order to provide a deeper
understanding or to bring clarity to the original questions. This is a most
effective way to proceed as a professional channel.
However, there are disadvantages in using this method. The biggest
disadvantage is interpretation. You must develop a method of understanding
between you and your guide, as to message representation.
An example of this would be if you are shown a scale. A scale may
represent a health condition or it may represent a judicial ruling or justice.
There could many representational messages from one symbol. In the
beginning I would get mixed messages. Even now that can still be the case.
It can also be that I cannot decipher precisely what the message is. It is
important to stay positive in these instances. The resolution is to ask for
clarification and, in the majority of the cases, you get the information you
are seeking.
Sometime you must move on to the next message in the channeling and know
that if the message was important the necessary information will come
forward again with greater clarity next time.
When I have been unable to identify some representation, I ask and allow
that it be brought forth and then trust that it will be so. When it is finally
clear, the message comes forward and validates my confusion or lack of

If the information is truly significant; it will be brought forward to end the

initial confusion. If it does not come forward, there is a reason. Many times,
it is not significant, or the timing is wrong.
It is important as a channel not to place your personal value in the messages.
(i.e., I have to get this message or I am no good.) The best channels know
that if the information is truly significant, it will come forward. If you are
unable to get clarity you must dismiss it, as either inappropriate at this time
or trust that it will be brought forth another way.
It is always important to bring forth only what you do receive and to never
add information. You as a channel may not understand the message but the
questioner will hear and know its meanings.
For example, I received a message in a reading recently and The God of
Air came forward. I asked Who are you? As this was an unfamiliar
energy to me and I wanted to get clarification. The energy brought forward
no new information, but instead just repeated the identity. I was
apprehensive to bring forth the information because I lacked a complete
However, as a channel I brought forth the information anyway. The person I
was reading for was obviously moved and shared that it brought him an
understanding; therefore, the value was related. I did not need to know or
understand. When I did release the responsibility and need to know and
understand, I stepped into the power of the channel.
Faith is power. If you cannot believe the guide you are with true faith, then it
is time to get a new guide. When you learn to trust in faith you will amaze
yourself and the person or persons for whom you are reading or channeling.
The guides are always correct at the time of the reading or channeling. You
might say that no one is 100% correct. I find the guides to always be
What may seem as an incorrect response, under extreme scrutiny, may have
a layer (or several layers) that could have been examined but were not.
If there is incorrectness it usually has to do with the channels
interpretations or, layers that at the time were not examined. It can also have
occurred due to insufficient or incorrect information from the questioner

who was perpetrating a false representation. A channel is not a mind reader.

While several have that ability it is a violation to introspect without
I find when people present false representation it results in not correct
interpretation by the channel/reader. People ask how can that be so? Does
not the guide know that what is being told is not true? That answer is Yes,
they do. Sometimes the guide confronts the client directly. However it is
important to understand that it is never a guides responsibility or intention
to put the physical of the channel in harms way. Many times the client is
confronted directly. However, in some instances the client is left to believe
they got away with whatever was not true. Unfortunately, in such cases the
value of the channeling information was compromised and the outcome may
or may not be accurate. Using a false name, for example, may result in a
channeling for the person who actually has that name and was
misrepresented. I laugh to myself at times wondering if people are really so
clueless as to think the psychic is not going to know they are lying? It
becomes very easy to know energies that are dark and light. Intuitives and
channels easily discern dark or lower energies.
This is why you dont have to be fearful in any way for with proper
protection, you can be kept perfectly safe.
Occasionally you will give a channeling and the information at that moment
in time was correct; but directly after the channeling the person does
something that impacts their condition or circumstance. In a moment that
changes the energy of the situation or alters the outcome and the result is
then also changed.
I once did a channeling for a court case and the guidance was that my client,
the questioner, would win the case.
The client keep going to hearing after hearing and winning. I was certain she
was going to ultimately win. Yet, there remained one more appeal that had
to be heard.
The lawyers were very confident of a positive outcome as well. Then my
client got greedy and decided to dismiss the legal team. The client felt she
could represent herself and the case in the court. The appeal was denied on
a technicality that a savvy legal team could have handled with ease but
when the technicality was thrown to my client in court, she lacked the

appropriate legal knowledge.

The case was a winning case but it was lost because it never got heard.
There were layers to this
reading/channeling that were not present and the questioning always was,
is this a winning case? There was never the question asked, If I drop my
legal team is the case still going to triumph? Sadly, there were no other
grounds for further appeal.
The correctness of a reading/channeling as far as I have witnessed, has
always been, in fact, correct. Yet, at times it may appear that the wrong
information was presented. I find that after careful examination, and peeling
of layers, your guides and readings bring forth accuracy in the moment of
transmission. I hope this eases some of your concerns about getting
everything right. You cannot invest in the outcomes; you can only present
the information coming forward. If the questioner does not ask the right
questions the entire resolve of a situation may not come to light.
The guide only answers what is asked. There are times when expansion on a
question flows. Other times the answers have to be drawn out of the guide,
with multiple questions. (I.e.) It was fruit, what kind of fruit? An apple.
What kind of apple? A delicious apple. What is the apple name? A Cortland
apple. With many questions you get the whole picture or a more complete
picture. The answer may have flowed; (i.e.) It was a Cortland apple that
tasted delicious.) Each and every reading/channeling is unique.
I do suggest you never allow yourself, to be involved, accept invitations or
be romantic with a client when channeling. When you are channeling, it is
very easy to be swept into feeling and emotion that you would not have, if
you werent channeling.
When you are channeling, your vibration levels of love are very much
heightened. You are sharing messages of love. There is always an element
of caring with every client.
When you bring two really loving energies together there can be an
especially intense connection. The channel can get caught in the energy. It is
just a good ideanever date a client or accept an invitation during a
session or directly after. It is important to separate the loving energy. When
your session is over, and if at a later date, an invitation for a date or to
attend a function comes up, that may be an appropriate scenario. When you

meld into someones energy field when channeling, it is sacred. The love
shared should be always on a professional level.
Especially when channeling for your friends, you must resist in professing
romantic loving feelings or romantically attaching. I so enjoy the feelings of
overwhelming love or divine love. They are wonderful to be in. The
feelings you have from the spirits energy is why I love channeling. When
we Trance Channel the information is not ours. This is why we must let go
emotionally and embrace the knowing that truth is being brought forward
for the highest good.

