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Pampers marketing


By: Hassan Anabtawi

2017 senior



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Week 4: place strategy page 8
Week 5: pricing strategy for diapers page 9
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Week 6: promotional stratgey(advertising) page 11
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Proctor and gamble

Quick history

Candle maker William Procter and soap maker
James Gamble, both born in the United Kingdom,
They emigrated to and settled in Cincinnati
initially and met when they married sisters, Olivia
and Elizabeth Norris. Alexander Norris, their
father-in-law, called a meeting in which he
persuaded his new sons-in-law to become
business partners. On October 31, 1837, as a
result of the suggestion, Procter & Gamble was

In 18581859, sales reached $1 million. During
the American Civil War, the company won
contracts to supply the Union Army with soap and


P&G is recognized as a leading global company,

#5 ranking on Fortunes Global Most Admired Companies,

#8 ranking on Fortunes Americas Most Admired Companies,

#2 ranking on Fortunes Top Companies for Leaders survey,

#2 ranking on Barrons Worlds Most Respected List,

#8 ranking on Business Weeks list of Worlds Most Innovative Companies,

top rankings on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index from 2000 2008,

the Advertiser of the Year award at the 2008 Cannes International Advertising Festival,

a consistent #1 ranking within our industry on Fortunes Most Admired list for 23 of 24 total
years and for 11 years in a row.

Quick fact

On August 1, 2014, P&G announced it was
streamlining the company, dropping around
100 brands and concentrating on the remaining
65 brands, which produced 95% of the
company's profits. A.G. Lafley, the company's
chairman, president, and CEO until October 31,
2015, said the future P&G would be "a much
simpler, much less complex company of
leading brands that's easier to manage and


Week 1:

Explain Logo, Slogan for brand (or product)
State Buying Motives.


Is an American based brand of baby and toddler products
that is owned by Procter&Gamble. Which is a multinational
American-based consumer goods company also known as


Diapers by pampers


The logo presented by pampers was designed to communicate that the company wanted to focus on
comfort, the letters are puffed up and soft as if they were fluffy, this is supposed to show how friendly
and very safe the company is, this worked very well for pampers firstly it's immediately recognizable
and have that sort of a look that sticks to your mind which helps the company to captures attentions
easily and quickly secondly pampers logo features light blue and shiny yellow with white color. these
colors simplify; excellence, happiness, purity, and elegance.a major component was the heart they
implanted into their logo which resembles care and love .finally it made sense that the company used
pampers as their logo which has an important representation of a meaning.


Love, sleep, and play.

Simply the slogan represents the major things any parents would want for their little children which
are to love to them, have long sleep and off course a pretty active playing child.

Buying Motives:


There are many emotional incentives to buy pampers diapers, to begin with, their diapers are desired
for its comfort, one would buy pampers diapers due to their affection towards his or her child, one
would also buy pampers diapers because of the habit and loyalty to the brand.


There are many rational motives to buy pampers diapers, most important is its suitability and
conveniences about it because pampers uses the best quality material they can use in their diapers
and a very low number of children are sensitive to it, pampers diapers are economic and can be easily
found in every market which is another major motive.

Week 2:

Target market for products.

Target market profile:

Mothers are the major and most important customers for pampers.

1) Demographic- Addressed to mothers 17 to 39 years who have children 0-4 years, possess
power purchase decision and purchasing power mainly belonging to segments B and C.

Family size
Social class
Life cycle stage


2 or more
middle class/ rich
full nest III

Geographic- pampers market is well known all over the world and aims for all areas

Urban , suburban ,rural
City size
Country size
Market size

Americas /Africa /Europe /Asia

Urban /suburban
Medium to large cities
750km2 to 17.000.000km2
1.5 million to 1.9 billion

3) Behavioristic- The behavior of customer loyalty depends on the expectations of the diaper meet the
needs of the baby; is why if there is satisfaction mothers prefer to buy the product and the way it suits them,
either tripack, package, single, etc. The frequency of use of the diaper is about 5 times a day per baby

Brand loyalty
Price sensitivity
Volume usage
Benefit expectations

Competitive pricing
Heavy usage
Cleanliness / Comfort

4) Psychographic- Aimed at mothers with a modern lifestyle you are looking for saving time and
money in the same way in which seek the welfare and comfort of your baby at diaper change.

