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Mason Elementary Lesson Planning Template

Name: Sabrina Nemerow

Content/Grade Level: The Civil War/5th grade
Civil War: 1861 to 1865
USI.9 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the causes, major events, and effects of the Civil
War by:
d) describing the roles of Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E.
Lee, Thomas Stonewall Jackson, and Frederick Douglass in events leading to and during
the war;
Students will:
K/U: know and understand that there were important people that contributed to different
outcomes of the Civil War. They will understand why those individuals were important as well
as the roles they played during the war.
D: create a social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) page based on the life of their
chosen historical figure. They will include information such as date of birth, which state the
person is from, posts from dates that are important to the individual, etc.
Computer for research - make an online fake Facebook profile on the
computer (automatically finds pictures to associate with historical names, is easy to edit, and
can be shared in a variety of different ways)
o I made an example page - Make fake tweets (Twitter) Instagram template (made on PowerPoint)
I know some people in this class use various forms of social media. Today, we are going to look at
different historical figures from the Civil War. We are going to research a person of our choosing and
create a social media page for that person.
Detailed Steps
1. Students will have the choice to pick one form of social media and one person to create a
profile for.
2. Students will be given online resources to create their profiles, but they will also have the
option to draw/paste images if they prefer
Assessment/Assignments (formative and summative)
Correct information on the page
Student choice (Choice of person and social media platform)
Accommodations and Modifications:
Templates will be given, but students can also choose to draw their own

- Social media template
(Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, etc.)
- Computers/books for



Level of




Project includes:
1. Six wall posts (important
events in the chosen
persons life)
2. An About Me section
(with date of birth,
family, work/education)
3. Comments from at least
two other people (that
either agree or disagree
with the chosen historical
4. Profile pictures of
historical individuals
5. Images relevant to
historic events
(15 points)
Content is entirely accurate.
(17 points)

Project includes three or

four of the required
(9-12 points)

Project adequately addresses

all components with
adequate level of detail.
Shows creativity.
(5 points)
Student includes all required
images and they are
appropriate to the context of
the project. Images create a
distinct atmosphere or tone
that matches different parts
of the story. The images may
communicate symbolism
and/or metaphors.
(10 points)
Student cites sources in all
required areas and places
them in the appropriate
section of the Bibliography.
(3 points)

Project frequently
addresses components with
adequate level of detail,
though some creativity is
lacking. (4-3 points)
Student includes most
images and/or they are
mostly appropriate to the
context of the project. An
attempt was made to use
images to create an
atmosphere/tone but it
needed more work. Image
choice is logical.
(10-6 points)
Student cites sources in
most required areas, but it
is unsure which sources
relate to which areas.
(2-1 points)

Needs Improvement


Project includes one or

two of the required
(3-6 points)


Content is mostly accurate.

(16-10 points)

Content is frequently
(9-0 points)
Project components
often lack adequate
(2-0 points)
Student does not
change images and/or
image choices are not
appropriate to the
context of the project.
Little or no attempt to
use images to create an
(6-0 points)
Student does not cite
any resources.
(0 points)