Chapter 6
Connecting With the Higher Self
Connecting with the Higher Self is the first step or level of learning to
channel. This is where the first time light energy makes connections with
intentions. It is through the Higher Self that all channeling is brought forth,
and that is why I am going to spend some time helping you to understand it
and showing you how to connect to it.
Learning to channel involves many layers but your advancement forward in
any area makes those many issues and layers seem to disappear. What is
connecting to my higher self? you may ask. I have heard it described as
connecting to your Christ Consciousness or the Divine Knowing of Oneness.
It is the connection between you and Divine Source or God. I like to
use the term the God of your understanding.
The Divine connection is available for every person, and it is all about
intention and practice. Do not be fearful. God is not just sitting there waiting
to scare you with his grandeur. However his Omni Presence is nothing like
you have ever before experienced. Awaking to love is usually very gentle
and only achieved in the release of all fear. Most people experience a great
humbling accompanied with showers of joyful tears. It is the piercing of the
heart with love. I have not met anyone who had a rude awaking. If an
individual was to have a rude experience, I presume it would be the result
of a simultaneously injecting of ego and fear at the time of awaking.That is
the only way I could perceive an experience like that. In most cases what
occurs is adoration and a feeling of being saturated with the Divine sprit of
unquestionable love.


I presume that is why a rude awaking is quite unheard of. You cannot make
the connection to Divine Love with negative thinking. The channel after
connecting still has a choice in choosing the reaction.
In case you did not know you are an aspect of God or the God of your
understanding. Many intuitives are not religious and that is okay. The only
quality needed for channeling is LOVE. Connecting to the Higher Self
occurs by opening to Love.
The heart and mind must simultaneously meld, and in that melding the light
of Source is allowed to be brought forth. It is truly a magical feeling. The
inner knowing of your Divine connection to all that is, was and ever will be
is confirmed in an instant.
Many times the experience is connecting to the Cosmic Oneness. In that
moment you will understand you are not separate or alone. You are an
aspect of all that is and part of a greater whole.
It frustrates me that the human species took so long to evolve to the point of
openly speaking and understanding this basic truth of our existence. There
have always been humans who have controlled others and perhaps this was
the cause of the delay.
Many intuitives shy away from religion because religion serves to exclude
on many levels of truth. It is only in awakened experience of Self that
Divine Love is and can be experienced.
Communication of truth has long been advantageous to the few.
Many have learned the truths about our abilities to be creators and with that
knowledge they have tried to enslave the masses.
Throughout history this kind of domination has succeeded to a degree. The
present time is moving us towards an ending of such duplicitous behavior. I
am happy to be part of this light force and glad to help awaken as many
people as possible
This is primarily the reason I am educating with channeling. The repression
from heaven on earth must end, and those holding the masses in a blinded
ternary must be exposed. I know as an awakened soul, that the illusions and
entrapment of all will end in my life time or, by the year 2032.

I have been informed by my guides, that the crux of this conscious

awakening shift will be by the year 2020. Again, this awaking occurs with
the connecting to the Higher Self and its truth.
All humans were created to be creators in the image and likeness of the
All That Is, The Great I am, Source God, The God of Your Understanding.
In our third dimensional experience here on earth, we are left to ego
representations of love and to our human observance taught to us by parents,
social norms and religions. If you have not started a daily meditative
practice, I would suggest you do.
To awaken to your Higher Self takes practice but it should be done with true
ease. I believe most people find one of the hardest aspects of the process to
be the quieting of the mind.
Another challenging aspect is the willingness to release fear.
This is not easily identified by the person having the block. Usually they
believe they are think they are ready, when in fact they merely want to be
ready but hold blocks or fears that have not been released. Sometimes these
blocks are past life related or symptoms found and held in a persons charka
system. (Sometimes hidden energies in their cell memory)
Blocks and fears take on many different appearances and that is why it is
difficult for the eager student to identify them. The removal of blocks and
fears may also bring up new blocks and fears. It seems there are always
layers upon layers to be cleared.
This is not to discourage you, I am telling you this so you can understand
that the process of connecting with the Higher Self is just thata process.
Anyone who is really be ready for this type of endeavor must do the ground
Some people do connect their very first time, while others seem to hold
fears, do not trust, and are unable to put the ego aside. I think now would be
a good time to clarify what is the ego.
The ego has played many important roles though out our evolution. For our
purpose I am guided to bring some clarity and understanding to this issue. I
am not scientifically or medically providing the functions of the ego. I am

just sharing tendencies or aspects of its function.

