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February 2016

Issue 2.3

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~Lao Tzu
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Flightline Family &

Community Involvement
JLCSFL Upcoming Events

2/12 ~ Classroom Valentines' Day Parties

2/15 ~ No School: President's Day
2/19 ~ Talent Show @ 6PM
Last Day to order Yearbooks for $45
2/22 ~ Incentive for Buying a Yearbook
2/24 ~ Early Dismissal: Professional Development
2/26 ~ Spring Fling Dance @ 6-8PM
2/29 ~ Read Across America Week Begins
3/2 ~ Read Across America Day
3/11 ~ Movie Night 6:30-8PM

NWEA Celebration ~ TBA

JLCS presents:

High School
April 7-11
2016 @ CPA
Scholars & Teachers that ordered
yearbooks by Feb. 19th will receive

Free Dress Coupons to use

February 22
(No Sweatpants, pajama pants, bandanas, crop tops, yoga pants,
or leggings.)

Scholar must present coupon.

Author Jim West Visits

Flightline, Gives Away
Amazon Fire

Jim West, the author of the new juvenile fantasy fiction series
Magicae Mathematica returned to Flightline the morning of December 18th to talk to the scholars about his newly published book,
the second in the series, Circulus de Potentia.
West held a #MathisKnowledge essay contest. The three finalists
were Zaria Cooper, Jarret Owens, and Alaina Lemoine (not pictured). Zaria Cooper, 5th grade, won the essay contest and the
grand prize of an Amazon Kindle Fire. All finalists received a
signed copy of Jim Wests book. At this time, Alaina is still waiting on her book because she was not present at the event.
Jim West talked about his life, humble beginnings, being in foster
care, growing up with his single adopted mom, and his realization
that a good education was his way to a better life. The scholars
found this message very inspiring. West gave out bookmarks, and
sold copies of his two books Libellus de Numeros and Circulus de
Scholars lined up in
droves to purchase books
and get the
world famous
authors autograph.

Goodbye, Mrs. Golden!

By Jayde Brignac
As most of you already know, this is Mrs. Goldens last month at Flightline.
Soon, Mrs. Golden and her husband will welcome baby Nicholas at the end of the
month. Soon after, Mrs. Golden and her newly expanded family will move to the
McGuire Airforce Base in New Jersey.
When asked what was Mrs. Goldens favorite thing about teaching at Flightline,
she said the amazing and unique scholars. She also stated that the end of the
year celebrations such as Benchmark Blowout and PARCC Palooza were always
her favorite events at school. Mrs. Goldens husband has been instrumental in
helping with field trips, Field Day, and other big schoolwide activities. Mrs.
Golden also said that her moment that she will always cherish from Flightline was
her first Town Hall because she loved the energy. You may not know that
Mrs. Golden started subbing at Flightline in 2011, and began teaching ELA and
Social Studies in 2012, becoming solely an ELA teacher in the Fall of 2015.

Martin Luther
King Jr.
Recently, Braden Bodenstein, the MLK Oratorical Contest 1st Place Winner, sat down to discuss his victory with Howler staffer Chris Brooks.
Braden told the Howler that he was very happy about winning and that it
was hard to quantify. Braden delivered his speech with confidence, and
said he assumed that he would get 2nd or 3rd, but that he thought that
someone else would win, and thought that Shania had the best speech.
Bradens speech compared positive attributes of Dr. King to Bradens father, Major Bodenstein. The speech made the audience and judges smile
and laugh, which is why Braden thinks he won. When asked what he was
going was going to do with the $100 Braden won, he said, I invested it in the stock market and I chose Under Armour. I
saved up all the money I got from Christmas and I didnt really use it . This further shows the maturity of one of Flightlines
finest seventh grade scholars, Braden Bodenstein.
Maurice Nedd placed 2nd, and Rhett Shuman came in 3rd. Both scholars are in 6th grade.

Kive the Minion Part 2

By Zaria Cooper
At home Kive was eating as Dave asked how Kives
day was. Kive said it was a wonderful day. Then
Kevin had bad news because the way minions grow up
is when you are 10 years old you live by yourself not
with other minions. So Dave, Kevin, And Bob said go
bye and just like that they left. Kive was sad and happy.
He was happy because has his own space and he was sad
because now there was no one there with him.
When Kive went to sleep he couldnt stop thinking
about Dave, Kevin, and Bob. In the morning he had breakfast but it wasnt
the same without Dave, Kevin, and Bob when they were there, they made
eggs, pancakes, and homemade orange juice, it just wasnt the same. It was
time for work but Kive was sad so he went to the computer, to research
How to be happy. But all that came was
Then he was sadder
than usual.
Bring!!!!! Lunch time thought Kive.
Kive the still sad during lunch because the lunch menu it said:
After lunch Kive went home and
watched the news and it was about the
gigantic Kevin destroying everything
in its path; when he noticed it was
heading towards Scarlet Overkills

By Victoria Johnson
Misty Copeland is the first African
-American to hold the principal
ballet dancer position. Misty was
born on September 10, 1982 in
Kansas City, Missouri, but she
grew up in San Pedro, California.
She began ballet at the age of thirteen. She received a scholarship,
and later joined the American Ballet Theater. She performed Firebird, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, and Swan Lake. She is
now focusing on giving back to
charities and being a mentor to
boys and girls.

