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Causal reading discussion

Students will be able to
Demonstrate knowledge of cause and effect
principles to write an analysis essay

Given a topic
Write for given time
Do not stop writingif you get stuck, pick a word
and just keep writing it until your next thought
comes through

In what ways can causal essays impact readers?
Write the question.
Answer the question. How does it line up with one of the
readings? Why?

Small-group Discussion
Group students according to the principles
assigned for homework
Students will use the assigned principle to analyze
each published essay
Students should be prepared to discuss this
principle in their next groups

Meet in the following groups. Share your knowledge of
your previously assigned element with the group.
The purpose is for all group members to fully
understand all of the principles in each of the

The Assignment...
Choose ONE of the readings
Write a 3-4 page essay discussing the effectiveness
of the authors use of cause and effect writing
o Writing process; MLA format
o Introduction
o Body paragraphs
o Conclusion
o Grammar & mechanics

Which principles is still unclear to you? Which
principles do you plan to discuss in your essay?
Reasoning Errors
Thesis and details

For Lesson 3...

Read the three cause and effect analysis sample
essays posted on the class website