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Trainee Observation Form

Student Name: Aaesha Mohammed

Budoor Alyas
Subject/Grade: English\ grade 1
11:45 to 12:30


Date/Time: 18.10.16

Learning Context: Give a brief introduction and description to the

learning context of this lesson and school.

In this school each teacher has her own schedule for classes to deliver
the lessons on time, and the lessons plans all are organized at the
beginning of each week, and it can get help from the government book
guide to organize the lessons. This lesson was delivered according to my
colleague time to teach, as the lessons for this grade was divided
between her and her MST

Learning Environment (Describe the physical environment of the


The class area is too big, which is very comfortable for grade 1 especially
to move and play easily. There are six groups separated, and a wide area
at the back to set down and share and play. The class is full with learning
designs around the walls and the ground.

Student Behavior and Management: Observe behaviors and how

these were managed.

Misbehaving was managed through eye contacts, or call their names

loudly and tell them their mistake, and do not do it again, and as they are
child, they feel shy direct and dont repeat the wrong thing they did.

Learning Strategies and Activities


There were a lot of active different strategies applied in class, firstly when
they enter the class they have to sing a song while they enter by linning
up. Then before beginning the class, they sing hello song. Their lesson
was about yellow color, I notice that the teacher ask each student to
bring with them a yellow materials, anything, a toy, paper, pen etc. so it
is a nice method to link the lesson with the real things to make it
Also whenever she reminding the students the rules, like set down or
raise your hand, she used gestures her body language, as they are kids

and second language , it is easier for them to understand.

The seating arrangement is every time changed, once on their tables,
and once on the carpet at the back, in this way she move the students
and get them excited, as well when they transfer from the group to the
carpet , each group has a special way, some of them jump, and some
other clap their hands and so on.
She aways use the strategy of student teacher, firstly the teacher ask,
then the students has to play the role of the teacher and ask.

Monitoring and Assessment


After the students finish answering any work sheet, the teacher move
round for them one by one, correct then paste the paper on their note
book. Also, when the class is finish, the teacher used to move around
again for every student one by one, and stick a letter for their parents,
that tell them what do students studied about today, and what is the
homework for tomorrow.

Description: this picture show that when students bring

their toys which is specific in yellow color, because they
are studying about yellow color.
Justification: it is a nice way for children to bring
something they prefer and learn about it, in this way we
stick the idea on their mind easily and make it
memorable and enjoyable for them.