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Tutor: Briaunna Alexander & Adam Semel

Grade Level: 1st

Tutee: Edwin Norris

Lesson #: 5

EVALUATION/REFLECTION FROM LAST LESSON: Last week Edwin did better than the week before.
We had him read a story that was a bit long but we wanted him to get a lot of reading time. It seems like he
doesnt do much reading at school so we like to make sure he reads every week. We also worked on some
writing in a graphic organizer. He is starting to get better at coming up with details. We also transferred his
writing into his notebook as a final copy!

GOALS for the session or for the child:

Reading: Edwin will be working on problem and
solution. He has a hard time remember what
happened in the story. This week we are going to
focus just on the problem and solution and see how
he does.
Writing: Edwin will be working on how to form
sentences correctly. Including using capital letters
and periods.
Word Study: Edwin is showing some progress with
his sight words! This week we are going to continue
working on them but instead of flashcards we are
going to play a game!
Edwin will be reading a Kindergarten story titled
Pam Can See because he seems to have trouble
reading the first grade titles we have picked out for

Teachers check students knowledge of highfrequency words and their ability to use wordidentification strategies to decode other words in
grade level texts, (Tompkins, 2014, pg. 194).

Common Core Standard(s):

RL.1.3 Describe characters, settings, and major
events in a story, using key details.
RF.L.3c Read common high-frequency words by

Students learn to read fluently so that they have
cognitive resources available for comprehension.
(Tompkins, 2014, pg. 101)


Before Reading Activity:


Pre-reading book view Edwin will get to flip

through the pages of the book and see if he can figure
out what the story might be about before we read it.

Readers become ore engaged in the reading

experience and want to continue reading (Tompkins,
2014, pg.259).

During Reading Activity:

Problem and solution graphic organizer Edwin will
fill in a problem and solution graphic organizer while
we read the story.

As students write about what theyve read, they
unravel their thinking and, at the same time,
elaborate on and clarify their responses (Tompkins,
2014, pg.45).

Post-Reading Activity:


Book summary Edwin will talk and write about

what happened in the story. We will ask him
questions that lead him to tell us the problem and

Students story retellings should be coherent and

well organized and should include the big ideas and
important details (Tompkins, 2014, pg.277).

WRITING (10 min.):


We will continue working on soccer writing with

Edwin since it is what he is familiar with and seems
to have an interest in it.

Students need to know how to organize their writing

and learn ways to make their structure clear and
logical for readers. (Tompkins, 2014, pg. 58)

WORD STUDY (10 min.):


Secret sight word game Edwin will be given a card

that has different pictures on it that spell out a sight
word using the beginning sound of each picture.

Children also learn to read and write many highfrequency words and write several sentences to
develop a story or other composition. (Tompkins,
2014, pg. 115)



Tutors will read a favorite book to Edwin

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me by

Jenny Slate

Infante Sheridan EDRL 443/ CIL 543 Fall 2015 p. 2