The ego finds its purpose by interjecting. It creates scenarios. It has a job to
perceive events; then, based upon its perception, it directs you in actions of
either fight or flight. It tells you the danger level and, if necessary, provides
you with internal chemical defense reactions and options for moving to
In the olden days it was used to trigger fear of mortal danger and when to
fight, to run, hide, etc. The ego would equip you with scenarios on
possibilities to fight, like grab a spear or club. It might communicate to you
the directive Do not let it live or you will have to fight again.
The evolution of mankind has made the egos function less necessary. We
are faced with fewer dangersor at least not threatened daily for our
physical survival. There are regions of the world where there is still
struggle but that will be changing within as quickly as six years.
In a society that has little or no physical danger the egos function becomes
obscured. When this occurs, the ego is afraid of losing its primary function
and so begins to create through projection. This is usually the cause of our
creating negative experiences.
We see this in lower, less evolved types of behavior: yelling, anger,
violence, hatred, self-loathing, and depression.
In the alternative, we can use the ego positively when we discover we are
operating from ego. With awareness, we consciously alter our behavior.
When a person attempts to disengage from the ego and ego-based behavior,
most people experience discomfort. Many people have a battle and I have
heard reference to it as the dark night of the soul.
The good news there is an opponent to the ego, called expression.
Through expression, creation also occurs but it is just the opposite of fearbased creation. It is a love-based creation. Expression creations are lovebased creations grounded in unconditional giving. Some examples of
creation through expression are love, happiness, joy, peace, tranquility,
serenity, and fulfillment. Once an individual starts to understand there are
only two ways to create, either projection or expression, one gladly tries to
repress the ego because egoic experiences are less enjoyable. This sends
the ego into overdrive as it fears its own death, and seeks its own

For example, I do a lot of volunteer work for the love of humanity. The ego
can take my good work and make me question its valueand has.
The ego tells me, Your work doesnt make a difference. You only helped
one person. You had another reason for doing it that was not lovebased.
This still happens to me to this day. My ego has very little to do, because I
create through expression 99% of the time. My ego wants a job so it has me
always over analyzing my true motives. It wants me to believe I have hidden
layers of motivations that are not altruistic. It wants me to be fearful, angry
and unhappy.
I understand this and rarely do I buy in to allowing the ego to supersede my
truths; rarely do I create with projection.
Ultimately, I am human. I do, at times, fail and have experiences that are less
than ideal. The point is we are here to experience duality. The more you
learn about how you are creating the easier the path before you becomes.
When choosing to end your creations done from projection, they become
only part of the past. Then you open up space for more of your desires to
come into creation through expression. The result is a state of bliss wherein
you feel fulfilled.
Cancel is the most important word I was ever gifted.
I have learned (and taught) to end projections by simply saying I cancel
that!. Canceling is a most powerful tool. It can be used in just about every
negative situation. It can be used the moment you know something is not
your truth but is instead ego-based. It can even be used to thwart projections
from others.
Some examples of this are when someone suggests that you wont do well
on a job because you do not have enough experience. I would say I cancel
that thought and instead confirm and believe I will obtain what is in my
best and highest interest from seeking this job.
In that statement is truth. So you see, the ego can also work positively. In
that example, it came to your defense and projected correctly. That is why it
is so important to identify how you are creating and what your ego is

subversively up to.
The job may not go as well as everyone would have like, yet from
experience wisdom is gleaned. Thomas Edison, when asked how it felt to
fail over 100 times before inventing the light bulb replied, I have not
failed. I found 100 plus ways not to invent the light bulb.
Know that each experience will lead to a result and to an understanding of
another, or previously unrecognizable choice.
In order to release fear from your nature you must first recognize it. It is also
good, upon recognizing the ego projections and canceling them, to also
release them as well. I use the following statement: (I cancel that thought
and I release it, for it does not serve what is in my best and highest
Using terminology like this may seem trite, but I assure you it is the road to
freedom. The more you utilize this technique the more the negative or
reactionary behaviors cease to exist.
I believe all negative or lower vibration experiences happen with a root
factor of fear based in the ego. This includes loathing, depression,
repression, hate, anger, guilt, etc. Many times these are carried through from
a past life.
I believe when you do not have positive feelings such as joy, happiness,
love, harmony peace, and tranquility you have turned from truth as well as
from the God of your understanding.
Source God wills us all perfect happiness. He/She did indeed create
Eden for us. Heaven on earth is by grace and not action. You cannot
earn peace and love. You cannot attribute a monetary value on the most
divine attributes of life. They are free.
Third dimensional human beings place value on objects. Having paid
money, we therefore believe we have correspondingly acquired happiness.
Satisfaction, or happiness, from such submission and conformity is always
fleeting. Blindly placing value on possessions that quickly lose value,
break, or are easily replaced results in renewed dissatisfaction.
As you awaken as a channel, all this understanding will become known to

you.. It isnt that you will no longer desire or need possessions, but that your
focus on them will always be secondary to your attaining true joy through
loving expression.
You will find this weakness of humanity to be a false belief and collective
conformity. In creation through expression, all is possible. When you no
longer aspire to new and heightened goals, and believe that who and where
you are is all thats possible you have arrived at collective conformity.
Your desire for new experiences that could add value to understanding
ceases to call you. You become a drone.
When we look at e xperiences as just that, an experience neither good nor
bad, it becomes easier to glean why you are having that particular
experienceor why you repeatedly choose the same experience.
This approach brings truth to every experience. You quickly learn there will
be experience in all activity. The lesson, once learned, adds to the greater
knowing of the Cosmic Oneness.
With Light Trance Channeling, the vibratory exchange adds to the Cosmic
Oneness and in that creation, a set of new possibilities emerges.
In connecting with your God/Source connection opens all that is possible. I
have given you the above clarifications to help you understand why you
must awaken. Personally, I do not for see me ever retiring because I so love
this work. I am continuing to grow and expand daily. In that truth, love and
expansion keep me youthful. They provide yet another reason to be in
gratitude as I have the possibility of endless creation and so do You!

