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Student: Milan Antinelli

School: Freedom Elementary

Term: Fall 2016

Your site visit experience offers you the opportunity to learn how schools operate as a large community promoting the growth of a
learner. School environment is determined by the schools culture, its history, its belief in how to do things and what is worth doing.
Become familiar with the school environment by completing the table below. Accomplish this by using the host schools website, the
Illinois Public K-12 School Rankings based on the Report Card and school personnel interviews.
The following elements look at the demographic information of a school.
The demographic information of a school can provide an excellent look at the diversity of the school environment.
What is/are the


Resource for the Answer: Persons

name and title, document or website.

Current school enrollment

793 Students Enrolled at Freedom

Elementary in 2016

Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

Percentage of various races and ethnicities

White: 63.4% Black: 5.5% Hispanic:

12.1% Asian: 13.5% American Indian: .

Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

Number of males and females as per school

report card

Not Available

Percent of low income students

9.2% Students of Low Income

Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

Percent of students with IEPs

12.5% Students with Disabilities

Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

Percentage of English Language Learners

9.2% English Language Learners

Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

Composite percent of students who meet

and exceed state standards


Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

# of FTE (full time equivalency) teachers

42 teachers full time teachers at Freedom


Illinois Report Card 2015-2016

School Organization
The following elements identify various aspects of the organization of the school.
By understanding the school organization, teachers can better plan their lessons and their day.
School Mission Statement

Friendly, safe environment

Respectful and supportive
Everyone can learn
Excellence in all we do
Dedicated Community
Opportunities for all students
Model Citizens

Student Handbook

Length of school day for students

9:05 am- 3:40 pm

Kindergarten: 9:05am-11:05am 12:55

Student Handbook

Length of school day for contracted



Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Number of minutes per class or time

allotted for each subject

20 minutes

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Number of minutes for specials

Art, P.E., Music, etc.

35 minutes per day

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Elective classes offered

Character Counts, Battle of the Books

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Extracurricular activities offered

Garden Club
Girls on the Run

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Types of duties which teachers are


Supervision at arrival and dismissal

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Types of communication between

the school, home, and community

Monthly newsletter
Connect Ed phone calls and emails

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Types of all-school or grade level


Character Counts
Beginning of the year (expectations)

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

School colors and mascot

School colors: red, white and blue

Mascot: Hawk

Student Handbook

Student and faculty dress code

Students are encouraged to dress in a neat and

attractive manner that reflects pride in them and
in their school. Students attire and grooming
should not be offensive, obscene, disrupt the
school, represent a gang, or endanger that
student or other students' health or safety.
Faculty is expected to follow similar dress code
as well as dressing in a profl manner.

Student Handbook

The following elements identify various types of assistance available to students and faculty.
Identifying and understanding the various types of assistance available to students and teachers provides a teacher with a greater
sense of community.
Student intervention plans such as
Response to Intervention (RTI)

Guided Reading Plus (k-2)

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Provisions for students so that they

can participate in extracurricular
activities (e.g. transportation)


Types of technology available for


Laptop provided to each by district

Each classroom has a document camera and

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Types of technology available for


Laptop provided to each by district

Mrs. Moskaluk-teacher

Types of professional development

available to staff

Prof Devt is offered by district on district wide

institute days. The same applies.

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

The following elements provide a greater understanding of the policies that exist in a school environment.
Read and summarize the Schools
digital etiquette policy for students.

Teachers do teach digital etiquette in school

because children need to be educated how to use
technology appropriately. The right thing for
teachers to do is to help the students use the
internet appropriately and not abuse the

Staff credentials to sponsor

extracurricular activities

Information not availabe

Philosophy of the school library or

learning center

Students are able to check out books weekly. If

requested more, more frequently.

Study hall policies for students and


No study hall available.

Freedom Elementary Website.

Mrs. Moskaluk- teacher

Lunchroom policies for students and


Students have responsibilities in the cafeteria/

lunchroom good table manners. Each student is
responsible for disposing of his/her own trash.
Trash in the immediate seating area even under
the table is considered to be the responsibility of
students at the table. Students may be assigned
clean-up duty at the discretion of supervisory
personnel. Misbehavior in the cafeteria/
lunchroom may result in, but are not limited to,
loss of cafeteria privileges, assignment to an
alternate site for lunch and/or recess, assigned
seats, or any combination of these.

Student Handbook

Hallway policies: during class time

and between classes

Voices have to be kept at an inside level

Single file lines
No running
Stay together

Student Handbook

School discipline policy

Students are responsible for knowing and

abiding by federal,state and local laws; for
knowing and abiding by school regulations and
attendance procedures; for utilizing the
educational experience to the fullest of their
potential; for protecting other students rights to
learn and to be individuals; and for respecting
public and private property. Students may be
subject to disciplinary consequences, up to and
including suspension and/or expulsion from
school, for gross disobedience or misconduct.
Positive behavior is rewarded with Character
Count tickets, weekly classroom drawing for
recognition. Monthly grade level recognition of
character counts Breakfast.

Student Handbook/ Mrs. Moskalukteacher

Emergency procedure plans (fire,

tornado, evacuation, and lockdown)

.Students exit classroom via both doors and

Student Handbook
WALK in orderly lines. Students evacuate the
building by designated routs to the assembly area
your EMERGENCY FOLDER and attendance cards
with you. Check that all students are out of the
classroom. Check that all exits are clear. Close
classroom door. DO NOT LOCK. (Later entry
may be required.) In assembly area, teacher takes
roll and accounts for each child. Students in
classrooms other than their own are to remain
with that class until given permission to rejoin
their class by both teachers. Students remain in
orderly and silent lines until all clear signal is
given (one long bell).