Life style
Personality attributes


Babies /children
Class / devoted /aspirer/succeeder
Caring/ Responseble /compassionate
cheerful/decent /dynamic.

Week 3:

State product strategy for the product.

What's so special about pampers diapers?

Pampers designed their diapers keeping kids in their mind.

Today's Pampers diapers are produced using the most delicate, breathable materials that interact
with your child as he plays and enjoys every day. Pampers have developed their layer constructions,
which permits the exchange and removal of fluids far from the child to a retentive center, where the
fluid is kept away to keep the baby in a comfort.

Product strategy.

Its absorption layer is made of polyester fibers that are both soft and very effective in absorbing
of liquid from the baby which keeps the child dry and comfort.

The outer covering of the diaper also known as the back sheet. That is made of a breathable film
topped with soft and smooth cloth like fibers to help block the diaper witness from being dispersed
into the babies clothes.

super absorbent gel, this gel was created and designed by pampers that is used in its diapers core
this material is so unique it can hold 30x the amount of liquid as its size is this help make sure your
baby is left dry for long periods of time.

Pampers fragrance after researchers and surveys conducted by pampers they found out that
parents loved to have diapers with soft ,baby-fresh scent. The fragrance is used at a low level so it
doesnt affect the babies skin yet keeps its scent.

The witness indicator designed by papmers have saved a lot of time for the parents by actually
indicating and showing whether the diaper is wet or not by implanting yellow straps that turn blue
when touched by the urine of the baby.


Week 3 continued :

State product strategy for the product.

Better nappies with fewer materials

The best opportunity to reduce environmental effects is by focussing on reducing materials used to
produce the diapers; this is based on studies by Pampers.
Pampers diapers today use significantly fewer materials than before. For example, they have
decreased the weight and packaging for the diapers by about 50% and they are working to further
improve these results.
Pampers is also eliminating the use of cardboard boxes in favor of bags. Surveys showed that
using bags instead of boxes will save more than 80% of packaging material. Changing from boxes to
bags will also result in fewer lorries to ship which will eventually save up to 162 tons of CO2

Between 2009 and 2014 pampers have reduced:


Manufacturing waste by 78%


CO2 emissions by 9%


Energy consumption by 8%


Water consumption by 4% (per unit of production)


one of our largest factories in Poland, became the first Pampers plant to use 100%
electricity from renewable sources like sunshine, wind .


In Germany, plastic offcuts are repurposed into plant pots!

Pampers packing:
Pampers packing are well known for their finishing they are very
attractive it makes the customers attracted to them just by looking at
their packing, pampers used the same idea applied for their logo on their
packings, As mentioned before pampers is eliminating the use of
cardboard boxes in favor of bags this will eventually reduce the size and
the weight of the packing, which will help the parents carry them easily
and store them easier than before. Further, more pampers announced a
contest to redesign their packaging look and gave a total of 5000 for
their winners.


Week 4:
State place strategy for the product.

Channel of distribution:
The pampers diapers are consumer care products since it will be used by the consumer, however, the
consumer is not the customer.
pampers diapers are dispersed to us by retailers,its market is so large that is sold all over the world in
groceries,shops and markets.retailers buy the diapers from the manufacturer and are then sold to the
customers. Furthermore, Pampers is available at retailers and e-tailers in more than 100 countries around
the world and has manufacturing plants in 25 countries for Example carrefour, Walmart, geant.
pampers diapers are dispersed to us by wholesalers basically the wholesalers buys the diapers from
the manufacturer and are then sold to either the retailers by large quantities or directly to customers.
The channel of distribution for pampers.
Of course, it's an indirect channel since we can only receive or buy them from retailers and
There are no specific shops in which you may find pampers diapers. It's available in many stores and
shops this also includes pharmacies.
Location diversity and availability.
Pampers diapers will for sure be placed in kids care areas in shops at eye level for customers to be
attracted by their shiny, safe brand covering.
Pampers diapers are grouped based on the babies weight and age.
As been said before their diapers are available at retailers, wholesalers and pharmacies as major
shops to sell these types of products.