Would You
Eat ham or turkey?
Get all Bs and 1 C or 1 A and all Cs?

Have to live on stuffing or yams?

Eat pumpkin pie or cherry pie?

Spend Thanksgiving with your family

or best friends?


By Chris Brooks
There have been
many very popular apps on the
phone and most
of them have
been games. One
of the most popular games going around is Cool
Switch. It is like an infinite arcade
game. Your goal is to get a high
score, and you can only bounce
through the color that your character
is. If you hit a different color then you
lose and have to restart at 0. Go
download it today! Its free!

Kevin Burgess:
Christian Rapper

By Victoria Johnson

Kevin Elijah Burgess is a famous Christian

rapper that is known as K.B. K.B. was born in
Tampa, Florida on Scott Air Force Base. After
graduating high school, he went to college at
Trinity College at Florida . While in college,
he discovered Christian rap and decided to
know more about God. He joined Lecrae, a
Christian rap artist, on a tour. A year later
K.B. had a contract with Reach Records. His
first album was Its
Your World, from
2002. He has been
featured in many
other artists songs
such as Lecrae, Trip
Hee, Andy Mineo,
Tedashii, and
Thisll. His latest
album is titled Tomorrow We Live.
He has endured trials, but he has overcame them.

The Land of Stories:

The Wishing Spell
by Chris Colfer
By Jayde Brignac
Alex, Conner, and Bailey are just normal 12 year olds until they inherit their
grandmothers fairytale book. Alex is
acting strange; she claims that the book
buzzes and glows! Alex and Conner fall
into the book and find themselves in the
fairytale world. They begin a quest to
find the items for the legendary wishing
spell. Will they find all the items? READ TO FIND OUT!

The Herks Art Showcase

The Legend of
Zabiconica: Part 3
By Justin LaBreck
Previously on Zabiconica, the ultimate
battle between Agent J and the Alliance of
Ultimates began. Now to the rest of the
This cannot be, said Agent J in a worried voice. I thought I had an advantage.
Well you thought wrong, yelled Shadow. Plus you didnt get destroyed, thats a
While Shadow said that with overconfidence, Agent J had already escaped
through the cold vents. Heh, I got out nice
and easy, said Agent J. After he got into a
hovercraft that the special agents took, we
go back to the Alliance of Ultimates.
You let him escape! yelled the angry Razor, who apparently was mad about
the escape.
But it was not our fault, said Ultranetta.
Shadow was the one who let him go.
That didnt solve it. Go find him Ultranetta! exclaimed Razor. And I want to
be the one who sees him die! Ultranetta,
Risokai, and Destroyer went to find Agent
J. Great, said Shadow. I will take charge
now. Shadow grew ten times the size of
Razor, and then crushed Razor beneath
his foot.
Meanwhile, our heroes set out to the
legendary land called Zabiconica, to find a
base. I will find some food, said Agent J.
You guys get the camp set up.

Adventures in

By Lacey Peeples
I am a cheerleader at ACE along with my sister, Lanna.
Lanna and I have been cheering for 5 year, but Lanna is
ahead of me in our divisions. We started at CFA, then went
to CAC, then CTR, and then followed our cheer coaches to
ACE. We recently went to the American Cheer Spirit
Competition with ACE in Oklahoma. We earned 3rd place
out of 9 teams, but one team dropped out for
mysterious reasons. The coaches, Lanna, and I always say its not about
winning; its about having and good
time and working with you teammates. I will always take that by heart. If
you want to be a cheerleader, you have to work hard.
By Lexi DuSharm
Here lately, Flightline scholars have been
busting their behinds working hard on two
important projects that were a big part of the
scholars grades. These two projects of
course are National History Day (NHD) and Science Fair. These two projects were
heavily weighted for our grades, and caused the scholars and teachers a bunch of
stress due to how much time has been consumed by the projects, and how much
work was put into them. I feel as if I, or shall I say we, have been overwhelmed
with these stressful projects. It feels like so much work for something that after the
project is over, we get rid of it, throw it away, or forget about the project entirely.
Honestly, I lost interest for doing these projects this year when I found out the due
dates were within a few days of each other. Having so many things due around the
same time is stressful and overwhelming, and it takes any enjoyment out of the projects completion. I am thankful that Ms. Strange was there to help us with NHD. I
am also thankful that both big projects are finished and turned in.


Black History Month

By Donald Kellogg
Black history month is made to recognize the accomplishments and feats of
African American Citizens. Throughout
history people were discriminated by the
color of their skin, but eventually people
grew tired of these ways. This parked a
political, cultural, and civil rights revolution. Many people protested against segregation until the Supreme Court finally ruled segregation
unjust and a violation of the 14th Amendment. Now we have
many famous and idolized celebrities and leaders.
February is used to celebrate the feats that African Americans have accomplished. Black History Month was established in 1976 in the United States. Several other countries
have months dedicated to celebrating black history. February
was chosen because the National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) was founded in February 1909, and Abraham Lincolns birthday is February 1809.
Lincoln was the President of the United States when the 13th
Amendment was passed by Congress in January of 1865, but
the amendment was not ratified until after Lincolns assassination.

