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~Students and the Erasmus Scholarships~

The purpose of this research paper is testing the hypothesis that the students of the
Faculty of Political Science, Administration and Comunication from Cluj-Napoca, that study in
the department of Comunication Science and Public Relations (for the Bachelor degree) chose to
apply for international scholarships programs such as Erasmus+ because of the numerous
opportunities this kind of experience offers them. They apply to start their career as well as for
their personal development.
The group we worked with consists of 112 subjects of different genders ( 94 females and
18 males). A number of 110 subject completed a questionnaire on a virtual platform ( Google
Docs ), as well as on printed paper. We organized two interviews, one with a Turkish male who
came to Cluj-Napoca to study Political Science thru an Erasmus scholarship. And the second
interview was with a female student from FSPAC who had the opportunity to study in Italy for
one semester using the Erasmus program.
Our purpose was to find the main reasons why students apply for this kind of mobilities
such as Erasmus. At the end of our research we concluded that the majority of the students are
influenced by the numerous benefits the Erasmus scholarship program has to offer.
Key words: scholarship, Erasmus, students, communication, opportunities
Chean Maria Iulia
Cocr Mihaela
Deak Klementina
Dobos Cristina
Department: CRP
Year of study: I