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Troop 34 Eagle Scouts, 1968 to 2010

1968 - Tom Tinsman
1968 - Chris Kerr
1986 - Paul Hammond (1/22/86) Honey Hollow Nature Center, clean-up of grounds,
including “removal of a large portion of the vegetation around the pond and cat-tails from
the pond. Multi-floral rose was removed from a stream to permit access to a study area.
The swamp was cleaned of cat-tails and the small island in the swamp was reconstructed
to prevent the annual flooding of a Canadian Goose nest and easy access by predators.”
1986 - Rob Long (1/22/86) Shared project with Paul Hammond and attained Eagle rank
at the same time.
1992 - Shawn Crews (10/1/92) Honey Hollow Nature Center, cleared an area to be used
as an outdoor classroom, located, moved, prepared and installed logs to line the area and
make benches for the area, and covered the ground with woodchips.
1996 - Timothy Crews (1/13/96) Honey Hollow Nature Center, cleared and mulched a
trail, constructed and installed a bridge over a stream or swampy area.
1997 - Jeff Barrell (9/22/97 or 10/17/97) Buckingham Methodist Church. Create a
sitting area by building several benches, clearing and mulching surrounding flower beds.
2001- David Longworth (4/2/01) Honey Hollow Nature Center, clear and mulch a trail
along the side of wetlands. Build and install bird boxes. Build a gateway using old doors
from the main barn. Make and install two locust benches.
2001 - Andrew Brown (8/6/01) Honey Hollow Nature Center, clear and level an area a
bridge over a sluiceway to the mill. Construct a swale above the area to prevent soil
erosion. Cover the entire area with netting and overlay with wood chips. Build a snake
fence along the side of the sluiceway. Build and install a large locust bench. Install
didactic information panel. Construct and install three robin and three bluebird boxes.
2001 - Steve Petrison (10/1/01) Honey Hollow Nature Center, clear treeline on left side
of driveway, remove non-native plant species and replant with native species. Install
several pole mounted bird boxes.
2001 - Mike Fenton (10/29/01) Honey Hollow Nature Center. Clear a trail, line it with
logs and fill with wood chips. Clear an area along the trail for a group educational area.
2003 - Tom Fresco (2/12/03) Lambertville Food Pantry, clean building, repaint walls and
floor, erect new shelving, and restock pantry
2003 - Jeff Christianson (6/10/03) Organizing a one-day bike collection for Pedals for
Progress; Jeff and volunteers collected over 300 bikes in one day.
2004 - Matt Mancuso (2/24/04) working with Dr. Christian Hansen, collecting donated
and purchased school supplies, and sending them to a school in need in Haiti
2004 - Scott Farrar (6/10/04) collecting clothing for people in Azerbaijan? and
arranging for delivery of same.
2004 - Ted Present (10/18/04) Create a riparian buffer by planning and executing
plantings of native species along a tributary/headwater of Pidcock Creek. Project in
association and supported by the Pidcock Creek Watershed Association and Heritage
Conservancy. In addition to creating the Riparian buffer, gave presentations on the
project (planning stages and post execution of project) to Pidcock Creek Watershed,
Heritage Conservancy and Solebury Township.

2005 - Evan Rees (4/27/05) planned and implemented restoration of the historic New
Hope Cemetery, on Windy Bush Rd., just above River Road. Included new pathways,
clearing fallen wood and dead trees, recording gravesites and mapping cemetery,
installing bronze markers for illegible headstones, and installing a new iron fence to
replace old one in bad repair.
2007 - Chris Simon (1/22/07) New Hope-Solebury Lower Elementary School on North
Sugan Rd.; Chris and volunteers reorganized the school library after extensive
2007 – Chris Staszak (9/8/07) Lambertville Food Pantry, consisted of cleaning, repainting the walls and floor. Also acquired and installed additional shelving for the
storage of donated food.
2007 – Kevin Weber (August 2007: 10/27/07) Honey Hollow Nature Center, restoration
project on Honey Hollow pond, including clearing pond bank of non-native species,
replanting with native species, plus gravelling beach and planting waterplants.
2007 – Josh Snyder (September 2007) New Hope-Solebury High School, cleaned out
and refurbished large courtyard by Stephen Buck Theater.
2007 – Matt Byrne (October 2007) Honey Hollow Nature Center, planned and built a
large traditional Native-American long-house to augment the site’s children’s programs.
2008 – Christian Rees (19 June 2008) Fonthill Museum (Bucks County Historical
Society), Doylestown. planned and executed a project to refurbish a wildflower garden
behind Fonthill house, including cleaning out a small pond and replacing deteriorated
concrete steps with new ones.
2008 – Samuel Haldeman (3 December 2008)
2009 – Logan Cawley (2009)
2009 – Colby Cheneval (2009)
2010 – Ian Antolik (1/14/10)
2010 – Sam Present (28) (6/14/10)
2010 - Sean Rowland (29) (6/23/10)
2010 - Randal Czupich (9/27/10)
2010 - Andrew Park (10/20/10)
2010 - Tom Hische (10/25/10)
2010 - David Dwight (11/15/10)
2010 - Jonathan Otto (34) (11/15/10)
2011 - Chase Asplundh (35) (11/15/10)
2011 - Ben Reinert (36) (11/15/10)

To date (April 2012), Troop 34 has assisted 36 young men in attaining
Eagle Rank; 29 of those have become Eagle Scouts since the year 2000.