Week 5:
State pricing strategy for the product.
Pricing is done so that Pampers is economically affordable by all households.The pricing can be done
in many ways and there are many types of pricings such as cost-based pricing, demand-based pricing,
competition-based pricing, and psychological pricing. The important steps that are a part of the
pricing strategy are:
Selecting the pricing objective-
The pricing objective is a very tough situation. Where maximum current profit, maximum market
share, maximum market skimming, product quality leadership or other objectives are required to be
targetted. Pampers pricing objective is product quality leadership. pampers products are priced
higher compared to its competitors: like "Huggies" yet they are doing well because they focus on their
objectives which are to provide good quality diapers and they are achieving their goal continuously.
Determining the demand-
Each price leads to a different demand and has the different impact on a companys marketing desires.
At Higher prices demand to drop gradually but in the case of prestige and luxury goods it's different
where the higher the price the higher the demand. This is because higher prices are often associated
with high prices. However, if the price is too high the demand may fall. Determining the demand also
includes estimating demand curves, checking the price sensitivity and price elasticity of the demand.
Estimating costs-
It is important to know the overall as well as the cost of each diaper for pampers as they then need to
price the pampers accordingly. For pampers, it is obvious that the price of their products should be
more than the cost of its expense.
Analyzing competitors cost, prices and offers-
Pricing is also elastic; consumers may buy a different product if the price of that product is better.
This is one reason why Pampers uses competition-based. Pampers major competitor is Huggies who
is owned by Kimberly & Clark. Both companies prices for the diapers are basically the same. which
maintain their portion of the market share. However, Pampers diaper costs a little more than Huggies,
which gives Pampers the advantage of focusing on the quality of their diaper.
Pampers manufactures about 350 400 diapers per minute in each
factory which is almost 183,960,000 to 210,240,000 diapers by
pampers annually


Week 5: continued
State pricing strategy for the product.
Selecting a pricing method-
Many types of pricing methods are there, however, I will mention some of the ones used by pampers
or have been used before at some point, this includes:
Mark up pricing
"The difference in between the cost of making and selling the diaper."
Target return pricing
"Is the pricing policy where the firm determines the price that yields
its target rate of return on investment."
Perceived value pricing
"Pricing the diaper based on how much is the customer willing to pay for it."
Selecting the final price-
While deciding the final price pampers must consider additional factors including:
The impact of other marketing activities,
Company pricing policy,
Cain and risk sharing pricing and the impact of price on the other parties,

Finally psychological pricing
psychological pricing takes place before the final price is set. Pampers use psychological pricing in a
way that all of their pampers prices end with a nine. This makes the consumer feel they are receiving
a good value for their spent money. Furthermore as mentioned before pampers set higher than
average prices to suggest exclusiveness, quality, and prestige. Many consumers associate that higher
the prices mean the better quality it is .

10 | P a g e

Week 6:
State Promotional Strategy for the product.
The promotional mix of Pampers contains a variety of elements through non-personal selling. These
elements include advertising, product placement, sales promotions, and sponsorships . All these
methods of promotion are consistent with Pampers message.


What are the goals of advertising ? and how does pampers do it ?

The goal of advertising is for you to be the number 1 in the top of mind of a target audience, It Is
done in magazines that pertain mostly to parenting, TV commercials, billboards, and through direct
marketing. Pampers decided to cut back on their TV commercial air time and concentrate more on
their advertising using product placement. Procter & Gamble Co. were always known as one of the top
spending companies on advertisement and this is true in relation to the fact that over the past 7
years they were the highest spending in the US (2009-2015) in 2015 they spend over 7 billion
dollars on advertisements in the US, In 2016 pampers spent more than 8 billion dollars on
advertisements, The company is also shifting huge amounts of its budget to digital advertising,
because it believes online ads deliver a higher return on investment than TV or print advertisements.
Pampers has been promoted in some countries on billboards. Another method that has been used to
promote the product is direct marketing program where relevant content is mailed to mothers with
babies. These mailings can include Pampers samples or Pampers Coupons, furthermore, P&G
contributes to flood relief efforts in Pakistan in part through its Pampers brand and "Spread a Smile"
campaign, which provides free health check-ups, medicines, and oral rehydration therapy to babies
and children living in the flood affected areas.

Advertising in philippines

In the upcoming tables, we will see how much did pampers spend on
advertising in philippines during 2011 based on "De La Salle
University Manila" college of the business marketing department.

11 | P a g e

Week 6: continued

State Promotional Strategy for the product.

2011 pampers advertisents budget (philippines )

Media placment










Tv commericals


Radio commericals








Total Budget


Pampers Budget







Tv commericals


12 | P a g e


Radio commericals

Week 6:
State Promotional Strategy for the product.

