Photography Knowledge exchange Project

“Photography Knowledge Exchange” is a non-profit project aiming to introduce and teach photography «The Art» to our dear fellow Egyptians.

The Mission:

Organizing a series of photography sessions to the interested participants, in a way that shall increase their common knowledge about photography «The Art» and help them discover the potential talented photographer within.

About Us:
I’d like to introduce ourselves, My name is Mohamed Abdel Wahab. I’m a photographer & I am passionate about photography since I was 15 years old, my obsession is, beside taking photos, is to teach photography to others, providing tips, technique, theory and all the needful to enable them to produce amazing art. I’ve my own studio & I work for some advertising agencies. Kareem Soliman is a professional photographer, specialized in wildlife and fashion photography.Hussein Abdel Wahed is a travel and humanitarian photographer and a good painter. Lately, we conducted some photography courses with the UNICEF in the «Youth Media Workshop» 17-18 February 2010; else, we conducted a private course and workshop with the Sultan Kabous University.

The Course:
The course should take place this summer; it consists of four sessions in a two weeks time. The host venue is not determined yet, as it depends on the number of participants. Past the sessions comes the time for practice, all participants will join together in an outdoor workshop in Al Moezz St. where they will be trying their expertise out. Afterwards, each fellow photographer should nominate two of his/her own, taken during the workshop or elsewhere, these photos will be printed and displayed in a public exhibition held soon after. The cost of the printing and the exhibition hall rental will be divided between all participants evenly.

How to join the Course? To know more about photography secrets, contact us to reserve your place.

Contact us Kareem Soliman Hussein Abdel Wahed Mohamed Abdel wahab
Tel: +2 011 1111 233 Tel: +2 010 6722 221 Tel: +2 016 1010 898

All Rights Reserved © Mohamed Abdel Wahab 2010

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