Chapter 7
Mediumship is communication with the deceased. To be a medium is an
interesting vocation. Many people have experiences and connections with
the deceased. This usually inspires people to want to understand their gifts.
Some people see them, some people feel them, and some people have a
knowing. Personally, I tend to clairvoyantly see them. I also clairaudiently
get messages to bring forth to individuals when channeling. I recall this one
individual I brought forward. I was seeing him clairvoyantly. He was wirily
thin. I saw his clothes and face quite clearly. I had asked him to step

forward and state his name. He was being difficult and uncooperative. I told
the client of the mans clothing and appearance. The client was distraught,
as she desperately wanted to connect to her deceased father. Her distress
was adding to the miscommunication, by making the spirit uncomfortable.
My client wanted to be sure it was her father but he was not communicating
with me in any way that information could validate his authenticity. I had no
way of validating anything that might end the clients anxiety. I calmed her
down and suggested that instead of receiving a message, I communicate a
message of love from her to him. The woman called him Pop-Pop and
said she wanted to apologize for not listening to him when she had chosen
whom to marry.
Her life had been difficult because she had fallen in love with a farm hand.
Her father had told her that the kind of life she was choosing was going to
be hard. She said. You know Pop- Pop, my life has been hard. I want to
thank you for telling the truth. I want you to know, however, that I have
always loved my Danny. That was my truth.
I made it through the hardest times. It was in your words that I always
found hidden strength. Now that youre not here I want you know you were
right. Danny and I work very hard but I still love him. Thank you again
for letting me have my Danny. Thank you for trusting that I really did love
him. I love and miss you and so do Danny and the kids.
Well, I did not have to even repeat the conservation for he heard every
word. He took his hat off and placed it over his heart and smiled. I saw that
he only had one tooth a front one to the right. I was taken by surprise by his
smile and when I told the woman what he had done, and about the smile, she
finally had the authentication she wanted and knew it was he.
When doing mediumship work, it is a blessing to get such obvious
confirmation as in that experience. I have found that many times the energy
through me touches the person and the confirmation is felt rather than stated
in specific detail. Be assured however that there are always people that
who want more.
A lot of times people want the spirit to give them information on lost items.
Once, following a medium channeling, I had a woman contact me again to
tell me that she had found the item right on her dresser. It had been lost for
many years. She had cleaned the top of her dresser so many times since the
time she had lost it. She was crying as she told me. Now it was there, from

out of nowhere. It was a precious gift of her wedding rings that her
deceased husband had given her. How did it reappear? In the medium
reading they were recalled through her longing to have the rings along with
her memories of his having proposed to her with them. I never was told
where to find the rings.
I did not find the rings or bring them to her. I did not put them on her dresser
without her knowing. There is only one explanation; he brought them back to
I know items can be brought back from the other side. I have heard of
people being able to do this. I have never witnessed it except in a movie or
documentary. Although I have tried, I have never personally had success in
doing so.
I am gratified and humbled every time things previously unknown to me are
brought forth through messages. These act as confirmation to both the
channel and to the recipient. It is what makes the work so wonderful. I can
assure you that you too will experience similarly amazing confirmations
from Source/God as you grow in your work.

Chapter 8
How to Channel
I have found that a set routine is the way to develop your abilities. I have
studied with several channeling teachers and this is the combination method
I learned and use. It is easy yet effective.
It is best to break your channeling into three separate phases.
1. Centering, grounding, and clearing.
2. Questioning and answering.
3. Clearing, releasing and returning.
It is important to thoroughly move through each of these three steps. Each
step prepares both you and the client for the experience. I start by asking
myself and the client to move into a calm and relaxed position.
This can be done by taking several breaths in through the nose and out
though the mouth. Breathe right down to your belly then out through your
mouth as you would if you were to dive into a pool of water. Imagine all

negative energy being released as you exhale.

I like to imagine breathing the air in through the nose all the way to the tenth
chakra, or about seven feet above the head.
Some individuals can see the energy while some feel it. Simply have the
client breath with you as you let go and relax. You are trying to reach a calm
energetic state that is felt between you and the client.
I then call in 100,000 angels of protection. I ask the angels to surround us in
a Merkabah field of protection, I ask the angels to infuse the protective field
with the Light of Christ or Christed Light of Love. I ask the protective
angles to send grounding into Gaia (or Mother Earth). I then give thanks to
the protective angels.
I ask them to remain with everyone until the following morning, so a good
nights sleep can be had. People usually report that they experienced a
wonderful nights sleep or even the best nights sleep they have ever had.
The next step is to call in 100,000 cleansing angles. I ask them to cleanse
our chakras from one through twenty two. Have the angels, through your
intention, cleanse, open and spin both yours and the clients chakras. This
will allow Divine energy to easily flow through both of your chakra
systems. Next I give thanks to the cleansing angles.
Upon completing the protecting, cleansing, and grounding, I call in the light.
I set my intention to call in the light from the twenty second chakra and ask
that the light be pulled from the God/Source connection in the twenty second
chakra directly into the heart chakra.
This may be experienced as a beam of light coming down from the heavens
straight through the top of your head and into your heart. It is beautiful white
pure light. I then ask the light to go from the heart charka to the ground star.
The ground star is your grounding connection and an ethereal chakra within
Mother Earth. It is located about 12 inches below your feet.
Upon bringing Source Light in through all my chakras and assisting the
client to do the same, I call in my Team of Light, sometimes called My God
Team. I usually mention some of my team by name. Calling Jesus, Mother
Mary, The Archangels, Michael, Raphael, or Gabriel for example.

