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Hola meli aqu ando checando lo de ingles primero dira yo q cambiaramos

january por cualquier otro mes por q va a decir q quien va a ir el primero si

todos estn crudos por ao nuevo XD,
Y pues ya despues de decir el nombre del festival .., donde va a ser y la
fecha .. seguiramos con el por que del festival.. q propongo q sea asi no se si
estes de acuerdo o quieras hacer algunos cambios..
This festival is designed to promote innovation and technological
development in our country
Admission is free but there is a limit of contestants
So, if you have an innovative idea, go ahead with your project and prepare an
exposition to bring it in order that it can be go over by a jury that will decide if
you can present it at the festival
If you were selected to be a participant, bring your idea and it can be watched
by spectators
but if you didn't pass the pre-evaluation, don't worry, it is likely that the next
year you can do it
The Ideas can also be bought by investors or spectators.
Exhibitors with the best ideas will be awarded and financed
Y ya para terminar podemos decir And the other participants will be had at
leas an unforgettable experience

5 pv :

3phrasal: ,go on , go ahead with, go over

5 word vocab: festival, awarded, at least, likely
5 ent ant tor: participant, exhibitors, spectators, contestants investor