I opened my eyes the next morning to a pair of brown eyes staring at me like I am some kind of advertisement. My daddy does this so many times. At first it was funny but now it¶s just plain boring whenever he does that, doesn¶t he have better work to do? As soon as my eyes open, he smiles and however much I adore that smile I just cannot get why does he keep doing that? So I just smile back at him, no harm in that right? Seems like just another boring day. It must be a day off or else he wouldn¶t have been sitting watching me sleep. How creepy! Thank god I don¶t talk in my sleep, or do I? Whatever. Another day to get through. ³Darling, Johnny¶s up!´ yells my daddy over the sound of the mixer and the antique radio. I was wondering how come I woke up so suddenly. I guess I think I know now. ³Is he? Could you bring him out? My hands are all full´, yells back my mommy. ³Sure´ and then he picks me up from the cradle, kisses me lightly on my cheeks (now this I like!) and takes me to the kitchen with long strides that would take me an eternity to crawl. This is one good thing when you are with an adult; you get the best possible view and ride with no efforts at all! Oh I forgot that I haven¶t told you about my parents! Well let me start with my mommy. She is average in height, has long black straight hair, black eyes, an oval face and a beautiful smile when she is happy but when she is angry or more; mad, then those black beady eyes of hers do nothing to calm us down. She stays at home all the time, except when she goes out to the market. That¶s when I am subjected to the supervision of my dearest granny. My mommy doesn¶t always go out with her friends. She just has two good friends who come over sometimes with their kids. One aunt annoys me while the other is quite nice. She doesn¶t go with the other gang of women that I see always talking and joking. I sometimes hear my mommy say to her friends that they have no better work to do than chattering like old women. But I don¶t get this that when my mommy¶s friends come over this is exactly what she does, chat with them. The only difference that no one sees them. Mommy, I never will understand her fully. My daddy is the kind of person who never gets angry on anything. I drop something down, I pee in my pants or I drop food all on my shirt he never yells, but just calmly says that I am a kid, that¶s why it happens, whereas my mommy gets angry sometimes. I have sometimes dropped something just to provoke my daddy but nothing ever works. So I gave up in the end. My daddy goes to work in the morning and comes back at night. Sometimes he brings us chocolates or toys. My mommy doesn¶t like it; she says my teeth will get bad. Mommy, I don¶t even have many! My mommy keeps talking to daddy on the phone

when he is at work, and sometimes my sister and I talk to him too; not like he understands anything of what we say! Suddenly we hear another crying noise. Talk of the devil! That has to be my sister who woke up. We sleep in separate cradles even though we are twins and a good thing we do or else we would have got into fights everyday! ³Honey can I leave Johnny here with you while I bring Mel?´ my daddy asks my mommy. ³Umm can you leave him with granny because I need to finish this up now or else...´ said my mum and as soon as she said this she dropped the bowl she was holding in her hand. My dad took two steps behind in order to escape the splash of sticky contents from the bowl. ³Or else that would have happened´ finished my mommy with a sigh. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that my mommy is the worst handler of things in the world. She keeps dropping things all the time. Maybe it¶s because her hands are so smooth or that her mind is always on daddy or somewhere else but then that¶s why daddy doesn¶t bring many breakable things home. ³Oh have you dropped something again?´ my granny who¶s just come running to see what she has dropped and then to pick on my mommy about it later. My granny looks just like my daddy, they have the same long face, and both of them are tall. But daddy has curly hair and granny has straight hair which is white and my daddy¶s is nice and black. I wonder why granny has white hair. Maybe because she does not drink milk that¶s why, and my mommy and daddy have coffee so they have black hair? I am not allowed to have coffee at all. Even if I scream and cry all I get is milk. Well mommy and daddy I will have lots of coffee when I grow up! Melanie cries again, this time louder. I think she must have seen that I am not there so she wants to go to daddy. Suck up that she is. ³Mom can you hold Johnny?´ ³Yes sure´ and I¶m transferred to my granny, who makes weird noises from her throat while I keep staring at her wondering what to do while my dad rushes off into the room to pick Mel. Sometimes when I just get bored of my granny I start crying so that either mommy or daddy come to get me. I don¶t like my granny very much. She pretends to love us in front to mommy and daddy but when we are alone she hardly pays attention to us. ³Look who woke up?´ my dad says with a big smile on his face while he comes out carrying Mel. Mel looks very much like me with dark hair and dark brown eyes, straight hair, the only thing being that she was a little taller than me when we stood up and I didn¶t like that one bit!