I may also call in many others as it depends on what kind of information I

receive from my guides. I then call in Orion since he is my guide teacher
and friend. I love Orion. He has the ability to raise the vibrational energy of
humans so they can connect with the other angelic energies on the other side.
Angelic energies vibrate at a much higher frequency than humans do. It is in
the raising of your vibration and the simultaneous lowering of the angelic
vibration that the necessary connection is made. Orion assists in this
matching of both energies. I choose to work with the light brings and the
angelic energies only. It is important that you clarify who you wish to work
with. It is good to only call in energies that work with the Divine Light.
Ask for beings that are kind, loving and from the highest vibration possible.
You do not want to be channeling low frequency beings. It is important you
make your intentions clear. If you make your intentions clear, other lower
energies will stay away. The angels and the protection you applied in the
beginning keep you free from lower energies.
You do have choice, so make it clear. Frequently, family members are your
guides and these energies are of light but not from the higher levels like
Archangels, Masters such as Jesus, or Buddha.
Once Orion has been called in and you ask him to raise your vibration, and
you feel and know your vibration has been raised, you may complete the
final stages of part one.
This includes acknowledging co nsciously you are willing to be a fool for
God or the God of your understanding. The reason why you must make this
acknowledgement is to own the truth that you may be criticized, insulted or
even laughed at or called a fool when bringing forth information.
The job of the channel is to bring the information forward no matter what
you feel. For example, it may feel silly to say stinky feet in the message.
Once during a channeling I saw foot odor and was apprehensive. What
would the client think? Yet if I had held back those exact words as I
received them the message may have been lost because her family always
calls limburger cheese stink feet.
You must be willing to be a fool for God. God wont laugh at you. He
honors you for your integrity despite your reluctance. I have had so many
resistant times bringing forth messages that were embarrassing or downright

It is your job to bring the message as received and never place your value
on the content of the message. The message comes forth as needs to be heard
by the seeker.
Once you have raised your vibration you call in your channeling guide. It
can be Orion if you are unsure who to call. You do not have to specify. You
may call in a guide by nature or characteristic. I call in the highest, most
loving and easiest channeling guide.
Your may be doing a healing and so you can call in the healing team that
wishes to assist in the healing, including the Holy Spirit and the Archangels.
The next step is to imagine a waterfall of light and see yourself stepping into
it. When you do this with intention, the light washes you, readying your light
body to merge with the light of the guide of your choosing.
I see a waterfall that has multiple colors. They are not vibrant but more like
watercolor paints. I felt the water fall at first; as I had not any vision when I
started. Then I saw it in black and white and later in color, as I became
more clairvoyant. I want to share that, while this may seem silly, I was
bothered that I never saw myself stepping into the waterfall. I had initially
been guided by a friend to look at my feet when I stepped into the waterfall.
Only then did I understand. I could not see me in the waterfall because I was
doing the stepping. When you gain any gift like clairvoyance it takes
understanding to master it in actual use.
However, it is different for everyone. You may in fact see bold vibrant
colors in your waterfall. Regardless, the infusing of pure energy is
breathtaking regardless of how you experience it.
Now there is one more action needed for completing step number one.
This may feel uncomfortable at first. I assure you it will become a nonissue.
You must speak a greeting. This allows the energy to connect with you and
allows the message to come forth.
You may use a greeting like Greetings; as if you were the intended channel
coming through Hello, My beloved it is I your guide.
If you chose a particular guide you would say their name. For example, It
is I Archangel Michael and I love you. The act of speaking a greeting

brings the energy in. You will instantly feel the connection or hear the
guide(s). It is in the allowing of the flow that the messages pour through you.
When you follow the aforementioned steps you will be ready to have your
channeling guide come through. While it may seem complicated to
remember all the steps, it just takes practice. Personally, I spent many hours
practicing into a tape recorder... over and over trying to solidify each step
and making it effortless in execution.
In the many hours of practice, I utilized each practice to prepare me for step
number two.
In step two, you bring forth the messages and, you are ready to answer
At first, I repeatedly found it very hard to ask the questions and stay in the
channeling state. You may wish to prepare the questions at the outset of each
practice. An alternative is, you can utilize a person to ask you the questions.
The method I developed was to ask a question but it pulled me out of the
channeling state. It took a while to overcome losing the channeling state but
now it does not happen very much anymore. However, when I was
beginning it was constant. If you ever let go and come out of the channeling
state, all you need to do is center yourself with a breath and step into the
waterfall of light again. Speak one word and, usually, you can pick up at the
point at which you came out of the channeled state.
I use to apologize to the client saying I came out of the channeling. Please
allow me to quickly bring the guide back.
The most successful way to practice answering questions for me was to
have someone ask me questions. I would write down significant questions
about life and the universe, then have friends ask me my questions.
I dont recommend that you do channelings for friends or relativities more
than once or twice. Your skills will be developed and perfected from
channeling for people you know nothing about. I began by offering free
channeling to facebook people. I held contests where the prize was a free
channelingjust to become experienced and professional.
It is through practice and everyday use that you become skilled. Note that if
you go for three or four days without practice it may be like starting over

again. If youre serious you will soon discover your love for doing this
every day.
Initially, it may require the repeated use of a tape recorder. I still use mine
and believe I always will. When you are able to bring in your guides with
ease, important messages may come through. If you do not want to type or
write these messages down, the tape recorder becomes your best alternative
You may ask what kind of questions can be asked. You should be open to
asking any question on someones behalf, although be aware the answers
may not want to be heard.
I have never been afraid to ask any question. I always say, dont ask the
question if you really do not want the answer. Many times the questioner
asks a question they are unready to accept when hearing the answer or, it
may not be what a questioner wanted to hear. However, the answer is the
answer. You can only convey what you get.
When asking a question repeatedly, you can cause doubt in the answer you
received and in that doubt get a different answer. I try not to repeat the same
question over and over, although I may quickly rephrase a question.
Example : I ask Are they getting fired? The Answer is Yes. I may then
rephrase the answer with; Am I correct that they are losing their job? At
the moment when asked, the information from the guides is always correct.
However, as a result the client may take that information to heart and change
the outcome. They go out and hire a lawyer to get justice and wind up
keeping their job. The question, What if they hire a lawyer? was not
asked. But upon the client hearing the reading, they made a choice to hire a
lawyer and when they did the outcome changed.
It is important to tell your clients, you are not to live by a reading or
channeling; you are to glean information from a channeling and then move
forward in your best and highest interest based on the information presented.
The more specific the questions asked the clearer the answers.
If the client asks about a job, I may start with other information I am getting.
By following what I am getting and determining it is correct information for
the particular client. As a means of validating the my connection with the
client. Then I would move on to the question about the job. This is an