By Miko Nation


Barack Obama was our 1st

Black President of the United
States. He had many accomplishments, failures, and critics.
Obama was partially responsible
for the Affordable Care Act,
nicknamed Obama Care, which helps ensure that American
people have healthcare. Many people think that Obama Care is
affecting their lives negatively and some people do not even
know what it is. According to the government, ObamaCares
goal is to give more Americans access to affordable, quality
health insurance.
Obama has also helped ensure the benefits of the DREAM
Act. Another thing is that Obama wants to make college more
affordable for the kids, and has promoted higher education
such as college and trade
schools for students all
over the United States.
So by the time we go to
college, we should be
able to afford it without
taking a bunch of student loans. So I am
thanking Obama before
his time is up. Thanks,

You Will Be Bananas for Bananas
By Braden Bodenstein

Bananas as we know them are

going extinct. The Cavendish
is the most popular form of
banana, the kind that you find
at most grocery stores. The
Panama disease aka Tropical
Race 4 (TR4) attacks the roots
of the Cavendish through the
soil. It cannot be stopped by
fungicides. If you remember
from science class most reproductive species have genetic variation. This is not the case with bananas, because all bananas are
clones. This means they all are susceptible to the same disease
with no defense against it. TR4 is that disease and if even a speck
of it gets in the dirt, it could wipe out all the Cavendish bananas
in a continent.
This has happened once before. In the 1960s an earlier
strain of the same virus wiped out the then popular Gros Michel
banana. As for now, we are developing bananas that are resistant
to TR4 and employing helpful bacteria around banana plantations.
This doesnt stop TR4, but it slows it down. In Mozambique, a
country in southern Africa, the two plantations are losing 15,000
plants per week. This is the same as losing $236,000 per week.
Once the Cavendish is gone what banana will replace it?
A new breed of bananas from Honduras called the Musa Goldfinger is immune to TR4 and other deadly
banana diseases. The Goldfinger supposedly tastes like a Cavendish with a
sweet Lemon flavor and has a texture
like cheesecake. Hopefully this banana
tastes good, because a decade from now
we may not have the Cavendish to try.

Talent Show
By Jayde Brignac
As you may know, the annual talent
show is coming up! This year will be a
little different because rehearsals will
take place during school hours. This
year it will also be a competition with prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd place winners. Come see the Flightline Talent Show February 19th
at 6PM.
You should
also audition so that
we have
more great

Did You Know?

More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of

chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.

Humble Homecoming
By Jaimee Hall

Being chosen as one of your homecoming princesses was one the best
experiences I could have imagined. I
really loved the dressing up and all the
attention. But the moment was bittersweet because I knew how bad all my
friends really wanted it but all the feelings were pushed aside when I saw
their smiling faces cheering me on and
supporting me. Another reason this
was so great was because this whole
thing has been a major confidence
boost which was well needed. I also
loved being escorted by my big brother (best friend)
Dekairo. I remember meeting
and seeing some really interesting people and old faces
while visiting CPA (College
Prep Academy). Lastly I just
wanted to say that I really
enjoyed representing our
fellow Flightline Wolves. !
(Right: Lacey P., 7th, & escort, Jayce H.)

By Ethan
Before Super
Bowl 50 I took a
survey from everyone around school to
see whom they
wanted to win the
Super Bowl. And of
course most people
chose Carolina. Almost over 76% of people were very
confident that Denver would fall to Carolina unlike
Super Bowl 50 started out with huge bang! Cam
Newton fumbled the ball for a touchdown making the
Broncos lead with 10-0. By halftime Carolina was
down by just 3. The Super Bowl halftime performance
was just outstanding. Beyonc, Bruno Mars, and
Coldplay all preformed and came together for an
amazing show! And then before you knew it the game
was back on. Though Carolina didnt score anymore
than just 10 points, which was a season low, the Broncos scored 2 field goals and a touchdown including a
2-point conversion to close the game up. Carolina did
a heck of a job trying to keep up with Denver but just
couldnt do it Sunday night. Von Miller (Denver
Broncos) was named the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

Chinese Lunar
New Year
By Dillon Smith
The Chinese Lunar New Year was on February 8th. This year is
the year of the Monkey, an animal on the Zodiac. Next year is the
year of the Rooster. If you want to know your Zodiac animal, you
can Google it by the year you were born. On the Chinese New
Year, families usually eat dumplings, fish, spring rolls, and
niangao. A tradition for Chinese New Year is that they shoot fireworks to scare
aware mythical
monsters and
bad spirits in
the new year.
On the Lunar
New Year Day,
red is considered lucky.
People used to
also put a coin
in a dumpling
for others to
find so that the
finder would be
lucky, but that
tradition has
since been lost.

February Poll:
What are you most excited
about for Valentines Day?

Class Parties:
3 Day Weekend: 38%

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