Product Placement
1. They paid $50,000 to have their product in the movie Three Men and a Baby.
2. Pampers has been marketing diapers and other baby products with Sesame Street characters
on them since 2000.Pampers Baby Dry began sponsoring Sesame Street and Plaza Ssamo in
2005. Pampers began sponsoring the Sesame Street Podcast in 2007.

Sales promotions

They are done on a continuous basis with Pampers. These types of promotions most normally include
sweepstakes, coupons, displays, rewards, and samples. Furthermore, they utilize direct marketing by
sending books, brochures, and pamphlets that educate parents about their childs development stage
while promoting and informing consumers about their products.

1. Citibank Exchange your Php1500 charge slips with one 12

Packs Pampers Comfort at selected supermarkets.
2. Buy one Pack Get One Pack Promo for 58pcs pack to push for
the larger quantity items
3. Exchange your other brands with one pack Pampers (4pcs
bundle) to encourage switching to Pampers.

13 | P a g e

Week 6:continued
State Promotional Strategy for the product.


1. Pampers sponsor many educational programs such as Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer.
Their sponsorship is evident by the characters that are placed on their diapers and training pants,
2. Pampers also sponsored the Nappy RunTM campaign in south Africa by their generous
donation of R50 000 for the campaign as well as a 10 000 Pampers nappies to support South Africas
kids with disabilities.
3. Pampers partnered with NCT to support parents through their long- standing relationship,
and are delighted that Pampers are the secondary sponsor of NCTs Antenatal Courses, In addition to
being their Antenatal secondary sponsor, Pampers had funded a two-year NCT research project,
called the First 1000 Days Study, focusing on first-time mothers and fathers experiences and
attitudes during the time from the start of pregnancy to their childs second birthday.
4. In 2007, Cosar Editores produced a set of six CDs for Plaza Ssamo as a premium for Pampers
diapers in Chile.
5. The stage show Iftah ya Simsim: Treasure Hunt, in Saudi Arabia, was sponsored in part by
6. Pampers in association with proctor and gamble sponsorships the Olympic games at every
Olypmic game since 2010 through their " Thank you mom " campaign this raised 6 million dollars to
support all youth programmes during the Olympics and have committed to raise 25 million dollars for
youth sports throughout their 10 years of sponsorship for the Olympics (2010-2020).

14 | P a g e

Week 6:continued
State Promotional Strategy for the product.

Reviews about pampers can be found anywhere on the internet including facebook pages, Instagram
groups , youtube vlogs , pampers app and on consumer reviews sites such as; consumer reports and


You may find pampers diapers offers on pampers site itself just as simple as it sounds all you need to
do is print out your coupon that contains the offer and you may redeem it at any market, pampers
have also introduced Grow On program To thank its costumers for their loyalty, Pampers is delighted
to present Grow On, a program that offers a free gifts throughout the year these gifts include:
Shutterfly Fleece Blanket, Shutterfly hardcover book, a set of 24 personalised Shutterfly labels and
many more. Pampers would have discounts during their sale times on pampers packages, sales that
would reach up to 50% off the price which is usually found on their sites and up to 30% off for
amazon users, pampers also provide tie-ins with their products such as buying diapers package and
receiving a pampers wet wipes package as a complement.

15 | P a g e


Opinion and what I have learned

SWOT analysis :


1.Highest market shares among its competitors
2. Higher brand interest of consumers in Pampers than others
3. Aggressive advertising
4. Strong distribution network


1. High-cost competitors.
2. Aggressive competitors.


1.Regular innovations in the product to maintain customers high involvement.
2.Good CSR activities to promote the product.
3.Innovative ways to connect with mothers


1. Price wars with competitors.
2. The Sensitive product, any small mishap can hurt the image of the product and will
loose the mothers loyalty.
3. Easy substitute.


I think Pamper's advertise very well, I am particularly impressed with there TV ads.
Pampers deal very well with there competition, we know this beacuse they are the No. 1
brand in the world.
From doing this project I have learned that Pampers donate some of their money to
countries in Africa in order to promote breastfeeding.


I was fascinated by the fact that all this research that I have made is related
to a "DIAPER" based selling company, but at the end of the day things
seemed pretty different..

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Resources (pics)
dos.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20081011232723 (screen shot)

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