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Causes of global warming

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Causes of global warming

Global warming is a gradual and natural process wherein the planet moves from ice age to a more habitable age
of warmer climate. The previous such shift happened across thousands of years ago. However, now, global
warming is happening at an alarmingly sped up rate due to human activities.
In its natural state, gases like carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and water vapour (greenhouse gases) help trap
heat and warmth in the atmosphere which is necessary to prevent the Earth from going icy cold. It makes earths
surface livable for us. However, human activities like:
Burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas)
Deforestation to use land for agriculture or commercial activities
Burning of solid wastes
Pollution by power plants and vehicles
Release of specic harmful uorinated gases in industrial activities, like
hydrouorocarbons (HFCs)
sulfur hexauoride (SF6)
peruorocarbons (PFCs)
Chlorouorocarbons (CFCs)
are causing more than regular heat to be trapped in atmosphere and thus speeding up the global warming
phenomenon to an uncomfortable extent.

Natural phenomenon of Global Warming

Global warming starts with the sunlight reaching the Earth a continuous process. The land, air and oceans
absorb nearly 70% of it, keeping the Earths surface temperature warm and t for living beings. The remaining
30% of it is reected back into space by clouds, atmospheric elements, and ocean surface. Now, when the heat
builds up, some of it is released back into the space thus maintaining an optimum warmth level neither too
hot nor too cold.
Thats optimum living condition temperature




When this heat is released, some of it is trapped by greenhouse gases (CO2, methane etc.) present in the

atmosphere. In the natural state, these gases are present in just the right amount and trap just the right amount
of heat to ensure that the Earths temperature remains just right.

Manmade acceleration of Global Warming

The problem began since the 1850s when this natural balance started to skew to a disturbing extent. This was
due to increase in human activities such as rise of industries powered by natural resources, energy production,
power plants, and pollution. Because of greenery depletion, deforestation, and burning of fossil fuels, the
natural balance has been altered dramatically. As a result, there is a much higher concentration of greenhouse
gases now. This means that more heat is being trapped in the atmosphere. The depletion of forest land means
that less CO2 is being absorbed and more is oating in the air, which again increases the concentration of
greenhouse gases. This accelerated warming of earth temperature due to our activities is termed global

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