advanced technique and may assist with tapping into the energy field of a
person. I find it sharpens your listening ability to your guides. I find the
information brought forward will be pertinent to the original question but
will provide deeper analysis of the situation.
Many times you can receive a yes or no answer but this may not be the
full story. I have mentioned many times there are layers. The clearest way to
know if you are getting to the source of an inquiry is to look for the seed
The seed source is where the problem began. When you grow a problem
first it must be planted. A seed placed in the fertile mind can create many
unexpected roots and cause massive unintended growth.
In the helping of a client you wish to be just that: helpful. By identifying the
seed source you may eliminate undesired repeat behavior. It is not your
responsibility to always find the seed source and many times there will not
be a need to even assess the questions or situations to that degree.
You may find, when channeling, that in the best interest of a client you need
to make a referral. As a channel you run into every kind of experience. Your
ability to be comfortable in doing this work is necessary. You cannot be an
effective channel when operating out of fear.
You have now completed the second part of the program. You have
answered all the clients questions. For closure, I always like to ask if they
feel complete. This assures me that they have heard what they came to hear
and they are ready to have the session end.
Many times channeling is done on a timed base. A person is paying for a
certain amount of time. It is always important to stay within the guidelines of
your time limit. Sometimes, it may require several extra minutes to bring the
channeling to a close for a client.
I feel it is better to give the client a few extra minutes than to abruptly end
the session or make them feel pushed out or rushed off. The client who is
treated with respect and courtesy will be a repeat client.
There will be occasions when you get clients who prefer a very short time,
and at some point in the reading wish to have much more time. In those
cases you must bring it to their attention that the time is up. If they wish to

continue there will be an additional fee. This will stop any protracted exit
from the session. Always be polite but remember: your time is valuable too!
A minute here and there is ok. Five minutes here and there, can really add
up. You may end the session more quickly by letting the client know that you
have another scheduled appointment. This statement will usually be true as
you become a professional and you are more in demand. It is best to leave a
client quickly but it is necessary to always remember everyone has feelings.
Several times I have gone over session times at no additional fee. These are
judgment calls, made your discretion.
I feel the call to help and that for me, at times, takes priority over money.
When you do a human kindness it will be rewarded in other ways. I have
met many people in this work who are all about the money who do not let
compassion take precedent. They believe everyone has a sad story and they,
as the channel, are too valuable to give away free time. It really is your
Note you are not done with the channeling session until you complete
Chapter Ten; but I believe it is important to first discuss work that may have
to be done when channeling: dealing with dark energy and attachments.

Chapter 9
Dark Energies and Extractions
I feel now would be a good time to bring forth information about dark
energy and attachments to a persons light body, physical body or chakras.
Every channel will be aware of different energies when working with a
Extraction of dark energy is a whole field of psychic study itself. I feel there
are too many different types of dark energies to discuss each of them here.
I assign them categories such as levels 1, 2, and 3. I do not have a problem
with removals or extractions of levels 1 and 2.
I have only experienced a few Level 3 dark energies. You do run across
several Level 1s and Level 2s of dark attachments. I choose not to work
with Level 3 entities or dark energies. There are people who are much
better at that than I. Additionally; I find most channels need further training
to become good at extraction.

It is quite tricky and serious work, not a game, and if you are unqualified it
is not worth the risk.
It is very easy to see and determine if you should do the work yourself. You
just need to ask your guide if you should do the work to assist the client. My
guides have told me point blank You are not to try to do the extraction!
In such a case, I then inform the client, or potential client, that I cannot do
the work and I make a referral. I have had a lot of experience with
extractions. I am not going into extraction techniques here but if that is your
area of interest, I can provide you with referrals to someone with whom you
may wish to train. Just contact me through my website: I know and work with several experts in the
I will provide some basic steps so you may be prepared.
First, if you identify a dark energy immediately ask your guide if you should
Secondly, I feel it is never good to look directly at an entity or attachment. I
usually peer quickly as if not to take notice. When you begin a channeling
you are placed in a protective energy field as is the client. This is one good
reason to follow the outline of procedures in this book.
When you are assessing a potential client you should be in a protective
field. I start every day putting myself in a protective field, as should every
psychic and channel. We never want our light to be vulnerable.
Archangel Michael gave me a protection method; I sought this out because
after the Ascension in 2012, I felt I needed a better method of protection.
(This technique is posted in the rear of this book for your convenience.)I
call it The Diamond Dome of Protection. It is not your responsibility to
remove all energy you see during a channeling. It is better to notify the client
that you see an attachment and suggest a healing.
Many times you can do a removal right then. If time does not allow it then it
will be necessary to make another appointment. Hence, you cannot leave a
client vulnerable and with an attachment that is dark in nature. You must get
the clients permission to proceed. If guided, do a referral. If you do
proceed, I suggest you call in Arcturian Light Being and follow your guides
instruction on how to extract, peel, blast, laser or remove. You must always

