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December 7, 2016
Dear County Chairs,
This is an exciting time for our nation and our party. Its impossible to overestimate how
electrifying this years election was, but all of our hard work has paid off tremendously.
New York played a prominent and important role in the national elections, and we could
not be more proud of our President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-Elect
Mike Pence.
With their leadership, we are not only on our way to making America great again, but
they helped us secure great victories for our outstanding New York Republican
candidates and elected officials down ballot. From Buffalo to Long Island and the North
Country to Binghamton, 2016 was a great year for the NYGOP.
This years election was the first time in more than 20 years that New York Republicans
havent lost a congressional seat in a presidential year. And we secured our majority in
the state senate.
Despite the dire warnings of the pundits, we proved them wrong by re-electing all of our
Republican members of Congress, in addition to holding two open seats that were
Democrats top national targets. We offer a special congratulations to the newest
members of our congressional delegation: John Faso and Claudia Tenney and our
newest Senator-elect Chris Jacobs.
Party politics is a team sport, and we are a close-knit team. Our accomplishments are
the result of our great partnerships at both the national, state and county levels. We
worked hand-in-glove with the RNC, the NRCC, the Senate and Assembly Republican
Campaign Committees, and our county committees.

The State Party did millions in federal and state direct mail. The New York Republican
State Committee was also entrusted with the responsibility of the national direct mail
campaign on behalf of the Trump campaign, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of
mail pieces in key battleground states like Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania.
We produced tens of thousands of lawn signs and palm cards for the Trump-Pence-Long
ticket, helped facilitate the Trump-Pence phone banks across the state and employed
new media techniques to target and grow our grassroots supporters.
Through our victory centers, we implemented winning infrastructure by training
volunteers, knocking on thousands of doors and making thousands of calls throughout
every region of the state. We are proud to say that Congressman Katkos district had the
#1 voter contact in the entire country!
We also had great success with our pilot Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) in New
York City, which provided campaign training to more than 350 community members
and a dozen Republican candidates. The RLI operation additionally managed
Republican Fellows, conducted deployments to the critical state of Pennsylvania, and
facilitated more than 200,000 social media interactions through Share for Trump, and
much more.
As the first State Party Chairman to endorse Mr. Trump, I was proud to serve as a
surrogate for his campaign, as well as crisscross our entire state on behalf of our
Republican ticket. We worked to ensure that in every corner of the state, voters knew the
strength of our united party and our outstanding candidates.
Nationwide, the Republican Party is at the strongest its been since the 1920s. We now
hold the White House, both houses of Congress, governorships and 68 out of 99 state
legislative chambers across the country.
Working together, we have accomplished so much, but our work is not done. Now that
we are on our way to making America great again, we are already looking toward 2017
and 2018 to defeat Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo to make New York great again, too.
The key relationships we have cultivated over many years of hard work will be critical to
us in this effort. With President Trump in the White House and our deep ties to key
figures in national political organizations, our network is stronger and wider than ever.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support of our unwavering commitment to
make our nation and New York a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Ed Cox