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Personal Leadership Paper

Considering the fact that that I have no prior work experience where I could
have shown my leadership I interviewed people who know me for many years
and worked with me closely on many occasions when I had the opportunity to
show my leadership skills or when I was put in a situation to show leadership
The people I interviewed for the 360 degree feedback are as following
1. Damini Agarwal
A personal friend and senior in Undergraduate university with whom I
worked in various university clubs and events.
2. Debayan Debakshi
A personal friend who know me for more than 4 years and worked with
me in various events
3. Anamitra sengupta
A personal friend who know me for more than 4 years and worked with
me in various academic and non-academic projects
4. Akash Pillai
A personal friend who know me for more than 4 years and worked with
me in various academic projects and teams.

5. Sarath Chandra Reddy

A personal friend who know me for more than 15 years and worked with
me in various teams and projects.
6. Ravi Reddy
Brother of a close friend and a personal friend who know me for more
than 15 years.
7. Sai Maneesha
Younger cousin
8. Niranjan Reddy
Younger cousin.
I interviewed the above people to know more about my leadership with the help
of the following questions:

Overall leadership impact.

Leadership values, approach, philosophy, and vision

Inspirational actions, including evocative language,

symbols, feedback, and other motivational devices.
Leadership integrity and courage.
Leadership presence and style.
Leadership competencies, especially emotional
intelligence competencies.

Development and coaching/mentoring of others.

Demonstration and sharing of leadership power, authority,
and influence.
Though everyone did not answer all the questions from their responses I learned
the following things about my leadership

I am Passionate for the work I am doing

I am micro manager which could be seen as involving in others work
Needs to improve my communication skills
Have good emotional intelligence and understands the team members

5. Leadership is not always inspiring
6. Shares authority to others but sometimes struck in my ways and refuse to
hear others
7. Involves in coaching and mentoring of others.
8. Self-assured and self-aware

When I asked about an instance where which they remember about my

leadership, some said it was the incident in organizing an event in University
with participant all around the country. They said when the situation became
complicated due to political riots I showed my leadership abilities when I
managed the situation and accommodated the participants for the night in a
short time.

Future leadership vision

In the future of 7- 10 years my passion is to create a place where I can take

decisions which are constrained by others prejudices and vies about me. To
create a place where my decisions can help others. The decisions I take are not
only on the basis of my opinions but also on the opinions and views by different
people who will be affected by that decision.
I would like to see the following characteristics in the leader I see myself
becoming in the future
1. Passionate
2. Humble
3. Take alternate vies into consideration
4. Emotional stability
5. Risk Taker
6. Good communicator
7. Self-assured
8. Empathy
9. Team oriented.
10. Balancing different roles.

The contribution I would like to make as a leader in the future are to work in
different management roles for various range of businesses and to finally create
a new business for myself. I would also like to contribute to society in various
roles ranging from charities to political.
The kind of work place I would like to work should have at least some of the
1. Clear vision and mission
2. Result oriented team
3. No prejudices and supportive
4. Passion for the work
5. Work life balance
6. Small to medium work place.
7. Team oriented environment
8. My skills are fully tested
9. Opportunity to grow and to learn new things
10.Approachable Management willing to listen and give feedback

The kind of world I am eager to create around myself in the future where I
am passionate for my work and willing to take risks to achieve my goals
without losing my ethics and morals.
I would like to create a world where I can balance my career and family
relations along with my personal relationships.

Future leadership development

The specific experiences and development opportunities that I plan to enable
be develop my leadership skills are
1. Attending various networking events to develop my networking skills
2. Work on my communication skills to improve my communication with
3. Create a network for myself
4. Be part of different team which can help me improve my leadership
5. Work in places which can help me grow my skills

The Projects I can identify that can help me to identify my improved leadership
are the various academic projects I would be part of in the winter semester.
To grow my strategic network and alliances I need to do the following
1. Attend networking events
2. Follow back with the people I met or was Introduced
3. Be in constant communication with them
4. Improve my communication skills
5. Connect with them through various social networks.

To gain continuous feedback about my leadership I should be in contact with the

who worked with me and ask them for feedback on my leadership skill. If I am
working with the people who worked with me previously I should take feedback
from them about the differences they noted about my leadership. I should be
asking about my failures and how they thought I could improve on them so that
I can work on those areas.
The specific steps that I think will gain me significant mentorship and
championing would be

1. Establishment of contact
2. Specify my vision and goals
3. Show my skills and my desire to constantly improve them
The steps I need to take to Be a significant mentor are
1. Gain experiences in various situations
2. Improve my coaching skills
3. Improve my listening skills
4. Understand the needs of others and how I can help them

I think the way to build leadership development culture around me that

leverages my vision through others is to show the success of my leadership in
various situations and how it can be applied to their own situations.