³Oh my darling¶s awake!´ says my mum while she is cleaning the mess she made. ³I¶ll just finish this and then I¶ll be out to take them to the shower. Can you watch them till then honey?´ ³I¶ll be out in the living room. Do you want any help with this?´ I know that my dad was just trying to be civil; he doesn¶t really want to do this. ³No its okay. I¶ll clean it up´ And so my Mel and I are led to the hall and kept on the mattresses while my granny and daddy sit on the sofa talking about something. ³So did you notice that I was gone is that why you started crying so hard because you wanted your dear daddy?´ I teased my sister. ³I was crying because there was no one in the room and not because you weren¶t there.´ And she sticks out her tongue at me. I just stick mine out back. She goes to play with her toys while I go get my truck and car; something to do if not anything else other than hearing the sound of the movie playing on the TV. That¶s what my granny always does, watches TV. Maybe that¶s why she wears those big glasses that look so ugly on her. What if..?? Ding dong! The bell rings and we all turn to look at the door. ³I¶ll go see who it is´ Says my daddy and goes to open the door while my granny removes her glasses to wipe them. ³Mom it¶s for you´ says my dad and comes back in the room just as I hear the tone ³Tu Jane Na´ from his pocket. He removes his phone, makes an O on his lips and goes rushing in to the bedroom. Must be his boss, he¶s the only one daddy is scared of, I¶ve heard him tell that to mommy. My granny gets up to go see who¶s at the door. ³Oh it¶s you! How are you?´ says my granny. Must be one of her friends come to give her some dish. I give a sigh and turn towards the window. That¶s when my eyes fall on the big round glasses on the sofa. Oh! Granny forgot to put them on. I turned and saw that she was busy talking to her friend and my daddy also was not in the room. Things started running through my mind. Should I hide it? Should I give it back to granny? Should I let it be as it is? Well life was boring anyways; why not have some fun? I would love to see the look on granny¶s face when she can¶t see anything. I don¶t think there is much time before daddy comes into the room. I quickly started crawling to the sofa, looked back twice to see if anyone was watching and grabbed he glasses of the sofa. I hear a giggle behind me and I see my sister looking at me. ³I want to see how granny reacts when she sees her glasses are gone´ she says ³hide it quick´

I couldn¶t believe it; my µmiss perfect¶ sister was telling me to go ahead with a prank? Well she isn¶t all miss perfect then is she? ³Where do I hide it?´ I asked her because I did not know that frankly. ³How about my doll house? There¶s place in it.´ ³Okay where is it?´ ³To your right. Near the sofa´ I turned to my right and say a big pink color house. Yuck! Pink! Well it doesn¶t matter. Her stupid house came to rescue anyway. So I crawled to it 3 steps and opened the door and stashed the glasses in it, closed it and went back to where I was before and started playing with my trucks just in time to see my daddy come out of the room and go into the kitchen to talk to my mum, maybe kiss her because my granny was looking. ³That¶s boss. He says that one of our shipments isn¶t on time and the dealers are making a big fuss out of it. Problem is I was in charge of it.´ ³Oh it¶s okay it¶ll reach soon´ says my mommy over the gush of water. The door closes and I turn to see my granny holding a plate in her hand as she walks to the kitchen to keep it in. ³Oh you¶ve finished cleaning up have you? When will we have our breakfast?´ she says. ³Mom let her finish first and then we can have it´ says my daddy. ³Yeah it¶s no sweat that I have to clean up and make the food´ says my mommy (go mommy!) She comes out sulking and sits on the sofa and stretches her hand to take her glasses, doesn¶t get it, searches some more, still doesn¶t find it. So finally she looks to see where it is and she furrows her brows since she can¶t see. ³Richard have you seen my glasses? I left them on the sofa.´ ³No mom I have not´ says my daddy as he comes into the living room. ³But I kept it here right before I went to open the door and you came back, do you must know where I kept it´ ³Mom I don¶t know where you keep your glasses. You usually have them on your head. And besides I got a call so I went in´ ³So where did I keep them?´ she asks to herself as she squints her eye to see where could she have kept them.