be totally grounded.
It is important to note that many of these energies are resistant. They are
happy and they just dont want to let go. I have heard and have had much
experience with this. You will too. As you become more educated you will
be less bothered and some extractions may seem routine. There is no cause
to ever fear if you follow your guides instructions.
I once had an experience with a psychic who insisted she could do all
extractions. She boasted to me that she was once thrown across the room by
an entity.
This alerted me to the fact that she was not capable of all kinds of
extraction, (extractions may sometimes be referred to as entity possession).
Based on knowledge and from my own experience, I know that if you do not
ground correctly that type of reaction manifestation can happen.
I had taken a position with a spiritual agency in Florida. This psychic and I
both worked for the same employer. The employer requested that I did not
do the energy work or entity removal myself as I was to refer it to the other
channel. I felt this was not good and put us all in jeopardy.
The call came in and I made the referral against my better judgment. I report
this story because it is true. The psychic decided to take the case on. I told
my boss of my reservation. The psychic put herself in peril and was literally
in a situation for over three weeks. She called me up for help. I stopped her
immediately. The stupidity of her trying to get another unqualified person
involved. I said from the beginning this was a Level 3 entity attachment. I
could not help her.
She had identified the energy and it was feeding off her energy too. She was
giving it power. I called the employer and reported I would have no more
contact with that psychic.
I identified why I could not have contact with her anymore. I identified how
she was adding to its power. I identified how she had now brought her
problem into the scope of my business. I suggested a referral to my
I suggested that the psychic release herself from the case and that she was
going to need assistance herself to get rid of her own attachment.

You must never think you know everything. Even with vast experience these
situations all vary. Never do you name or add identity to an attachment as it
gives them strength.
Always ask your guide. If you take on a case, do NOT be afraid to admit it
is beyond your first perceived assessment and make a referral. It will be
better to give back a little money at the beginning, than to get caught up in a
much bigger problem.
In the end, that psychic, who had been a psychic for a while prior to the
incident, ended up losing three weeks of work and I do not know how much
Know your strengths and that you are just a facilitator. Always, ask your
guides before attempting this work. I have done many extractions with no
incidents like that. Caution (NOT FEAR) is always the first step when
dealing with any of these situations.
If you have any fear any fear at all - refer it out.
These energies are attracted to fear. Always remain in the knowing you are
divine light and you wont have any problems. If you make an error and
something does attach to you, immediately get assistance. The less time you
allow the attachment, the easier the extraction is.
I have had attachments before and have had to have them removed. It
happens when you fail to protect yourself on an everyday basis or you
misunderstand your guides instructions.
When channeling I use both my daily protection of the Diamond dome and
the Merkabah field of protection. I can gladly say I have not had any
attachments in a long time. I know my skill level and I trust my guides

Chapter 10
Clearing and Releasing
The final stages of channeling are as important as the first two stages.
Once your session with the client is complete, it is time to center and ground
again. It is time to release the guides that you have utilized in your

All the work and effort should be acknowledged, as you release the angels,
guides or teachers. It is totally appropriate to give thanks in gratitude to all
who assisted in the channeling.
It is important that you do this so you can again be centered. I love being in
my guides energy all the time. This is an option and I know other psychics
who do not agree.
After every channeling you should release all guides, angels, and teachers.
It is needed for a complete cleansing of all energy. Once you have grounded
and cleansed your energy field completely, you may call your guide back in.
If you fail to re-center and ground, release and cleanse you may have
dizziness or confusion. All energy may not have been released.
I know some people who are always open to their guides, and they release
the energies they connect to in the channeling, but not their guides. I think for
a complete clearing it is necessary to release all energy, including your
guide for at least a moment or two.
Directly after a channeling, if the client is still present, I tell the client I need
a moment to release my guides.
I first start by sending mygrounding cord into Mother Earth.
I always give thanks for all who have helped in the channeling and I always
release all energy from me and the Merkabah field.
I then, call one hundred thousand cleansing angels to cleanse all energy from
me. There have been times after a channeling and after releasing, grounding
and clearing, where I still felt spacey and ungrounded.
If you feel you cannot get grounded after a channeling, you may wish to eat
grounding food like a potatoes or a root vegetable. I find baked potatoes to
really work well. I do use the microwave to assist. In many cases 25
minutes for a baked potatoes cooked by an oven can be too long. Carrots
work well. If youre not feeling grounded, do not try to ground to another
lightworker, as this may cause you and the lightworker to experience an
energy surge.

When you go to release a guide, angel, or teacher if they do not want to let
go, you must know you have the final authority. Firmly state, I release all
energy. The channeling is over.
I have found after a channeling a guide may have other information they
want to share. If you feel it is acceptable you may do so by way of some
automatic writing or you may do a recording. This way the guide can feel
complete. Many times when I do a paid channeling and the time is up and I
have ended with the client and I am going to release the guides, they transfer
a tidbit that makes me interested and want to continue. You must remember
that channeling too much can make you tired.
I usually do only three to four channeling sessions a day. I always take a
break in between. I like to make sure I am complete and clear before I do
another session. Everyone is different and you may wish to do more or less.
I find it is not how many you do. It is about the integrity of work. It is
always important to be authentic with your client and yourself.
Let us talk about the rude client who disagrees with everything you have
brought forward. I have had this experience many times. I have seen readers
and channels handle these people many ways. On most occasions you
intuitively pick up immediately that this person is not going to be
You can end the channeling before it begins. You can ask your guide before
you start if you should provide service to this client. Follow what your
guide tells you and end the session before you start. Sometimes we forget to
ask if we should be helping this person, then you get into the channeling and
realize its not going well.
I suggest you end immediately and refund the clients money. While this
rarely happens, I have experienced such clients who will go for an entire
reading, be so difficult, and yet still demand their money back.
Sometimes the work you provide helps the person back to a space of good.
They just did not have the money to pay for the advice. It all happens for a
We do not have to always have all the answers, even if we are intuitive or
channels. Many times just letting go and not placing any value or judgment is
the answer to the lesson.

