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Student Teacher: _Marinda McDonald

Subject: English
Grade: 7th

Date: _10/06/2016__
Lesson Topic:

Length of class: 50 min

Learning Objective (performance, conditions, criterion):

Students will write a summary from a portion of text from The Giver using at least four
sentences with proper grammar and punctuation.
Student Friendly Objective:
Learn how to write a summary from the annotations/notes taken from a section of text from The
State Core Standard Alignment:
Reading: Literature Standard 1
Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well
as inferences drawn from the text.
Core and Supplemental Materials:
Teacher Materials:
Student Materials:
PowerPoint of summarization, large white
Paper, pencil, The Giver notes and annotations,
construction paper, magnets, sharpie (any
purple English folder.
color) dry erase markers, The Giver book,
annotation notes from The Giver
Context for Learning:
Organization of the
students (e.g., small
groups, whole group,
Pre-Lesson Assessment

Whole Group


IEP Goal Links

(Also describe individual
student modifications &


Pre-Instructional Set: (Approximately 3 minutes)

Gain students attention Make sure you have a pencil and that it is sharpened,
(Activity and Script)
as well as your purple folder and book.

(30 seconds
to 1 minute)

Inform students of
learning objective(s)

Today we are going to learn about summarization
(30 seconds
to 1 minute)

This is important to
know because
(Informed instruction)

When we are able to summarize it helps us with our

comprehension of what we are reading.

Preparing students for instructional content: (Approximately 6 - 15 minutes)

Pre-requisite skills to
review, if applicable

(30 seconds
to 1 minute)

(2 to 5


Review of prior
knowledge, if
Vocabulary to preteach, if applicable

We have been using sticky notes to do annotation/notes #/minutes

for part of The Giver.
(2 to 5

Word Web

Instruction: (Approximately 20 to 40 minutes depending on length of class)

Explicit Modeling of
Explain that we are going to see a PowerPoint to help
Skill (what cognitive
better understand why and how we summarize.
steps should the
During the PowerPoint write down words students are
students be using to
using to describe the pictures. I will do the first photo.
successfully perform
the skill?)
Guided Practice
The second photo in the PowerPoint we will do
together. As the students are sharing details, a student
will write them down on a large sheet of paper. Once
all of the important information is written on the
paper together as a group we will begin to put together
by writing a summary of the photos.
Strategies to check for

Observe students responses, questions they ask and

answer, and how they are working with their partner
during the exercise.

Independent Practice

Students will then take all of the annotations/notes and

put together their own summary, of the portion of The

(2 to 5


(10 to 15

(5 to 25

If needed, how will you address re-teaching of specific skills.

Find where the student is struggling and go back to two steps. During these two steps
instruction will become even more explicit until the student understands.
Concrete and tangible
assessment to know
whether students have
met learning objective

Students will turn in their summaries of The Giver.

Closure: (1 5 minutes)
Organization/transition Thank students for working hard, have them put their
routines (e.g., put
folders away on the shelf.
assignments in folders,
prepare for bell,


transition to next

(1 5