-THE IDEAA lumberjack living in the woods wakes up daily to chop the trees down just outside his cabin, but little does he know
that once he falls asleep, a native living nearby comes out and re-plants the trees, trapping the lumberjack in an eternal
loop, causing them to both grow old repeating the same monotonous tasks over and over.

-Influence Maps-

First beginning with a mind map of ideas of how we want things to look, and getting inspiration for the character and environment
designs. Imminently, the team liked heading towards a simplistic and clean style.

Another mind map
exploring other
optional ideas and
styles, and starting
to look at the
ambience and colour
schemes of the world.

As the genre is horror, we need to incorporate a cold tone
to create uneasiness for the viewer. A contrasting “sunny”
and light coloured scenery will be added for contrast, and
to make the place seem innocent.

-Initial concept art-

Sketches an style
development of how
the lumberjacks head
would look by
Manisha Dusila. Most
of the team liked
numbers 2 and 7.

Developing the heads
we liked from the last
page more, and
exploring body shapes.
The lumberjack is a
fairly older gentlemen,
to keep with the

At this point it was decided the Native American should instead become a Native spirit, to fit in with the theme of horror, and for
the tree that grows back with magic to make more sense. Here are some early concepts from Manisha.

Concept art continued

Refining the spirit designs more and painting different shapes to see variety. The lumberjack has a more square and
bulky build, so various designs are explored here as well.

Manisha taking inspiration from the new sketches.

More native concepts

Taking the art of Lewis and
Manisha’s design’s, Manisha fused
the two into a compromised
design, with colour compositions.

Refining the
more and
adding colour

More refined concept art – however at this point, it was agreed that the character was looking too toy like,
and needed to look more square and bulky, so this idea was ditched.

Environment detail concepts by Manisha

The log cabin concepts

Group member Manisha beginning to look at the environment and coming up with concept art and
experimenting with colour schemes

Group member Mark
Bridgland came up with some
sketches which we all agreed
were heading in the right
direction. The lumberjack is
more square, bulky and more
in style with the native and
the environment.

-Production Art-

Spirit with 3 colours

Environment (3 houses)

-Initial storyboard-

A rough first draft of the
storyboard working with the
script, by Manisha

A more refined
storyboard with
some scene
changes and

-3D Work-

-Final Storyboard-

And now we come to the refined and final storyboard for the story. A lot of scenes are repeated
to show how the lumberjack does the same thing everyday, so much so that it becomes

Each compositing scene that corresponds with the drawn storyboard