I turn to look at my sister to see that she is playing with her dolls but her mouth is in a tight position. She must be stifling her smile just like I was trying hard not to look at them and give away what I did. ³Richard why don¶t you look in the other room in case I might have left it there?´ ³Sure´ my daddy says and goes to look there. My granny gets up and starts pacing the room squinting her eyes, touching her head again and again to see of her glasses magically appear on her head. It was very funny to see her crouching in the corners searching for her glasses. I looked as my sister and we shared an its-between-us smile. It went on like that for a long time. My granny couldn¶t find it so she started blaming daddy for it and he started defending himself. She started saying things like she won¶t be able to see the television now since she doesn¶t have them and that daddy has to get her a new one and daddy said things like she could use the old one till she found it, because it must be somewhere in the house. Then mommy came out and took both of us to the shower where we had fun playing with the soap bubbles and the nice smelling shampoo (even though we had little hair). I thought I¶d let granny have her glasses after I have my share of laughter. And it was fun to see the expressions on granny¶s face because she could not see clearly without her glasses. ³When are you going to let her have them back?´ my sister asked me when we were waiting for our food. ³After we finish our food. I think that¶s enough of harassment for granny´ ³hehe..Okay´ Mommy fed us both while we had our napkin on our front so that we didn¶t drop anything. It was enough that mommy made much of the mess at home. After we were done mommy went back to the kitchen. I wonder what is there to be done so much that she is always in the kitchen. Daddy went out to get something for mommy because she said that it was over and she needed it urgently. I hope he brings something for us too. ³Michelle can you come and give me a hand? I can¶t see anything up there´ my granny said from the bedroom. We were enjoying ourselves more than we thought we would. ³In a minute´ said my mommy and then after a few seconds went to the bedroom ³Quick´ said my sister ³you can keep it now´ ³Okay but did you think of a place to keep? I mean, how do we make it look natural that she left it on her own?´

³You didn¶t tell me to think of a place!´ ³Well you should have!´ ³I¶m sorry but I cannot read minds!´ ³And I¶m sorry you¶re such a big snob!´ Girls what a pain! I began to search where to keep it. The room wasn¶t big and granny had seen almost every place as she lifted papers and shifted things to see where it could be. Again granny¶s face came into my mind and I started laughing. ³Don¶t laugh! Think of a place to hide!´ ³Okay okay but I just can¶t stop laughing.´ Then my eyes fell on a bunch of papers which had not been overturned by granny so I took out the glasses from the doll house, went to the left of the sofa and tried to shift it a little bit. It was heavy so I could not move it, so I just placed it next to it and came back to my place. After sometime granny came out with her old pair of glasses, which had a crack in one of them and went and sat on the sofa. I pretended to play. Daddy came with a bunch of things but he did not get us anything. I think he is worried by what his boss told him. Lots of time went by but granny did not notice it even though it was so near her. ³Psst! You think one of us should go and show to granny?´ asked my sister. ³Okay do you want to go?´ I asked her. I didn¶t want to get in trouble in case they blame it on me. ³Okay I¶ll go.´ She said and started crawling towards the sofa. ³Where are you going Mel?´asked my granny adjusting her glasses and looking at her. Mel pointed her finger at the place where the glasses were and looked innocently at granny. ³What is it?´ she asked and turned to look at the pile of papers. ³There it is!´ said granny and bent a little to pick it up. ³Oh Mel you found it!´ ³What happened?´ asked my daddy coming into the room ³Mel found my glasses for me´ said granny. ³It was there´ she said and pointed at the place. ³And you were blaming me for losing them. You must have probably dropped it there!´

³Well anyways Mel found it. That¶s all that matters.´ ³Yeah dismiss the topic just like you always do´ said dad and went out of the living room. When my sister came back I gave her a high-five. We were trying to hide the giggles that were trying to escape from our mouth.

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