I sometimes use tools such as pendulums, stones or gems. I almost always

use candles and incense. I like different aromatic therapies to get me ready
to channel. I also like to prepare for a channeling by listening to music.
I do not like to have music on when I channel. I am sound sensitive and find
it personally distracting. I have met many channels that always use music in
their sessions. Again, everyone is different. The way you choose to create
atmosphere in your channeling sessions can be the same as another might
choose or totally unique.
I find healers move into channeling easily. They already know that you are
not the source and they usually are free to step aside and let energy come
through them. Even if you are not a healer, the path to successful channeling
can be achieved easily.
I say let go of all fears and connect though your heart and mind. Allow the
gifts that are yours to be utilized, in your best and highest interest. You will
be surprised at your success.
Once you become proficient, you can think of becoming a professional
The professional channel needs a steady client base in order to maintain a
livelihood. I have heard many say there is not much money to be made in
this kind of work. I believe that people put their own restrictions on cash
Money is part of the choice in believing that Source/God has unlimited
abundance. Why would Source/God deprive you of unlimited abundance
when It has unlimited abundance and wills you to have perfect happiness.
I want to put a quick end to thoughts on the lack of money, for anyone who
wishes to be a lightworker. Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsh and
hundreds of others make enough money. They would never say you cannot
make a reasonable living doing lightwork.
Each of us has our own skill set. I am unlimited in my growth potential as a
creator. I love to channel and heal people. I do not put barriers on my
movement forward. As a creator, I choose new experiences and become
more expansive.


One may ask, why put such effort towards ever expanding in joy and love. I
say it is no effort to expand and grow in joy and love. All I do is allow and
Grace moves me in the direction to choose my next level of expansion. (I
am human and with change there is always resistance. Always with
resistance there is challenge. I embrace change. I try to understand
When you take on the challenges at any given moment there you will find the
most resistance and possible growth. You find the place where you will
learn to have the most growth is from letting go.
This is why forgiveness and allowing are so powerful. The forgiver lets go
of illusion. The release of that resistance to forgiveness allows all the
unhappy energy you are holding onto, including all the emotional pain, to be
released. That does not mean you forget; it means you dont need to keep
feeding pain that does not serve you. Then the person who has caused the
pain, once forgiven, carries their own pain and you return to living happily
in Source/Gods grace. Your heart then begins to grow and expand allowing
love return you to happiness.
It is a miracle made through choice; then gifted by grace. It is hard to
explain but trust that the freedom on the other side is unlimited.
Most people who seem unable to forgive dont realize the perpetrator they
cannot forgive does not feel their pain.
Everyone feels only his or her own pain. You may think you can feel other
people pain but you cant, yours is unique to you. (However it may seem
similar.) This is why you may see a parent who experiences a childs death,
embraces the DUI driver and offer forgiveness. The forgiver through grace
ends further destruction. Thus the forgiver finds freedom through grace and
their own greatest expansion. I assure you they never forget but they do find
Grace from Source/God.
In hearing a story like that of the DUI driver a person cannot help but be
impacted. When the parents forgive, it shifts the burden on the perpetrator.
The parents do not have to carry the pain, hate and ugliness for a situation
that could never be changed.
Taking the highest road is always the best and easiest road although this is
difficult to comprehend at lower levels of conscious awareness. Choosing

the higher road becomes much clearer once you connect as a channel.

Chakra Clearing
There are some simple procedures a good channel must do.
First, shield and protect yourself every day. Secondly, do a chakra clearing
every day. I find that the seven major chakra centers in the body pick up
debris every day.
You might ask how this occurs since you are protected. The answer is you
are protected but you do allow debris in through thoughts. The thoughts that
you allow in may indeed register and implant into a chakra. A thought such
as I hate that about myself can cause your solar plexus to be imprinted.
The seven chakras found in the physical pick up and hold a lot more debris
than the ethereal chakras. I suggest that you cleanse, spin, and open your
seven main chakra centers every day.
This routine, followed by a good protection and shielding method, will
provide you with a foundation to be a great Channel. When you start your
channeling session and you exclaim, I am a clear and perfect channel you
will be correct in every aspect of that statement.
Source /God did create you in your perfection and you are free of blocks
and debris. I clear my ethereal chakras as needed. I find when doing past
life work or work in anothers persons ethereal chakras, such as when
working with the akashic records, in the room of light or the mundi, it is a
good idea to clear and clean all of the twenty two chakras.

History of Channeling
Even brilliant scholars, can only speculate on how far back channeling goes.
According to Wikipedia, some cave art depicts shamanism. An example is
The Sorcerer of Les Trios frre in France.
In Egypt, dream channeling was quite common. It has been expressed that
the first trance-channeling was documented in Egypt.
The WU, in China during the first century stated among men the dead speak

through living persons whom they throw into trance (the WU quoted in
Klimo 80-81).
In Greece, the guidance of the female Oracles at Dodona and Delphi was
sought out by laypersons and military generals as well.
In Christianity, if you did unintentional channeling you may have been cast
as a witch. However, if you intentionally channeled and gained popularity
you were cast as a saint.
It is your Free Will to choose what is true for you and whether you will join
history as a channel. The path has been presented and, as easily as anyone
else, you can be added to this rough draft. Make your mark as a channel and
be added in the documentation of History.
Step into all you are, do it with passion, allow grace and live in total
expansion without limitation.
The Referenced Timeline of Channeling
1. 40,000 yrs ago-cave paintings
2. 800 BCE-Delphi
3. Middle Ages Nostradamus
4. 20th Century- Edgar Cayce
5. Present day -Abraham Hicks, John of God, Etc 6. Your name?

The Diamond Dome of Protection Method

The Diamond Dome of Protection is an ethereal dome made of a diamond
substance. It was gifted to me by Archangel Michael to protect anyone from
unwanted energies. The process is to be placed into this ethereal dome of
protection. It must be repeated each morning because within sleep it is
released by the sub-conscious. To be placed in this protection is as simple
as stating the following intention:
1. I call In Archangel Michael
2. I ask you to surround me in a diamond dome of protection.
3. Above and below and surround me, within and seal it.
4. Amen, Amen, Amen and/or So Be It.

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